Diane Kruger: Studio films are ‘not really all that interesting to me anymore’


Here are some photos of Diane Kruger at the New York premiere of The Infiltrator two nights ago. Her gown was a custom Jason Wu. Which is interesting, right? Leslie Jones couldn’t find any major designer willingly to help her out by simply making a dress in her size for a premiere of what will likely be one of the biggest films of the summer, and here is Diane Kruger is her custom Jason Wu gown for a premiere of film that (let’s face it) few people will see. Besides all of that, I don’t even think the gown is all that. I can’t even tell if I’m looking at the lining or her breasts. Also: Joshua Jackson didn’t come to her premiere. I know there are die-hard Jackson/Kruger believers, but my gut has been telling me for months that Kruger and Jackson are on the outs, if not completely broken up.

Meanwhile, Kruger chatted with People Magazine about how she’s totally over studio movies and all she wants to do now is work on small indie films and TV shows. Sure, Jan.

She thinks TV is more exciting these days: “I feel like television has taken over so much that there’s a whole new platform for actors and talent to grow. What studios are producing is not really all that interesting to me anymore.”

Which TV show she would love to work on: “Oh my god, I love House of Cards.” She also listed Better Call Saul as a favorite.

[From People]

While I think Diane is right about TV fueling, nurturing and growing talent these days, I also think that Kruger would love to simply be offered more work across the board. She would jump at the chance to work on more studio films, or indie films or TV shows. I’m just saying that I doubt her shade for studio films is really about the quality of studio films today but about a lack of opportunities for her specifically, and for women generally. Studios aren’t breaking down the doors of any 40-ish women and those women know when they’re unwanted, which is why TV has become flush with great, meaty roles for women in their 30s, 40s and 50s.

The Infiltrator AMC Lowes Lincoln Square, NY  7-11-16 photo by  -  Dan Jackman

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Trixie says:

    ” what will likely be one of the biggest films of the summer”

    I highly doubt it. Ghostbusters won’t even crack the top 5 movies of the summer.

  2. MissMerry says:

    why does she always seem to be out of touch with normalcy to me?

    like, she tries hard to be relatable, but really shes a snob on the inside or something?

    • Vaya says:

      I get the same vibe too. And I think she’s seeing that Norman reedus guy now. Her IG hints at it.

    • Mia V. says:

      She isn’t the great actress she believes she is, so take a sit.

      • BooBooLaRue says:

        this thank you, I am wracking my brain, because other than “Troy” what has she done but stand around and look sort of bland?

      • Locke Lamora says:

        She is really good in non-English movies. Same with Marion Cotillard or Penelope Cruz, they are much better actors when they don’t act in English.

  3. aims says:

    My husband and I love better call Sal. We went on a Breaking Bad bender a few months ago and were happy to see Sal on Netflix. I plead ignorance on Diane. I’ve only seen her in one film and her role was brief.

  4. Melody says:

    40ish woman saying she isn’t interested in large Hollywood roles anymore is like the Smiths boycotting the Oscars they weren’t invited to…

  5. LAK says:

    I’m surprised she ever valued them. She always plays ‘the girl’ and that’s on average 10-20mins tops of a studio film.

    She’s better off sticking to European films where her age won’t matter AND she often plays proper roles and isn’t restricted to ‘the girl’ roles.

  6. FingerBinger says:

    Studios aren’t breaking down her door because of her talent level not her age. If she was a better actress she’d get better roles.

  7. Maria says:

    her age obviously is a problem in hollywood but she has never been a good actress anyway. i doubt most well written tv shows want to have her.

  8. June Smith says:

    doesn’t she have some long standing friendship and partnership with Wu? And Diane is someone who does not work with a stylist but often shops herself for events. I’m from Europe and I never heard of Leslie Jones before Ghostbusters, I don’t think she was much on the fashion radar and probably still isn’t. I don’t think designers throw free stuff at you just because you are in a movie, you have to be either influential in fashion or a big star – so their investment is returned.

    Diane does make 2-3 films a year, just mostly small French films, but the last two starred other recognisable actors such as Schoenarts (?) and Brian Cranston, so she does get work.

    • Locke Lamora says:

      Yeah, it’s not about which movies you star in ( and Leslie is great, but she’s not exactly a household name). Diane has been a fashion darling for years and years, she’s bff with Lagerfeld even. She will probably get more coverage on fashion blogs than Leslie ever could.

