Prince Harry welcomes 3,000 people to Kensington for Sentebale concert


Here are some photos of Prince Harry last night at his huge Concert for Sentebale. Sentebale is the Lesotho-based charity Harry started when he was just a teenager. Sentebale raises money to help children orphaned by HIV/AIDS, and children who are HIV-positive. On the heels of the enormously successful second Invictus Game, Harry announced this Kensington Palace Gardens concert to benefit Sentebale, because HONK FOR HARRY. He is the best!

Harry ended up welcoming 3,000 people to the concert, which featured performances by Joss Stone, Laura Mvula, Nico & Vinz, Coldplay and the Basotho Youth Choir. The choir is made up of six boys and six girls from Lesotho, and this was their first trip out of their country, just so they could perform at this concert. I hope the kids also got to do some fun stuff while in London too! Let’s see… Hello Magazine says the kids “experienced their first plane, train and boat journeys as well as a sight-seeing tour of London and traditional meals of fish and chips and a Sunday Roast.” So, they did get to have fun too. I’m sure Harry organized a really nice visit for them. Hello Mag also notes that Harry is going to be doing more work with HIV/AIDS this year, and he’ll be attending the 2016 International AIDS Conference in South Africa in July.

You know what I also find interesting? The Cambridges didn’t come out for this. If they had come out for the concert, some would have said that they were latching on to Harry. But since they didn’t come out to support Harry, what will be said? That they can’t even be bothered to support Harry’s work, but they’ll still manage to make it to Wimbledon?



Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News.

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  1. prince is as prince does! he truly is the one from fairy tales. very kind. From being a wild child to such a considerate human being. God bless him.

  2. littlemissnaughty says:

    Lovely. He seems to really know what he wants to do with his position. To be fair though, the Cambridges can’t do either without someone yelling at them. Personally, I suspect HIV/AIDS is just too political for them. Let’s not touch that depressing topic with a ten-foot-pole.

    • LAK says:

      This isn’t true at all. If diana AS princess of Wales can do it, at a time when HIV/AIDS was taboo to the extreme, then the Cambridges, who are second in line can definitely do it.

      If Charles can champion underprivileged youth, again an u fashionable cause until recently which had potential of spotlighting govt failure in this area, then the second in line Cambridges can do it.

      If William can take up employment instead of the royal duties he is being remunerated, then he can take up a cause and run with it.

      If Kate can insist on being a stay at home mum, heck refuse to show up for the Irish guards, she can take up a cause and run with it.

      The point being that there is no barr to the Cambridges as we see their championing of Mental health. A topic which can have political overtones if not handled properly.

      They are simply too lazy to do anything about anything beyond the bare minimum, and only when pushed.

      That in itself demonstrates beyond doubt that no one is holding them back because if they were being dictated to, they would never dare be so publicly indolent.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        I’m not talking about what they can or could do. They’re in a position where they can do a million things, political or not. I’m talking about what they want to do or how they want to position themselves. Charles was never concerned with what’s fashionable. He was decades ahead with his organic obsession. The weird prince who talks to his plants. And except for dressing their children the way Diana dressed hers and the way Katy tries to talk, there really is no comparison to be made.

        Of course they could. Harry obviously can. But they’re too fluffy for that. The whole mental health issue isn’t very political at all. It’s a minefield if you’re not careful in your speeches etc. but come on, HIV/AIDS is still a hugely political issue. If you focus on children, like Harry does, it’s easier because who can criticize that? Charles has that advantage as well with The Prince’s Trust. But as soon as you wade into adult territory, you need to know what you’re dealing with. You want to have an opinion on the situation in Africa? As the heir to the throne? The Catholic church will have an opinion as well. You need to talk about sex and local governments. And big pharma. And in the Western countries the majority of people affected are still gay men. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

        Willy and Katy don’t have the work ethic to get educated enough to deal with such a topic. They’re not Diana. They can’t just inspire people with their presence and charisma. And they don’t have the gravitas either.

      • Cricket says:

        Bravo LAK!

        HONK for Harry! (and his Waitrose corn flakes and unripe bananas)

      • LAK says:

        When Diana championed it, she wasn’t talking about HIV/AIDS in children. She talked about it in terms of adults at a time when it was taboo and thought to be a gay-specific disease with maximum prejudice, socially and politically.

        Harry is in a different, tolerant, informed era.

        Even the church isn’t idiotic to come out with such a bigoted, uninformed opinion.

        Not forgetting Diana taking up landmines which earned her censure from Parliament and calls to find a way to stop her for crossing a political line in her causes.

        Mental health has been a political hot potatoe since Thatcher’s care in the community policy. We’ve come a long way, but it remains a very delicate area for a royal to dip a toe.

