“Jean Claude Van Damme walked out of an Aussie TV interview” links

Jean Claude Van Damme had an on-camera meltdown. [Wonderwall]
People think Natalie Portman looks knocked up these days. [Popoholic]
Katy Perry calls Orlando Bloom “Lando” – which is funny. [LaineyGossip]
What is Tori Spelling wearing, for the love of God? [Dlisted]
Seth Meyers is letting his liberal bias show. Good. [Pajiba]
Chris Pine in flip-flops: would you hit it? [Go Fug Yourself]
A lot of dudes have opinions about Hillary Clinton’s voice. [Jezebel]
New teaser for American Horror Story Season 6. [OMG Blog]
Countess LuAnn: Bethenny Frankel is a terrorist. [Reality Tea]
I loved loved loved seeing all of the little girls in the room last night for Hillary Clinton’s speech. That really is what it’s about. [Buzzfeed]
Is a “jungle-themed” pageant really necessary? [Starcasm]


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  1. jeanpierre says:

    Tell them JC!

  2. Maum says:

    He didn’t tell them he was aware… :(

  3. pikawho? says:

    “I cannot do this. I am too natural.” is my new excuse for getting out of things at work.

  4. jferber says:

    Just looked at the pic and dude is not aging well.

    • Naya says:

      He is supposedly 55 but he was a known heavy drug user and may still be judging from the incoherent interview and the sweating problem.

    • saltandpepper says:

      Thought he was closer to 70 when I first saw his photo. He looks so rough for his age. Yikes!

  5. Onerous says:

    I think Lando is an actual nickname for Orlando, though, right?

  6. kay says:

    best comment on the hilary’s voice article: (really paraphrased) what on earth does her vocal delivery have to do with governing? ok, so maybe she may not inspire like a better orator, but as far as i know the president of the usa should have more going for them than inspirational oration skills.

  7. jferber says:

    I read the article and felt bad for him, not for anything the interviewers did, but because of his seemingly poor physical and mental state. I hope he gets help, if he needs it. I do like the line, “What the f- is going on with Australia?” You could use the same line for the U.S. what with this surreal presidential election and the endless hacks into Democratic Party computers. Funny how the Republicans aren’t getting hacked, right? I wonder why that is?

  8. Bananapanda says:

    Yeah but the only other Lando is Calrissian from Star Wars. And he is no Billy Dee!

  9. JustVisiting says:

    Pine could keep the flip flops on and I’d still hit it!
    And didn’t Portman say something about how shorts were not to be worn by parisians? After declaring herself 1? I have nothing against shorts, but she seemed to.

    • Zuzus Girl says:

      Portman is in LA not Paris. She’s slumming it.

      Re: JCVD- not really a meltdown. What happened before that?

  10. Twinkle says:

    He looks like sh@t

  11. defaultgirl says:

    JCVD I thought he was HIV+ on the low according to rumors.

    • Mari says:

      That would be my best guess. Can’t be certain, however, but it looks very much like lipodystrophy to me. The new meds don’t cause this, but the ones from the 90s early 2000s certainly did. Aging can cause facial fat loss as well, but it’s very unusual to have that amount of fat loss in the face at his age. That extreme loss usually occurs in the 70+ crowd.