Kim Kardashian: ‘I want my children to grow up knowing that their lives matter’


In the midst of two mind-numbingly tragic deaths of black men by the hands of police officers last week, Kim Kardashian was posting NSFW selfies showing off her weight loss. While I appreciate the fact that Kim is (literally) mindless entertainment, even I was surprised that Kim didn’t take a moment and say, tweet or Instagram something to note the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. After all, Kim realized there was racism in the world in 2014 (for real) and she’s been getting more political about gun control and racism as of late. But Kim waited until Friday to say something. She posted a lengthy statement on her subscription app titled “#BlackLivesMatter”:

This week we watched Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, two innocent black men, get senselessly murdered by police officers. Like a lot of you guys, I watched the videos, and was appalled and completely heartbroken. I was left speechless, angry and numb.

I want my children to grow up knowing that their lives matter. I do not ever want to have to teach my son to be scared of the police, or tell him that he has to watch his back because the people we are told to trust—the people who “protect and serve”—may not be protecting and serving him because of the color of his skin.

The last thing we need is to fuel anger with more hate or violence, especially toward the many incredible police officers who risk their lives every single day to protect our families and communities. We must peacefully use the power of our voices and the strength of our numbers to demand changes in the judicial system so that brutality doesn’t ever go unpunished.

It is our responsibility as Americans and as parents to create a safe future for our children. We must do something NOW. We must speak up until we are heard and real, effective changes are made.

Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Sean Bell … and unfortunately so many more.

Hashtags are not enough. This must end now.

[From Kim’s app]

Kim also included links to help people find their legislators, plus links to donate to the families of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. I think Kim is sincere, and I also think that being married to Kanye West and having two mixed-race children has opened her eyes to a lot of difficult stuff. Stuff beyond “people saying random racist sh-t on the internet.” Kim has had to confront her own privilege in some ways, and she’s had to learn that she will have to conversations about race and the police with her children. As Vanity Fair points out, at least Kim is trying to use her enormous online and social media presence for some good, and for better or for worse, Kim IS sort of “a bellwether for the national sentiment at large.”


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  1. LauraH says:

    It would be more shocking if she ever didn’t post those pics right it’s her brand and her job. It’s kind of like you wouldn’t expect a shop to close because of it. Shrug.

    I think it’s encouraging that sometimes she will speak up about these things. She usually plays so safe with things to have this bland blow up doll personality and like her or not she does have an influence.

    • ronaldinhio says:

      I agree. She went on to work like almost everyone else.
      I am dismayed by people picking her apart for this post. It isn’t particularly deep or intellectual but seems to speak to the heart of the issues.
      If I were in her position I would have someone check my posts on matters of this magnitude too. She can use her position to influence and so it is important that her message is coherent and inclusive.
      We don’t question who Beyonce has write her statements or manage her positioning although she surely has someone or a team for this purpose.

      I think it would be great if we allowed the notion that KKW can grow as a woman

      • sauvage says:

        I agree with you, and I also think that “deep and intellectual” won’t solve this issue. This is an issue of the heart.

        The world needs more empathy. And stricter gun control laws, and a justice system where racist killings of unarmed black men are punished accordingly.

    • No patience says:

      Make her go away. Who cares what she says ….please Stop!

    • Fee says:

      Kim didn’t post it, her people did. Publicists take care of all of them. Maybe she should focus on her kids growing up not shamed for having a famewhore for a mom who needs naked selfies to feel human.

  2. Lahdidahbaby says:

    I thought she said it pretty well. Honestly, I’m surprised. Props to her.

    • olcranky says:

      I’m sure the delay in posting something (and the fact it’s posted on her subscription app) is probably due to her waiting for someone else to write the statement for her

      • Bettyrose says:

        Absolutely. She didn’t write it herself, but she did use her fame to make this very important statement. Once again, I give her credit for knowing when to hire a professional writer, and for doing something that matters.

      • HH says:

        I don’t think she wrote it herself entirely. She certainly had help. That being said, I don’t take any points away from her. After all, we are in a world where people misconstrue and take words out of context ALL the time. In such a sensitive time as this, I would also have someone check my words or help me write a statement so as to keep focus on the issue instead of creating some media firestorm. I can’t criticize someone for wanting to get it right.