        Charles’s ideas were in areas that were unfashionable, but he was also dipping a toe in govt policy. He is still pilloried for his opinions and some of his causes for the same eg he has been championing alternative medicine for a long time and has gone as far as saying that it should be available on the NHS. Such a move would require re-organisation of NHS funding to accomodate or raised taxes for the same.

        We can all agree that the Cambridges are lazy and have no follow through, BUT we need to stop advancing the idea that they are being held back from taking on causes, even unfashionable ones that might cross political lines.

        They are too shallow to take on anything we can’t limit to ribbon cutting and silently ornamental.

      • Vava says:

        Right on, LAK. The Cambridges are truly lacking in so many ways.

        I’m glad they didn’t show up at this event. I’d rather see Harry on his own, he doesn’t need those losers.

      • K2 says:

        William’s happy to appear on the cover of a gay periodical (and good for him over that). The Catholic aspect isn’t a huge one in the UK, because he’s heir to the head of the Anglican communion. I don’t really understand why showing up and supporting Harry here would be anything but good for all concerned.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        LAK, two things. One, I expressly pointed out that it’s THEM. They are the ones who hold themselves back. I never said they are being held back from anything. Quite the opposite.

        Two, of course Diana – when giving speeches – also focused on women (mothers specifically) and children. A quick Google search tells you as much. That doesn’t mean she didn’t take up a cause that was thought to be less than palatable at the time or that she ignored the LGBT community. She didn’t and that in and of itself was huge. But it was – at the time – mostly affecting gay men and even she didn’t go there. Maybe to steer people away from the idea that it was, as you said, a gay-specific disease. We know better now. But when you point to mothers and children, it makes it all much more palatable for the general public. That’s exactly what I mean. The Cambridges don’t know how to balance these things and they don’t have the goodwill Diana had at her disposal when she took up these controversial/political causes. Maybe they should just say f*ck it and go all out but then they’d have to put an opinion out there that goes beyond “if we want to fight mental illness, we need to support the children, think of the children!”. I’m not sure they have it in them.

        And the Catholic church still has a lot of dumb sh*t to say about a lot of things, HIV/AIDS among them. Pope Francis gives a lot of peole hope but he is not the entire church, as much as they like to pretend.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      I don’t see how HIV/AIDS could be too political….it’s not like some people agree with having AIDS and some people don’t….

      • Does the prince of Wales really talk to plants or was it made up?

      • K2 says:

        He said he did on camera. In fairness, I know a lot of gardeners of his generation who did and do the same. So it didn’t sound weird to me – it’s an English gardening thing, I think. I can’t connect with the astonishment because I just know too many people who do the same. Bonkers, harmless, common.

      • ClaireB says:

        It’s a terrible thing, but your comment made me laugh! I can just imagine some old society matron proclaiming that she simply doesn’t agree with AIDS. And all the people around her wondering if they should try to reason with her or just nod and smile!

      • HyacinthBucket says:

        I talk to my plants.

  3. sushi says:

    He is just getting better and better.

  4. TeamAwesome says:


    Is Joss Stone still a thing, or is it because she’s pals with Harry?

    If the Lame-bridges had shown up and made a statement about supporting Harry, I would have reserved my shade for whatever they wore. As it is, this just makes me think Normal Bill is a crap older brother. It’s a concert. Showing up and sitting is pretty much the only thing in their wheelhouse.

    • Nic919 says:

      Considering all his cousins showed up to support him, but not his brother, yeah that looks bad. Will could have even attended on his own if Kate wanted to maintain the fiction that she is wrangling the kids on her own with the nannies.

    • Vava says:

      Normal Bill is a crap older brother.

    • ClaireB says:

      If Bill were a good brother and didn’t want to take attention from Harry, he’d leave the wife at home and sit with the rest of the cousins to let Harry take the lead. It could be done. Just not by Normal Bill.

  5. MrsBPitt says:

    Truly a prince among men!!!!! This is how it should be done William!!!!

  6. Citresse says:

    Second photo down I immediately thought of Diana; her smile like Harry’s when something caught her eye and she wanted to remember it. I never thought Harry resembled Diana at all, but I really see it there in that photo.

    • Bookie says:

      Me too citresse… It’s heartbreaking. She would be the proudest mum in the world.

  7. Sarah says:

    Was this a small venue? 3000 seems like a small concert attendance. No criticism, just a question.
    Harry is the best of that family. He is truly his mother’s son. The Cambridhes were probably still exhausted from their busy week two weeks ago, and saving up their strength for Wimbledon. They really are the most useless people. Kate hasn’t even shown up there yet, and isn’t she the new patron?
    I bet the Queen, Anne and Sophie can’t stand her uselessness.

