Telegraph: Tom Hiddleston & Taylor Swift might be ‘cooling off’ in recent weeks


Here are some photos of Tom Hiddleston out and about in West Hollywood yesterday. He was seen leaving a gym in WeHo, and I’m assuming he was chauffeured to and from the gym by Taylor Swift’s car and driver, although you never know. That sentiment – “you never know” – is the crux of a new piece in the Telegraph. The Telegraph suggests that Tiddles is going through a “cooling off” period. O RLY?

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, who at the beginning of their relationship were photographed together multiple times a day, have sparked fears their relationship may be cooling off. The two have barely been spotted together recently, which is a stark contrast to their many public dates in LA, New York, Nashville, Rhode Island, the UK, Australia, and Italy when they first announced their romance.

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston made 24 public appearances in three weeks in the beginning – but recently have been spotted together just twice in two weeks, despite fan and media interest in their romance. Stories have been seeping into the press about the couple – but with no pictures of the two of them together. There is an article which claim Mr Hiddleston uses her private jet, and another about him using her driver. Fans have been asking on Twitter: “Is Hiddleswift dead?”.

[From The Telegraph]

I think the most striking evidence that Tiddles Is Still Happening is that Tom is still in LA, presumably shacked up with Taylor, awaiting their next prescheduled Tiddledate. He hasn’t flown back to Australia to work on Thor: Ragnarok. He flew to New York for a few days while Taylor was in Nashville, but they reunited in LA and haven’t left since. I guess Loki isn’t needed in Australia, then? Did Loki’s part get severely cut back all of a sudden or something? Frankly, I’m more likely to believe that Marvel is doing a slow breakup with Tom rather than Tom is doing a slow breakup with Taylor. That being said, I’ve felt for a while that there’s a ticking clock on Tiddles, and they maybe have one more month.

Also, many of you have pointed out that Gossip Cop has issued denials to many of these stories. I don’t mind using Gossip Cop as a source for denials, but what bugs me is that Gossip Cop often issues denials based off “an unnamed source close to Tom” or “a source close to Taylor.” Tom’s publicist is already retweeting Gossip Cop’s stories. Like, why not just deny it outright?



Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News.

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  1. jeanpierre says:

    Even the break-up is gonna be boring with these two.

    • Sure Jan says:

      “Is Hiddleswift over?”


      “Is this a poorly-thought out quid-pro-quo bearding that Swift was overconfident about over?”

      Is about right.
      Joining the ranks of Jake, Harry, Taylor L…….one common denominator.

  2. lisa2 says:

    If Tom people are re-tweeting denials I think it is a way of saying that they agree or are agreeing with the story.

    I think the media and gossip press wants to create a new exciting couple. There really are only just a tiny few that are that. I just don’t see them that way.

  3. PatriotsPower27 says:

    No, I think they’re listening to the public and minimizing their open display of affection. I think Taylor is (wisely) laying low until all the drama surrounding her dissipates. Not sure where the idea that this is cooling off comes from? Maybe from people who think they had a chance with Tom? I don’t know but these two are so perfectly matched, it’s truly incredible that they found each other. This is headed to the alter or bust.

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      Honest question no sarcasm, why do you believe they’re well matched?

      I have no affection for Tom but they don’t strike me as being much in terms of a couple. With some couples you can hear the audible click if you understand and with them it’s just…meh.

      • Sixer says:

        I think it’s because people categorise them as similar types. To nice, kind people, they are both cute and ditsy if a little bland and basic. To ‘orrible people like me, they are both image-obsessed, fanbase-manipulating purveyors of the greetings card lifestyle.

        I don’t find either of them at all earthy so it’s hard to imagine what sexual attraction they may have. Presumably there is some! But the universe makes that sort of thing pretty random, doesn’t it?

        In Real Life terms, though, there seems to be a huge cultural gulf between them.

      • maria 2 says:

        I am ‘olso ‘orrible!

      • Maire3 says:

        @Sixer – lol ‘orrible. I’m ‘aving an ‘enry ‘iggins flashback

      • Luca76 says:

        They are both incredibly awkward, cheesy, and attention seeking. For me they totally click. I don’t find them hot at all but as soon as I saw them together they made sense. I don’t think she’ll ever find someone else to willing to go along with her game and he won’t ever get to that level of media saturation on his own.

      • AlmostThere says:

        No, they’re not well matched at all. That’s what makes them such a PR media blitz. On so many levels can gossipers dissect this media sideshow and have their giggles and outrage all over the internet.

        What they have most in common aside from being in the entertainment biz is that they both have a lot of very invested fans. Taylor has an enormous, mainstream fanbase mostly of young girls and young women. While Tom has a substantial fanbase too ranging from young men/women and even young girls to middle age women. There’s a big overlap in the demographic of their fanbases and from a PR stand I’m sure it seemed like a fantastic idea to merge them and toss in some narrative to sell it to the kiddies.

      • Naya says:

        @AlmostThere I mostly agree. The part about overlapping fanbases is a bit questionable though. I think Toms fanbase probably sees itself as more celebral. They like the whole Cambridge, Rada connection whereas Taylors fanbase probably enjoys her folksy ways. She watches police procedurals unironically, she reads easily digestible books, she writes simple songs about heartbreak. I definitely noticed that Toms fanbase seems to think he has lowered himself by hooking up with her. They probably expected him to end up with a literary agent (Stanely Tucci) or an IT exec (Joseph Gordon Levitt) or atleast a theatre director (arch nemesis Cumberbatch).

      • AlmostThere says:


        I agree. The overlap is all the young girls and maybe a portion of young women (17-22). And their ages and maturity levels (plus eco-status) are the only things they have in common.

    • shelly says:

      I agree, they have been slaughtered for their PDA’s and have belatedly decided to pull back a bit.
      There would be no reason for him not to go back to Oz if he wasn’t still seeing Taytay. All he seems to do is go to the gym and he could do that in Australia.

      • lisa2 says:

        the whole PDA thing is weird. Most people love to see celebrity couples show PDA. I think it is more that their’s seemed so staged and not like a private moment was caught.

      • shelly says:

        To be honest Lisa2 I think they made a massive mistake in how they unveiled their relationship.
        Instead of being “caught” going out to dinner a few times, they decided to try and control the roll out of Tayto, with the bizarre Rhode Island rock hopper penguin pics.

        Tom looked awkward and self conscious in those pictures, he is used to being photographed and being on the red carpet, but this was a whole new thing for him. And what possessed him to involve his family in the English pap walk I’ll never know, maybe he really is into Taytay and decided to ‘shout it from the rooftops’.

        That’s why I think it is for real, if he were acting I think he’d have made a better job of it, as that’s the business he’s in after all.
        Trying to look natural when you’re with someone you care about while being papped is not quite the same as being in your professional comfort zone I would imagine. So their PDA’s look somewhat forced, hence some members of the public and press are a bit sceptical.

      • Dippit says:

        @Shelly – I believe it as most likely an arrangement set-up by their publicists. More of a “could you like her, could you like him well enough for now?” to which they both answered “yes, I guess, can’t be that hard”. And ftr, I still think Wintour is in this somewhere.

        Anyway, I don’t think TH looking awkward and disengaged in the staged PDAs is a sign of his feelings being real; I think it’s a sign that TS/her publicist was/is in the power-seat on the scripting because it’s all so far been performed to TS’s pro-forma ‘fantasy’ of what a ‘real relationship’ should look like. That it seems inauthentic, even perhaps to TH’s ideas as to how a relationship would progress more naturally if real, is what makes him look unable to act ‘real’. Basically, he’s been given a poor shallow script, a bad director, and his motivation (higher profile, better chance at AList) has already been diminished by the negative fan/public response.

