Is Olivia Munn behind Aaron Rodgers’ estrangement from his family?


I watched The Bachelorette its first season because I knew one of the guys. His mother was my Girl Scout leader and his sister is a friend of mine. I was pretty excited he made it to the final four and I got to see them when Trista went on the hometown visit. That was the last time I watched the show. Now, I only know what I read about it. Most people think this season’s Bachelorette, JoJo Fletcher, is going to end up choosing between Robby Hayes and Jordan Rodgers. Jordan is an ex-football player who played for Vanderbilt but was cut from the Jaguars before he went pro. He is also younger brother to Green Bay Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, whom I have followed since he played for Cal. Aaron is estranged from his family, a fact that came up during The Bachelorette. What was said last week and reinforced this week during the hometown visit to the Rodgers home in Chico, CA is that the subject is not openly discussed. So we still don’t know why Aaron and Jordan are estranged but that hasn’t stopped people from blaming Aaron’s girlfriend Olivia Munn because cherchez la femme, right?

Monday’s episode will feature JoJo as she heads to the final four guys’ hometowns. E News! released a sneak peak in which JoJo grills Jordan about his estrangement from Aaron. Rodgers’ responded, “It doesn’t need to be a topic.”

“Bachelor” blogger Reality Steve speculated the brothers’ distance has something to do with actress Olivia Munn.

“From everything I heard, this all started around the time Aaron started dating Olivia Munn,” he told FOX411. “Things have been tense ever since. I don’t think they’re (the family) are fans of her.”

Last week on “The Bachelorette” viewers learned Jordan has a relationship with his whole family except Aaron. Apparently, Aaron did not know Jordan was joining the show. Jordan claimed he didn’t want to be defined by his relationship with Aaron.

“Not having a great relationship with my brother Aaron, or what people think that relationship should be, didn’t define me. I’m defined by the character I have,” he said.

Jordan charged that his brother has decided not to maintain a close relationship with the entire family.

“It’s just kind of the way he’s chosen to do life and I chose to stay close with my family and my parents and my brother.”

The football star has been dating Munn since 2014. The two walked the ESPY red carpet together last week.

[From Fox News]

Oh for the love of Pete! Didn’t people get this nonsense out of their systems when they blamed Olivia for Aaron’s poor season? All of this speculation seems to stem from some reality show blogger named Reality Steve who is quoted above. He also told Access Hollywood that, “I’ve seen enough and heard enough to believe it all center’s around Aaron’s girlfriend Olivia Munn.” That’s it – no actual facts or instances, just Reality Steve’s powers of perception.

Olivia herself has said she doesnt really know a lot about why they are estranged and that, “It’s complicated – I’ll say that.” Jordan dated Brittany Farrar who is friends with Olivia. Brittany accused Jordan of cheating. So maybe Olivia and Aaron were upset by Jordan’s treatment of their friend, especially when he lied and said his focus on football was why their relationship ended? People have accused Jordan of appearing on The Bachelorette for the wrong reasons, that his end game is to get his own Bachelor show once eliminated. Others have said Jordan is tired of standing in Aaron’s shadow. Brittany says Jordan is a louse. So how does this become Olivia Munn’s fault?




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  1. Locke Lamora says:

    Because all the other guys are here for the right reasons, right?
    He does seem especially fake. All the guys that are left are less than dreamy. Jordan seems fake, Luke is way too intense and serious ( and republican, which is always a minus), Robvbe seems sleazy and Chase seems like a robot. Jojo isn’t that interestig either. I wish she let Wells stay longer, he was the only interesting ( amd good looking) guy. Well, him and Chad, but for other reasons.

    I don’t know anything about Aaron because I’m not American, but is his whole family estranged from him, or just Jordan?

    • Missy says:

      I loved Wells! I was sad to see him go. I like Luke, too, but he’s not right for JoJo. He’s too straightforward and lives too simple a life to keep her interested. At least he’ll probably be the next Bachelor. That girl loves the drama: there are so many red flags with Jordan and Robbie, and Chase is a hard (boring) egg to crack, yet they’re all still there. The only reason she fell for a ‘good’ guy like Ben last season was bc he was dating other women. Since she loves drama/bad boys and is driven more by lust than rationality, I don’t think she’ll find a lasting relationship this season.

