Tara Reid: People tell me to eat a burger, they need to stop body shaming

'Sharknado: The 4th Awakens' Premiere - Arrivals
Tara Reid, 40, has been very thin for a few years, some say worryingly so. She’s had body image issues with botched liposuction, which she’s been open about in interviews. She’s also been more healthy looking in the past. She got people talking when she made an appearance at the Sharknado 4 premiere in a very sheer (fug) dress looking quite tiny. In some photos (one of which you can see above) she was hunched over a little so her shoulder bones were sticking out, which made her look even thinner. Tara has heard the complaints that she’s too thin and that she should eat a burger and she wants people to stop body shaming her.

After years of being under fire for being too skinny, Tara Reid speaks out to In Touch magazine in a new exclusive interview about her body.

“I feel great about my body. People always tell me to eat a burger — I love burgers! If I were to gain 10 pounds, I’d be asked why I got fat. I’m thin — and I’m good with that,” Tara admits to In Touch.

“People need to stop with the body shaming!” declares the American Pie actress. “I won’t let what anyone says stop me from enjoying my life.”

Known for her party girl reputation, Tara admits, “I like to have fun when I’m not working. But I’m professional while I’m at work, and I’ve never been in trouble or arrested, so I don’t deserve it!”

“I truly feel I need to constantly prove myself in this business. I’ve done 46 movies, and it’s still tough to get roles when you’re misunderstood and judged,” she says of her misconstrued reputation.

“I’ve learned to not take things too seriously,” Tara tells In Touch, “and that not everyone is going to love you.”

[From In Touch]

I sort-of get it. In no way am I near Tara’s size but when I lost weight people made rude comments to me about it, and I’ve heard disparaging things. It’s surely not even close to what larger people deal with although telling someone to “eat a burger” is about as helpful as telling a big person to “eat less.” Thin people have feelings too and it shouldn’t be acceptable to body shame them. That said, Tara’s statement about gaining ten pounds kind of explains things. If Tara gained ten pounds no one would call her fat like she’s claiming, they would be saying she looks healthier with the added weight. Also, Tara sounds a little bit like Lindsay Lohan right? “It’s still tough to get roles when you’re misunderstood and judged.” That’s not why she’s not getting roles.

In the photo below Tara’s elbow is not really crepey, that’s just the nude netting of her dress. The same thing happened to Meg Ryan recently.

Celebrities Attend "Sharknado 4: Awakens"  Premiere In Las Vegas, Nevada

'Sharknado: The 4th Awakens' Premiere - Arrivals

'Sharknado: The 4th Awakens' Premiere - Arrivals

photos credit: WENN and FameFlynet

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  1. Katie says:

    So telling someone to eat a burger isn’t very nice but can we stop calling it body shaming if people express genuine concern about an unhealthy appearance?

    • Don't kill me I'm French says:


    • justme says:

      Thank you. She’s a mess and she looks like a mess. That she even gets any work astounds me.

    • Flowerchild says:

      Do you hold the same opinion if people express genuine concern for those who are over weight?b

      What the opinion/concern of an anonymous person online really going to do for Tara or anyone else? That like a group of people at your job you don’t know gossiping about your weight, who is that going to help anyone?

      • Kate says:

        There is a difference between tearing someone to pieces for being over/underweight and just expressing concern. Sure, there are body shamers out there. And yes I would absolutely express concern for the health of someone overweight, especially if the weight gain was recent and extreme.
        But labeling every single thing as “shaming” doesn’t help anyone either. It waters down the definition and takes away any meaning the word has. It also shuts down any possibility of conversation in regards to eating disorders or unhealthy habits

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      Sure, but there is an argument to be made that random strangers gossiping amongst ourselves about her appearance in order to entertain ourselves is not a particularly “genuine” concern.

      Someone who cares about her should be talking to her in person.

      Hundreds of random strangers talking *about* her is functionally equivalent to body shaming, regardless of whether we intended it to be.

  2. Don't kill me I'm French says:

    Am I going to body shaming her if I writes ” stop cocaine/crack “?

