Jenny Slate confirms she’s dating Chris Evans, ‘my dream 7th grade boyfriend’

Here are some photos of Chris Evans and Jenny Slate at Saturday’s premiere of The Secret Life of Pets. Jenny does the voice of one of the animals, but Chris’s voice is not featured in the film, meaning he just came to the premiere to support his GIRLFRIEND. Back in May, we learned that A) Jenny Slate had just split with her husband of four years and B) immediately jumped into a relationship with Chris Evans, her costar on Gifted, which filmed last year. There were some rumors that Chris and Jenny’s relationship/whatever might have overlapped with her marriage. There were rumors that Chris Evans is the reason why Slate’s marriage ended. I believe all of those rumors, frankly.

Jenny and Chris both brought their kid-relations to the premiere. Chris had two nephews in tow, and according to People, Slate brought her nieces and nephews too. Chris and Jenny posed very briefly together on the carpet, and then Chris went inside and Jenny posed solo, and then did cast photos. Entertainment Tonight got Slate to confirm that Evans is her “boyfriend” and ET even got footage of Chris holding Slate’s hand briefly (while she ignored him). Slate was asked what was so great about having her boyfriend at the premiere to support her, and Slate said: “I haven’t really had a really large premiere before, so it’s nice having someone who sort of knows how it goes. And also, honestly, we’re just like both two teenagers from Massachusetts, so, and it feels like I got my dream seventh grade boyfriend.” Oooh, that comment made me wince a little.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, WENN, Instagram.

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  1. Teatimeiscoming says:

    Ugh, no. That comment is all sorts of gross.

  2. OSTONE says:

    They rub me the wrong way. I guess the Anna Faris podcast, her being married and then immediately with Chris. The “7th grade boyfriend” comment. Hmm not feeling this pairing.

    • als says:

      I listened to that podcast and when she mentioned her husband I thought she was happily married. Now looking back, knowing she was talking about her husband while standing next to her ‘dream seventh grade boyfriend’, it seems perverse.

      • Prairiegirl says:

        Yeah, that podcast is a bit of a pr problem now, isn’t it?

      • Naya says:

        The podcast is a good thing tho. Its existence helps their “we didnt cheat” narrative since they spent most of it discussing the virtues of girl/boy platonic friendships and advising callers with bff related problems. Plus their chemistry was playful rather than overtly sexual, thats gotta help too.

        Just going by that show I honestly think these are two people who connected, fell in love and did the correct thing before hooking up. But then I am biased by the fact that I love both these people.

      • Cannibell says:

        There’s a scene in the Nora Ephron movie “Heartburn” where Jack Nicholson’s character describes him as “married, in love….” while out to dinner with his wife and another couple. Meryl Streep’s character (his wife), looks blissed out at the description, but, of course, Nicholson’s character is having an affair……kind of reminded me of Slate and Evans. I feel sad for her soon-to-be ex.

  3. Guest says:

    Ha! I knew and was waiting for you, Kaiser, to write something on this. I still believe her marriage ended because she cheated. Yes, let’s flaunt the affair in front of everyone and hope no one points out the cheating/homewrecker part. Wtg, Chris and Jenny! *sarcasm* To say “I got my dream 7th grade boyfriend” was tacky and disrespectful to Dean. Clearly her marriage meant absolutely nothing to her. She’s still legally married to boot. Out of respect for Dean, she should have waited to make this official announcement until the divorce was final but she gave zero f***s. You picked a great one, Chris! Good luck with this one!

    • M says:

      The family is there as a PR strategy to avoid the rumors of homewrecker and cheater, that is what these two are!

      • Guest says:

        Exactly what I thought. I didn’t think his Mom and older sister would partake in something like this but I was proven wrong. *shakes head*

      • als says:

        Yes, bring kids and/ or pets and anything passes for cuter.
        After all the rumors, they probably were hard pressed so they decided to stage the official coming out that would gain the best press.
        Not sure I get exactly that ‘dream seventh grade boyfriend’ stuff but it seems weird for a 30 something to make such a parallel and so soon after her divorce.
        @guest: I think him mom’s influence was overhyped in the media by her own son. Beside being his babysitter even when he got hammered, her influence in any direction on him was not real.

        Anyway, a homewrecker in the role of the honorable Captain America. They must be starving for talent out there in Hollywood.

      • M says:

        It’s not a surprise at all. His mother used to defend him when there were negative comments about him on twitter, it seems that they will support even when he does something wrong. There are rumors that it was him who was caught with drugs, but the brother took the blame. I think everyone is on his payroll!

      • Lindsay says:

        Well to be fair to the sister it wasn’t his marriage and she doesn’t know the injured party. Also, using your kids (who he seems genuinely close to) to show your brother you don’t support the way he conducts his personal life is also terrible behavior.

      • Naya says:

        I accept that I am biased but Chris is incredibly tight with his family and he spends his down time with them, as in literally moves in with his sisters family for months at a time. He talks about his nephews and nieces constantly, its not unexpected that he would bring them along to his gfs child friendly premier.

        Also, if this is a scandal its in the small corners of the internet. This isnt Brad and Angelina dissing Jen. This is Captain America who still cant open a movie by hinself and Jennie whose fanbase is mostly quirky and hipster dissing an unknown fella. Its sad if thats how it went down but its not a scandal.

