Taylor Swift is getting hammered with the #KimExposedTaylorParty on Twitter


Man, July has been a rough month for Taylor Swift and for Taylor Swift fans. Last week, Katy Perry’s fanbase united with Calvin Harris’s fanbase to create the #TaylorSwiftIsOver party. That Twitter craziness followed Calvin Harris openly slamming Taylor for playing her little games and for needing some new enemy to take down, like “Katy ETC.” And now this: Kim Kardashian posted the video of Kanye West talking to Taylor about the song “Famous,” and wouldn’t you know? Taylor’s version of events differ from the reality. So following Kim’s video-drop, Twitter threw another party. This one was called #KimExposedTaylorParty. Some assorted tweets:

Taylor’s true-blue fans are turning on her too – you can read some NSFW reactions here (anti-Taylor people are screencapping the tweets!). There’s also some messy and obscene drama between Khloe Kardashian and Chloe Moretz, but I don’t care about that. Please follow The Shade Room’s posts for more. Other highlights:

Selena Gomez chimed in about Taylor, then it turned into a messy fight about #BlackLivesMatter for some reason.

Katy Perry tweeted-and-deleted “haha” and then posted this:

Pharrell Williams liked this tweet:


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Bluebelle says:

    Long live Queen Kim. I don’t think they mind being called juvenile, high schooler, petty and such for defending themselves against the hope for wholesomeness Taylor’s fans have. The truth came out.

    • ElleBee says:

      I’ve disliked Swift for yeeeeears and I thought I was alone in the world. Go on and be petty, I’m right there with you. Not a Kim fan but I’m glad she exposed the faux victim that is Taylor Swift.

    • Miss Melissa says:

      Love the Wikipedia corrections. Knew this was who she is.

      Team anyone calling out Swifty.

      I guess Hiddleston likes high maintenance drama queens.

      Bye Felicia.

      • DIrty Martini says:

        Pics of over the top and completely orchestrated Hiddlestone-Swift marriage proposal will drop in 4, 3, 2…

        THe Swifty PR team is in overdrive damage control making this happen as we type,

        No wedding will actually take place……but we will have a new big story to replace this Kanye-Kim-Swifty debacle before the blink of an eye.

      • Bonzo says:

        They’ll be returning to LA in a few days. Perhaps an arranged pap photo of him on one knee proposing on the beach?

        I’m not Kimye fan, but I’m giggling at how Taylor got outplayed by them. KK got PR game and I’m impressed.

      • DIrty Martini says:

        @bonzo. Not a fan of any of them although given how it started — Kanye dissing Taylor’s award win and earning the scorn of everyone on the planet including the president of the USA who famously was taped calling him an asshole — I used to lean to the side of TS. That was some shit he pulled that started this thing,

        KKs stunt yesterday was a total PR stunt for ratings….they had the video tape and could have shut this thing down moths ago so it clear that it is all a game to all sides. So yeah — I’m not applauding her for it either.

        Making me Team No One. I’m almost embarrassed that I’m following this story.

      • Bonzo says:

        I not a fan of either, but I’m impressed with Kim’s masterful stroke of PR genius, even if I don’t care for her as a person. She played Taylor brilliantly and shows that she’s a shrewd businesswoman.

        I still think everyone involved in Taylor’s feuding drama is a twat, including her.

    • mila says:

      oh please… one is a musician, who did not harm anyone. the other one is known for her adult tape and her husband is always insulting everyone. how and why would you even think to be on that side? i just do not understand people anymore.

      • tifzlan says:

        She might not have ~harmed~ anyone but she’s just as petty as Kim. Bad Blood, hello? She’s talking about character assassination like her entire career isn’t based off writing blind items into songs and passive aggressively confirming them in her interviews. Team Pot Meet Kettle.

      • Miss Melissa says:

        Actually, Swift’s public denials that the conversation ever happened threatened his credibility.

        But, details.

      • Naya says:

        Taylor Swift whole MO is harming others while acting like the victim. I detest Kim and Kanye is a looney but give me Kimye over that malicious little snake, Taylor any day.

      • HH says:

        “one is a musician, who did not harm anyone. the other one is known for her adult tape and her husband is always insulting everyone.” >>>> You’re doing mental backflips to defend her. BOTH HAVE DONE VERBAL “HARM” TO PEOPLE. You seem to be familiar with Kanye. For Taylor, however, please see: her entire career and its very foundations of sneak diss/not-so-blind-item songs.

        And for Kim… How did her adult tape “HARM” anyone? If anything, based on careers, she’s the least harmless in this entire tiff. Kim Kardashian is correcting the record, which in turn happens to “harm” Swift, because she lied. If Taylor Swift had told the truth from the start, she’d be fine right now.

      • KB says:

        Taylor Swift’s career is based on harming people. She bullies people with her music and then acts all “aww, shucks”. She’s mean and this is her comeuppance.

      • iheartgossip says:

        Beyond the Truth

      • Sarah says:

        Taylor lied about not knowing anything about the lyrics, harming another artist’s reputation. Regardless of how much of a jerk he is, she did lie about it.

      • Aren says:

        Very much agree with HB. From other musicians, to models, to actresses, Taylor has destroyed careers. She’s a horrible person.

    • delorb says:

      I smell a PR rat. You can’t air someone’s conversation without getting their approval. No approval, no air time. Hell, I don’t think you can even record someone without their knowledge in most states. All this drama keeps all their names in the papers, because people want to believe, I guess.

  2. Farrahh says:

    Also Harry Styles posted a snake emoji, then deleted. THIS IS TOO MUCH

    • Mimz, says:

      Hahahahahahahha OMG I can’t believe it. Her world is imploding. All we need is a tweet from JG (cant spell his name) and a snap video from John Mayer and we’ll find out they were the victims in all this hahhahah

    • detritus says:

      Damn, Styles has been SILENT on Taylor too.
      Everyone knows who he means, even Taylor, but plausible deniability.

    • Becky says:

      Oh I saw a screencap of that but it’s not on his tw so he did post it, wow.

    • KB says:

      Since you brought him up…I’d like to take this opportunity to ask for MORE HARRY STYLES. He looks so good in the photos from the set of Dunkirk. He’s several years younger than me but I’m not ashamed. Dude is hot!

      • detritus says:

        He does look good doesn’t he? I, on the other hand, feel guilty about my weird thing for Harry Styles.
        He is much to young for me and I don’t like it, but man do I like him.

    • Sarah says:

      I just saw on Teen Vogue’s twitter that Instagram is blocking people from posting snakes on Taylor’s feed. Nice. To censor people on IG from expressing how they feel.

      • Mae says:

        Well, it had probably reached the level of being classified as harassment, so I see why they’d decide to block.

  3. Pepper says:

    It’s amazing that so many people who know her, including some people who she could bury, are turning on her. She’s not half as liked as she wants people to think she is.

    • Betti says:

      She has made more enemies than friends with her antics over the years – the chickens are coming home to roost. It was only a matter of time before the Swift house of cards started falling in around her.

      I will never understand people who work hard to get success but on the other hand ruin it with their behaviour but then again when you build your career and image on taking/putting other people down, the tide will turn on you eventually.

  4. tifzlan says:

    This is the kind of petty, beautiful drama that i live for.

    Never thought i would thank Kim for anything, but thank you Kim for giving us the greatest beef of this century and for getting so many other celebrities involved.

    Long live the Kween!

    • cherrypie says:

      Here Here Tiz. I think the worste part is that SO much people from the entertainment industry are calling her out (Im still in disbelief that Pharrel of all persons chimed in!). Its one thing to have enimies on the internet but its a completely different level when your own colleagues are not with you…..and she made things bad all by herself, look at hope she handled the whole Tina Fey, Amy Poehler(sp) joke! The girl creates drama and enimies in droves and that says a lot about someone’s character. The list is long and includes all her exes, Kimye, Niki minaj, Katy, Demi, and I dont think Rihanna and Miley likes her that much. Tom Hiddles look like an imbecile for his involvement in her pr games.

  5. Sixer says:

    I honestly can’t be bothered to keep up. If you guys could let me know when someone appears in all this who ISN’T a complete tosser, I’d be grateful.

