Meryl Streep had no idea that Clint Eastwood will be voting for Donald Trump


Meryl Streep is going to be all over the place in the coming months as she promotes Florence Foster Jenkins and campaigns for what will likely be her 20th Oscar nomination. She’s also going to be speaking more about politics and women’s rights – despite the fact that she won’t call herself a feminist – because Meryl is very much #ImWithHer-ing for Hillary Clinton. Meryl even got a prime-time speaking slot at the DNC in July! As some know, Meryl is also pretty tight with Clint Eastwood. They worked together on The Bridges of Madison County and ever since then, they’ve always talked about how they love and adore each other. I guess they’ve never talked politics with each other though, because Meryl had literally no idea that Clint is the kind of Republican who would rather vote for Donald Trump than any P-ssy Generation Democrat who, you know, isn’t racist. Meryl was asked about Clint’s recent Esquire profile during her sit-down with Variety. She was shocked! Some highlights.

What was going through her mind at the DNC: “All of a sudden I wasn’t thinking about me, me, me, my speech. The whole moment just overtook me. I thought about my grandmother, who wasn’t allowed to vote — had three kids and wasn’t deemed capable. I mean, the smartest person I know. The whole thing was overwhelming. And when I went out I just felt what I felt. I did my Howard Dean scream!”

Learning that Clint Eastwood would vote for Trump: “I didn’t know that,” Streep says, visibly surprised, choosing her words carefully. “I’ll have to speak to him. I’ll have to correct that! I’m shocked. I really am. Because he’s more — I would have thought he would be more sensitive than that.”

On the heckling Bernie-of-Bust people: “When you get a lot of people in a group, it can go good or it can go bad in a way that [overrides] each individual person. The aggregate of everybody’s emotion, it’s such a powerful thing. You can see it in the Trump rallies, where people I just know, in their living rooms, would be better people, are driven to the worst possibilities by the bloodlust in a crowd. It just gets ginned up and they’re outside of themselves. They’re behaving as a larger unit, not just themselves.”

Why she’s voting for Hillary Clinton: “We have a lot of work to do,” she says, before admitting that — despite the Clint Eastwoods out there — she expects a deep pragmatist streak in the American populace to push Clinton to victory with room to spare. “If you’re an actor and all you do, all you’re interested in, are people and their contradictions and their possibilities, good and bad, you can feel what they say about appealing to the angels of our better nature. I think there is a reckoning. People will go — or their wives will go — ‘You know what? This is crazy. It’s too tricky. We’re not going to gamble with our children’s future.’”

[From Variety]

I actually think Meryl is trying to be nice about the Bernie-or-Bust people heckling at the DNC. They were ridiculous. They heckled JOHN LEWIS, for goodness sake. Maybe Meryl is right – people get caught up in the groupthink. That’s the same rationale people use to explain riots too. I don’t buy it. As for what she says about Clint Eastwood… no, Clint is not going to be more sensitive to any of it. Sensitivity is for p-ssies.

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  1. Jules says:

    Has she been hiding under an empty chair for the last 4 years?

  2. detritus says:

    At this point Clint Eastwood just makes me miss Paul Newman.

    And Meryl, c’mon, how did you not guess this?

  3. Crowdhood says:

    I love her as an actress and I think she carries herself with poise but she comes across willfully ignorant to things (I.e. Clint Eastwood being himself) in interviews. Enough now that I think it is self preservation.

    • Esmom says:

      I give her a pass on not knowing about Clint supporting Trump. I’m sure she’s gathered he’s conservative, she had to have known about the empty chair. But I’m guessing heir conversations are largely work-related and I doubt she seeks out interviews like the Esquire one. I don’t know…I’m just saying that I know some people through work fairly well but I couldn’t be 100% confident of their political views.

      • Megan says:

        Many Republicans have publicly stated that are not voting from Trump. Meryl assumed Clint was in this camp. It’s nice she gave him the benefit of the doubt. Too bad he’s an a-hole.

