Calvin Harris believes Taylor Swift started up with Tom Hiddleston in February


This weekend, The Sun had an interesting and insider-y story on Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston and Calvin Harris. Think back for a moment to the glory days of early June. When Taylor and Calvin first split up, most of us gossip-watchers knew that there be would drama, because Tay and Calvin are equally petty and juvenile. But back then, did we know that it would get THIS bad? Did we know that Calvin and Taylor’s teams would be sniping back and forth at each other over whether Taylor cheated, etc? I don’t think anyone could have predicted this. The gist of this Sun piece is that Team Calvin says Taylor was likely screwing around with Tom for months before they went public. Team Taylor says Calvin was a sh—ty boyfriend anyway, so what does any of it matter? You can read the full piece here. Some highlights:

Calvin is going for the jugular. Calvin’s history with Rita Ora is being used against him: Calvin did damage to Ora’s career after she cheated on him and they broke up, and now sources claim he’s doing the same thing with Swift. A source said Calvin felt “emasculated” and “It was a secret that she wrote the song. The secret came out and her rep confirmed it and that pissed him off. He went for the professional jugular with Rita Ora and it seems he’s doing the same again. The way he handled the split up with Rita and was angry about that was going for the professional jugular, and it seems he’s doing the same again. You don’t kill someone’s career. That’s one step too far. That killed her album, not letting her release any of the stuff they produced for it. It takes two years to put an album together, and then to be left with no tracks? Everyone’s saying, ‘Where’s the music from Rita?’ It’s not good.”

Calvin wouldn’t attend the Grammys with Taylor. “There isn’t a better award you can get than a Grammy Album of the Year. It’s the ultimate accolade you can receive as a musician. If you’re the kind of guy who doesn’t want to stand by your woman on an important night like that then you’ll also be the kind of guy that gets a bit pissed off when your woman’s getting toasted for the biggest track of your career for the past five years. Taylor was furious and hated the way he never wanted to attend award shows and big music industry events with her. It was a Sunday night in LA and she felt he could have slipped away for a couple of hours to be with her.”

Tiddles was happening in February? The Sun’s sources claim Calvin Harris believes that Taylor met Tom back in February and they were sort of carrying on for months behind Calvin’s back. Calvin is also pissed that Taylor only spent one day taking care of him in May following his car accident on May 20. A source says: “Taylor’s true colours are coming out. The truth is she met Tom in February and things are moving very quickly. She had vacated her relationship with Calvin way before she let on.”

Calvin won’t be played by Swifty. “Calvin only tweeted to defend himself. He has been nothing but lovely to Taylor, even publicly wishing her well, despite her fast romance with Tom. He was angry because Taylor had made it sound like he had been trying to hide her input on the song — when it was her who insisted they kept her writing secret all along.”.

[From The Sun]

Before a flame war starts flaming, let me just say that I think both sides (Team Calvin and Team Swifty) were well-represented in this piece, meaning that both Calvin and Taylor’s PR people and friends are engaging a thorough tit-for-tat. It’s not a case of “poor Taylor, Calvin is being so mean!” Nor is it “poor Calvin, Taylor is so powerful!” They’re both fighting. They both care. They both have an axe to grind. I do think the fact that Calvin didn’t come to the Grammys with Taylor was the beginning of the end for their relationship. I also think that there was overlap between the “the end of Calvin and Taylor” and “the beginning of Tiddles.” And as I keep saying… Calvin and Taylor are so well-matched, it really is a shame they couldn’t make it work.



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  1. Crox says:

    I can believe they were together earlier, but why February? Is there a reason why Harris picked this date? What happened then?

    Is he just trying to minimise the fact that he didn’t support her at the Grammys?

    • Alex says:

      I read online somewhere that she started following him at that time? Don’t quote me on that though

    • Mary Mary says:

      Tune in folks for the latest segment of the never ending Twizzle drama, starring Tom Hiddeous and Taylor Shapeshifty hosted by Calvin Hilarious who has a steak (pun intended) in this drama too 🙂

    • delorb says:

      I can’t. I don’t think they anticipated this level of skepticism from the press. I think they thought, they’d show up on that beach, with the obviously papped photos and everyone would fall into line. I think this Calvin stuff is part of a new plan, since the old one hit a snag or two.

      When they broke up, he un-followed her on social media and appeared to be relieved he was out. Now all of a sudden he’s re-followed her, and is accusing her of cheating? Cheating allegations that would kill several birds with one stone?

      It silences anyone who thinks they met at the gala.
      It keeps Calvin’s name in the press.
      It gives any song about their relationship credence.
      It shores up the idea that this isn’t fake.

      Sorry but I’m not buying this new spin.

      • Crox says:

        @delorb: What I meant was that I have no bet on this (whether it was a year old cheating or a month of romance on speed).

        I’m just curious if we’re getting some additional info (real or made-up, we won’t know anyway) about February.

        I’m not convinced it would be her team leaking this new info, though. Being a cheater is quite a serious accusation in the eyes of the public and it could cause them more harm than a public short romance, the novelty of which is already wearing off and wouldn’t cause them any real harm.

        What I tend to think (but of course could be wrong) is that it went like this:
        1. His team claims she cheated. Everybody assumes it’s after Met Gala because that is the most reasonable explanation.
        2. Her team tells about her authorship and his dissing in the interview around that time, kind of implying that that’s what put the nail in the coffin and that her going for Hiddles at that time is rational because Calvin was an a-hole.
        3. Now his team is fighting that by moving the timeline before the Grammys, so that his behaviour couldn’t be used as a justification for her going for a new guy.

  2. Sue says:

    The Sun and DM are saying that TS and TH met in February on Met Gala and that is not correct as this happend in May,so…
    Anyway,there was some kind of overlapping,so this point is clear and solved now, I think. What sort of connection started between them remains probably secret for us. I’m just waiting for another important twist in this story because we’re obviously stucking with them until Emmy night and this kind of small gossips from ‘sources’ are already boring 😉

    • daisie-b says:

      Taylor and Idris co-chaired Met Gala 2016. Most likely there were committee meetings throughout the year prior to the event. Idris and Tom are colleagues, and appear to be friends and Tom may have been on the planning committee or Idris could have seen him as a good match for Taylor. Tom and Taylor’s introduction could be Gala related, but during the planning stages rather than at the event.

      • lilacflowers says:

        Except Tom was filming Kong from October into March in Hawaii, Australia, and Vietnam with a break back in London over Christmas and New Years.

      • Bridget says:

        They’re honorary co-chairs. This is one of the biggest fashion events of the year and is planned by professionals, not a bunch of prom committees 🙂

      • Naya says:

        Please dont drag Idris into this milquetoast mess. The man has better things to do than play matchmaker to offensively vanilla fame whores.

      • daisie-b says:

        I find it hard to believe that Taylor simply showed up for the event. Some of the acts that played at the after party had also appeared in the 1989 Tour. She may not have been choosing table linens, but I’d be willing to wager that she was arranging gigs for her pals.

      • Bridget says:

        To me that’s different than what the poster was suggesting, because that could have been easily negotiated with Wintour. This event is all Anna, she’s famously controlling over how it goes off. It’s a benefit that raises something like $30 million dollars for the Costume Institute.

      • daisie-b says:

        These committees are all about networking. They allow their names to be used in return for a significant donation and the chance to mingle with and trade phone numbers with titans of industries other than their own.

      • Becky says:

        The story doesn’t make sense because it says in February at the Met Gala, which is in May so the date is wrong.

        As Lilacflowers pointed out Tom was filming Skull Island; in Feb he was in Australia, then straight to the Berlinale for 2-3 days, then straight Vietnam until the middle of March. There was a press conference when the cast arrived in Vietnam.

      • Bridget says:

        Do you even know how the Met Gala works?

      • M.A.F. says:

        Tom is not high up to be on the planning committee for that event. Plus, as others pointed out Anna Wintour isn’t going to just let anyone help her plan it.

      • Anners says:

        @Naya ‘offensively vanilla famewhores’ has got to be my favourite summation of this travesty of a romance yet! 😂😂😂

      • lilacflowers says:

        Anna Wintour and her staff plan every minute detail of the Met Gala. Has nobody watched The Devil Wears Prada! Screwing up at the Gala cost Emily Paris!

      • Secret squirrel says:

        How about this theory. Taylor got to send out some of the Met Gala “save the date” notices in February. In Tom’s she added a little personal comment like “I heart Loki”. This prompts a response from Tom so Taylor follows him on Twitter. This is the start an email/text relationship in which Taylor confides that her relationship is on the rocks. Finally it culminates in their meeting at the dinner before the Gala, confirming they like each other and the rest is history.

        Not that I have thought about this much…

        No really, I haven’t!

      • Maire3 says:

        @lilac: RE: ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ – see also (doc) ‘The September Issue’. Watch Anna slash the fashion-pic editorial her trusted colleague & Creative Director, Grace Coddington put together. AW has very specific tastes.

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      I think it would be great if there was *anything* secret or private about Tiddles at this point, but I am not holding my breath. I think everything is publicity fodder for everyone involved.

      I think it is exactly as it seems: there is overlap and Tiddles went public at the earliest opportunity. Not too early though because heaven forbid that Tay Tay risk her butter wouldn’t melt image.

      • Original T.C. says:

        Agreed. There is no way that make out session on the beach sponsored by US magazine paps was a first date type. That was a scene of two people very familiar with each other’s bodies or superb acting. The media immediately called it fake because it seemed like too much too quick-acting out a love scene between two lovers who have known each other for a while!

      • Becky says:

        Original TC, I still think they had phone/text contact after the Met Gala, a possible hook-up in either LA or Philly that week of Wizard Con (Taylor apparently flew there for a fans wedding in NJ that weekend), but the proper date was when he was seen in the West Village wearing a suit holding a pizza. That was the Friday before the RI pics.

        I keep seeing comments here and elsewhere who don’t understand how fast-track this coupling is, but it’s Taylor’s MO, she’s done this before.

      • TotallyOld says:

        Wasn’t Taylor in Australia early this year? I seem to recall reading somewhere, well before Tiddles happened, that she had a concert in Australia. Perhaps they met while he was filming Kong. Just a thought.

      • lilacflowers says:

        Her Australia tour dates were December 5- December 12, 2015. Kong was filming in Hawaii at that time.

      • jammypants says:

        @Lilac, I love your fact checking. Keeping it real.

    • Sunsetsnow says:

      Pleases don’t bring idris in to this hot mess. I highly doubt that he would be playing matchmaker.

  3. Mira says:

    “Calvin and Taylor are so well-matched, it really is a shame they couldn’t make it work.”

    This! You just know this is gonna be a he said, she said that will go on forever, because none of them can let a grudge go.

    • Bettyrose says:

      No way. The worst match in the world is two drama queens. Divas need a stabling influence. Otherwise, you get, well, this.

      • Mira says:

        I don’t think i want to be a stabilising influence for anyone in my dating life. That sounds more like a social worker or mentor than a romantic relationship.

      • Bettyrose says:

        Fair enough. I was thinking of myself. My stoic bf balances me out pretty well. But I’m not a drama queen, just a chatterbox.

      • bettyrose says:

        LOL! Plus, I just saw my phone error, and I completely agree that one should not be responsible for “stabling” a romantic partner – unless they’re both into that sort of thing. Whatever works. No judgement. 😉

      • lilacflowers says:

        Oh, Bettyrose! I just caught that too! Yes, that activity would need the consent of both parties

      • Secret squirrel says:

        @Bettyrose. My first read through of your comment, I read it as “stabbing influence”, as in a diva always needs to have someone to metaphorically stab in the back! Sadly there are some that fit that description perfectly and no partner can stop them!