    • BengalCat2000 says:

      Lol! I’m with you!

    • Palar says:

      Anyone who uses the word tosser is fine by me! Agree!

    • Betsy says:

      No one looks good here; they all look like a passel of brats.

      • Moonstone says:

        You’re totally right,they all need to grow up!

      • Anthi says:

        As entertaining as it may be, it’s getting ridiculous, they all act as petty and spoilt tweens and I’m including the people on twitter who take either this or that side. All sides need to start acting like adults…what a clusterf…k!

      • my3cents says:

        The summer of junior high. Brought to you by- Taylor, Tom, Kim and Calvin.

    • Vava says:

      Same here…..

    • greenmonster says:

      I love you, Sixer. I really do.

      I can’t be on anyone’s side in this, because they’re all awful.

      • Tig says:

        So glad for the voice of reason CBers- I checked the comments w/o reading the article. Good lord- snake emojis??? This is what passes for wit these days? And the sad thing is- you know she didn’t think this up herself. Whoever said Hollywood was high school with $$$$ was spot-on.

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      Right??? Nobody looks good here! I can’t believe people are cheering for Kim. Can we please NOT forget who the Kardashians are?

      We know who Taylor is. It was never hard to figure out. We also know who Kanye and Kim/the Kardashians are. And Katy Perry. Demi loves drama. And Khloe, I’m looking at you, woman. You’re 32, like me. The day I do this to a 19-year-old is the day someone better slap me silly.

      Everyone is so klassy.

      • toni says:

        And you are defending Swifty because of Loki.

      • Anna says:

        Kim saw an open door and pounced to “defend her man ” first, it’s obvious she and her minions were at the ready to post comments here and on other sites in a blitz attack. NO ONE ON EARTH likes Kim any more than Taylor. Second Kanye is indefensible. So now we are subject to Kim’s narcissistic self obsession/promotion coupled with her defense of a complete nut. Double your pshchopathic pleasure. I don’t care what Taylor swift does and the 7th grade my space bullying from Kim just shows she’s a moronic, petulant, low life.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        @toni: Are you talking to me? I don’t even know where that statement came from.

      • Taiss says:

        Kim only did this for the show, she talked about this on last night episode. If she wanted to defend kanye she would have posted this in February when everybody was attacking kanye. This story has died down, they only brought it up for ratings.

      • noway says:

        @Anna Kim is defending her man? Really? Kanye needs defending. News to me. Kim is doing what Kim does best get publicity. This whole thing seems staged among the three of them. It certainly has a Kardashian style stench to it.

        Do you realize Kanye has lost millions because of illegal downloading of his album on Tidal, an interesting but risky business move. Now they decide to release a tape they obviously have had for many months, because Kim is upset wink wink. Kim is definitely playing to the lowest common denominator in society and going to the bank with it too, and not the first, second or third time she has done it either. Also, I don’t really understand it, but it appears that all young “good girls” want to change that image at some point, and after Miley you can’t just rip your clothes off any more. It amazes me how people buy this crap too. Seriously, it never grows old there is a sucker born every minute.

        I’m sorry I like gossip, but this is just so fake I can’t even fake like it.

    • Christin says:

      That could take awhile. This is a whole lot of ‘pot meet kettle’.

      One positive note — I feel younger (as if I’ve been transported back to seventh grade), thanks to this juvenile drama.

      • perplexed says:

        I don’t get why Taylor lied though.

        I don’t like Kim Kardashian at all, but she was able to produce proof. Doesn’t seem like she’s simply calling people names, but actually producing receipts. What the heck, Taylor? What was the point of lying? Why did she think someone wouldn’t call her out if there was proof available?

      • Christin says:

        They all crave publicity, it seems.

        As for TS, I have checked off more boxes on the ‘similarities to LeAnn’ list. Truth twisting, social media dependence, victim hood…it just keeps going.

      • MP says:

        I think Taylor spoke with Kanye alone without her team. Then later when her team found out about the song they didn’t like it because it didn’t fit her image and Taylor freaked out and didn’t tell them about the phone call. That lead to the initial “there was no phone call” comment from her team. She then had to come clean and all that has followed since the “there was a call but not about the lyrics and she did not hear the song beforehand” and the Grammy speech were all to make everybody believe Taylor in case Kanye would claim he did call her.

        They didn’t know about the recording at first or they would have played this differently. When they found out they threatened Kanye with legal action and tried to get him to destroy the tapes even though there’s nothing illegal about them.

        Taylor and her team messed this up and made a huge deal about something that could have been nothing.

    • shelly says:

      I think the collective noun for all of them should be, a Twitter of Tw*ts.

    • Aussie girl says:


    • Mira says:

      Pharrell is not a tosser.

      • Erinn says:

        Yeah he is. He was responsible for that POS Blurred Lines. He wrote and produced it.

      • Pinky says:

        I would just like to point out, that Taylor was a guest mentor on one of Pharrell’s seasons of The Voice. So he knows some stuff…. (I watched that season. She was as humorless about herself and everything else as ever.)

        I’m almost out of tea, Pharrell! Spill it!


      • Amanduh says:

        Just read that in 2004, the Neptunes had produced 43% of the songs played on American radio (!!!) That’s crazy..,

    • lilacflowers says:

      All complete tossers who should be tossed somewhere on another planet without wifi so nobody has to listen to them.

      • Dlo says:

        Yes lilac flowers! If they want to act like children let’s out them in timeout, no social media for a month or until they can act like adults

      • EM says:

        Any chance we can send the Trumps along – every last one of them.

    • Crumpet says:

      I’m with you. The only person I feel for in this is Kanye, because he really did call Swift and have a conversation with her, which he didn’t have to do. Even if he did not include the lyrics in total, she did tell him whatever he wanted to write would be fine.

    • Bonzo says:

      Sixer, to me its the same feeling I get when I watch Seinfeld. I laugh my ass off at their ridiculousness and while thinking I’m glad I don’t have friends who actually act like this!

    • JenniferJustice says:

      Thank you! Two grown women – one 26 and the other in her mid thirties both acting like high school knobs. But this is what happens when you don’t have a real job or a real life and end up spending waaaaay too much time on social media, worrying about what you look like, and thinking about who you don’t like…priorities. Just stupid.

    • Dlo says:

      Oh Sixer thank you for being the voice of reason! Is it too early for a mimosa?

    • EM says:

      Well said – it’s a race to the bottom.

    • Ash says:

      Thank you! They’re all assholes.

  6. Trixie says:

    Khloe Kardashian is a mean, nasty person.

    • nicole says:

      That was my takeaway as well. That was so vulgar and mean for no reason. She’s an adult.

    • Taiss says:

      She’s the worst. It was all funny until she came. Someone on twitter said “she probably doesn’t asshole after that fake butt,” I died.

      She fought amber rose when she talked about Kylie because Kylie was a lil girl, but she can fight a 19 that’s okay?

      That chloe grace girl need to stay out of Kim’s business.

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      I agree, Khloe was all kinds of stoopid and mean here
      She lacks any finesse

    • Val says:

      She just gets more and more awful

    • Christin says:

      Does anyone else remember the time when she was viewed as the ‘nice’ one? Never bought it, either.

      • pinetree13 says:

        I know here on CB the writers often referred to her as the “good” one and I never understood that. I knew she was a terrible, mean person ever since she was on Conan SEVERAL YEARS ago. She was so rude to him. She made rude remarks about his body being unattractive and it really rubbed me the wrong way. I don’t know how people didn’t see what an a$$&^%* person she is.

    • Dlo says:

      This times a million! And does she eat with that foul mouth?

  7. Carol Hill says:

    These folks need to get lives.

  8. Payapa says:

    Well, well.

  9. Hazel says:

    This all reminds me of high school drama. Except the world watches.


  10. Jess says:

    Khloe’s failed sad attempt to draw attention to herself is just so embarrassing.

    I feel so sorry for whoever that young woman is in the photo that Khloe tweeted. What a disgusting thing to do.