      • Miss V says:

        Yup. This rollout as a couple was pure Pr strategy. I completely believe that they are together for real and are moving forward as a happy couple (for now), but they used this kid friendly premiere and his family to present Chris and Jenny on a certain light thinking people would forget that there was any cheating involved (there clearly was). They probably wanted the speculation/gossip to end so they decided to make it public under their own control. Plus, now it devalues the first pap pics of them as a couple. So much strategy here. It’s transparent and painful to watch.

      • M says:

        @Miss V I bet that this week we’ll have an article saying that they aren’t cheaters, she was already separated, all written by their pr team.

    • anna says:

      good god, everybody cheats. give the homewrecker narrative a rest. not one person can “wreck” a home. it always takes two.

      • Luffy says:

        Actually not everybody cheats a lot of people have no problem remaining faithful and a lot of people take their marriage vows seriously. just because you cheat doesn’t mean everyone does.

      • anna says:

        you’re right. not everybody cheats. but most people do at least once in their lives and that doesn’t make them bad people. that makes them totally normal. monogamy is challenging, why beat around the bush.

      • Jag says:

        Actually, it does take two to cheat and it does make them bad people. Normal people end their current relationship before taking up with someone new.

      • Sylvia says:

        Actually no, not everyone cheats. And it does not take two to cheat. If one person is single screwing around with someone who’s married, that single person is a dick, but not a cheater. They have literally cheated on no one. The married one is the cheater, and imo the real homewrecker since it is their home and they’re the one wrecking it. I don’t understand why the non-married one is called the homewrecker.

        And besides, you don’t know what the married one told the single one, because if they’re ok with cheating, they’re clearly all good with being a liar. Maybe they said they’re in the process of getting divorced, or already are divorced. Maybe they lied about even being married in the first place – this happened to me… and then he told me the truth because he “loved” me and wanted to leave his wife for me, and I told him to GTFO and go fuck himself. I loved him, but I love myself more and didn’t want to be the one being cheated on in a few years. Obviously this is not the case here and Chris knew she was married, which makes him a dick for sure, but the responsibility for not cheating on your spouse always lies with the person who actually has a spouse. And believe it or not, some people take that responsibility seriously.

      • Fire Rabbit says:

        @Anna- wow arent you showing yourself.
        No. Not everybody cheats. Get over it. Decent people choose other actions. Yes, she was married but his responsibility was to back off no matter how attracted he was. And yes, good homes are frequently broken by 2 selfish cheats. It’s the spouse left at home who gets no say.

      • Alyce says:

        Most people don’t cheat. And cheating doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person, but it is a bad thing to do.

      • Wood Dragon says:

        So, in other terms, she’s an adulteress and he’s a fornicator, sound right? Technically, she is still married. The divorce proceedings seem to have begun only very recently and well…I really got nothing with these two anymore. I probably won’t go see the movie either that brought ‘Romeo’ and ‘Juliet’ together either. Got better things to do.

    • Natalie says:

      The thing is, did men care about the Jolie/Pitt/Aniston triangle, or was it mostly women? And in this case, Captain America is dreamy so there is an undercurrent of acceptance from many though not all women that the not stereotypical hot girl (Jenny Slate is very attractive but she’s not a Minka Kelly type of hot) has landed the prom king.

      Chris Evans is going to age like Joey Fatone. You can already see it.

      • Fire Rabbit says:

        Yea, when he’s not primped for the movies, he’s always looked kind of a slightly, meh-,typical Boston doughboy to me.

      • burnsie says:

        Omg I am dying at that Joey Fatone comment!!! So true though!!

    • CooCoo Catchoo says:

      Soooo… am I correct in assuming that you’re either the husband or someone close to the situation? Sounds like it.

    • BlondeDani says:

      I feel so good that I am not alone in being disgusted by this pairing. I used to like them both a lot individually but now…not so much. I’m disappointed and totally grossed out. That podcast gave off this awkward sibling vibe and his thing is to be super flirty with friends of all genders. So when Us Weekly came out it made me realize that podcast actually proves the timing of this cheating hot mess situation. For her self-proclaimed feminist schtick – that was also missing in the podcast – she certainly is anything but with this immature, poorly thought comment. She gives her cutesy voice too much credit, thinking it will help cover for her actions. She’s always seemed to be a very insecure person and it shows in her social channels and in this ET interview. Given the stars in her eyes, she’s clearly the 7th grader who finally got her “win” despite her husband in her 30s. Sad. And that “we are just a couple of teenagers” comment is definitely a PR message, trying to distract from the shadiness of their relationship. I saw she favorited a tweet a couple of weeks ago that said “I do not need to know where you are at all times” written 4x over. She needs to grow up and get a grip. She’s going to combust when he runs off with his Avengers costars to film. So, I completely believe in the cheating rumors. I’m also peeved that he isn’t being put on blast as being the homewrecker. He stays hiding behind the women he dates. He’s far more calculating than anyone gives him credit for, as RDJ said during Civil War press. Chris is obsessed with his image and given he’s trying to be an independent actor, Jenny fits the bill…for now. They are the same, anxiety ridden, immature animals. I am positive their teams thought this family-friendly venue would be perfect for their “coming out” ceremony, underestimating both fan bases. For him, she’s been the forbidden fruit. But eventually that fruit goes rotten.