    • Cricket says:


  4. Birdix says:

    what a spectacular train-wreck of a break-up. They’ll both be dining out on this for years.

    • DesertReal says:

      The real loser in this?
      If someone doesn’t find him some sunscreen soon, Swift will be able to make a wristlet out of his forehead.
      It’s not hard.
      I mean seriously, the dude and I went to a festival yesterday and before we even got out of the car- he was getting the Aveeno treatment.
      If someone doesn’t pass Tom some SPF soon, Taylor will not lock down s**t. I can assure you that Leatherface is nowhere on her Prince Charming vision board.

      • lilacflowers says:

        For some of us sunscreen is absolutely useless. I have a tan on my face, chest, and hands right now and I never leave the house without applying SPF 50 and yes, I reapply throughout the day. Only a hat protects my face from the sun. Also, I find I burn very quickly with Aveeno.

      • Maire3 says:

        Tom’s bitter serenade will be
        “You are my sunshine …in that you may have damaged me in ways I won’t know for years to come”

        Shamelessly stolen from this e-card

      • DesertReal says:

        I don’t think I ever said sunscreen prevents tanning. Sunscreen does not prevent tanning. It does however allow you to do it in a slightly safer way.
        Hiddleson on the other hand looks like his skin is about to crack.
        Also, not that it matters because I didn’t even bring it up- as a WOC it takes a lot for me to burn. So I don’t, as I don’t spend extended periods of time outside. I use Aveeno because I have somewhat sensitive skin & it doesn’t break my cheeks out.
        So…not about you so much?
        Feel free to pat yourself on the back for reapplying your SPF 50 throughout the day though.

      • Imqrious2 says:

        Lilacflowers, try Trader Joe’s spray sunscreen (50). It’s the top rated spray by Consumer Reports. I use it (I’m very pale and burn quickly); it works really well ☺️☀️

      • lilacflowers says:

        @Imqrious2. Thanks. I have tried that. It works on my arms, legs, back but not so much on my nose, ears, forehead. Hat necessary.

  5. InvaderTak says:

    Ok, might want to start wearing the tin foil hat again, but it did occur to me that maybe her people said that and attributed it to Calvin (and then denied) in an attempt to make this ~totally whimsical~ romance look more real. Better to a cheater than a faker at this point, right? If that were true why didn’t ol’ Cal say so a long time ago? No one is buying this at all. Still. Let it goooo….Let it goooo…..Lay low and stop this nonsense for a while….you’re PR strategy has gone out of style.

    • Juju says:

      This ! Totally agree !

      • Secret squirrel says:

        Whilst I can’t speak for the parties involved in this debacle, I personally would put cheaters and fakers on the same rung of the disgrace ladder.

        But remember Tom told us not to believe everything we read, so I assumed he meant that from both sides!

    • lilacflowers says:

      We have renovated the conspiracy theorists gazebo by covering the roof in tin foil.

      • InvaderTak says:

        Brilliant! We conspiracy nutters can blend in! Almost. lol

      • lilacflowers says:

        And it is fully stocked with refreshments. There is also one of those portapotty trailers that are used for fancy weddings in the middle of fields parked nearby.

      • Annetommy says:

        Portapotties are good lilac. There has been a lot of sh@it around recently, so best to be prepared. Perhaps a jug of something refreshing in case “fame whore” Tom pops in and is “thirsty”?

      • Dara says:

        We’ll need a first aid station as well. I was folding my daily tinfoil allotment into a jaunty chapeau – so I could leave the safe confines of the gazebo and stare longingly at the veranda, where I am now persona non grata – and cut myself. Paper cuts ain’t got nothin’ on tinfoil cuts – hurts like a b*tch.

      • lilacflowers says:

        @Dara, you are NEVER persona non grata! Come right on up here and our medical team will tend to your booboo!

      • Dlo says:

        Are there Mimosa’s? Thank you for the gazebo 😊

      • lilacflowers says:

        There are always mimosas. And bellinis. And martinis. And margaritas.

    • OhDear says:

      I completely agree with this.

  6. Christin says:

    They were not engaged or married, so why are both ‘teams’ carrying on like they were? Sounds like they weren’t on the same page in some respects, so what’s the big deal?

    • Mira says:

      They both have giant egos and can’t let anything go.

    • lilacflowers says:

      Sounds like they belong together.

      • MI6 says:

        They do. Back together by December. I’m going to keep repeating that so I can say “I told you so” when it happens. I love saying that😆
        On another note, TH looks really stressed in the new takeout photos. This may finally be getting to him

      • lilacflowers says:

        He looks like he is afraid he’s going to drop that bottle. Where are Frisky and Tabby to help with all those bags? Juggling the takeout and her drama and while trying to work on a film would drive me to distraction. She also has some stressful legal issues going on. She has to be present in the same room for a deposition with a guy she is suing for assault.

      • daisie-b says:

        When Adam started whining on Twitter because Taylor wouldn’t visit his family but she visited Tom’s for three days two nights it was very apparent that she was wise to move on. Just because he planted his flag, so to speak, doesn’t mean he can pass on playing the supportive partner at industry functions. If she hadn’t been touring the relationship would have never made it to Fourth of July.

      • InvaderTak says:

        “When Adam started whining on Twitter because Taylor wouldn’t visit his family but she visited Tom’s for three days two nights it was very apparent that she was wise to move on” Huh? That makes her look awful and like a complete user. Calvin was wise to move on. TS/CH were in a relationship for over a year. Asking her to be down with his fam isn’t asking that much. That’s not the same thing as not supporting her at the Grammy’s. That’s an industry/career/public thing that she very well might have wanted to attend solo. Avoiding his family while meeting the new guys’ within a month in a very public way is a tell off to him and his family the way I see it. TS just keeps getting more unlikable the more people talk about this. Not that CH is a saint himself but still… This is really devolving into being all about Calvin and her.

      • Bonzo says:

        I’m surprised the her deposition didn’t get more traction in the press. I had to giggle that the judge isn’t letting her have her way just because she’s a pop star.

      • OhDear says:

        Re: takeout photos – wouldn’t that be something that a personal assistant would do or at least help out with?

      • lilacflowers says:

        @OhDear, maybe he wanted a few minutes of his life when he wasn’t surrounded by her, her personal assistants, and the bodyguards. ESCAPE!

      • Maire3 says:

        also: Those Takeout Photos. I’m laughing at the idea (that) Hiddleston saw the price list for the mini-bar and, like my relatives of a certain age, said “This is highway robbery! I’ll just pop round to the shops”

        If it’s true love, Tom will volunteer to go out for “shark week” supplies: bottle of Advil, peanut M&Ms, and a box labeled Regular/Super/Super+

      • M.A.F. says:

        @MI6- I’ve been saying/thinking it too about Taylor and Calvin not being fully done with each other. This is a break, a break where she decided to “date” and he decided to hit the gym. They could be back together by Thanksgiving.

      • lilacflowers says:

        @MAF, there is still far too much emotion for them to be finished with one another.

      • Secret squirrel says:

        Nah, Taylor will be done with Calvin as soon as she has officially won the mud-slinging war.

        I must draw up a scoreboard…

        She will stay with Tom because he is excepting of her behaviour (for now) so she feels supported and vilified.

        Dare I say it but Taylor could take a leaf out of Miley’s book. Miley has been very well-behaved since returning to Liam’s arms. If she can do it, Tay Tay can too.

    • Roxane says:

      @Christin Because they’re petty, and they want to win “the media battle”. This is ridiculous but it’s totally fit their personalities.

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      Whether you are engaged, married, or shacked up, it’s kind of a good policy to be honest and keep your word. I don’t think anyone involved knows the meaning of empathy or integrity.

      • Evie says:

        @Miss Jupitero: Spot on. But that’s exactly why given the principal players in this Harlequin Romance Gone Wrong, that the sh*tstorm is never ending. And throw in TommyAnne who played at being a coy little minx regarding his relationships/hookups for the past five years before turning into Fame Trollop extraordinaire, and this spectacle is guaranteed to continue ad nauseaum.

        Can you imagine if any/some/all of TommyAnne’s exes decided to weigh in? EPIC!

      • Miss Melissa says:


        Please let that happen!

        I want to hear what JArthy thinks of this mess!

      • Christin says:

        I agree about being straightforward and honest.

        My best guess is that at least to one party, this wasn’t viewed as an exclusive, serious relationship (whether or not anyone else entered the picture before they called it a day – who knows). Then, once the other party moved on (quickly), the whole narrative changed to make it sound more serious/more committed. Now it’s a battle of egos.

  7. lilacflowers says:

    Seriously, Eppie Calvin, the opposite of love is apathy, not hate. Pick up the phone and call her and ask to get together to hash it all out and the two of you leave everybody in peace.

    And editors of The Sun, do some very basic fact-checking. The Met Gala is in May, not February. No idea where she was in February, other than at the Grammys, but Tom was in Australia for the first part of the month and then Vietnam. And he flew back to London the day after the Met Gala and was visible there almost daily for weeks. Check your own archives for Tom at the TV BAFTAS, Tom dancing with some woman after the TV BAFTAs, Tom with Camilla, Tom with The JArthy, Tom doing UNICEF programs with school kids, Tom all over BBC radio, Tom all over BBC TV, Tom being linked by your own paper with the blonde historian just because they were in a doorway at the same time.

    • Bridget says:

      You talk too much sense and must now be pointed out and shamed as a stan.

    • InvaderTak says:

      Facts need not apply in Swift-style publicity fights, Lilac! But we here appreciate the continued efforts! I seem to recall Tom saying he was totally single somewhere in there too. Just can’t remember where.

      • lilacflowers says:

        Yes, the interview with the swimming pool photoshoot that was done the day after he arrived in Los Angeles from Vietnam in late March.

        I know, “facts, schmacts” I am very ashamed of my addiction to facts. I’ll just be over here on the glider with some fresh raspberries and lemon ricotta pancakes.

      • Kai says:

        Maybe they just got in contact in February and since they ended up together, Kevin Adam Hobbes takes it as cheating. Who knows. They need to come up with something new. It’s boring.

      • lilacflowers says:

        @Kai, why do they need to come up with anything at all? To make Eppie Calvin happy?

      • Bonzo says:

        My memory is a bit fuzzy on details, but I remember he was in Oz early Feb, then did the Berlin event for TNM (the one with the cringy fan question) then flew to Vietnam mid-Feb when they started filming there for a month. I suppose somewhere he & Tay could have crossed paths, but it would be impossible to pinpoint where.

        I think it’s more likely if they met prior to May that it was in March/April, after filming wrapped and he was in LA or NY doing promo.

      • kai says:

        No, I just meant to keep me interested.

      • lilacflowers says:

        @Bonzo, he flew to Berlin from Australia for the event in Berlin and then flew right back. The Kong cast went from Australia to Vietnam. And his downtime activities on weekends during filming was very well documented by Vogt-Roberts, Jason Mitchell, Thomas Mann, and Brie Larson, on those rare weekends she wasn’t flying back for awards.

      • sauvage says:

        @lilacflowers: May I interest you in sharing my mojito here with you in your corner, since tomorrow is a workday? I think it might go well with your pancakes, and I brought two straws!