    • Anna says:

      I found Khloe’s tweet so unnecessary and offensive, she could’ve responded in a way better way that could’ve just added to the fun

    • CornyBlue says:

      Yeah. It was embarrassing and disgusting. But she was trending too so i guess she got what she wanted.

    • nicole says:

      Yeah, that was terrible. She’s a 30 year old something tweeting offensive pics at a teenager. Way to go.

    • Taiss says:

      The worst part the butthole picture isn’t even young chloe, her bikini bottom was blue.
      Khloe needs to grow the fuck up. She couldn’t stand that nobody was paying attention to her, so she had find a way. She’s ready to fight for Kylie because she’s just a girl, but she can talk to chloe, who is the same age, that way?

    • Kelly says:

      Seriously! Khloe K is disgusting. What an uncalled for, nasty thing to post. I’m surprised this was not a separate write up on this website. Although usually the Khloe K write ups are positive and the Chloe Grace ones are somewhat negative so maybe it goes against the norm too much.

  11. T.Fanty says:

    Poor Tommy: he hitched his wagon to the wrong blonde. He should have stuck with JArthy.

    I’ll bet he can’t believe that he gave up his career credibility for this.

    • Sixer says:

      I’m still holding out hope for a JArthy renaissance.

      • Bonzo says:

        Same here… she needs to rescue him and help restore his credibility.

        He’s such a fool, I can’t help but laugh. This is the most entertaining Tom has ever been and I’m looking forward to what the next week holds as TIDDLES heads back to CA for Comic Con.

      • jammypants says:

        I’m here for Jarthy.

    • Lostmymind says:

      He’s like the guy who finally got into Milli Vanilli the night before that infamous MTV show…

    • bread says:

      I would pay good money to be a fly on the wall in their hotel room right now.

    • Miss M says:

      I think he believes now… I thought CHems gave an interview saying he hasn’t met her, right?! Maybe Tom doesn’t want to introduce her to his professional friends for a reason.

    • A. Key says:

      Ah JArthy… #neverforget

    • twilly says:

      Apparently, all pics of Tom on her Instagram have been deleted. Tom run now – your career is hanging by a thread and you are a laughing stock to many.

  12. jeanpierre says:

    Kim redeemed herself big time. I like the fact that she is standing for her husband. Sadly he could never release this himself and we all know why.

    • sunny says:

      Yup. I really like Swifty’s music but I have not liked her for a long time. After the GQ interview I had to believe Kim K but her story just sounded like a more true version of what happened . It was strange to be supporting Kim K in anything.

      I am really glad she exposed Taylor because this situation with kayne got me pissed. Taylor made herself out to be a victim and deliberately tarnished the reputation of a Kayne knowing most people would side with her. This whole scenario, white woman throw black man under the bus just because she can is not cool. There is a real racial element to this that as a woman of colour pisses me off!

      Long live Kim K, mother of North, Slayer of Beckys.

      Hopefully, Taylor becomes a little less of a hypocrite in the future. She will bounce back from this

      • Tobbs says:

        There’s a lot you can call out Swift on, but I really can’t see what race has to do with this?

      • sunny says:

        It’s not a matter of being deliberately racist more an issue of white privilege. Every time someone who is white pins blame on someone who is black for something they really didn’t do, it is partly because their privilege position ensures they can get away with it. I’m not really explaining myself here but there is a subtest here that is hard to avoid
        Good for Kim K for keeping the receipts. I hope Taylor just apologizes so everyone can move on from here.

      • Lynnie says:

        @Tobbs Race is about perception. There were some very dog-whistley undertones throughout the whole feud earlier this year. While race might’ve not been an obvious factor in people choosing to support her, she definitely did benefit from her “All-American, innocent, sweet” image that allowed people to give her the benefit of the doubt. Kanye got no such thing, because eventually the media started to play the crazy (black) man narrative for him. Taylor also played the whole “Rap/Hip-Hop/Urban music is SO misogynistic card” knowing there was a built in audience/rhetoric that would feed and disparage anyone who was a part of it.

      • Jensies says:

        @lynnie and @sunny thank you, because I wanted to bring in just how ugly the racial element was too. She lied knowing no one would believe him, and part of that, a big part, is because of his skin color. A white woman saying HOW DARE this man say he could sleep with me, especially knowing she secretly laughed about it and was in on it, brings up some real gross times and laws in our country’s history.

        And thing is, Taylor will recover just fine from this. If she’s smart, she’ll go quiet for a bit, but then she’ll have the freedom to come back and say whoops, she overreacted, while still claiming the BS “b*tch” narrative she’s claiming now and people will forgive her and her new album will sell like crazy and it’ll be fine. Kanye won’t have the same luck, or the same assumption of innocence, even with these videos. I mean, it’s already happening. Dude can’t win, even with the videos out.

  13. Brea says:

    I was starting to feel kinda bad for Taylor but then it dawned on me that this whole thing has become huge because she made it so. She could’ve avoided the topic in her Grammy speech and nobody would have cared about her lies. She could have avoided making Bad Blood and people wouldn’t bring up her faux feminism everytime she does something.
    She could have avoided all of this but somehow her victim complex always messes up things for her.

  14. akua says:

    Lol, well don’t kill me but I like Taylor and hope she owns it. Lairrrrrrrr

    • Pepper says:

      She’s already disowned it and her team is desperately trying to delete the video proof off of Insta, Youtube, Twitter etc.

    • OhDear says:

      She’ll never own it.

    • EM says:

      I don’t mind her – I think she has talent and is business savvy. Kim may have redeeming qualities but ultimately she built her business on her sex video and has maintained that same level of class/talent since.

  15. Luca76 says:

    My favorite meme was the one where Taylor was exposed by the Scooby team as the villain in the costume. This is such a dumb controversy and Swift isn’t really over though. They are just making her stronger lol.

  16. Alex says:

    Lol I stayed up an extra hour laughing at my TL. There were 4 TT last night because her team kept trying to take them down. Then Selena got her own.

    I got mimosas cause this got GOOD

  17. Moonstone says:

    Khloe needs to grow up.

  18. The Original Mia says:

    Selena tried to lecture people about there being bigger issues than this in the world to discuss and got slammed for keeping quiet about BLM and everything that’s happen in the month since Orlando. She was fine keeping silent about the issues until Tay Tay needed defending. That’s why she rightfully got dragged on Twitter.

    • CornyBlue says:

      All those replies to Selena’s tweet killed me.

    • Div says:

      Ugh, I can’t stand Selena but she donated money to the Orlando victims and has dedicated songs a few times to Philandro Castile and other men killed senselessly at her concert. So just because she didn’t tweet BLM doesn’t mean she hasn’t brought it up.

      • Marty says:

        Except she’s been putting “all lives matter” up on the jumbotron at some of her concerts, so she absolutely deserves to get dragged.

    • Pleaseicu says:

      The “there are bigger issues in the world, guys” must be the official squad PR defense because Selena, Chloe Grace, Ruby Rose and Martha Hunt all expressed essentially the same thing on social media in response.

      • Dara says:

        Ugh, do you suppose there is some sort of Squad Red Alert that goes out in these situations? Everyone gets an email with approved talking points, a list of who in the group is supposed to say what and when, etc. It makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it. What happens if someone goes rogue and doesn’t stay on message? Do they get demoted to the JV squad or ghosted by the Queen herself?

      • Starkiller says:

        I can at least see how all the others who have chimed in are tied to the situation, even peripherally, but I truly don’t understand why Ruby Rose has inserted herself. What in the world does she have to do with anyone involved? Is she THAT desperate for attention?

      • pinetree13 says:

        OoooOOohhhhh interesting theory!

      • Dara says:

        @Starkiller, I think Ruby Rose has been a member of Taylor’s “squad” for a while now, and this is not the first time she’s spoken up to defend Tay-Tay. She was definitely at the Taymerica party a few weeks ago.

      • Mae says:

        I thought Chloe refused her invite to the squad? Maybe she just doesn’t like the Kards or genuinely thinks this is all very petty.

  19. Ennie says:

    Did KK post the audio where TS allowed her naked likeness to appear in a video? She is worse than TS will ever be.
    And of course she wants to be a central part of this highly publicized feud. I am not clicking on her threads. Only in this one, and self only. I don’t want to give Kk any more publicity.