      Munn looks great now that her face has settled. I do think Aaron’s brothers are a little jealous of him and resent the fact that he is so Hollywood and less family-oriented.* But that was bound to happen by going pro, and having beautiful famous women interested in you, so they should be more understanding and supportive. Also, bad-mouthing him on national television isn’t going to help the relationship, you idiot brothers!

      *Apparently Aaron backed out of a good family friend’s wedding last minute, and the brothers were pissed about that as well. My guess is that he has been just choosing football and his girlfriend’s events over family events, and that’s what caused the rift.

      • Jen says:

        @Missy, I think your reasoning sounds a lot more logical than “Olivia made him do it!” Jordan obviously wanted a pro career for himself, so if he’s a certain type of person (I don’t watch the Bachelorette), watching your brother become a star of the NFL would definitely stir up some feelings.

      • Taiss says:

        I agree, talking about your family drama with your already famous brother on TV won’t fix things, only fuel it even more.
        He just wants a piece of fame by being on the show, and talking about Aaron makes him somewhat rememberable.

      • Emily says:

        My husband is a huge Packers fan, and I’m a huge trashy TV/gossip fan, so I’ve been reading a lot about this story. I read about the wedding too – Aaron was supposed to be the best man in some hometown friend’s wedding, but he dropped out late in the game and the middle (I think? The one not Aaron and not on The Bachelorette) took his place, and posted an instagram with shady hashtags.

        I can imagine it’s difficult growing up in the shadow of a very talented sibling, and it’s probably easy to use his famous girlfriend as a scapegoat. I didn’t watch this episode of The Bachelorette, but are the parents buying into this, too? That to me is sad, and it does make me wonder if something else is going on. I do think it’s sort of trashy and obvious that Jordan keeps vaguely making his story about his very famous brother.

    • nicole says:

      I think that Jojo has bad taste in men. She keeps referencing back to Ben, something I’ve never really seen one of these people do (it’s a shameful addiction!), and I think he really made an impact on her. He was a nice guy and I agree she probably fell for the nice guy because there was also a bit of danger and her usual type is not so nice. I feel like she kept around a few nice ones – wells, james – because she wants to like that type (the Ben type) but in reality she likes the muscley, handsome bros. The final four don’t even seem like real people. I don’t remember another season where the final group was so one note.

      • Miss M says:

        She totally has bad taste in men.
        I really like Wells, and both James ( the sibger and the boxing fighter she let ir go early on).
        Girlfriend really chooses the frat bros type and I think Robbie and Jordan seem a bit shady.
        Another thing I don’t get is to why she mentions Ben so much.
        Oh, wasn’t she supposed to introduce some of these guys to her family too?
        This is such a boring season…
        i think Aaron’s family took Jordan’s side in the fight and it might be about football.

  2. Birdix says:

    That orange dress is beautiful on Olivia. And I loved Aaron’s discount double check commercial with the woman doing jazz hands.

  3. Esmom says:

    I don’t watch the show but reading between the lines I got the feeling that any family tensions or estrangements stem from the fact that little bro might be jealous of big bro’s success. Who really knows, goodness knows how complicated family dynamics can be, but that’s my guess.

    • Sb says:

      I think you’re on to something. And dare I say Jordan maybe expected his big bro to help him out and that never materlialized. I feel like he’s clearly trying to capitalize on being “Aaron Rodgers brother”. And Jojo has stars in her eyes.

      • Anna says:

        They say they don’t want to bring up Aaron cause there’s more to Jordan than that but Jordan seems to bring up Aaron all the time and that he’s a football player and same with Jojo…she keeps asking about him, it’s so strange how obsessed they are with him.

      • Miss M says:

        @Anna: I noticed it too! It is all about Jordan has accomplished many things on his own and there is more to him than being Aaron’s brother. But they bring Aaron’s name all the time. I think they were building up to say they didn’t get along because it was only brought up when Jordan was getting closer and closer to introduce his family. It is possible the estrangement is due to the rumors about his sexuality. But i think it is because Jordan wanted to ride on Aaron’s coattails and he wasn’t having it. Jordan comes off so entitled and full of himself.
        I cannot stand Chad, but he threw a jeb on Jordan when he said: “you are no Aaron Rodgers”…lol. Jordan was speechless.

    • Kate says:

      Mos def sounds like sour grapes that go way back for Jordan.

    • blue banana says:

      absolutely! it’s clear how much he defines himself by his past football achievements, bringing your adult girlfriend to meet your old high school coaches and see your “wall of high school football highlights” ??? lol.

