Taylor Swift is #1 on Star Mag’s 35 ‘most hated celebrities’ list: fair or no?


It’s time for Star Magazine’s annual (semi-annual?) “Most Hated Celebrities” list. Gwyneth Paltrow once topped this list, much to her chagrin, but Goop will be happy to know that she fell pretty far on this year’s list. This year’s list is completely and utterly whack, by the way. Taylor Swift is Star’s #1 Most Hated Celebrity. Don’t get me wrong, I have been really, really enjoying the backlash against Taylor Swift, but in what world is Taylor MORE hated than someone like Bill Cosby? How is Swifty worse than Chris Brown? She is not. She’s the person some people love and some people love to hate, but chica hasn’t raped anyone or assaulted anyone. Let’s keep that in mind. Here’s the list, in order.

#1 Most Hated Celebrity: Taylor Swift. Who would have thought that America’s sweetheart would turn out to be Hollywood’s secret snake in the grass? Answer: Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Calvin Harris – and pretty much every man she’s ever dated! Taylor’s growing crowd of detractors are clamoring that her good girl image is just that… a carefully crafted fantasy, and that she’s actually a conniving mean girl who, most annoyingly of all, relentlessly plays the victim.

2. Kim Kardashian
3. Kanye West
4. Kylie Jenner
5. Kris Jenner
6. Khloe Kardashian
7. Kourtney Kardashain
8. Beyonce
9. Justin Bieber
10. Madonna
11. Jaden Smith
12. Katy Perry
13. Bill Cosby
14. Gwyneth Paltrow
15. Chris Brown
16. Ariana Grande
17. Mariah Carey
18. Miley Cyrus
19. Tori Spelling
20. Bethenny Frankel
21. Lindsay Lohan
22. LeAnn Rimes
23. Rosie O’Donnell
24. Katherine Heigl
25. Shia LaBeouf
26. Angelina Jolie
27. Kristen Stewart
28. John Mayer
29. Ashton Kutcher
30. John Travolta
31. Anne Hathaway
32. Ben Affleck
33. Mark Salling
34. James Franco
35. Megan Fox

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Mark Salling, Bill Cosby, Chris Brown and Shia LaBeouf need to be at the top of this list. How could they not be? Because everybody likes a takedown of a blonde princess, a la Gwyneth Paltrow? And I’m sorry, but I will take Kim Kardashian all day, every day ahead of Ariana Grande, Katherine Heigl and LeAnn Rimes. And why in the world is Beyonce ranked so high? And why is Gwyneth somehow more hated than Chris Brown? And why wasn’t Tom Hiddleston included?!? That’s making me laugh though – Taylor may be the human embodiment of a snake emoji, but Tom Hiddleston is still “who?”



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  1. Erinn says:

    It’s good to see that an accused serial rapist (Cosby) and a child predator (Mark Salling), and someone who beat his girlfriend to a pulp (Chris Brown) are less hated than Taylor. That makes total sense, right?

  2. InvaderTak says:

    She kinda brought it in herself. She has no idea when to stop, no one will tell her no and thoughts been a long time coming. All her other shenanigans are coming home to roost. Fair? Eh. That’s not the point. She’s been the most talked about for weeks. And other than being obnoxious , TH hasn’t done anything to warrant hate. Just eyerolling.

    • We Are All Made Of Stars says:

      I really started to wonder when she said “I’m this close to overexposure” on the Kanye recording what exactly her measuring stick for overexposure was.

    • Hooboy! says:

      Well it’s easy to vote for Taylor Swift over all those others (except maybe Cosby as he, too, posed as a Mr. aren’t I the perfect example! But as he’s been dethroned she is perfect for the title!) as she has held herself up as I’m treated so badly, poor me, just a sweet girl and she has lied about everything and everybody so yeah, time to take her down.

      I merely thought she was boring until she tried to play Harry Styles, arguably one of the most decent guys on the planet. It’s been YEARS and she is STILL trying to convince people he had any interest in her, that it was anything other than PR forced on him, and that he was less than nice. She abused him; his reputation since is regularly dragged through the mud by her and I hope she goes so far down she never sees the light of day again.

