Bradley Cooper attended the DNC & Republicans were freaking out about it

Bradley Cooper Films 'American Sniper'

I always have to remind myself that most people actually don’t pay attention to the minutiae of celebrity gossip. Like, most people out there in Real ‘Murica only know Bradley Cooper from a handful of films, probably. They know him from The Hangover movies and they know him from American Sniper, where he played sniper Chris Kyle. Cooper actually shepherded the film into existence, producing it himself and pursuing Clint Eastwood to direct the film and more. B-Coop felt really strongly about telling Chris Kyle’s story, and the film was widely seen as a sympathetic take on a man who was actually rather problematic (to put it gently) in real life. But Sniper was a huge hit in Real ‘Murica, as I said. Which means that all of the Republicans who loved the movie were absolutely shocked to discover that the star, Bradley Cooper, is a… DEMOCRAT!

The fact that B-Coop is quite liberal/progressive in real life is not a shock to me. I assumed everyone already knew about it, honestly. He never hid his political side – he’s a long-time donor to Democratic candidates, he’s publicly supported gun control initiatives and he’s even attended state dinners at the White House during Obama’s administration. B-Coop is so progressive that he was the one who masterminded Pres. Obama’s appearance on Between Two Ferns so Obama could promote Obamacare.

So how could anyone be shocked that Bradley Cooper attended the Democratic National Convention last week? Surely everyone knew that he’s a big Dem, right? Not so much. When there was a cutaway to B-Coop sitting in the audience, Twitter blew up with angry Republicans swearing up and down that Bradley’s support of the Democratic Party is a stain on his noble legacy of portraying Chris Kyle.

So there you have it, folks. People are really upset that B-Coop is a big ol’ Democrat. You know how Dem he is? He gave money to Hillary Clinton… in 2008. Which sort of makes me like him even more, you know? Back in 2008, when celebrities were getting on the Obama train, B-Coop was like “I want a woman president, I think Hillary would be amazing.”


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  1. D says:

    Do they also think he’s a talking raccoon?

  2. Aussie girl says:

    It’s been a while since we’ve seen the visual of B coop in those brown short, shorts!!

    • D says:

      A friend of mine who lived in Coronado for a while told me that they call those shorts “the daisy dukes of freedom” (I don’t know if it’s true though)

    • PGrant's Girl says:

      Yes! I was pumped to see the booty short pics make a reappearance. Thanks, Kaiser!

      • Coconut says:

        Was there ever a reason given as to WHY the military puts them in these micro shorts?? If female soldiers were made to wear them, there’d be much outcrying!

  3. COSquared says:


  4. Jules says:

    These people vote folks……………..

  5. Lucy says:

    I find it more appalling that some idiot thinks Chris Kyle is a hero

  6. Jellybean says:

    I find him Creepy. Not sure if it is because of his close relationship with the bully David O’Russell, that he took no responsibility for the wages issues in American Hustle, despite being a producer or this whole Chris Kyle thing.

  7. Trixie says:

    Do those people understand what ACTING is? Cooper ACTED as Chris Kyle in a movie. That doesn’t mean Cooper thinks or believes the things Kyle did.

    • Jellybean says:

      No, but he developed and produced the project, so the way Kyle was presented is down to him. You could argue that is the responsibility of the director and writer, but when you develop a project you make decisions about who will write and direct. I believe I am right that Cooper had even talked with Kyle himself about the project before he was killed.

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        True but not of that means Bradley Cooper isn’t a separate entity with his own established political thoughts and opinions. It just means when it came time to do the movie he didn’t let those personal feelings get in the way of his portrayal and research.

      • Jellybean says:

        I agree with this, if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to go on and enjoy watching actors who have played serial killers and other nasty individuals. I actually prefer actors who are willing to go to that dark place and seek out the humanity in a monster. I also have a number of ex service men as friends, including a former sniper, so I don’t have an issue with soldiers or snipers in general, far from it, I guess the notion that a man doing that job would write a book about it just seems wrong to me, at least without a lot of years to reflect, and then to make it into a film which, apparently, glosses over some unpleasant truths????. It is just doesn’t feel right to me. Either do a straight fictional story or put some distance between the film and the events and tell it warts and all.

