Christie Brinkley admits to ‘a little bit of filler’ claims not to do Botox: really?

Christie Brinkley, 62, has an extensive interview in People Magazine, to promote her new prosecco. (Also you probably remember she also took the opportunity to promote the wine during a Facebook tirade against a woman she claims was peeing on her property.) Unlike past interviews, when Christie has attributed her freshly altered face to facials, “noninvasive” procedures, exercise and happiness, she’s now copping to getting “a little bit of filler.” She’s previously admitted to “trying” Botox once in her forehead, although she doesn’t mention that to People this time and just says she doesn’t do Botox. However in another interview, late last year, Christie also admitted to getting Botox in her neck, to doing fillers in “super-tiny doses” and to getting laser resurfacing. So she doesn’t exactly have her story straight about what she’s had done. She looks incredible, there’s no doubt about that, but I don’t think any of those treatments can explain how the shape of her eyes completely changed. (See photos below. Doctors are divided on the issue of how much fillers and Botox can change eye shape though.) For those of you wondering why we’re analyzing her statements on what she has or hasn’t done – she has a book called Timeless Beauty and she’s shilling a skincare line.

Christie also talks about her relationship with John Cougar Mellencamp, which we first heard about last September. It sounds like they aren’t that serious, or maybe she’s trying to play it cool. I do like what she says about how it’s nice to date someone her own age.

On her 2006 divorce
“I went through a lot. But you have to stay strong for your kids. You can be in absolute agony, but when you see your kids, you have to be like ‘Hey, guys!’”

On her relationship with ex Billy Joel
“He just sent me a video of him with his new baby, and she’s so adorable. It’s really nice that we get along so well. That’s what you want in a relationship. It’s somebody that’s been a big part of your life. That’s the way it should be.”

On her relationship with John Cougar Mellencamp
You never really know what’s going to happen. John and I are two people that have very full lives. We’re just trying to enjoy each other when we can see each other and try not to put too much [pressure] on it.”

On meeting JCM, he asked a friend for her number
“It’s always nice to hear that someone’s interested. I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, we’re really opposites. He’s kind of a throwback from another time, like a silent cowboy. But then we talked and realized that we do have a lot of shared interests.”"

On how it’s nice they’re the same age
“I know guys that go out with girls that are so, so young. They’ll throw some reference out, and they’re like, ‘What’s that?’ When it comes to relationships, there is something nice about just being the same age.”

On what she’s had done
“I grew up in Malibu then my real job of modeling took me to beaches all over the world and under the sun. I really am aware of all the sun exposure I’ve had in my life and I’m interested in things that they can do to [reverse the sun’s effects]…” she’ll get Clear and Brilliant laser treatments and “occasionally I’ll do a little bit of filler” (though not Botox)

[From People Magazine, print edition and online]

I love how preternaturally young looking women will only admit to occasional injectables, but obviously she’s had great work, whatever it is. On People online, Christie also shills for her skincare system, because of course she does, and she attributes her youthful look to eating a vegan diet (except for mozzarella cheese for some reason) and exercise.

As for what she says about guys her age dating very young women, it’s sad. I assume she’s talking about women in their 20s. That’s who she’s competing with and it explains a lot.




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  1. tracking says:

    Oh please, she does EVERYTHING.

    • NYer says:

      Maybe not as much as the average 62 y.o., but yeah, she’s definitely a frequent flyer at the doc’s office.

      • Nicole says:

        Thank you for the frequent flyer reference! Love it. she has had quite a bit done, done very well and definitely not as much as contemporaries.

      • SId says:

        Yes, of course she’s had a whole lot of work , but it’s very well done, she needs to stop now before she over does it. While she’s at it she should give the Drs number to her boyfriends ex!!

    • Sarah says:

      She had her eyes done a few years ago. She looked totally odd for a few months. Yikes!!!!! What a liar!!!!!

  2. fashionista says:

    I definitely believe her. A lot of people don’t need botox after having a face lift, brow lift, neck lift, jowl fillers and blephroplasty. She’s tighter than a drum! Looks good but let’s keep it real.

    • Lama Bean says:

      This just made me LOL! Woke up my dog.

    • hnmmom says:

      That was my first thought, too – no need for injectables if they just pull your skin up over your head every 5 years or so.

    • zinjojo says:

      My first thought too — when you’ve had your eyes done and a facelift you don’t need botox. I could not care less that she’s had procedures, but trying to say you’ve done very little or nothing when it’s obvious is ridiculous.

    • Nic919 says:

      She looks a lot like Jennifer Westfeldt. Probably both had the same procedures. Neither look real.