      • Janetdr says:

        If it weren’t for Facebook I would have no idea that at least a third of people I know think that voting for Trump is a good idea……

  4. Jayna says:

    Clint doesn’t want to hear from a woman on who he should support . He’s no pussy. LOL

    I’m hearing a lot of good things about the Florence Jenkins movie. Hugh Grant seems to be very proud of the movie and calls Meryl a genius as far as watching her act. The reviews are strong.

  5. JulieM says:

    I always knew Clint was a republican; he was elected mayor of Carmel, CA years ago as a republican. Fair enough; he’s entitled. I never thought he was a racist until his “talking to empty chair” stunt in 2012. He spoke about the POTUS like he was some kind of drug dealer. I was truly disgusted; what a revelation.

    Meryl is being quite dense about this. OR, she really does know about Clint but didn’t want to believe it about her friend.

    Bernie’s people heckled a Medal of Honor winner. As a Navy veteran, I was revolted.

  6. Esmom says:

    I think she’s been too generous about Trump supporters. Somehow I think they’re just as bad in the privacy of their living rooms than in a crowd at a rally.

    • Betsy says:

      I do not know that my father is supporting Trump, nor will I ask, but his conservatism goes from fairly mild mannered and liberal even alone to angry and mean when he’s watching Fox or with certain people. So I can definitely see that some of them really don’t support assassination and torture and retaliatory killings and the like even though they hoot and cheer when he says that crap at rallies.

      Of course some of them might just be all around terrible people, but hope springs.

  7. Jwoolman says:

    I dunno if Clint actually is going to vote for Trump. He didn’t actually say so but talked around it. By the time November 8 rolls around, he might decide to skip the top spot or vote third party or write-in.

  8. DiamondGirl says:

    It’s none of her business how he votes. Land of the free, after all.

    • Triangle says:

      Good thing she’s there to correct him.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      It’ none of any of our business but he has waived his own privacy by speaking in public on his political views.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      It’ none of any of our business but he has waived his own privacy by speaking in public on his political views

      We all have the right, the freedom, to talk about our voting preferences and why we have them. She does too, in public and in private with anyone she wants. The vote itself, the ballot, is private.

    • ann carter says:

      That she feels the need to explain Clint Eastwood’s position or beliefs to the interviewer or CHANGE Eastwood’s mind about anything he believes is EXACTLY THE POINT HE WAS MAKING IN THE INTERVIEW..
      This is AMERICA, we ALL have the RIGHT to be WRONG.
      If you don’t like it, don’t support him but please, PLEASE, SU and SIT DOWN.

      Disagreeing with you is not tantamount to hate.
      Disagreeing with the POTUS is not racist.
      God, we’re so ridiculous anymore.

  9. Dirty Martini says:

    Who doesn’t love Meryl? But why should she unfriend someone she has adored on multiple levels for decades over politics? That would make her anti-democracy and a shi11y human being. SMH. So she has a republican friend. So what? I have a friend who thinks Kanye West is a true artist.

    • AtlLady says:

      Meryl and Clint can be close friends without politics coming into the friendship. For goodness sake, James Carville and Mary Matalin got married in 1993 when he was working for the Clinton administration and she was working for the Republicans.

  10. Feebee says:

    I’m surprised she’s surprised but this election has surprised a lot of people about a lot of things. Of course she knew he was very political and conservative but I’ll give her she may not have realized he’d lost the plot entirely – even after the chair episode because Trump is so much more than an empty chair. He’s an empty human and that’s a bridge too far for most.

    There’s a certain type of person who gets uber cranky as they age. “Get off my lawn” or having ‘no f**ks left to give’ doesn’t even start to explain it. We all have a little arsehole in us that just explodes for some when they get old. (Ha, just read that back but I mean it) It might explain why he talks shit all the time now.

  11. Toxic Shock Avenger says:

    I straight-up nose-sprayed my drink at “I’ll have to correct that.” You go, Meryl. You do that. You let us know how that goes, girl.

    And for the record, I’m 120% on her side, and hope she corrects him with a set of micro-loan funded, Fair Trade nunchucks. I’m just really enjoying the thought of Clint Eastwood’s reaction to some broad correcting him.