        The whole deal was cobbled together too quickly and neither had time to get into their roles properly – the difference being that TS is more practised in this type of acting than TH AND she wrote the script.

      • shelly says:

        Dippit, His wardrobe and make up have been suspect too…!!!

        I guess time will tell about this, I have believed in it all along but I am hopelessly naïve and gullible, so that means nothing.

      • Dippit says:

        @Shelly haha, yep the whole production team need taken to task.

      • AlmostThere says:


        I agree with your assessment. I can even accept the idea of Anna Wintour being in on it as the social conduit. I do think their publicists are the real culprits. This is nothing new for TS which is one of many reasons for the backlash. Unfortunately I think Tom was advised that the benefits would far exceed the drawbacks of disappointing his fans and mockery. With this in mind I think Tom agreed to be “set up”, maybe seeing it similar to old fashion blind setups, when coupling was setup by family or matchmakers for some type of societal advantage.
        I think Tom bought into the notion that this type arrangement is the way the HW system works. Especially if he was told that he was one of several others that had taken the same offer (Calvin, Gyllenhaal). He’s probably well aware or been told that he’s already 35 and this might be his last and best chance in HW/US mainstream and for his upcoming films to be successful. As usual Tom jollily commits to his duties 150%. I hope his positive attitude is helping him through this fiasco. But he should fire his PR team for the bad scripting and forced roll out alone. Actually they should fire their selves out of embarrassment of their incompetence and shoddy taste.

    • Erinn says:

      I’m with you. Honestly, a good deal of that backlash was Taylor’s fault – but anyone in the same position would probably want to lay low for a while, so I’m not going to begrudge her that one.

      I think they’re well matched as well. They’re both very obsessed with their image in a way that isn’t maybe as typical for most celebs. They’re both always ‘on’. They both have a good deal of cheesy behavior under their belts. I don’t think Taylor is a genius or anything, but she also isn’t a moron – she seems decently intelligent considering how young her career started. Tom’s got a great education from what I’ve heard, so I mean – at least she’s not at the level of say Kylie Jenner conversationally. They’re both rich and famous (even though Taylor is at a different level for both of those things) so I can imagine that there isn’t the kind of struggle there would be if one of them was dating a ‘regular citizen’ type. They have the means to pick up and see each other no matter the location.

      I mean – it’s not the weirdest pairing by a long shot. It might not seem obvious in a lot of ways, but I think it works, and clearly it makes sense to them. Will it be long term? Who knows. But they seem to be having a good time so far.

      • AlmostThere says:

        Tom is no where, No Where, near as image obsessed as Taylor and her machine. After all she’s an enormous star. Sure Tom is invested in his image and does a lot of promoting for his films as well as self promoting. But before Tiddle-gate, his self promoting was relatively on par with what you see from many celebrities.
        I think much of what people accuse Tom of being image obsessed is really the disdainful reaction to his over invested (mostly younger) fans that push a certain ‘perfect prince’ image and narrative of him. Sure he is aware of them and he might indulge them a bit, but it seems more about humoring them and not seeming unappreciative.

      • EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

        @almostthere, I agree with you, but must warn you that this type of sensible argument will get no traction here, as it’s seemingly nowhere near as fun as sniping “FAMEWHORE!!!” at him in umpty bazillion posts.

      • Erinn says:

        Oh, I didn’t really mean that as his obsession with his image is the SAME as Taylor’s. I meant it more as the images that they both control are different from the ‘usual’ image that celebs put out there. Lot’s of celebs are like “oh we’re just like you, look at us shopping for groceries” or “I was unpopular in highschool, I was so geeky!”

        Taylor puts out the “cat lady borderline grandma who throws spectacular parties” kind of vibe, while Tom puts out the ‘but look, I’m so fun and cheesy and unembarrassed by it, but I’m well educated and a SERIOUS actor!’ vibe. It’s just not the ‘norm’ in a lot of ways as far as celebrities go. It’s not so much the ‘amount’ that they control things, but the difference in image.

        I worded that poorly and this explanation isn’t much better; I have migraine brain today.

    • epiphany says:

      Respectfully, I couldn’t disagree more. Based on what I’ve observed in Swift’s interviews, she maintains the thought processes – and the vocabulary – of a 13 year old girl. I suspect that’s why she has ghost writers penning her songs, who then sign releases so she can claim credit. I’ve never known her to articulate a complete sentence without using the word, “like.” I realize she’s not the only doing this, it’s become a filler word for many – even CB articles, sadly, are using it – but Hiddles is an Eton/Cambridge grad; I assume he can converse intelligently on a variety of subjects. What on earth do they talk about? Physically, they make a nice looking couple, I grant you that, but this relationship – if it’s real – has no legs.

      • popup says:

        First time I’m hearing about Taylor Swift’s ghostwriters. I am aware of rumors but nothing confirmed. Even her ex Calvin attests to her songwriting ability, even if the end result is untz-untz-untz drivel, catchy as it may be.

        These days, unfortunately, the use of “like” is not necessarily a sign of intelligence or level of education. Are parents/educators not correcting kids anymore? That said, from pulling up a random recent interview on Youtube, I can see that she hardly uses fillers. Say what you want about the content of Taylor’s speech, but she’s a clear communicator.

        She doesn’t seem particularly well-read or cultured, but there have been stranger unions. I believe this is real because their personalities and sensibilities are similar, and those qualities are often as important to compatibility as shared educations and backgrounds.

      • YupYepYam says:

        Lol his stans snobbery cracked me up. Yeah, how can an eton/cambridge boy have a relationship with a non fancy school person? Whatever could he talk about with kat dennings (home schooled child actress), or even Chris Hemsworth (some random high school in Australia graduate) his best buddy/adoptive brother.

      • Luca76 says:

        @epiphany she rather soundly renounced those rumors. She collaborated with a songwriter the same one that Ed Sheetan and many other male artists collaborated with but the charges of ghostwriting only stick to the women. Even Bjork spoke about the same phenomenon and charges against her when she collaborates with various producers.

      • ohdear says:

        @popup, yes teachers and parents are trying to address the problem, from a teacher and a mom (11 and 12 year old girls). I ask my daughters “was it like xy and z, or was it xy and z?” They don’t watch the Kardashians or other inane reality shows like it. They watch Fresh Prince, home renovation shows, Amazing Race, America Ninja Warrior or whatever, and the older one MSNBC, and some CSIs. I teach at a local university and volunteer twice a week in various schools so I can stay in touch with the practice in the teaching profession. Adult influences are much less impactful than peer influences, and their language grates on me. My very smart 12 year old has started acting ‘dumb’, and I call her on it ALL the time. She has a group of friends who have a good head on their shoulders, so I’m hoping it passes very quickly!

    • Ursaline says:

      Maybe he suggested to her that they give the spotlight some time to cool off before they go out cavorting again. It’s not crazy and she clearly respects his opinion.

  4. They’re exercising the discretion that they should have started out with. Talk about shutting the bard door after the horse has bolted.

    • PatriotsPower27 says:

      Yup, I agree. So, now the media is just making stuff up for clicks.

    • Tiffany says:

      Agreed. This would not have been so eyeroll inducing if they just, dated. If the press got wind of it, confirm it and continue on. If the paps get a pic, fine, since neither are jerks about getting their photo taken. If would have faded in the background and we would have moved on. Neither one just do not know how to go away and that currently is their undoing.

      • Starkiller says:

        It’s true that they’re doing themselves no favors with this spectacle, but I’m here to tell you that no matter how private they were, PLENTY of people would still have a problem with their precious, perfect, classy English gentleman dating the likes of Taylor Swift.

    • Tiffany says:

      @Starkiller, I agree. And for those folks that force me to defend Taylor Swift, I will see you in hell.