  8. Sixer says:


    Sorry. Our Britisher noodles are also this dense.

    Plus, I’m in heaven today. PAPER KNICKERS and BOOTY SHORTS photos in one day!

    • Senaber says:

      All we need now is baby bieber getting lifted by his bodyguard for the cringe trifecta.

      • Rebecca says:

        Oh goodness I had a really creepy dream about Bieber last night, it’s just come back to me.

      • Jenjenners says:

        Beiber is here on the Big Island right now actually–kids here have started hunting him instead of Pokemon, lol.

    • lilacflowers says:

      I know right? The beige booty shorts! The beige booty shorts! OMG! The beige booty shorts!

      Where is Kiddo? Where is Mimif?

    • Sixer says:

      I really miss Kiddo and mimif. Both clever AND funny. Mimif was campaigning for Bernie, wasn’t she?

      • lilacflowers says:

        I think so.

      • mia girl says:

        Sixer- I miss them so much. 😭

      • antipodean says:

        Ditto to missing Kiddo and mimiif! Where have all the good men gone, and where are all the (gossip) Gods? Where’s the street-wise Hercules to fight the rising odds? Tips my hat to Bonnie Tyler! I always love a good dish of snark in the morning, and they are some of the best!

  9. Amide says:

    Cooper looks like he’s auditing for The Revenant Part 2, in those DNC pics.

    • Insomniac says:

      The camera people kept showing him in the audience one night and while he looked familiar, I really didn’t recognize him. Though I kind of like him looking all shaggy.

  10. OSTONE says:

    Oh I forgot about the majestic booty shorts!! And hahahahaha at the people freaking out about him being a dem! I wonder what they would say if they knew of all the rumors that surround him!

  11. Insomniac says:

    Nobody tell these people that Mark Ruffalo isn’t really the Hulk. It will blow their tiny minds.

  12. lilacflowers says:

    But the Donald told his minions not to watch the DNC so how do they know Cooper was there unless they disobeyed the Donald?

  13. lisa2 says:

    Yet another example of how ignorant people actually are. It makes me so sad. They also came for Reese as well. There is a video going around of Andy Griffith talking about how easily led people are. I think the video was in 1972 but it sounds so much like what is happening with Donald Trump.
    I hope this goes through because it is so important to show how dangerous Donald Trump is. The video is chilling.

    • Lisa says:

      OMG! Thanks for the link. Very creepy and scary that people are so easy manipulated.

      • lisa2 says:

        He never to my knowledge said who the person was. That was 44 years ago. And what he said could be applied to what is happening today. It is like a voice of reason speaking from the past. And we need to listen. Our world hangs in the balance with this election. And I am not being Melodramatic.

    • HK9 says:

      I think Andy Griffith is referencing a movie he did called ‘A Face in the Crowd’. It’s an amazing film and yes it really does remind me of what’s happening with Trump. It always made me wonder if it was actually in reference to an actual political candidate since it was done in 1957.

    • Hazel says:

      Great reminder! And everybody should watch A Face in the Crowd, too.

  14. Chrissy says:

    Wow, just wow! I’m thinking that Cooper ought to hire some security. He may seriously be in danger from all those Chris Kyle fanatics. SMH

  15. Veronica says:

    I know this is crazy, and stay with me on this one, America, but like…we can think a person is admirable in some regards while being disinclined to follow their lead in others, yeah? So, like, you can play a conservative and *gasp* not be one yourself.

  16. Naya says:

    People are stupid. Also wtf is he wearing?!

  17. grabbyhands says:

    That awkward moment when you don’t seem to understand the difference between an actual person and the actor who portrayed him.

  18. LinaLamont says:

    And, there, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Trumpettes.

    God help us all.

