People: Jennifer Garner ‘adamant’ about divorcing Affleck, but is in ‘no rush’

Jennifer Garner Stops For Breakfast With Her Son
In the latest “are they or aren’t they” news, Jennifer Garner wants us to know that she’s not having it and is not getting back with Ben Affleck. I’m so confused right now. Many of you floated the theory a few weeks ago that Affleck was the one pushing Garner for a reconciliation while I thought it was the other way around because “sources close to Garner” were saying that she was considering taking him back. Plus the magazines which were reporting that were typically ones who had covered her side of the cheating scandal and split and it was Affleck’s reps who were denying it. Either she changed her mind or the “sources close to Garner” are named Ben because now someone tells People that no reunion is happening and that it’s due to Garner. Doesn’t it seem like these two change their minds once a week, just in time for the new magazine cycle?

A friend of Garner’s says the friendly exes – who spent a month together overseas along with their three kids, Violet, 10, Seraphina, 7, and Samuel, 4, while Affleck filmed Justice League – are proceeding with their divorce. “She seems adamant about going through with it,” the pal tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue.

For more on Affleck and Garner’s friendly split, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE on newsstands Friday

Now back home in L.A., Garner is getting their kids ready for the end of school while Affleck, who appeared at the Spike Guys’ Choice Awards on June 4, has returned to London to continue filming. The actress “denies that she is back with Ben,” adds the friend. “She actually almost laughs when asked.”

As for when the divorce will be official, Garner’s friend says there seems to be no rush, adding that the actress “doesn’t seem to mind at all that it’s not finalized.”

[From People]

Remember when US (which again has had pro-Garner stories for over a year now) was reporting that Garner felt that Ben was the one who “gave up working on the marriage, so it’s up to him to file“? If this latest story can be taken at face value, like this is how they felt when this went to press although it’s probably changed again since, doesn’t it sound like that’s what’s going on here with the divorce? It comes across as a war of attrition at this point, like Garner isn’t going to file, she doesn’t want Ben back now for whatever reason (he’s been more obvious with his sidepieces again or something) and she’s just waiting for him to pull the plug. Whatever is going on, keeping us guessing seems to be part of their media strategy. Once they do actually file, people with only a passing interesting in gossip will go “huh, I thought they were divorced already.”

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Jennifer Garner Stops By A Gym For A Workout

Exclusive... Jennifer Garner & Her Daughters Out In LA

Jennifer Garner is shown out alone on 6-7 and 6-8. She is shown with Affleck on 5-13-16. Credit: FameFlynet

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  1. BFDL says:

    Sure Jan.

  2. TG says:

    Truly fascinating. I cannot get enough of this ongoing drivel. Please, cover it more.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Honestly, I loathe both of them now. I know, I know, I clicked on it, but for the love of God, has any story in the history of mankind ever been dragged out to such tedious lengths? Gah!

      • Bread and Circuses says:

        Yes — the Brad/Angelina/Jennifer triangle was massaged for drama for, what, about a decade? And there appeared to be no real drama at all.

        As I was reading this, I was wondering if this story is the tabloids’ new muse, because the old muse appears to have finally played itself out.

    • Thais says:


  3. Tate says:

    These two are tiresome.

  4. OSTONE says:

    If someone on this site knows or is friendly with their PR people, please tell them to stop. Nobody cares of their weekly “are they are they not” updates. Either get divorced or not, go to the farmers market and pretend you don’t call paps but stop.with.the.updates.

    ps: I confess I usually love her sweaters. Because I am a sweater and stripes person. There I said it! #sorrynotsorry

  5. Don't kill me I'm French says:

    Again them ?!! Call me when there will be a real update

  6. Hegimal says:

    Oh man are these two the most snooze worthy couple in all of Hollywood? At this stage, I’m thinking that they’re both trolling us, just to make themselves seem interesting.

    Bens eternal discontented oaf vibe and Jen’s 1950’s doormat Betty Crocker thing is so damn annoying now I’m hoping they reconcile just so we can all get a break from this ongoing intolerable chicanery.

    • Carolyn says:

      We won’t get a break from them. If they reconcile, it’ll be more stories about how he’s cheating on her, not spending any time at home and how she’s thinking of leaving him. You know, like their stories from the last 8 years. If they divorce it’ll be all about how Jen is struggling to move on, how he’s dating everything in sight, and blah blah. Plus neither one can refrain from calling the paps all the time. They are both totally average as actors and make mostly bad films, this is all they have.

  7. Alix says:

    Girlfriend’s d!ckmatized, is all I’ve got.

  8. Carol says:

    Say what you want about Jen, but she looks fantastic. I wish I could afford her trainer!

    • tracking says:

      I know, she’s gotten back into fighting shape, and has such gorgeous skin and hair. Good for her!

  9. Vaya says:

    Let’s just say, she put it out there to see how the idea would sound (to the public, Ben, whatever) & it probably didn’t go her way. Now, deny deny deny. She never loses face.