  5. grabbyhands says:

    Oh Tom, you can’t put the genie back in the bottle now.

  6. Sixer says:

    He’s gone from the Internet’s Cockwomble of Cringe to the Internet’s Kept Man! The Kept Women of the days of yore were always going to gyms when not needed by their Keeper Men, weren’t they?!

    Yawn. I need them to up their Tiddlesbanging game or I’m going to find a new toy to play with.

    • graymatters says:

      While Katie waited, she also went shopping. When Tom varies his gym visits with shopping trips and four-hour hair appointments, we’ll know he’s following in royal wanna-be footsteps.

    • Bonzo says:

      Yes, they need to do something OUTRAGEOUS so I have a reason to ignore my to-do list. I need another twitter feud, smack-chat, OTT PDA, engagement, pregnancy… something to entertain me once again.

      Let me know if you find a new shiny toy, will ya Sixer?

      • Sixer says:

        I want a shiny new toy but there isn’t even one on my horizon. It’s all very dispiriting.

        I’m having some marginal enjoyment watching the poor old fans of poor old LEGS being lambasted for snobbery, though. I thought only Britishers were snobby and Americans were immune to this Old World disease!

        I claim reverse snob status!

      • spidey says:

        Sixer – reverse snobbery is as prevalent, if no more so, as the real thing!

      • Bonzo says:

        May I join you in the nosebleed section with a pitcher of Pervy Tombangers and watch the snobbery and reverse snobbery down in the arena??

        In the meantime, I hoping that someone out there in celebrityland has got to be watching the TIDDLES roadshow go flaccid and making ready to storm the stage and claim the headlines…

      • Sixer says:

        You’re already here!

        I know. What is the point of Tiddles if there are no more t-shirts, parental strolls, wellies-in-England and throat-baring?

        Also, I very much need something to distract from school summer holidays. Why have my children suddenly started to fry eggs at random times of the day? Is it the Great Egg Summer or something? Are the Pokemon telling them to do it?

      • Dippit says:

        @Sixer – it provides me with some light relief from all the many social media travails of being a Labour Party activist who has never pigeonholed themselves into any one ‘ite’ or ‘ism’ in approaching 25 years of involvement.

        “Snobbery” and the concomitant “Reverse Snobbery” are simple compared to the complexities of the spectrum I’m *apparently* beholden to pick a point on and stay/hold static.

        When Owen Jones was ‘traduced’ as a “Blairite” yesterday by Momentumistas, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry… so I lost my sh*t.

        Wonder where TH is on the Party spectrum, as he has seemed to so lean. All the more interesting as TS has always appeared to lean US Red not UK Red. Guess those finer points don’t matter if they’re just in it for copy and appearances.

      • Sixer says:

        Dippit – I handed in my Labour Party card after Iraq, I’m afraid. Been voting mostly Green ever since but could well be tempted back if anything remains after the current self-immolation!

        I truly feel for you. Most of my relatives (also card carrying members for decades) are all saying the same – not a Corbynista, not a Blairite, don’t wish to be labelled at all, will be happy with anyone who puts inequality at the centre of the platform, and can YOU ALL JUST GO AWAY AND PLAY NICELY INSTEAD OF SUBJECTING THE COUNTRY TO THIS SHIZNIT.

        I would put TH at general status quo with a flavour of social liberalism. He’s an American-style liberal, I’d say. Somewhere in Labour’s so-called soft left?

      • Dippit says:

        @Sixer, I lapsed too over Iraq but re-upped with Brown.

        I’m in membership (hold some post) of a POLITICAL PARTY in a Parliamentary Democracy, therefore the least I expect is for us to work as electable to Govt, not as merely a campaign group, as some would have us be it would seem. I’m affiliated/subscribe to many of those as is – my political affiliation (subs) is different. AND, when the PLP collapses to the extent of not even providing effective Opposition, never mind credible Govt in the making/waiting, well…

        Bevan – “In Place of Fear”. Watchword.

        Glad to hear the card carriers in your family are similar. Also glad to hear you might find/could see your way back if we could quit eating up ourselves in our, now infamous, “existential crisis”. You are a rarity.

        Added to which, I have the Scottish dimension – joy.

        Yeah, TH more Social Liberalism more US style. Still read T&T as coming from differing angles though.

      • Sixer says:

        I think the PLP has behaved despicably ever since Corbyn was elected (and I’d be on the left of the party if I were to rejoin). But we left shouting “but they started it!” when we were ten years old, or at least we should have. And we are where we are. As you say, Labour is a parliamentary party and it cannot have a leader whose MPs have voted no confidence. Corbyn should have stood down (and again, I say that as a probable supporter).

        The question I’m asking the more um… enthusiastic supporters on social media is this: you want to take power from parliament and give it to the grassroots? Ok then. Well parliament is accountable to the voters. To whom will the grassroots be accountable? Because if there is no accountability, it is NOT democracy.

    • Sunglasses aready says:

      Haha hahahahah

  7. anon456 says:

    Kaiser, Tom was spotted by paps at LAX last night. He seemed to be alone.

  8. PatriotsPower27 says:

    Just read the article and, yikes, its full of some many inaccuracies. Basically, it was written because of tweets on social media. Not sure why it’s used as a source for anything.

    • EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

      It was based on a Buzzfeed article, which was based on a Tumblr blog. Modern journalism, ladies and gentlemen!

      • popup says:

        Ugh. Isn’t The Telegraph an actual newspaper of record? I just read that they laid off much of their staff in 2014 in favor of interns and “search engine optimizers.” Who knows if an editor even saw this crap before it got published. I would expect a tabloid/gossip site to republish celebrity gossip, but it’s been quite eye-opening for me to see just how many supposedly reputable publications do the same thing.

      • Sixer says:

        I was talking about the death of journalism with a friend the other day who’s just done a PhD in political engagement, so not celebrity-related. But I can see that entertainment/celeb stories are an endless circle jerk of Chinese whispers and not actual journalism. Likewise, political/issue-based investigative journalism has been binned in favour of opinion/comment. Presumably for both, this is cheaper and an inevitable consequence of the collapse of ad revenue. Cheaper it might be, but it’s probably not healthy.

      • Dara says:

        After watching Page One (NY Times documentary…RIP David Carr) and Spotlight, I decided that if I had all the money in the world I would create a foundation that did nothing but fund proper investigative journalism and thoughtful critique of world events. It’s becoming a lost profession/art, and one that is sorely needed with the state of the media nowadays.

      • Honeybadger says:

        A victim of the changing face of journalism here. I wish I could dispute everything said here, but I can’t. Lay off or force early retirement on those who have the skills to do proper journalism, then replace them with fresh-faced, multimedia-using recent college grads. Accuracy? That’s why we have corrections. Mentoring of the youngsters? No one left to do that. Too much entertainment-based “news”? That’s what “readers” want.

  9. Emma33 says:

    I think he needs a Fabletics subscription, stat!

  10. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    If this was a PR relationship he ought to be giving his agent a good earful, I haven’t seen a celebrity couple so immediately derided and mocked like them in some time.

    Armani is issuing “It’s not you, it’s me” statements. Casual gossip websites are calling their coupling embarassing.

    I dont even think they managed to be ‘cool’ before it all turned into one big public joke and that was before her image took a hit. Now everyone’s just waiting to see how long it lasts.

    • Luca76 says:

      The Armani thing is just so obviously fake. It’s sort of like one of those real estate stories where Brangelina is supposedly buying a new mansion in an obscure location and all the details of the realtor are included in the tab.

      • Evie says:

        @Luca76 I agree that the Tom losing the Amani modeling story may very well be the product of someone’s over-active imagination, written for the sole purpose of click bait. However at this point the story itself followed by the inevitable denials have gotten so much coverage that a significant percentage of people believe that Hiddles lost a lucrative deal all because of Tay-Tay. Truth and Tiddleswift are two terms that became mutually exclusive as soon as they were photographed on that rock back in mid-June, LOL! Where these two fame-trollops are concerned, there is no truth only public perception.