      • burnsie says:

        Am I the only one that finds her voice grating and not cute at all? Anyone…Bueller?

  4. bread says:

    Ugh, I hate it when couples look like they’re dressed for two different events. She looks lovely (great colour on her!) and appropriate for a daytime premiere but he looks like he’s about to mow the lawn.

    • Petrichor says:

      That was my first thought too. But I agree, I love the dress. I wish her girls had better support, though. The saggy breasts throw the look off.

  5. Java says:

    And the double standard. He is a home wrecker ! Just like Angelina. And nobody is saying nothing. The truth is that as shady it got started it will end up badly. Hopefully wish there aren’t kids involved at that moment.

    • M says:

      The media is selling it as a fairy tale of the ugly girl with the handsome guy, but surely if he was a woman, everyone would be talking about homewrecker!

      • kai says:

        Ugh. Seriously? She’s only one nose job away from Hollywood-generic-pretty. She’s much more attractive to me than Evans. He’s a beefcake-y butterface.

      • amilu says:

        I’m with Kai. I can’t comment on the timeline of their relationship, but she’s not ugly. She’s Pretty Liz! I think she’s adorable, HILARIOUS, and she has a hot body.

      • KiddVicious says:

        Beefcake-y butterface. LMAO I love it. And it’s true.

    • Dinah says:

      With you, Java. How it starts is how it ends.

    • Prairiegirl says:

      Good point about the double standard that the media’s choosing to ignore.

      • SM says:

        I think the double standard is to blame the more famous party. And he is definitely the more famous here. It was the same with blaming Kristen for the mini coopering. Yes it does take two to cheat, but at least he is not the party that promised to be faitfull till the death do us part. But yeah sure, he is the opposite of what Captain America stands for, so I say replace him with Sebastian Stan. He at least can act.

  6. Linas says:

    If you check out her IG, she has a video of them heading to the premier with the kids in the backseat listening to a song and you can hear him laughing in the background. Super cute actually. Get it girl!

    • ichsi says:

      It’s so weird: I usually absolutely abhor it when people cheat, seriously, I hate it! Doesn’t matter if they’re male or female either, but with these two… I like them together. I actually believe they’re a genuine couple and while I don’t agree, I completely get her 7th grade crush comment from her POV.

      • Hudson Girl says:

        Well, maybe because there is no proof they cheated. We only know that they were friends. Was he her reason/inspiration for finally cutting the cord on a terminal relationship? Maybe. But, that’s not cheating. I’ve never cheated but, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t intrigued by someone else.

      • Nah says:

        The husband has actually tweeted to the effect of “there’s no drama, everything is fine, I am not aggrieved” repeatedly. They may have separated, they may have had an open relationship, maybe he cheated first, who knows.

  7. Maria says:

    honestly, who can blame her? Chris is above her husband in every way. no way she would have been faithful when Chris showed interest. its a big upgrade.
    its really refreshing to see that its the woman who is dating above her league and leaving her marriage for some hot hook up.

    • Valois says:

      Unless we know them personally, we have no idea if Chris is above hee husband. Fame and looks, yes, but that’s not the only thing that matters, at least in a serious relationship (and her marriage was a serious relationship).

      • Keaton says:

        I agree Valois. This makes me think even less of Chris Evans. Not an upgrade at all. Jenny looks pathetic and her husband looks like the victim but Chris – blech.

      • Elle says:

        I agree with Valois and Keaton. There’s nothing refreshing about seeing someone – man or woman – leave a marriage for a hotter person. And relationships are about a lot more than looks.

      • claire says:

        well, unless we know them personally, we don’t know she cheated either. she keeps stuff low-key. I’d been following her forever on IG and had no idea she was even married! A separation could have occurred that no one knows about.

    • Ash says:

      I’ve seen Jenny’s social media activity, and lowkey isn’t the word that comes to mind if someone asked me to describe her.

      Clearly, Jenny and Chris cheated with each other.

      • amilu says:

        Really? I’m with claire above us — I’ve followed her on IG for years, and I didn’t realize she was married either. Lowkey is exactly how I would (or would have) described her.

        I’m pretty sure there’s nothing clear about it.

  8. Ari says:


  9. Rae says:

    As much as I wouldn’t mind a bit of Chris action, and the start of the relationship is a very iffy grey area, I wish them luck. It makes a nice change from Minka…He’s got better taste than I thought.

  10. lowercaselois says:

    There can only be one narcissistic actor in a relationship. These two come off as emotional handful. I give it through the summer. A summer romance and then both move on.

    • Fire Rabbit says:

      Yea, I think these two each have their own issues. Some of his are more publicly acknowledged(why does a 36 yr old supposedly grown-@ss man need to always be babysat!?) but essentially theyre both typical of Hollywood.