      • K2 says:

        This. And good for her for employing someone to do it, so it was done right. I don’t actually care if she is bothered or not by what happened – but I do care that she is raising the subject with a lot of people who might otherwise dismiss it mentally.

        Like the woman or not, she has a huge media reach. So her weighing in this eloquently and effectively (links to legislators and suggesting people actually get off their backsides and contact them) matters. Changing society can only happen when the inert start caring, too.

  3. Lucy says:

    I mean lets be real, kudos to all the celebrities for coming out and drawing attention to these issues BUT lets not pretend like they are in the same boat as regular people. The fact is her kids will grow up with vast amounts of wealth and celebrity and will never understand the struggle your average black community and population faces.
    My husband has really opened my eyes, I am white, tall, skinny, blonde hair and blue eyes, fairly attractive, I’ve got all the privileges and advantages in life; he’s mixed black hispanic. I see the way he carefully selects the clothes he wears and haircut he gets to not look “ghetto” he’s even more self conscious because he has never been able to get rid of his Cuban accent, even though he’s been her since he was a kid, he purposely tries to use a complicated vocabulary so people take him seriously, even though he’s highly educated and owns one of the most successful businesses in his field. Even when I was pregnant he kept thinking “what if our daughter comes out darker” and I thought he was so crazy to even think that, but then after she was born and my parents held a party to celebrate, one of their friends commented how light she was and that they were betting on her being darker. It was infuriating but just proved his point that even in 2016 people are still hung up on melanin levels.
    Yes I am sure these kids will face some form of discrimination within the industry, but as much as I appreciate Kim and Beyonce and Chris Rock for drawing attention the fact is their kids won’t ever really understand the type of racial profiling lower income black people have to deal with.

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      Good points well made, Lucy.

    • Louise177 says:

      @Lucy: Sorry, but I really have to disagree with you. Just because they are kids of wealthy minorities doesn’t mean they won’t experience racism or have it easier. Black and other minority celebrities have commented about being stopped by the police, watched in expensive stores even after they were famous. Do wealthy minorities experience less racism? Maybe but they are still experiencing it. I don’t see the point in marginalizing their pain and suffering because they go back to a mansion instead of the projects. It really doesn’t do any good to divide the issue into rich vs poor.

      • Bettyrose says:

        Louise, well said. In West LA, money and fame are what matters, but if her son one day misses his freeway exit and finds himself getting pulled over by a cop in Southcentral, he’ll be just another black man at the mercy of a cop.

      • Pinky says:

        You’re absolutely right. Oprah’s felt it. That tennis player, James Blake, who got tackled a year or so ago smiling at a plain clothes cop felt it. Mixed kids are not immune, despite their own privilege within black and white communities. Lucy will need to have these kind of talks with her own kids some day too. Hope she’s aware of that.


      • Zimmerman says:

        I think when they are recognized, they will usually avoid being targeted by racism, but when they aren’t, it will be like any other person of a darker skin tone.

    • Naya says:

      Everytime someone with a mega platform throws in their support, somebody pipes in to claim that they are insulated by money.

      Firstly, that insulation is overstated. Last year Chris Rock, spent a few months tweeting pics of every time he was pulled over by cops. I cant remember how many times he had to post but it was enough to make some white people incredulous. He even got pulled over in the middle of an interview in Seinfelds Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. He wasnt even driving. They saw a black face with a white one in a fancy car and decided something wasnt right. Now Chris happens to have a famous face so obviously the cops demeanour adjust accordingly when they realise who they are dealing with. His son would not have that protection. He would just be a young black guy driving a fancy car in a neighbourhood “he doesnt belong in”. Also, look up Blair Underwoods interview from a few years ago. In addition to teaching his sons to fear cops, actually introducing them to the patrol cars in his neighbourhood, he refused to let them drive any of his luxury cars. If cops see an unfamous black face in a merc, trouble will ensue. Kims fear is completely justified.

      Secondly, if her sons struggle is less than mine, so what? We need every voice we can get. Just because he has a slightly lower chance of being profiled means jack. By that logic, only black people who live in the poorest roughest neighbourhoods should speak up.