    • Wood Dragon says:

      Her mistake was her ubiquity. She needs to just go away and have a life for awhile. Constantly rubbing her fabulous life in everyone’s faces was bound to provoke a backlash.
      As the saying goes, If you want to make yourself valuable, make yourself scarce.

  3. Lilacflowers says:

    How is Donald Trump not on this list?

    • Bonzo says:

      I know, right??

      This list is whack. The only reason Taylor’s higher than rapists and abusers is due to her recent backlash. She’s not “old news” quite yet.

      I’m surprised to see they included Beyonce & Angelina. Can’t think of anything hateworthy with either of them.

      • pikawho? says:

        There are still a ton of basic middle aged women who hate Angelina with the passion of a thousand suns. Jennifer Aniston was like a relatable goddess to them and her pain is their pain, or something.

      • Aussie girl says:

        The list was a bit wacko. angelina may still have some Jen shade stuck to her (silly, I know), but Beyoncé…? That makes no sense. Love the K’s dominating the top 10 though 🤘🏼

      • Diana says:

        Guess Beyoncé is there because people are butthurt about her superbowl half time show, go figure….

      • OhDear says:


        (if it’s not clear, I’m being sarcastic)

      • Naya says:

        Beyonce committed to Black Lives Matter and she is making HBO specials about black sisterhood. Plus she is a woman at the top of her game and has been for awhile. She is lucky the Kardashian/Jenners exist or she would be sitting on position 2. Star is a stupid sexist racist magazine but we already knew that.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        I find both Taylor and Beyoncé bland and boring. In fact, I find most of these people boring. Except for the criminal element, I find those guys disgusting. Angelina is the only one I find interesting and I like her, but I do know people give her a lot of grief over nothing.

        How people can find being a bland, boring pop star more hateful than being a rapist, abuser, or Donald Trump is beyond me.

        And I know the Kardashians live for crap like this.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        Yes! If I were to make a list like this, there is no way Donald Trump would not be high up on it. And I don’t see Woody Allen here either. But somehow Megan Fox made it? WTF? This list is a mess.
        Beyoncé and Angelina Jolie are both successful, liberal, attractive women who get a lot of media attention and support from fans, so there will always be people who feel like they’re being so contrarian and loudly declaring the emperor to be naked by being anti-Bey or anti-Angelina and by throwing not-so-subtle shade at both of these women’s activism for no reason (“She’s a fake, y’all! She only cares about herself! What, no, I don’t have any receipts, I just don’t like or trust her. So her activism must only exist for publicity.”). I’ve seen this attitude in both of their haters on different sites. And yeah, the jelly haters card is overplayed, but there probably is a little bit of that in there too. When was the last time either of these two did something really problematic?
        Plus with Beyoncé, there are people who feel that her drawing attention to racism is ‘being divisive’, ‘reverse racism’, and ‘anti-cop’, and there are the crybaby prudes who are butthurt about her not being modest enough for them and identifying as a feminist. So there you go.

      • Luca76 says:

        I agree with everything you just said Lilacflowers.

    • cindy says:

      Because the trailer park they took this door to door survey in would never speak poorly of their future commander in chief.

    • phaedra7 says:

      Because whoever compiled this listing is probably afraid–scurred–that if he becomes the next president, he/she/they will receive retribution from him and his supporters. (This is sheer cowardice!)

  4. Loopy says:

    lmao at all the Kardashians.

  5. paranormalgirl says:

    What a stupid list. I would tend to “hate” someone more for being an abuser, a rapist, or a child predator than the narcissistic losers at the top of the list.

  6. vbbb says:

    What did Shia do that is comparable to serial rape, domestic violence and distributing child porn? I do not follow him.

  7. Talia says:

    What did Angie do?
    There are people on the list who are rapists, abusers, lovers of child pornography (hello, Mark Salling), Kardashian clan+Kanye which have oversaturated the world, killer level pretentious and snobs… But what did Angelina Jolie do???