        Tom’s image has taken a big hit. He needs to get back to work. Pronto!

      • Luca76 says:

        I don’t think amoung anyone in the industry he’s taken any kind of a hit. He’s gotten an Emmy nomination, and has upped his name recognition by a 1000x.

      • jammypants says:

        I don’t think his image took that big of a hit. The internet tends to make things seem so much bigger than they are.

  11. Zav says:

    in before they pop out tonight with the paps and smiling/holding hands on a total natural date.

  12. Luca76 says:

    Thor is behind schedule. There seems to be something going on with production but I highly doubt Marvel is ‘breaking up’ with him. They were spotted out together with friends (details on a Twitter account blurry cell photo of just Taylor) but not papped which in my book is progress for those two. I totally disagree that they are breaking up anytime soon. That’s not based on any facts just my feeling about these two. But I trust my gut.
    As for the Gossip Cop thing. All of those stories sounded silly and fabricated they really shouldn’t have bothered addressing them.

  13. Alexa says:

    Tom needs to fire Luke. He is not good at his job and is far more visible than a publicist should be.

  14. NewWester says:

    If they breakup it will be after Thanksgiving( must be seen going to a Halloween party dressed as Romeo and Juliet) but before Christmas.

    • browniecakes says:

      I think she will want a boy on her arm for Grammys 2017 mid Feb. The Oscars are a couple weeks later and she seems to get invited to the parties for some reason (Vanity Fair?). If they can last for the next six months(!), Tom’s bday is just days before the Grammy’s. Maybe she’ll propose.

  15. Sue says:

    He looks pissed on these photos. I don´t get it, these gym pics all the time, same angle, same gym (?). Tay´s captured from the back only, but Tom is always on full display, full figure.
    And it´s really interesting that he spent just 2 weeks working in OZ and now they are already 2 weeks in LA together,almost like vacation again.
    And there is also visible pattern of their appearances- Sun-We : something happens, the gossip papers/magazines are processing it for the rest of the week 😉
    And now 1 pap stroll/ dinner/date etc. to 1 intimate private dinner/date from time to time.
    Someone mentioned it already – is like “hello, we´re still here, don´t forget about us…”
    I´m really curious if she will join him in OZ again if he will return on the set…

  16. Kimma says:

    Hw looks so icky to me now..and I used to think he was hot ;(

  17. lilacflowers says:

    idris Elba, Zac Levi, and Jamie Alexander are all in Thor: Ragnorak and they have not gone to Australia yet either. Karl Urban said during his Star Trek promotion that he isn’t scheduled to start shooting until mid-August. If those people don’t need to be there, Tom very likely did not need to be there either as they are all Asgardians. He flew somewhere last night.

    Given that Marvel built its empire on an actor who was UNINSURABLE due to having been repeatedly fired from projects because he wasn’t showing up due to heroin addiction, for which he did a stint in prison, has another actor under long-term contract as a major character linking the other characters who is also a recovered heroin addict, and yet another actor whose messy custody battle is all over gossip sites, it is doubtful they would rewrite Tom’s part AFTER production begins because he had the audacity to become involved with Taylor Swift

    • Betti says:

      Those actors u mention all have one thing Tom doesn’t, name recognition with the US public. I doub they r rewriting his character but they way that this relationship (real or not) has been managed from a PR PoV has been a train wreck and doesn’t make either look good. Everything has been staged and that makes Tom in particular a bit of a joke considering his rep as a serious thesp.

      • lilacflowers says:

        Name recognition mean NOTHING when the studio cannot insure you. NOTHING. Nobody else would hire RDJ. Nobody. Because he was a risk to never show up. Lindsay Lohan has plenty of name recognition but couldn’t get work because she could not get insurance because she was consistently late or missing from work.

        This bit with Taylor Swift has absolutely no impact on anything Marvel does. A

      • EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

        Please. We are talking about Marvel here. These are characters who wear spandex and capes. No one at Marvel is hand-wringing over possible damage to Tom’s “serious thesp” reputation. **If** they are focusing less on the Loki role, it’s because he’s already been in 3 movies and they don’t want to start repeating themselves. Not because they are scandalized by his dating life, which will affect Marvel’s ticket sales not one whit.

      • lilacflowers says:

        @EnnuiAreTheChampions, thank you. What beverage shall we send your way?

      • EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

        Hmm, a mojito would hit the spot, thanks! And by “mojito”, I mean “pitcher of mojitos.”

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        I love to ridicule TommyAnne as much as the next lady, but I have to agree that any idea that Marvel is cutting him out is pushing it. This is a comic book movie. He has already proven himself to be a tireless company man who is willing to do anything to promote a film. I have never heard anyone describe him as anything less than professional.

        I can picture Marvel barring Tay Tay from the set (along with any other SOs), but they are not going to cut Tom out over this.

        Loki over-exposure is another thing altogether, and a real concern. I would be amazed if they were not thinking about this. They cannot just repeat what they have done before. This film is not going to be all about Loki. They have gone to a lot of trouble introduce new villains, and I am expected Hela to be the next big thing.

      • NIcole says:

        Agreed as much as Tom is taking a hit because of these shenanigans Marvel is not one of them. I don’t believe Loki’s role was ever going to be huge and I think he’s headed there now so he was only off set for two weeks

      • jammypants says:

        He might not have name recognition outside of Marvel, but he’s pretty popular in the Marvel-verse. People can atop pretending that isn’t the case now. Getting boring.

    • Evie says:

      Jaimie Alexander was quoted a couple of months ago as saying that no one from Marvel had approached her about appearing in Thor: Ragnarok and consequently she didn’t think she would be in the film. IMDB does not list Zach Levi, Jaimie Alexander, Ray Stevenson and Tadanobu Asano as being in the film. Their names were noticeably absent from any Thor: Ragnarok Marvel press releases so far. If they are in the movie, their parts are very small. Maybe Marvel is keeping it quiet although at this point, I have no idea why they would do that. We’ll find out soon enough, I guess

      • PikaBoo says:

        Zach will be in the film. Tom made mention of seeing each other back in Australia when they did ComicCon.

        Karl Urban is going to be in Thor and he’s supposed to start filming mid August i think. Cate Blanchett is the main villain and she isn’t in Australia yet.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Jaimie later corrected that. Zac said during the Nerdist HQ panel that he is in it. Idris has also said that he is in it and he isn’t there yet

      • Dara says:

        I don’t think Jeff Goldblum is there yet either. I wonder if a lot of the work in the first few weeks was a glorified rehearsal – wardrobe fittings, camera tests, stunt choreography, maybe a table read, etc. They’ve probably been shooting some of the simpler scenes, but still a long way to go.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        IMDB lists the cast of Infinity War as Josh Brolin with Hemsworth, Pratt, and SLJ listed as “rumored”. A cast of four. I wouldn’t trust any Marvel casting lists until the films appear.

      • Dara says:

        On the subject of IW casting, I hesitate to mention it because my source for the info below has been spectacularly wrong before, but also spot-on about other things, so I’m not really sure what to think. I subscribe to a service that tracks film/television projects in their various stages of production and their latest update had changes to the IW listing – not surprising with the announcement that the two Russo films were going to be treated as two separate stories, rather than two parts of the same story.

        At any rate, for the longest time, the IW info listed RDJ, Evans, Hemsworth and Hiddleston as the only cast members. Then Brolin and Boseman were added a few months ago. The latest update added Olsen, Johannson, Ruffalo, SLJ, and Chris Pratt. I’m not sure where all this info is coming from, Marvel has confirmed some of those names publicly, but not others. Interestingly, Hiddleston has been dropped from the cast list. It could just be an oversight – or it could be that Loki appears in the 2nd movie rather than the first – but @lilac is right, any Marvel casting is rumor until the credits roll.

