Nicky Hilton & Alanis Morissette gave birth (separately) to their first daughters


Note: I just thought I would knock out two baby stories in one post, hope you don’t mind!

Nicky Hilton and Alanis Morissette have both given birth. Both ladies give birth to daughters! Nicky Hilton welcomed her first child almost a year to the day after she married James Rothschild (Rothschild as in $$$$) in London last July. Nicky seemed to be oversharing a little bit on social media ahead of the birth, which is pretty normal lately, especially for first pregnancies, I think. And I’m happy that Nicky locked this down with a baby so quickly – that was smart!

Anyway, Nicky & James named their daughter… Lily Grace Victoria Rothschild. I think giving a child three names is a bit pretentious, but I also think the three-name thing is relatively common in the UK, especially among the aristocracy. Lily and Grace are both popular baby names as of late but Victoria feels a bit refreshing. Hardly anyone is naming their baby Victoria these days. I’m also glad that Nicky didn’t find a way to wedge “Hilton” into the baby name somehow. I bet James’ family would have shut that down pretty quickly (how gauche).

As for Alanis, she welcomed her second child back on June 23rd, but she only announced it on Friday (July 8) on Instagram. She named her baby girl… Onyx Solace Morissette-Treadway. Because Alanis is still with Ol’ Souleye Treadway, and they are already parents to a five-and-a-half year old son, Ever Imre. Do those name fit together? Big brother Ever and little sister Onyx? Sort of. I still don’t like Ever for a boy, but I don’t completely hate the name Onyx. I just hate “Onyx” with “Solace.” Don’t give your babies tongue-twister names.


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  1. Cynthia says:

    Alanis, is so gorgeous in that picture above

  2. Turningvioletviolet says:

    I’m neither aristocratic or pretentious but I have a child with three names. Lily is ok if a bit overused in the UK these days. Onyx is terrible. Terrible.

    • Capepopsie says:

      I totally agree. Terrible.

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      Onyx Solace and Ever Imrie are both bad names. Names like these scream selfishness to me. They’re all about what the parent wants and not what’s good for the kid.

      • fruitloops says:

        Maybe they change their names when they grow up,like Dawid Bowie’s son.

      • Norman Bates' Mother says:

        I’m repeating myself here, but David Bowie’s son never had to change his name. He was named Duncan Jones from his birth and Zowie Bowie was just his name for the media/nickname. He denied the name-changing thing on his Twitter.

    • Loulou says:

      I’m French and I have three names. A lot of Europeans do.

    • Jen43 says:

      I love those 3 names together. They have a classic feel to me. Onyx, OTOH, just no comment.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      I was going to give my son three names, but my husband said that’s something only the royal family does. Since he signed the birth certificate he intentionally left one off. Sometimes I would still use it anyway when calling my son, and he knew he was in serious trouble then, lol!

    • Chinoiserie says:

      I have 3 names and with a long last name it can be annoying to fit to forms but I do not know what is bad about 3 names, it is not like you use all of them at once. And I actually use my second name and my third is my mother’s name so I am glad I have three, I could not use my mother’s name and I have issues with my first.

      • rosalee says:

        I have three names and I use my second name. I was the first daughter I suppose in my mother’s excitement I was named after 3 of her aunts – fortunately the names all “fit” together. Usually I sign my first and second initial on documents. At times I have been referred to as “JAY” it works.

  3. respect says:

    Maybe invert Onyx and Ever….nope. Still horrific.

  4. Trixie says:

    “locked this down with a baby”

    I wish we could get away from this type of statement, especially when it comes to women “locking down” men. I know that sometimes it is used in reference to a man “locking down” a woman, but it is most often used in reference to a woman “locking down” a man which is sexist. And in general, I dislike the inherent sexism involved in this statement.

    • Locke Lamora says:

      Yeah, that sounded horrible, especially for this site. Besides, Nicky is loaded herself, she doesn’t need to lock down anything.

      • Bridget says:

        The Hiltons aren’t actually worth that much. Conrad Hilton had a lot of children, and when the hotel chain was sold the bulk of the money went to charity. Rick Hilton is a successful real estate agent, but it’s not hotel money.

    • K37744 says:


      What are they ‘locking down’ exactly?

      Children don’t guarantee fidelity or happily ever after.