  20. shelly says:

    Stand by for an uber pap walk with TH later, or a visit to an animal sanctuary or best of all a romantic proposal from TH. An engagement will blow this out of the water.

    The whole bunch of them seem immature and rather petty, which is why this is such fun. I mean in the big scheme of things its all pretty harmless. How exhausting to live your life on social media though.

  21. Eleonor says:

    finally Jeezy is getting all the attention he wanted, thanks to his wife.

    • lilacflowers says:

      Yes, who could have released this back when it first became an issue in the winter but held onto it for the connection to her TV show. otherwise, there is absolutely no reason for any of this now.

    • Pinky says:



    • Naya says:

      Yeezy is Kanye Wests nickname. Jeezy is a successful rapper who I guess pop fans would know from Rihannas song Hard. Two separate and distinct human beings.

  22. Squiggisbig says:


    I don’t like Kim or Kanye but they really snatched swifty’s edges on this one. I am very curious to see how her team handles this one. I’m also a little surprised they can just record her without her knowledge.

    Khloe is truly hideous inside and out.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      California is a two party consent state for recorded conversations. So there could be repercussions.

  23. Plank says:

    The best one is the Scooby doo one. Too funny for words!

  24. CornyBlue says:

    Where is that tweet about Tom being a small flightless bird that was brought to a gang fight ?? Nothing made me laugh more!

  25. HeyThere! says:

    Okay…this is all so Jr. High. KK is slowly creeping on 40 years old! Like I said in past posts, I don’t like pile on hate/drama-kick-them-while-they-are-down crap. Over this. Who cares. They all look very pathetic and lame.

  26. OrigialTessa says:

    OMG, what is wrong with Khloe???!!! Nasty, despicable woman!

  27. bluerunning says:

    As much as I roll my eyes at her, Swift is a juggernaut- she’s a brand. If this is enough to take her down, I’ll be surprised. It may dent her a little, but I think we all know if she puts out another record, with some twee little victim/diss track on it, she’ll be back on top. But maybe i’m wrong. To take her down you’d need more than a KK video.

    • Adrien says:

      This Taylorgate won’t affect her album sales but that “dent” will continually haunt her. People are still bringing up that sex tape card on Kim like it is the ultimate way to insult her.

    • Pleaseicu says:

      I don’t think it takes her down in terms of threatening her career longevity. I think it might dent her ability to have total narrative control over her PR and may dent the automatic free pass and victim narrative she’s cultivated and received without question from the press and most of the public. Next time she tries to play the victim, she might find that it’s a harder sell than it has been in the past.

    • Pepper says:

      It’s not going to take her down, but it is going to take down her PR strategy. Her fans who bought into the whole poor me thing for almost a decade are finally seeing her for what she is, so she’s lost a lot of them and confirmed everyone else’s thoughts on her.

      She’s going to need to re-invent, and since playing the victim isn’t just an image, but who she is, that’s going to be fraught with drama.

  28. Rebecca says:

    I’m not understanding why they think this snapchat video makes Taylor a liar. The line Taylor takes offense to is the “bitch” line, not the rest. Maybe someone can explain why this is a big deal?

    • CornyBlue says:

      At this point the only thing she did not approve was the word Bit*h . She approved everything else.. told him to ahead.. talked about the grammy red carpet and told him to be provocative.

    • OrigialTessa says:

      She denied this conversation ever happened and made Kanye out to be delusional, like he imagined it all, or was lying. His image took a HUGE hit when people actually thought he was crazy.

      • Rebecca says:

        Thanks. That explains it. I did not know she denied the whole conversation.

      • lem says:

        to be fair, he seemed delusional long before Swift came along….

      • OrigialTessa says:

        And she used that against him. Classic mean girl move. Oh, they think he’s crazy anyway, I’m going to use him to drum up publicity and sympathy for myself. That’s messed up.

      • Ennie says:

        ..”A spokesperson for Taylor Swift declined to directly answer questions seeking clarification on the matter and instead provided the following statement, printed here in radiant completeness: “Taylor does not hold anything against Kim Kardashian as she recognizes the pressure Kim must be under and that she is only repeating what she has been told by Kanye West. However, that does not change the fact that much of what Kim is saying is incorrect. Kanye West and Taylor only spoke once on the phone while she was on vacation with her family in January of 2016 and they have never spoken since.
        Taylor has never denied that conversation took place.
        It was on that phone call that Kanye West also asked her to release the song on her Twitter account, which she declined to do. Kanye West never told Taylor he was going to use the term ‘that bitch’ in referencing her. A song cannot be approved if it was never heard. Kanye West never played the song for Taylor Swift. Taylor heard it for the first time when everyone else did and was humiliated. Kim Kardashian’s claim that Taylor and her team were aware of being recorded is not true, and Taylor cannot understand why Kanye West, and now Kim Kardashian, will not just leave her alone.”

  29. Kiki says:

    As a Bajan would say “cat luck ain’t dog luck” but this time the dog takes the bone and a very huge bone indeed. I am on #Team No One because the whole this is so Juvenile and these Celebs are so stupid. Anyways, Taylor Swift playing sweet and friendly antics are over and she should find some REAL FRIENDS while she is at it, this girl squad is so high School. As for her Prince Charming Tom Hiddlestone, you got into this mess, now lay in it. As for Calvin Harris , he should have kept his mout shut and move on and Kimye she many be wining but this is just pathethic on their part. Khloe Kardashian is just disgusting.

  30. Lynnie says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH I’m soooooooooooo here for this. Sending this link to every Taylor stan that I tried warning. Summer ’16 is turning out to be the best for mindless gossip 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

    On a side note, Kanye’s head is going to BLOW up

    • pinetree13 says:

      LOL have to say I’m enjoying this too. It’s a nice break from all the horribly depressing world news as of late.

  31. Talie says:

    Taylor dug this hole herself by making that grandiose Grammys speech and starting this flame war.

    • Brea says:

      Right? This would have been irrelevant now if she hadn’t made that grandiose speech.

    • bonzo says:

      Yep. If she’d held back from shooting arrows at Kanye and had a private conversation about it, this wouldn’t have escalated.

  32. grabbyhands says:

    Well, my productivity at work is shot for the day and I haven’t even gotten there yet.

    The only thing better than the initial drama are the members of her Beige Mafia trying (and failing) to come to her aid.

    • Miss M says:

      @grabbyhands: I confess that when I read your post, I couldn’t stop laughing and I was also afraid my productivity eluld go down.

  33. Suzanne says:

    Taylor is saying (correctly) that she never gave permission for the word “bitch” to be used by Kanye. The video does not show them discussing that particular lyric- so Taylor still has a very valid argument that she didn’t give consent for that line.

    Personally, I’d like to see everyone involved shipped off to a desert island. Take Khloe, Demi and Katy with them. What a bunch of losers! Grow the hell UP.

  34. tomato says:

    There is more here than we are seeing. Taylor’s response does not deny the conversation but only that she did not approve Kanye calling her a B****. Kim seems to think its okay for a man to call a woman a b****, Taylor disagrees. Kim and Kanye seem to think it is okay to record private conversations and publish them without consent, Taylor disagrees. This is actually a larger culture war not just bad behavior by celebrities. Team Taylor on this one.

    • Nev says:

      Taylor called Camilla Belle a whore in one of her songs, so she’s just as bad then.

      • Ennie says:

        She was interviewed about the lyrics and she said this:

        “I was 18 when I wrote that. That’s the age you are when you think someone can actually take your boyfriend. Then you grow up and realize no one can take someone from you if they don’t want to leave.”
        Her rebounding with TH shows what she says here.

      • Alex says:

        That doesn’t sound like ownership and she owed CB and apology which she never gave. So yea pot kettle

      • Bonzo says:

        Camilla had a great tweet today:

        “No need for revenge. Just sit back & wait. Those who hurt you will eventually screw up themselves & if you’re lucky, God will let you watch.”

      • Bridget says:

        I’m just amazed anyone is following Camilla Belle on Twitter.

