Tom Hiddleston: ‘The truth is that Taylor Swift & I are together & we’re very happy’


Trying to figure out the time difference between East Coast America and Gold Coast, Australia gives me a severe headache, so let’s just go with Tom Hiddleston’s word that it was very late at night and/or very early in the morning when he learned he was nominated for an Emmy for The Night Manager. I was trying to figure out when he learned of the news because Hiddles spoke to two media outlets following the nominations announcement. That’s really nothing new – many actors release statements of thanks, and many do post-nomination interviews. What’s funny in this case is that Tom is the one doing all of the talking about The Glorious Tiddlebanging of 2016. Taylor Swift hasn’t said one word, but Tom keeps chatting away.

First, Tom spoke to his buddy Josh Horowitz at MTV. Tom says “I could not be more delighted” with his Emmy nomination. When asked his immediate reaction to learning about his nom, he said: “I did a little sort of shake of happiness. There were rumblings, there were stirrings, but they didn’t fully express themselves in explicit dance moves, shall we say.” Cough. Skip to 2:10.

Double cough.

Horowitz also asked after Taylor Swift, and Tom told him: “We are together and we’re very happy.” Boom. And of course, The Hollywood Reporter had to get some questions in too. You can read the full THR piece here, some highlights:

How it feels to get an Emmy nomination: “It’s a good day, a lovely day. It feels fantastic. I’m in Australia filming Thor: Ragnarok, and it’s very early in the morning on a Friday. Right now it is just coming up to 4:15 a.m.

How he heard about the news: “I didn’t have any expectations, and suddenly my phone started blowing up a couple hours ago. This is the most wonderful surprise, and honestly the most thrilling thing about it is that it feels like an extraordinary and heartwarming affirmation for the whole team who made The Night Manager. Making The Night Manager was the most fulfilling team effort, and I’m so proud of everybody.”

Whether he was watching the nominations: “No, I was dozing off because of a long day as Loki. (Laughs.) I couldn’t stay awake, so I was drifting away to sleep. Earlier, Chris Hemsworth had just hosted a screening of the new Ghostbusters film, so that was a couple of hours before the nominations were announced. I saw that with Chris and Mark Ruffalo and Taika Waititi, who is directing Thor: Ragnarok, then came home and brushed my teeth and went to bed — and then I was nominated for an Emmy. (Laughs.) So that was how it went.”

What he’s looking forward to at the Emmys: “Oh gosh, there are so many. There are so many nominees from the different categories. I’m very much looking forward to seeing my friends who are nominated in the same category, Benedict Cumberbatch and Idris Elba. They’re both old friends of mine. I worked with Benedict a long time ago — six or seven years ago now, and he’s been a friend ever since. And the same is true of Idris. So I’m looking forward to seeing them and James Corden too. There’s lots of people I’m sure I’ll bump into. It’s funny how back in April I did a roundtable interview with Liev Schreiber and Bob Odenkirk — and they’re both nominated, so I’ll get to see them again. I love their shows and their work.

Who will be his Emmy date? “I don’t. I didn’t even know I could. It’s 4 in the morning here!”

Whether his relationship with Taylor Swift is a publicity stunt: “(Laughs.) Well, um. How best to put this? That notion is — look, the truth is that Taylor Swift and I are together, and we’re very happy. Thanks for asking. That’s the truth. It’s not a publicity stunt.”

[From THR]

Even if it was a publicity stunt, he wouldn’t say, “Damn, you got me! You’re right, I signed a contract to be Tay-Tay’s boy-toy.” Which I don’t believe, I’m just pointing out the fact that no one would admit it. I’m more struck by the way he talks about the already-exhausting schedule he has with Thor, and now I’m wondering if Taylor is sitting all alone in the hotel room all day and all night, waiting for Tom to come back from work. But notice that he mentions the Ghostbusters screening – apparently, Taylor was his date for that! Aw, she’s already meeting all of Tom’s work friends.

Also: “I didn’t have any expectations” – bulls—t. He was campaigning so hard for this.


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  1. Becky says:

    Good to see they’re on first name terms. Hold on a second……

    • LinaLamont says:

      I commented on that in a post, last evening, here…. and, I got schooled. 🙂

      • LadyLoo says:

        Eye roll. I can imagine @Lina.

      • LinaLamont says:


        Hahahahaha… I’m just here for the snark on most threads. I can’t take any of this seriously. I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about these celebs, their loves, their lives, their tribulations… it’s a little respite from Nice, Dallas, shootings, the election, Turkey, my own problems; proscrastination (work), and on and on.

        Some of the posters are hilarious and make great, funny, witty comments. That’s what I’m here for…. laughs.

      • LadyLoo says:

        Yeah, certain posters take this too damn seriously. Even if it is real, it’s still the funniest, most cringe-wrothy mess I’ve seen in a long time. It perfect for poking fun at.

    • gweenie says:

      Sigh. Look at the statement in context. His first interview, with his friend Josh, he just simply says “We are together and we’re very happy.” No need for names at all, they have the friend shorthand way of talking, where they know who he’s talking about.

      His second interview after 4am with no sleep with a reporter from THR was more formal, he only referred to Chris by just his first name. Otherwise it was “Mark Ruffalo and Taika Waititi” and “Benedict Cumberbatch and Idris Elba”. Zeroing in on a sleepy comment where he was more on guard of what to say is just digging for garbage.

  2. Senaber says:

    He said “oh gosh”. And he refers to her as “Taylor Swift”?! Urm.

    • Maria says:

      “Taylor Swift, could you please hand me the butter?”

    • Liv says:

      Strange, right? Also why don’t they want to protect their relationship? I understand that she organized a pap stroll at the beach to get at Harris who thought he could paint her as the clingy pathetic woman who wanted to marry him, but they keep showing us their romance and talk about it too…and it’s not like they couldn’t keep it private.

      • Sophie says:

        It’s not strange. The fact that he said Taylor swift is to be understood as a clear statement.

      • Ennie says:

        I think that the beach stroll was versus the “Famous” video, where her image was being used by KW.

      • LadyLoo says:

        @Liv Why protect a relationship that you’re not really invested in when you can publicize the crap out of it in exchange for something you really want : ATTENTION!!!

    • Nancy says:

      Oh Taylor Swift, I am so charmed by your presence. Oh Tom Hiddleston, you’re my prince and I’ll be your princess. Oh Tom Hiddleston, take me to the Emmys and call me Taylor Swift Hiddleston.

    • Erinn says:

      The full name thing doesn’t surprise me, really. Dude is exhausting, and I feel like he’d feel the need to make a full on declaration and am almost surprised that he didn’t use her middle name just to make sure there were absolutely no questions as to which Taylor Swift he meant.

      • Nancy says:

        Lol. Can you imagine Brad Pitt saying, Angelina Jolie Pitt and I are going to star In a movie. I mean, wtf, this guy magically pairs up with Swift. They are so boring and humorless.

      • Erinn says:

        Nancy – I’d honestly laugh so hard if that were the case. I think everyone should officially start referring to the SO’s by full names from now on. And titles. TITLES FOR EVERYONE.

      • Crumpet says:


      • LAK says:

        Nancy: it reminds me how GOOP always refered to Brad either as Bradley or William (both his given names). It was so hilariously pretentious.

      • Christin says:

        This also sounds like how you knew you were in trouble when a parent called out your full name.

      • Fa says:

        Lol even the T-shirt he wrote “I Heart T S” instead of writing “I Heart T” as Taylor

      • “titles for everyone”….AWESOME.

        From now on, I want you all to refer to me as Highland Fashionista, Minister of Yummy And Refreshing Snack Edibles. (MYARSE)

      • Tara says:

        Ha! That was ringing some bells for me, and it’s because my ex had a co-worker who was such a huge presence she was always called by her full name. She, in turn, always called my ex by his full name, e.g., “Michael Tryon, if you like your new shoes, then good for you.” To which he replied “Why thank you Linda Creelor… I think…”

        All names changed to protect the guilty. Lol

      • Katherine says:

        Agreed, this was my reaction as well.

        “Lol. Can you imagine Brad Pitt saying, Angelina Jolie Pitt and I are going to star In a movie.”

        Oh dear lord, that would be hilarious. lmao

        “I’d honestly laugh so hard if that were the case. I think everyone should officially start referring to the SO’s by full names from now on. And titles. TITLES FOR EVERYONE.”

        LOL There would never be any confusion ever, that’s for sure.

    • Annetommy says:

      Just in case someone thought he was referring to Taylor Lautner…

  3. Aussie girl says:

    I just find it weird that he said her whole name. It wasn’t a Taylor and I or a Tay. It just felt like it should have a trademark thing on the end of her name. Like he is dating the brand. Maybe it’s just me.

    • lilacflowers says:

      He always refers to people by their full names in interviews, as he did with the director and other cast members when talking about seeing Ghostbusters.

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      No, I thought it was odd too. Like, I can’t imagine a situation where I would refer to my husband by full name, especially if he is known to the person I’m talking to. “Yes, James Goats* and I went to New York for the weekend, and James Goats and I had a lovely time.” It just seems so phony.

      *not his real name 😉

      • Aussie girl says:

        That’s a shame, James Goats feels like a strong go getter name……. Lol 😜
        I could see you and James Goats having kids….. Ok bad dad joke 😊

      • Goats on the Roof says:

        @Aussie Girl

        Embarrassed to admit, it took me a second to get the joke (no coffee yet!). 🙂

      • Aussie girl says:

        GOTR to be fair my CB friend it was a very lame joke. I just loved your use of the James Goats name 😊 xo

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        We had fun in NYC…except he kept eating aluminum cans.

    • Guesto says:

      Hey now, not everyone is on board the TayTo Summer Love Bus. This was just Tom being considerate of those who may not be aware of TayTo.

      Had he not called her Taylor Swift, those people could have been left with the impression that the truth is that Taylor Lautner, or Taylor Hicks, and he are together, and are very happy.

      • Christin says:

        How funny. Since he is supposedly so polished, I would have expected a ‘Miss/Ms. Swift’ reference.

      • cyn says:

        Why do I get the feeling that he and Taylor Lautner WOULD be happy together?

    • Looty says:

      He has that habit of carefully using full names, and it was a day when she was getting a lot of bad commentary– maybe it felt like loyalty to say the full name and take the consequences. Also maybe she was right there listening.

      • Mira says:

        He had no problem calling Elizabeth Olsen, Lizzie or Elizabeth.

      • Noname says:

        @Mira- And?

      • Crox says:

        But he often called her Elizabeth Olsen too. It was a statement. You use full names in statements. Or is that just us?

      • KOri says:

        I think there’s nothing that’s so shocking about him saying Taylor Swift. People get bashed on all the time for ‘name dropping’. If he’d been ‘yeah so Chris and Taylor and I were hanging out’ or ‘I can’t wait to see Idris and Benedict’ he’d probably get jumped on too. And it could be a direct response to ‘Are you and Taylor Swift together for real?’ ‘Yes, Taylor Swift and I are dating’.

      • LadyLoo says:

        Nope. He called EO by her full name only when on television and promoting ISTL. Otherwise, it was Lizzie.

      • Crox says:

        @LadyLoo: Because those interviews are series of statements as well. Giving out agreed facts about the films (that’s why so many interviews by the same artists with different newspapers sound identical).

        This conformation of a relationship was a statement too – it was not spontaneous, he knew that had to be addressed and he finally did it with reporters he agreed to do it with. As a statement. Hence the full name and repeating both times that they’re happy.

        People are really overthinking this. It says nothing of the nature of their relationship, really.

      • LadyLoo says:

        Of course statements he makes ABOUT the relationship speak to the nature of the relationship. That’s the whole point of making a statement about it.