  11. Anne says:

    “Chris is above her husband in every way” yeah he maybe be hotter but so what? We don’t know her ex husband, he might be a really nice guy, better than Evans 10x. I think it’s pathetic to be yay for this couple, just because he’s Chris Evans and ‘hotter’ than the ex husband. It’s so weird to see Evans promoting his relationship, he’s always saying he likes to keep it quiet…

    • Fire Rabbit says:

      Nah, he likes a public relationship just as much as any celebrity. He just always let the girl do it, that way she took all the shots and blame, and he could pretend to be above it. Her propensity for on social media fits his MO.

      • M says:

        Exactly, he’s not private as people think. He has always been public with his relationships, but now he needed a strategy to look good in the public eye because this time he is with a married woman.

  12. Marty says:

    They’re cute! I dunno, a lot of relationships in Hollywood overlap or there was cheating involved. We don’t know the inner workings of her past marriage or current relationship, best of luck to all involved.

  13. OriginallyBlue says:

    I should be surprised by the comments saying how cute they are and giving this a pass, but I’m not. They are gross.

    • Angie says:

      THANK YOU. There is absolutely nothing adorable or sweet about 2 adults who begin seeing each other when one of them is married. She’s the one with the commitment and she’s disgusting for showing her blatant disregard for her husband publicly.

      This will implode in her because that’s karma. I never care about celebs personal lives but this pisses me off because the narrative is being manipulated for her benefit when in reality her and Chris should be vilified for this disrespect.

    • Maria says:

      its 2016, not 1950.

      • trilby227 says:

        Umm, she’s still married and parading around with her new boyfriend, who she very likely cheated with. It’s very tacky and in bad taste.

      • Rene says:

        I agree with trilby227. If anybody thinks waiting until you’re divorced before publicly parading your new bf is so…”1950s” then they’ve got no business getting married in the first place. I personally believe marriage is an outdated concept, but that’s why I’m not married. Jenny is, and she should act accordingly.

      • Nah says:

        “. If anybody thinks waiting until you’re divorced before publicly parading your new bf is so…”1950s” then they’ve got no business getting married in the first place.”

        I mean, that’s exactly what they did, though. She got divorced in March – and her husband has repeatedly said it was amicable. They started dating in April. Maybe they were friends before that, but I don’t know why that makes it automatically cheating. A lot of people begin dating people they knew during their marriage after their divorce.

      • Rene says:

        “She got divorced in March” – she may have *filed* for divorce in March (though I don’t see anything about it before May). But it’s not finalized yet which means legally she’s still married. A formality, sure, but marriage is a formal thing. Don’t bother getting into it if you’re not going to bother getting out of it the right way.

        And I have a really hard time believing that two ppl who couldn’t wait until the divorce was finalized could wait until it was initiated. No way they’ve kept their hands off each other every day since last fall.

  14. Desdemona says:

    This really seems like a PR stunt- literally the whole thing. Like, he’s had trouble opening movies in the past and no one really knows her, so let’s start a scandalous relationship so people are talking about us and want to see the movie “where it all started” since we shot it in October, but we still don’t have a release date. Just seems really calculated, like Tiddles, but with less talked about people.

    • Sylvia says:

      @Desdemona I would believe the PR angle if he wasn’t Captain America. But he is, and hundreds of millions of dollars depend on that pure hearted, honorable Steve Rogers character. I just don’t buy that he’d risk his real paycheck for some dinky little film that is very likely going to bomb no matter what kind of shenanigans they pull. He’s not a producer on that Gifted movie, is he? What is his incentive for messing up his Marvel image for that little film? I think they’re real. And I think they’re cheaters too, lol.

    • M says:

      The PR thing is how they came to the public as a couple, using family, but I believe it’s a real relationship. He wouldn’t risk his image of Steve Rogers because of a short film, unless there’s Oscar buzz, but I heard nothing.

  15. D says:

    I don’t condone cheating, but I really do like them together

  16. Sylvia says:

    What I can’t wrap my head around is why, as a 34 year old woman getting a divorce, you would even want to date your 7th grade dream boyfriend? And saying they’re just like two teenagers… it all sounds kind of immature and… pathetic? Like Chris Evans is pure wish fulfillment for her. I guess he’s ok with that?

    Maybe I’m negatively biased because my 7th grade dream guy was River Phoenix, and he OD’d the next year on a sidewalk outside the Viper Room, but that seems like a weird thing to call your new boyfriend who just turned 35.

    • Miss M says:

      Yeap, may be it will work out because they are in the same “mature” level= two teenagers
      BTW, she never answered where they met…lol
      Becky with the balding hair…
      ps:Minka’s birthday was 2 days ago… I never thought I was going to say this: you are better off, MInka!

      • M says:

        “Becky with the balding hair…” hahahahaha best comment on this mess!

      • Miss M says:

        I cannot take credit for the “balding hair” part. Another poster (sorry I forgot your name) completed my Becky on the first post that they were dating… LOL

      • Fire Rabbit says:

        Yea. And I think her ex has dodged a bullet too. Time will confirm. People seem to forget that he was back with Minka when all this started too. They were in Boston together with family for the holidays when Kelly suddenly returned to LA . All she entered on her accounts about it was something like “just when you think someone’s changed…. maybe she found out then?
        I was never a big fan of hers either, but it still sucks to be cheated on.

    • M says:

      I agree it’s immature, but you know, I never buy all that I’m mature, deep, feminist thing from Hollwyood actors. They always sell a fake image for their own benefit!