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        Well said Naya, the point we are angry about is racism and the reality is no amount of money can make an individual who hates someone simply because of their skin tone suddenly like and respect them. I think Lucy means well but she’s still looking at this problem from the role of an observer, not a single one of us has been lucky enough to be rich enough to escape racism.

        If the president of the US still has members of his own government group sending racist pictures of watermelon on the white house steps then this effects us from the most poverty stricken to the wealthiest.

        All that being said: do I think Kim wrote this? Nope. Do I think Kim REALLY thinks about racism? Not much further than “Like, that’s so sad” Do I think Kim really thinks or comprehends the depths of racism and it’s possible effect on her kids? Kim thinks about more ways to angle her ass in photos than that.

        So no I don’t think this came from Kim’s heart or mind but I will argue rich POC don’t feel racism, they do.

      • Nicole says:

        Yep well said everyone. In fact sometimes having money IS the issue. Wasn’t there someone who was attacked by cops withdrawing a large sum of cash to go buy a car. I think he was an athlete but again he was black first and foremost. Chris Rock tweeted every time he pulled over. For some cops there’s nothing more suspicious than a black person in a nice car in a wealthy neighborhood.

        And let’s not forget Trayvon is dead because GZ thought he didn’t belong in the wealthy neighborhood when in reality he was walking home. Money does not insulate us at all because in the end they still see our skin color.

    • Lama says:

      I agree, Louise177 and Naya. Let’s not forget about all the incidents black successful people, including celebrities, have brought attention to. For example, this case of “mistaken identity” that caused police officers to assault retired tennis player James Blake on the streets of New York:

    • Amanda G says:

      I agree.

    • me says:

      Ummm having money doesn’t protect you from racist pieces of sh*t.

  4. Snowflake says:

    Y’all give her way too much credit. If you’ve ever watched her show, you would know she is not that bright or articulate. She has a great employee who writes great statements on every hot topic. Her vapid posing is her, she has no depth of concern about anything but herself. She did not write or say anything like this.

    • Jane says:

      I agree. After reading this, I find it difficult to believe she penned it at all. It’s far too eloquent for a person who I’m not sure even graduated high school.

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      It doesn’t matter to me who actually wrote it — Kim obviously hires lots of things done, including the minding of her babies. For me, at least, the point is that she feels that way and put out a statement to that effect under her name.

      • Hadleyb says:

        I disagree. I don’t think she cares about anyone other than herself and making $$. Her handlers probably told her they should put this up, it would get her publicity and make her fan base love her even more for “caring”.

        I don’t buy it at ALL.

    • Becki says:

      I was thinking the same thing. I highly doubt she wrote that herself. However, she is still posting it & drawing attention to the topic using her name & following, so I guess props to her there.

    • Ninks says:

      She may not have written it, that’s hardly surprising or shocking – lots of celebrities and politicians have speech writers and social media managers or publicists who write these things. That doesn’t means she didn’t say something along these lines. She is married to a black man and has two young mixed race children; even from the wealthiest and most privileged position, she must have some worries about them.

      I also think that whether or not she wrote it herself or even expressed the sentiments is largely irrelevant, she posted it on her app. So she is making a public statement about it. Her brand is so tightly controlled, and she’s allowing this to be part of it. She could have made some vague, wishy washy statement, but she didn’t. Vapid and inarticulate she may be, but she still chose to make this statement.

    • Snowflake says:

      Please read almondjoy’s comment below.

    • Jen43 says:

      Haha. I am sure someone with an education wrote this. I applaud her for posting it, though.

    • Artemis says:

      Firstly, maybe she didn’t write it, maybe she did. For me, that’s not the point. She made a statement that supports the Black Lives Matters movement and sometimes people need to let go of their hatred of people and just focus on the good. There are plenty of threads where she can be ripped to shreds for even breathing so why ruin a thread when*she* isn’t being superficial? Celebs are being thrashed by fans for daring to mention the movement and Kim, as the mother of black children and the wife of a controversial black man, would still risk being trashed because she dares to align herself with the movement. She stood up for something and she let it be known to the world that SHE thinks this way, so good for her. Now she can bugger off again for all I care :)

      Secondly, doesn’t Kim pretend to be stupid? If you’re going to believe Kim is who she really is on TV, you might as well buy into all their ‘stories’ that show creates. They’re manipulative and calculating which takes some intelligence, just not the kind that people tend to like. See also Paris Hilton who was called stupid but who admitted she manufactured her ‘baby voice’ and that her reality TV period was part of a business plan to dominate pop culture. The world also bought into that and look where it got her, she made her own fortune!