      • LadyLoo says:

        And sure people are overthinking – that’s the fun of this mess.

      • Crox says:

        People have been guessing what’s up with these two for a month, and most of the gossips have been nasty. Hence the actual official addressing of the matter. The only reason this is a problem is because of the people involved.

        I guess I’m weird, I don’t see much fun in overthinking something as trivial as a relationship conformation.

        I did go and check some other interviews he did, and people here are right, he addresses his friends with names AND surnames on a regular basis. Not just when talking about films.

    • LadyLoo says:

      This is probably the ‘Full Name’ clause in the contract: “When conducting interviews, boyfriend will always refer to girlfriend by her full name.” It helps to avoid confusion amongst her fans most of whom have the reading age of a 7-year-old.

      • EXACTLY. I still maintain it’s so search engines will pick it up. When these get written into text, SEO-bots will pick them out and rank them.

        Oh, but its not for PR.

      • Katherine says:

        Bingo, best comment ever. It’s so accurate. lol I don’t care what excuses other commenters come up with on here to explain it away, saying the full name of someone you’re dating is straight up weird. It’s very telling, and not in a good way. lmao

  4. Alex says:

    I always refer to my significant other by their full name. Lol so awkwardly worded.

    I wonder how much side eye he gets if (or when) he brings her around his work friends. Aside from Goop and Hemsworth’s wife there’s no one in the main MCU that does the pap game whatsoever outside of main press.

  5. Sixer says:

    He should have said, “How best to put this? We’re running round the church widdershins, cos that’s how we roll.”

    Bah. That was not Hallmark archive standard confirmation. If he can’t do Hallmark archive, the least he could do is a) be funny or b) use some weirdo Britisher word that everyone has to go and Google, like wot I do.

    Ho hum. I suppose we’ll all just have to wait for the Emmy red carpet and hope Taylor wears her wedding dress.

    • shelly says:

      If you run round the church widdershins you meet the Devil !
      Yikes !

      I really hope a journo asks him about his new fiancee…The awkwardness will be epic….Please let this be for real, I want my show biz Royal wedding.

    • lilacflowers says:

      Do please send her photos of the dress from Vicar of Dibley so she’ll be inspired.

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      As long as they don’t run deosil. That could frighten the horses.

      They are both getting boring. I am sure there will be plenty of other grand for our attention.

      • Sixer says:

        I confess that the jokes are getting more difficult to crack. But I keep faith that this red carpet will refresh my inspiration.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        We are at maximum saturation but I think it is close to hitting that point where it gets so bad it breaks on through to the other side and becomes good again. The jokes will ride! I predict well before the red carpet there will be an engagement ring or a TiddleBaby on the way.

      • jammypants says:

        @Miss Jupitero or they break up 😀

    • Aussie girl says:

      YES sixer!!! Taylor in her wedding dress with her girl squad in ugly peach bridesmaids frocks. While evil Calvin plots and tweets from his hide away in his lair hidden in the Hollywood sign.
      LOVE IT!
      Side note: I can’t take this seriously, it’s all shits and gags for me 😊

      • Sixer says:

        Calvin should probably marry a man on the same day or something. And wear a BETTER DRESS than Taylor.

        (I think my conspiracy theories are the best ones.)

      • Aussie girl says:

        Well sixer I’m waiting for him to file for custody of her fur babies. After all he did spend time with them cat sitting.

      • Christin says:

        And Katy could crash the wedding and spill her drink on the dress (teen movie style).

      • jammypants says:

        @Christin stop it! 😂

      • Bonzo says:

        A wedding ain’t proper without Katy crashing it.

    • Kita says:

      Sixer: Taylor wearing her wedding dress, and Kanye West showing up as a presenter. You know, somehow, Kanye must be ordained to perform some kind of wedding, right? If not… still got time to get certified.

      Who should the groomsmen be to stand alongside the girl squad? Should the wedding ring contain a small golden Oscar statue to represent their future? Something “blue” could be her new song about Tom’s eyes matching her shoes on their walkabout the Colosseum. Who’s the best man, what’s her something “old” going to be?

    • Liberty says:

      A Mini Tiddly Realitune

      It’s real and happy!
      We’re happy it’s real!
      We’re weeelly so happy
      It’s real!

      Togetherness happened!
      Together, we feel!
      Together 4-ever!
      It’s real!

      It isn’t a stunt!
      Just took a punt!
      Chuffed this hound can hunt!
      It’s our deal!

      Publicity wuh?
      Truth is that huh?
      The paparazzi can show you:
      It’s real!

  6. freebunny says:

    I have an Hiddleston overdose.

    • kai says:

      Seriously. He loves to hear himself talk.

      • freebunny says:

        Worst thing about him is the humblebragging.
        Him and Cumby are the same for that.

      • jammypants says:

        The guy just got nominated for something he worked really hard on. I’d humblebrag too.

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      These two, so overexposed right now. Still, it’s a nice distraction from what’s going on in the world today.

  7. mytake says:

    I’m shocked that the Celebitchy team actually think this relationship is real. I honestly thought you all recognized the contract-y undertone to all this, and were writing tongue-in-cheek!

    • yellowrocket says:

      I would argue that they have a better insight into than you or i do. They called this waaayy before it even happened. My general rule of thumb is that they always turn out to be right. Even when I’m shouting at the screen that kaiser had this one all wrong, every single time she was proved right eventually.

      Also, what benefit is tom getting from the relationship. It’s ruined his chance at bond and he is being ridiculed around the world. I just don’t think this arrangement is doing him any favours.

      • Naya says:

        This arrangement has done him plenty of favors and he is calling each one.

        Firstly, people need to stop over estimating award show voters. Time and time again we have seen these voters interviewd (anonymously of course) and what emerges clear as day is that these people may be wealthy and white but art sophisticates they are not. Many of them dont even watch the shows nominated. With the categories they didnt bother to assess they just vote with where they think buzz is or the name most familiar. Toms recent exposure gives him an edge over a lot of the people in his category, from Idris to Cumbie.

        Secondly, sure nominees give out interviews after nomination but Tom hit the road running. Quick list of who else gave Hollywood Reporter an interview that long in under 12 hours? He didnt just say “I’m honored, cheers guys”. He gave a proper interview. And wouldnt you know it, he didnt ban the Taylor question. He never responds to the dating question so why now when a real actor would be avoiding all focus on his private life in favor of his work? Could it be that his team knows that a simple “I’m honored” statement wouldnt get him headlines? Could it be that they know that it is essential that voters be bombarded with that name (because once again he is nominated in a category that many of them will not have watched anyway)? Why, yes and yes!

        Next up, he has to try and stretch this new found fame into an extra early buzz for Kong. Thats where his real mettle as a box office star will be tested. Waiting patiently for that roll out

      • Miss Melissa says:

        Spot on Naya.

        If it was 4 am there, why not sleep a bit and then take the call? He was up all night, waiting to strike while the iron was hot.

        These two fame whores are exhausting.

      • Bonzo says:

        Yeah, you know Tom stayed up to find out if he was nominated. No doubt in my mind. He couldn’t wait to get on the phone with Josh and HR to give his interview and soundbite “heard ’round the world”.

      • Dara says:

        @Naya, extra early buzz for Kong, but don’t forget Golden Globe nominations are only a few months away, and unlike the Oscars, they have a separate category for acting in a comedy/musical. They also have a solid history of handing out nominations just to jack up the star power at their event. Tom’s chances of a GG nomination for ISTL improve if his name-recognition improves, and if there is a chance he would have someone like Taylor Swift on his arm at the event, so much the better.

      • Bonzo says:

        Dara, I didn’t have the Globes on my radar yet (pre-TIFF) but I think you’re right. I bet he’s hoping the increased exposure would better his chances for a TNM nod for limited drama series & actor, instead of ISTL.

        So, hitting the key events in the PR timeline, I’ve updated my predictions:

        Engaged by Sept
        Married by Jan
        Pregnant by March

        Dang, I should work in PR. I’m good at this. 🙂

      • LinaLamont says:


        “Firstly, people need to stop over estimating award show voters. Time and time again we have seen these voters interviewd (anonymously of course) and what emerges clear as day is that these people may be wealthy and white but art sophisticates they are not. Many of them dont even watch the shows nominated. With the categories they didnt bother to assess they just vote with where they think buzz is or the name most familiar. Toms recent exposure gives him an edge over a lot of the people in his category, from Idris to Cumbie.”

        Nope. AMPAS, ATAS, NATAS, DGA, WGA, SAG, etc. all vote differently. Not everyone’s white and wealthy (and, yes, there should be greater diversity.. from the top down and the bottom up…there’s always room for more diversity in any business). TH didn’t get an edge over anyone with Swiddlegate.

        Also, most of what’s on the screen is hardly sophisticated art. Don’t confuse that with quality entertainment.

        I’ll bet that the number of members who vote blind is negligible in most categories. Voting blind is not the same as not voting because you haven’t seen a show/film. First round voting is not the same as final, either.

        Perhaps, your voting experiences are different than mine.

        Golden Globes is a different animal.

      • Dara says:

        Oh, it just occurred to me that The Night Manager will be eligible for The Golden Globes too. Maybe that’s the more likely nomination.

        @Lina – I’ve been meaning to tell you that I really appreciate your insider view into all of this. I didn’t think Swiddlegate really helped Tom on the awards front anywhere except maybe with the HFPA, but that was a blind guess on my part. It’s amazing to me that such a small group controls what has become a serious benchmark during awards season.

      • bonzo says:

        I have a question on the Globes voters. I know it’s HW foreign press people, but are the voters those who cover art and entertainment across the board? What I’m trying to get at is are they ones who review film and TV and therefore have an interest in quality art or entertainment? My impression that it’s become more about celebrity than art made me wonder if the voters weren’t serious reviewers or but rather celeb journos.

        Not sure if I’m framing my question right, but trying to get a sense of the voters and whether they’re serious reviewers or not.

      • Dara says:

        @LinaLamont might know the answer more than I would, but according to their website the HFPA membership is small, less than 100. Not sure what their membership criteria is, but I don’t think there are that many “serious” foreign press people based in LA to begin with so at least some must be entertainment reporters, the ones that attend the movie junkets, premieres and do promotional interviews with actors.

        I agree that the GG’s seem more about celebrity – and popularity – than quality, but they have gotten a lot of flack in past years when they veer too far in that direction. It could be too that they just look at films a little differently than the US journalists, and that comes across at nomination time.

      • lilacflowers says:

        The GG rarely releases lists of who the Hollywood Foreign Press voting members are and there is a great deal of mystery surrounding them. Pia Zadora won a Golden Globe as best newcomer for her role in Butterfly, the same role that won her a Razzie.

    • Luca76 says:

      Eh if it were a contract why did she go to Australia? Most contract relationships are the absolute minimum necessary together time.

      • EnnuiAreTheChampions says:


      • MP says:

        Of course she had to go with him. They were very widely and openly mocked and doubted. If after two weeks of meeting parents and 24/7 hand holding they’d been fine being weeks apart nobody would have believed them any more.
        Currently they are stuck. Even if they wanted to call whatever it is quits they can’t because they would be the laughing stock of the whole world and, even worse for him, the industry.

      • Luca76 says:

        The reason nobody believes them is the reason I do believe them. Is it healthy?probably not but there is no reason that they’d spend this much time with eachother purely for PR purposes.

      • Evie says:

        @Luca76: Seriously!? What else has Tay-Tay got to do? She’s not touring, the Squad packed up and went home after the Fourth of July and Anna Wintour doesn’t require her assistance at present to co-chair the Met Ball or appear at an awards ceremony to accept the latest Taylor Swift Award. She’s the highest grossing entertainer in the world worth hundreds of millions. Tay-Tay is currently living the life of the idle rich. How best to keep your name in the headlines? Jet around the world with your latest “Perfect Prince Charming” and showcase your magical relationship and stick to your love like Gorilla Glue.