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      Yeah, that comment was weird as all hell. Shouldn’t you know better at that age? I remember who I imagined as my boyfriend in 7th grade and it was awful, unrealistic Disney bullsh*t. I grew up. Good gawd. If you need to get this out of your system you do it before you marry someone.

    • Rene says:

      @Sylvia you are so right. That she thinks Evans being totes crushable is a great foundation to build their relationship on shows just how stupid and immature she really is. She’s in for a rude awakening the second he something not-so-dreamy. And I know he won’t take long.

  17. lucy2 says:

    I feel bad for her ex, with them parading the relationship around so quickly. Hopefully there wasn’t actually cheating, but it seems pretty clear she left her husband to be with Chris.
    What is going on with that dress? It’s so odd.
    Also, I finally watched Captain America the other night…he does nothing for me.

    • Camille says:

      I agree with everything you said lucy2.

      I don’t get his appeal either, his face is so forgettable (I get him confused with that other Chris actor all the time), I don’t find him very charismatic either. He’s very oatmeal on white bread bland.

  18. Div says:

    Half of Hollywood cheats so I can’t get that outraged…but it is interesting because if he was a woman you can bet this would be a much bigger deal in the tabs. My guess is Disney/Marvel also pulled some strings to keep this plus his obvious drinking problem (dude showed up hammered to multiple red carpets) from being a tabloid thing.

    The 7th grade comment is a bit cringey

  19. teacakes says:

    I honestly don’t get the salt over movie stars (who we aren’t dating) cheating, it’s never stopped me from watching Marilyn Monroe, Spencer Tracey, either of the Hepburns, Elizabeth Taylor, Julia Roberts, Brangelina …… and it’s no different for Evans and Slate.

    It’s not a cool thing to do but it’s also not the entirety of what someone is like as a person.

    • Boxy Lady says:

      I agree with you except about Julia Roberts. That whole “A Low Vera” t shirt incident was so unbelievably tacky and vicious to me that I was put off completely.

      If you’re going to cheat, at least have some decency and sneak around, for goodness sakes 😉

      • amilu says:

        Blowing off fiance Kiefer for his bff Jason Patric was also low down. She’s a snake, and that probably is why I’ve never bothered to watch any of her movies since Pretty Woman.

  20. Elle says:

    So Chris got jealous of all of Tom’s PR and decided to join in?

    While I’m finding the Tiddles PR Show vastly amusing, this stunt from Chris and Jenny is gross. Relationships (and how they end) can absolutely be complicated and messy and not always clear cut, but, in my experience, it’s how people handle the messy parts that’s the true sign of character. And this ridiculous red carpet roll out – with family blessing! – less than a month after Slate announced her divorce feels like a confirmation there was cheating and makes me think a lot less of both actors.

    • Rene says:

      Exactly. Showing up to her cute movie premiere literally covered in children with mom and sister in tow screams, “Forget I’m a homewrecker and focus on what a wholesome, wannabe family man I am instead!” I don’t know much about Slate, but I’m an Evans fan from way back, and this puts me off him. Sad part is, I was prepared to make peace with his secondhand adultery – everyone makes mistakes – but that was back when I was assuming they’d wait for the divorce to be finalized before going public. This farce of theirs is disgusting to watch. He is my favorite actor, and I was looking forward to “Gifted,” but now I won’t be watching it. Their adultery has cast a huge shadow over the project for me.

      • KhalDraghoe says:

        I won’t be seeing it either. I’m a huge Evans fan and found out about this right before I went to Philly to meet him, and when the story they put out wasn’t adding up, I was put off. It was cool to meet him, I guess, but I really wasn’t all that excited about it going into it, and it kind of soured the experience for me, if I’m being honest.

      • Wood Dragon says:

        Wow, I feel for you KhalDraghoe, such a downer and especially since you must have been so looking forward to it. I’m not sure I would have gone through with the meet n greet after that. Ah, well, life is too full of such disappointments, isn’t it?
        And it seems to be the year for dubious celebrity couplings. Who knows who else is waiting in the wings to give us eye strain from all the eye rolling we’ll be doing?

      • KhalDraghoe says:

        Yeah, I almost cancelled, but my friends were like “Just go. Make the most of it.” I did have a good time, but it was weird meeting Chris with a totally different view of him. It wasn’t really excitement. It was more like “Well, I paid for this so let me just say hi so I can say I met him.”

        Man, I don’t know who is next but 2016 has been claiming faves since the clock struck midnight seems like.

      • Rene says:

        @KhalDraghoe were you even nervous when you met him, or did all the piss get take out bc you’d lost respect? He wasn’t charming enough to redeem himself even a little? Either way, that must’ve sucked for you. I had a similar experience, finally meeting a bae I’d lost considerable respect for. It was…odd. I’d been looking forward to meeting Chris in Atlanta this November, but now who knows?

        And, girl 2016 is goin through em isn’t it? Chris was my last. Like, there is literally no one left now, and it feels weird. It’s go back to Chris or be bae-less. Glad I never stan’d Hiddles tho, dodged that bullet lol.