  19. Jackie Jormp Jomp says:

    Chris Kyle was a terrifying sociopath.

    • Algernon says:

      Not pointing fingers at any one particular person, but my husband works in federal law enforcement and one of his friends is on a serial killer task force and I said how you never hear about serial killers anymore and he replied, “That’s partly because we’ve changed how we pursue them, but also, anyone with those inclinations who can get into the military, is in the military. The numbers always go down during wartime.”

      Food for thought.

      • I Choose Me says:

        That’s chilling. But not at all surprising.

        i’m also noticing that a lot of police seem to be ex-miltary. I wonder what kind of psychological screening, if any takes place?

      • Algernon says:

        The screenings, especially in big cities or at the federal level are pretty intense. My husband was in the Marines before becoming a fed and he had to ride a desk for a while early in his career to prove he wasn’t a nutcase, which was more his boss at the time than actual policy, but his boss had learned the hard to way to put the guys coming off combat on desk jobs for a transition period. Where you run into trouble more are the smaller towns/states where they may not have the funding to run all the screenings necessary. And it’s usually not the veterans you have to worry about in law enforcement. It’s anecdotal, but among my husband and his peers who are vets, they’re horrified at how militarized the police forces have become. The problem stems from two places, according to my husband, one is that the military is smaller than ever and requires less equipment, and some things, like tanks, are virtually obsolete for the way we fight wars now. But production on weapons hasn’t been scaled back, and tanks keep getting made regardless (thank Congress, keep wasting our money!), so the companies that make that stuff have taken to selling to police departments to get rid of the volume they’re not selling to the military anymore. And the second problem is that some people *can’t* get into the military because the military’s screening process weeds them out, and then they become police instead, and those are the ones you have to watch out for. My husband has some horror stories about local LEOs he’s met during investigations.

      • Jwoolman says:

        A friend who was in the Vietnam War once said there are some people you need to keep in a cage and then let them loose when there’s a war on… I assume he ran into one or two of them.

  20. Jade says:

    Wow. They sure aren’t making normal, rational Republicans look good.

    If they want to boycott him for his political outlook, why don’t these people boycott actors who support the heinous peodophile outlook of Woody Allen or Allen himself.

  21. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    …it’s like they’re almost at the point of making joking about their lack of intelligence so easy it becomes victimization.

    I’m not sure how much further down you have to go than ‘I don’t support socialism movies’

    So like, any movie with a highway or red light that dude flips his channel in disgust. “That damn socialism!”

  22. Bettyrose says:

    When they call Bradley Cooper a socialist, are they suggesting he doesn’t actively oppose Interstate highways? Public education? Farm subsidies?

  23. Karen says:

    They’re going to stop going to movies starring Democrats?! Hahaha! So I guess they’re never seeing a movie again. Only re-runs of Charles in Charge.

  24. Cat87 says:

    Did this republicansite forget that Chris Kyle was also gun down by a fellow vet who was suffering PSTD? That cases like these are reason why gun control is such an issue in this country?

    Bradlet Cooper is an actor who played Chris Kyle. But the circumstances around Kyle’s death was an issue of gun control and public safety. I am a Democrat and believe that Americans should have a right to own guns. But there should be laws and stiffer background checks to those who own guns.

    A dangerous person with a gun is the most deadliest weapon created by man. We as nation should never take gun usage for granted nor be irresponsible and allow deadly people have guns.

  25. minx says:

    Was American Sniper the movie with the bad stunt baby?
    Never saw it, never will.

  26. Bridget says:

    The level of stupid is amazing. I take it that these folks don’t realize that Republicans are notorious for shooting down legislation that is pro-veteran?

    • Anon33 says:

      Thank you. This is one of the biggest hypocrisies of their entire platform if you ask me. Use the soldiers for your pro-America bullshit and hide behind the military when it suits you, but God forbid you actually support them where it counts (i.e. Money and appropriations.) The republican “congress” (in quotes bc they don’t actually do anything congressional) voted down something like 35 different measures that were initiated to help veterans during Obama’s presidency, not to mention exacerbating (via ignoring) the entire mess with the VA system. Do you guys even know how many of our veterans are homeless??? Let’s all think about that for a minute, because it’s a disgrace. But rah rah ‘Murica, let’s all ignore those pesky facts and engage in jingoism that doesn’t mean anything!