      • Luca76 says:

        I’m sticking to my opinion. I get that nobody likes Taylor (for some reasonable reasons but to a somewhat unreasonable extent) but she’s got plenty of things to do and plenty of different ways to get attention than flitting about in Australia. She could have also had he exact same Us Weekly cover while in the states.

      • Starkiller says:

        This is actually pretty strong evidence that it IS some kind of arrangement. US passport holders need a visa to go to Australia. Getting one is not a short or easy process. Unless she holds a passport for a country that has a visa-waiver agreement with Australia (and I can find no evidence that she does) she would have had to be planning this for a long time. Like, longer than they’ve been “dating”.

      • EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

        “Most U.S. passport holders traveling to Australia for tourism or business purposes for less than 90 days can obtain an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). The ETA is an electronic label-free visa and can be obtained at the ETA website for a small service fee.” — U.S. State Dept website

        The ETA website’s FAQ section says most are processed immediately.

      • Dara says:

        “not a short or easy process”. Are you kidding? Australian visas for US passport holders doing a short-term stay are one of the easiest visas to get that I’ve ever seen.

        If you are booking flights through a travel agent they usually do it for you, otherwise you log onto the Aussie immigration website, plug in a few pieces of info, pay a fee, and the visa is issued almost immediately. The Aussies send an email confirmation, but you don’t even need to present the confirmation when entering the country, the visa is tied to your passport automatically. Even so, she was there less than a year ago for her tour, she probably already had a visa that is still valid.

    • epiphany says:

      I agree, although I’m not convincd it’s a bearding situation. I think they really are in a relationship, but her motivation is to get back at Calvin, and his motivation is to reach that next level of fame he could never reach by himself, or by dating someone like Elizabeth Olsen. Nobody courts publicity better than Swift, and Hiddleston is hungry. This is no grand passion.They’ll milk it for all it’s worth, then go their separate ways.

      • Jayna says:

        I agree with everything you said except in the thick of all those blatant motives as the reason for such a public relationship can be the fact that they are also in love — or in the kind of love lust you get when first dating

    • Crumpet says:

      *rummages around for her tinfoil hat*

      • Dlo says:

        Hahaha Crumpet! I am out of tin foil 😵

      • EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

        @dlo, I think the entire CB pantry is stripped bare of tin foil at this point. We’re all going to have to resort to fashioning hats out of taped-together gum wrappers.

  8. paolanqar says:

    The break up will be EPIC.

    • Megan says:


    • LadyLoo says:

      I hope it happens on a beach. There will be some poetic justice in an epic beach fight and breakup.

      Or I hope he walks her to the end of a pier and puts her on a boat like Harry Styles did. That would be beautiful. Even more beautiful: SHE walks TH to the boat!!!

      • Bonzo says:

        That snapshot of her sitting on the boat was one of the funniest things I’ve seen. I mean, it’s gotta be bad if your man is so tired of you he dumps you on the first available vessel and ships your ass off the island.

      • jammypants says:

        I can totally see her pouting and pissed off he had the last say.

      • Christin says:

        I had never seen that photo until recently. And supposedly he kept island partying after she was ferried away.

        The romance I followed with slightly amused bewilderment was the Hyannis summer of 2012. That one seemed to fade away, though rumor has it his father put his foot down regarding her disrupting the kid’s studies by sending the plane for him.

      • LadyLoo says:

        He went right back to partying @Christin. Harry didn’t skip a beat. She looked so pathetic after that dumping that she cut her hair, bought herself a girl ‘squad’ and became a feminist…or at least started to claim sexism whenever someone was mean to her.

  9. Becky says:

    I just want to say that look, the truth is that Aidan Turner and I are together, and we’re very happy. Thanks for asking. That’s the truth. It’s not a publicity stunt.

    Now, if I close my eyes and say it 3 times, while crossing my fingers….

    • lilacflowers says:

      I believe you. Now, can you get him to shave off or closely trim that beard? It is hiding all the pretty.

    • pikawho? says:

      He’s been two timing me??!!! The children will be devastated 😢

    • Sixer says:

      The truth is that I’m with Idris on Mondays, Jim Al-Khalili on Tuesdays, Alien Beauty on Wednesdays, Jeffrey Dean Morgan on Thursdays, have a day off on Fridays*, and pretend that I’m married to Mr Sixer at the weekends.

      *Fridays were once reserved for LEGS but now he has become the internet’s Cockwomble of Cringe, I’m on a sabbatical from him.

      Anybody who doubts this KNOWS NOTHING, JON SNOW.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        I’m delighted to know that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is free on Friday thru Wednesday, Sixer. Please be gentle on your Thursdays so there is something left for me.

      • Sixer says:

        He’s my latest crush. We don’t seem to have any men like that here in Britland. I’ll do my best!

      • browniecakes says:

        THIS is why I can’t get ahold of Idris on Mondays! Damn you Sixer!

      • K.C. says:

        I’m glad you have this on a schedule. Time management is very important. Since you’re taking a LEGS sabbatical, I’d suggest extending Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s time into a two-day deal.

      • Dara says:

        @Sixer, we don’t have many men like Jeffrey Dean Morgan here in the states either, even though I’m typing this about 5 miles from where he grew up. Our high schools probably even played against each other in some sort of sports-like activity, although I think I missed him by a few years – to my eternal regret.

      • Sixer says:

        Dara – haha and aww. I would be regretful, too!

        But he is um… really, really, really *American*, you know? We really don’t even have his type, let alone a rock solid god of his type as he is. I also harbour a minor crush on Kyle Chandler for much the same reason. That’s an American type that doesn’t exist in the UK. It kinda makes me understand why people like LEGS are catnip to some women stateside. There’s not really an American equivalent but they are ten-a-penny here.

      • Bonzo says:

        Oh my goodness, you mentioned Kyle Chandler. I have had a full on ladyboner for that lovely man since episode one of FNL. I think every woman I know wanted a husband just like Coach Taylor. He was/is perfection.

        Someone pointed me to Homefront yesterday, now I have to track it down and watch it just for him.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        So, the Bloke is banished forevermore because of princely polo?

      • Bonzo says:

        I just have to add that I squealed a bit when I saw a Duran Duran post today. My latent ladyboner for John Taylor came back HARD. He was my first total sex fantasy crush as a teenager. All prior ones — Ricky Schroder, John Schneider, Larry Wilcox & Shaun Cassidy — were innocent “Love Boat” fantasy boyfriends. Very chaste. Not so with JT. *I* was the one he was chasing in the Hungry Like the Wolf video.

      • Sixer says:

        Lilac – YES. The Bloke will have to work bloody hard to get back into my good books. Princely polo isn’t even funny. At least Tiddles comes with jokes attached.

    • Ennie says:

      He was the cutest hobbit! I almost forgot my Richard Armitage crush from “North and South” when I saw Aidan on screen.

    • JamesBond says:

      Well, um. How best to put this? That notion is, look, the truth is that Michael Fassbender and I are together and we’re very happy. Thanks for asking. That’s the truth. It’s not a publicity stunt.

      We should turn this into a meme.

      • Becky says:

        Jamesbond, yes we should. But you have to keep exactly to the scrip… sorry quote, and you can only have one at a time.

        Sixer cheated by having a different one 4 days a week.

      • Sixer says:

        Did not! I’ve just got sharp elbows.

  10. pikawho? says:

    Her full name? Who does he think he is, Chris Traeger? Ann Perkins!

    And his denial of it being a publicity stunt is practically a confirmation that it is one. I used to be amused by this guy, then slightly annoyed (his Graham Norton appearances, yikes) but I think I’m now moving into the “irrational hatred” phase. Like I really want his career to tank just so he goes the fuck away.

    • K.C. says:

      But he actually IS like Chris Traeger. Oh god, I never realized that. I’m so distressed.

      No matter what he said, people would say, “That sounds like something someone trying to cover up a publicity stunt would say!” The only way they’ll ever beat the rumors is by simply staying together. Otherwise, we have no way of truly knowing one way or the other.

    • tsc says:

      Now you ruined Chris Traeger for me. Thanks a lot 🙁

  11. Malificent says:

    I love it when Tom fanboys himself. (Although I think that might be illegal in some Southern states….)

  12. “the truth is that Taylor Swift and I are together, and we’re very happy.”

    Yeah Tom, I pretty much garnered that when you wore a tank top emblazoned with your feelings on it for the public to see while on a beach.

  13. Whatabout says:

    He realizes this is an Emmy? Not an Oscar? Could you imagine what he would be like if it were??!!!

    • kai says:

      He would hold a press conference.

    • KHLBHL says:

      And, no offense, it’s an Emmy for a Limited Series. Which is definitely less “prestigious” a category than an ongoing series, given the types of some shows and actors who have been nominated in the past. An Emmy nom is like a Grammy nom….it seems like most everybody A-list, B-list in Hollywood gets at least one (especially in the technical categories). You know what got Emmy nominations? Shark Tank. Diners, Drive-in, and Dives. High School Musical. Naked and Afraid. (Not to knock on those shows…just…you know, prove my point). So everyone (esp. Tom Hiddleston) can calm down.

      • lilacflowers says:

        Previous Winners of Best Actor in Limited Series or Movie:

        Richard Jenkins
        Benedict Cumberbatch
        Kevin Costner
        Michael Douglas
        Barry Pepper
        Al Pacino

        More Distant Winners – Brendan Gleeson, Paul Giamatti, Robert Duval, Geoffrey Rush, Kenneth Branagh (for a film in which Tom made one of his first appearances), Albert Finney, Jack Lemmon, Stanley Tucci, Alan Rickman, Raul Julia, Hume Cronyn, Robert Morse, John Gielgud, Dustin Hoffman, Tommy Lee Jones, Laurence Olivier (multiple times), George C. Scott, William Holden, Anthony Hopkins, Jason Robards,Hal Holbrook, Peter Ustinov.

        Sure, not a prestigious one. They just hand this one out like participation trophies. On par with Shark Tank.

  14. Andie88 says:

    I’m starting to wonder if Taylor has a part in the new Thor movie?! Also is the Thor franchise doing well? I’m just wondering if they needed an added boost of “promotion” and so they employed Taylor and Tom as a way of bringing attention to the new movie. just a thought 🙂

  15. Anonymous says:

    My 13-year-old loves Taylor Swift so I overdosed on her a long time ago. Tom, on the other hand — I’ve never seen him in anything. I don’t know anything about him except that he’s British and posh and in his 30s. But I feel like I know enough about both of them to wonder what the hell they have in common. They just seem to be from such different worlds. I really don’t get this relationship at all.

    • Jayna says:

      I hope she doesn’t go all Madonna on us and develop a faux British accent and become the posh lady of the country estate for pictorials together. LOL

      • Bonzo says:

        After her fashion transformation the two days she was visiting his family, it would not only be possible, but expected.

      • Anners says:

        @Jayna – you hope she doesn’t?! I’m living for the proper English rose version of swifty. Or high class lady who does tea at swanky hotels and looks down her long nose at the rest of the populace. I think she’ll *own* country manor Barbie styles.

      • Lostmymind says:

        How long before she buys a castle in the English countryside?

  16. Emily says:

    Omg Taylor Swift had better be your Emmy date!!!!

    • Secret squirrel says:

      Oh no, he will have to take Anna Wintour.

      By the way, has anyone else noticed that Anna and Taylor have basically the same hairstyle? They could be mother and daughter…

      Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Yes, I did notice that. I think she is copying Anna’s trademark hair to get back at her for that frizzy, bleached hatchet job Anna inflicted on her for the Vogue cover.