      Lastly, I read Kim’s text and if that is people’s idea of ‘bright’ then it says more about them than her. She didn’t construct overly complicated sentences, she didn’t use words you have to look up in the dictionary and she uses many paragraphs which are short and to the point. It’s a simple, good statement, hardly earth-shatteringly deep, complex or poetic…
      People act like it’s some essay of 3000 words with references! Anybody with a basic understanding of reading and writing could have typed that up!

      • Jwoolman says:

        I’ve done persuasive writing for publication and also have done ghostwriting. It takes considerable skill and experience to write a tightly constructed piece with clear short paragraphs and simple words.

        Unskilled writers like Kim will be all over the place when they try to write. They ramble. Their ideas don’t flow from one sentence to another. This is true even for people who are articulate orally but freeze at the sight of a blank piece of paper.

        Kim is neither an articulate writer nor an articulate speaker. The stories we see in interviews are not from spoken interviews – someone else writes her responses and invents her stories. That piece was not written by Kim. It wasn’t even just an edited version of something she wrote. It was ghostwritten and placed in front of her to maybe read. She’s not much for reading such things, so she may not actually have done even that.

        Good for her to post it, but she didn’t write it at all. Kudos to the real writer, it was nicely done.

  5. Almondjoy says:

    Kim was getting BLASTED on her Instagram. I mean ripped to shreds in the comments. Thousands and thousands of people calling her out for posting those nude selfies and taking pieces of black culture that she likes but never speaking up when real issues are at hand. And asking her if she cares about the future of her black children. People were extremely pissed at her. And she lost many followers after posting those nude selfies. Honestly, I think she felt forced to say something. And that if it wasn’t for all those comments she might have stayed silent.

    Another celeb getting ripped to shred on IG is Pink. For different reasons.

    • olcranky says:

      why is Pink being ripped?

      • Almondjoy says:


        Among other posts she’s made. She lost a ton of followers as well.

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        Go Pink, and second comment is someone saying they’re unfollowing, simple minds will never comprehend but I am grateful that even those once staunch defenders have seen the problem in the two videos of Alton and Philando.

        Even the Police Union is on the defensive because on a national level people now look at them with suspicion and distrust.

      • Carmen says:

        Well, she just gained a new follower.

    • Naya says:

      Aaaaah, just after I type out a long post in her defence, I see this. Of course she had to be shamed into speaking out, silly vapid cow. Well, its still an extra voice so I wont knock itbtoo much.

      • Almondjoy says:

        But Naya, everything you wrote was correct! And the same thing will probably happen to Kim’s son in the future. I don’t disagree with her speaking up I just don’t think she was worried about it until people started telling her off.

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:


      Kim’s business is the shallow and baseless aspects of life (we all saw the ass she and her family made of themselves in Cuba) there are no points or achievements here. She’s been jocking black culture for years and still couldn’t find a way to tweet even a basic hashtag or simple phrase in the midst of it and now she has a nice lengthy letter a week later? Kick rocks Kim.

    • Artemis says:

      She has written about race in relation to North though. It’s been on her mind regardless of the deaths of black people. She seemed very sheltered and clueless when it came to racism and I do side-eye her for that as she has mostly dated black men so what, never bothered or maybe acknowledge (subtle) racism in today’s society?

      I don’t know but I do believe it’s been on her mind since she has children but it’s strange how people would dismiss her either way. Are people really acting like it matters if she speaks up? It’s a ‘damned if you…’ kinda situation. Look at comments here, she’s vapid, stupid, clueless etc because she focuses on superficial things but when she actually speaks out about something, she’s still those things because people cannot imagine a world where Kim speaks some sense or has feelings about difficult topics. Kim is the kinda person people rage on for even breathing so I feel like people need to breathe and take a step back and focus on the good here before ranting like they ALWAYS seem to do. It’s getting tiresome. If she can do no good, don’t follow her then. Their rants are taking the focus off the intent of a message that has no lies in it.