    • almondmilk says:

      Lolol @fashionista

      Am on floor.

      Also, has anyone noticed that she’s always smiling, it’s almost as if her docs had her smile then filled her face in to replicate only young super smiley Christie. You get the feeling if she relaxes and doesn’t smile at all, she’ll look 80.

  3. Jane says:

    No doubt about it…this woman is annoying as he**. Little bit of filler my a$$.

  4. Snowpea says:

    Ok any dermatologists on board? Why is it some people get work done and they look terrifying a la Brandi Glanville and other people get work done and they just look ageless and gracious a la Brinkley and Dench?

    Is it the individual pushing for more or the surgeon themselves who have an expert hand?

    To my eye Brinkley looks freaking fantastic…fresh but not overdone. What is the secret because surely everyone wants to look refreshed without looking scary?

    • tracking says:

      To me she looks quite plastic. Beautiful, but plastic.

    • fashionista says:

      It really comes down to the skill of the injector. I have a face full of botox and voluma and other women are shocked when I tell them. You don’t have to look like a crazy person if your plastic knows what he’s doing — and also if he/she is willing to say “no more” when enough is enough. I’d also only ever let a plastic surgeon inject me, as no other specialty requires as much specific training in the anatomy and aesthetics of the face. Some people will even allow a doctor’s nurse to inject them, which I find unbelievable.

    • DragonWise says:

      She looks plastic to me, also. I mean, it’s some of the best celebrity work I’ve seen, up there with Tina Turner (yeah, I too thank the Melanin God that Black don’t crack, but Tina has clearly had a little help lately), Raquel Welch and Susan Sarandon’s.’ But, it still looks a little puffy, waxy, and off. Not natural at all. She looked the best in 2006.

    • Grant says:


    • Sugar says:

      I don’t think she looks “ageless”. She looks good but she still looks like she’s had a lot of work and her face looks very plastic and unnatural. Her eyes look crazy and that’s never a good look. Very telltale.

    • Sarah says:

      After she had her eyes done, she look freakish for a few months. I think she looks like the Joker now.

  5. Astrid says:

    Her mouth is starting to look like The Joker

  6. Tate says:

    Yeah, ok. And Swifty didn’t get a boob job. 😒

  7. burnsie says:

    Why do people who get Botox or fillers have that super shiny look? I.e. The last pic in the pink dress

  8. HH says:

    Actually what stood out to me is the topic on dating the same age. I can’t imagine being any older and dating some in their mid-20s…. AND I’M ONLY 29. It will never cease to surprise just how young of a woman that men can date (and it’s usually the men). Also, I can’t imagine dating someone decades older than me. I briefly dated someone 8 years older and even then it was hard being around his friends. They were fun, but they were either a) in different places in life and we had nothing to talk about; or, b) they were in the same place in life and I was judging them (which I’m working on, haha).

    • LM says:

      After long term marriage and divorce, me and my other friends have ALL been dating younger men! It’s crazy how many men are out there that want to date older women. Not sugarmama situations and they all love the conversation they get with older woman.
      I’m not saying these relationships are going to end in happily ever after, nor do they have to, life is long and filled with many roads. However, after a long marriage, the end of the marriage, which let’s face it, has most likely been ‘years’ of heavy conversation which gets draining on the soul, it’s nice to have something light and fluffy.

  9. Sullivan says:

    John will go out with women his age as long as they they are are willing to go under the knife and laser, inject themselves with God-knows-what, starve themselves, and spend a great deal of money, time, and energy to not look their age.

  10. Jayna says:

    She had a full face lift that was very obvious when she first did it. Stop the bull.

    It’s like when Linda Gray of Dallas, I guess, a few years ago wrote a book and talked about how she stayed looking so youthful for her age and said she did very little, the usual admissions of things, I guess, but no surgery admission. Her ex-boyfriend she dumped, a producer, I think, came out and said, that’s funny, because he was there and nursed her through the whole facelift.

  11. mkyarwood says:

    Her veneers are what really throw her whole face off!

  12. Chetta B. says:

    Well that might be pushing it a bit but she does not have the Botox look at all. Melanie Griffith and Janice Dickinson, however, have had boatloads of procedures and surgeries and compared to Christie they look like hell, and are both about the same age. Christie has never looked overdone and her smile seems to have remained unaffected. She did fib about her daughter’s plastic surgery though. Alexa Ray has had a lot of word done.

    • holly hobby says:

      Yes she had work done but it was tastefully done. It doesn’t look cartoonish like Melanie, Janice and Meg Ryan. Everyone should get her surgeon.