      • Goats on the Roof says:

        Considering the writer wrote ‘Rothschild as in $$$$’ I’m assuming the writer meant Nicky locked down 18 years of child support and/or spousal support by having this dude’s kid…It’s a disgusting sentiment regardless, but I am shocked to see something like this on this site.

    • Wren says:

      I have to say it bothers me too. I cringed when I read that. I get it, her husband is ridiculously wealthy and she’ll be linked to him forever now that they have a child, so yay child support if they divorce, but it’s still so…….. I don’t know. 1950’s or something. Like her sole ambition and purpose in life is to secure the support of a rich man because what higher goal could a woman have?

      • Patricia says:

        Yup I actually physically cringed a little when I read that. A child is a blessing, not a financial gold-digging maneuver.

      • NiceWordz says:

        I had a baby with a wealthy man who I was crazy about. I thought he was “the one”. It turned out badly- I believe he had undisclosed mental issues. Anyway- he harasses me to this day for”locking him down”. Honestly I wanted a family and not a label. Wealth and hope for true love aren’t mutually exclusive.

    • Devereaux says:

      Actually, I think James is from the poorer side of the Rothschilds. Maybe 10 mil or less? So if *anyone’s* locking *anything* down it would be James with Nicky 🙂

    • Bridget says:

      It would bother me if we weren’t talking about a Hilton. We’re talking about a woman who got married in Vegas so she could be on the cover of People.

    • Ryan says:

      Not to mention that this new baby is a person, not a tool or accessory. I don’t understand how people can be so flippant about bringing more people into this terrible, overpopulated world. Sure, the kid will be rich & privileged, but that doesn’t mean it will never suffer.

    • MC2 says:

      Yeah- that comment is not cool especially on this site. I was surprised to read it.

      This whole idea that women just get pregnant to get child support is dumb. It smacks of the same things people say about poor women having babies for welfare checks (which is ridiculous). I guess it’s PC to say a woman is having a kid for a paycheck since it’s a rich dude?!

      It all sounds yucky to me……

      • Zimmerman says:

        It does sound pathetic and sad, but the reality that people do it, is still there. That being said, no one but Nikki knew her own intentions and the same for James. Many people think Nikki is beautiful. Some may call her a trophy wife. We can pretend this line of thinking does not exist and it probably shouldn’t, but the reality is it does and to be honest, in 100 years, people will probably have the same conversations and I bet they were 1000 years ago too. Humans are by nature shallow and judgemental at least some of the time.

    • susie says:

      that’s true with normal people. In this case, I think, a “Hilton girl” did in fact locked down a “Rothschild boy”

      • Trixie says:

        The whole idea of “locking someone down” with a baby fails to take into account the other party’s desires. Maybe Rothschild WANTED to have a child with his new wife? She isn’t “locking him down” if he WANTED to have a child. I don’t care who the people are, this whole idea is so gross.

      • Kitkatk8 says:

        @trixie – agree with you. If Nicky Hilton wanted to “lock someone down”‘financially I’m sure she would have done it long long ago. Not like she needs to, but she could have. Bizarre to me that it’s even being discussed? Why is it so weird these two adults actually like each other and MUTUALLY agreed to procreate? Shame to see that comment on this site

  5. burnsie says:

    I was a little bummed Nicky didn’t add Hilton to the baby’s name. There’s nothing wrong with making your maiden name your baby’s middle name, especially if you’re going to give your kid multiple middle names. I also liked how Goop and Chris Martin evenly split the difference for their kids names and honored both sides’ parents for each child. I know far too many people who “compromise” for one kid’s name and then they just hope for the best for the next one, but that seems to inevitably cause resentment for someone

  6. Jayna says:

    Onyx for a girl? Ugh. Horrible.

    I don’t think Ever is a bad name for a boy at all.

  7. Locke Lamora says:

    Onyx will forever sound like a Pokemon to me. Terrible name.
    Lily is fine. I prefer Grace

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      I like Lily, Grace, and Victoria when used separately, not so much when used in the same name. Also, I prefer Grace as a first name since it seems every little girl I’ve run into in the last decade has Grace or Rose as the middle name.

      • fruitloops says:

        But what’s the point in giving three names to a baby? I’m honestly asking since it’s not a custom in my country. It’s not like anyone Is going to call you by your second name, let alone the third one? Or is it?

      • Goats on the Roof says:

        My first name is a family name that I, my mother, my aunt, my grandmother and so on all share. So in my case, yes, people do call me by my middle name.