    • Fiorella says:

      Maybe people still aren’t over the brangiston triangle?

    • Naya says:

      What did Katy Perry and Beyonce do? This is basically a list of women who occupy pop culture with a smuttering of male abusers and rapists.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        Kind of gross, isn’t it? But we see it over and over again with these hated celebrity/celebrity bad role model poles each year. If a man’s going to make that list, he has to REALLY treat other human beings badly. (And sometimes, even that’s not enough, judging by some of the obvious men missing from the list this year). All a woman has to do to make the list is have it proven that there’s something phony about her, be overexposed, be highly celebrated, annoying and extra, or not present herself in a way people approve of. And any one or two of those factors will get the woman higher on the list then actual abusers and racists. Really shows you our society’s priorities.
        I noticed that Kanye West made the list, but the funny thing is that I don’t think his misogyny is the main thing that got him up so high on the list- it’s his association with the Kardashian women.

      • Llamas says:

        I think the fact that the Taylor thing is so recent is the reason it’s top of the list. Whatever is the biggest news maker at the time is going to be highest.

        And I think women are the most common readers of these magazines and I think women may vote for other women more than men. And lastly, men aren’t as big of a tabloid hit. I think all of this causes the stupid trivial things like hating celebrities to take precedence over actual terrible people on these lists.

    • Darya says:

      Angelina made the list but not Johnny Depp. WTF

    • Keaton says:

      Yeah I think Angie, Beyonce and Katy Perry are on the list because they either have rival large fandoms that hate them (Aniston and Taylor Swift) or in the case of Beyonce a huge number of crazy racists hate them.

      What really shocks me is John Travolta. What did he ever do? Everybody who works with him says he’s the nicest guy ever. Has he done something annoying (or in the case of Bill Cosby, Mark Sailling and Chris Brown) horrific that I don’t know about?

      • Luca76 says:

        He harasses and gropes male massage therapists. I’ve heard this for a long time well before the story broke in the tabloids. It documented that several reputable spas refuse to allow him on site.

      • Keaton says:

        Oh yeah I think I remember reading about that a few years ago @Luca76 Ugh that’s super disappointing. :( I wonder if he’s on the list for another reason though since it wasn’t as big a story as Bill Cosby’s serial rapes, Chris Brown beating RiRi, etc. Nor is it as recent as Mark Sailling’s child porn. Regardless I guess he’s a “worthy” addition

  8. ashley says:

    Star magazine, trying to fill space again with their fake sh-t. What a ridiculous list. Everyone in the top 10 is discussed almost obsessively every day. You say ‘hated,’ I say popular. To each his own I suppose.

  9. Jules says:

    No. This shouldn’t even be a thing. Also, if a person really “hates” someone they don’t know, get a new hobby.

  10. Belle Epoch says:

    The rankings are definitely off but as a group I would not be sad if someone shot them all into the sun. Except Angelina – I’m a fan of hers.

  11. Crowdhood says:

    I guess I never really understood the glee at the T swift “takedown”. I’m sure she does have a carefully crafted public persona- like all celebrities and public figures do. If you don’t like hers or find it false or fake, you can just not listen to her music or click on her articles. It is not like she has committed an actual crime like some of the abusive rapists on this list.

    • OhDear says:

      With Swift, I think it’s one of those situations where you’ve always disliked someone but everyone else loved them. Everyone thought she was the sweet, nice girl; she made herself out to be this wholesome role model, even though she had songs shaming people for “what she does on the mattress,” writing a negative review of one of her performances, etc. So (IMO) it’s more that people feel vindicated.

      I do agree that her, the Kardashians, and the other celebrities being hated more than abusers, rapists, etc. is f-ed up.

  12. Lurker says:

    It’s not always rational, though. Of course Cosby, Salling et al are scum, but sometimes you just really loathe someone.