      • Sb says:

        I really feel sorry for people who “peak” in high school. They tend to suffer from an arrested development. He’s clearly struggling to define himself in his adult stage of life. That alone usually leads to not being stable or reliable in relationships.

    • delphi says:

      Okay. I hate to play the “my sources tell me” card, but Mr.Delphi is a WI native, and knows a lot of people in the Packers’ organization (officially and unofficially). The scuttlebutt there is that Olivia is actually well-liked by the fans, GB staff, the families…she’s super approachable and a total goofball (but she’s also busy with her career and not around constantly). @Bvay nails it below; Aaron’s estrangement from his family has everything to do with his family playing along with this Bachelorette drama, and also with the fact that they still push him to get back with this local girl from Chico, Destiny, who was…let’s just say totally sketch. She should hook-up with Jordan. Thirsty McThirstsons seeking their equals and all.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      That was my instinct as well. If you had a member of your family in the spotlight who made a pretty big name for himself in sports, and another family member wanted to be on a reality show, it would be an issue for several reasons – primarily that reality shows are no brainer distractions – no talent, messy, drama, etc. Many would find that embarrassing to the family and not want to be associated with it. I do think Jordan wants fame but doesn’t have the talent, so this is the easy street to money and recognition, but what reality stars don’t get is that they end up with infamy – not fame. Big difference. Any name of a reality show person we know – we aren’t conjuring up warm fuzzy memories. We’re remembering drunken brawls, crying, fist fights, cheating, gossip and back-stabbing. I would throttle my son if he went on a reality show.

  4. MonicaQ says:

    I’d like to say his last season was bad because the offensive line looked like turnstiles and he was hurt a lot of the time. Munn isn’t that great of an actor but I don’t see how that’s her fault.

    • Robin says:

      “Offensive line looked like turnstiles”…great line!

    • Audrey says:

      Last season was a bit crazy. I’m not a packers fan but I respect them so I keep an eye on them(I’m a patriots fan).

      I really feel the packers struggle because they don’t really participate in free agency. I understand building through the draft is a top priority for successful teams. But the packers seem to rely almost entirely on the draft rather than picking up bargain free agents to build the roster and patch holes while drafting and developing rookies.

      But I feel you on the offensive line. Patriots were turnstiles too. Too many injuries. Brady was hit over 20 times in one game 🙁 Plus we have Marcus “The Matador” Cannon bleh

  5. Nicole says:

    I mean who knows but if it was just estrangement between brothers I could understand it being about jealousy. But from other stories I’ve seen on this Aaron is estranged from his entire family and has ditched family events and even a wedding to a close friend that he was supposed to be in (which is not cool at all). So whatever it is the problem is bigger than just these two.

    It’s sad because I remember seeing Aaron at many of our games when I was at Vandy and Jordan was our QB. He was always on the sidelines supporting him when he could. But yea I think this is something bigger than the bachelorette because the problem isn’t recent.

  6. Div says:

    Supposedly Aaron Rodgers family is super, duper religious and conservative while Aaron made some pro gay rights as of late and is apparently fairly liberal. Add in a jealous younger brother who coattails off his name and I could see how the family tensions could boil over.

    • BearcatLawyer says:

      Or it could be – as many people have speculated – that Aaron is gay and Olivia is his beard.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        In what world would that make sense? I don’t mean that in a snippy way. Honestly, HOW do people think this makes sense? That girl could have tons of guys, famous, rich, poor, handsome, ugly. Her career is going fine. She doesn’t look like she needs the money. She’s mid-30s and has opportunities so why waste some of the best years of her life on bearding for anyone? I really don’t think this relationship will get her places in Hollywood. She’d have to date a closeted actor for that. If this were her game plan, he’s not the guy.

      • Naya says:

        I remember how obsessed Datalounge was with that theory a few years ago. One day I took the time to go over the receipts and just laughed my face off. They based it on the fact that he lived with his PA, attended events with him and claimed they both posted vaguely homoerotic tweets. Well, Aaron was at the time super born again, its not unusual that he would live with somebody similar as an accountability partner or take him to events rather than some “temptress”. And the gay tweets were literally Jesus tweets. You know, stuff like “I live only for Him” or “I give my life to Him”. The gay rumors were classic projection. People wanted a gay football super star so they picked the most seemingly celebate one.

        I feel bad for Olivia. Between the bearding accusations and then being accused of ruining his game and now this, its been an non stop assault on her.