  17. Kiki says:

    They both deserve each other. Tom Hiddlestone campaigning just as hard as Alicia Vikander campainging for that Oscar of hers. He is just pathetic and I hope he doesn’t win an Emmy for his category.

    • OhDear says:

      Vikander at least is up front and honest about her ambitions. Hiddleston seems like a genuinely nice person, hard worker, and a good actor, but the coyness is annoying.

      I don’t think he’s going to win. It’s a strong category and this *cough* relationship *cough* with Swift is not helping him credibility-wise.

    • Alex says:

      I agree that Alicia was more upfront about her campaigning. It was refreshing honestly. I just wish she won for her stronger performance.

      I doubt tom will win just because of who else is nominated. Is it bad that I hope he brings Taylor as his date so we can openly mock (and so can his fellow celebs) and then when he loses it will be so much more fun?

      • Kiki says:

        That’s fine and so was Jennifer Lawrence as well and she won. I know you can tell that I don’t like Alicia Vikander and you are absolutely right. Yes she was upfront but she was also arrogant, I don’t see nothing wrong with humility and honesty at the same time. As for Tom, I really don’t like at all nor I am really sick of Taylor Swift who is also like Alicia Vikander, upfront and smug at the same time.

        So BITE ME.

    • twilly says:

      He won’t win – so many stronger performances. He basically smirks his way through The Night Manager.

  18. MI6 says:

    BBC story leads with TS confirmation instead of Emmy nod. This is overshadowing his biggest work honor to date. What a shame.
    She’s wearing him like an LV bag.

    • OhDear says:

      I thought that, too.

    • Naya says:

      But would he be a BBC headline without her. He would be a brief mention in the limited drama male category without this little leg up. The BBC may highlight all three british shows and actors that made it in that category but he wouldnt be the standout.

      Once again, he knew exactly what would happen if he coupled an Emmy nom statement with a TS mention. He wanted it badly enough not to ban the question or not comment on it. Forget Rada, this how you become a STAR baby.

      • MP says:

        @Naya ITA

        I just hope it will be worth it in the end.
        Selling your integrity and honesty for fame and fortune.
        Hollywood is full of very successful and unhappy people.

  19. Mira says:

    “The truth is Taylor Swift and I are together”
    Just in case we were wondering which Taylor he was talking about.

  20. Sue says:

    Ok, first he´s not able to respond to a simple question “how is your girlfriend enjoying the Gold Coats or what are they looking forward to do there while he´s working blablabla…” from a reporter and now he´s able to produce a full sentence on this? Like some kind of “how to talk to public about us” briefing took place in their hotel room recently? 😀
    And what else should he respond to this kind of question? And the same with the Chris H. radio statement “he seems to be happy”…God, I wish him love, happiness, everything he wants, but it should be true, natural love, without some shitty personal garbage from his partner. I´m still (and maybe remain) skeptical about this, sorry.. His life must be very exhausting…

  21. lilacflowers says:

    He could have told the interviewer that the question was rude and ridiculous and refused to answer, which would have served the interviewer right as the question was rude and ridiculous. But whatever.

    Brunch is served with plenty of desserts as well.

    • OhDear says:

      It’s a lose-lose situation for him no matter how he responded. If he refused to answer the question, he’ll get mocked (again) for wanting privacy even though they’ve been shoving this “relationship” down everyone’s throat for the past month. If he confirms it, then it goes against what he’s said in interviews about keeping his personal life private. But at least it will get people to believe that the “relationship” is not merely business.

      If he’s going to respond to that question, Josh Horowitz is the best person for him to go to, because Horowitz loves him and he can better control the situation. Other interviewers would have asked follow up questions to his response which, IMO, would not have gone well.

      • lilacflowers says:

        But the answer that is being quoted is from an interview with THR in which the interviewer directly asked him if the relationship is a publicity stunt. That’s not from the interview with Josh. The full interview with Josh hasn’t been released yet.

      • MI6 says:

        Exactly, OH Dear. It’s a canned PR 101 answer and she’s controlling the message. She can’t afford to take any more hits this week and he’s the mouthpiece. The question and media outlets were prearranged.
        And this on the day he’s nominated for an Emmy. Gross.

      • OhDear says:

        @lilacflowers – I read a summary of the Horowtiz interview on MTV’s website, where Hiddles says “We are together and we’re very happy” again.

        Re: THR – I have my theories (see below). All IMO, of course.

      • jammypants says:

        Is this Josh interview for Happy Sad Confused?

      • Dara says:

        @jammy, yes – full interview will be on Josh’s Happy Sad Confused podcast (Monday?). Far as I can tell, Tom spoke to three reporters/publications on Emmy nomination day – THR, Josh Horowitz, and Variety. Variety didn’t mention Swift at all so their interview isn’t getting a lot of play.

        I’m not surprised Tom spoke to two of those three – he’s known Josh forever, and the Variety reporter moderated one of his Q&A’s when he was doing Night Manager (or was it ISTL?) promo and they seemed to hit it off.

      • jammypants says:

        @Dara, thanks! 😘 I’ll have to look for that Variety article.

      • Fa says:

        Also I think the we very happy line was might for Calvin H who earlier that tweeted quote “If you are happy in your new relationship stop tear your ex bf”

    • M.A.F. says:

      He could have answered with a “you tell me” response. I just find it assuming he included the “it’s not a stunt” bit. But I agree with Oh Dear, there really wasn’t a proper way to answer without pissing people off.

      • EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

        Oh my lord, if he’d said “You tell me,” this post would have ended up with 800+ comments, rather than the (likely) 300 comments making a mountain out of his his use of a last name.

      • M.A.F. says:

        True but it would have liven up the place.

    • Guesto says:

      @lilacflowers – “He could have told the interviewer that the question was rude and ridiculous and refused to answer, which would have served the interviewer right as the question was rude and ridiculous.”

      That ‘rude and ridiculous’ train left the TayTo station a long time ago. 😉

  22. CornyBlue says:

    Isnt this an interview with THR ? Good to see THR is dipping its toes in gossip.
    Also what do they expect he will say ? Between you and me and your thousands of viewers..No we are not actually together.

    • OhDear says:

      Think there were two separate interviews – one with Horowitz and one with THR.

      On a related note, Janice Min runs THR now, but she used to run US Weekly. Hmm.

      • lisa2 says:

        The Hollywood Reporter has been dipping more than a toe into gossip for some time. They have done quite a few stories that you would think were pulled from a tabloid. I’m not surprised in the least. They have also been posting stories that it is clear that comes right from a celebrity PR Team.

        so toe dipping is not what they are doing these days.. Swimming in Gossip is more like it.

      • OhDear says:

        @lisa2 – I was implying that I think Swift/her team has had a relationship with US Weekly (see the “Tom is going to propose soon!” cover). Now that Min has moved to THR, IMO Swift/her team is using that relationship to get Hiddleston that interview where he can confirm the “relationship” without getting pushback from the interviewer.

  23. Anon says:

    Thank you, Tom. Thank you so much for clarifying your relationship status after you just got nominated for an Emmy. Thank you for naming her Taylor SWIFT, your girlfriend. Otherwise we wouldn’t have a clue which Taylor you were meaning. Thank you also for explaining to us that this is not a PR stunt. Please, just shut up and save your dignity or the remaining rest of it. What the eff did I ever see in this guy?

  24. MI6 says:

    I’m just trying to imagine someone asking about my relationship and me quanitfing it with “and it’s not a publicity stunt.”
    Something wrong with that picture

    • lilacflowers says:

      But the reporter directly asked if it was a publicity stunt.

      • MI6 says:

        Hence my point. The fact that question is even asked is ludicrous.
        Have a mimosa, Lilac.

      • Noname says:

        It’s being asked because their relationship has been questioned since day one.

      • Bonzo says:

        Most celebs aren’t asked that question. I think that’s MI6’s point. The fact that so many have questioned it says something about how they’ve presented it to the public.

      • Noname says:

        How should they have presented it to the public? Is it really anyone’s business but their own?

    • TyrantDestroyed says:

      I agree, he should had stopped at “we are very happy” and leave out the publicity stunt part. Something’s off but I am enjoying all this A LOT.

      • Crox says:

        If he stopped with that, people would say he avoided that part of the question because it is a publicity stunt. He can’t win.

      • TyrantDestroyed says:

        I’m not quite sure about your last asseveration. So far he could win an Emmy, and he has supposedly won Ms. Swift’s heart. Would that be enough? Time will tell…

    • KatM says:

      Yes, obviously he is aware of what is being said in the press. I think it would be best if she goes away for awhile. I personally do not get the attraction to her physically. But everyone has their type I suppose. I wonder if they have separate rooms or if they are sharing one because personally speaking, that would drive me batty during the initial stages of a relationship. I personally like my space. I find it kind of off that she literally jumps from relationship to relationship and becomes this serious every single time. I personally think it is hilarious that Calvin Harris outed her regarding Katy Perry. I have always thought that she is not as goody two shoes as she implies. If she would just be real and not portray this ridiculous, overexaggerated, glee club Barbie, then maybe people would not jump up and down and cheer loudly when she gets called out.

  25. Mata says:

    We’re there rumors that he was gay? I only ask because I know nothing about his personal life (until now) and there’s something about all the photo ops and phony snuggling that reminds me of her bearding days.

    • Miss Melissa says:


    • Luca76 says:

      There were gay rumors(tbh there are gay rumors about almost ever Internet fav and not all of them are true), he also has some regular girl ex and a maybe relationship with Elizabeth Olsen and or/Jessica Chastain.

      • Secret squirrel says:

        Don’t forget JArthy! She was the one that almost broke the Internet with him.

      • LadyLoo says:

        JC herself denied any relationship with TH.

      • Bonzo says:

        I wish Chastain were single and willing to date him. I would have been all over that. I love the way they are together and I’d have no problem with her “invading” his posts here.

      • jammypants says:

        I ship him with Chastain. Too bad she doesn’t date actors.

      • Miss Melissa says:

        This mess is probably precisely why she doesn’t date actors.

      • Abby_J says:

        I was holding out hope for Tom and Hayley Atwell to fall in love and have lovely little English babies. She wouldn’t be as embarrassing for him, and they are both thirsty as heck.

        But they are both pretty, so that should count for something. 😉

      • lilacflowers says:

        @AbbyJ, I always liked the idea of a pairing with Hayley Atwell too. And she is funny!

    • browniecakes says:

      There’s rumors she’s gay.

  26. PatriotsPower27 says:

    I think he shouldn’t have answered the question because, here we all are, after a confirmation of the relationship dissecting every word in his statement. He used the words “Taylor Swift” so that there will be no doubt about who he was referring to. In life, I’ve realized that everyone is entitled to their opinions and views and it’s impossible to change said opinions and views. She has nothing to gain from this, she isn’t promoting anything, and is on a break. Why would she be in Australia? He’s allegedly lost of his credibility as an actor (according to celeb sites) yet he is still treading on with this. Some people don’t realize how rude it is to imagine what an educated man sees in this multi-millionaire woman. It’s the same with Amal Clooney who had to be a successful lawyer to be on George Clooneys level as an actor. We take a few steps forward and so many steps back.
    People celebrating Calvin Harris taking down Taylor Swift are interesting to me. This same guy hadn’t officially broken up with his then-girlfriend when he started dating Swift (she still had all pictures of him up on her social media). It is the same individual who threw a hissy hit with Leona Lewis and this particular individual is why no one knows Rita Ora because he tried to bury her. Taylor has her own issues with privilege that she needs to work through but uplifting a guy with a history of not being respectful to women whom he’s deemed have wronged him is actually a little short-sighted.
    This is helping to distract me from Nice — the first city I loved when I visited it in the 90s.