      Also, I rarely comment on a Kim thread because I don’t care, she’s so boring but for this I did want to comment as maybe the people hating on Kim now and deflecting from her message to talk about how vapid she is, are vapid themselves. Why else take away the opportunity to discuss BLM in favour for ripping her to shreds? There are plenty of other threads to come to do that so yeah, maybe she brings out the worst in people but that’s not her fault.

      • Ashley says:

        i agree with you artemis

      • Almondjoy says:

        Artemis, I don’t disagree with you and I also rarely comment in a Kim thread. I have no problem with her speaking out. Was just stating facts about what led up to her speaking out.

      • Artemis says:


        It wasn’t aimed at you specifically. Just thought your post was the best to put my thoughts under it :)

    • minx says:

      Thank you.

  6. brownkid says:

    Well, as a KardashianWest, her kids will grow up thinking only THEIR lives matter…

    • Tate says:


    • Lady D says:

      With Kim and one of the all-time biggest arrogant narcissists for a father, these two will grow up believing they are the only ones who matter and that they better be perfect every day in every way. I wonder if they will expand their thinking to include education.

      • honeybee blues says:

        Clearly you weren’t raised by a narcissist. They will most likely feel insecure and unworthy as their parents are too self-asorbed to give them that sense of unconditional love that leads to a healthy self-esteem. They will grow up believing they DON’T matter.

  7. WallFlower says:

    I’m not an NRA member but was wondering if there are any CB’s on here that are and feel differently about the NRA since they haven’t sent out a message defending Phillando Castille? As a woman of color, I just think it interesting how the NRA is so vocal with their funds and voices in every election, but when a black man that had a permit to carry, no criminal history, and informed police that he was a licensed to carry is murdered by the police the NRA says nothing, except that they are waiting for all the evidence in the case to come out.

    • tifzlan says:

      Here is a really eye-opening article on the NRA, gun control and the extremely racist history of both:

      You can see why they wouldn’t say a peep about Philando.

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        Thank you for posting this.

        I’m not an NRA member but I always felt it was fairly obvious that NRA membership and the role of guns in America were always about ‘thinning and controlling the herd’ in the form of POC.

        The NRA doesn’t give a crap about legal minority gun owners anymore than Trump cares about black supporters, both are only as good to them as being used as props for photos “See we’re NOT racists!”

        Minorities. With. Guns. Are. Not. Safe. Legal permit owner? You will still die. Using a weapon to defend your life and safety? You will still be charged. Holding a toy gun in a park while being a child? 2 seconds to think about the blur of a police car and the screaming of a cop before your life ends? Trying to find help from a sales associate in an open carry state? Your life ends in Walmart.

        I’ve often heard my more ignorant and scared minority friends say that’s why they need the 2nd amendment. Because of dangerous cops and they have to be able to protect themselves because of stories like Alton, Philando and a dozen others. I always tell them with a dark laugh that a permit isn’t going to protect them. If you are a minority with a weapon you are an immediate threat to an officer and threats are eliminated. Legal or not, permit holder or not. If for some reason they did manage to use their gun before they could be gunned down I honestly tell them they should save a bullet for themselves because justified or not, all legal basis on their side or not, ‘they’ will COME for them as hard and as forcefully as possible and it would be easier to end it peacefully then than to wait for what the law, courts, and police union will do to them.

      • WallFlower says:

        Thank you @ Tifzlan,
        I already knew that the NRA only cared about whites having guns and their needs to protect themselves and control the black population. However, I didn’t have this information as back up. One of my black male friends is an NRA member and owns a gun. I told him that the NRA doesn’t care about the rights of blacks. I was mainly just wondering if anyone had friends that were NRA members or were NRA members themselves and now saw things differently because the NRA sure isn’t taking up for Castile and I know it’s because he’s black, therefore, assumed guilty.

  8. grabbyhands says:

    I can’t help but be suspicious of her motives all the time, unfortunately. But if her (ghostwritten) post has a positive effect, then good.

    Now if she and her entire family could stop fetishsizing black men , that would be awesome. But it’s hard, I guess when you just realized racism still existed a couple years ago.

  9. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    Sure Kim, nice letter, you can now return back to your regularly scheduled programming.