      • bonzo says:

        You don’t have to follow her (I don’t) to see that her tweet is all over the news. They’re checking in on anyone Taylor’s dissed to see if they’ve posted a reaction.

    • Kiki says:

      But either way. This just immature and disgusting period.

  35. Michelle says:

    I can’t type enough lols for this. I dislike every one of the people involved but I’m so glad Taylor was exposed. Kanye’s head will swell now that he’s been exonerated…and I thought his head couldn’t get any bigger.

    On a sidenote, these people are way too old to be so childish. Even Taylor, the perpetual teenager is nearing 30 for crying out loud. They all need to grow up!

  36. Cinderella says:

    I don’t know if a pap stroll with her cats could even pull Taylor out of this one.

    • Lauren II says:

      I am waiting for Taylor to get preggo with precious cat babies–to deflect from this Kanye nightmare.
      No decent human would disparage preggo Taycat; or would they?
      Aquaslide Hiddles should put on his flippers and become an invisible merMan.

  37. Miss M says:

    Pharell… Pharell liked a video from “New York” of flavor of love?! Shut the front door!!!!

  38. paranormalgirl says:

    How unbelievably undignified and childish these “adults” are. Let’s claim Taylor is a “mean girl” and a “bully” and then “mean girl” and “bully” her. The hypocrisy is overwhelming. NONE of these people are fully functioning adults. Not one of them, including Taylor Swift. She just needs to own her crap.

    • Miss M says:

      You are absolutely right. But Taylor has been doing this for 10 years… making other artists look bad and playing the victim for 10 years??At a certain point this was going to blow up.

    • ohdear says:

      I was kind of hoping that Taylor dating Tom was part of a strategy for her to change her image – becoming more mature (I do think there is a strategy, and I do believe they are truly together). Maybe there is hope, if she stays away from the spotlight, writes a Joni Mitchell type of album and comes back as a more sophisticated singer/songwriter.

      • Betti says:

        Taylor is desperate to be taken seriously as an artist but sadly she’s too immature to allow herself to do that. She lives for the drama – if she didn’t then she wouldn’t keep creating it.

        She needs to mature both emotionally and artistically, she also needs to stop writing break up songs or songs blatantly dissing other people in the industry – that will only get you so far and it will p!ss said people in the industry off. Sadly I think she will disappear as she will refuse to grow up, this teenage drama is part of her personality and if she’s still behaving like a tween in her mid 20s then there is little hope of her ‘growing out of it’. This will damage her brand and image and she should have had her PR write and execute her reply.

        Calvin Harris started the ball rolling, Kim has given it a massive shove; what else will it throw up? Tay Tay has made a lot of enemies over the years with her antics – am sure a few more unsavoury stories will now come out about her.

      • Christin says:

        It’s hard for a bubble gum pop star to cross over to mainstream with any longevity. Just one example — Donny Osmond waited a decade and released a song under a false name (at Michael J’s suggestion) to get an “adult” pop hit, though he’s made a decent career out of Vegas shows, etc.

        I personally don’t understand why current day teen mega-stars like Miley, Taylor and Justin don’t just cash in the chips once they hit 19 or so, and go live well — and privately — instead of trying to extend their fame.

  39. Cassie says:

    If you guys think Taylor and Kanye/Kim aren’t doing this all for publicity, you are wrong. Lucifer (aka Kris) probably set this whole thing up to get more viewers on Keeping up with the Kartrashian’s. I can’t stand Taylor or Kim/Kanye but everyone knows they all would do whatever they need to get publicity. Kim knows damn well that she doesn’t want her and Kanye’s fake a$$ marriage exposed. He’s only with her when Ricardo is busy.

  40. ellie says:

    I am just shocked at how many people in the industry dislike Taylor despite the fact that she seems like a sweet person. Katy, Calvin, Kanye, The entire Kardashian clan, Pharell, Zendaya, Harry Styles, Demi etc and many more. This reminds me of an article I read a while ago written by this journalist who mentioned that many people in the industry are frightened of speaking out against Taylor because she has the power to destroy their image.
    Check this out. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/life/weekend-australian-magazine/how-taylor-swift-pop-queen-keeps-her-critics-in-line/news-story/d89c1fdeec64c2cbe538825da9110db3

    • Miss M says:

      The keyword in your post is “seems” and I never bought into that.

      • lisa2 says:

        I never bought it either. I think when you have a Squad of other people around you and you are clearly the “leader”.. that makes me side eye you to some degree. It is not about friendships.. It all feels like control.

    • Locke Lamora says:

      Zendaya? I thought she was in her squad?

      • Pepper says:

        She never got close to the ‘squad’ again after that first time, and she was liking tweets about how it was good she dropped that nonsense all night.

      • The Original Mia says:

        Zendaya made it clear she was never in her squad. She’s a squad of 1.

      • Locke Lamora says:

        Well, she came with her to some award shows. She was in the squad when it brought good pubkicity. This makes Zendaya look bad, IMO.

      • The Original Mia says:

        @Locke Lamora, she walked with her on the red carpet, when asked whether or not she was in the squad, she said no. She didn’t use it for any publicity. This doesn’t make her look bad because Z’s fans knew the truth a long time ago.

      • Locke Lamora says:

        Why did she walk the red carpet then?

      • pleaseicu says:

        Because the entire cast of the Bad Blood video walked the red carpet for the video premiere at the Billboard awards?

      • Locke Lamora says:

        She was in the video. Everyone in that video, apart from Mariska and Ellen, was in her huge squad at some point. And when she graduated from hs there were some tweets from her and Taylor. Let’s agree to disagree, but I think she did use Taylor.

      • Naya says:

        Taylors squad is for PR and her ways are blatant. She needed some color interspersed with all that whiteness, hence the Zendaya courtship. As soon as Zendaya realised the exploitative nature of Taylors squad crap she was outta there. She did the same thing to Uzo Aduba, turning her into a token black woman at her stupid Taymerica nonsense party, I doubt Uzo will show her face there again. Zendaya is younger than Taybaby but she cones off as at least a decade more mature.

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        She was asked to do a music video and she did it. When she went to the same award’s shows as Swifty she posed with the rest of the girls.

        She has always made it clear that she wasn’t particularly close to Taylor before the request and as soon as it became more publicly aware that Bad Blood was about the Katy Perfy feud Zendaya distanced herself completely from her.

    • K.C. says:

      I don’t know if I judge a person’s character on whether or not Demi and Katy like them or not though…they’re no winners themselves. Taylor is also respected by a lot of people in the industry.

      She has made enemies and gives people plenty of reason to dislike her. But not getting along with any of those you listed is just…meh.

    • Veronica says:

      I admit, I find it kind of lame how some of them responded smugly to the news, then backpedaled and erased the post. Like, if you’re going to dance over the ashes, at least cop to it, yeah?

  41. S says:

    I’m so tickled by how many random people are stepping into it. It’s like a cafeteria fight that ends with the whole school throwing slop at each other.

  42. Millie says:

    I am sorry to say that I enjoyed every bit of the pettiness in live action. I think Taylor is the perfect example and representation of “white woman tears” something which I have witness countless times in both my academic and professional settings. Google it as it is a close cousin of ‘white fragility’.

    I don’t like Kim, Kanye or anyone in this fight but I am tired of hearing about how Swift is harmless. She is far from harmless with her warped ideas about feminism with relies on the likes of Lena Dunham, when she could benefit from a good piece of intersectionality and some great feminist like Audre Lorde.

    People where right to call Swift out on whether see got permission from Joe Jonas to record his voicemails or from Harry Styles to to bash him on stage during concerts which she did. Yet if one calls her out on things it is character assassination and time for those tears. How many times has she attempted to character assassinate people who do not agree with her? Why is it only okay when she calls out people and not the other way around?

    I am also glad that miss Selena Gomez got dragged for equating BLM to ‘choosing sides’. I knew I always had to good reason to dislike the talentless girl and she just confirmed it with her continuous tone death crap. I think Chloe Grace Mortez needed to butt out as well. She tweets about ‘focusing on important matters’ just like Selena but again dismisses BLM.