      • jammypants says:

        @Dara, I think Loki’s appearance in IW will also depend on where his character ends up by the end of Ragnarok. I think keeping him off the roll call is also a spoiler preventative. He’s not an important character, but he’s important to the cosmic storylines of the MCU.

      • Dara says:

        @jammy, that was my first thought too. The only thing that gave me pause was that he was listed as part of the cast for months, and was only recently removed. That’s an odd move for this particular service, they don’t usually bother listing an actor unless they’ve been mentioned as “in talks”, and they usually don’t remove someone unless it’s been publicly confirmed they are no longer with the project. It’s spoiler-y whether he’s on the list or not, and it could even be a purposeful mis-direct on the part of Marvel. The only thing I do know is that it is going to be a long wait until we find out for sure.

      • lilacflowers says:

        @Dara, if you check the IMDB listing for most of the Marvel actors very few of them have anything scheduled beyond whatever they are doing now. I suspect that they have all been booked by Marvel but the fact they are in it is being kept quiet because of plot development in the three or four movies coming out before Infinity War. Of course, when they’re all spotted down in Georgia in December that will give that away.

        But I have especially thought that about Tom’s casting. Ragnorak wipes out Asgard, only to have them reborn somehow. So, if the film kills Loki again, they may want a cliffhanger as to his re-emergence in Infinity War. Again, when he disappears for the period of time they film Infinity War, that will be rather obvious.

    • PimmsCupInAPimpCup says:

      RDj is clean, and runs a clean set.
      The past is in the past.

      On to the point; Making movies is just any other job. They don’t cut an ad exec over a messy divorce, they cut him if he’s not pulling his weight.
      Hiddleston does his job. He doesn’t sit around eating Doritos before a kissing scene, or hang out on the set wasting time by bothering the director or actors in the scene.

      As stated above, the Asgardians except Thor might be needed right now.

    • Evie says:

      Karl Urban has been on set for a few weeks now. He Tweeted a photo back on July 25th thanking Taika Waititi for the haircut, LOL!

    • browniecakes says:

      Something about Blanchett being there makes me think Tom will ask Taylor to stay behind. If he is playing off that Oscar winner he will want to be sharp and prepared before work, not picking up carrying out.

      • jammypants says:

        I like that he’s not high and mighty and still picks up takeout. He’s way more normal than “hide from the world” victim Taylor, who only shows up with full makeup on and a new outfit to sell.

      • Browniecakes says:

        He’ll miss being able to do things like take out and walking from home to the local pub near his house unpapped and unaccompanied by bodyguards. However how sorry can you feel for the guy dating a woman who pulled in $170m last year? Even if her career ended today she’d still be rich.

  18. InvaderTak says:

    *joker voice* and here we go…..

  19. Jo says:

    Good promo for Jenny’s Pilates class though!

    • bluerunning says:

      Good to know I can get street parking- thanks Jenny!

      Also- Ugh. All I can think about are the inevitable blind item songs she’s going to write

  20. Dippit says:

    Seemed like a good idea by their publicists’ at the time of their ‘getting together’ but I would think the soundings they’ve take (Taylor probably has a whole department) on how this has landed in fan/public consciousness have resulted in either: 1/ let’s let this drift quietly apart when TH returns to Oz; 2/ appear/be a ‘couple’ for longer (until post-Emmys) but rein in the ever so ‘natural’ PDAs; or 3/ allowing there was some actual real attraction there to begin with, they’ve burnt out/or know they are at risk of if they keep up the intensity of the ‘togetherness’ with which they began – every ‘real’ relationship needs time to breath apart rather than breathing the same air 24/7.

    It’s actually harder to get to know someone and to get to understand your own feelings for them if you don’t take time apart – especially when, on face-value, you share little commonality. Stage5 Clinger TS has never seemed to realise that giving a bloke a chance to miss or yearn for you is a way to build a solid foundation; far moreso than her typical conspicuous ‘her fairytale’ joined at the hip-ness. Unfortunately for TH (and her) I doubt her capabilities to mature beyond mental aged 13 years old and ever realise that.

    I read something from one of those agencies which analyse and aggregate social media and comments boards responses to events/things – even with the concerted effort by Swifties to shift the narrative, T&T are engendering largely negative response indicators with words like “fake” hitting high. Also, neither seem the type to be able to handle derision and that’s how the emotional response to them has tracked.

    Real or fake, cool off would be a good idea.

    • saltandpepper says:

      If he ever wants to read a headline again in which Taylor Swift’s name isn’t mentioned with his, they’d better cool their public profile down, however suited they may be.

      • seesittellsit says:

        @saltandpepper: This . . . plus 1,000. My interpretation exactly. Got to move away from the “Tom Hiddleston, Taylor Swift’s Less Famous, Less Successful, Less Rich Aging Toy Boy . . .” narrative.

    • Maire3 says:

      @Dippit. Taylor has a history of not responding well to “the obvious”

      Recall the comment “She looked right through me” when asked to leave the Kennedy wedding she crashed with Connor (who forgot to RSVP)

      Back in 2008, NPR’s Pop Culture blog posted a story noting that, for all of Taylor’s success & winning Country Music’s VOCALIST of the Year, she had trouble singing live. Did that clue her team to get some vocal lessons? Obviously not – for in 2010, we all witnessed her awful Grammy duet with Stevie Nicks.
      Read this essay/analysis of Scott Borchetta’s thin-skinned defense of that performance.

      Early success & being surrounded by enablers has shaped the behavior of ‘Poor little Tink-TInk’

      • popup says:

        I think she’s had singing lessons because she sounded good during her acoustic-y performance of a handful of 1989 songs at the Grammy Museum.

        Also, Taylor’s not that amazing of a vocalist but that Stevie Nicks performance was not representative of her vocal failings. I thought there was a faulty earpiece/sound problem. Similar issue that screwed up Adele at the last Grammys. I mean, if Adele can get sidelined by a sound issue, then…

  21. turtle says:

    Before I read this article please tell me why he is wearing the same clothes again.


    • AG-UK says:

      I know the same outfit day in day out at the gym I am sure he has a stacks of black tops/shorts and the lovely black sock. Nike, Under Armour somebody help him out.

    • PikaBoo says:

      There’s actually a fan account about Tom’s clothes. His fans calls his fashion style to be “wearing the shit out of everything”.

    • popup says:

      That fan account is fantastic. Whoever runs that is so pragmatic and she occasionally takes the piss out of him, which I enjoy.

      • PikaBoo says:

        She’s fun. She’s more offended by the shirt that Tom wore in the Hiddleswift Rhode Island premier. Apparently he’s had it for a while now.

        I guess his fashion choice answers the “is he gay or European questions”. Because he’s definitely European. I even question his being European, aren’t they supposed to be fashionable?

      • popup says:

        He has zero fashion sense. I remember one outfit he wore to some polo event while promoting War Horse. He managed to pair a shirt with the world’s largest collar with a tie from the Laura Ashley collection. If someone hadn’t intervened, he’d still be wearing large, baggy jeans and rugby shirts.

      • LinaLamont says:


        I know nothing about TH offscreen, other than what I read here, but…
        I know a gay director who makes TH look like Anna Wintour, Lupita Nyong’o and Fan Bingbing put together when it comes to clothes/dressing. He, the director, is a disgrace to that gay stereotype. If you think all gay men know how to dress, just look at André Leon Talley.

  22. pikawho? says:

    Will the breakup photoshoot be conducted at the Rhode Island beach rock of grandma kissing? I would really enjoy the symmetry if it was.