      • lilacflowers says:

        @sauvage, come sit right down!

    • The Understudy says:

      Seems to me that Calvin may have got it right with his first response, the truth being that the relationship ended, he wasn’t supportive enough for her, he would not play her game and do the epic romance shtick, she obviously saw a massive opportunity for what she could have as she and Tom clicked in May at the Met, I do think she may have been an amateur Hidldlestoner. Relationships end but in the glare of publicity the epic scale of start of her new one has brought on a game of who gets to hold the morale high ground. For me they both lose, the media interest is fuelled by their comments & PR leaks. They both have their feelings and personal points of view and their need to control their image seems more important than their own privacy.

      The timeline facts make it difficult to imagine TayTo physically cheated, though doubtless they were in contact post Met. Tom was spotted in London on June 9th and in NYC on June 10th, so I suspect that’s when they seriously began to explore the connection that so obviously started at the Met ball.

    • K.C. says:

      If Calvin is trying to prove how over her he is, erm…this isn’t the right approach. They always seemed like an odd couple to me—she’s all sunshine and professionalism (and the blood of her enemies, according to some), while he seems a bit unpolished and unpredictable. I’m surprised she got into a relationship with someone who has a known past of screwing over exes. Taylor likes control, and at this point it’s anyone’s guess what he’ll say.

      But that February timeline makes no sense based on where we know they were. And I somewhat doubt these “sources” close to Calvin are anything but make believe anyway. He knows where she was. Unless they met somehow, somewhere and were carrying on an emotional affair, it doesn’t match up.

      • lilacflowers says:

        The February timeline makes no sense because, not only was Tom on the other side of the world, but Taylor was back visiting the Christmas Tree Farm of her childhood for the wedding of a childhood friend and had a Vogue reporter traveling around with her recording all the details. I suspect Vogue reporter might have noticed a man hanging about. Unless the cheating was with either the Vogue reporter or one of the omnipresent bodyguards.

        Yes, the Vogue interview was in April but the interview was actually done in February, which corresponds to the dates the pictures of her in her maid of honor getup appear on her Instagram. Which means Eppie Calvin missed both the Grammys and the wedding of one of her closest friends in the same month. Additionally, in the interview with Seacrest, Eppie Calvin seems less than enthused when Seacrest brings up his girlfriend, and not just about the “we’ve never thought of working together’ but his response to Seacrest talking about attending a hospital event with her, EppieCalvin’s response was: “i saw that.” Not, she told me or I knew about that but “I saw that.” like a casual observer of a joint acquaintance. He then didn’t attend the gala the next week and was with another woman when he was in the car accident.

        My theory; they were on a long break that began sometime in April and one or both of them decided to end it. If they hadn’t already ended it. Everyone is putting forth unverified theories and that one is mine.

      • Bonzo says:

        Own that theory, Lilac. And have another mimosa. It’s Sunday, after all.

        This is similar to what Dara was saying about a late April breakup but then again someone below mentioned she was on holiday with CH in mid-May according to Swifties. Regardless, I think it’s safe to say they were having major problems by April.

        I think the breakup would have happened sooner if she hadn’t been touring for half a year and therefore not a part each other’s daily lives day in and day out.

      • K.C. says:

        Lilac, I think that’s a really great theory you have. I knew Calvin didn’t attend a few important events with her, but didn’t put much thought into it since some (crappy) boyfriends just aren’t into attending events with their girlfriends. And if he’s more low-key, I thought perhaps that just wasn’t his scene and had her go alone. But that Seacrest quote is really interesting, about him just seeing that she attended the hospital event. That’s a pretty significant indicator that they weren’t together at that point, or were on the verge of splitting up. The only vacation I remember hearing about them taking was in March.

        Also agree with Bonzo that they likely would’ve split sooner if she wasn’t on tour. Seemed pretty obvious that once they had alone time it just wasn’t working out—I feel like you hear that often, that if one or both people travel often for work, sometimes things aren’t so great in the relationship once they actually get the chance to spend quality time together. The dynamic shifts, sometimes in a bad way.

      • lilacflowers says:

        If they took a break after their anniversary vacation in March, they could have agreed that they would meet up on another vacation in May to assess where they were and if they wanted to continue it or end it. I do think it interesting that she was on tour for months into December, ends the tour, and then they spend most of February apart. Knowing that either she was going to end things formally in mid-May, or sensing she was about to be dumped, or sensing, most likely, that they were going to agree mutually to end it, she might have been holding herself out as available from late April on.

      • Bonzo says:

        KC, yep. It’s impossible to grow a relationship and see if you’re compatible when you’re not living your lives together.

        Most of Tayvin’s dating occurred while she was on tour. Based on the anniversary pendant she Instagrammed, they started dating March 6, 2015 and her tour started two months later and wrapped up mid-December. By April, things were falling apart.

  8. Emily says:

    While I think Calvin’s embarrassing himself with this breakup, I actually don’t blame him for the Rita Ora thing.

    • Jade says:

      Emily I understood why he refused to let Ora perform his songs. But I’m with you, this whole thing is super embarrassing for him. He was the one who started to talk and he is still talking! Sorry, Taylor is crazy but I don’t believe there was overlap. I propose that he really tuned out and Taylor being young and relatively attractive, simply went on to some dude who showed interest. Then she just did her own thing and did not bother to be under the radar.

    • Luca76 says:

      I think it takes a cruel bastard to throw away two years of work out of spite. Whatever happened within their relationship it’s totally unprofessional and just plain mean.

      • Chelsea says:


        It wasn’t 2 years of work. They didn’t even date for 2 years. In the beginning of their relationship they said they wouldn’t be working together that happened at the end. It was reported he had written half an album for her. Still wondering where the other half is? Why is it taking her 2 years to write another album? Maybe nils sjogren can help since it’s so hard for Rita to write new songs? 😜

    • ronaldinhio says:

      I thought the Ora thing was the worst.
      I really don’t understand how he gets away with behaving in that manner to someone he once loved
      This is Taylor shaming him right back for his mean girl antics. She is right to draw attention to it
      He truly could have destroyed Ora’s career

      • Bread and Circuses says:

        I don’t know; given Ora’s history in the realm of unsavory rumours, it seems like she definitely sleeps with guys in exchange for songs and help with her career.

        If Calvin realized belatedly this is what she was doing to him (and her cheating on him makes it plain she isn’t trying to build a relationship with him), then I could see him saying that he will not “pay” her for her attentions because he thought they were in a relationship, not a prostitution arrangement.

    • M.A.F. says:

      He pulled an a$$hole move. It makes him look unprofessional. But hey, he’s a white male so he gets a pass right?

  9. Maria says:

    Must be awkward for Tom. I wonder how that is sitting in a room with your partner while said partner spends her time orchestrating getting back at an ex in a public way.

    • MI6 says:

      AND seethes about Katy Perry, finds members of her squad to say how in love she is and pressures you to propose to piss off said ex
      And don’t forget about KK tonight and the harassment lawsuit
      All while you’re trying to work and campaign for a major award
      Must be very romantic

      • Bonzo says:

        Not to mention the fact the all over the internet TIDDLES is being laughed at and accused of faking their romance for publicity.

        And let’s not forget, she’s in a foreign country while her new boyfriend is focused on work (NOT her) and has no sycophantic squad to make her feel special. This can’t be the best of times for Swifty, now that the True Love World Tour has ended, she’s alone and press remains unfavorable.

      • saltandpepper says:

        I think the best thing at this stage would be if she left Australia and he gets on with the movie. Despite what their ‘feelings’ are, he needs to focus on his work. This is a huge film project and this kind of publicity is not good for the production in general, nor on his co-stars who must be secretly shaking their heads at this nonsense. He should focus on being professional now and stop this laughable behaviour until the movie’s done.

    • Evie says:

      @Maria: Tom and his (useless) PR reps, should be feeling more than awkward. They should be wondering and preparing for when the other shoe drops and “sources” close to Susannah Fielding, Kat Dennings, Jane Arthy, Elizabeth Olsen and any of his rumored GFs/FWBs and random hookups begin to leak stories to the press, LOL!

      • twilly says:

        Susannah’s friend tweeted when they broke up “thank goodness you didn’t marry him. What did that mean?

      • EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

        Eh, I seriously doubt that will happen. The British tabs have been dying to find something on him, and so far all they’ve been able to find is that he possibly wasn’t one of the cool kids at Eton, and the name of his alleged first girlfriend.

      • Andrea says:

        twilly—–Wow, that is telling!!!

    • Miss M says:

      She is probably fuming that Katy Perry got the Olympics song too.

    • Alex says:

      The level of embarrassing keeps getting higher for tom. I’m wondering what set it like because I cannot imagine he’s not getting the side eye all the time. Esp with every new story coming out and the fact that Taylor rented a bigger place for them to stay at. It’s a lose lose for tom because he’s basically with a teenager. Yikes

    • delorb says:

      That’s only if one assumes Tom has actual feelings for her. If he doesn’t, then I doubt he actually cares. Better to run your meager lines, while the PR people hash things out.

  10. Bxhal says:

    You shouldve been there,
    You shouldve rushed through the door with that “baby im right here” smile
    And i wouldve been so happy..
    But it was like slow motion,
    Standing there in my party dress,
    In red lipstick, with no one to impress,
    And they are all standing around me laughing,
    Asking me about you,
    But there was one thing missing,
    And that was the moment i knew

    Tay broke up with Gyllenhaal coz he didnt attend her birthday (insert “hashtag firstworldproblems” here) then wrote a song about it. Honestly, i love Taylor but i remember thinking that was petty af. I love the song, simply coz Taylors ballads are my thing. They are great to listen to and singalong to on a rainy miserable day lol. Im a Swifty and unashamed. Point is, not surprised that CH not attending her grammy moment led to the breakup. And its obvious CH doesnt like to be overshadowed. Its the celeb world, everybody courts attention. Tay needs a person that worships at her feet but most celeb men got small egos that want to be worshipped too. It couldnt have worked.

    • Grace says:

      ‘Tay needs a person that worships at her feet but most celeb men got small egos that want to be worshipped too.’

      If that’s the case she really shouldn’t be getting involved with male celebrities at all. And the idea of Tom Hiddleston having a small ego is, eheheheh! What’s the phrase? ‘Doomed from the start’ or ‘it’s only a matter of time’? He wouldn’t be dating Tayler Swift if he had a small ego.

      • Bonzo says:

        I know, right? I can’t wait until the infatuation wears off and Tom starts asserting himself in this relationship. He will not stand to be in her shadow for long or let her call the shots. It’ll be amusing to see them in public with clenched jaws and the dead eye stare as they’re papped.

        I don’t think Calvin is any more mature than she is, but it seems as though he did what he wanted to do and didn’t cater to her wishes. She may have gotten fed up with her inability to control him and so their relationship was doomed from the start.

      • Ennie says:

        Tom is not a musician, so it is not the same. He/ they are already mocked because TS is into pop. She Made this Dance song. And she was ridiculed before people actually knew she wrote it, they were saying it was no way she could’ve written it. As if most dance songs are intricate and complicated.
        Calvin probably though he’d lose credibility by accompany her to events, also she is more known than him (not that that stopped him from being with her at home).
        I think this new relationship will last as long as their schedules allow them. I wish them well.

      • Browniecakes says:

        She is a master of PR. TH has to be careful how he ends this. Fetching carry out alone to me is an indicator this relash is getting inconvenient for working boy Tom.