    Stealing and deforming aspects of black culture to make yourself wealthy while never acknowledging or giving back in any way.

    • Mela says:

      Stealing what?

      These celebs are damned if they do, damned if they don’t. If they don’t say anything, then they are just jocking and stealing black culture without giving back (which I think is a hateful misguided accusation personally), and if they do say anything, it gets written off as too little or too late.

      The anger is palpable right now and instead of stoking the flames of hatred and injustice, I think adults have a responsibility to find a peaceful way to discuss this. Hateful angry words inspire people to do sick sad things like Pulse night club and the BLM protest sniper. We all have a personal responsibility to stop the hate, to stop instigating fights, to use our words for peace and justice not hate and violence. All I hear is hate hate hateful words

      An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        I don’t know what you’re hearing but let me make it clear what I’m saying.

        I and so many others are sick of the bullsh*t that comes in the form of saying “Let’s all work together and make it better” that is simply code for “Let’s not make it so loud and scary and let the situation settle back into the game of black folks dodge the bullets and society worships the cops it’s always been.” When I see ACTUAL legal and structural efforts being made to fix this problem then maybe some of the hate will cool, till then we have a growing cycle of abuse and people are pretending to be clueless to its origin and its eventual conclusion.

        If you hear anger, it’s because there IS anger. I and so many others are not interested in being placated by the verbal equivalent of pats on the head from individuals who DO NOT HELP US at any other time unless there’s a moment to trend on a sympathetic tweet. We are not fools or simpletons and Kim feeling bad doesn’t do jack when Kim will go right back to stealing and manipulating the culture and then never saying a peep. One tweet or one letter does not cut it.

        The onus is always on the victim to make sure the abuser doesn’t feel bad. Psychopaths kill people, it’s what they do, and they need no more motivation than a push based on what’s already in their heads. But cops are supposed to protect people and allow them to feel safe and you seem to think that isn’t devastating that a segment of the population must constantly feel terrified by legally ordained people with weapons patrolling the streets that may or may not be one of the ‘bad ones’ that will end someone’s life for less than absolute necessity.

        An eye for an eye? How many black people are murdered by cops and never really have the end of their life explained? Their actions lied about unless a camera is there to capture it? How many people have died as routine simply because of their skin tone and someone else’s badge? An eye for an eye would be if the numbers of those victims were suddenly replicated in police ambush’s and I certainly hope the police union and the government can come together to address the issue before some maniacs take it there, but at this point it’s up to them.

        Nothing seems to change unless groups riot so we are training people in our communities to believe violence IS the answer. Peaceful protests are ignored but riots get results. THAT is something our government has to change or else they will keep seeing waves of violence from those who can’t take it anymore.

      • Mela says:

        Are you saying we should not work together? I’m confused.

        It is a sad commentary on our current world if dating, marrying, having children with someone from another race is viewed as stealing/appropriating from another culture. Expecting people in an interracial relationship to apologize and make amends for falling in love sounds awfully backwards to me.

        As for the commentary on cops, those cops who have committed crimes need to be punished. No argument there.

        But how many black people die by police officer? The statistics show they are 99% more likely to be killed by their black peers. Where is the uproar from that? If there is a real concern for black lives, the statistics reveal the concern should be focused elsewhere – not on the police.

        Violence is never the answer, I don’t care what the reason is. People who riot, use violent force and break the law in the “pursuit” of equality and peace are misguided souls and deserve to be punished by the law just as much as the people they are rioting against. Sad sad peace be with you

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        No Mela, I’m saying we should actually WORK together, not phone in sympathy with statements that may or may not have even been written by the individual. If Kim does anything to help contribute change about this issue after this statement THEN I’ll be impressed and I will be waiting to see if she does.

        None of the reasons you’ve listed are ANY of the reasons Kim has ever been accussed of appropriation. Might I suggest researching the many essays and topics that have been written on why and how her sisters get accussed rather than suggesting it’s somehow about being against interracial relationships?

        And to finish off your statement you tred on the familiar trope of “But what about black on black crime?” What about white on white crime? What about Latino on Latino crime? Studies show that most violence on racial groups is perpetuated by the SAME racial groups. Individuals in communities tend to commit more crime and violence against each other. There is no more an epidemic of black on black violence than white on white violence. Not to mention civilians who commit violence against each other are PROSECUTED. There is no shortage of black men in prison serving jail time.