    Just imagine, both wearing Mr Rogers sweaters and suede shoes (the only practical marine footwear!) faces contorted in genuine but totally photogenic anguish….

  23. seesittellsit says:

    Translation: how to milk more out of a story when the story goes cold and isn’t being fed like a zoo animal on a regular schedule.

    If anything has actually “cooled” it’s the idea that Tom being seen as Swift’s “accessory”, rather than a functional adult male, is a Good Thing.

    The incessant papping backfired and turned out to scream “PR stunt”. Backing off from that is nothing more than evidence that they realized the error of the strategy.

    Still betting on the Big Rock being unveiled on the red carpet at the Emmys.

    • Secret squirrel says:

      I would be really disappointed if Tom proposed this early in the relationship. They haven’t even tasted the reality of keeping their relationship fresh when they are both working/touring and spending weeks if not months apart.

      At the moment they are enjoying a holiday atmosphere with no work pressures. When they are both nose to the grindstone, then we will see their true staying power.

      • seesittellsit says:

        @Secret squirrel – depends what the purpose of the relationship is. If it is for what I think it is, it doesn’t matter how early in the relationship they “commit” because it isn’t a real relationship in the first place – either the plan is to take it all the way for reasons (cough), or allow it to “break down” conveniently after the Emmys for reasons (cough) – after their PR teams are sure they have gotten the last PR ounce of Hetero Tom and Hetero TayTay engraved on the public psyche.

        Nothing about this has ever presented as “normal”. Taylor’s narcissism and mean streak, her curious aura of being totally “manufactured”, and Tom’s long record of trying so hard contradicting exactly what he ‘s trying to project, I’m sorry – smell to high Heaven. Whatever it is about them that is “suited”, it isn’t good.

      • Bonzo says:

        Secret squirrel, while I agree that’s the wise way to approach their relationship, theirs isn’t “normal” when there’s a PR agenda attached to it. I have little doubt they’re considering the pros/cons of an engagement/marriage and the timing of such as it relates to the promotion of their work. It’s a dysfunctional Hollyweird romance that two very ambitious, famethirsty people will engage in, in the hopes that the individual career gains will justify it.

        Not saying they don’t really like each other, but that the career effects of their romance are foremost in their mind, I think.

        They’ve already shown a willingness to perform for the paps in their attempt to control the narrative instead of just dating in a quiet, low-key manner only giving us glimpses of their romance. They’re only pulling back because a) he started work on Thor, b) she took a pounding in the media. She’ll fly back to OZ at some point in the next couple of weeks and they’ll be back with a bang on the Emmy red carpet and possibly with a rock on her finger.

  24. Chef Grace says:

    I bet those shorts of his are getting those icky little sweat/friction berries in the thigh area by now.

    • spidey says:

      Look I’ve told you before – he buys all his clothes in sets of 6 of the same at a time. 🙂

  25. browniecakes says:

    Tom probably meets his trainer for Thor stunts at this gym. Looks like the same guy who was working with Seb Stan. I hope the stunts in Ragnarok are as good as Civil War. Hemworth posted a funny video working on his stunts.
    Karl Urban is in AU and tweeted about his shaved head for his role as Scurge.
    Taylor’s mom is/was in LA. Tom and Taylor’s mom used the same car.
    Luke needs to get ahead of the PR not trail behind it. He is getting pounded by Hurricane Hiddleswift.
    That is allot of luggage. Bon voyage Tom. Will Taylor’s undying love carry her 15 plus hours by plane AGAIN just to hide in a hotel in AU? Then again, what else does she have to do?

    • Secret squirrel says:

      I’m sure her glitter-filled song writing pen is getting a good workout about now.

      • Chef Grace says:

        LOL. I was being a mean girl and thinking the same thing yesterday. Music pages covered in HK stickers as well. I got to go bake now. 🙂

    • Evie says:

      @Browniecakes: This 1000%+ Tay-Tay has nothing else to do besides being one of the “idle” super-rich. And since she has a long history of being a Stage 5 clinger, she ain’t letting TH go easily. Harry Styles literally put her on a boat to get rid of her and the Kennedys were five seconds away from escorting her out of the family wedding, LOL!

      • jammypants says:

        You would think she would take the hint and work on that. Was she clingy with Calvin? I didn’t pay attention when they were together.

    • popup says:

      Lolz at anyone who thinks that TayTay has nothing to do but be rich. Not working is not how to become one of the highest paid celebrities/entertainers in the world. I suspect she’s always working, whether it’s on actual songwriting or on the business aspects of her brand (including orchestrating pap walks), and that she exhausts her multi-pack of glitter pens every two weeks.

    • Fa says:

      I think She will fellow him in her private plane quietly in Australia

  26. tasha says:

    oh please. I have never seen any marvel movie without Loki.Will not in future either.
    TDW was such a bore. The only redemption was LOKI.

  27. Evie says:

    I constantly forget that “Hiddleswift” is what the media is calling them. I’m on this site so much that “Tiddles” is the only name I immediately recognize, so when I see any other couple name, it takes me a moment to figure out who they’re talking about.

    • Abby_J says:

      You must not be a huge Marvel fan (and I’m not saying that in a negative, smarmy sort of way, just that you must not be a comics fan of fan of the other characters, which is fine) because with the exception of The Avengers, the best Marvel movies have been Loki-free.

      I agree that TDW was pretty bad, and Loki was probably the only saving grace (well, him and Zachary Levi, but that might just be because I adore Zachary Levi). Even with my beloved Dragonfly King, it probably still was one of the worst Marvel movies to date.

      The best Marvel content is coming from Netflix right now. Daredevil, Jessica Jones and soon Luke Cage, etc….

      • Abby_J says:

        WOOPS! This was meant as a reply to @Tasha above you! I didn’t notice I clicked the wrong reply until it was too late! SORRY!!!!!!

      • bonzo says:

        Loved JJ and hope I’ll enjoy her second season too. I got bored with DD in season two and now anxiously awaiting Luke Cage after that badass trailer that dropped at Comic Con.

      • Abby_J says:


        I am like a school girl counting the days until graduation for Luke Cage. Squee! 🙂

  28. MI6 says:

    My money is on him going back to work alone and putting this idiocy behind him. They’ll let Taylor lead the break up narrative, although I can’t imagine who her next victim will be since she’s radioactive in the media now.
    He’ll recover. She, however, is addicted to relationships and drama.
    Good luck with that.

  29. Willow says:

    The stalkers who know his every move and then debate about it among themselves. Hilarious…and sad. You won’t see that nonsense with Christian Bale or Tom Hardy because they never invited it.

  30. Lilacflowers says:

    And this landed in the wrong place

    @Ennui, pitcher on its way
    @ Ms Jupitero, what would you like this rainy morning?

    Film-making is a business and like any business what matters is that the employees show up on time, do their jobs as required, don’t disrupt the workplace, behave in a professional manner toward others, and support the product. Employers don’t care who you are dating. Feige has always made it clear that he considers Tom the consummate professional and a friend. They’ve also all stated that the Thor Loki relationship needs to evolve over each film so it isn’t boring. There has also been nothing to indicate that Taylor has even been on set, never mind anything to support these fan fictions that she has been banned for disrupting anyone with her entourage.

  31. PikaBoo says:

    Tom has a 6film contract with Marvel. He’s already made 3. Thor Ragnarok will be the 4th. He’s expected to appear in Avengers Infinity Wars.

    He’ll probabaly make an appearance in a Guardians of the Galazy film. It’s the only possible film he could appear because Guardians are basically Avengers in space

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Loki can go to earth. Lady Sif has made several appearances on Agents of SHIELD

      • PikaBoo says:

        He’s been to Earth already. Tried subjugating humanity and failed. Plus in the movies, he killed Agent Coulson. None of the avengers know he’s still alive. And in the movies Shield was already destroyed.

