Megan Fox believes her fetus sent her a message to switch houses in LA


Here are some photos of Megan Fox outside of Jimmy Kimmel’s studio in LA on Tuesday. She appeared on Tuesday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote the second Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, which looks awful and will probably make a billion dollars. As we all know, Megan is currently knocked up with her third child, a whoopsie baby conceived after Megan and Brian Austin Green had already separated (although not so much). So when Megan was chatting with Kimmel, they ended up talking a lot about pregnancy and babies. And Megan believes that this fetus is communicating with her and giving her real estate tips.

Hearing messages from the fetus: “You don’t hear an audible voice, but you hear messages, if you’re open to it. For instance, this baby wanted me to live somewhere else so we’re moving to a whole different place in Los Angeles because I feel like that’s where this baby wants to be raised.”

The baby is a genius: “I also feel like this baby is telling me it’s kind of like a Wernher von Braun or an Elon Musk, like a super genius… I know it sounds crazy, like I’m a lunatic, but I’ve made some really good decisions based on what I think the higher self is telling me to do. So, now [Brian] just goes along with it… I don’t think an infant is going to say, ‘No, not this one. We need to move down the street.’ I mean, anything is possible.”

It’s easier the third time around: “It’s easier doing it, because I’ve had a baby every other year since 2012. So your body gets used to it. With the first one, I was really afraid that something was going to go wrong, and then with the second one, he came so soon after the first one it was all a blur. And then with this one I’ve been a little more relaxed, but because I know how it hurts as we get closer to the date and we’re getting closer, I do still get nervous about that, because that pain is no joke.”

She forgets the pain of childbirth: “You get temporary amnesia in order to further the human race, otherwise there would be no people left.”

[From People & E! News]

Maybe I’m sort of hippie-dippie (am I???), but I believe in vibes and sixth sense and foreshadowing dreams and all of that. I don’t think Megan is saying that her fetus is knocking on belly and demanding to live in Malibu. I think Megan wanted to move and she got a good vibe from that thought and… whatever. And every mother thinks her child is going to be a genius.


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  1. kay says:

    for the record: i do not think my kids are genius, or will be.
    lol not even remotely.
    they can stay, though.

    • elns says:

      Thank you. Me too. But don’t tell him I told you, (oh my gawd, mom you are SO embarrassing!)
      I struggle with the special snowflake syndrome. Entitlement is already abound. The sooner you teach your kid that the struggle is real, the better off they are. ;)

  2. Clucky says:

    I once bought a car because it had 114754 kms on it and my birthday is on the 14th. It felt like a sign and I got a good vibe from it. Eighteen months later, it’s working out well. I love that car!

  3. Nancy says:

    My stomach just told me to go to the grocery store. Top that fetus.

  4. Jess says:

    Ha, this is cute and I actually believe her. My daughter was an oops baby, about two weeks before I found out I was pregnant I bought an energy drink and this random thought just swooped through my head, “this drink is bad for the baby”, then I laughed and thought what in the hell kind of thought was that, and carried on with my day. I was 25 and on birth control so a child was the last thing I was going for! There are many random thoughts and things that go through our minds everyday so it’s easy to brush them off, but sometimes they get it right if you listen hard enough😄

    I wonder if her mention of two famous genius men means she’s having another boy? Or if smart women just aren’t given the recognition they deserve so men just popped up in her head first, hmm. Can’t wait to find out, I like them as a couple and hope they can work out their previous issues!

  5. Sheneequa says:

    It’s very ok to believe.

  6. tacos and tv says:

    She looks great pregnant. She carries her babies well. Pregnancy suits her, for sure!

  7. NL says:

    Or maybe she has the IQ of a can of tuna.

  8. BFDL says:

    She’s never been and never will be the brightest. She’s very pretty but it seems like she will ride out the Hot Girlfriend roles until the bitter end. I’ve never seen any growth from her besides a belly.

  9. Roller74 says:

    Megan Fox is an odd duck. Google her past interviews and you’ll see what I mean. Not playing with a full deck of cards in the game of 52 pick up.

    But how in THE hell does one have a ‘whoopsie baby’?

    “Let’s have unprotected sex and maybe you WON’T get pregnant?”

    “Great idea honey. Unleash the B.A.G hammer of love!”

  10. VegasSchmagus says:

    Jeff Lewis (Flipping Out) did a rehab on the house she shared with BAG, and she went MIA towards the end of the process. I’m sure they were able to sell for a pretty penny.

  11. AtlLady says:

    When my boss was pregnant, she mentioned her husband and she had narrowed the list of baby names down to a few but she never mentioned any of the names on their list. A few days later, I walked around a corner and I swear her belly shouted a name at me. I looked at her and the other two people in the hall and asked if they heard something. They looked at me like I was nuts until I pointed at her belly and told her that her baby wanted a certain name. When I told her the name, it really rattled her because it was one of the names on their secret list. To be honest, it really rattled me, too. The name came to me so clearly and firmly, like someone had spoken it in a loud voice. They named the baby the name because she said my expression when I said it was as startled as she was when I said it. I’ve had strange things like this happen before.

  12. dana says:

    Some reason I like her. This made me laugh: “So, now [Brian] just goes along with it” -Yes Brian, get on board or get on out. hahahaha