  13. Milena says:

    My mom has a random free subscription to People, so I flipped through this photo shoot yesterday. Christie looks amazing, but OMG, the photos are so cheesy. So, so cheesy! Like, standing on a swing in a sundress grinning from ear to ear cheesy! Holding a puppy and a glass of her personal branded prosecco cheesy!

    On another note, the shape of her eyes has changed slightly – at the corners. I wonder what type of procedure that’s from. I agree w/ above commenters that she looks good albeit a little plastic-y. Personally I’ve always considered minor plastic surgery as perfectly fine if one wants to alter one’s looks for better quality of life. My mom is in her mid-50s and had a blepharoplasty about 5-6 years ago to remove fat pockets under her eyes. She looks great, just like a slightly younger version of herself. I often forget she had anything done unless I happen to look at a photo of her right before she had the surgery.

  14. Firstwife says:

    Oh Christy, ye of the shiny, botoxed face!

  15. Roller74 says:

    She’s had a face lift and definitely some deep laser resurfacing, which is why her complexion looks so shiny. The shine is actually a side effect of too much treatment. At this point, she doesn’t need Botox, but has she ever had Botox injections? Of course she has.

  16. laurie says:

    Oh Puleese!! I just can’t with her. Yeah she didn’t do Botox. She did Dysport. ha! Also, I heard her interview on Howard Stern and she is such a stupid airhead. Breathy voice, oh little old me comments, just painful to listen to. She seems very narcissistic to me.

    • LeAnn Stinks says:

      She reminds me of Jane Fonda, who lied for YEARS about all the work she had done to her body and face, so that she could sell her workout videos. This also seems to be the case with Brinkley, who is hawking her skincare products.

      I hate to say it, but it seems like a good portion of celebrities are full of doc doc, and many seem to suffer from some form of narcissism.

      • LeAnn Stinks says:

        Sorry, that was supposed say a kid’s word for excrement, but the spell check changed it to doc doc-LOL!

        Quite ironic, since it was a doc(tor), that helped both of these women achieve their looks.

  17. The Original G says:

    Sorry, she’s got enhanced hair, teeth, skin etc. A tiny bit of filler? Of course. It only takes a tiny bit. She’s got all the cosmetic assistance that money can buy.

  18. Scarlettmoon says:

    Eh….they’ve got fillers these days that can do the same thing as Botox, so she might well be telling the truth about not using it. A tiny bit of filler though? No ma’am! I’m 47 and also use a tiny bit of filler..Meaning two syringes…which equals about two teaspoons…injected in tiny amounts into various spots on my face. I’ve never been interested in looking 25 again, those days are long gone lol, but my goal is always to look like me, just on a really good day! It truly is a matter of having someone skilled do it and yes, knowing when to say enough is enough. I still have crows feet, still have some wrinkles but no one would ever guess I use fillers and that’s just the way I like it!!

  19. Christina says:

    She has had everything done. I don’t think it’s just the plastic surgeons skill, although that is important. Some people fare better with plastic surgery, those with good bone structure and high cheekbones to begin with. I’m 60, and have had a facelift, upper and lower blepharplasty as well as fillers and Botox and look 45. I’m not a movie star. Some peoples bone structure does not lend itself to plastic surgery. She’s a liar.

  20. iheartgossip says:

    Well, bless her heart. We already knew this, sweetie.

  21. Twinkle says:

    I find her personality super grating and annoying.

  22. Suzanne says:

    Last time I saw her on television it was on whatever show Donnie Deutch (sp?) had going on…and on it…they were supposedly on a first date…It was a spoof…and I couldn’t get over how weird her mouth was and how her top teeth seemed to have disappeared when she spoke. She obviously had veneers or her lip filler was overdone. Something was gravely wrong…she talked funny and she looked totally off… around her mouth. NOBODY age 62 looks like they don’t have any signs of age unless they’ve altered their appearance. Sorry…not buying it. In those comparison photos above…what happened to her nose that it’s suddenly turned down in the 2015 picture?

  23. JRenee says:

    The neck and hands always show the aging. The shine though. ..

  24. Chris Ruiz says:

    She makes me want to wash my real face!

  25. Anastasia says:


    What a liar. She tanned a LOT in her younger years. She’s the same age as my mom, who is also very pretty, but stayed out of the sun her whole life and has not had any surgery, fillers, or Botox, and my mom looks her age. This lady is lying.

  26. Luciana says:

    She looks great but extremely plastic. Even her Barbie extensions are all shiny to match her face. It’s quite sad but she built a career on her looks so I guess she feels the pressure to stay young and beautiful.

  27. krtmom says:

    No one looks like that at 62 without some intervention!!!