    • Bishg says:


    • Trashaddict says:

      On the money- And girl, you look like a 60 year old. Sorry, that dress is not flattering on you.

    • Sarah says:

      I thought that too. She looks skinny (slim) but considering her past (drug use), I don’t think this is from exercise. And her face looks like she done surgery or fillers or something. So overall, I don’t get the feeling she is taking care of herself.

  3. QQ says:

    Gracious.. these pics.. the teeth her face… is like parts of different people none of them Called Tara.. Sorry, she just looks so ODD

    • HH says:

      Her teeth… wow.

    • tegteg says:

      It’s unsettling…. :/ Her distended stomach reminds me of those starving children commercials. She is clearly unhealthy.

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        That is what caught may attention. Approaching skeletal, but no concave abdomen. It is convex- either alcoholic liver disease or malnutrition. Or both.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      No talent may be the clue to the “not getting any work thing”

      • Sarah says:

        Truly. She was never a “thespian”. She was like Tori Spelling – she got her lines right, hit her mark properly but was otherwise pretty wooden. I don’t mean to be harsh but there it is.

    • arock says:

      the whole thing is a mess. she looks like shes wearing her grandmas nylons as a dress.

  4. paolanqar says:

    Leave the weight alone… but Those teeth are the stuff nightmares are made of.

  5. Tris says:

    Can I teeth-shame her? As in, WTF is with the dark yellow back teeth and bright white caps in front? No, probably not.

    • Clare says:

      I think it’s when people have their canines ‘built up’ with whatever magic tooth resin they use to reshape ones teeth, they can no longer be ‘whitened’ with whitening toothpaste, whitening strips or whatever, whereas the natural teeth can. I have this issue, too, where 2 of my teeth have been built up by the dentist (2 baby teeth at 32, so built up to look ‘normal’ sized’) and they are always a shade darker than my other teeth which are whitened by my regular toothpaste…does that make any sense?

    • Linda says:

      I don’t like when people teeth shame. I am so self conscious about my teeth that I don’t smile much. I am 61 years old. Up until the time I was 3 years old I had many, many bouts of pnuemonia. I was given tetracycline antibiotics many times.It was later discovered that it totally wrecked the tooth enamel. My teeth are dark through and through.No matter how you try it is impossible to whiten them. I live in Canada. It would be about $50,000 to cap them which I can’t afford. I know she is a celebrity and could afford to fix her teeth but not everybody can easily have white teeth.

  6. ell says:

    i think there’s a difference between body shaming, and actual concern when someone is at an unhealthy weight, both in terms of being too thin or too fat. ‘eat a burger’, ‘you look like a 12 year old boy’, ‘real women have curves’ etc are all body shaming comments, so i agree with her in that sense, and also tbf it’s nobody’s business to point out someone else’s weight.

    however i do think we should be more open when it comes to eating disorders, they seem to be such a taboo still, but it’s important to discuss them.

    • Alexi says:

      Well said, agree completely. Eating disorders are an epidemic for sure, and a requirement in Hollywood.

    • Oh dear says:

      I have to agree with you. I certainly feel ashamed when someone asks me or comments about my weight, as if I’m abnormal and disgusting. Just because I don’t fit their ideal of what is normal or healthy, which I am according to my doctor. My whole family is skinny.. These comments have kind of made me conscious about eating in public because I now feel like people expect me not to finish my meal or go to the bathroom straight after!

      I don’t think some people are aware of their “concerned” comments and their potentially detrimental effect.

      It is especially hard to feel any “concern” when it comes from people commenting on a picture online. It’s mostly strangers who, if you actually engage in a discussion, are 90% of the time not concerned but just want to make you feel bad so they can feel better about themselves. It’s so sad.

      I understand that the discourse regarding eating disorders should be open and possible without being offensive but most of the times there is this big taboo of discussing the eating disorders larger people may have. Obesity is such a bit problem yet we don’t call out as many celebrities for being “fat” than we do for being “skinny”. Because when you state “concern” for a fat person you are immediately called a body shamer.