        Loki in space is atleast something new.

    • jammypants says:

      Many possibilities of being in IW, Doctor Strange, Gaurdians, any of the “cosmic” storylines

    • Abby_J says:

      The contract length means nothing, except that if they want you, they’ve got you. They can still kill the character off, and they really should kill him off in Ragnarok. He dies in the comics, and as much as I love Tom and Loki, its time to move on to other characters. I don’t know if he will be killed off, but with all the characters likely to be in Infinity War, his role won’t be that big if he is in it at all.

      I know that in the past there has been a lot of speculation about his possible role, but I can only see him being there for Thanos to go after for failing him. They’ve already played the ‘redemption arc’ with him in TDW, so doing it again seems a bit much. Just my opinion.

      • Secret squirrel says:

        Given Ryan Reynolds was his best friend at Taymerica, Loki vs Deadpool!

        (Yes I know they are different franchises, but it would be epic!)

      • Abby_J says:

        Now that might be funny to see. I still want an epic Avengers/Justice League movie, but DC is so far behind Marvel that I don’t see how it could ever be done.

  32. spidey says:

    I’m going to be really boring now (again). 😆

    Tom may be very image conscious, but he certainly isn’t with respect to his “off duty” clothes.

    He was ridiculed for looking daft (and he did) when larking about at TS’s beach party. It was a beach party!!!

    Someone says he looked pissed at the airport – as in drunk? (not) or angry?- someone will moan at his cheesy grin. He just looked like someone walking through an airport to me.

    He may well have decided to have a little fun for a change in his down time this summer (people pointed out he hadn’t been seen with a woman/girl for ages) and perhaps didn’t realise the impact/ And yes involving his family was not a good idea.

    But he still hasn’t drowned a puppy!

    • shelly says:

      I know Spidey, anyone would think he was dating Rose West.

      • spidey says:

        Haha, there are some who would have suggested he was more likely to have dated Fred West!! 😆

        Oh and I forgot, seen out and it is all PR. Not seen out/seen separately and the end is nigh.

    • MI6 says:

      GOD I hope he calls Kat Dennings
      …would that be Hiddlesden?

      • shelly says:

        Another TomKat…Lawks !

      • spidey says:

        @ Shelley 😆

      • jammypants says:

        she is newly single!

      • Abby_J says:

        Nooo! I need to live my HIddleswell dream. Hayley Atwell and Tom Hiddleston together, married having beautiful little British (or is it English?) children. I NEED this.

      • Kate says:


        I have been praying to the gossip gods about “Hiddleswell” for at least two years. MAKE IT SO!

        I feel like Hayley wouldn’t deal with his bullshit though lol

      • Abby_J says:


        I don’t know. I think she is just as Thirsty as he is, so they’d be a great pair. There just wouldn’t be the antics we’ve seen so far.

        It really would be PERFECT.

      • AlmostThere says:

        I can give you two reasons why TomKat or HiddleDen makes more sense than all of Tiddles.

        And I approve. Go get her Tom, now’s your chance to fix this whole crap-fest.

        If only he could have waited a little longer.

      • phaedra7 says:

        His ex-flame Sussanah Fielding is now starring in a new sitcom for CBS entitled “The Great Indoors”.
        (If her show is taping in LA, I wonder what are the odds of them bumping into each other. . . . . . . )

      • Bonzo says:

        phaedra7, I may have to watch this… the first network TV show I’ve seen in more than a decade. Being from Colorado and knowing people who work / play outdoors and work in that industry, it hit some familiar notes in that preview.

        I saw Susannah in The Beaux’ Stratagem and she was great in it. Glad to see that she’s found some work over here.

  33. Gena says:

    I honestly just don’t believe they’re a real couple.

  34. TreadStyle says:

    His publicist is retweeting gossip cop?! Um now I’m starting to think he has a really by PR team and this may be who is encouraging all this, saying its all beneficial (any attention is good attention kind of people). The second hand embarrassment here is so strong I think I’m gonna have to stop reading stuff about him. Oh my.

  35. Guesto says:

    Not sure which is more mortifying grimace-inducing: TayTo or the Telegraph’s grammatically wince-making reporting of it.

    @Dippit – re your “neither one seems the type to be able to handle derision”.

    I agree. Which begs the question: why would someone who is image conscious and sensitive to ridicule put themselves so openly in the line of ridicule and mockery fire?

    • Dippit says:

      Guesto, my working theory is that they, their publicists, simply didn’t anticipate for derision and disbelieving being the majority fan/public response.

      Whether real or not (I’m Team Not [on your nelly]), they rushed the ‘relationship’ out for whatever reason – TS needing cover re: Calvin and knowing THE TAPE existed; or TH realising that every PR compliant prior try-hard antic and/or TNM/Loki weren’t going to be enough to catapult him to AList/US recognition/Bond before he aged out over less bland and more talented Brit Thesps. Anywhichway, his window was narrowing.

      The rush meant that Taylor wrote the script in a few hours in her glitter pens taking no account of Tom’s different image/fan-base from her usual arrangements. Also, in her past arrangements, she’s used to being Teflon-coated and then the one to pour scorn and derision to the bars of a rhyme when done. This script has worked for her before so I just think they never conceived of it not landing right again. AND they overestimated TH’s credibility with his fans/the Guardianista type.

      Both probably thought they could ‘act’ it out much better too. Someone said above that it’s odd because most like PDAs by celeb couples yet none of T&T’s have been met with much belief unless by the most loyal or the TS paid shills/up-voters team. They just fail the authentic radar for most people. It’s an unexpected turn from two who are typically so careful to curate themselves.

      Too hastily/ill considered by them and their people, bad run up, poor delivery, called foul…

      Now they’re rock and hard place however much the derisory reaction means they want an exit. AND an engagement ring won’t turn it around either; it’ll look even less convincing than it already does.

      My working theory anyway *shrugs*.

      • PikaBoo says:

        My theory is that Taytay is a massive Hiddlestoner and Marvel fangirl. She probably runs a tumblr dedicated to Tom quoting Shakespeare and also does badly drawn Loki fanarts.

        She’ll probably follow him to Australia or wait for him for the Emmy’s and then go back to Australia with Tom. She’s going to lurk on the set. She’ll be leaking stuff on her tumblr. She’ll steal Loki’s coat when the movie wraps.

      • Dippit says:

        @Pikaboo – hahahehe, that’s why Tom appears to have so few clothes; when he’s been rocked to sleep by Luke, whilst wearing 007 pjs, with fairytale dreams of AList status if he keeps living the PR daily nightmare, TayTay sneaks into his room to steal an item of clothing to add to her secret Loki shrine each night.

        There are two rooms in each of Taylor’s houses he’s yet to access – her bedrooms and her shrine/Tom Trophy rooms. She keeps her most imposing bodyguards for standing watch on each of those areas.

      • AlmostThere says:

        Perfect! @Dippit

        I could never have put it so correct and succinctly. As you say it was rolled very badly. I said up thread that his PR team should fire their selves out of sheer embarrassment. From nowhere on the radar except chatter about the Met dancing to kissing on the beach? They never needed to go that far for the first unveiling of Hiddleswift. Who suggested this? And who on Tom’s team supported it? They really should be fired. Seriously.

      • phaedra7 says:

        @Dippit Her new nickname is now: TMISERY!

      • FW says:

        @Dippit apart from I’m Team Real Relationship, I completely agree with your analysis. I still believe they’ll get engaged by Emmy and wedding before Kong movie. For Mr. Swift’s image sake, it’s better to be a fool in love rather than a willing participant of a low-end publicity stunt, right?

