Jaime Pressly Makes Good On Her Birthday Promise

Just a few weeks ago Jaime Pressly was talking up her slutty birthday outfit, and how hot she was going to be on her 30th birthday.

With her butt cheeks playing peek-a-boo with her “skirt,” Jaime certainly has her pre-pregnancy figure back, only 2 months after giving birth to baby boy Dezi. What was the theme for this party though?

Jaime said: “I’m having a party and then a holiday and I aim to be in a super-slutty outfit for the first and a swimsuit for the second.

“I love being a mother, but I want to be a super sexy mother with a better body than ever before.

“When I pull on my spray-on jeans for my party, I want to look in the mirror and like what I see.”

New Zealand Herald

Looking forward to the swimsuit photos. Maybe this was the swimsuit?

Pictures via The Grumpiest.

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