        I’m also from the southern US where it’s quite common for people to be addressed by their first and middle names–Mary Catherine, Sarah Jane, Ella Kate, etc., etc..

      • Malificent says:

        Second names are often family names — and useful if you really don’t care for the name. My middle name is my father’s mother’s name. It’s on its way to being trendy now — but when I was born it was considered old-fashioned and frumpy. My mother did not want to give to me for a first name.

        But it meant a lot to my grandmother to have a granddaughter named after her. So everybody was happy. My family nickname is a combination of my first and middle names.

      • Goats on the Roof says:

        Fruit Loop

        To add, my siblings and I all have our mother’s maiden name as a second middle name just because that’s also a southern tradition. No one would ever call us by that name, though.

      • fruitloops says:

        Yes, I understand if people want to keep their family name or some relative’s name in use (I actually like that and wouldn’t mind it to be a tradition in my country, although a few people does that too here), and if you use both names (then the third one comes as a second name, essentially). But what if they call her Lily and not Lily Grace, then what’s the point of Victoria? Maybe I’m overthinking it, but the question always pops to mind when I see people with three or more names.
        And, thanks for your answers ladies!

      • Wren says:

        My husband’s first name is a family name, after his father and grandfather. He goes by his middle name and has ever since he was born. At first I thought it was strange but eh, it’s been a thing in their family to give the eldest son the same first name for several generations. Before his grandfather there was a long string of Edwards before someone broke the mold and gave his grandfather a different name…… which then was given to the next two down the line.

        I kinda like the traditional aspect but the lack of originality really kills me.

      • fruitloops says:

        Wren, that’s how my husband ended up with a name he hates. He was named after his grandfather who had one of the most common names in my country ever. He has one of the most common last names too, so you can imagine how unremarkable he has felt his whole life.
        When I was pregnant his parents kept asking us who were we going to name our baby after, and we used the excuse of not wanting to offend anyone when we were explaining that after noone, but in the reality it was exactly because of the lack of originality (if we had the tradition of middle names here maybe we’d use somebody’s name for a middle name).

      • Wren says:

        My husband actually likes his name, but then again he’s really not the most creative person ever and having a pre-selected option suits him just fine. :/ If we ever have a kid I know he’ll want to carry on the tradition, but at least I can counter that with MY father’s family tradition of naming the eldest son a certain name. My father, great grandfather and so on up the line all shared it, middle name and all. It’s unpronounceable and foreign so I think I’ve got a good bargaining chip to come up with something “new”, should the need ever arise.

  8. minx says:

    Congrats to them. I hope Onyx goes by another name at some point.
    Lily is pretty. I don’t see the big deal about three names..,doubtful they will ever use them.

  9. Samtha says:

    The “separately” in the title is cracking me up.

  10. KiddVicious says:

    My neighbor named her dog Onyx.

    I do like the Hilton baby’s names. And I do like the tradition of adding family names, even it means having 2 or 3 middle names.

    The only time my middle name was ever used was when my mom yelled at me, that’s how I knew it was serious trouble.

  11. kri says:

    I don’t like “Onyx” at all, but the baby shares my birthday, so I will call her Lil Kri. No , really, congrats on the healthy births of these babies.

  12. nicegirl says:

    Congratulations to all!! MOAR babies, yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Konspiracytheory says:

    That’s funny – at my kids’ (very Italian-American) school, seemingly every third girl is named Victoria.

  14. lisa says:

    thank goodness nikki had this guy’s baby so she could get out of the bread line. lily grace victoria is totally fine but i dont see anything wrong with lily hilton either.

    i had a friend who named her cat onyx and i thought it was not good enough for a cat.

  15. Ferdinand says:

    Liv tyler has as well just given birth to a baby girl.
    Just thought I’d throw this info here and make it a 3 baby girl born news instead of two.

  16. Kitkatk8 says:

    Random – I think Nicky Hilton is stunningly pretty…does anyone else think so? I know my friends give me a big eye roll when I say it, but she doesn’t have the typical bizzare overdone Hollywood face and I just think she’s lovely.

  17. CityGirl says:

    I want Nicky Hilton’s earrings

  18. Reece says:

    I love the name Onyx. But I also think onyx stones are GORGEOUS!!! I love onyx more than diamonds and it’s volcanic…I’ll go take my seat in the geology geek corner.