  21. bluerunning says:

    Meh. The cheating mess is gross and yes, it’s tacky. I don’t know what the state of her marriage was before Evans and The Gift, but you’d have to wonder if there were already underlying problems and this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Either way, ending a relationship by cheating is gross and sad. That being said- I don’t trust Evans at ALL. If Slate has her hopes pinned on “long-term”… she might want to look for her dream 8th grade boyfriend, instead.

  22. nicegirl says:

    I am too old fashioned I guess, but adultery just turns me off in such a big way.

    • Wood Dragon says:

      I may be old-fashioned too, because I agree with you. But then my father was a cheating, lying chaotic piece of work who hurt everyone around him, so I have a jaundiced perspective on adults who behave dubiously.

  23. Elisa says:

    I’m more outraged that he’s getting a pass from the media and all the people responding to his tweet about the movie (prepare to be amazed, he says Jenny is his “personal favorite”). I mean, there’s the usual gross responses calling him “Daddy” and asking sexual favors from him, but there’s also a bunch saying how cuuuuuuute he and Jenny are together and blah blah blah.

    But, let us ask ourselves how this would’ve gone down if HE were already married, if SHE were single when they filmed “Gifted,” and if HIS marriage broke up they way HERS did (i.e., they happy married couple just bought a house together then WHOOPS! attractive co-star). How might that have played out, hm?

  24. Izzy says:

    Her 7th grade dream boyfriend?? It’s like she saw a chance to live the teenage years like she didn’t the first time, and dumped her husband for it. I have to wonder what will happen when the shine wears off. I figure either they’ll get married because they’re both immature, or the relationship will implode at some point. Either way, they seem to deserve each other. I also believe the cheating rumors, frankly.

    • Angie says:

      It will definitely implode and soon. It will end as a hot mess the same way it began. How you get ‘em is how you lose ‘em and quite frankly they are both assholes.

      • Izzy says:

        I tend to agree. At first I thought hey, these two crazy cheaters might make it. But if you’re that insecure that you’re 34 and going after your “dream 7th grade boyfriend,” well… what happens when he’s away shooting for Marvel and other women throw themselves at him? Let’s not pretend it won’t happen. And he’s not exactly a model of self-control. Even if he doesn’t cheat, her insecurity will likely crash headlong into reality and create the clusterwhoops that will be their breakup.

        Or as I like to call it, Karma.

      • anon123 says:

        ” Even if he doesn’t cheat, her insecurity will likely crash headlong into reality and create the clusterwhoops that will be their breakup.
        Or as I like to call it, Karma.”

        You are absolutely right.

      • Marty says:

        @Angie- Tell that to Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson or Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Both those relationships started with cheating and lasted or is still going for a very long time.

        Yes, cheating is wrong. But not indicative of the whole future of a relationship.

      • Izzy says:

        @Marty, true, but her immaturity and insecurity will likely be a lot tougher on the relationship. Dating Captain America has its drawbacks. One of them is that he’s not the character IRL, so if he’s been a horndog before, he’s unlikely to change, especially when he goes off to shoot the next Marvel movie.

    • Anne says:

      You know what’s funny??? In April, during the London premiere of civil war he was caught ogling Elizabeth’s boobs so HARD.

  25. SnazzyIsAlive says:

    to each his own I guess, but to parade him around like that is pretty tasteless

  26. Shockadelica81 says:

    Why do people assume that she cheated on her husband? They were probably separated for months before the media found out about it. Even Pitt/Jolie/Anniston have ALL denied a love triangle/cheating for years but people still think that Brad left Jennifer for Angelina.😒 But the fact that she still legally married and is flaunting her new relationship is not cute.

    • Izzy says:

      She and her husband bought a house together early this year. She was gushing about her husband on a podcast in February.

      • S says:

        No one gushes about their husband like someone trying to convince herself. Buying a new home could have been the save-the-marriage baby, only a lot less sticky in the divorce.
        I wouldn’t be surprised if there were feelings that developed between them while her marriage was ending; may or may not have been a physical or true emotional affair.
        She gets no shade from me for dating while not fully divorced. That shit takes time and makes you feel like hell and should not mean you put your life on hold for a year.

      • als says:

        @S: hello, Chris’ mom!
        There are a lot of new posters on this story on Celebitchy. (especially when the story concerns such C-list actors)

      • Guest says:

        @ S: you’re absolutely right. You shouldn’t put your life on hold for a year or until the divorce is final. It’s different with Evans and Jenny. It’s very clear that these two started dating on the very low while she was still very much together with her husband. The time line US Weekly mag gave in May (which also made it clear that she started to develop feelings for him during filming) and the social media activity by Slate and her husband make it very clear that she cheated.

        If these celebs don’t want people to comment and be all up in their business, they should’ve picked a career out of the spot light. Like it or not, it’s part of the package and comes with the territory. Deal with it or get out of the entertainment business.

      • Shockadelica81 says:

        Ooh really? Obviously the marriage was on the rocks at some point this year then😂😂

  27. anon123 says:

    I can’t master outrage when it comes to cheating unless it is systematic cheating.
    it doesn’t matter to the other party whether their partner slept with their lover before or after breaking off the relationship. It hurts either way.. Emotional cheating always happens before the end of the relationship. And that is going to hurt anyway.
    Emotions are messy and unavoidable.