      • Dippit says:

        @FW, Marry in haste (especially for the wrong reasons/PR), repent at leisure.

        I still think they have a small window available, especially Mr Swift, to save face by quietly parting company as he goes back to work and chalking it up as a Summer Holiday Romance. Most of us have experienced the intensity of at least one of those before so would give them the benefit of the doubt and they move on relatively unscathed.

        TayTay has material for a fondly wistful (rather than REVENGE) album and Tom had “fun experiencing the high life with a woman he liked”. No foul to that really.

        However, if they take it to next level of engaged/married before they even have a year under their ‘relationship’ belts, believing somehow a ring will convince the majority doubters, then I reckon it’ll further reinforce the already negative perceptions of their coupling. Especially if all their timings are convenient to aspects of their careers’ cycle.

        However, I suspect they/their many people may have too much invested in this show to see the wood for the trees on this one; so you may well be right about the next installment in the offing.

  36. browniecakes says:

    Somewhere the press will mistake him going to work for a break up. (And of course Luke will run to GC to fix that hole.) Can Taylor stand not to interlock fingers with Tom (sounds naughty) for six weeks until he comes back to the US for Emmy night? Maybe she’ll Instragram them Face-timing to prove TH still hearts TS!

    • Bonzo says:

      She won’t stay away for 6 weeks… she’ll quietly join him at some point and make sure there’s a photo op to let us know. Just wait.

      • browniecakes says:

        I agree Bonzo – TnT about eight weeks together, six weeks apart. You think the other two body guards will get to go to the Gold Coast this time? To be honest if I was Tay and I didn’t have a compelling reason to stay stateside, and he didn’t tell me not to come, I would go to AU. She has nothing but money and time and he is like totally the best thing she has going now for reals.

      • jammypants says:

        He’s the only thing she has going on right now.

    • jammypants says:

      Does Taylor hold hands with all her bf’s? Personally hand holding is offputting for me because the hands get sweaty.

      • Dippit says:

        I’ve always preferred hand holding, or arms linked, to arms around. Arms around can be awkward for the hand unless there’s a butt-pocket to slip just into for hold (which I also like right enough).

        /But I speak as a 5′ 11″ woman (who wears heels) whose husband is 5′ 8″-ish (generously), so (even with pre-marriage shorter gent attatchments) I adjusted to slight sweatiness of hand holding over difficulties of height differential in other couple positioning.

        Whatever, their hand holding just looks odd.

      • Fa says:

        Yes she always hold hands with her other boyfriends when the photo is staged

      • jammypants says:

        I’m much shorter and I just don’t like hand holding. I prefer walking next to or arms around. Different strokes. Their hand holding is odd but I think it’s due to his arms being so long and her being rather tall.

      • Dippit says:

        Yes @Jammypants I guess it’s an each to their own. Only with my tallest of (6′ 4″ and 6′ 2″) gents did I incline more to arms around. Even then I liked arms linked better. Also, I like holding hands snuggled in my gents’ jacket pocket as a variation – but that may be because it’s a lovely cosy gesture by the bloke concerned OR because it gets bloody cold in Scotland at times.

        That’s probably double sweat icky to you.

      • jammypants says:

        @Dippit, I’m just a cold, unfeeling, unaffectionate person 😀 Only time I like contact is in the bedroom. I also hate sharing the bed when I sleep =/

      • Dippit says:

        @Jammypants – you seem harsh in your own self-descriptors there to me. Only you can know, but I’d suspect there’s much more nuance to you than that – generally for most, there is.

        But, anywhichway, I hope your dynamic works for you and those whom you love. 🙂

        Hey, there’s a lot to be said for the opportunity to starfish in bed.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        I like arms linked or arms around but I’m short and realize for a taller guy that would resulr in arm wrapped around my neck so hand holding is better. But don’t intertwine fingers. I have tiny hands and find that really uncomfortable

      • bonzo says:

        So Jammy, physical contact is not your “love language” I take it? 🙂

        I’m more like you… most of me & my mister’s physical contact occurs in the bedroom, tho’ he’s a touchy feely kinda fella so I try to make the effort to hold hands when we’re out.

      • Sixer says:

        I LOVE holding hands! I make everyone hold my hand – Mr Sixer, my dad, my aunties, my cousins. Even Sixlet Major, who is more kind about indulging his mother than Sixlet Minor, who says MOTHER, YOU NEED HELP. GET OFF ME.

      • Bonzo says:

        Ha ha… Minor’s THE BESTEST.

  37. Isobel says:

    The swifty fans threw mad shade on Calvin said he was too boring for swifty because all he ever did was go to the gym. Seems like that’s all Tom does too and always in the same outfit lol! Guess she likes her men boring.

  38. A.Key says:

    Those assorted gossip cop articles on that link are effin hilarious, omg

  39. jammypants says:

    A few of the actors who reported on set early also went on vacation. There is a delay due to the set not being completely built yet. No, Marvel isn’t breaking up with him, not yet anyway.

  40. Feebee says:

    Maybe if it’s over in a month they can put it down to a summer fling and move on.

  41. Abby_J says:

    As far as what’s going on with Ragnarok, they are obviously just behind on filming for whatever reason. Their script is complete, and no way are they going to re-write it just because Tom may or may not be in LOURVE with Taylor Swift.

    That said, I adore Loki and love my Dragonfly king, but I think it should be his last Marvel movie. Loki needs to die in Ragnarok. They’ve done the ‘good guy to bad guy’ arc, they’ve done the ‘redemption’ arc, and they’ve done the ‘back to the bad guy arc’. There really isn’t anywhere else to go with Loki. Not to mention they didn’t kill off the person who should have died in Civil War (and I think I might be in the minority wishing that they had followed the comics), so at some point, these people have to kill of someone besides poor Pietro.

    The other reason it’s time for Loki to die is that there are so many new characters to focus on now. I’d argue that in the internet Marvel fandom that he’s not even the most popular anymore. That position has been taken over by Bucky Barnes and his glorious murder strut. True, Bucky has been in movies more recently than Loki, so perhaps that will switch again after Ragnarok

    The problem is that right on the heels of Ragnarok comes Black Panther and from everything I’ve seen and read about the cast and possible story, it’s going to be absolutely incredible. As a couple of hardcore comic book nerds, my husband and I are beside ourselves with excitement for it.

    A really good death scene in Ragnarok would be a great way for Loki to go out. Extra points if he’s not redeemed again, and he goes out as a bad guy.

    Just my $.02.

    • AlmostThere says:

      I’m not into the comic books, but if Loki is to be finally put to rest then I think he should be featured very prominently in Ragnarok. It should be a big Loki mayhem fest where he goes out with a bang. There may be other characters in the Marvel universe, but audiences do like their favorites, and TDW just wasn’t the Loki movie people (fans) were wanting.

      my .025 cents

  42. wood dragon says:

    Well that other couple of eyebrow-raising note Slate/Evans were papped at the airport, so that will have to do?
    It’s a diversion of sorts.

    • InvaderTak says:

      Gotta capitalize on that Teen Choice win. The Daily Fail is saying that her jacket is Marc Jacobs. Bet the indie company she was modeling for on he Insta appreciates that./not. Still think it’s funny that they put that pic of her and her now ex husband at the very bottom of the article. The shade is real lol

  43. FW says:

    “Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston made 24 public appearances in three weeks in the beginning – but recently have been spotted together just twice in two weeks, despite fan and media interest in their romance. ”

    I love stats and math. “24 public appearances in three weeks’ means 1.14 appearance/day. or about as frequent as a west end show goes, 8 performances/week.

  44. guest says:

    if marvel breaks up with loki then I am breaking up with marvel too.

  45. Sue says:

    So Tom made it to Brisbane and Tay went to Gigi 😉