    Khloe K. also needs to stay in her lane. She is messy as they come and we don’t need her trying to throw down with Mortez for family like she is some Don.

    I am glad my girl Zendaya admitted that she was never apart of Taylor’s squad and just paid for a few events plus the music video and to be the token. Again, something else that was very transparent. Taylor fans tried to drag her for speaking her truth.

    Can’t wait for Camilla Belle to speak up about the character assassination Swift exposed her to when she insuiated and called her all sorts of things for going out with Joe Jonas. No doubt, Swift will find another way to be the victim.

    Last thing, I like how the Hiddleston fans are trying to save him now like he wants any saving lol. This whole thing is just a bunch of fans from different fandoms with an axe to grind. Tay’s PR machine will not be able to hold them off.

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      You covered every single thought I have had about this. I don’t think Taylor’s manipulation of Kanye was specifically about race but damn CLEARLY the image of the big bad black man hurting poor tiny little white Taylor was going to be a POWERFUL one.

      She knew how this came off and she still did it and let him have that perception as the black brute, her and her whole All Lives Matter crew can form a counseling group for getting their asses handed to them.

      BLM is great when you want to take attention off your white ignorance but not when they need actual support.

    • fanny says:

      And the Church says Amen

    • CornyBlue says:

      Kanye West is pure misogynistic trash and in no way do i want to side with him but people forget just how big she made the issue when Kanye interrupted her speech and how much she played up the poor little innocent girl persona. What astounds me is that she was so sure that her whole victim thing would work she went on denying such a taping existed and then changed her statement to some semantics. Like White America come collect you princess.

    • Bonzo says:

      Camilla Belle spoke up on Twitter today. Check it out.

    • Aren says:

      I didn’t know those things she did to Jonas and Styles, that’s terrible. And it says a lot about society that she was able to get away with so much for so long.

  43. Adrien says:

    Chloe dear, we can mourn about the world ‘s events (Bastille, Turkey, Baton Rouge, Alan Vega) and be superficial at the same time. Juicy celeb gossip makes us sane.

  44. MI6 says:

    For people trying to make this a feminist issue: character, or lack thereof, is not gender specific.
    Taylor Swift is a cautionary tale. This is what happens when you’ve been given a gift and use it to cause harm to others.
    And yes, I am enjoying the f*ck out of it.
    …Back away slowly, Tom.

    • Luca76 says:

      Seriously Taylor maybe basic, petty, and wrong in this situation but she hasn’t harmed anyone in a real way. She’s being attacked more than men who’ve actually committed crimes, or assaulted people. And yes that’s completely mysogonistic.

      • MI6 says:

        What’s the common denominator in all these petty feuds?
        Oh, right. Taylor Swift. Gender has nothing to do with it.
        That’s not feminism/misogyny/whatever. It’s a lame excuse and a smokescreen for disingenuous behavior. She’s bullied a lot of people in her day and they are PISSED.
        Payback is a bitch, ya’ll.

      • Locke Lamora says:

        Camilla Belle’s career took a major hit after Taylor’s song. She’s not a huge talent, but she could have made a pretty decent rom-com/sitcom actress.

      • K.C. says:

        @Luca76 I agree with you, my friend. Taylor messed up BIG TIME in this situation. There are a couple debatable points still up in the air, but overall she is clearly in the wrong, and quite obviously tried to mow Kanye over after giving him her blessing.

        Here’s what bothers me about this—and I’m not excusing or defending anyone in the Taylor/Kanye situation by saying this—but seriously, Taylor is getting far more hate thrown her way for this than Johnny Depp experienced after his wife claimed he beat her repeatedly. She too had evidence that seemed very legitimate. And yet people are more willing to drag Taylor and believe Kimye’s 10-second snippets from a phone conversation than trust Amber Heard’s photographic proof she was beaten and saved text messages. Absolutely bizarre. The situations vary depending on public opinion of the accused. Johnny Depp is overall quite well-liked, so he gets defended under shady circumstances. People love to hate Taylor, so the second they have a chance to take her down, they jump on the opportunity.

      • LadyLoo says:

        Got to love the “sure she was wrong, but others were wronger so leave her alone” arguments.

      • Locke Lamora says:

        Oh Johnny got dragged hard, at least on this site ( and unfortunately, defended on others). But neither Johnny nor Amber have such a strong social media presence the way Taylor and Kim have, nor do they have straight up crazy die hard ( mainly teenage) fans.

      • K.C. says:

        @LadyLoo I don’t see anyone saying leave her alone because other people have done worse things. She clearly did something wrong and deserves to be called out on it accordingly. I just think it’s interesting that there’s more outrage over this than some more damning situations in the pop culture sphere. It doesn’t change this situation whatsoever, just a different perspective.

      • LadyLoo says:

        “…it’s interesting that there’s more outrage over this than some more damning situations in the pop culture sphere.”

        AKA: others have done wronger, why aren’t we going after them and leaving TS alone?

        Thank you for supporting my comment.

      • K.C. says:

        @LadyLoo I was making an observation. I, for one, have not been leaving TS alone on incident whatsoever, as evidenced in these threads today.

        Yes, I think people should be more critical of celebrities who do genuinely vile things. That has nothing to do with how people react to TS in this situation. Mutually exclusive. People don’t need to let up on Taylor in order to be more critical of someone else. I understand what you mean completely, and my comments aren’t supporting what you are trying to prove.

      • Luca76 says:

        @ KC Totally agree about the Johnny/Amber comparison and can think of many other men in the entertainment industry who don’t have the best reputations but are completely ignored or celebrated. The point is you can call Swift out for lying (I keep repeating it but I always thought she lied about it) while still putting it in perspective with the bigger picture.

    • Aren says:

      More than a gift, she used her position of power to abuse left and right. And I hope something bigger eventually appears and that it stops her from hurting others.

  45. Saks says:

    Please Taylor sue them!!!

    Also I hope this unleashes a Regina-George-spreads-the-burn-book moment. I bet she has dirt on everyone!

    And this still doesn’t prove she is lying. Taylor said back then that she didn’t know about “that bitch” line (the line that made her upset), and that line is still not shown on this edited clip…

  46. saltandpepper says:

    Tom is no longer relevant as an actor, and he has zero credibility left. From now on he will be known as Taylor’s little lap dog. Way to go to end a career that was about to take off.

    • Starkiller says:

      “No longer”? He never was! This is the guy known for delivering an incredibly ham-fisted performance as a Marvel villain. He was never going to be taken seriously anyway.

    • Aren says:

      I agree, he was supposed to be the next serious actor from this generation. And now it’s just over for him, and all he got was looking like he aged 10 years in a couple of weeks,

  47. Bridget says:

    This is why I thought the Calvin Harris stuff on Twitter (last week) was lame. Something better, juicier, and a legit complaint was going to come up. Taylor can’t help herself – none of this would ever have been an issue had she not engaged.

    And Calvin is still a douche.

  48. A says:

    Oooooh you mess with PMK’s klan…you mess with the devil!! Taylor is in for a bumpy ride to say the least. Run Tommy, run!!!

  49. Pants says:

    I don’t care about any of these people and yet this entire feud gives me life. The schadenfreude runs deep.

  50. LadyLoo says:

    And now for Tom Hiddleston’s personal 2016 In Memoriam (cue sad music)…

    Things he lost in 2016:
    1. his gonads
    2. the role of James Bond
    3. his dignity
    4. his credibility
    5. most of his fan base
    6. more of his hair

    And it’s only July….

    • Jayna says:


    • Christin says:

      But most everyone knows his name. Maybe that offsets?

      Oh, and as I mentioned last week, ISTL DVD was on the counter of my local dollar store. Winning? LOL

      • LadyLoo says:

        Let’s add to the list!!!:

        7. leading man status (ISTL at dollar store)

      • Christin says:

        I like your lists, LadyLoo. Hope his private plane trips and rocky beach romps were worth it.

        Maybe he needs a manager like Hugh G’s character had in Music & Lyrics, to go over “pros and cons”.

    • Miss Melissa says:

      Maybe he should put that on a T-shirt!