    I think media shouldn’t comment on privater affairs like that no matter who is involved – men or women because the publicity hurts even more.

  28. Fire Rabbit says:

    Lots that’s mentally and emotionally wrong going on behind that statement. Is there really anyone left out there of reasonable intelligence that doesn’t realize she cheated and he fully participated? If someone you’re attracted to is married, you back he F– off and let it be. As my grandfather always warned his granddaughters, ” if he cheated with you, he’ll cheat on you”.

  29. Nessa says:

    They are the same age and have a ton in common. She’s so enamored by him and basically worships him. He knows she’s readily available and would legit to anything to be with him (she obviously left her husband for him), which makes him feel secure and in control. Also, he’s lazy. He wants a family desperately, she desperately wants to be with him. With how fast they are moving, I say there is a pregnancy by the end of the year. If she doesn’t get pregnant before the honeymoon phase ends, then they won’t last. But I think there’s a baby in the near future for them. Just my opinion, of course.

    • Fire Rabbit says:

      But what’s going happen when he realizes she’s so infatuated with him, he can go back to old habits with other women and she’ll still adore him and put up with it? He’s not struck me as emotionally consistent and this seems very imbalanced to me.

    • Fire Rabbit says:

      And this PR is strongly positioning them as family oriented. I’ll give you it was a family film though. Gotta laugh, he looks incredibly relieved to be posing with his nephews. Full on smile. Hold those shields up Cap!

    • trilby227 says:

      What do they have in common? They are both from Massachusetts and like Disney. And she is in lust with him. That’s what you base a relationship on?

      • Fire Rabbit says:

        If you’re adolescents. Sure!

      • KhalDraghoe says:

        Right? Other than that, and their love of d**k and fart jokes, what else do they have in common? She gonna be down to sling out the chicken wings while he and his bros watch football every Sunday, and be all cool when he runs off to his boys’ weekend trips to Vegas? Is he going to be hanging out with her little group of hipster friends like Lena Dunham and Zoe Kazan? A couple months back, she tweeted something making fun of bros, and does she not realize that she is dating the biggest bro of them all?

      • Nessa says:

        I honestly cannot picture Chris hanging out with her hipster try-hard friends. And I can’t picture them having a whole lot of sexual chemistry. She’s oddly asexual to me. Cute, but not even close to having any sex appeal. At all. And yes, I think sexual chemistry is important. It’s not the most important, but it does mean something. And, for a couple, these two have a very brother/sister vibe to them. It’s just an odd pairing all around.

  30. Kardashian Defector says:

    I think it’s cute if it’s how she really feels. I call my guy my dream guy and he does make me feel like a teenager. So, maybe it’s not such a bad thing. BTW, he feels the same about me, so it’s not a one way street! If he adores her then what’s wrong with that feeling, cos it’s great enough to shout out, and say some corny shit… Lol.

  31. Twiddlebirdlet says:

    I cannot condone the cheating. She never struck me as particularly thoughtful or intelligent, and he is educated via YouTube. In that way, I guess they deserve each other.

    Still, I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of bird her nose makes her look like, and I’ve finally figured it out: a penguin. His kids with her will look like penguins.

  32. Sigh... says:

    In the latest “Trolls be trolling” news: looks like someone jumped on Evans’ Wikipedia page and edited it to incl “homewrecker” as his occupation before “actor.”

    (*in schoolyard voice*—>) Ooooooooooo…

  33. Blackbetty says:

    First his comment about Black Widow being a whore/ slut and now this. I dont think highly of Chris Evans.

  34. K says:

    For a self-proclaimed feminist, her ET interview was cringe-worthy. She sounded like an uneducated, infatuated girl. You would never know that she’s in her mid-30′s and in the midst of a divorce.

    • Fire Rabbit says:

      Meh. Its seems a very trendy thing for Hollywood tartlets to say right now. Who knows if they mean it. Perhaps they think it gives them depth and gravitas. And ultimately more attention. Don’t get me started on stunt feminism.

  35. Abby_J says:

    I love that the Marvel men are breaking Fan Girls hearts everywhere. Come on Sebastain Stan. Time for you to get loved up, if you aren’t already.

    I don’t have a real opinion on this relationship because while Captain America has been my favorite comic character since I was a wee babe, Chris has never done it for me. I can’t get all worked up about what he does.

    Take away the whole possible cheating thing, and on paper they seem like a good couple.

    • KhalDraghoe says:

      Yeah I really think they seem ok as a couple, but the cheating thing got me like nah.

  36. Loo says:

    Women don’t have to be perfect in order to be feminists.

  37. Rachel says:

    Chris is going to end up with me. Sorry Jenny. Enjoy it while it lasts because he won’t know your name when I come along.

  38. DiverD says:

    That dress is awful. Looks like she has a stethoscope around her neck

  39. K says:

    I don’t think you need to be perfect to be a feminist. I do think Jenny’s feminist to e was very different and mych stronger before she hooked up with Chris. It’s just something I noticed. Feminist or not, the “7th grade boyfriend” comment was really immature.

  40. Mewsie says:

    Feminists are allowed to not have their lives all figured out too!