      • Bonzo says:

        brownie, I’m feeling old. I had to look up “relash” in Urban Dictionary just to be sure I knew what it meant!

    • The Understudy says:

      The more I learn about Ms Swift the more this theory seems to show as being the case, now if she really believes Tom is the one is this because he is willing to prostrate himself for her, he has already done so much that to many appeared out of character for him but how far will he go? His ego has to rise up at some point surely? It seems she gets to be her true self with him so I hope he gets the same courtesy.

      The Mirror has an article about them going on Ellen as a COUPLE, to talk about their relationship!? I hope to goodness this is just speculation, if Tom did that I would deem he had lost all integrity whether it was a way to get their truth out or not.

      On one of those takeout photos he looks surrounded by fans as he juggles bags and bottles, did the they give the security the night off or was he trying to prove something to himself?

      • Hannahsmom says:

        That would most definitely be his Tom Cruise “jumping the couch” moment. Yikes. For his sake I hope this does not happen. In ten years he will look back on that and be mortified.

      • Chef Grace says:

        It was like
        “Look at me Tom Hiddleston going out late to hunt and gather food and wine for my beloved Taylor Swift! I Tom Hiddleston, go forth through the gauntlet of hungry and dangerous photographers to bring back these morsels for my one and only Taylor Swift, who is sitting in our posh pad, writing CH is a liar and done me wrong songs. See how I tom Hiddleston struggle to carry these offerings, for her, Taylor Swift, captor of my heart, along these mean cold streets, alone..Instead of riding in a security convoy. I am THAT man! Tom Hiddleston who will do whatever it takes to win that Emmy, er, love and respect of my lady, Taylor Swift.”

      • Dlo says:

        @chef grace, I bow to your brilliance👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍

      • lilacflowers says:

        Gossip Cop has debunked the Ellen interview story.

      • MI6 says:

        If TH goes on Ellen with her (or anywhere else for that matter) in this couch jumping, vomit-inducing World Tour of Luv, just stick a fork in him bc he’s DONE. There will be no coming back from that.
        …Luke Windsor to the rescue!!!

      • The Understudy says:

        That’s a relief. The PR is now working to emphatically debunk some of the stories that are out there but they sure have their work cut out. I suspect they are being deluged with media offers to ‘tell their truth’, will that PR machine advise they ultimately take it or not? I wonder if it was her team or his that responded? Are they a joint entity yet?

        Tom has spoken because he had ‘work’ related interviews and the question just could not be ignored. It will be interesting to see how much he does comment to Josh H though I doubt there will be much more than has been previewed. Meanwhile Taylor’s squad continues to post more candid Polaroids teasingly flashing the loved up couple while she is happy to be looking like she is keeping a ‘low profile’ in Australia.

        I have been reading some interviews with Taylor to try and figure out if she deserves the side eye that I and many others seem to be throwing her and I still can’t make my mind up. The Rolling Stone article made her sound over exuberant about her flashy apartment, paranoid about being bugged and bearing a grudge with Katy Perry before finishing off with her being accepting of living a life surrounded by media and fan interest that required her bodyguards to check social media when she steps outside. In another, the Vogue one I think she waxed lyrically about her magical relationship with Calvin and how it was just theirs, low key and and personal. Was she saying this to sit with his way of thinking because I wonder how she feels now having Tom agree that they should do this very publicly and then finding that it is not viewed as the fairytale she hoped for but as her going back to her previous MO with someone who seems to be happy to show the world how much he has fallen in love with her for who she is.

    • MP says:

      Wait what? She has yet another song about her outfit and makeup? I don’t have any of her albums but even I now know 3 of her songs describing her dresses and lipstick; Style, Wildest dreams and this song you quoted. And we are supposed to consider her as some great song writer/lyricist? How can anybody so repetitive and self centered win any awards?

      Out of curiosity, has Taylor Swift ever written even one song about anything except Taylor Swift and how she feels after some boy/ex friend/boy/music critic/award show host/boy was mean to her? Does anybody or anything else even exist in her world? Does anybody else have feelings or POV?
      Jeez she sounds exhausting!

      • Sue says:

        I read some of the articles here about TS and her previous BFs and their break ups. In one interview she said “I love love…” a and something about observing people behaving in relationships and like she believes in happily ever after etc. She was 18 back then and the things haven´t changed since then. She´s really masochistic – writing songs about ex BFs, dramas, disappointments and then she has to perform them repeatedly. So she cannot step out from the emotional circle, I think.

      • Maire3 says:

        @MP: To answer your question, yes TS does write / sing about other things, which her stans are quick to point out. But her relationship songs as well as victim songs like “Mean” and “Haters Gonna…” are her bread & butter. The other songs don’t get near enough traction

  11. Liberty says:

    A Teensy Tiddling Road Trip Tune

    What’s a month
    or two or three
    oh what’s
    two weeks,
    or a few?

    What’s a Leap Year for
    with a new pair of fortnights?
    Why not jump in
    the more-sparkly

    Love is a kitty
    With a
    Catnip mind.
    If it smells pretty,
    It’s cool.

    The End colours
    That start as true songs –
    But mystery meat makes
    a publici-tune!

    • Grace says:

      Bravo! Once again your poem is better than the story!

    • lilacflowers says:

      Liberty, I nominate you for Celebitchy Poet Laureate.

      • Liberty says:

        And I nominate you for General Counsel/Voice of Reason, oh great Meadow Master.

      • lilacflowers says:

        *hands a bottle of champagne to the fellow Maine Coon housemate (for we are just the people they deign to allow in their homes)*

      • Liberty says:

        accepts champagne bottle with relish, and nods sagely while sipping, because it is true: we are the honored servants of the grand Maine Coons. Ours struts around like a princess; Mr. Liberty is golfing at St Andrews this weekend (Sat and tomorrow) and he dedicated a hole to her, because, of course, she is She.

      • silverunicorn says:

        @lilacflowers ” (for we are just the people they deign to allow in their homes) – well nope, I’m Maine Coons’ staff here too (I’ve only two at the moment, though.. furry family to grow in the future though)

    • Christin says:

      “Love is a kitty with a catnip mind” – LOL!

      But what about the CATS? Where do they fit into this suddenly developed traveling household?

      • Dlo says:

        I know, I always wonder who babysits the cats? I like cats…..

      • Christin says:

        I really do feel for any pets that are likely just accessories.

        I assume there is a caregiver who allows them to stay in their familiar environment while owner is jet-setting? I don’t know how these celebrities with multiple homes handle that.

      • Liberty says:

        Christin, we have a 14 yr old Maine Coon, and I worry about these celeb pets, too. I assume TS can afford a good pet sitter, but still…

      • Christin says:

        My fellow pet-lovers! Count me in TeamPets (or TeamKitties in this situation). I couldn’t give a flip about the dating timeline, but really wonder about the cats.

        Pets have separation anxiety, too. Maybe the pet sitters are the ‘parent figure’.

      • Secret squirrel says:

        I love Maine Coon cats too, although very few are bred here in Australia.

        I’m imagining that Taylor would have permanent house staff that the cats would be familiar with. No way Ms Tay would clean a litter box out or risk getting cat food juice on her hand!

      • Liberty says:

        Secret Squirrel, that makes sense 🙂 and I hope you are right. I agree w Christin about the separation anxiety (cat or dog).

      • silverunicorn says:

        @Christin “I really do feel for any pets that are likely just accessories.” Same, I do feel like celebrities shouldn’t have pets. Poor cuties 🙁
        Crazy cat lady here too.

  12. CidySmiley says:

    They probably did. I mean .. even time lines were shady with Olsen and Hiddleston I wouldn’t put it past him. Does it sound terrible that I’m thouroughly enjoying Calvin. I think it’s great that he’s fighting Taylor’s usual victim stance. He’s not letting her play the victim, and I kind of like it. Mostly because I think inside they’re both douchebags. I think inside Calvin and Taylor are the same person, and they’re both fighting for the role of heart broken person. I think it’s also great that the Sun published something like this. Like the Evans-Slate article, there are so many sites posting about their fairytale romance and nor with the wonky timeline. Because it’s Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston no one wants to say they could be cheaters. This year hasnt been a good look for Swift. Especially if it comes out she approved the Kanye song, which lets be honest, she probably did. So carry on Calvin, I’m enjoying this.

    • TotallyOld says:

      Here, here! I’m with you. The more we get that exposes Taylor’s true self, the happier I am. Can’t stand the “girl”, never have liked her, she’s a user. She is not in jeopardy of losing her reputation to her millions of adoring, teen girl fans, so she will be okay but I am enjoying the hell out of this and hope she is squirming just a bit. Same with TH, he is allowing Taylor she use him.

    • MI6 says:

      Ditto. I love it when hypocrites get called on their sh*t.

    • cyn says:

      I didn’t really like Calvin before all this, but now I love his petty ass.

    • k says:

      she did! can’t wait for tomorrow’s #kimexposedtaylorparty on celebitchy.

  13. Blackbetty says:

    Was Tom all quiet about his relationships before all this? Why is he famewhoring this new one now?

  14. kri says:

    Well, she is as stagey as a late-era Joan Crawford (or a present day Taylor Swift), and yes maybe she was edging away from Harris. But hey, that’s how it works sometimes. If I was Calvin, I’d back off. Anyone ever heard from that VS model from a couple years back who said Taylor was okay at the VS show but that she “wasn’t really one of us”? He’s gonna end up in some room mixing KatKidz Hits for Meredith and Olivia if he isn’t careful.

  15. InvaderTak says:

    It’s kind of hilarious that some are bending over backwards to make this Feb timeline work. Ah, the power of stans….It didn’t happen that way. Seriously. There is zip evidence to suggest they did. We know where they were then and it doesn’t seem likely.

    • lilacflowers says:

      People trying to convince themselves and others that something happened in February are doing gymnastics worthy of the Olympics.

      She may have been cheating on Eppie Calvin in February but it would have been with somebody else unless she owns a Tardis.

      • K.C. says:

        The word Tardis shows up and I appear! She should own a Tardis. That would be rather exciting, wouldn’t it? Then all the crazy conspiracy theories about her just might make sense. Explains how she has so much time on her hands to plot revenge and concoct fake scenarios to be photographed.

      • Secret squirrel says:

        I respectfully disagree with you InvaderTak and Lilac.

        It doesn’t have to be physical to be an affair. Maybe Tom and Taylor started texting after she followed him on Twitter and Calvin saw Taylor on her phone giggling and being completely absorbed and distracted with someone else for hours at a time whilst completely ignoring him. That constitutes cheating in my book.

        Given Tom fits her criteria of a good boyfriend (I.e. British), then he could have easily wormed his way into her affections whilst she was still with Calvin. However Calvin seemed relieved to be out of the relationship so I don’t understand why he is still bringing it all up.

        @K.C, perhaps Taylor and her Tardis were behind the grassy knoll in Nov 1963!

      • lilacflowers says:

        But Secret Squirrel, my point was that they didn’t know each other in February. And from that Vogue article, it would appear that Eppie Calvin didn’t spend much time with her in February and wouldn’t know if she was giggling over someone’s texts. She was back in Pennsylvania as maid of honor for a wedding he chose not to attend.