      Oh wait…

      • LadyLoo says:

        Right! We’re being too negative, Miss M.

        Things TH GAINED in 2016:

        1. a lucrative (hopefully) professional bf contract
        2. a new t-shirt
        3 an understanding of “going too far” and “biting off more than you can chew”
        4. a sense of overwhelming shame
        5. the sads

      • Bonzo says:

        Oh my, I can’t stop laughing. Tom really knows how to f*ck up his life in less than 6 weeks doesn’t he?

      • Aren says:

        OMG LadyLoo!!

    • Miss M says:

      You tell him, Ladyloo! 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Evie says:

      @LadyLoo: ROFLMAO!!! Thanks for this…

      Let’s hope TommyAnne starts using his brains and not letting “LittleTommyAnne” dictate his actions

  51. Cam says:

    “There’s also some messy and obscene drama between Khloe Kardashian and Chloe Moretz, but I don’t care about that.”

    Well of course not. Then you’d have to do the unthinkable and say something nice about Moretz.

    • Locke Lamora says:

      To be fair, she is so very annoying.

      • Cam says:

        Whatever she is sure as hell wouldn’t try to embarrass someone with such petty vindictiveness as Kardashian attempted.

    • anon123 says:

      I love Chloe Moretz. And let’s not forget she is only 18.

      • LadyLoo says:

        Still old enough to throw shade and shame at Kim K for using her naked body to ‘sell herself’ and accuse her of being a poor role model. AND then turn around and post about a hundred swimsuit pics on her own social media pages.

        Nothing can excuse Khloe K’s actions, but Moritz is not without blame.

      • Cam says:

        So she was asking for it. Skirt too high, huh?

        Just so you know, Moretz never used the words “sell herself” about Kardashian so I don’t know why you have those in quotes. Also, she put up a few different vacation pics of herself on the beach in, yes, a bikini. Regardless of what one thinks of Moretz’ stance, she didn’t take issue with any bikini snaps from any Kardashian. She took umbrage with a nude pic with black bars, specifically because KK has so many young followers. I don’t know how one equates the two.

      • LadyLoo says:

        Let me get this right, Cam. Are you accusing me of victim blaming? Or worse? Because when you reference a ‘skirt too high’ – am I using my quotes properly? – you seem to suggest that I’d blame a rape victim because her skirt was too high, because that’s what that reference refers to. And don’t pretend you didn’t know that.

        I’m not blaming the victim. I’m saying an adult C Moretz complained about the actions of a woman and then proceeded to do pretty much exactly what she’d complained about. Someone then called her out for her hypocrisy (albeit in an inexcusably vile manner). I made note that this criticism of Moretz was a result of her own statements and actions. That’s not victim blaming.

      • Cam says:

        It’s a play on words. You do seem to be blaming Moretz, for what I don’t know. She made an ambiguous tweet with no names attached and was directly insulted and shamed over a supposed accidental photo that isn’t her. There was no hypocrisy to call out. Even had the photo been of Moretz it wasn’t an intentional shot taken and placed on the internet. It was a photo taken of a woman from behind as the man she was hanging on pulled her bikini bottom to the side.

        When did Moretz strip down to nothing, take a photo, and upload it on Twitter? Are you really comparing bikini pics from a beach vacation to that? There’s a reason KK used black bars in her pic while nobody uses black bars for bikini pics.

      • MisJes says:

        +1, Cam. Thank you for that clear, well-thought out argument. You’ve just stated perfectly my thoughts on the Khloe-Moretz situation.

  52. LadyLoo says:

    To all those saying she was wrong but didn’t do anyone any real harm:

    She set herself up as a ROLE MODEL for young women…and then exhibited horrible qualities (deceit, treachery, manipulation, arrogance, narcissism). That – alone, without anything else – is harm enough.

    When you harm impressionable minds, you do harm. Taylor Swift has done harm.

    • K.C. says:

      She also publicly hinted very strongly at dragging Kanye in her Grammy speech, after clearly saying she would make light of the song at the Grammys. I’m very sorry if the situation changed and he deceived her, but it really seems like she publicly outed him for something she ok’d in the first place. Did it harm his career? Probably not. But I’d argue that it was perhaps harmful to him personally. I have zero love for Kanye and think the song/video is gross, but if she said one thing and then did the opposite, that’s harmful on a personal level.

      The video is chopped up and we don’t hear the full conversation (it might not even be in the right order), so who knows what was actually said. She always claimed she took issue with the b**** comment and left the rest out, so she’s telling the truth there, it would seem. But it sounded like a friendly conversation and she was, at the very least, polite about his song if not in full agreement. So it would seem Taylor screwed him over in that speech.

      • Lynnie says:

        It did harm his career. Sent Kanye in a tailspin and that set off the other messes he involved himself in which derailed his album sales/press quite a bit.

      • Luca76 says:

        Seriously??? Kanye had had so many public tantrums before and after this. This one was actually endearing because at least it was on behalf of Beyoncé. People just got exhausted with his tantrums and once he became Kanye Kardashian the quality of his music suffered.
        He clearly has some sort of mental problem/or drug problem but that’s Kanye’s problem.

      • LadyLoo says:

        Has Kayne ever set himself up as an example to young children, as a role model? I’m asking non-sarcastically because I have no idea. But the point is Swift certainly has.

        And it’s wrong to suggest that he ‘clearly’ has some sort of drug or mental problem. I wouldn’t suggest that TS is a pathological liar and in need of mental help. Nor would I say that she’s done what she’s done because of a drug problem.

      • Veronica says:

        Lynnie – Eh, that would be difficult to prove given Kanye’s own poor marketing decisions around the album. Life of Pablo’s sales were more likely affected by the exclusive Tidal release, which led to significant pirating and revenue loss before he finally chose to make it downloadable. If anything, the kerfluffle over “Famous” probably gave it more attention than it would have originally received as release. I think Taylor was wrong to cast him as the villain in her narrative, but some of his own personal decisions (the fashion bankruptcy, the infamous Twitter battle with Amber Rose) dented his own credibility, allowing her to capitalize on that. Don’t get me wrong, she’s hardly innocent here, but she’s also not the sole source of his woes, either.

    • anon123 says:

      Taylor Swift is probably one of the more harmless things the young impressionable minds are exposed these days.

      • LadyLoo says:

        And that belief is what makes her so harmful.

      • Bonzo says:

        The ideas she promotes about friendship and feminism are not harmless:


        “Swift isn’t here to help women – she’s here to make bank. Seeing her on stage cavorting with World Cup winners and supermodels was not a win for feminism, but a win for Taylor Swift. Her plan – to be as famous and as rich as she can possibly be – is working, and by using other women as tools of her self-promotion, she is distilling feminism for her own benefit.”

      • LadyLoo says:

        Thank you for the link, Bonzo. And this is why she’s being called a snake. Because one moment a snake is beautiful and harmless enough, and the next moment, it’s offering you a bite of some fruit.

        She’s not what she appears, she never has been.

      • anon123 says:

        Sorry, but Gawker for opinions on social issues?

      • bonzo says:

        If it’s a good opinion, I don’t care where it comes from. I can acknowledge truth regardless of the vehicle.

        I have a daughter and I don’t want her using people for her own gain like Taylor does. That’s not friendship.

      • LadyLoo says:

        anon123, you may fault the source, but do you also fault the quote bonzo posted?

  53. Cure says:

    I’m in no way s KK or TS fan but i will say that if someone with a large platform was calling. My huaband/boyfriend a liar and i knew otherwise. I would show the evidence too.

  54. daisie-b says:

    Apparently Kanye can only get the kind of attention he craves by grabbing something from Taylor Swift… her moment at an award show and the actual award. Her physical image, which he went to great lengths to be reproduced as a wax figure (his personal sex doll?) as he has released in his recording a hope that she might comply. He begged to be sued. *crickets* no one cares! He and his perfect storm of bad taste, poor taste and filth have lost this game.

    The finish line is the bottom line.

    According to Forbes Magizine, the authority on all things monetary, Ms. Swift has earned her 1st place ranking so handily that the rest are competing only against each other.

    • Cinderella says:

      She can thank her financial planners for that.