    • Luca76 says:

      Aww yes the real news has been so demoralizing these past few weeks that all I can really do is worry about gossip. I tend to agree with you on everything except that he shouldn’t have made a statement. I think he felt he had to so that the more reputable media outlets would let it go.

    • Noname says:

      I agree with you 100% about Calvin Harris. I am so troubled by those that are #teamCalvin.

      • EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

        Me too. I read somewhere, and I agree, that at this point if Donald Trump himself criticized them, there would be people cheering him on.

    • Dara says:

      “She has nothing to gain from this, she isn’t promoting anything, and is on a break.”

      Taylor Swift is promoting Taylor Swift, as she has always done. She is a master at creating a cult of personality which then translates to record sales. I’ve no idea when her next album or tour is due to be released, so she is busy keeping herself in the public eye in the meantime. If Hiddleswift hadn’t burst onto the scene when it did, her ongoing issues with Kimye would be what people would be paying attention to.

      Calvin is a douche waffle, but he has seen the Taylor Swift media machine from the inside, so I think I hit pretty close to home with that tweet about Taylor being on a break and needing something to do.

      • Bonzo says:

        Yes to all this. Even if Ebby Calvin is ass (which I think he is), I’m not unhappy that he’s giving some tidbits to the media on Swifty. I don’t buy her sweet, innocent girl charm at all and have suspicions that she’s a master manipulator. She didn’t get to the top without an incredible amount of ambition and willingness to do whatever it takes to clear her path to stardom.

      • Noname says:

        If Calvin hadn’t bombarded TMZ with statements regarding their breakup for two weeks straight and then changed it when the beach photos came out, I might think differently about him and believe what he says. But I don’t. Funny thing is I believe John Mayer more than I believe this clown. How is it that John Mayer was more respectful than Calvin Harris? I’m not referring to his tweets on Wednesday, I am referring to the narrative he tried to sell regarding their break up. The truth probably is Taylor dumped him in a phone call because of Tom Hiddleston but she is using the terrible song as an excuse because of the image she is trying to sell. I don’t buy her sweet, innocent act either but Calvin Harris is a jerk and I will side eye the crap out of anyone that thinks it is okay for him to treat any woman, especially an ex girlfriend, this way. If it is not okay for Taylor, then is not okay for Calvin.

      • Miss Melissa says:

        Has anyone considered the possibility that Calvin tried to spin the split positively because Taylor and Tom cheated?

      • Jen says:

        @ miss mellisa
        This is what I heard. A poster on ONTD said her friend who works for Taylor said this, they cheated. Renner the first press release, if recall correctly it said no one cheated, it especially pointed out she didn’t cheat or am I wrong? It seemed weird at the time.

      • Noname says:

        @ Miss Melissa- “Adam has been bored for a while and was hoping the spark would come back but it hasn’t,” a source told E! News exclusively Thursday. “Friends were even surprised it lasted this long because of the lack of chemistry.”

        Another insider had previously told E! News Harris “started to lose interest over the past few months” and that the two were “not very compatible” and “seemed like they were more friends than lovers.” That’s positive to you?

        @Jen- when did this cheating supposedly take place? Night before the Met Gala or after the after party of the Met Gala? Oh, but wait, Taylor posted pics to instagram with her friends in their pajamas… couldn’t be then..

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @NoName, don’t you know? In the middle of the Met Gala, they sneaked off to the Arms & Armor Department where they donned helmets, he recited the “once more into the breach” bit from Henry V, and then they went at it. Alternatively, some would have it that she waylaid him during one of his morning runs hrough Nashville when he was prepping for ISTL and her tour was designed to connect up with all the TNM and Kong location shootings.

      • Noname says:

        @Lilacflowers- too much conspiracy nonsense for me, lol. I think they hit it off at the Met Gala, they exchanged phone numbers and he called her. I also think she broke it off with the DJ wonderkid around the time of Met Gala or shortly after because of the spark or chemistry or maybe just the attention she received that night from Tom Hiddleston. He paid her more attention in that dance off than DJ Sparkles ever did & his interest seemed genuine. Again it’s all what I think, conjecture, etc… but what I think should be obvious to anyone with half of a brain is that Calvin Harris is a Class A Jerk. He has shown a pattern of behavior after a breakup. He has tried to spin the breakup in his favor since June 2. And his statements, sources, etc all had the same misogynistic, bs crap- she was boring/lacked sex appeal/too clingy/wanted to get married to she cheated/something is up/she’s controlling the media.

      • Ducky la Rue says:

        “In the middle of the Met Gala, they sneaked off to the Arms & Armor Department where they donned helmets, he recited the “once more into the breach” bit from Henry V, and then they went at it.”

        @Lilacflowers, LOL! OMG, that is brilliant. Brilliant! I laughed so hard I might actually cry.

      • Miss Melissa says:

        @Noname I was specifically referring to Harris’ June 2nd tweet about the end of the relationship. “The only truth here is that a relationship came to an end & what remains is a huge amount of love and respect”

        I don’t assume “sources inside” are Calvin Harris, any more than I assume “sources inside” are Taylor Swift.
        Should one assume both with equal measure?

        Please direct me to the statements Calvin made that she is boring, too clingy and lacks sex appeal?

        Now personally, I think all three, but that is just my opinion. I never saw him say that.

      • lilacflowers says:

        @Miss Melissa, why are you directing that question at me? I never made any claim that Eppie Calvin said those things

      • KatM says:

        Yes to everything you said Dara. I think you are spot on that Calvin has seen the inside of the machine that runs the Taylor Swift empire and he beat her to the punch and I personally applaud him for that, even if he is a douche waffle, which by the way, is a hilarious nickname. I think they are both douche waffles and that is why they got along so well. The sad thing is that apparently Tom Hiddleston apparently likes douche waffles too.

      • Miss Melissa says:

        You’re right @lilacflowers. That was all @Noname. Apologies. Too many hours looking at figures on a computer screen.

  27. browniecakes says:

    Whenever, if ever Taylor talks about Tom, it will he helpful if she uses his last name to be sure we have the right one. Taylor could be talking any number of men.

  28. Yellowrose says:

    They may be together – that doesn’t mean they’re together for, um, ordinary reasons. And either way, she’s appalling, and all this says to me is that despite being born to the gifts of gender and racial privilege, economic security, brains, breeding, education, talent, and opportunity that few on this earth could ever hope to approach, Hiddles is basically a shallow immature idiot – a 35 year old with the emotional makeup of a 14 year old. Pity.

    • Miss Melissa says:


    • jammypants says:

      Have some champagne. He’s just dating.

      • Bonzo says:

        I think his intentions are a little more than simply dating… 😉

      • jammypants says:

        Sex. Lots of sex. On a private jet. In a pool of expensive champagne. On a Jaguar. In a recording studio.

      • Bonzo says:

        To me, dating implies sex. There’s definitely more to his choice of one of the biggest pop stars in the world.

        Having that private jet at his disposal (not to mention inflatable water slides every 4th of July) must be a nice perk!

    • Annetommy says:

      If she’s appalling and he’s an idiot they sound very well suited. But those don’t seem accurate descriptions to me, and I don’t understand the OTT reaction to this relationship.

      • Miss Melissa says:

        I can’t speak for anyone but myself.

        She rubs me the wrong way with the same force that Anne Hathaway rubs some people the wrong way. But for different reasons.

        To me, she is the mean girl in a victim’s clothing. Don’t buy the spin she is selling.

        I did like the old package Tom was selling, but now that he is on Regina George’s mean girl public relationship train, I’ve lost all respect for him.

        Call it a snarky burial of my Hiddleston admiration, if you will.

        Why the whole world is covering it? I don’t know. But that just adds to my annoyance.

      • Annetommy says:

        I don’t assume that someone’s public image necessarily reflects who they actually are. Many “ordinary” people are very different people in private than they are in the office or out with friends. The amount of hidden mental illness and domestic violence shows that (that’s not referring to Tayto of course!) So when people are in showbiz, it’s even more likely that the two – or more – persona might not coincide. I don’t know enough about Taylor to comment, but I don’t know why Tom does seem to be behaving “out of character”. This may be the “real” him, it may be another persona. Frankly it doesn’t upset me. If he was publicly fighting, dealing drugs, hitting his GF, spouting racist or sexist or homophobic nonsense, or a number of other things, it certainly would bother me. Going on a spree with a pop princess doesn’t.

  29. browniecakes says:

    I was surprised that the Ghostbusters movie was the first time the Thor 3 team was meeting Taylor. I thought he would have strutted that show pony out day 1. Maybe he’s embarrassed he’s trying to work and she’s clinging to him like Saran Wrap?

    • anon 456 says:

      They didn’t meet her at the Ghostbusters movie either. Chris Hemsworth said this morning at a radio show that he has yet to meet her.

      • Luca76 says:

        Witnesses said she was there (so was Mark Ruffalo) and put it on Twitter. I think the whole cast and crew attended but there wasn’t any time/space for introductions..

      • Sue says:

        Bur some guy on twitter(?) confirmed she was with them (Chris, Mark and other Thor cast) in theater. I noticed that too that Chris said on the radio he haven´t met her yet and I thought it was odd…I think we need Sherlock Holmes for these timelines 😀

      • Noname says:

        Well there is a 14 hour time difference between the US and Australia. It’s about midnight, 1 am there right now and July 16th) He got the news he was nominated for an Emmy at 4 am in the morning (yesterday, which was already Friday, June 15th, there lol) They were all watching the Ghostbusters movie the night before the emmy nominations, Wednesday July 13.. it is possible the radio show conducted the interview prior to the private screening.

      • LadyLoo says:

        It was ONE witness – a Swiftie (check his twitter – it’s all Swift), who said he worked at the theatre, but wasn’t actually there when the group arrived. He said that his friends texted and told him TS was there. And the timeline with the shopping pics that night don’t seem to add up.

        Meanwhile the one verified twitter account to mention the evening…didn’t mention her.

        Sherlock!!! Get in here.

      • Bonzo says:

        Where is Secret Squirrel when we need her?! She was supposed to provide the crucial intel.

      • Dara says:

        Taylor was at the screening. I saw a different SM post from someone who was working at the theater. Chris, Mark, Tom and Taylor were all there. The person mentioned Chris was super and very chatty, but Taylor had requested no one on the staff approach her unless she approached them first. I’m not sure how the logistics would work with a request like that – would her security have a word with the theater ahead of time?

      • Secret squirrel says:

        Sorry Bonzo. I got locked in Tom’s closet as I was scouring his trouser pockets for receipts and some gum (I was disguised as Loki’s wig all day and forgot to have lunch).

        Given Tayto have been inseparable since going public, I believe she would have gone to the movie, but perhaps with all the people that were there, didn’t have time to meet everyone.

        She is going to be one of those girlfriends that goes everywhere with her man, including boys night out and backstage at every movie set or theatre.

      • EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

        @secretsquirrel, please be careful masquerading as Loki’s wig! Rumor has it that it might be braided this time, and I don’t want you to end up twisted up like a pretzel!

      • Bonzo says:

        Secret Squirrel, do you have any other disguises besides his wig? If not, I hope you’re at least getting a proper washing each week. Lice is a b!tch, y’know.

    • Evie says:

      @browniecakes: LOL! I think the “adults” in TommyAnne’s life are more skeptical than the 10 year old Swifties squeeing outside the hotel room. I think all will be sweetness and light initially between Tay-Tay and the Thor cast. But if she starts becoming “too Taylor,” there’s going to be grumbling for sure. ITA about the Saran Wrap. Tay-Tay will get bored quickly. She’s not accustomed to being “extra” twiddling her thumbs in Oz while he works 12 to 14 hour days. No squad to command. And the cats, what about the precious kitties? There’s only so many hospital visits and private shopping excursions one can take. I happened to catch a clip of “The Talk” yesterday. They were discussing the Taylor/Calvin/Katy Perry hijinks and when the subject of TommyAnne arose, Sharon Osborne, no stranger to stunt PR herself, said “These two need to give it a rest and leave each other alone for five minutes; they’re like weird Siamese celebrity twins!” ROFLMAO at the comment AND the source.