      • BearcatLawyer says:

        I never claimed it made sense. And it is entirely possible that his more liberal attitudes are the source of the apparent conflict with his family. However, if he is gay, Olivia actually helps his career and endorsements because the NFL is simply not ready to have a gay star quarterback. A sad situation all around.

      • Lbliss says:

        Yes this could be it. It makes sense.

      • Audrey says:

        I used to feel this way but this seem to spend tons of time together and it’s lasted for quite a while. I lean more towards Aaron being bisexual or experimenting rather than being flat out gay.

        Aaron is one of the very few players who could come out and not have it impact his value to a team/career. If he is in the closet, I hope he finds the strength to come out to give a boost to all closeted players

    • Sarah says:

      THIS!!!! (Not that Olivia is his beard) But i definitely think that *family values* is a factor into why Aaron chooses to not be too close to his family. Watching Jordan’s hometown, when Jojo was talking to their other brother Luke, the impression I got was that Aaron is missed and the family isn’t pushing him away, but rather Aaron doesn’t want to be apart of his family. Family values, seems about right, tricky stuff, and tbh I don’t blame Aaron if that’s the case.

      *To play the devils advocate:
      The conspiracy is that Aaron was in a relationship with Kevin Lanflisi. His assistant/roommate who ended up working as an athletic trainer for the Packers

      • Cinderella says:

        Yes. There was some huge drama between Kevin and Aaron sometime ago, but it “drifted away”.

      • Audrey says:

        I think Aaron may be bisexual or at least was experimental. He tried to be religious but it didn’t work for him. Aaron seems an open minded and tolerant guy, may not fit in with his family

  7. Georgia says:

    Can we discuss Luke for a moment? I get a strong “vampire on a CW show” vibe from him. He has that tortured soul, very serious look down. He should audition for The CW , not ABC.

    • Miss M says:

      He does! I think he really read JoJo well because saying “my heart is yours” was not enough for the drama queen. He needed to clearly stated he was falling for her… 🙄

  8. Mle428 says:

    I met a man who was supposed to go to Green Bay to see a Packer game through some program, which was like an adult “Make A Wish.” When he became to sick to travel, and was unable to make it to a game, Aaron Rogers sent him a beautiful hand written letter, and a massive box of Green Bay stuff. It was so touching. I’ll be a fan of Aaron Rogers for life!

    The man ultimately passed away before going to see a Packer game (his cancer progressed really rapidly), but that letter and box of goodies meant the world to him!

    • Snowflake says:

      Oh, wow, that was really nice.

    • Cutthecrap says:

      Another great example of Aaron Rogers doing awesome things for charity is his collaboration with The MACC Fund in Wisconsin as well as “Gold In September” that raises awareness/funds for various childhood cancers. He was an amazing friend to a little boy named Jack Bartosz who appeared with him on a Wheaties cereal box and who did so much behind the scenes. Whatever his dynamic is with his family, I can’t say, but knowing he is very kind behind the scenes (with no fan fare) is really nice

  9. Tig says:

    Agreed, blaming Olivia W is silly for the public at large. i am sure The Bachelorette folks are rubbing their hands in glee over their show maybe making a dent in the NFL demo due to this guy airing family drama. And c’mon, it’s all juiced to increase ratings- you have the hots for a guy and it becomes sooo crucial to know why he’s not talking to his brother?? Sure.

  10. Bvay says:

    I’m from Green Bay and from all accounts, Aaron is a fiercely private guy. My hunch is that he can’t trust his family from exploiting his fame. I doubt it’s specifically Olivia’s fault.

    • Miss M says:

      Based on the fact they were on a reality show and talked about it, your hunch is probably right.

    • blue banana says:

      Yep — the fact that the family chose to go this route: airing their personal family issues, and throwing aaron under the bus on national television, speaks volumes to me. The rift is just as much THEM, if not more, than Aaron.

  11. Frey says:

    She looks so dried out.

  12. TRJ says:

    I’m interested in when the “Aaron hates his family” thing began – Jordan was in Pitch Perfect 2 with a handful of Packers players, including 2/3 of the O-line, and remained friendly with some of the players afterwards (even up to earlier this year).

  13. lucy2 says:

    Family dynamics can be very complicated, in a way that outsiders usually can’t fully understand.

    There was recently a story here about a local guy who went on one of the early Bachelorette seasons. He flat out said he did it to promote his company. I have a friend who is SOOOO invested in these shows, and won’t believe they’re fake.