    Me for example, I absolutely detest Blake Lively. For no good reason, I mean, she’s never hurt me or anything, I just cannot stand her.

  13. Rocío says:

    I totally get the Taylor hate and it’s called overexposure. I think the Hathahate is overdue. She’s not as annoying as Goop or Swift or any K clan girl.

  14. Zapp Brannigan says:

    So some of the hated men on this list are legit scum and criminals that harm others, but the women are hated for what? Being “uppity” or having a “public” persona? Any person who goes out into the world on a regular basis has a “public” persona, if you work, go buy food, do errands that put you in contact with others you have a “public” persona. Why is that thrown around as some sort of insult? Who speaks to their boss and coworkers in the same manner as they would to friends and family.

  15. Zuzus Girl says:

    Misogyny at it’s finest. Is she twee and annoying? Of course. Does Paltrow have a stick up her ass.? Si. Are they worthy of hatred? Of course not. Yet men who commit violent crimes against women get a pass, even by (some) women. Disgusting.

  16. Lucy says:

    Completely agree with you, Kaiser.

  17. pikawho? says:

    I agree that the real criminals and scumbags on this list should be higher, but these men are also less famous than the rest of the list so people might not think of them first when asked “Which celebrity do you hate?”

    And Taylor built a public persona that is incapable of withstanding any heat. When you try to be 100% perfect and always the wronged party, there is no easy way to stumble without losing a lot of face.

  18. Rachel says:

    I really hope Beyonce isn’t listed because of the whole ‘Beyonce is anti-police’ thing due to her involvement in BLM and more overtly political songs. But I fear it is.

  19. kri says:

    God. It says alot when known rapists and abusers are after a scheming pop tart on a most hated list. True misogyny. oh, 2016..how much you have exposed us.

  20. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    Not really sure how or what went into the list (including if it’s real or not) a part of me is surprised genuine criminals are even on the list since when it comes to celebrity ‘hate’ it’s usually agreed upon superficial hate that gets the pages turning.

    What Chris Brown and Bill Cosby did are genuine crimes, I don’t even want them on a ‘hate’ list. I want them prosecuted.

  21. me says:

    I think Kim has been number one on this list before hasn’t she? She’s ALWAYS on the list because most people can’t stand her. LOL looks like the Kardashian/Jenner men didn’t make the list…that says a lot. Well we can at least say that Kim and Kanye are the most hated couple, but who didn’t know that already?

    • Matchday says:

      Why not TS and TH as most hated couple? Fakest (yes that’s the superlative)? Most annoying? Most likely to not make it to a three month anniversary? They may even be the most likely to call the paps, and that is saying something when the competition is Kim and Kanye.

  22. NK says:

    Stupid list. I love her – and I still have room in my over-crowded heart for Katy Perry. Hate the hate.

  23. A says:

    I had to laugh at #2 through #7…very telling of American culture

  24. MI6 says:

    Totally fair and well earned. This young woman has paraded herself around as a role model to teenagers and young girls. That needs to stop.

    • MI6 says:

      You need to chill.
      And thanks, Matchday.

    • Luca76 says:

      Let’s get one thing straight I’m not now nor have I ever been a Taylor Swift Stan. I’ve been reveling in the Tiddlesbanging. I don’t want it to stop. However I don’t listen to her music nor have I ever really paid much attention to her prior to this summer. My favorite female celebrities are Angelina and Wynona and Kerry Washington I stan for them and a few others but at this point Taylor is having her peak summer of gossip and I’m loving it.
      Now I stand by what I said if you see a ‘most hated list’ with Bill Cosby and other pedophiles, women beaters, and their ilk and think that Taylor Swift deserves to be on top then I’m going to have a problem with that. She clearly is an annoying and immature kind of person(like most celebrities) but until we hear about her drugging and raping, or beating people up then she doesn’t deserve to be on top of this list.

      • Jess says:



        I’ll even take it one step further. If someone thinks TS or any other female celeb on this stupid list deserves to higher than Bill Cosby as the most hated then I’m genuinely concerned for them. These people need to do some serious self-reflection if they’re trying to justify this absurd ranking.

