Jessica Simpson holds small welcome home party for Lane Garrison


Now that Lane Garrison is out of prison, what’s the first, most logical thing to do? Go to Jessica Simpson’s parents house for a party, naturally. That’s where most ex-cons go. Actually, it turns out that Jessica Simpson’s dad and Garrison go way back: Joe was Lane’s youth pastor when he was growing up in Texas.

Garrison served just half his 40 months sentence for felony vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence. His car crash killed a 17-year-old boy and left two teenage girls injured. As a condition of his release, Garrison is spending the next five months in a rehab facility.

Hours after his release from prison and a gathering at Jessica Simpson’s parents’ house, a noticeably thinner Lane Garrison spoke exclusively to E! News as he arrived at the Los Angeles-area Tarzana Treatment Center to begin a five-month stint at the residential inpatient facility.

Wearing a baseball cap with the word “faith” printed on it, the former Prison Break star discussed his plans for the future. “I’m blessed to be alive,” said Garrison, who spent more than 19 months in prison altogether for a 2006 DUI crash that left one passenger dead. “I’m just worried about getting through treatment right now,” he said. Also, “I’m looking forward to getting on with my life and doing the right thing and helping people.”

During his incarceration, Garrison was a peer mentor for fellow inmates, a responsibility that requires a spotless behavior record while behind bars. And he had some famous friends waiting for him on the outside upon his release.

Sources tell E! News that, after being picked up from the California Correctional Institute, he was the guest of honor at a welcome-home reception at Simpson’s parents’ Encino home. Papa Joe Simpson was Garrison’s youth minister in their native Texas and Lane lived with the family for a time. Jessica was at the gathering today, but there was no sign of sister Ashlee. Garrison was at the Simpsons’ place from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., after which he went directly to the nearby Tarzana rehab center.

[From E! News]

I hope this guy works his butt off in rehab. He’s obviously got some serious demons. It seems like he handled this as well as he could. He gave an apology in court in which he seemed to be genuinely emotionally distraught, though obviously he’s an actor. But he took responsibility (at least publicly) for his behavior and has never tried to blame anyone else. He also reached settlements with the victims’ families. I’m by no means on the guy’s side nor do I have empathy for him – that’s for his victims. But I think so far he’s done as much as can be done in a situation like this. Now if Garrison is willing to work hard and really clean up in rehab – and stay that way – that will best demonstrate his remorse.

Here’s Lane checking into rehab yesterday. Images thanks to Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Bolognese says:

    How is it even possible that being drunk and high while driving with the awful outcome of a dead teenager and another one that spent a good chunk of time recovering will only get you 40 months in prison? How is it also possible to get off the hook before even half the sentence for ‘good conduct’? That is complete and utter BS!!!!

    40 months of which you only complete the meantime a 17 year old girl is getting eaten by worms, and now you are free to get high and drunk again. Yay you.

  2. the original kate says:

    this guy only served 19 months for killing someone while driving drunk? um…WTF?

  3. OXA says:

    Why am I not surprised at the Simpsons hosting a welcome home party? I feel it is really tasteless and tacky.

  4. Wench. says:

    I used to work in retail with a girl who served 9 months of her 18 month custodial sentence for the same offence. I think the party is in bad taste, though.

  5. justme says:

    just goes to show if u are an actor everything coems easier for u. if i were him i wouldnt b bragging about or lettign ppl know that i went to jessica simpsons house after getting out of jail. that family is fuc*ked and it doesnt help what lilttle reputation he has left. i have no idea who this guy is. i feel sorry for the victims family. there kid isnever coming home and this guy serves half his sentance. ya justice at its best

  6. irl says:

    I don’t know about the guy, watch the show or know the whole back story and I’m not saying that it’s not terrible a kid died and others injured or that his sentence was adequate but. . . seems to me he shouldn’t be crucified. He did the time the judge set now he’ll complete the next phase. The judge must have seen something to warrant his decision and judgment. The guy is young enuf to learn from this tragedy and do better in life.
    If every body was partying and boozy, which is how it sounds, they all jump in the car and an accident happens – he shouldn’t be the ONLY one held responsible for that – especially for the rest of his life. The passengers who chose to jump in with a drunk driver should take some responsibility for their choice to go along. If I’m partying and someone drunk wants to go drive around – I know better then to go along with that. I’ll raise all kinds of hell to keep a drunk from driving, not say “okay let’s go.”
    His youth pastor supporting him in his efforts and having a little get together for him upon release is totally appropriate. Sounds far from a big wild party.

  7. persia says:

    yeah, i’m at a loss as to why this is a huge tasteless deal. i’m not for one second trying to downplay that there is a person whose life was lost.. but anyone who as been to a party and driven off as a passenger of or the driver when all have been drinking could be in the exact same situtation. everyone in the car was wrong. it is sad that one payed with thier life- but i dont see how this man living behind bars is going to change that.
    its not like they threw a raging kegger. it was a welcome home gathering in the middle of the afternoon. what did they do? serve cucumber sandwiches with crusts? for shame…..

  8. Buckley says:

    Yea, what’s wrong with having a celebration?
    is he supposed to stop living now?
    What’s done is done and why should more lives be ruined.
    If he gets his act together, which it seems he is, then i support that.

  9. Lily. says:

    No, I think it’s wrong to have a party which is inevitably going to be publicised. Irregardless of whether these people are his friends, he was responible – if partially due to the other party’s compliance with getting in the car – for a death. He served a measly sentence, and partying someone where it’s going to reach the tabloids is disrespectful on every level.

  10. cakes says:

    The simpsons were showing support to someone they care about. I’m sure they don’t condone what garrison did.
    If he was out at the club and partying it up that’s something to be upset about.

  11. Stephen says:

    good to see he segued straight from prison into hipster mode. douche.

  12. Darlene says:

    I support him. I hope he turns his life around and uses whatever “fame” he has to try to prevent this from ever happening again. A lot of young men are going to identify with this guy, and if it can cause those same young men to make wise choices with their lives, that will be some bit of good to come out of a horrible event. It’s nice to see he has the support of those closest to him. It probably takes a lot for the Simpsons to stand by him; it’s not like he’s popular by any means right now.

  13. heehee says:

    WHat people need to develop is the ablity to forgive.
    Being angry at him only takes your own energy away; and he wants to become a positive influence (so he says) so it would be wrong to prevent him from fulfilling those desires, not to mention a waste of someones life to just lock him up forever. Like others have said, what happened cannot be changed. Yes it’s terrible that people have died/been injured but at least he seems to have come out of this as a better person and not anything like, say, Nick Hogan.
    The original purpose of prson was to reform peoples thoughts/behaviors, and it looks like its going to work for Lane.

  14. guest says:

    that situation is just tragic all the way around – his back story – the accident – everything. he paid the price that was required of him. he always seems so so sorry. wish him only the best.

  15. Anoneemouse says:

    People make mistakes all the time. At least he owned up to his mistake, paid his price to society and the families affected (even though money never takes the place of the person) and is taking steps to better his life. I’m glad the Simpsons are there for him – I heard he doesn’t have family so it’s good for him to have someone to support him.

  16. j. ferber says:

    Comments like some of these show why we are not tougher in this country on drunk drivers or those who cause deaths through drunk driving. The people who bemoan the light sentence need only look to the comment above or below theirs expressing sympathy and understanding for the drunk driver to get why he served only 19 months.

  17. danielle says:

    Did he pick up some wasting disease in prison? He looks terrible – thin and ill.