      Meanwhile TommyAnne needs rest PRONTO. The Thor makeup department is working overtime I’m sure trying to make him look good. He’s playing Loki not Methuselah!

      • cherrypie says:

        “The Thor makeup department is working overtime I’m sure trying to make him look good. He’s playing Loki not Methuselah!”

        Perfection Evie. Dying with laughter.

        And also, “I did a little sort of shake of happiness. There were rumblings, there were stirrings, but they didn’t fully express themselves in explicit dance moves, shall we say.”” Who says that? that sounds like something he rehearsed or he was reading from a script.

        And obviously he is paying attention to all the press around this relationship, notice how much details he gives about the Ghostbuster screening that Chris Hemswoth had? He had to know that this particular information was out there on the internet. AS for calling Taylor Swift by her real name….I dont really take much issue with that, he could have been just trying to drive home his point imo.

      • jammypants says:

        “notice how much details he gives about the Ghostbuster screening that Chris Hemswoth had”

        He’s always talked about his outings with Hemsworth over the years. In the past, he’s talked about a roadtrip he took with all 3 Hemsworth boys. Another time he also talked about going to see Thor with Hemsworth while they were filming The Avengers. Another time he talked about introspection of fame at a hotel party with Hemsworth. Basically, nothing new.

  30. dearabby says:

    Devil’s advocate. Perhaps they ‘get’ each other on a deeper level because they’re both from wealthy backgrounds. Perhaps he’s the first ‘man’ she’s dated and not a boy. Perhaps he’ll be a calming influence on her. Perhaps he’ll ‘teach’ her how to use social media constructively and she’ll ‘teach’ him how to be less serious. With her he can be himself, with him she finds love and stability. He is her protector, she is his object of affection and devotion. In him she sees her prince, in her he sees his princess, the lady he was born to protect and cherish. The End.

    • Sue says:

      …and the name of this new fairy tale is? 😀
      But it could all be true, tho…

      • dearabby says:

        @Sue The title is: A Modern Knight’s Tale: True Romance in the Face of Public Scrutiny

    • jammypants says:

      The story won’t be complete without unicorns and riding off into the sunset beach towards a crystal castle.

    • Bonzo says:

      Just wait and see what happens when he is no longer filming and has some free time. I’ll be curious as to who dictates their schedule since she clearly ran the show prior to arriving in Oz.

      • jammypants says:

        She’s sort of at his mercy now being on his turf. I bet her phone goes off non-stop with PR nonsense. What an exhausting girl.

      • Gingerly says:

        It seems that she needs to work on her album pretty soon in her studio. I don’t know her well, but as she is a successful musician, I would just assume that she knows how to ficus on her work. I am wondering whether he will be in Avengers 3, which will start shooting in November.

      • Bonzo says:

        Jammy, but Tom has the energy and patience to deal with her… probably better than anyone else she’s dated! And he’s got GOALS to meet, so that will help him ride the Swifty Wave of Drama.

        I do wonder what she does while waiting for him to return each day. She doesn’t strike me as a chick who enjoys being in her own company. Speaking from my own experience, The Mister is a polar extrovert and 24 hours alone has him crawling the walls. Me, I can be alone for a couple of days before I start initiating unnecessary conversations with strangers.

      • jammypants says:

        @Bonzo, He’s the only man’s she’s dated so far.

        She probably spends all day furiously texting her PR agency and notable magazine. Or writing songs.

        I’m the same way. I can be alone for a very long period of time. I don’t do well around people who need constant stimulation.

  31. cakecakecake says:

    ohgod, that’s all I can say.

    every morning, I check in here and all I can do is cackle at the whole Swifty/Hud mess, followed by rolling my eyes..

  32. Colette says:

    People need to stop being in denial.
    Tom and Taylor Swift(full name) are in love.
    Madly in love.
    Dangerously in love.;-)

  33. Tiffany :) says:

    I’m glad he gave Bob Odenkirk a shout out! I’m so glad he was nominated, he’s done great work on Better Call Saul.

  34. Lela says:

    I don’t think he could have won no matter what he said, or if he hadn’t answered the question at all… People were always going to pick it apart, and see what they want !

    • jammypants says:

      When people have it in for him, nothing he says will change anything.

      • EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

        Right??? I read the response and thought, “hey, not bad; CBers won’t be convinced but will have to reach to find much wrong with the statement itself.” Then came here and realized “Gah! The full name tic! Foiled again, Tom!”

      • jammypants says:

        yea let alone his recent accomplishment of being nominated for an Emmy (“Oh limited series is less prestigious”) or new membership to The Academy (“It’s not prestigious like it used to be”). He’s back on set filming and he’s always done interviews during filming (just check out Collider’s archives), but here he’s suddenly “thirsty”. Poor Tom, Never a winner 😛

  35. K.C. says:

    I don’t think I’m going to psychoanalyze what this already overly formal dork says at 4 a.m. I’m skipping straight to mimosas today.

  36. Chef Grace says:

    Conspiracy theory time: (Warning; snark ahead)
    He waited all this time to announce his relationship with TS After he gets his Emmy nod.
    maybe a part of the hostage negotiations???
    and Kaiser! You have been bought out by Team Swift! Look how you changed your snark, which was spot on for a gossip site, to serious reporting!

  37. pretty says:

    This guy is the opposite of the image he portrays himself as which is “the earnest puppy dog who acts goofy and makes his fans cringe a little but all in all, harmless”. is it rude to say , i get a psycopath/sociopath vibe from him. like american psyco? he’s just too calculated and ingenuine. he never lets loose. his head is preparing for every situation,strategy appropriate answers. maddening.

    • K.C. says:

      This analysis is kind of amazing.

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      Which might make him a perfect match for Tay Tay. I get that vibe from her.

    • CornyBlue says:

      A huge pet peeve of mine is when people use Psychopath and sociopath interchangeably. Like Google is free. You could have googles what you wanted Tom to be.

      • EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

        Yes. There’s really no place for actual psychiatric terms when what you mean is some sort of generally conceptualized American-Psycho-style murder-y dude.

      • Kitten says:

        “when what you mean is some sort of generally conceptualized American-Psycho-style murder-y dude”

        LOL I agree with both of you but man, scrolling through these comments…tough crowd. FUNNY crowd, but tough crowd.

      • Annetommy says:

        There is a support group for those who distance diagnose mental illness or personality disorders, Amateur Psychologists Anonymous. The meetings start with members admitting ” I’m an AP and I don’t know what the eff I’m talking about”.

      • EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

        LOL, @annetommy!

  38. Shaniam says:

    If you are still interested, Kaiser, the time difference between the Gold Coast of Australia and the East Coast of the United States is 14 hours. Right now, it’s 10:00am in NY but 12:00am on the Gold Cities.

  39. racer says:

    The damage is done. This is it for both of them, better to cling together as there is strength in numbers. Her goody goody act has been blown to pieces and what he portrayed early on lost all credibility when he got with her. Marriage and babies won’t save them, they played the wrong hand too fast. Game over.

    • Kassie says:

      How exactly are they over? She will still fill up stadiums on tour..and Tom could only raise his image due to this spectacle.

    • LadyLoo says:

      Hey, skeptic. Nothing says ‘love’ like denying your relationship is a publicity stunt by using your true love’s full name. 😉

      He should have thrown in her social security number to hint at the true depth of his feelings.

  40. K.C. says:

    He was really better off not commenting on Taylor. I know he can’t avoid it forever, and perhaps especially after a journalist had just been talking to him about his Emmy nom, but ugh. “Taylor Swift”? He is overly formal all the time (remember the MTV Movie Awards? God, that was bad), but that is especially formal for your girlfriend. I mean, even I just call her Taylor, lol. It reminds me of grade school when they talk you to repeat the question in your answer.

    “Are you dating Taylor Swift?”
    “Yes, I am dating Taylor Swift.”

    Oh, Tom. Anyway, I said I wasn’t going to judge what he said in the middle of the night. *throws back another mimosa*

    • jammypants says:

      He says everyone’s full name a lot. He says Chris Hemsworth’s whole name pretty regularly, Mark Ruffalo, RDJ, Mia Wasikowska (tongue-full of a name), Chris Evans, etc. He even says his own full name from a lot of his promotional interviews lol

      • K.C. says:

        I know he does. He’s an extremely proper, overly polite human being, and feels the need to be VERY CLEAR about who he’s talking about at all times. So I’d kind of expect nothing less from him, even when talking about his girlfriend. It made me facepalm a little, but it’s a very “him” way to word it, lol.

      • MP says:

        He works with a lot of people, more than one Chris for example, so it’s not really the same thing to use full names of your colleagues and your (one and only) girlfriend.

      • jammypants says:

        haha! yea, he overdoes the clarity, but I’m not surprised lol!

      • Guesto says:

        Pardon my cynicism but I think the reason he uses their full names in interviews is to ensure that he, Tom Hiddleston, will also come up in google searches for the names of those he names. Basically, he’s marketing himself.

        I think Tom knows exactly what he’s doing. 😉

      • jammypants says:

        yea, but he’s been doing this since the earliest interviews I’ve seen him in (2010). Google was not that sophisticated back then. But kudos to his wordiness. Makes searching for quotes much easier 😉

      • Guesto says:

        Sorry, Jammypants, but that’s just not true. This is not a ‘sophisticated’ Google phenomenon, this is bog standard Google! it’s been very common practice amongst the lower-level celebs and zelebs for a good decade at the very least, to comment on news stories involving much higher-level celebs so their names come up in associated searches in the hope of getting a bit of attention.

      • Gingerly says:

        @ Guesto, in his 2007 or 2008 interview the reporter noted his using full names every time when he mentioned his colleague. He is also hysterical about punctuation. I suppose he didn’t get rid of what he learned in his college years and I like him when he acts like that.

      • jammypants says:

        @Guesto, I’m not very cynical and I think Tom is a lot simpler than we think. We give him too much credit for all the schemes haha. But really, what @Gingerly says.

      • K.C. says:

        @jammypants I agree, he’s not a crazy, scheming mastermind. He’s very uptight about how he comes across, and as I said, is very polite/proper when speaking to the press. He’s (smartly) very careful about what he says and how he says it.

        As a journalist, his over-clarficiations and exceptional thoughtfulness when answering a question is something I actually admire very much about him. Journalists find articulate people VERY attractive, lol. Makes my job easier.

      • Guesto says:

        @Gingerly & Jammypants – I’m happy to accept your far better, long-term knowledge of him and his precisiony ways.

        @Gingerly – Deliciously LOL at the ‘simpler’ bit 😀

        Anyway, FTR, I wasn’t dissing him for his ‘full name’ mentioning, just saying it’s a known – and imo very practical – way for up and coming actors to get their names out there.

      • jammypants says:

        @Guesto, anytime! 😘

        @K.C. yea uptight is a good word. He’s trying to cover all tracks and who can blame him. One wrong phrase and the media feeds on interpreting his words like piranhas.

    • Gingerly says:

      I guess he was deeply annoyed and felt the need to state VERY CLEARLY the TRUTH in the most formal way possible because he thought it is IMPORTANT. Yes, it is very “him” and I can almost hear his voice when he articulated the sentence. But I know, it sounds weird to many and somewhat hilarious even to me. He answered exactly I imagined.

      • jammypants says:

        yea, it’s very Tom. I laughed when I read him saying her full name haha!