      • Bonzo says:

        Secret Squirrel, just a point of clarification regarding the twitter follows, as per the posters here —

        Taylor started following Tom in 2014
        Tom started following Taylor March, 2016

        Hence the suspicion that they may have met then (he was doing promo in the US from mid-March to late April) or if you’ve got your rather large tin foil hat on, their PR teams were strategizing for the upcoming romance. 😉

      • Abby_J says:

        @Lilacflowers……..What if Taylor has a TARDIS? They could have been dating for years.

        I feel like she has a TARDIS.

      • lilacflowers says:

        @Abby J, I want a TARDIS. And a direwolf. And a dragon.

    • Veronica says:

      I have my doubts too, only because my sister met her husband in a similar way – introduced while dating somebody else, then hooked up with him after the breakup. It did look shady, but there was no overlap. Do I think the attraction was there? Probably. And I wouldn’t be surprised if she knew Calvin and her were winding down and kept Tom in mind for later. I could definitely see her breaking up with him to get with Tom, but a lot of people do, and it doesn’t mean cheating. But until Calvin has evidence, I’ll keep an open mind and give her the benefit of some doubt.

  16. Bex says:

    I’m not sure I believe that they had been carrying on since February. Their dancing at the MET didn’t strike me as people who knew each other well at that point at all. Plus the timelines don’t really work out either.

  17. AG-UK says:

    My friend runs a fashion PR company does VS and Met Gala his words “I cannot stand her” we had to sit thru her flailing and singing at the VS show in London. He’s a good actor I don’t know any of her songs it just all seems out of character for him. Only time will tell how it all plays out. I must say he seems to enjoy all the attention good or bad.

  18. Miss M says:

    Make up already, you crazy drama queens!
    1- It seems there was an overlal and I don’t care about the details anymore
    2- if you agree to use a pseudonym, why come forward without talking to the other person involved. Tay tay always trying to shade her exes…
    3- Well, she learned something from Harry Styles…
    4- Calvin, move on. The only way to drive her crazy is to ignore her.

    • Ennie says:

      She used a pseudonym, but he tried to minimize her role in the creation of the song. He seemed hurt that she would not throw him this bone of a song, his biggest success. Why doesn’t she let him enjoy? Well, he probably knows something that he is not saying.
      Also, they are not together anymore, she has the right to say that she wrote it. I like that she said it, and not only for AdamCalvin. She is one of few woman songwriter/musician/ performer in a world of men. Take that!

      • Miss M says:

        If they cannot separate professional and personal, just don’t mix them. Just because they are not together anymore, it doesn’t mean they needed to break a professional decision. They decided to keep it quiet, keep it quiet… Unless, she was not profiting from it, which I doubt it.

      • MI6 says:

        Take this: she couldn’t have just let him have the hit – because she doesn’t have enough of her own? Why use an alias if you’re just going to seek out credit later? She brought this on herself to stir the sh*t. No class.

      • Bonzo says:

        Agree with Miss M and MI6: Tayvin made a professional decision for her to use a pseudonym and she should not have revealed her credit without talking to him first. She already profits from the song so she only reason she leaked the news was to spite him and try to make him look bad.

        Perhaps one of the reasons few have spoken out about her is that they fear this kind of public retaliation that Taylor dishes out, either through leaks or in song.

      • Ennie says:

        MI6 that argument about having already many hits and that somehow she should let him have all the credit for this one seems funny/ ridiculous to me. There were rumors that she was involved in the song from the beginning, and some people were attacking her/ deeming her incapable of doing a dance song as if it was impossible for her or something. The relationship ended, she said that she wrote it and then he praised her while at the time tried to take credit for the music. I think that was lower than saying the truth about who was the author.
        He still has credit for the song all over the world. It plays on his channel. He is making bank.

      • Mira says:

        “and some people were attacking her/ deeming her incapable of doing a dance song as if it was impossible for her or something.”
        You can take any melody and make it into a dance record. The melody in itself wasn’t a ” dance records” its the beats and arrangements

        He did minimise her involvement but this was a result of her doing the same to him. Writing the lyrics and melody isn’t all there is too a hit. The production side is very important too. I mean nobody would downplay Pharrell or Quincy Jones contribution to music. Not that i think Calvin is on that level. But hes an effective producer and songwriter with a good talent. Anyone who knows anything about him knows hes really competitive and prides himself on his musical success so when taylor decides to release that info she would have known in such a way she would have known she would get a reaction. I think they are both as bad as each other.

  19. Luca76 says:

    I think people underestimate that we are living in a digital age you know. People date by text, Skype, FaceTime etc. it’s totally believable that they were in some kind of flirtation even if they were both in different places. So when they met and hit it off things moved quickly. It’s not full on cheating but it’s definitely an emotional affair of sorts.
    I think that while Taylor and Calvin are both immature Calvin is worse and really couldn’t deal with Taylor being more successful, getting bigger awards etc. Thats why he tried so hard to minimize her work on the single once it came out they collaborated. He’s livid that Taylor isn’t like Rita and he can’t just shut down her career on a whim.

    • lilacflowers says:

      Not underestimating the digital age. Questioning the theories that skyping, texting, facetiming for purposes of romantic relationship was occurring in February between two people who hadn’t met.

      • kai says:

        I think the point is that they could have been in contact before meeting at the MET and maybe they “fell in love” via skype. Never happened to me, but I hear it does happen.

      • Luca76 says:

        No one honestly knows when or how they met. If they met via email chain etc. And yes people who’ve never met in real life Skype or email sometimes especially if they know they are going to meet at an event in the future. All I’m saying is no one knows.

    • Lady D says:

      “He’s livid that Taylor isn’t like Rita and he can’t just shut down her career on a whim. ” His problem in a nutshell. He can’t control her and it’s just killing him. I hope Rita is somewhere laughing.

  20. HeyThere! says:

    Even if Taylor did wrong, Calvin/Adam is coming out of this relationship looking like an immature idiot. Just stop. Full stop. NOBODY is going to want to date you, ever. Well, at least nobody famous. I just can’t get over how pathetic and lame he constantly sounds in this whole mess. He should be spending her thank you flowers for that hit song writing and melody. Have some class.

    • Sophie says:

      Heythere, you said it all. Calcin Hobbes Adams Wiles is just coming out as the most infantile prick in all this. The more he talks, the more lame he seems. He’s just a joke by now.

  21. Sun says:

    Adam Wiles needs to sit down. He is acting like a teenage girl.

    • Sophie says:


    • Mira says:

      But Taylor likes men with the soul of a 13 year old girl, see Hiddlestons fangirl tank top 🙂

    • Evie says:

      @Sun: EXACTLY!! Which is why Calvin/Adam and Tay-Tay are perfect for each other…They are both very spoiled, very RICH teenagers used to getting their way…

    • K.C. says:

      Considering she hasn’t said a word about him, this is getting a bit pathetic. Let it go, bro.

      • C says:

        She herself is not saying anything but I think she lets the media/reps do the talking for her. I mean it’s Taylor and she’s just as petty as Calvin. The difference is that she knows how to protect her public image. He speaks out for himself because, I’m assuming, he doesn’t have a publicist.

      • Alex says:

        Really? Just because she lets her people do it doesn’t mean she isn’t saying anything. Taylor has tight media control she is saying quite a bit. CH just has the balls to do it himself. Don’t kid yourself that Princess Sparkles isn’t stooping to the same petty level YET AGAIN

      • MI6 says:

        Go Alex, go Alex!!

      • Crox says:

        Harris has a publicist. The fact that she wrote the melody too, not just lyrics like his tweets claimed, was later confirmed by “his people”. I think anybody with that level of fame and money has a PR-team. It was just that he probably reacted on Twitter before his publicist could stop him. That happens. And all those “sources close to Harris” could be anyone from him personally to his publicist or actual friends or the magazine making things up. Same goes for Taylor.

      • Bonzo says:

        Yea, Taylor may not be speaking for herself, but she’s the one who ok’d the leak. She took a punch at Calvin and he tried to fight back.

        They’re both immature, petty and mean. They deserve each other.

      • InvaderTak says:

        What everyone else said. She protects her image by letting all the “leaks” happen. She ALWAYS has her say, if she doesn’t outright control the narrative. And yes, they are both immature and mean. I’m seeing shades of the Afflac/Garner thing here. I think she’s out to punish him now, but might eventually get back with him.

      • K.C. says:

        OK, agreed—Taylor is finding her way to have her say. But she’s doing it the smart way, and my point still stands that Calvin is looking pathetic because of how he is going about all this. She knows how to protect her image, and clearly he doesn’t. He has a rep who could speak for him, too. I’m not sure if I’d call it having balls when all he’s doing is making himself look angry and foolish, while Taylor’s way of handling it makes her look detached and over it, even if she’s in actuality being just as petty.

        Basically, Twitter rants are never a good look.

      • MI6 says:

        …and that’s why #taylorswiftisoverparty was trending on Twitter last week. OK.
        Her image is imploding, her PR is panicking and the Internet is enjoying the f*ck out of it.

      • K.C. says:

        @MI6 Is her image really imploding, or is this just another phase of being cool to mock her? There are short spurts when it’s OK to like her, but they never last long. I was kind of under the impression she has always been disliked, and it has always been cool to make fun of her music/relationships. I really didn’t think any of this was new territory–the media and general public have never particularly shown her much love, other than her fans and buddies in the industry.

      • Crox says:

        @MI6: The trouble (or a good thing) about Twitter trending is that it’s popular only for a day or a week unless it’s fed constantly. Then the crowd moves to the next trend. And since it was reported that it was mainly her competition’s fans tweeting that, it doesn’t affect her at all. Fans of Katy Perry and Rihanna were not interested in buying Taylor’s music in the first place. I doubt she lost millions of fans over this – it certainly didn’t show in the number of her followers, and the support from her fans was huge in this (but not as covered by press because heart emojis are less interesting than snakes).

        Also, she is not releasing a new album or going on tour. She said she’s on a short break. Right now she can afford a bit of bad PR because the public forgets really fast. If her relationship with Tom lasts until her new work comes out, it will be used to her PR advantage. If it dies out, it will most likely be without drama and it won’t hurt her at all.

        Edit: When I say without drama, I mean he doesn’t seem the drama type. I doubt he’ll go all Calvin Harris on her, even if she writes songs about their break-up.

      • MI6 says:

        The Shiny Princess Farting Rainbows image has taken a huge hit. People see through it now. You can’t undo that. We’ll see what kind of long range effect it has.

  22. Jayna says:

    Why do I get the feeling Kanye is writing a rap song about the Taylor/Calvin/Hiddleston triangle as we speak?

    • Ennie says:

      Maybe he will be comparing himself, Kk and her previous relationships that were happening as he waited for his turn waisting Amber Rose’s time?

    • Crox says:

      He’ll probably say that since he made Taylor famous, he also made Calvin and Tom famous by proxy, and that it was the Famous video that made everyone care about this story anyway.

    • KatM says:

      Maybe he will create a second ridiculous video with her waxy mannequin between waxy mannequins of T. Hiddleston, Calvin Harris, and the rest of all the other fools she has spun her web around.

  23. zinjojo says:

    Off topic, I know, but I need to talk about Calvin’s neckbeard. The scruff is fine, but neckbeards are always wrong. Spend the 30 seconds it takes to hit that with an electric razor and clean it up.

    • Crox says:

      But he already feels emasculated because Taylor found a new guy and wrote half of his hit. The neck-beard is all that’s left of his manhood.

  24. Jayna says:

    Maybe Calvin is lackluster in bed He sure seems to get cheated on a lot. LOL

    • lilacflowers says:

      I wondered that too.