        How many police officers are serving prison sentences for their crimes against civilians?

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        “Violence is never the answer, I don’t care what the reason is. People who riot, use violent force and break the law in the “pursuit” of equality and peace are misguided souls and deserve to be punished by the law just as much as the people they are rioting against. Sad sad peace be with you”

        That is a very lucky point of view to have.

        “Riots are the language of the unheard”
        Martin Luther King.

      • ronaldinhio says:

        It seems safe to say that we perhaps disagree on many areas in our posts.
        I think that there is a fine line between appropriation and appreciation and I feel uncomfortable saying that I am the decider about where that is, I feel the same about you.

        I think Kardashian West is an easy mark. She is slagged of no matter what.
        She seems to be moving positively in educating herself and posting when she feels the time is right and in a manner that suits her and her circumstances. She should decide how she moves forward and at what speed – this is my belief. I also think as a part Armenian woman, married to a black man, having borne black or multi heritage ( depending on viewpoint ) children – she isn’t the problem. She may have been blind to the problem but she has made clear that she is learning and willing to learn.
        She might not suit you but I think she is trying, growing and learning and that is good enough for me.

        If Kardashian and her clan do anything positive celebrate it, don’t tear it down. What possible plus is there in that? There are so many things so much worse to rail against

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      How would you suggest that KKW give back for her stealing black culture?
      When does black culture become part of mainstream culture not capable of being stolen anymore and who decides this?
      This sounds like rhetoric with no answer

      She is a white woman coming to terms with about 1/1000 of her white privilege
      She is feeling her way and seems to be becoming more and more aware of the difficulties facing black and mixed or dual heritage and minority peoples
      Praise that. Welcome that. Good for her
      If more white people did that and we all lived as one we would not need to be saying Black lives matter and would not be where we are now

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        1. “How would you suggest that KKW give back for her stealing black culture?”

        Contribute to black causes, venture into the discussion on race issues, be involved more than when something becomes trending and don’t offer statements days after her followers call her out for gladly wearing Compton hats and posting gun pics but not being able to offer any statement to the tragedy of violence.

        2. “When does black culture become part of mainstream culture not capable of being stolen anymore and who decides this?”

        When society makes effort to equally reward and represent black talent. When society stops admiring aspects of black culture worn and addressed by whites but lambasts and shames blacks for wearing those exact same aspects. Why are dreads on Kylie Jenner declared cool and Zendaya is mocked for probably smelling like pot? Why did a white female rapper who had only been in the states for a year and had less sales, less fans, less singles and collabs and no tours at the time get proudly declared the “Queen of Rap” when her black counterpart who trumped her in every way was not given that title by the same magazine. Why are Justin Timberlake, Adele, and Sam Smith rejoiced and given radio time and publicity for singing songs that coming from the R & B artists are ignored? This is is what I mean.

        When you can recognize there is black culture. That when that culture is shown and attempted to be celebrated by blacks (wearing their hair natural) they are threatened with job loss but in a magazine there will be a pictorial giddily proclaiming white girls can wear an Afro too THAT is when you truly comprehend the depth of this issue.

        When does black culture become mainstream? When blacks become mainstream and are celebrated for displaying their love of black culture. When they are not threatened by police unions or accussed of creating cop killer anthems when they say, “Stop Killing Us.” When we are no longer tokens in a country that many of our ancestors built from the ground up with their blood, sweat, and tears as slaves. This isn’t rhetoric for the rest of us, this is the real life of a man who was stopped by police 52 times before finally having his life ended with one final police stop while his girlfriend and child witnessed and recorded it all.

        Tell you what. You praise Kim Kardashian and reward her for catching a clue after finally dating her 5th black dude and having two mixed race babies. I’m tired of being told to applaud someone for the barest minimum. If more white people put their words to actions and DID something other than pen letters and statements we wouldn’t be where we are now. Because I read those letters with Mike Brown. I read those letters with Trayvon Martin. I read those letters with Tamir Rice. I read those letters with Sandra Bland. I read those letters with Eric Garner and I am reading those letters now and still I know more minorities will die needlessly at the hands of an overpowered and terrified police force and those letters will do nothing more than line their caskets.