  25. Dippit says:

    There are agencies which track negative/positive social media and blog/comments/tabloid platforms to determine the emotional responses of the public to any given celeb at any given time. Celebs, such as Swift, use them themselves to respond to or better curate their images.

    The better agencies also attempt to factor out the more obvious of the paid shills celebs employ to push a more “positive” narrative/illusion of their ‘popularity’. They are now especially adept at factoring out fake social media followings bought in by the celeb to push their ‘popularity’. They dismiss things like key words/phrases repeated by different accounts/sock puppets as too obviously at the direction or instigation of a celeb using/contracting an Image Mill – often out of China.

    I suspect Taylor Swift in particular has overused her already well-known use of sock-puppets/Image Mills lately – those will have been weeded out by the algorithms to have produced the greatest net-negative responses in recent weeks.

    A Twitter account recently posted many of the soundings they had taken of positive/negative on both Taylor herself and TayTo as an entity and the results were well into net-negative for both as tested.

    Whether “Star” used the ‘science’ out there or just cobbled together a list over beer and pizza, who knows. BUT the means/methods to track these things is out there and increasingly well developed – Taylor Swift’s PR will be more aware of that than anyone right now.

    The word “fake” alone was used in its millions – direct post/likes/retweets/etc.

    It’s not science which will save lives or make the world a better place, but it is ‘science’.

    Not without some irony, Taylor Swift, perhaps more than any celeb before, has ruthlessly used this dynamic to further the appearance of her popularity; now such a dynamic is being used to place her #1 on most hated. And real Swifties don’t even realise that by retweeting/etc an account being weeded out as a fake, their positive interaction is likely to be dismissed in the final totals too.

    It’s a bit reap that which you sow.

    NB – I personally think there are far more hateful famous figures around, just giving an explanation to how this may have come about.

    • Matchday says:

      I wonder how she’ll combat this “fake” tag that she’s rightfully picked up recently. She seems to be wholly manufactured, aka “fake.” How does she manufacture a new fake persona that doesn’t seem so fake?

      • Dippit says:

        I expect there have been many crisis meetings with that very question foremost.

        So far all they have seemed to have come up with in the brainstorming is “more natural wavy hair” – the back to her roots (pun a bit intended) “relateable country gal”. Shills were out in force in support of her wavy hair yesterday.

        Personally I think it’ll take more than that, and Tom’s role will either have to be altered or terminated.

        My guess, TayTo fade off as a much sincere, but destined to be a mere Summer Fling of intensity, and Taylor reboots with a “wistful love which could never be” album as a ‘maturing’ departure from Revenge songs.

        Tom mused/mentored her to a better understanding of herself as approaching 30, and she will forever love him (just not be ‘in love’ with him) for helping her discover a better her and her growth. Briefly she basked in his informed ‘authenticity’ and sat at his knee (pedagogic style) and learned and blossomed.

        Or somesuch BS.

        TBH, this is going to be a hard miscourse to readjust.

      • Matchday says:

        So let’s combat the fake tag with more fakery, but fakery about being authentic! Sounds about par for the PR course.

    • Keaton says:

      Very interesting @Dippit Thanks for sharing :)

    • Bonzo says:

      Yeah, I think you’re probably right. They’re taking a pulse on who’s been talked about negatively in recent months and complied their list. If the perverts and abusers haven’t been in the news recently, they were lower on the list or not at all. So. we get the celebs that were annoying people recently (for whatever reason — justified or no) and therefore we have Taylor, Kimye & the rest of the Kardashians at the top. If it had been compiled two months ago, I bet Depp would have been near the top.

  26. Insomniac says:

    And no Charlie Sheen anywhere on the list? I can’t stand Taylor, but come on.