    • Bianca says:

      That doesn’t justify cheating. She should have dumped him first.

      • Bonzo says:

        Cheating is dishonest and wrong, under any circumstances. Break up, then explore the new romance.

    • Annie says:

      Does that mean that when Harry cheated on Taylor it’s because she’s bad in bed too?
      Ora is a serial cheater. She cheated on rob kardashian.She slept with asap rocky when rocky was in relationship w/ that model Chanel. If you think it’s just sexism let me tell you she behaves the same with women well known that cara d was in love with her, Rita messed around with cara, dumped her as soon as Calvin showed interests . Broke Cara’s heart. some people are just compulsive cheaters.

      Not sure what Taylor’s excuse would be? Lack of attention probably. Calvin seems like a workaholic. People like Taylor needs someone who will follow them around. She needs a house husband imo.

      • Nicole says:

        Yep Ora’s reputation is of a social climber in bed. Goes after famous people, dates them to get what she wants then eventually cheats on them. She’s done this with almost every high profile person she’s been with. Zero sympathy for her. She’s awful

      • Luca76 says:

        Many (or most) cheat in that world.However when the men cheat no one cares and it’s expected for the women to take it. If a woman cheats and is famous than she is going to get raked over the coals. The fact that Ora may have slept around doesn’t really mean she deserves to have her career ruined. I think the recording industry is possibly the most mysogonistic corner of the entertainment industry.

  25. Chetta B. says:

    Gawd, let it go, lol. Who cares at this point? I’m sure it will implode on its own in due time. I will shocked if something permanent comes of this. The man has always had a wandering eye; this is just the latest new toy.

  26. First of all, the general public has never heard of Calvin Harris. He certainly doesn’t have the authority to kill someone’s career like Rita Ora or Taylor Swift. For Taylor or Calvin to think his opinion of Rita’s music equated to it flopping or not being released because of Harris…ha.

    Taylor’s peeps saying Calvin was a sh*tty boyfriend anyway. I see. So Taylor saying in March that their relationship is “magical” shows Taylor is a phony who lives her life according to the image of her she wants the public to have. No surprise there.

    They really are perfect for each other. The fact neither one can let go in this Dynasty tit-for-tat I’m sure makes Tom feel great. He looks like the third wheel in this spat. Very masculine.

    • Nicole says:

      Um what? Calvin Harris is very well known. Definitely more than Tom for sure.
      And yes he did kill Rita’s album. He produced it, helped on the writing and thus owned a significant part of it. When she cheated on him he pulled his consent to let her perform what was to be her big break single in the US. So yea he does have the power. And they came out and said that’s why she had to cancel her performance. It’s not even speculation. He’s the most popular DJ in the game. I don’t even understand this comment

      • Chelsea says:

        He had only made a handful of songs with her, where’s the other half? How many years ago was that? Her song with him didn’t even enter billboard top 10 or was it top 20. With or without Calvin, the US just don’t care for Rita. She remains a UK thing.

  27. Yellowrose says:

    The only thing that seems totes clear to me is that everyone involved in this deserve each other.

  28. TomTom says he is happy, but his body language says otherwise. His lips are always tight and compressed, he is angry and fearful.

    • Guesto says:

      It’s all gone a bit Pete Tong for Tom.

      But hey, I’m sure her A-list lifestyle will help to soothe his tight, compressed lips and his angry, fearful, fevered brow.

      Never was the adage ‘be careful what you wish for’ so hilariously illustrated.

      • KatM says:

        Both of you are spot on…I am sure he never thought this would evolve into the utter mess that it is.

  29. Guesto says:

    Poor Tom. 😀

    I bet, when he embarked on this ‘love affair’, he never imagined that he’d end up at the centre of such a cringe-makingly infantile and mortifyingly public fallout.

    Or alternatively, he’s loving every minute of it and he and Taylor Swift are right this minute writing and giddily rehearsing their script for Ellen’s sofa. *prays this happens*

  30. I said this before, and my comment disappeared. TomTom says he is happy, but his body language tells a different story. His lips are always tightly compressed. He is angry and fearfuul.

  31. Annieb says:

    Have Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding ever dated?

    • Fiorella says:

      Haven’t heard they dated. These are the connections I know: Ellie dated Ed Sheeran who wrote a mean ish song about her after, he is great friends with Taylor and (regardless?) Ellie introduced Taylor to Calvin. Also, you probably know clavine and Ellie have a video together so they have kissed but maybe on screen only

      • Annieb says:

        I know Ellie and Calvin have collaborated and made a video, and was wondering about a possible real-life relationship because they seem comfortable and relaxed with each other. Appreciate you replying.

  32. guest says:

    I am getting bored of this.Not of the relationship but of the tabloids and their made up news.
    And calcin, STFU.

    • lilacflowers says:

      Yes, even The Mirror is using the word “allegedly” in its story about going on Ellen but leaves it out in the headline and the media copying it are using question marks and phrases like “are said to be.”

      • Crox says:

        Oh please no.

        I defend them all over but in truth I can hardly watch his non-serious interviews because of the cringe factor and I predict that Ellen outing will be the worse of them all. Not only I won’t be able to watch it, I won’t be able to read comments here for a week because of all that second-hand embarrassment for them. 😀

        No matter what they say on Ellen and how, they will be ripped apart.

      • lilacflowers says:

        @crox, they’re not going on Ellen.

      • Crox says:

        Yea, I went to read The Mirror article and they say in the piece that her rep has denied that. It’s still in the title, tho. Phew!

        Although … Don’t give them ideas … 😀

  33. Kelly says:

    This all began because she dared to ask to be credited for a song she wrote?? How dare she! Seriously Calvin Harris seems like a huge whiny baby. Team Taylor.

    • Bianca says:

      That information was not released / leaked to the press because suddenly TS wanted credits. It was meant to put CH in a bad light because he denied working with her (which is in fact what they had agreed to do). That’s what led to those message on Twitter from CH.

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      Actually she was the one who decided to use a pen name.

    • Bonzo says:

      Taylor agreed to write under a pseudonym. Then broke her silence to make Calvin look bad. In this specific instance, she was in the wrong and he had reason to call her out.

      • MI6 says:

        Hey Bonzo!! *waves*
        the Swiftverse is the only place this brat can stick it to an ex and still get branded as the victim. Some role model.

      • Crox says:

        How does the fact that she wrote the song make him look bad?

      • Bonzo says:

        Crox, she was trying to make it look like he was taking all the credit for a song that she wrote the lyrics & melody for when she CHOSE to use the pseudonym. If she still wasn’t trying to stick it to him, they could have jointly agreed that if the song was successful, they’d release a statement revealing her part in it. Clearly, CH wasn’t expecting the leak, which makes it look like he’s trying to hide something.

        MI6, *waves back*
        At least there’s an uptick in articles (starting last year) where the press is calling her out. She’s going to have a harder time getting people to buy into her sweetness & light image.

      • Crox says:

        @Bonzo: That makes no sense to me, sorry. The only difference is that we now know the real identity of Nils Sjoberg.

        The authorship of melody and lyrics was supposed to be credited to Nils Sjoberg, as Swift never gave away her rights. Harris should never had taken full credit for the song. It should be written as co-autorship with Sjoberg. If Swift wanted no credit and gave up her work completely to Harris, there would be no need for the pseudonym.

        Therefore, if Nils Sjoberg wasn’t always acknowledged as co-author, Calvin was actually in the wrong, so this SHOULD make him look bad. The deal was not to use Swift’s real name, not to ignore the fact that there’s another author.

        But if Nils Sjoberg was always acknowledged as co-author, then it was also always known that Calvin didn’t write the whole song, so why would this make him look bad?

        Edit to add: And Wiki’s history confirms Nils was credited. So where’s the problem?

      • Crox says:

        I think I know what the real problem is: it’s not that there’s another author (because Harris was NOT taking all the credit), it’s that it’s an American pop princess instead of a Swedish male producer. That’s why Harris is upset and that’s what’s actually troubling. Don’t use the work of a person if you’re embarrassed of their true identity, period. He only used it because he thought people will never know. That’s a douche-bag right there.

      • Bonzo says:

        Crox, Harris never took credit for writing the song. He was never asked about it (that I know of) and anyone wanting to know who wrote it could have seen it was Nils Sjoberg.

        This is why she used the “reveal” to make him look bad: Calvin was asked in an interview the day the single was released (4/29) if he & Taylor would ever collaborate and he said a) they hadn’t spoken about it and b) that he couldn’t see that happening since she was about to take a long break after touring. So in accordance with her wish to write under a pseudonym, he didn’t reveal that she had actually collaborated with him on that song.

        After she leaked to TMZ that she was the writer, People Mag spun this as “Taylor was hurt because Calvin didn’t want to work with her” and made it look like this the was reason for their breakup. Naturally, he was pissed & took to twitter to call her out. After he confirmed in his twitter rant that she wrote the lyrics and he wrote the music, she told TMZ that Calvin was trying to downplay her involvement when she wrote the melody. Fact is, they both wrote the music since writing music is more than just the melody line. She did one part and he did the rest.

        I know too much about these two people now that Tom is caught up in this mess. Ugh. I need to get off this train.

      • MI6 says:

        Please stay, Bonzo. We’re almost there. 😉

      • Secret squirrel says:

        @ Bonzo

        Permission to disembark the crazy train denied. We need you!

      • Bonzo says:

        Only if someone makes me a Fizzy Hiddles.

      • Veronica says:

        I don’t even think it has to do so much with “a pop princess wrote my song” as “oh look at this loser going on about me all MONTH, who’s hit song is actually making me money this whole time.”

  34. Deedee says:

    Calvin Harris was a lousy boyfriend. He wouldn’t go to the Grammys with her (I think he met up with her afterwards though at a party) and then he wouldn’t go to the Met Gala even though she was coho sting. Each time she had to go with Selena Gomez. He never supported her. He said she wasn’t his type and denied ever wanting to collaborate with her on a song even though they did and it came off as a hit. He was also caught coming out of. Massage parlor. I don’t blame her one bit for dropping his ass, I just don’t know why she didn’t do it sooner.

    • Norain says:

      He’s a douche but um… No… Obviously he wasn’t that lousy since he’s the ONLY guy that could handle her for more than 2 months in her ENTIRE soon to be 27 year life
      I bet she’s a lousy girlfriend , since all her relationships end after couple of months and all end badly,

    • Maria says:

      or you know Talyor could be a big girl and got to work alone without needing a man to support her.

  35. M.A.F. says:

    How could anyone say that this break up was not going to be messy and childish? This is how it was going to play out regardless of who was playing the Tom Hiddleston role.

  36. K.C. says:

    I just saw the pics of him carrying wine and takeout. Swifty has got herself a good one there. Though I think he looks stressed because that’s an excessive amount for one person to carry.

    Side note: Tom in glasses is my favorite thing. I wish he wore them all the time. He looks so freaking good in them. So good, in fact, that I forget any and all issues I’ve ever had with him when he puts them on. Magical glasses.

    • Guesto says:

      Good Lord.

    • EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

      I am mesmerized and impressed by his ability to palm two full-sized wine bottles in one hand.

    • Nicole says:

      I guess you’ve never lived in NYC or some place similar because I carry more than that on a daily basis. No one praises me (or anyone else who lives here) for it. You should see me go shopping…I’m typically carrying 5 bags or more from Manhattan to BK! Magic!

