Mariah Carey throws shade at the Kardashians for ‘talking about other people’

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Yesterday, I was primed to think the worst of Mariah Carey. I read a particularly absurd story about her on Page Six, and then I sat down to read this Complex interview. I expected it to be a lot of “dah-ling, I’m me” superficial nonsense. But I ended up enjoying the hell of this interview, because Mariah actually does get deep. Well, deep for Mariah. She talks about her reality show, Mariah’s World, her decades in the music industry, her friends, her love of Marilyn Monroe and more. This is definitely one of the best Mariah interviews in years! You can read the full piece here. Some highlights:

Filming Mariah’s World for E!, home of the Kardashians: The show won’t be, according to Carey, a put-it-all-out-there show in the style of the Kardashian clan—who are, coincidentally, filming something in a private dining room 15 yards away. “Some of us,” Carey says, casting a glance toward the room, “talk about other people and what they do and la la la. But I’m not that person.”

She’s always felt like she was part of hip-hop culture: She’s worked with Jay Z, Snoop, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Nas, the LOX, Rick Ross, and Jeezy, but the MC she most regrets not having worked with is 2Pac. “They were like, ‘Oh, she’s interested in this little rap music.’ I was like, ‘No, I’ve grown up on this. You think it’s something new. You’re kidding me!’ I love the grimiest rappers in the world. That’s my favorite.”

Rappers versus singers: “A lot of rappers don’t have to go through what I had to go through as a singer. I was always in a bubble that they put me in, but I was always punching out. It was a tough line to walk.”

Her engagement to James Packer: “I don’t expect him to be at every little thing that I do, and vice versa. He’s got a lot of stuff on his plate and so do I. There’s a mutual understanding.”

Whether their wedding will be more like a merger: “We would like for it not to be a big thing, but the reality is it has to be. Because there’s things that are specifically mine, and he’s got huge friggin’ conglomerate stuff and I’m not looking to take that from him. So it has to be dealt with. Anytime you get married to somebody [it does]—and I should know. This’ll be marriage number three. My bishop said to me, ‘I don’t want you to go Elizabeth Taylor on me!’ I said, ‘I’m not’—and then I said ‘Bye.’”

What she’ll say about Packer: “He’s a private businessman and there are a lot of things with his companies that I just can’t talk about. It’s just not good for me to do.” But she does reveal that he’s long been obsessed with her music, and listens to different Mariah playlists while he travels. The fact that he was a huge fan didn’t scare her off. “Actually, if he didn’t like my music, then how would I be able to handle him being around when all I’m doing is creating? It’s cool.”

Music today: “If Michael Jackson were alive he could sing, [The Weeknd’s] ‘Can’t Feel My Face.’ He could sing any of those songs. And sometimes it reminds me, ‘Oh, I wish that Michael would’ve had a song like this’—I loved when he did [the 2001 song] ‘Butterflies’ and songs like that. They would always hate on that at Sony because they wanted him to do these big pop records.”

Memories of Prince: “Prince was one of the best people I’ve met. He didn’t care about the big system. I was always like, at any time Prince could write a No. 1 song, because he’s that talented, but he chooses to do what he wants. I respect that. He actually helped me through a lot of situations with his knowledge. He always had a plan. I just can’t believe he’s gone. I was hoping that it was a trick that he was pulling—that it didn’t really happen.”

Why Mariah bought Marilyn Monroe’s childhood piano: “That was the only thing that she had from her childhood. I haven’t touched it—I won’t even tune it. I could’ve bought the dress, the [sings] Mr. President dress. But I’d rather maintain what she cared about. You know that her production company was the first female-owned production company in Hollywood? She paved the way for women in a lot of ways that a lot of people don’t think about. She was so ‘the sex symbol’ that it looks like the opposite, but she really wasn’t that.”

[From Complex]

In a long-form interview, you actually get the nuance and humor of Mariah, right? She’s actually quite funny and somewhat self-aware. I laughed when she was basically like “I’m not going to talk about my fiancé… except to say that he was obsessed with me and my music and I couldn’t be with someone who isn’t a fan.” I also found the conversation about her connection to hip-hop rather interesting. Complex brings up the idea that Mariah was perhaps appropriating hip-hop’s street cred by collaborating with those rappers, but I do think that she really does feel at home in the world of rap/hip-hop. Also: “My bishop said to me, ‘I don’t want you to go Elizabeth Taylor on me!’ I said, ‘I’m not’—and then I said ‘Bye.’” Bye, bishop.


Photos courtesy of Complex.

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  1. LAK says:

    On the one hand, people idolise a person for personal reasons, but objectively, if she wants to cite a hollywood blonde as a powerhouse behind the scenes, Mae West is a better pick.

    • sassy says:

      THANK YOU!!!! I was thinking the same thing. Not enough respect for Miss West. She did it all her way and never apologizing for it.

      • Stella Alpina says:

        Mae was a witty writer and ahead of her time. The sad thing is that she didn’t handle ageing very well (Madonna, anyone?). Mae was locked into embodying her onscreen image and insisted on maintaining the illusion that she was a desirable sexpot well into her eighties. When the reality of ageing finally sank in, she became a recluse like Marlene Dietrich.