    • mila says:

      they are friends, he even made a bag for her, so of course he would make a dress for her. no big deal.

      i like her style, it is very European, no wonder Lagerfeld adores her among other designers. I still think she is v. pretty, I must be missing something, since I read many negative things about her looks in the past few months.

    • Kristen says:

      from how often he shows up in her IG posts, it seems they’re pretty good friends too, so it’s not really surprising that he’d design for her.

      plus, even at a smaller premiere, whatever Diane wears is going to get way more press for a designer than LJ would for a bigger film.

    • Starkiller says:

      The fact is that most designers who regularly dress Kruger would be loath to dress any American woman. An overweight*, Black American woman? That would happen right around the same time there’s measurable snowfall in Hell.

      *overweight by Hollywood standards, not in reality.

  9. Valois says:

    Urgh, she seems like she’s less stuck up now than she used to be, but I still remember watching interviews with her after Troy and you could tell that she thought she was the next big thing. She once refused to talk to a journalist after he/she pronounced “Kruger” in a German way (similar to how her original name sounds) and she wanted to do interviews with German TV in English. Extremely cringeworthy.

    • minime says:

      really? can you send a link to that? I never heard that and I can’t really find anything about that in German…
      I find her to be quite a cool actress and I think she might do way better in TV than in Hollywood movies, where she’s quite underrated. I would be surprised if she doesn’t receive enough offers from Hollywood. OK maybe not for the most meaty roles (we know those go only for Harvey girls, flavour of the month), but I would guess she receives enough…she looks like a model, she can act, she is known, she is covered by magazines enough. Isn’t that all it takes in Hollywood? I have no problem believing that she’s actually saying the true.

      • Valois says:

        Unfortunately not, that must have been at least ten years ago and I don’t remember when exactly. But I’m pretty sure that no magazine (no magazine that I know of) ever reported on it. Which means that you don’t have to believe me 🙂

        I’m a bit torn on this one. On the one hand, I’m pretty sure she gets offers from Hollywood, but I doubt she gets tons of them or really great ones. But yeah, I do think she gets offered supporting roles in some films- she’s no Streep, but she’s not extremely awful as an actress either and her accent work is very good. Maybe she thinks those roles aren’t meaty enough? Who knows.

      • minime says:

        @ Valois

        Thanks for answering anyway 🙂
        I can believe you…I was just curious to see it. I’m never sure how to feel about her public persona…on one hand she comes across sometimes as a bit arrogant, on the other hand I find her genuine and a bit not so social-fit maybe…Anyway I really liked her in the Bridge so I’m very much biased 😉

  10. Marianna says:

    Diane looks gristly. I looked like her at the peak of my ED.

  11. Mia4s says:

    TV is definitely smacking down movies as far as quality goes but the whole “I want to only do indie” argument rings hollow when you’re not being offered the big stuff anyway. I mean, if Star Wars calls and she says no thanks, then I’ll be impressed.

  12. Talie says:

    The Instagram evidence is that she has been traveling around with Norman Reedus these past few weeks.

  13. elle says:

    She’s been looking different lately… drawn and scrawny. If the camera adds 10 pounds, well, yikes!

  14. Mary Carol says:

    She can’t act. She RUINED Troy. But that lucky bitch is banging Norman Reedus. I’m so jelly.

  15. Blackbetty says:

    I completely agree with her, ive been over studio films for a very long time.

  16. Karla says:

    I actually find TV terrible.

    All of the shows that people rave about I hate.

    I find them formulaic and very false and I usually don’t feel the characters have much chemistry.

    I do love comedy series and as I was a late 80s kid, I adored Fresh Prince, Buffy, Roswell High etc…

  17. dina says:

    “Also: Joshua Jackson didn’t come to her premiere. I know there are die-hard Jackson/Kruger believers, but my gut has been telling me for months that Kruger and Jackson are on the outs, if not completely broken up. ”

    What does it mean? They are broken up but aren´t telling anyone?
    There´s a new set of pictures, Josh and Diane out and about on July 15 (her birthday) and 16th. But there are also pictures of Diane with Norman Reedus in Italy at 4th of July party. What´s the deal with these people? Why all this drama?