      • Luca76 says:

        Yup that’s NYC living

      • EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

        Oh I know. I’m really just talking hand size!

      • Susie 1of 3 says:

        @Ennui, 😉 Hand size, yup.

      • K.C. says:

        I was kinda joking, but I’m realizing today is a Serious Day on the thread, and those aren’t too fun. Wasn’t really praising him for his miraculous carrying abilities, though it does look like he was concentrating on not dropping one, lol. I’ll stop being lighthearted and be Serious though: You’d think she’d send her assistant for such errands. I’m sure Tom looks stressed because his life is clearly in shambles, and not because regular people keep a fairly straight face when walking about.

      • Bonzo says:

        I always smile like a loony when I’m getting takeout.

        Her staff might have had the night off. I would’t expect they’d be on call 24/7 for weeks at a time.

    • Dara says:

      I too am susceptible to the magical amnesia glasses. And the size of his hands. Those were the two things I noticed when I saw the photos of Hiddles venturing out in a manly fashion to gather gourmet morsels for his dearly beloved.

      • Bonzo says:

        We haven’t seen the specs since he started riding the TayTay Crazy Train, have we? Makes him look older and more serious, and in accordance with his prior persona.

        It’s probably best he wear them publicly when TayTay is not with him, lest it inspire “Uncle Hiddles” remarks.

    • Veronica says:

      I was impressed by that, too. But then, most guys I’ve dated like carrying the heavy stuff when I’m with them so they can feel manly about it, lol.

  37. A. Key says:

    Wasn’t Hiddleston still banging Olsen in February?
    I guess they weren’t exclusive or he was cheating with Swift on the side.

  38. MI6 says:

    Yeah, TH was just stressed trying to balance 2 bottles, that’s all. Wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that he’s an (international) punchline on Bill Mahr last night and NY Post PAGE 6 this morning.

    • KatM says:

      Thanks for posting this, because I just looked up those articles…the headline of the Page Six one is quite funny. “Swift’s boyfriends have no idea they are part of her plan.”

      • Becky says:

        I saw that article too. You think they’d do a basic “Taylor Swift boyfriend” Google search see her relationship history and stay well clear.

    • browniecakes says:

      I love how the bodyguards don’t help with the carry out!

  39. Beach girl says:

    Gossip Cop reporting Tiddles not going on the EllenShow and that the article stating they were got it wrong. Thank you Luke!

    • Chelsea says:

      Intially. Gossip cop reported there was no truth to Taylor getting with Tom. They aren’t fool proof.

      • Beach girl says:

        I forgot that. I think they were also the ones saying no to the article regarding the imminent engagement. MAybe someone’s PR is jumping the gun and another is slowing it down. Or it’s just more of the same old click bait….

      • Anon says:

        Taylor Swift’s stans on Tumblr reckon that her publicist feeds these rebuttals to Gossip Cop, even the ones that say “impeccable source” or whatever, and not “Taylor’s rep”.

        If that is the case then the “nothing is going on, Taylor and Calvin are rock solid” is interesting. That was on 18 May. A bit of deflection from something else?

        TS got home from her last vacation with CH the following day, May 19, and the Swifties believe that she had already broken up with him during that vacation because they left in different cars from the airport. I bet her publicist was the first person she had called with that news. If the article came from her publicist it looks like a bit of a crafty smokescreen to give TS time to get the chronology of the break up in order.

  40. nicegirl says:

    Keep on keeping on, Taylor. You GO.

    • MI6 says:

      Yes, Taylor. Go. Please. We are begging you.

      • KatM says:

        MI6, yes, I am hoping she has taken a hint too…maybe she will permanently relocate to the United Kingdom. I am surprised she has not purchased the home across the street from Tom’s family yet.

      • lilacflowers says:

        I’m surprised she hasn’t purchased Tim Burton’s side of the house yet.

      • MI6 says:

        @KatM and Lilac: you guys are gonna jinx it….

      • lilacflowers says:

        @MI6, I think Helena Bonham Carter will be the one to jinx it.

      • MI6 says:

        Oh, please let TH date HBC. She’d straighten his ass out.

  41. jferber says:

    I think Rita Ora and Taylor Swift should do a duet about Calvin and what a bad boyfriend he was. I would actually pay money for that.

  42. Chelsea says:

    He’s aged 20 years since he got with Taylor. By the time she’s done with him he will look geriatric.

    • KatM says:

      You are so right, he looks very tired and stressed. I wonder if he is going to get tired of all the drama that follows her.

  43. sauvage says:

    Gee, Calvin/ Adam, YOU HAVE TO LET IT GO! (And if you don’t, please just shut up already!)

    I cannot believe that this man is supposedly 32 years old. He sounds 13.

  44. KatM says:

    Can you imagine what it is going to be like for the person responsible for seating at the next major music awards show? They should sit TayTay, Calvin, Katy, Kanye and Kim all together separated by her ten bodyguards wearing checked shirts and jeans. Cue TayTay giving some ridiculous, vomit inducing, impassioned speech about how she is a miraculous phoenix who has risen above all of this to become the success that she is.

  45. Natalie says:

    everytime this guy opens his mouth I just wanna shove something down his throat.

  46. MI6 says:

    It’s a sad day when Tom Hiddleston carrying groceries makes bigger headlines than his Emmy nod.
    TMZ has a video and someone congratulates him on the nomination- he sounds so grateful.
    Which makes me eve more sad. 😯

    • Sue says:

      🙁 yeah and they don´t leave him alone even with his hands full…

    • Smd says:

      MI6, absolutely! I will say this, being so famous and dating publicly is a nightmare. I can’t even imagine. No privacy, every move scrutinized and questioned. I can understand Taylor wanting to craft and control her image, but a little more unscripted and real wouldn’t hurt and some of us might be more empathetic to them 🙂

    • The Understudy says:

      I wonder if that was a pap or a random bystander who caught a moment? Whichever he remains impeccably polite and that is heartwarming. You can see in that clip though that he actually does have security with him. Carrying that load himself may have been his protective barrier against encroaching fans.

    • Crox says:

      His Emmy nom wouldn’t get him a headline at all, though. He’d only be listed with the rest of them, like most were.

    • K.C. says:

      It was a headline the day it was announced, along with all the other nominees. They wouldn’t still be talking about it today.

  47. Smd says:

    It seemed to me and gossip sires also suggested Calvin’s shady car wreck was the end of their relationship/contract…any one else wonder about this? Rumors he was on some substance/high during the wreck. This is the reason he took off from the hospital. Tay doesn’t tolerate any drugs around her. Image#pure

    • lilacflowers says:

      There was a woman in the car with him who has not been identified and it wasn’t TS. And no descriptions such as “friend,” “cousin,” “business partner” have been attached to her.

      • Smd says:

        LilacFlowers with the facts again! Toasting you with a BellinI and waiting for the next photo op from these 2 to post. Yes, I thought I had heard about a mystery woman in his car and the whole wreck was hushed over fairly quickly. Vehicles were totaled! Pay offs anyone?

      • Annieb says:

        Would Harris be acting so freely on Twitter if he had cheated on TS and she knew about it? Some of her “sources” would’ve probably used that piece of information in this bickering between the two. I just checked the TMZ article about his supposedly serious injury and his ear looks normal, even the commenters are joked about it.

        In the past days I’ve seen a number of interviews with CH and I can’t help but like the guy. He seems quite normal and funny to me.

      • lilacflowers says:

        @Annieb, I have no idea how he would act on Twitter whether he was cheating or not. The TMZ pictures are from a week after the accident.

    • Crox says:

      But the accident wasn’t caused by him, was it? I read the other car was in the wrong.

      And I didn’t read that about another woman that lilac mentioned. Interesting.

      All I noticed is that at the time his injuries were described as luckily minor, and now they’re making it sound like he was in a coma for a year and Taylor only came to visit him once, that evil creature.

      • Smd says:

        Crop originally it was reported he had minimal injuries and that was wrong. He sustained some injuries that required follow up treatments, think it was his hand…Lilacflowers, can you confirm?? Actually brused ear but there were lots of reports of him downplaying any injuries. ..

      • Lady D says:

        TMZ had the story about a female ‘guest’ in the car with him.

      • TotallyBiased says:

        Smd–TMZ, the Daily Mail, and several similar outlets reported his injuries were more serious based on (as near as I can tell) a super grainy photograph that MIGHT show his right ear as being somewhat discoloured and perhaps oddly swollen n the middle. Or it’s a trick of the angle and light. I’m always bemused at the equipment paps have, in this digital age , that they can get clear pics from a quarter mile away of Beyonce on a yacht –but a pic of Calvin in a reasonably brightly lit environment from forty feet away is massively grainy. I’m convinced the graininess level is controlled by how much the tabloids need “interpretability” in the pictures, as Calvin posted a selfie less than two days later that showed both ears looking the same healthy colour.
        As to the accident itself, feel sorry for the teenage girl in a VW bug who crashed into the front corner of the SUV CH was riding in, as the crumple zones on both vehicles worked as designed but the girl was thrown from the vehicle and broke her pelvis. Makes me think she must not have been wearing her seatbelt.

      • lilacflowers says:

        I don’t remember where I read it, and I confess I was not following it closely as Eppie Calvin doesn’t interest me but I do have an excellent memory. What I do remember was the crash was caused by a teenaqe girl driving another car and she crashed into the car he was in. The girl and one of her passengers, another teen, required medical treatment with the passenger girl being quite seriously hurt. As far as AdamEppieCalvinNukeLaloushHarrisWiles, he was a passenger in a car driven by an unidentified woman when the girl’s car hit them. He had injuries to his face, ear, and hand, was taken to the hospital in an ambulance where he insisted he be released. Some sites say he wanted out because they didn’t have a private room available but others speculate that he checked out before they did blood work. He canceled several shows of whatever it is he does. He posted pictures of himself on Snapchat a week after the accident and they still showed marks on his ear and redness to his face.

      • TotallyOld says:

        To lilacflowers – why would he care if they did toxicology screening if he wasn’t driving the car? Perhaps he like many people, would be embarrassed and hate the fuss made about his injuries because he knew them to be minor. Maybe that’s why he wanted to leave the hospital? I would be mortified if I had been taken by ambulance to the hospital for minor scrapes. I’d be wanting to get the hell out of Dodge too.

      • Persephone says:

        @TotallyOld head injuries can seem like minor scrapes, and usually are, but they wouldn’t have wanted to release him until there were confident it wasn’t more serious.

      • lilacflowers says:

        @Persephone, given that he had facial injuries, they probably were concerned about head trauma.

        @TotallyOld, do you find people who’ve recently done drugs to be rational?

  48. browniecakes says:

    Probably the only thing more exhausting for Tom than being on set all day is going out to dinner WITH her and all that entails (car service, paps, bodyguards, fans!).

  49. saltandpepper says:

    Go home, Taylor. Leave Hiddleston to do his work. He should have made that call already, his professional image is hanging in the balance now. Take your colleagues who are there to work on a major movie into consideration.

  50. browniecakes says:

    Hopefully she’ll hitch a ride to Comic Con and stay in the states. The serious actors are about to show up for the Thor 3 shoot (Blanchett, Hopkins). [I am a huge Marvel fan and I’m not crazy about the plot of this one in relation to the Thor/Hulk gladiator planet story line but I do like the Guardians tie in with Goldblum’s character]. All Tom has upcoming to do as far as we know is Loki related, let’s not get sidetracked by pop princess nonsense. Be a company man Tom, go stay with the rest of the cast and if all you want to ‘talk about is the work’, then send the plus 1, make that 3, home. What is happening with her may not be embarrassing for him but it has to be inconvenient as hell despite the VIP treatment.