        Marilyn was the 2nd actress in Hollywood to have her own production company. She was also one of the first stars to successfully challenge her studio slave contract. She won and got a better salary, as well as cinematographer and director approval. Bette Davis tried that years earlier and failed.

  2. stinky says:

    She better nail down her dude quick.
    Shes makin me nervous.
    That’s all I got.

  3. Belb says:

    Photoshop overload.

  4. Naya says:

    I really like Mariah and her over the top gimmick. You just know she spends her evening’s googling old Hollywood divas and then thinking up ways to surpass them. I wish she wouldn’t model after Marilyns dumb busty blonde act (or rather the divas Marilyn stole HER act from). If she modelled after someone like Bette Davis, I would follow Mariah to the ends of the earth.

    • Stella Alpina says:

      Here’s the thing: Marilyn’s airhead blonde act was just what you wrote – an act. The fact people still think she and her character were the same person shows that she was a convincing actress. The “dumb blonde” was a popular and lucrative character, a persona encouraged by the studios, much the same way the personas of John Wayne, Charlie Chaplin, Betty Grable, Rita Hayworth, and dozens of other stars in Hollywood were publicized. She was routinely typecast by her studio overlords as that character because it made her bosses a lot of money and Hollywood is notoriously risk-averse, hence the endless remakes we see.

      Marilyn’s movie character had little in common with who she really was in real life: a non-materialistic person who was focused on self-improvement and creative freedom, who was an avid reader of classic literature, poetry, and philosophy. People who knew her said that she was girlish, not overtly sexy, in reality.

      Which divas did Marilyn steal from? First of all, she was greatly inspired by Jean Harlow, but Marilyn’s persona and look was her own. She wore many different shades of blonde, not just the platinum shade she settled on later in her career. Second, her look very much embodied the 1950s, not Jean’s 1930s look.

      Yet the people who copy Marilyn are legion, both now and when she was alive. Her contemporary copycats include starlets like Sheree North, Mamie Van Doren, Joi Lansing, Barbara Lang, Cleo Moore, and Carroll Baker. Jayne Mansfield copied her so much she was called “The Poor Man’s Marilyn Monroe”. Kim Novak and Diana Dors were promoted by their studios as their answer to Marilyn, but both ladies were able to break away from that and became stars in their own right.

  5. Bellagio says:

    Oh Mimi, I can count on you to cheer me up no matter what. She may be a lot of things, but she is not naive. I remember her talking about this vet from LA that wanted to charge her all these outrageous prices and she counter sued or sth. It tells a lot about her as a business woman. She is involved in her finances. We hear a lot about celebs declaring bankruptcy, because they spent too much or there were shady accountants involved. Not with Mimi.
    Don’t get me wrong, she is also ridiculous, but I can’t hate on her. Her shade game is triple A, she is still bankable despite very public trouble with her voice, and while she comes across as delusional. her reality are actual rainbows, pink champagne, lollipops, cotton candy, always present beauty team….
    The Elisabeth Taylor story? Priceless!

  6. kittenhotel says:

    The Queen Mariah has spoken

  7. kay says:

    uh…who is the person in the pics?????
    is that surgical or software?

  8. Clara says:

    So she is talking about the Kardashians talking about other people? Hmm OK

  9. Tifygodess24 says:

    I like Mariah. I’ll take her and her antics any day over a kardashian/Jenner, that’s for sure. Atleast you know what you get with Mariah.

    • Susannah says:

      She’s also famous for actually having talent and being a great recording artist too.

    • Kosmos says:

      I love Mariah! Yes, she’s diva-ish, over the top, but she’s NICE….she’s real, she’s cool, and she worked very hard to make it in the music world. She’s amazingly talented, more so than almost any female out there….so I give her a break if she wants to be kind of out there. Should she have a reality show? No, probably not a good idea. But I have been a fan for years and have always liked her. During her stint on Idol when Nicki was acting so juvenile, Mariah behaved like an adult despite the circumstances. I think she’s a good person and deserves all the praise she has received.

  10. mila says:

    I have huge amount of respect for her, since she was the only artist to have number one each year in the 90s. and the 90s were way more competitive and diverse than 00s or today. girl can sing.

    as for her personal life, its her life. she does not need reality show, but what do i know…

  11. Lucy says:

    The cover is giving me Purge vibes, but I do agree that it is a good interview. What’s with today’s article subjects? Mariah, Kristen, Kimye…why are they being so enjoyable today??

  12. TrixC says:

    Other people have a priest but Mariah has a bishop! Says it all really.

  13. kimbers says:

    Love Mariah in Wise Girls! When she stuck her manicured nails up the dude nose lmao

  14. kanyekardashian says:

    She’ll be divorced again in no time. Nick used to drool over her posters on his wall when he was a teenager beating off. That ended well, didn’t it, getting involved with someone “obsessed” with you?

    • orangecrush says:

      You might be right about a quick divorce, but I feel as though there’s more of a balance of power between Mariah and her new dude. Packer is extremely successful in his own right and happens to love Mariah’s music. I’d imagine this relationship has a completely different dynamic than the one she had with Nick, as well as the dynamic she had with her first husband when she was just starting out.

  15. moo says:

    sooooo, she’s talking about other people talking about other people. oooohhhhhkkaaayyyyy…….

  16. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    Holy eyebrow lift!