      But is she really satisfied with herself as an artist and a decent human being?

    • LadyLoo says:

      Earning money does not equate with having honesty, respectability, honor, dignity, kindness, and a long list of other admirable qualities.

      Earning money means you have earned money – that’s all.

      • Christin says:

        And the saying , ‘easy come, easy go’.

        Many examples exist of once-top tier performers ending up in tax troubles, bankruptcy, selling off real estate by their 40s/50s.

        And none of us can take money or possessions with us.

    • Cynthia says:

      And the real reason people are rallying against her is because of inauthenticity. she presents herself as this goody too shoes, when she really is something else.

  55. WatchingATrainwreak says:

    This situation is why social media should never be used by petty narcissistic people…everything escalates & everyone sees it. I don’t have a dog in this fight, so to speak; but this game of focusing on the phrase “That bitch” is just semantics as to offense taken & meant. In my opinion, the video clearly shows that Kanye had no intent to hurt Taylor Swift, and that he was being considerate to her feelings which in her subsequent comments and PR statements never addressed and implied the total opposite.

    • Little Darling says:

      Your comment was spot on and one of the clearer ones by far. She portrayed him as vindictively going after her, when at the root of it all, he was showing her decency, respect and actually cared about her knowing in advance. That she made it about the lyrics takes away from the bottom line here is that he actually tried to be a good, decent human being.

  56. Chantal says:

    Never bet on people who capitalized on a sex tape and made the whole world follow their rise to fame and fortune, they have nothing to loose. I am not a fan of neither Kim, Kanye ant taylor, but this is more entertaining then watching the world goes to flames death.

  57. Chantal says:

    Never bet on people who capitalized on a sex tape and made the whole world follow their rise to fame and fortune, they have nothing to loose. I am not a fan of neither Kim, Kanye ant taylor, but this is more entertaining then watching the world goes to flames and death.

  58. cherrypie says:

    I saw that clip of her Grammy’s speech and wow that must have burned Kanye! And to think that she would do and say those things after that telephone conversation is just…wow, a bit manipulative. Btw, wasnt Kendull Jenner a part of the Taylor Squad at one point? Im almost certain I saw some photos a while back with Kendull in those squad pics.

  59. Chels says:

    I am here for Harry posting 🐍🐍 on his Twitter!
    Tell us how you really feel Harry! 😂

  60. B says:

    I’m waiting for Blake Lively to weight in on this

  61. Hannah says:

    List of people Taylor has publicly dissed/dragged down (including through her PR rep):

    – Joe Jonas
    – Camilla Belle
    – John Mayer
    – Jake Gyllenhaal
    – Tina Fey
    – Amy Poehler
    – Harry Styles
    – Katy Perry
    – Calvin Harris
    – Kanye West
    – Kim Kardashian
    – and multiple non-famous ex-boyfriends and one professional critic that didn’t like Taylor’s singing so she wrote a song about it


    • Miss Melissa says:

      And soon, Hiddles too, will join that list.

      Must give him a warm sense of belonging.

      Tommy, THIS is what you came for!

    • Aren says:

      – That VS secret model who said Taylor wouldn’t be a good model. She got fired immediately.
      Granted, it was a dumb thing to say, but seeing women have to help other women, she should’ve been given the opportunity to issue an apology and continue her career.

      – That girl whose fox design was stolen by TS, and then Taylor’s team (following Taylor’s orders, of course) offered to give her a compensation ONLY if she agreed to donate all the money.

      • LadyLoo says:

        The copyright story is making the rounds again on twitter. It speaks to the sort of woman and businesswoman Taylor is. Spoiler alert: the speak is not good.

    • anon123 says:

      She is also the woman who gave 250K to Kesha. I thought I’d mention it for balance.

      And on the other side we have Kanye and Kim.

  62. Spiderpig says:

    Khloe should face charges for that. Seriously, posting a candid semi-nude photo of some poor strange woman and pretending it’s a teenage girl as an intentional act of revenge?

    Shame it’s not covered by revenge porn laws but Chloe should sue. I hope whoever the girl in the photo is, she sues too. Especially as it looks like the nudity was accidental and not posed. Not much different from the Playboy model who took the gym pic imo.

    • joanne says:

      i agree. that is a story that should be covered. khloe kardashian posting that picture is a huge violation of privacy for the person. it will certainly get as much if not more exposure than the picture dani mathers posted.
      this is way more damaging than the silly stuff between kanye and taylor. it is the story that should have the focus.

    • Cam says:

      “posting a candid semi-nude photo of some poor strange woman and pretending it’s a teenage girl as an intentional act of revenge?”

      In her, uh, defense, she thought it was CGM. Her lovely fans have been passing it around twitter for a week. That’s certainly where she got it. None of them had the sense to question it, why would she? She posted it thinking it was Moretz and hoping to embarrass Moretz. Low class no matter how you look at it.

  63. Jeanette says:

    Now who needs to “Get in their own lane little girl” Khloe?

    • Ducky la Rue says:

      To be fair, I use the word “bitch”, sometimes to refer to myself and sometimes to my friends in a teasing manner, but I would take it as an entirely different thing for a guy to refer to me as “that bitch”. Among my friends and I, it feels like it’s an in-joke, coming from a place of equality. Fair or not, it takes on a different connotation when a guy calls me a bitch, particularly when “that bitch” is used as just a synonym for “that woman.”

      I’d object as well, and I don’t think that the fact that I’ve used the word “bitch” invalidates my objection.

      • Eline says:

        You madame (or sir?) are right…

      • Ducky la Rue says:

        Why thank you for the polite reply, Eline – I was expecting to get yelled at! Some people seem really intense about the whole discussion here.

        And yes, I’m a madam, but not a madam-MADAM. Veering off topic, but it makes me laugh that madam is both “used to address or refer to a woman in a polite or respectful way” and “a woman who runs a brothel”. Language is a funny thing!

      • Eline says:

        I know… Seeing that we’re on the Internet that’s all I have come to expect too! And who would’ve thought I would learn some etymology on a Tay Tay and Kimmy K thread. Escapism can be smart after all. 😉

  64. Christin says:

    If US is her PR vehicle of choice, then their latest online summary could be accurate?

    They say TH is being “so supportive” and is telling her to be “calm.” That’s it, the rest is how TS has been victimized and may seek legal action.

    …Still imagining what his post-work evenings are like, with this silly whirlwind going on.

    • lisa2 says:

      She can’t sue.. she had no expectation of privacy. According TMZ (eh).. she knew others were listening to side of the conversation because you could hear other people talking. Kanye had her on speaker. So she knew it was not a “Private Conversation” but one that was heard and was engaging with the other people in the room.

      so there you go.

  65. DavidH says:

    All I can see it’s a lot of jealous people so Taylor must be doing something right! GO TAYLOR!!!!!

    • LadyLoo says:

      As I said on another thread, it’s only her fans and apologists that trot out the ad hominem of “you’re so jelly of TayTay” as an argument against VALID criticism of their precious snowflake.

      It seems to be the only argument in her favor that her fans can muster. That and the fact that she’s rich.

  66. bonzo says:

    Can’t believe I’m posting a think piece on this… from Cosmo of all sources:


    “Whether Taylor knows it or not (and I suspect she knows it), if Kim hadn’t released those Snapchats, there’s a large portion of America that simply would have continued to take her word over Kanye’s and believed that he was harassing her in the media out of spite. We’re a country structurally set up to protect whiteness over blackness, and at least one reason 2016 has been the dumpster fire that it has been is because of the way America sees black men — and black people — in general.”

    • Veronica says:

      I was actually thinking about that yesterday about how this, perhaps more than anything, is a reflection of her white privilege. It never occurred to most people to question her because of their choice of genre – Taylor as a pop princess (and considered mostly harmless) v.s. Kanye, a rap artist, which is a considered a lesser genre because of the more contentious content. But it also never occurred to Taylor how problematic it was to twist the semantics in her favor, casting Kanye as the villain in a year that has been filled with civil and racial strife. It’s not really a surprise to me that black artists like Zendaya and Pharrell had a negative reaction to this news.