  27. dana says:

    Its not a list of who’s done the worst & convicted of the worst offenses. Thats an entirely different list. Its the person who is hated the MOST right now in pop culture. And in that case, Taylor does top the most popular person to hate. In 2009, Chris Brown would’ve led this list… its been 7years and even though hes scum, hes not popular and the hate has died down because hes pretty quiet. Lucky Trump wasn’t top. As well, I hate to say it, but just like Taylor has people who love her and hate her. So does Chris Brown, Bill Cosby etc. But out of the volume… more people hate Taylor because she’s a popular name seen as conniving. Some on this list are hated because they’re arrogant or not seen as approachable, nice person which is totally unfair but again… pop culture is all about perception.

  28. Grace says:

    How much do you wanna bet there will be a song called ‘most hated no. 1′ or something to that effect in her next album? All this ‘hate’ is just gonna make her come back even bigger.

  29. Kris says:

    That is mostly just a list of most-talked about celebrities, not most hated, because nobodyin the whole wide world hates Beyonce, right?

    • The Gift says:

      Unfortunately, you’re wrong and Beyoncé is very well hated. And no its not about her recent political statements, BLM activism. It’s because she’s generally winning at life. She’s nice, friendly, nobody has a bad word to say, she doesn’t stumble out of bars drunk as hell, she shows up to her concerts early and absolutely kills it, she did not take back an abusive boyfriend and say racist things to his Asian girlfriend, due does not get into twitter fights with everybody where she calls people broke bitches or that’s, she’s basically not relatable. I’m not kidding you. Some people hate her because she projects herself as perfect but all the woman does is mind her business. Have you seen the hate her 4 years old child gets on the internet? That child only gets so much hate because she’s Beyoncé’s child. solely because of that. Or did you miss how she became “relatable” because her album implies that her husband cheated on her (whew she got cheated on do she’s human after all). oh and she wears leotard to dance on stage when she can totally wear jeans instead and haven’t you also heard she’s a feminist (white woman hate this about her mostly).
      Chica just needs to get in a few twitter fights or post some videos of her smoking weed and we won’t have to hate her so much.

  30. Guesto says:

    Although these lists (most hated, most loved, most beautiful, most influential etc etc) are just meaningless noise filling an empty tabloid space, I’m loving the 2-7 Kartrasher pile-up!

  31. Darya says:

    Where’s Woody Allen…..and everyone who supports him?

  32. Miss Jupitero says:

    Beyonce? Whhhaaaaaa? Why would anyone hate Beyonce? Hands off my Bey! She’s awesome!

    I just watched Lemonade– never cared for her music before this, but now I am a fangirl. That film blew me away. She is a wonderful old soul. Unless i am missing some weird gossip, this makes no sense.

  33. Dwayne says:

    God this is shit. Seriously? They just put Taylor’s name at the top of the list because they know it’d cause controversy. These magazines and online websites are the true SNAKES!

  34. Amanda DG says:

    I don’t agree with Beyonce being so high on the list, but I agree with the others for the most part. IMO Kim Kardashian should be #1. I’m so sick of her. I’ve never liked Taylor either, but at least she has a reason for being famous. Chris Brown should be #2. I hate that guy.

  35. CareBear says:

    Sad, Jaden Smith is just a kid. Being one of the “most hated” celebrities at that age must be tough. I also don’t agree with T-Swifty being #1. #1 is tied in place with Bill Cosby and Woody Allen.

  36. hey-ya says:

    …& totally absent…despite all the flaming they get on this site…Tom n Kate (M)…its a terrible list tho…no one likes to know they’re not liked…

  37. Stardust says:

    Well, the next 6 spots are held by Kim and Klan. Hilarious.

  38. Veronica says:

    This list is like a workshop study of male privilege.

  39. TotallyOld says:

    Kristen Stewart was at the top of the “most hated lists” a few years back. Probably due to the cheating thing with her Snow White director. I see she is much further down the list and I’m not sure why she’s still even on the list….I assumed everyone loved her now.

  40. MsCandy says:

    All celebrities are wearing wigs. You never know or can tell anymore. But I guess more power to that if you can afford it.