      • Dara says:

        Right? I’m so used to it now, that I don’t find it odd – but it is definitely something he does a lot, and when referring to people he’s known a lot longer than Taylor.

      • EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

        Yes, I didn’t even notice it until people started pointing it out!

      • Intro Outro says:

        I agree with jammypants (hey dear!! *waves*) and everyone on this thread. This kind of wording is so much Hiddleston ^_^

      • Lilacflowers says:

        *waves enthusiastically at Intro Outro*

      • jammypants says:

        @InnieOutie! hi darling!

      • K.C. says:

        @Gingerly Same! I can so hear him saying that lol.

      • Intro Outro says:

        Hi Lilac, hi jammy, I hope you’re fine, ladies! Tom threads have become such a minefield to navigate xD I miss those times when the most triggering things were the feud btw Cumberbatch and Hiddleston fanbases and Tom’s receding hairline… 😛 Oh and that Tumblr blog!

      • TotallyBiased says:

        Oh, InnieOutie–i’ve MISSED you! There are all these strange people here and they’re so mean and they aren’t even FUNNY about it, like Sixer and Eve. I only come nosing around every now and then to see what Lilacflowers has on the verandah menus.

        All of the piling on because he says her full name, for example. And in how many interviews has he said “Mark Ruffalo” or (my personal favourite) Benedict Cumberbatch? Because we associate him with so MANY Benedicts, and it would be terrible if people got confused.

        I’ve just gotten EXHAUSTED with the tin-foil hat crowd. It doesn’t matter how many former tabloid writers pen tell-alls that say, essentially, “we were making it up from looking at pictures”, or how many paps say “we pay good money for some guy working next door to drop a dime on our targets”, they still insist they have a friend whose brother went to college with a staffer at (fill in the blank) and every word in print has been carefully curated by Taylor!
        And yet somehow Calvin Harris’s BlitzTweeg is “the justifiable cries for help of a wronged man”, and not a precisely timed campaign to retain media exposure for his tune/video with Rihanna.
        The cognitive dissonance just makes my head ache if I breathe it in for too long.

      • lilacflowers says:

        @IntroOutro, well, you are missed when you aren’t here. We’ll hold a seat on the veranda for you where you can sit back, sip something cool, and watch the fray down in the meadow. Does that Tumblr troll blog still exist?

        @TB, “facts, schmacts!” is the current theme. The Taylor or anti-Taylor or #TeamCalvin crowds seem to have jumped in and are running amuck. Just sit back. This too shall pass. Somebody else will do something ridiculous or awful soon and they’ll wander off.

      • Gingerly says:

        @ Summer Olympis are near, and as lilac said, this too shall pass.

  41. Hellion says:

    The more I watch this cringefest (WHYYY can’t I stop clicking the links?), the more I fall out of lust with Tom. I used to love him, and now I’m dying of secondhand embarrassment. The ladyboner has wilted.

    My opinion of this whole bearding/PR/hostage/cringe mess can be summed up in this MST3K quote: “Just blow up and melt already, c’mon!”

  42. jammypants says:

    “Also: “I didn’t have any expectations” – bulls—t. He was campaigning so hard for this.”

    He campaigned, but there was zero guarantee he’d get a nom, so I can believe it.

    • Gingerly says:

      I think he had a very low expectation. I was surprised when I watched his LA times roundtable interview and another one with Arin Paul. He almost looks like an observer. When he was given time, he talked the set phrases, but nothing more.

      • EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

        Yeah, he just seemed happy to be invited to the table.

      • Bonzo says:

        My impression of him at the Emmy roundtable was that he was in awe of Julianna and the others that have been around HW for a lot longer than him. He knew his “place” at that table and showed proper respect. Not that he doesn’t normally, but he was careful not to high-jack the conversation and was good about asking questions of the others and not making it all about himself. Having seen him get so excited he forgets that it’s not all about him on a few of these “shared spotlight” occasions, I thought he showed maturity in the way he conducted himself.

      • K.C. says:

        He made me proud at that round table. He didn’t talk too much or show off. Very well behaved, haha.

  43. jferber says:

    The only thing that is startlingly clear to me is that he MUST get rid of that quilted jacket. Stat.

    • EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

      I do hate that jacket. I hated it the first time I saw it. On my mother-in-law.

  44. Crumpet says:

    Yay!! The Tiddle-tot watch may officially begin!

  45. Chels says:

    Full press release:
    The truth is Taylor Alison Nils Sjogren Swift and I ( Sir Thomas William Hiddleston, Lord of all things thirsty) are together and very happy.

  46. Andrea says:

    The flame that burns the brightest burns half as long.

  47. browniecakes says:

    I wonder how many times the bodyguards dangle him by the heels off the balcony until he says the right things. If only they could still do that with Calvin.

  48. browniecakes says:

    Didn’t know he could bring someone to the Emmy’s – stop it Tom.

    • Guesto says:

      Seriously 😀
      But let’s be gentle and acknowledge that he’s in the inbetween stage of leaving his self-effacing, modest, all-about-the-work, unassuming self behind and embracing his no-holds barred ‘gimme everything’ famewhore.

      He’s bound to make a few cringe-making schoolboy errors as he slithers from one to the other.

    • twilly says:

      He stayed up all night to hear if he was nominated, or not. Boy!

    • WatchingATrainwreak says:

      That was funny & unbelievable…but then I realized it’s not his +1 but the +5, +8, +11 that will be accompanying this particular +1.

  49. popup says:

    This Chris Hemsworth+Tom radio interview is adorable. And they deflect a Taylor question so fantastically, mainly thanks to Chris, who has actual natural charisma (sorry, Tom, still love you).

  50. Jen says:

    Some tea. Apparently it’s true that she cheated on Calvun. A poster on another website knows someone who works for her. She’s supposed to be horrible to work for.

    • Erinn says:

      I know someone who works for Taylor who says that her cats aren’t in fact cats – but tiny dogs in cat suits.

      See- I can do that too! I don’t believe ANY of the “I have a friend who x” stories that are posted on comment sections. WAY WAY more often than not they are complete BS used to gain attention.

      • Noname says:

        LOL- Love it, Erinn…

      • Kitten says:


        This must have been what happened with my boy Scottish Fold. At the very least, it would explain why he poops on the floor and loves playing fetch.

      • Hannah says:

        Meh, it’s rumoured that she isn’t very pleasant to the peasants behind the scenes. Ed from grizzly bear claims she was incredibly rude and arrogant.The story from Australia is staff weren’t allowed to speak to her. The peasants had to wait for her to speak to them. It’s beyond weird that two people who are so successful and busy could coordinate their schedules, literally they drop everything to follow eachother around & they only started dating weeks ago. Just doesn’t make sense. if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you. This relationship must have stated some time ago.

      • TotallyBiased says:

        THANK YOU, Erinn!

        Hannah–even Calvin said TS was going into a long downtime stretch, so she isn’t ‘incredibly just’. And I’ve heard just as many stories of staffers being charmed by her, not to mention the raves from parents and staff about how ‘down to earth’ she was when visiting the Children’s Hospital for four hours!

      • lilacflowers says:

        @Hannah “This relationship must have stated some time ago.”

        Oh, do please share your theories! Please do keep in mind that Tom’s schedule has been pretty well documented on this board and elsewhere for the past three years without a lot of down time during that period (a brief break between Crimson Peak in Canada and High-Rise in Northern Island; a brief break in late August 2014 before moving in with Rodney Crowell; a break between Christmas 2014 and March 2015 when TNM began during which there was the UNICEF work and a number of event appearances and activities so also well documented, and July/August 2015 before PR for various projects began and Kong started filming) and account for overlap with the JArthy sightings and the Elizabeth Olsen conspiracy theories.

        Please, please do tell us!

    • LadyLoo says:

      No, no cheating at all. The make out session on the rock was their first date! My husband and I made out on a rock on our first date – so romantic.

      Of course they cheated.

  51. Gingerly says:

    Before I go, I want to say that I liked the first still of Kong: Skull Island. Look forward to seeing he, Brie Larson, and Samuel Jackson talk together in the comic con. I don’t care whether he will bring TS or not to SDCC.

  52. holly hobby says:

    Oh Tom…. That’s all I can say right now. Throw in a head shake too!

  53. browniecakes says:

    I notice he started and stopped himself with ‘The notion that…’ What was that? “The notion that…people would think we would only be together for PR?’ Then he remembered he was talking about Taylor Swift and stopped himself. Of course people think we would only be together for PR!

    • K.C. says:

      Yeah, I think he was going to say that the notion they’re a publicity stunt is ridiculous or offensive or something. Then he remembered he’s too polite to say such things.

  54. Liz Simpson says:

    I’m a Brit and he’s just being British and having fun with it all! That’s how we roll, and incidentally, I love his dancing,he’s got a great sense of fun,he’s a great actor! Why all the nit-picking! Let it all be! He doesn’t owe us anything! I bet they have a ton of laughs about the Gossip and the fretting and the physico analysis! I’m sure Brad and Angue do too! Way to play us all!

  55. browniecakes says:

    1am Text: “Yes Taylor, Darling, so sorry to disturb, didn’t mean to wake you, please don’t wake the bodyguards, yes another late night as Loki Laufeyson, son of Odin but really son of Laufey, brother of Thor but truly the adopted brother of Thor….sorry Luv, won’t be home for another couple hours, working late again.” (cut to: Tom alone in an empty stage, lights being turned off by the last person leaving, looking at directions to the bar where the cast is waiting).

    • Christin says:

      He does have a way of speaking that invites editing, doesn’t he. It’s more challenging to speak in less words for many of us mere mortals, but he’s particularly wordy.

    • K.C. says:

      I’m laughing hysterically. This is so perfect.

      • browniecakes says:

        I should have started with it her FULL Name – Taylor Allison Swift.

      • Christin says:

        Imagine him asking to wear the tank top: “Um, (her full name), my skin is a bit sensitive to the rays of sunlight at this longitude and latitude. I found this whimsical vest, or I think you merry colonials may reference it as a tanked top or something like that. Might I wear it into the chilled sea water as the photographers on hire take numerous photographs of our holiday romping?”

      • EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

        You are killing me, @christin!

      • lilacflowers says:

        @Christin, “what my love Taylor Allison Swift? What is this ‘wifebeater’ of which you speak and why would I wear one?”

    • TotallyBiased says:

      Eh ehehehehe!😂

  56. KatM says:

    Taylor Swift acts and resembles Tom Cruise when he played Lestat from Interview with a Vampire.

  57. Sue says:

    Another article on DM claiming that TS met TH on Met Gala in February(!) and started falling for TH in May after Calvis´s car crash. Oh God the tabloids don´t even check the dates anymore and just fuel the rumors of cheating. But it is pretty clear that the historical June 14 2016 wasn´t the start of this all…

    • lilacflowers says:

      Ah yes, the special secret February Met gala in Vietnam!

      • MI6 says:

        Haaaaa yeah, amid the swap bugs. Somehow I can’t picture that 😅
        There’s a video of them leaving Anna Wintour’s house the night before the Met Gala where TayTay clearly says “Nice to meet you” to TH. I almost wish they’d met earlier. Then this “romance” wouldn’t seem so psychotic.
        There’s no good way to spin this. I wish they’d stop trying.

      • lilacflowers says:

        She was disguised as one of the swamp bugs that climbed into his clothes.

        Yes, several here have floated the theory that she is acting in that video and saying that just to throw off people from their earlier cheating. Some are really trying to stretch things.

    • Beach girl says:

      He was in Vietnam then; however he did start following her on Twitter in March. Makes you wonder what promoted that.

      • lilacflowers says:

        Quite possibly the preliminary invitation to the Met Gala with the knowledge that she was a co-chair. He already knew Idris and Anna. And there is a whole process of vetting and “save the date” stuff for the Met Gala before the formal paper invitation is sent. The paper invite does not arrive as a surprise.