  10. Jayna says:

    Remember that accountant she was seen in an SUV laughing with back in January? She got back to L.A. and was seen out with him last Saturday and didn’t try to hide she was out with him and laughing. I don’t think anything happened with her and Ben on the kids’ vacation, and she’s making a point being seen with this guy the minute she gets back. And he isn’t wearing a wedding ring, so single, or I could be way off and he’s gay and just a friend. LOL There was someone else in the backseat. It’s just odd to be out with your accountant on a Saturday, I wouldn’t call that a “business” meeting.

    • Jr says:

      It was not her accountant – different man. He was her manager’s husband. The manager and friend Nicole King is the woman in the back seat. If you look through old photos you can see pics of him and Nicole and Ben and Jen together. I think that whole thing was a set up for the paps.

    • JoJo says:

      It was Nicole King in the back seat, the manager/friend that she’s always with. People looks pretty stupid here, running the complete opposite story two weeks ago about how Ben wants her back and that Jen “would totally get back with him.” It amazes me – if they are both really signing off on these stories – that they’re ok with their kids seeing this mess in the media? I kind of find that hard to believe. Or is People just citing non-credible sources once again? Or is Jen just trying to shut down speculation? She was just with Ben’s mother at church on Sunday – another reason it seems weird that she’d publicly shade him like this at this point. Once they file, I’ll believe it then. 🙂

      • Jayna says:

        I don’t believe they’ve signed off on one single story, not even Jen, during their month together in Europe and now back home with this. They announced ahead of time they would be in the UK together for the sake of the children, so there wouldn’t be any getting back together gossip. But with photos the rags ran with a different story all the time to fill pages, even People. They have no need to be running to mags about their relationship these days. The only thing real out of those stories was Ben’s denial. I believe what you said, People was citing noncredible sources. The Afflecks are a quick hit on their site and those buying their mag.

      • Liz says:

        Like a broken record…

      • JoJo says:

        @Jayna – Agree, that seems the most likely reasoning behind these stories.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      Jayna….I agree…the paps know, eventually, the Afflecks will come out with an announcement, either divorcing or reconciling, and they just hope that is the week that they picked the right “fake” story….

  11. BFDL says:

    @Alix I cannot see Ben Affleck being able to put it down in the bedroom. He looks every inch (no pun intended) of a two minute man.

  12. Joni says:

    I believe it. If they were getting back together she wouldn’t be all relaxed and happy in LA while he’s all the way in London doing whatever. Plus, this whole thing was started by the Daily Fail with their fake kissing story and then everyone else jumped on the bandwagon.

    I’m so over this, i can’t wait til they both move on.

  13. Liz says:

    Is Ben really back in London? I’m kind-of impressed that he managed to sneak in and out of town without getting pap’d. Must have flown private.

    • JoJo says:

      It looks like his mom was in LA on Sunday, so if he went back, it was probably only in the last few days. My guess in that Jen and the kids will be back over there too very shortly – once the kids are done with school. Get ready for more media speculation.

      • Carolyn says:

        That doesn’t make much sense. If school was so important for the kids they would not have spent the last month away from it, not returned just for the last week or so. I think they’re back for good, but who knows and who really cares anyway.

    • Flowerchild says:

      Don’t be impressed they can get around with out being pap when they want to. The only reason they are pap as much as they are is because they are calling them. Celebrities get photography some times, but you don’t get photography as much as a Kardashion unless you want to.

      • Ju says:

        That’s probably how it started — Ben and Jen calling them to get happy family shots to buff up their public profile. However once their pics started selling and there was public interest, the paps are now just waiting outside their house or community gate or wherever and following them. (I’m sure some calling still happens, though.) That said, it is unusual that Ben wasn’t photographed at all while he was in LA except at the show. Either he’s really back in London or the mag is assuming that he is bc they can’t find him. And if they can’t find him it’s probably bc he’s not living in the family home anymore and isn’t being followed.

      • Flowerchild says:


        Lol no they call the paparazzi, Ben has proven time and time again that he can get around without being seen, Jen can as well, but she like the attention.

        The paparazzi know we’re a lot of A-listers live and they all manage to fly under the paparazzi radar for the most part, Ben and Jen have no excuse for the amount of Pap walks they do.

  14. Shelby says:


  15. Nancy says:

    I love him, I love him not, Get a grip Jennifer, my lands. Get a huge cut out of the face of THE NANNY and tape it on your vanity mirror. This is the man you married. Move on child.

  16. Micki says:

    I think that the present state serves them both. She’s still the supportive future ex-, he is again devoted dad if nothing else. Why the rush? There’s such a potential for new cover stories, photo OPs and interviews…What’s there afterwards? She is well liked and connecred with 3 daughters as leverage and he’ll be the troubled Holiwood heavy weight and HW has swallowed down many like him. Garner is not stupid.

  17. Christin says:

    She needs a hobby. This has gone on way too long, and makes both look ridiculous.

    I can’t see either of them on screen now and not think of this overdrawn drama. Marriages end. Sad, but life will continue. Why advertise every random thought about the relationship, like it’s a high school crush?

  18. The Original Mia says:

    Never believed the stories of reconciliation. Jen isn’t taking him back. She’s been happier, freer since the divorce announcement. Taking him back doesn’t help her image. It would make her look like a fool, a doormat. She’s done.