    • bluhare says:

      Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but it was at Kensington Palace, so I suspect not that large.

      • LAK says:


        Not much space for a full scale concert.

      • Sarah says:

        Thanks, bluhare! Cause I am sure Harry could sell out a huge venue!!!

        Even less excuse for the Cambridges to skip supporting his brother. Don’t they have a newly renovated apartment there!?!?! 😉

  8. The Original Mia says:

    Well done, Harry! Glad there was such a good turnout and everyone enjoyed themselves for a good cause.

    Glad the Lamebridges didn’t show. They don’t care to support Sentabale during normal non-glam events so they don’t need to start now.

  9. Scal says:

    Yea no way the Cambridges can win with this event. They show up they are riding coat tails, they don’t show up they aren’t being supportive/lazy.

    The real way to fix that is to DO MORE EVENTS ON THEIR OWN. Pick a cause of your own and run with it. Then no one will say anything if you do/don’t go to Harry’s events.

  10. Mel M says:

    Love him!! That is all.

  11. notasugarhere says:

    Joss Stone on Prince Harry

    “You know, Harry came here [Lesotho] to get away from life. I’m sure he walked past a lot of stuff where he thought, ‘That can be fixed, that can be fixed.’ He’s not the type of guy who can walk by and not do that. We are lucky that someone with that spirit was born into that position. I think we’re lucky for that.”

    • Cricket says:

      great of her to talk about him and as though she is a friend who truly knows him. I liked that he even said he was a bit shy.. bet he blushed over that one.. they are cute together. mutual respect.

    • sushi says:

      Joss and Harry. Ah I ship them together.

    • Sarah says:

      Seems like she’s also throwing a little shade at the other brother born to that position, also.
      Good for her!!!!

  12. SnazzyisAlive says:

    OMG I am going to be at that same conference in July! Just got the OK from my boss today!
    I’m totally going Harry hunting in between meetings 🙂

  13. thaisajs says:

    He really seems to have turned into a lovely person. The Invictus Games have been quite a success and it’s nice to see that he’s still championing other causes, too. It’s sort of amazing the difference that Harry makes in people’s lives versus William.

  14. Violet says:

    Harry’s just such a lovely person. Wonderful how he’s kept in touch with that young orphan over the years.

    The Cambridges are beyond lazy, even the 90-year-old queen puts them to shame with her workload. Such a shame that Harry isn’t the eldest.

    (The original, not CDAN) Violet

  15. cynic says:

    Well done, Harry! Your mother would be proud.

  16. Andrea says:

    I live in Tampa Florida but I am vacationing in Europe right now. Today I visited, for the first time, Kensington Palace. The section that is open to the public is small, I loved the area that exhibits some of the dresses worn by Princess Diana’s and other members of the Royal family. Diana was very tall and she was such a georgeous woman! I just can imagine her running with her children in the lovely gardens and the lake full of swanns/ ducks and pigeons in front of the main entrance. I asked one of the tour guides, a lovely young girl, if she had ever seen any of the Royals around the Palace. She said that “Prince Harry was there yesterday in preparation for the concert, taking care of all the details and making sure everything was ok” I asked her if she would call him Prince Harry or just Harry and she said “Protocol says that we don’t talk to any of the members of the Royal family unless they address us and I would call him His Royal Highness and after that Sir”. She said that “He is very nice and laid back, very normal, you have to understand that he doesn’t have the responsability that his brother has but when Prince William or Catherine are around security is heavier and they are not approachable” Note: Forgive me if I misspell something, Spanish is my first language. I proceed with my TMZ inquisition to this lovely young girl (whom in my dreams imagined falling in love and marrying Harry / Cinderella style) and I asked her about the Queen. She said that the Quern won’t abdicate because when she was 21 years old she swore to God and the People that she was going to serve the country until she couldn’t do it anymore. When the time arrives that she can’t govern anymore (Alzheimer/Dementia/etc) Prince Charles will be named Prince in charge (or something like that, dont remember the correct name) and when she dies he will be crowned King. The monarchy hasn’t skipped a generation, therefore, William wont be King before his father.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Thank you for the insider information from the KP staffer. Hope you’re enjoying the rest of your trip to the UK!

  17. Andrea says:

    I would like to add that during all the tours that I have taken in London people always say “Prince William and Kate Middleton”, my impression is that she is not really seen as a true royal. Thanks.

  18. paddyjr says:

    He seems to have really found his calling. Good on Harry for showing a commitment to his causes. He may not have a lot of ‘official events’, but he is building a great legacy while helping those who are still under-served in society. I wish him continued success and can’t wait to see what he does next!

  19. Redgrl says:

    Good on you Harry!