      • Snowflake says:

        @ the eternal side eye

        I agree with everything. Thank you for stating what you have so much better than I could have. If I hear one more”what about black on black violence?” I will scream. It’s a way to deflect from the issue of men getting killed because of their race. What about white on white crime? I see white great boys fighting every spring break, I’m really concerned about it. Sarcasm obviously

  10. ShazBot says:

    This is a serious issue, but I came for gossip, so…in the header pic, it looks like she has a buzzed head, and she actually looks pretty good!

    • Hazel says:

      You are not alone–I thought the same thing. I saw the image before I read the words.

  11. me says:

    Making one tweet about gun control does not make her “political”.

    • minx says:

      Thank you. I can’t believe anyone would buy her “concern.”

      • mela says:

        really? Her children are half black. I’m surethis is something that has caused her concern.

        Although I’m sure the public post had more to do with “hits” on her page than getting justice.

      • minx says:

        She only worried about it when she got slammed.
        I think she’s a narcissistic idiot, barely literate, only concerned about the most superficial things.

    • pk says:

      Minx is right on. Kim is a narcissist and is only saying what she thinks people want her to say to make herself look good .

  12. Nymeria says:

    No one bothers reading facts anymore. Sad. How we feel is more important than what actually happened.

  13. im tellin ya says:

    Of course Kim jumped on the bandwagon,because Kim.

  14. Calico Cat says:

    I want my kids to grow up knowing the Kardashians don’t matter!

  15. DanaG says:

    I don’t believe Kim wrote this I think someone else did it for her and used simple language but it doesn’t sound like Kim. It’s good she posted it and yes she now has 2 mixed race children and she will have to give them the tools they will need as they age. It is hard on one hard you have to respect the police they do an amazing job but it needs to be said to also be careful of them. Mind you I don’t think these two will experience what the average man or woman does they are very protected. Has Kanye said anything yet? It would have been nice for to stop shilling her brand for a day or two out of respect but fluff is her life.

    • Jwoolman says:

      I don’t think Kim or her family can give those children the tools they will need in dealing with American racism at all levels. It’s too beyond their own experience. Two white friends had two adopted kids who were black. No problem while they were living in a black neighborhood and he was teaching at a black college. But when they moved to a paler community for a new job – they made very sure that they quickly connected with the local black community so their kids (white and black) would have plenty of real contact with other kids and adults who were black. None of this “color doesn’t matter” stuff for them. They knew it did matter and they knew they needed a lot of help from friends to prepare their kids.

      This is one reason I really hope Kanye holds it together rather than continues to deteriorate at least until those children are old enough to stay in contact with his family on their own. Kanye may be too delusional to help them either, in this and other things, but hopefully there are some in his family who can. If he becomes no longer useful to the K Klan, they will do what they always try to do to their men: chew him up and spit him out. His erratic behavior and his mental state will make it unlikely that he gets joint custody or anything other than supervised visitation. And if they push Kanye out, they will certainly push his family out. His family is there, just not on camera except when occasionally papped with Nori. They may fight for contact, but even grandparents have an uphill battle getting to see grandkids if the custodial parent doesn’t want them around. Aunts and cousins wouldn’t have much of a chance.

  16. Jwoolman says:

    Realistically, she didn’t say it. The piece is not her way of talking or thinking, despite the out of place Kim-ism tossed in at one point to make it seem authentic.

    She did post it, however, which is a good thing. Would have been better if she just admitted she didn’t really know what to say in response (a lot of people are feeling that), but X said it really well (naming X), and not pretending these are her words. She is so consistently shallow that it’s really hard to know how much of it she could even inspire, which is why she’s getting the flack. She can post thoughtful pieces without claiming credit for them. If it actually did make her worry about her own kids, she could just say that while introducing the other person’s commentary. Keep it simple, Kim.

    Nobody cares too much about all the other ghostwriting in her app and such just shilling products and promoting her shows. Her stuff is just one big ad anyway. But this kind of thing is different. She needs to be more genuine. Nobody expects her to be deep, but she can certainly do good by posting deeper thoughts if she just stops pretending they are her own words.