        But there I go coming up with practical and rational excuses again.

      • Gingerly says:

        Being invited to AMC award?

      • Dara says:

        I’ve always said the March Twitter follow matches up to roughly when the invites (or save the dates) for the Met would have gone out…at least I think I have, my tinfoil hat is a little tight and it’s interfering with my short-term memory. At the time, some of the more rational Tumblr fans theorized a Met Gala invite was forthcoming based on that Twitter follow – Taylor, Idris and the other co-hosts had been announced a few months before, and it was the only logical reason for Tom to follow Taylor when he did.

      • MI6 says:

        Probably an invite to the Met Gala
        Ditto, Dara & Lilac
        At least we figured that out!

    • Crox says:

      DM is the best when it comes to sensationalist reporting. 😀

      This article goes back to Harris’s car crash and implies how horrible Swift is, saying, and I quote, that she ultimately spent just one day at his side despite the severity of his injuries.

      I checked the DM article on the crash itself. It said, quote again, how he narrowly escaped serious injury with only a badly bruised ear. Then the article added that Harris’s rep said his only injury was a scratch on the nose, but their reporter didn’t see any visible injuries on Calvin’s face except for the ear.

      Severity of his injuries, people!

      Seriously, the way DM in particular goes after Swift, changing the narrative completely, just to demonize her, is quite sickening. And people buy it.

      • Sue says:

        I´m trying not to buy anything 😉 Tbh I really don´t want to care at all , just live and let them live, right? But it´s hard. TH was distraction from my real life for some time I have to admit (but I´m not a Hiddlestoner…), mostly for his life attitude and “non-celebrity” behavior.
        I´ve been thinking if acting is his real destiny. There´s something slightly irritating in all of his performances: his right eyebrow gymnastics, he can pull the best blue-eyed puppy stare, his voice is higher than usually, in comparison to situations and interviews when he´s just talking about his work. Some of the Q&As with him are really great and he looks more natural than in front of the camera in the movies. Maybe the tables should turn and he should be the interviewer or start some intellectual talk show 😉
        Soory guys for this, I just had to get this out of my system 😛

      • Crox says:

        Oh, I wasn’t referring to you with “people buy it”, more on DM’s truth-worthiness in general. They botch it up like this even when they’re operating with facts, like reporting on his crash injuries. Imagine how truthful their rumours are then with their “a source close to Calvin/Taylor/Tom/Dutchess said” .

  58. Guesto says:

    I’m confused. Why does it matter when they hooked up?

    • lilacflowers says:

      Because people are trying to bolster their theories that they were carrying on a torrid affair before the Met Gala because they need them to be cheaters. Poor Eppie Calvin the Cuckold. Poor Eppie Calvin.

      • Crox says:

        Well, if they’re not fake, then they must be something worse. Just don’t let Taylor get away with dating a new man again and Tom dating at all! 😀

      • Gingerly says:

        This is pathetic. It’s easy to track Hiddles in 2015 – May 2016. It’s much easier to track Tayler because her movements are closely recorded in different forms. It is almost impossible that they were in the same city during that period. Yes, I checked it and was quite shocked when I found how often TS was papped.

        After Met Gala night, TS went to her pizza party ( there is a photo) and Tom went to London directly. And before May 30 they lived in different continents. It seems that CH and TS met twice in May. May 4th (right after Met Gala dancing video /CH’s alleged jealousy sory is out) and May 20th (right after the car accident). This is fact.

        Why don’t they just say Tiddles cheated emotionally if dragging is all they wanted? Though we all (including poor Calvin) know that no one can find a) whether they texted/phoned before Tavin’s breakup, if they did, b) when, how often, about what they texted/phoned, who cares! I don’t mind people’s making theories or speculate about anything, but, it is absurd when they deny or distort clear facts.

      • Guesto says:

        @Lilac – I still don’t see why it matters. ‘Poor Eppie Calvin the Cuckold’ has shown himself to be a infantile, self-regarding prat of the first order so it’s really not a stretch to think that Taylor Swift had her own moment of clarity about him long before they publicly split up.

        If she and Hiddleston hooked up before she was officially finished with whatshisface, on the basis of how twattish he’s come across since the split, who could possibly blame her? Or Hiddleston, for that matter.

        (PS. Oh God. I can’t believe I’m defending TayTo. I have so gone to the dark side.)

      • MI6 says:

        @Guesto: Taylor Swift does not have “moments of clarity.” She is 100% delusional, 24/7, living in her Disney Daydream.

      • Chels says:

        If this relationship started 4 weeks they both need therapy for stage 5 clinging. I vote Taylor nils sjogren swift was cheating on Adam Calvin Harris wiles.

  59. Beach girl says:

    Actually if they were seeing each other earlier in some weird way it validates the relationship more to me by extending the timeline, and No I don’t really care if they were. Its Hollywood, they live a different life than I do.

    • Dara says:

      Right? And who really knows when Taylor and Calvin broke it off, just because an “official” announcement was made doesn’t mean it didn’t end much sooner than that. Look how long it took before Elizabeth Olsen and Boyd whats-his-face had been over before there was any kind of public acknowledgement of it.

      • bonzo says:

        Jumping in now that I bought more tin foil…

        Lizzy’s breakup wasn’t announced for three months so no one knew until she was papped without her ring at the Farmers Market. I’ve suspected that the TS/CH breakup happened earlier in May as well. After the Met Gala was there any photographic evidence that Tayvin were still together? For some reason, I thought she wasn’t in LA when he had his accident, but I don’t know why I thought that.

      • Dara says:

        @bonzo, I was curious too but had resisted the urge to search Taylor’s whereabouts…until now. She and Calvin still seemed coupled when she joined him in Coachella in mid-April and then they were photographed driving around in LA on May 4th (after Met Gala). When did he have his car accident? The Swifties are saying she wasn’t in LA but arrived a few days later and was intentionally photographed while she was in town to prove she rushed to his side.

        If someone forced me to guess, I’d say Tayvin was falling apart in late April or early May, but they didn’t announce anything. Taylor was on the May cover of Vogue describing their relationship as “magical” – it wouldn’t do to break up when that magazine was still on newsstands. Or maybe they wanted to publicly call it quits, but were trapped when he had his accident because it couldn’t look like Taylor dumped him in his hour of need and had to wait a decent amount of time before saying they’d uncoupled.

      • Bonzo says:

        I can buy that reasoning, Dara.

    • Guesto says:

      @Beach girl – Yes, exactly. That’s how I’m seeing it too. It actually gives it more substance.

      Which is why I really can’t understand the fan denial.

      • Chels says:

        Because he supposed to be the perfect English gentleman. Taylor built a career as the victim. Cheating doesn’t fit. Their fans bought into what is essentially marketing by PRs. It’s hard for them to admit they were probably cheating.

      • Beach girl says:

        @Guesto. Because we were fed the original timeline, making it feel fake. The staged pics didn’t help either. I’m starting to chalk it up to the fact TS can’t have ‘cheater’ attached to her rep because of the carefully designed image she has; better to have it labeled or stunt. I don’t think it would hurt Tom much since we’ve been down this road before and his fans are older. I do still they are using the relationship for or advantages, which is pretty normal in their business.

      • bonzo says:

        Whether or not they did cheat — physically or emotionally — I’d expect her people to do what they can squelch the idea. It is as opposed to her good girl image as an oopsie pregnancy, which is why I don’t buy the idea that she’s preggers.

        I would agree with Beach Girl that cheating rumors don’t really affect Tom that much. His fandom is much smaller and already rocked by his choice of pop star gf.

  60. iheartgossip says:

    In the contract he signed with her ‘people’, perhaps there is a clause where he has to state her full name so many times or he is in breach of contract. Carry on Love *ahem* Birds.

  61. LadyLoo says:

    This quote was about as spontaneous and organic as his dance moves. In as much as he choreographed dance moves and practiced them in a mirror, he did the same with this line. That’s why it sounds so forced and staged…like most things with this relationship.

    And as with his dancing, this answer was embarrassing.

    • KatM says:

      LadyLoo, very well put. I am truly embarrassed for him, and I do not even know him personally.

    • Maire3 says:

      I’m borrowing this from another forum

      “Finally. Hiddleston has finally learnt his lines. “

    • LadyLoo says:

      Yesss. From Dlisted: “It’s a quote you’d expect from something with a barcode. Tom Hiddleston isn’t in love, he isn’t gay, he isn’t bearding, he isn’t stunting. Tom Hiddleston is a robot cyborg sent from the future to destroy our belief in love. He must be stopped. They must be stopped.”

    • LadyLoo says:

      Also: “Don’t blame him. The Royal Academy for Dramatic Arts never offered crash courses for Hollywood famewhoring.”

      In general, the commenters over at Dlisted SLAY.

    • Bonzo says:

      My favorite DL comments from the last post were the “Tom’s so English… ones”, particularly the ones where he’s exclaiming “God Save The Queen” and “Brexit”!

  62. KatM says:

    The Taylor Swifts of the world cannot simply love another privately. It just will never be enough. They will pursue you until they have you, publicize their conquest to the world on social media for however long you can hold their attention and then move on to the next exciting pursuit. These people can’t just be in a relationship. No, they need to make it Instagram official for the whole world to see. Not only were the photos of him nauseating from July 4th, the photos of her posing with VS models randomly with American flags and sitting on Tom No-Balls lap, were just as nauseating. It is all so staged. They may be obsessed/dating at the moment, but I have trouble believing he is out ring shopping…that is ludicrous. He is in his mid to late 30s and she behaves like a socially awkward teenager.

    • THEPELICAN says:

      They’re both behaving like socially awkward teenagers.

      • KatM says:


      • THEPELICAN says:

        And I think you nailed it, Katm. All the pics look staged, and they both seem to need the attention so desperately.

        I shudder to think what their appearance at the Emmys will be like…posing and preening, surrounded by their bodyguards. Yuck.

      • LadyLoo says:

        No, even socially awkward teenagers have dignity and a sense of restraint.

  63. PatriotsPower27 says:

    What is it? Is the relationship fake or did she (emotionally or physically) cheat on Adam Harris? It can’t be both. So, for the people who don’t believe that this is real AND are accusing her of cheating shows bias towards being skeptical of all things Swift-related.
    I honestly have never really heard about Hiddleston aside from this website. I think Taylor writes catchy songs but is a one-trip pony to me. I have no vested interest in this coupling but looking at their histories/past statements/upbringing of both individuals, they utterly (and disgustingly) match. I personally think Anna Wintour knowing both of them set them up.
    I. Cant. Stop. Commenting. On. This. Ugh…

    • LadyLoo says:

      Many people have used the word ‘fake’ to mean that it’s a relationship second and a publicity stunt first. I think they’re in a relationship, but it’s depth and meaningfulness is pretty suspect given their consistently obvious stunts and pap strolls.

      And I wouldn’t be surprised if they cheated in every respect two people can cheat. This whole thing has been dodgy from day one so why wouldn’t the parties involved be equally dodgy?


    I’m not looking forward to the Emmys, either. Unless we get to see Frisky in a tux, or at least a nice suit. I’m betting he cleans up better than TommyAnne.

  65. Quirks says:

    Not sure if someone’s stopped to ask: If Calvin is such a nasty piece of work, why did she stay with him for 15 months? Mmm…

    • LadyLoo says:

      Exactly. She did nothing but gush about him for months. She and her fans are always quick to turn on the ex once he’s the ex. They’re also really good at turning on the next woman the ex dates – that oh so special brand of Swift “feminism.”

      • Fangabond says:

        Exactly. I think it’s disgusting Taylor never publicly apologized to Camilla Belle for calling her a slut in one of her shitty songs.