  14. Craig says:

    Bearcatlawyer is right—the estrangement probably has more to do with his allegedly being gay and their fake relationship.

    His family is extremely socially conservative.

    I believe his ex bf Kevin Lanflisi, has even Tweeted about this and threw out some very cryptic tweets about Rodgers personal life…..

    I’m pretty sure Munn didn’t sign up for this and his family issues when she signed her contract, but I hope she gets a bonus for putting up with it.

  15. Audrey says:

    Is it okay to link to another site?

    Terez Owens is saying it all has to do with his alleged ex-boyfriend and Aaron’s insecurities.

  16. orangecrush says:

    So if Olivia is to blame for his family estrangement, is Aaron to blame for her new face?

    • kimbers says:

      Ive never watched the bachelor stuff, i just want to know if I’m crazy for noticing Olivia’s eye surgery?

  17. Jessica says:

    Maybe his family is smart and sees her to be the phony that she is and maybe they have a problem with the fake relationship. Wasn’t she not liked by the family of that Bryan guy she used to date and also by Kinnaman’s family? I’m almost positive I’ve read about that somewhere. And for those wondering why people don’t like her and tend to blame her for these things, look up her earlier interviews and all her attempts to get publicity for the past 7 or 8 years or whatever and that should give you an idea. She’s no innocent.

  18. TJ says:

    I have no respect for Munn. She orchastrated a bully rally against a girl who dared to critisize her looks on twitter. The girl quit after that massive harasment lead and fueled by Munn and her followers. She also totally lied about what happened her face recently. She has a bad casting couch reputation(Brett ‘The Rat’ Ratner even shone some light on that one publicly. “She was no Asian back then…”). And she bearded guys earlier before Aaron.

    BTW you know that Aaron was this close to come out as gay around when Michael Sam was drafted. Not to mention his boyfriend tried everything to out him for a while after they break with his instagram posts like posing with Aaron’s Superbowl ring with the caption – “This looks good on my hand, don’t you think?…”). Maybe the fact that he is gay and he stuck in the closet hurts him lately. Just a thought.

    • Jessica says:

      Finally, someone who doesn’t seem to block out all the $#it she pulls. And the best part about her bullying that girl was people were saying that on one of her social media pages she claimed to be all about anti-bullying. Just an example of what a phony hypocrite she is.

  19. blue banana says:

    brett rattner is a misogynistic a*hole. Any criticism he doles out is just a big LOL. Olivia is half asian – she just IS. So whether or not she ‘acts it’ enough for Brett is of no relevance. he is 100% grade A db.

    • Jessica says:

      There’s no doubt that Ratner is one of the biggest douchebags out there, but she started the whole thing with a possibly made up anecdote in her “book” that everyone came to the conclusion was him. He told his side of what happened with them, even though he later tried to take it all back so he wouldn’t get fired from producing the Oscars (he was anyway for offensive remarks he made about I don’t remember what). But I believed him because no matter how sleazy and misogynistic directors or producers are , they don’t seem to ever name names publicly. And the casting couch rumors have always followed her.

    • TJ says:

      I know how big of an asshole Ratner is ,is one of the biggest pigs in Hollywood. On pair with his buddy Michael Bay). I heard a story she had sex with an actress and her mom AT THE SAME TIME. And after that happened, he didn’t gave the role for the girl… So I have no respect to The Rat either. In fact I’m disgusted that he(and guys like him) has/had such a big influence in Hollywood. (To Jessica – he made homophobic remarks, and that’s why – luckily- he was removed from the producer chair).
      That being said Munn take a shot on him first, he just not let her walk away with her lie. I totally believe those two had sex, and I don’t think Munn did it just for fun…

      • Jessica says:

        Believe me, I find Ratner (and Bay) as disgusting as you do. With the Munn situation it was, which of these a*holes do you believe? I hate the fact that I actually sided with that sleaze about anything, which just made me loathe Munn even more. She can try to sell this nice, down to earth image her PR has been forcing on us for awhile now, but I don’t buy it for a minute. And it annoys the hell out of me that so many people seem to. She’s completely calculating and full of $#it.

  20. Lisa says:

    I don’t know Aaron or Olivia but I live in Nashville and let me just say this: Jordan is the biggest douchecanoe anyone could ever meet. So yeah, I’m not buying that Olivia is the core of the family rift.