  51. Sean says:

    Does Hiddleston’s husband know about this?

  52. Mira says:

    She has exactly the same smirk in photos with Calvin as she has in photos with Hiddles 🙂

  53. Browniecakes says:

    If it started in Feb it just means we’re that much closer to the end.

  54. MI6 says:

    Heaven has heard us…Luke Windsor retweeted the Gossip Cop piece saying there’d be no TayTay joint interview.

  55. Beach girl says:

    Luke retweeted the Gossip Cop article re no to the Ellen interview. Confirmed.

  56. Beach girl says:

    Happy, Sad, Confused Josh Horwitz interview with Tom airs tomorrow.

  57. Natalie says:

    calcin hubbas looks like a smiling hyena in the lower pic

  58. Andrea says:

    I am not sure I can look at Hiddleston again after this fiasco even if it does end with Taylor(I am assuming it will; this seems far too in our faces to last right?). There is just something inherently icky about all this–like my friend who posts all these loving photos of her boyfriend on FB when we all know he’s been to jail several times and does drugs to self-medicate.

  59. Natalie says:

    andrea well swift didn’t go to jail, doesn’t do drugs. The comparison is obnoxious

  60. Joanie says:

    I think that Calvin punched above his weight with Taylor. He’s used to women who are less powerful than he, and I think he genuinely believed that he could control this narrative. Men who underestimate women like this wind up exactly where he is now. No sympathy.

    • browniecakes says:

      And he forgot she must always be the victim, and her PR team will eat your world.

  61. methinks says:

    banana na banana na na banana … that’s what I read eppie calvinbanana harris

  62. MI6 says:

    Kim Kardashian posted the TS Kanye phone call video on her Snapchat.
    Game. Over.

    • lilacflowers says:

      And he is reciting different lyrics than what is actually in the song. The “I made her famous” line is gone as is “b*tch”

      • PatriotsPower27 says:

        Agree. I don’t hear the line that TS had an issue with it in the video. Twitter is absolutely falling apart over this. I can’t get over the feeling that somehow this is a master PR strategy that we are all falling for. TS is smart and calculated. I can’t see her making this big of a mistake.

      • lilacflowers says:

        And didn’t Kim claim that she didn’t have the video any more because Taylor’s lawyers made them destroy it? Which by the way is an incredibly ridiculous statement.

        And if he never told her that line was in the song, then she’s not the one who made the mistake, Kim is. If she has video of it, like she claims, why doesn’t she show that part of the conversation instead of the discussion of language that was not the issue of the dispute?

      • Jess says:

        Yup, the “I made that b*tch famous” the line is not audible in Kim’s video. I think once bitch was put into the lyrics it changed things. Going from “I made her famous” to “I made that bitch famous” is different.

    • Bonzo says:

      Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s post on this.

      Lilac, you’re right, we don’t hear him quote the second half of the lyric about him making her famous. That’s the specific line that she addresses in her Grammy’s speech. Her team will be quick to point that out tomorrow.

      Oh Hiddles, the tangled web you’ve gotten yourself into. *le sigh*

      • lilacflowers says:

        Wasn’t “I made that b*tch famous” the line that was in dispute? Because that line is not audible in Kim’s video.

      • lilacflowers says:

        Kim doesn’t want that little bit of truth pointed out. Does Kim also have video of all the women in that music video agreeing to being depicted as in bed with her creepy husband with their breasts and vulvas totally exposed and only the corner of a sheet covering their vaginas because he has dominion and power over their bodies?

      • Valois says:

        lilacflowers, yes it was, but I think Swifty also somewhat denied that he asked for her approval or that she knew about the song.

    • Jess says:

      I get you love Tom Hiddleston but your comments regarding TS are so transparent, its kind of embarrassing.

      • MI6 says:

        I don’t like her. Never did. This is why.
        Any questions?

      • Jess says:

        Oh I have no questions honey, just second hand embarrassment from your hilarious pettiness over your crush’s gf. It’s pretty clear from your comments what this is all about.

      • KatM says:

        Hilarious pettiness? MI6 said nothing remotely petty.

      • Jess says:

        Right, nothing petty… Here’s a few comments just from this thread where she refers to TS as:

        “this brat”
        “The Shiny Princess Farting Rainbows image”
        “I’m going to keep repeating that so I can say “I told you so” when it happens. I love saying that😆”… when referring to how Calvin and Taylor will get back together because they are horrible people who deserve each other.

        Let alone the fact this girl only comments on TH related stories and obsesses over him. I don’t like Taylor but come on, you don’t post over a dozen comments on just a SINGLE story shitting on someone without being petty.

      • MI6 says:

        I’m flattered you pay such close attention to my comments, Jess. Thank you.
        Stay tuned. 😚
        And I like Calvin.

      • Jess says:

        It actually gets fairly annoying seeing your username popup whenever there is anything related to him on this site but keep flattering yourself if that makes you feel better 😉
        Must be hard knowing your idol is dating someone you loathe.

        But I’m sure you already have your petty comments ready for the next TH story so you can comment all over the place. Knock yourself out honey 😚

    • M.A.F. says:

      How many times can she say “like”? and why does she sound like a girl from the valley?

    • Ayra. says:

      I’ve got to give it to the Klan, they’re really good PR wise… Bravo.

      • bonzo says:

        Actually, if people listen to it, it’s obvious that Taylor didn’t hear and approve the “I made that b!tch famous” line, so Kim comes off looking like a fool. Her publicist should have fact checked that video before releasing it.

      • Grace says:

        @bonzo I don’t think it matters one way or the other. All those Klan people after are publicity, good or not. They simply start talking about something else like all narcissist airheads tend to do when the wind doesn’t blow the way they wanted.

      • lilacflowers says:

        Yes, and this ties into the most episode of her show.

  63. Ayra. says:

    What an absolutely amazing mess this Kardashian vs Taylor situation has turned into.

  64. bonzo says:

    Taylor has responded that she never approved the “B!tch” line:

    • lilacflowers says:

      Which is exactly what she has been claiming all along and that line is not in that video. Does Kim have an explanation as to how her video proves approval of that line when that line is not in the video or does she believe everyone is as stupid as she is?

    • Frexit says:

      Taylor is playing semantics because she’s been exposed as a liar. It’s all there.

      She’s done. The entire internet has turned on her. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bitch.

      • CornyBlue says:

        She is not done. Middle America loves their beige.

      • Crox says:

        It’s not playing semantics.

        In her speech, she said “who try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame” – this is the problem she had with the song, the “I made that b famous” line, which isn’t read to her by Kanye, and the fact that he used a slur word is a big deal (to use such a sexist term and then claim she approved it). If someone is a grand manipulator, it’s the Kanye/Kim klan, and people don’t really listen to what just happened, but only read the spin on it – because it’s great to hate Swift.

        I feel so bad for Taylor right now.

      • Crox says:

        Also, her rep said already back then that that specific line with the B word was the problem. The line that isn’t read to her by Kanye. Man, she has done nothing wrong in this and people are celebrating her being torn down? Sad world.

  65. Cait says:

    So…are we going to talk about Kim’s Snapchat throwdown?

    • lilacflowers says:

      As discussed above, yes, Kim just threw her husband down a flight of stairs. The line in dispute is “I made that b*tch famous,” which he does not utter in that video.

      • DT says:

        Well actually the statement TS publicist released initially was that, Taylor received only a phone call off Kanye asking if he could release the song on her twitter and she refused and warned him against using such mysoginistic lyrics. No other phone calls were made.
        I think Taylor is trying to split hairs, by saying I didn’t say it was ok to say ‘bitch’. She definately approved him, she says you have to tell the story as it happened to you, you didnt know who I was before that happened, there isnt one line that will hurt my feelings and another one that wont. Maybe he hadnt at this point decided to refer to her as ‘bitch’ but after what she does say in that phone call, he pretty much thought he was givin the go ahead to, in Taylors words, tell his story. She knew the, I made her famous line was coming. she said, you didnt know who i was regardless of the fact i sold 7 million albums before that, thats fine thats what happened. Her argument is pretty much based on one word, she knew full well the context of the song and even said that she would have a laugh about it with the media, exactly as Kim said. Taylor brought this on herself by twisting it to play the victim again in her grammy speech. She should of ignored it if she had a problem with the using of the word bitch, knowing that she had that conversation with Kanye.
        And that statement released by her initially was lie, she didnt say anything about it being mysoginistic, or say I dont think thats a good idea. She said it was tongue in cheek.
        That’s whats been exposed.

      • DT says:

        I just wanna add that I think Kim K and Kanye are vile and a pair of idiots and TS never even came onto my radar before so I’m not being biased here. I just can see what Kimye, 😳, are pissed about. In her grammy speech she doesn’t complain about being called names, she complains about people taking credit for her fame. And that is exactly the context of the song that she knew about and told kanye that it was ok to go ahead with. Also the lie that her team published about him not contacting taylor is quite obvious as she says to him thanks for the heads up I really appreciate it. This he never specifically asked me about one offensive word, is her just not being able to admit that she fucked up. She shouldnt of tried to use it to play the victim, its backfired on her big time.

      • lilacflowers says:

        He never read the line to her. That is the point. Bending over backwards to claim that she should have known he would add the claim that he made her famous and would call her “b*tch” when he left all of that out of the telephone conversation does not change the fact that she most certainly did not give permission for that line and that his video proves he and his wife are lying.

      • Crox says:

        He doesn’t read the whole song nor the context nor the line that was mentioned as problematic. He mentions the sex line and she’s being a good sport about it and she says she’ll confirm she approved THAT line.

        Also: It’s always a talk about a line. Singular. That’s telling. There were never other lines discussed.

      • Lela says:

        I love you, and your facts Lilacflowers, but people blinded by hate don’t want to see facts that much is obvious…

    • bonzo says:

      We will tomorrow, tho’ it’s much ado about nothing since Kim didn’t prove anything that Taylor had previously denied.

    • KatM says:

      I am not sure I would characterize it as “nothing.”

  66. EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

    And this one:

    Brian Phillips‏ @brianphillips
    I like Tom Hiddleston a lot but right now he’s basically a small flightless bird someone accidentally brought to a gang fight

    • Sue says:

      This,exactly. The movie industry is completely different from the music industry, I think. I cannot recall any fights similar to this one among actors.
      Really, Tom in the middle of this mess, buying wine and some comfort food for Tay locked and probably angry in their hotel suit. At least he´s doing his morning jogging to release some steam, I hope he´s doing well and will be strong enough to cope with that all.

    • freebunny says:

      Can we stop with the poor little Tom BS?
      He’s an adult man, not a little boy.
      And this mess is what happens when you date Taylor Swift and make a show of it.
      He knows what he’s doing even if he couldn’t know Kim would release the tape yesterday.

    • Crox says:

      He’s not in the gang fight. He was part of the Calvin story, but this has nothing to do with him. He was not around when any of it happened and nobody is mentioning him in this feud. He might have s sleepless night because his GF is upset but that’s it.

  67. methinks says:

    go home kk, you are high.

  68. Sparrowgirl says:

    LOL Taylor fakers gonna fake fake fake fake