    But that being said, the creepiest part about this is how desperate Chris is to have kids… because he generally likes hanging out with kids?! (Not a solid enough reason to bring people into the world.) Like, he’s rich af, he can adopt if he has so much love to give. Not contribute to a problem. Oh? What’s that? He can only love his own DNA? Bummer.

    It’s easy for him to say he wants kids, he’s only contributing in the fun phase of the project.

    Why are all celebrities so baby-crazed?! Whatever happened to wealth being the most effective birth control? O___O

    • Rene says:

      @Mewsie A-freaking-MEN! This has always bothered me about Evans, these romantic ideas he has about having a family when his own family couldn’t stay together. There’s so much more to it than “I wanna have some kids.” He talks about it constantly, and it creeps me out. When dudes are that adamant, it always sounds like they’re just trying to place an order with someone’s uterus. I’m like, “Well, gee gosh, Champ. How many of them there chilluns would you like me to cook up for ya?” Gross.

      • Fire Rabbit says:

        He’s in love with the idea of having kids as much as he s in love with the idea of being in love. In RL, he doesn’t seem to handle it well, and his actual reported ylifestyle is not that of a man looking to settle down. I think he started pimping that when he started with Marvel to align(clean up?)his public persona with the Good Man CA.

  41. Mr.t says:

    They’ll crash and burn. He should get over whatever issues he has and find himself a healthy relationship not based on a infatuation for a seventh grade dream boyfriend. Chris should understand himself better.

  42. switchblade says:

    I dont understand how people dont see the obvious cheating. She’s actually married as I type this. There’s no evidence of divorce papers being filed either. Cheating on your husband is so tacky and carrying on so openly with a married woman is gross. I knew he was a BRO but even this is low for him. I dont see this lasting longer than the summer. She’ll realize how stupid this is and try to get her husband back. His sex skills must be off the charts for her to go through all of this! Those guys are never the guy you commit to.

    • trilby227 says:

      This 1000%.

      • Rene says:

        @switchblade I agree 100 percent except I’ve always felt like his sex game was whack, lol.

    • KhalDraghoe says:

      Well, see. I think her sex skills must be off the charts for him to compromise his image for her. They know people are going to call it in to question. That’s why their people are trying like hell to make this look cute to distract from the mess.

      • Rene says:

        You right. My brother took one look at Jenny and said, “Her sex is bananas.” She’s probably blowin Chris’ back out, using every trick in the book to distract him from how unfortunate her face is.

  43. Rene says:

    You will learn, Jenny-child. You absolutely WILL LEARN that there are *reasons* why a wealthy, good-looking, 35-year-old man, who has been highly vocal about his desire for a family *at least* since his mid-twenties is yet childless and un-wed. I give you three solid months before you start to get an inkling of what they could be.

    • KhalDraghoe says:

      Yep. I been telling people this for years. “Oh I can’t believe he’s still single.” They think it’s because he’s too picky, but please! Evans hasn’t even been at least close to getting married. There have been no other women, aside from Jessica Biel, and they were really young then, and probably not ready to settle down. He hasn’t found anyone to date consistently, show off in public, live with, spark rumors of possible engagement for all this time. Now his hairline is struggling, all his boys are married, he finally meets a girl he’s showing off in public, and she’s married. The boy is pretty but he has more issues than Sports Illustrated.

      • Rene says:

        @KhalDraghoe . ^I feel like the women he has bee with have dropped dime on him to their friends that he is not marriage material. And with that struggling hairline…tsk tsk tsk…he needs to be on his best behave, and he’s not.

      • KhalDraghoe says:

        @ Rene I agree that could be the case. Look at the f*ckboi Biel ended up with. She thought JT was marriage material and not CE. Minka has always had a long history with f*ckbois. It’s like you have to be one to get with her, What’s that tell you? Fans were always like why can’t he get better? I’ll tell you why. Because it’s known he’s a player. No self-respecting woman would be caught dead with him, so he’s gotta fish those shallow waters of nobodies, and women who are insecure enough to impressed by the pretty exterior, ignoring them facts.

      • Rene says:

        Right again. Cevans must’ve really been something to make JT look like a catch. I used to think women like Jessica and Minka were beneath him, but I was wrong. You have to be a certain type of dude to even draw their attention, and even they will only go so low. He does seek out insecure women, knowing they’ll think the world of him and let him have his way.

  44. Dena says:

    Okay, seriously, am I the *only* one in the world who waits until the divorce papers are signed and filed before starting to date?!?! It took my divorce a year and eight months to be finalized and I *still* didn’t want to sleep with someone else. It’s just so…ugh.

    • Rene says:

      @Dena AGREED! That’s how we know Jenny got a head start.

    • Fire Rabbit says:

      Naw. Me too. I even initiated mine but I concentrated on making my life the way I wanted it to be during mine and I didn’t have room for anymore Man Drama, as I called it, mucking it up again. So I was alone for it no too.

      As for them, I think they’ve been at it probably 6-7 months, most of that in hiding/pretending mode, which is completely different from a normal, honest and above board relationship. We’ll see.

  45. X says:

    I adored this guy. Why her?!!! What got into him? This lady has no morals. She leaves her husband and shows no respect for him. They don’t look like they are in love. His body language is awkward. She is way more into him. All his photos which other female co stars show more affection. LOL..