“Charlie Hunnam keeps doing push-ups for a great cause” links


Charlie Hunnam & Lea Seydoux will be kissing in a new movie. Also, Charlie Hunnam keeps doing push-ups for the #22pushupchallenge. [LaineyGossip]
Shannen Doherty settled her lawsuit. [Dlisted]
Jay-Z & Beyonce look so cute in this photo. [JustJared]
Would Rihanna hook up with Justin Bieber? Um, no. [Celebslam]
Naya Rivera’s ensemble is… questionable. [Moe Jackson]
I hope George Clooney adopts another dog. [Wonderwall]
Lindsay Lohan is still wearing her engagement ring. [ICYDK]
What it’s like to watch your ex on Bachelor In Paradise. [XOJane]
Environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio drives a Range Rover. [IDLY]
I forgot that John Stamos show got canceled. [Seriously OMG WTF]
People went crazy for Kanye West’s clothes. [Socialite Life]

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19 Responses to ““Charlie Hunnam keeps doing push-ups for a great cause” links”

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  1. Lucy says:

    LOL, dream on, Bieber.

    • Tiffany says:

      I know, right? RiRi will destroy him and leave him in a puddle. That he will have to clean up.

  2. freebunny says:

    Are american people really impressed by Léa “I’m a real African” Seydoux or they just don’t know who she is?

    • Zuzus Girl says:

      I’ve only seen her in Blue Is The Warmest Color. I thought she was very good (considering what an ass the director was.) Don’t know anything about her off-screen. I guess she has had small parts in other film I have seen as well.

      P.S. Freebunny- I looked for that quote but could’t find it anywhere. What was the context?

      • freebunny says:

        It comes from a tv report about her with an interview.

        She said that she comes from the “école de la rue”, the school of the street when her family is super rich and owns the 2 biggest french movie studios. But she refuses to agree that it helped her.

        And she also said that when she sees an african woman she wants to eat chicken yassa.

        It became a national joke, then they did an other tv report (some PR damage control) where she was visiting Senegal and she said other tone deaf comments about how she feels african.

      • freebunny says:

        “Gorée is in my blood, tattooed in my flesh”.
        Gorée was the island where the slave ships leave Africa to go to the US.

        So yeah, Léa should get some PR lessons.

    • Sophie says:

      That TV report was filmed months before it aired (did you really think they compiled that whole thing in a couple of weeks because of some trolls on twitter?) and she said the smell of Yassa chicken reminds her of Senegal where she spent a lot of time as a kid. Hardly a big deal.

      Gorée is where her mother has lived for decades and where her older siblings were born. She’s allowed to feel a connection to that place without being from there FFS.

      • freebunny says:

        She’s the french Gwyneth Paltrow.
        Is she someone bad or racist? No.
        Is she super privileged and totally tone deaf? Yes.

      • Catherine says:

        The smell of burnt toast reminds me of Berlin in the world war…. you know cause of the Jewish people…..
        Am I an anti-semitist? No
        Am I super privileged and TOTALLY tone deaf? Duhh!!!!

        See hun I bet that would bother you, but since darling Lea said that about “African” people it’s considered OKAY!! Be VERY careful about your obvious uneducated soul next time… @freebunny

  3. Lolad says:

    Charlie should be a bigger star.

    • Carebare says:

      Yes and starring in some ridiculously dumb version of King Arthur and a movie where he plays a Mexican will definitely help.

    • justme says:

      He doesn’t want to be a mega star. Apparently, he’s happy with his career just the way it is. Not every actor wants to do Marvel/DC comics movies or works solely for the money.

  4. Sea Dragon says:

    Charlie just made my day. Omg. He crushed those push-ups. So fast! He’s really is delicious.

  5. kennedy says:

    God he is SO beautiful. Charlie Hunnam that is. Stoked for him to work with Doremus. I LOVED Like/Crazy.

    • Carebare says:

      I’m guessing you didn’t see Equals then? One of the most god awfully boring movies I’ve watched in years.

  6. my3cents says:

    HONK for Charlie!
    Also why is he not in the running for James Bond? I’m sure Bond would still be hot with low hung jeans and the swagger.

  7. Ramona Q. says:

    If Leo is a vegetarian (or vegan, even better), then he could drive a fleet of Hummers everyday and still be contributing in the most direct way to the earth’s healing and preservation.