  27. cindy says:

    I don’t know what the article said with those booty short pictures wreaking my brain by the time I get down here.

  28. Bethie says:

    Those shorts, though.

  29. Adele Dazeem says:

    It’s amazing to me how somehow in my lifetime, the GOP has become such a joke. I was young, but I remember the 80s and even the 90s when generally speaking, both parties were considered equally intelligent and rational–just different viewpoints. Which I can appreciate. While I am not one of them nor do I agree, I can understand the idealistic perspectives of some cons regarding abortion, the economy, etc. Educated and respectful discourse is what this country was built upon.

    What I can’t process or fathom is the hatred, the anger, the sexism, racism, fear, paranoia, etc. Blows my mind.

    • Veronica says:

      “Educated and respectful discourse is what thus country was built upon.”

      Not that I don’t understand the sentiment, but if you’ve ever read some of the discussions between the forefathers, there was nothing civil or respectful about their discourse, haha.

      • Adele Dazeem says:

        Semantics. Thanks for the condescension, I have read plenty and in my opinion, the hate speech being spewed these days is far worse. Especially in light of where we are in history with alleged civil and equal rights.

        And it’s this, not thus.

      • Veronica says:

        I was actually making a joke at the expense of our forefathers and their pettier moments, so I’m not sure why you feel you’re being personally attacked. I agree that the viciousness in campaigns is pretty ridiculous these days, but while the vile commentary coming out of the Trump camp is disturbing, the founding fathers of this country lived in a time where it was perfectly acceptable for presidents to talk about women as property, treat Africans as subhuman and enslave them, and discuss ways to eradicate the Native American population, so I don’t really know how well we can argue it’s gotten worse.

        (And thanks for nitpicking an iPhone autocorrect error, I guess?)

      • Adele Dazeem says:

        Thanks for the history lesson Veronica! I didn’t know women and people of color weren’t always treated like equals.

      • Veronica says:

        Okay, you are obviously inclined to persist in a sense of being wronged, so you can enjoy that on your own. I’m done.

    • Persephone says:

      Even in my country is seems like the vast majority of the middle keep quiet to avoid the wrath of the fringes.
      I remember my first election and the few following were about the economy, they were talking about taxes and spending and specific policies, but it’s become more about trying to scare people away from your opposition. I was disgusted by the scare campaign run by the party I usually put first and moved them down my ballot.

    • Betsy says:

      Around the Gingrich years you could start to see the cracks in the GOP. What was happening was obviously ridiculous.

      • Adele Dazeem says:

        You are so right! It is kind of fascinating when you look back at how the classes have shifted as well. I remember being fairly young and my parents being quite bothered by Newt and that crew. My father also had a vitriolic hatred for Ronal Reagan, lol, but that was another story altogether.

  30. OTHER RENEE says:

    These are the types of people who live in a fantasy world where The Donald gives a c— about the Average Person. Honestly, how immature can you get ?

    My daughter voted for Romney, I have twice in my life voted for a Republican presidential candidate. My ex husband usually voted Republican (not this year). My current husband–an uber liberal from the Midwest– and I disagree vehemently on immigration issues. But I respect their choices and opinions and don’t expect them to agree with my politics. That’s how it works in this country, folks. Unless Trump wins of course. Then we’re all going to h— in a hand basket.

  31. topcat says:

    it’s a MOVIE people, and , shocker, he is PLAYING a CHARACTER -really, really, he is-oh yeah, talking America,-land of the free etc….get a grip

  32. Lee says:

    Come on, he played a character and THIS is what they are bothered by? Don’t you guys have more pressing issues like the fact that Donald was given military secrets the other day and has ALREADY divulged these secrets to the press?