Madonna & Guy Ritchie resolved Rocco’s custody dispute, Rocco’s in NYC now


Good news! Madonna’s Sad Clown Act worked! Madonna has been openly and vocally messy for months now, ever since her #RebelHeart teenaged son Rocco abandoned his mom’s tour so he could live a more low-key life with his dad, Guy Ritchie. Rocco “ran away” to Guy’s London home last fall and Rocco has been there ever since, much to Madonna’s consternation. You can see the whole sordid story here with our Rocco archives. Madonna accused Guy of kidnapping Rocco and she actually asked the court to have Guy arrested. She allegedly hired private investigators to document Rocco’s London delinquency. She threw everything at Guy. And Rocco still wouldn’t budge. So finally she decided to be nice to Rocco and promise him that she would change and let him be a teenager. And it worked!

Rocco Ritchie is back in the Big Apple as the battle over his custody appears to be drawing to a close. The teen was spotted grabbing coffee with some friends in Manhattan Tuesday morning before heading to his mother’s home – his first time back in the States since late last year.

Although Madonna, 57, and Guy Ritchie, 47, were originally expected in court Wednesday for a tentatively scheduled hearing over their 15-year-old son’s living arrangements, the case now appears to be disposed, motion pending by the New York State Supreme Court.

While it’s unclear whether the singer – who ended her “Rebel Heart” tour in March – has been in town alongside her son, it’s evident that she has been making an obvious effort to work on her relationship with Rocco.

[From People]

What I always thought was interesting was that even with all of Madonna’s theatrics in family court, no one was buying it, not even the multiple judges that heard various motions. All of the judges were basically telling Guy and Madonna that they needed to settle down and work this sh-t out privately, especially since Rocco is 15 years old, soon to be 16 in August. As in, stop using your nearly-adult son as a pawn to work out old grudges. And even though I said Madge’s “sad clown act” did work, I don’t think it did. I don’t think her on-stage theatrics moved the needle for Rocco at all. What did work was when she spoke to Rocco directly and tried to give in to some changes he wanted in their relationship.



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  1. nina says:

    Her face in the last photo terrified me :(((

  2. WTW says:

    I’m going to cut Madonna some slack here and say that I think most mothers would be messy if their teenage son was living in another continent with a co-parent with values wildly different from her own. It seems like Madge has done her best to avoid raising children who turn out to be aimless Hollywood brats. Lourdes is in college, when many other youth in her situation wouldn’t be. I admire that. On the other hand, if I were Rocco I certainly wouldn’t want to be constantly touring with my mother either. I’d want stability, but if it’s true Guy was a permissive parent who didn’t care if Rocco did drugs, smoked weed, skipped school, Madonna had every right to be concerned. I also think it’s been largely ignored how tough raising a son can be for single mothers. Madonna isn’t a single mother working paycheck to paycheck, but she is a woman and managing male children can be difficult for women at times.

    • Clare says:

      She is not a single mother, she is a divorced co parent. Her and Guy share custody etc.
      To paint her as a single mother does a huge disservice to the father, who obviously has a relationship with his children, and also to single mothers who are actually raising children on their own.

      Edit: think I may have mis read your post? If yes, m apologies!

      • WTW says:

        @Clare I’m just saying that she’s a single mother in the sense that the father is not in the home with her. When she and Rocco have a dispute, Guy is not there to back her up, in fact, he may be undermining her authority, according to reports. Single parent to me doesn’t mean the other parent isn’t in the picture, just that they’re raising a child in a single parent household.

    • Jwoolman says:

      Madonna’s idea of wildly different parenting may be different from yours and mine. All the “doesn’t care” stuff sounds like Madonna smearing Guy. He doesn’t follow her dietary restrictions, but those are her restrictions, not medical ones for her kids. Maybe he doesn’t push a particular bedtime for a nearly 16 year old. Neither did my mother. what would be the point? I could set my own alarm clock. They can work out schooling issues. Basically, you can’t really push a teen his age too hard because they are quite capable of leaving under their own power. Once he turns 16, Madonna will have fewer legal options as well. He went to live with his father, not a drug den. He’s never been really out of control, just needs choices about living at his two equally valid residences and with his two equally competent parents. I would have freaked if either of my parents responded as Madonna did – she even had the kid tailed! Way over the line.

      Parents do differ about a lot of things, if you want to have it your way then you better not divorce and hope you can win every argument…. It’s good for kids to have different adults in their lives, with different rules. Madonna has a lot of trouble letting go, good luck to the younger ones because their time will come.

  3. RedOnTheHead says:

    After watching Truth or Dare many years ago, I can understand why no one wants to live with Madonna. There is narcissism and then there is ‘Madonna Narcissism’. It’s in a category all by itself and really needs its own separate category in all of the sub categories of NPD.

  4. elns says:

    I hope it’s all sorted out.

    I’m not saying that Guy is a winner as a spouse or father, but I’m so tired of Madonna.

    These are the worst photos of her so that’s not really helping my superficial opinions.

  5. Dr. Funkenstein says:

    What did that woman do to her face? I mean, she was never beautiful in my estimation, but good golly miss molly.

  6. LuluPolly says:

    What has she done to herself? She should have gone to Jane Fonda’s doctors. She looks truly amazing.

  7. Jeo says:

    It’s half term for schools in England so Rocco could just be visiting her for the holidays? Good they are spending time together.

    • Mia4s says:

      That was my thought too. It could easily have been sorted as live with dad, school breaks and holidays with mom. Whatever it is I hope he is comfortable with it.

  8. HyacinthBucket says:

    It must be terrible to be Madonna’s teenaged kid. My boys are 18 and 19 and they’d leave the country, the continent, the planet even, if they had to deal with that level of embarrassing parent.

    As things are, being totally average, I am embarrassing enough for them.

  9. Spike says:

    Her jaw looks like the creature in Alien. She unhinges it to devour fans daily.

    • my3cents says:

      I was thinking along the lines of a mummy (as in the museum kind)
      She is quite scary.