Blac Chyna & Rob could get a seven-figure payday for their baby’s first photos


Here are some photos of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna in Las Vegas this past weekend. Can I just say? Whatever you think of Blac Chyna – love her or hate her – she really has worked wonders for Rob’s anxiety and agoraphobia issues. He’s getting out of the house more often, he’s losing weight and he just seems happier these days. Anyway, as you can see in these photos, Chyna is definitely showing now. She’s likely due in the fall, and when the baby comes – and I suspect it will be a boy and they’ll name him Robert III – they might already have a plan for what they’ll do for baby’s first photos.

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian’s first kid will fetch an insane amount of loot … more than the wildest dreams of an Ace of Diamonds stripper. We’ve surveyed the photo agencies that market celeb baby pics, and they say the first pics will pull in a million bucks. There’s a G-string attached … Rob and Chyna will be part of the shoot, and the pics have to be intimate … a sappy interview, “candid” home photos with a sprinkle of Kardashian secrets.

Rob and Chyna rank right up there with Jamie Lynn Spears and Nicole Richie on the baby pic cash pole … each received around a million for the first photos of their daughters. That pales in comparison to the offspring of J Lo, Marc Anthony, and Brad and Angelina … they got $6 and $11 million respectively for the first shots of their twins. Happy shopping.

[From TMZ]

I sort of feel like the heyday of celebrity weeklies paying for baby photos is long over. It hasn’t been a thing in years, actually. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West debuted their baby photos on talk shows and social media, and that definitely seems to be the on-trend thing for now: show off the baby photos on Ellen, or post them on Instagram. But who knows how Chyna and Rob will feel – maybe they will try to sell the pics, just like they’re maybe trying to do their own reality show, just like they’ll maybe sell their wedding photos. Who knows? The point seems to be that they have potential revenue streams. And no matter what, I bet Lucifer’s Homegirl is taking her percentage.



Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Donna Martin says:

    I have this strange feeling the baby may not be his…

  2. Lora says:

    I always feel strange about all things kardashian

  3. teatimeiscoming says:

    Stop making useless people rich!

  4. lisa2 says:

    I don’t believe that money amount at all. And yes there has not been those big money photos in years. Besides that neither of these people are that big other than being on the outline of this Kardashian family do either of them actually work? I think this is just BS to get people interested in them.

  5. Zip says:

    There’s nothing that bores me more than baby pictures.

  6. Locke Lamora says:

    This is probably a showmance, but Rob does look healthier and happier than he did in years.

  7. Manjit says:

    I’m obviously dumb as a plank of wood, but how does a magazine make its money back on this? I suppose the Daily Mail would pay a pretty penny to reproduce the pics but that site has more money than sense. Is there enough interest in these “do-nothings” to warrant that sort of pay cheque? Having said that I’d pay them a million to pi$$ off forever.

  8. Konspiracytheory says:

    OK, on to the important question: Why isn’t he wearing his socks?

  9. Lynnie says:

    I wonder what’s the justification for paying celebrities and other entertainment figures HUGE salaries for ??? I get they have different pressures than you and I do, but at the end of the day seven figures? For giving birth to a baby? That’ll look the same as every newborn (so bland and nondescript)? I get people want to see the photos, but I doubt anyone is clamoring for them, so why would the photo agencies be willing to part with that money?

    Idk, it just annoys me to see people get paid the huge bucks for trivial things, but yet teachers and other essential jobs are severely underpaid. 😪

  10. Jaana says:

    They keep referring to her as a former stripper but not to Kim as a former fetish porn star.

  11. HollyG says:

    The two most appalling things about this story are the poorly blended powder giving her major raccoon eyes, and that somebody paid Jamie Lynn Spears $1M for baby pix.

    • Tifygodess says:

      Pretty sure Jamie Lynn got that amount because of the scandal around her pregnancy. She was a young teen, was on Nickelodeon at the time with a hit show and had to step down once she got pregnant, there were also very solid rumors that the baby’s father was actually an older man in the business (possibly producer I forget) and not the teenage boyfriend she claims. Scandal = dollars.

  12. grabbyhands says:

    Well, that’s really the whole point for this family, isn’t it?

  13. EM says:

    It’s all part of Kardashian Korp. Brought to you all by Kris Jenner.

  14. LuluPolly says:

    They look so awkward together.

  15. Moonstone says:

    Yeah! I believe they’re just putting it out there so they can demand more from other magazines.

  16. Patricia says:

    He looks big as ever to me. I would like to see him get healthy but he doesn’t look healthy in these pics at all. Are we all just hoping so much that he will lose weight that we pretend to see it? I don’t get it.

  17. Rosy says:

    Contouring fail. Her face looks ridiculous.

  18. Deedee says:

    Her contouring is really bad for these photos.

  19. Mika says:

    To everyone commenting on her contouring: i suspect that the powder that her MUA used to set her under eye highlight /concealer is giving a flashback. Maybe that’s why her contouring looks bad. Lmao i watch too many makeup tutorials

  20. Green Is Good says:

    Anything these two do to piss off PMK is a-ok.

    I really hope Rob and Chyna are NOT represented by PMK.

  21. prissa says:

    She looks SO much prettier and younger without all the makeup.

    And no I don’t believe this planted story.

  22. Lbliss says:

    Ewe all that kontouring looks hideous.

  23. holly hobby says:

    I want to know which agency is going to throw all that money on the spawn of a pair of nobodies. Sorry I don’t think they are that big to merit all that money. That’s a real poor return of investment.

  24. Redd says:

    What trash these imbeciles are. Blech.

  25. VegasSchmagus says:

    For two people “totally in love”, the body language seems off here.

  26. jferber says:

    I disagree with people calling Rob and Chyna trash. I have a soft spot for both of them, particularly now that they are together. Just because Rob was spawned by the devil doesn’t mean HE is the devil, nor is Chyna, nor their unborn son. I somehow think of them as escapees from the lunatic asylum of Kardashian. I’m rooting for them. Both have been harmed by the Kardashians and now they are together, happy and triumphant. I don’t want to be cynical here. Foucault wrote that there is no place to stand outside of power from which to oppose it. Some people believe that this is true of the Kardashians too, that they are somehow like a terrifying gulag or sinkhole that incorporates everything in its path (I also like the comparison to the Borg from the new Star Trek, but I’m not sure there are trekkies here to appreciate that). In other words, I hope Rob and Chyna are NOT being played like puppets by Kris. Kris Kardashian should frigging run for president–she and she alone is the appropriate match for Donald Trump. Can you imagine a battle between them if they both had super-powers (which each kind of does)? I fear the world wouldn’t survive it, but oh, what a spectacle!

  27. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    I’m commenting because I don’t believe anyone will offer them 7 digits. They’re not that popular, are they? Meh.

  28. tik says:

    I just get the feeling this pairing/ pregnancy really pisses off the rest of the klan, which makes me in favour of it!

  29. TOPgirl says:

    I don’t care about what their baby will look like….I’m waiting for the drama after the baby is born. That’s when shit go down hill!