    • Jayna says:

      Jen isn’t taking him back and Ben doesn’t want to go back. There is zero chemistry with these two when out and about still with their children. The romance is long gone for these two.

  19. Jaina says:

    Holy fuck I’d be so confused if I were one of those kids. Sheesh.

  20. Katy says:

    Now that Jen is back in LA with the kids and Ben is free and happy by himself in London for at least the next 2 or 3 months, they will get the space and time away from each other they both need and probably never had since they separated. Ben, if he hasn’t already, will probably enter into a new relationship and possibly go public for the first time since their split, if he’s in love then he’ll finally file for divorce. Jen has the kids and a non existent career that maybe she can really focus on and somehow resuscitate, but she has to let go of Ben. The best thing that can happen to these two is to move on and stop playing these media games.
    I will say that I am one of those wives that has told my husband that we will not watch another Ben Affleck movie, he kind of wanted to watch BvS and I said “NO”. We will not support Ben’s movies, you know what we did watch ?Miracles from Heaven…. My poor husband must really love me….

    • Jayna says:

      Wow, you tell your husband what he can watch.

      • Katy says:

        Just in this case, the whole nanny scandal really left a bad taste in my mouth of Ben, so I just can’t with him. It’s not so much what Jen has said about him, it’s what the nanny put out there when the scandal exploded, all the gory details of their fling. Ben is not a good person, I can’t watch his movies and suspend belief, I see Ben on screen not his character. As far as watching Jen’s Christian movie, my husband didn’t mind, he likes Jen too, it’s not like I forced him.

      • Jayna says:

        @Katy, each to their own. It wasn’t pretty, the nanny thing. But a brief nanny fling while separating and, say, compared to Robin Williams who cheated with their nanny during their marriage and left his wife and child for her is far worse to me. It didn’t stop me from loving all of Robin’s roles. So many actors and/or actresses have had really messy personal lives and hurt the people they are married to that I would be out of movies if I held them to that standard. The same with directors. Clint Eastwood was horrible to Sandra Locke, but I love his movies.I don’t like producers like Harvey Weinstein who produces a lot of movies I love, but find him a creep. LOL

        Plus BvS is a movie filled with comic book characters, not just Ben Affleck as Batman.

      • JoJo says:

        Agree, can’t think of too many people I wouldn’t watch because of personal life stuff, (outside of something truly evil like child molestation, etc. – would draw a hard line there.)

        I know I’ll get flamed as an apologist, but I don’t view Ben as a “bad person.”. I would agree he’s done some bad things/made terrible choices, but I don’t believe he’s a bad person. If you like Jen, she herself wouldn’t say he’s a bad person – she married him and had three kids over a 7-year period, so if he’s truly a bad person, I guess you really have to start questioning Jen’s judgment as well. So many people in the industry paint him as very generous, intelligent, fair, well-liked, etc. Even exes like Gwyn say these things about him. I agree – some very poor choices in his life, and he’s definitely got demons, but I personally don’t think he’s a “bad person.” And despite these poor choices, I also believe he adores his kids.

      • A says:

        @Jojo People have been questioning Jen’s judgement for years, with most thinking that she must be some kind of enabler/doormat. On this site alone, there have been dozens of articles posted about their crappy marriage over literal years with commenters posting about how weak she is that she lets him walk all over her, keeps taking him back after cheating and embarrassing her, etc. She has some good pr right now because they are separated and co-parenting but if she takes him back, she will be officially seen as the Queen of the Spineless Doormats, mark my words. As for Ben, it doesn’t really seem to matter if he’s a “good person” or a father who loves his kids. The public seems to love to hate him regardless of what the truth is. There will be no erasing of the nanny schtuper… that will forever follow him/them around.

    • Carolyn says:

      Jeez. If I refused to watch anything from an actor who had a messy personal life, I wouldn’t be able to watch anything. Oh and PS: Jen cheated on both Foley and Vartan and is just as messy as Ben.

  21. Thais says:

    I have no more f****s to give about these two. Seriously. Get divorced. Don’t. Whatever. Just go away.

  22. holly hobby says:

    Ugh why is this dragging on in public forever? Either you are in or out. Pick a lane and stay in it.

    If it is going to drag on for years, then it should be done in private. Look at Al and Tipper Gore and Arnold and Maria Shriver. Yup both are still legal married but separated. Do we get a status on their relationship every week?

    This is getting tedious.

  23. Lauren says:

    Ben did the “right thing” and married her bc she was pregnant. Sam was a band-aid baby. I would bet $& that Sera was the only child planned. Here are two people who should never have gotten married in the first place.

  24. A says:

    All the money in the world and her hair is ORANGE. JFC. Did she do that color herself with a at-home haircolor from CVS?

  25. CF98 says:

    I only feel bad for the kids

  26. Flowerchild says:

    For the love of God I wish they would just get divorced and be over with it or stay togethe. Stop dragging things out running to the media every 5 minutes. Please stop with the PR “happy family” walks, your fooling no one.