      Would be nice if all eating disorders could be discussed in equal measure, because not all fat and skinny people suffer from one.

      • sunny says:

        Why do you allow other people to make you feel bad about yourself? Not trying to be mean but I don’t get it. Who cares what other people think? You know they’re doing it to make you feel bad so they feel better…don’t give them what they want! This may not help you but personally when I figured out how much of society was structured to make people full of insecurities, I chose to just not play that game. Insecure people make fantastic consumers and many people get rich from selling products and surgeries to them, and it doesn’t fix anything, it just makes them rich and you poor. It’s all about making money off of misery which is imo, disgusting so I don’t participate. It may not be so rational for most, there’s probably a big emotional component but that makes it even more vile.

  7. Bridget says:

    I’m calling shenanigans. No one’s telling her anything.

  8. Clare says:

    I honestly don’t think she deserves to be compared to Lindsay Lohan. I know I know they both love a little holiday on a yacht with random euro trash, but Tara has not been in trouble with the law, and is nowhere near as obnoxious and or entitled as the Kraken.

  9. Trillion says:

    Can we talk about that dress? She looks like she just emerged from a two week ordeal in a swamp.

  10. Red says:

    May we “teeth-shame” her? Those brown TEEFS! Can she not afford toothpaste???

  11. Alexi says:

    please Tara eat a damn double cheeseburger every day! She used to be attractive in that very annoying high school popular cheerleader look. She had a nice body and face. Now…..first off, she’s MASSIVELY anorexic. Her body in bikini looks likes 90 year olds sadly. I personally don’t know how anorexics even function being that thin. If I don’t eat I get a massive migraine. Besides, like. Karen Carpenter, the french model Elizabeth Caro, the Brazilian modeling sisters (clearly I need more coffee today – anorexia and eating disorders kill. It’s a form of suicide in a way and a real illness. So my heart goes out to Tara and others. And how does she drink like crazy at this weight?? Anyways…besides the concerning body issues, she’s becoming a bit shark – nado in the face….the uber big top lip injection….and the teeth. It’s unreal to me how genetically blessed women a la Courtney Cox,and even Tara, screw with the good looks they were given. My prediction is she will morph into Shauna Sand at this rate. It would be awesome if she got her life together, her head screwed on straight, and did some true indie films to show us if she can really act rather than be a Barbie-esque persona. She’s not well and I do wish her the best….

  12. Grant says:

    She has the body of a 65 year old woman.

    • arock says:

      shes our generations Sally Kirkland

      • chaine says:

        c’mon, that’s so mean. Sally Kirkland was an Oscar nominee, and won a Golden Globe and some other legit awards. Tara Reid doesn’t have that kind of capital to back her up.

  13. CareBear says:

    She looks like what she is….a sad 40 year old lady clinging onto her lifestyle from her 20s. Look at her in that sad sad dress…so desperate for attention, in denial that she can’t pull that kind of look off anymore. What happens when women like this reach 50? Do they all become desperate Madonnas?

  14. hey-ya says:

    ….after all no-one gets told to sober up or quit snorting…so she’s probably got a point…

  15. Lucky jane says:

    I just can’t say anything about what this one looks like. She has got issues that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. She had a lot of plastic surgery that she didn’t need when she was young. Someone was saying the other day that a lot of these plastic surgeons would basically make up extra things that these women should get done. Maybe that happened to her. There was nothing wrong with her. I just think it’s sad.

  16. dq says:

    All I see is “I am almost at my goal weight of 0!!! I am in denial and/or blatantly refuse to face my eating disorder/body dysmorphic disorder! I don’t see myself as skinny ENOUGH, I can’t eat a burger!!! I’ll bloat me and make me feel fat!!!!”

    -From someone whose recovered.

    I feel bad for her, have for a while. Some people are naturally skinny and she is not one of them. She looks starved and I feel like her mind has been deeply affected by her malnutrition, on top of whatever mental health problems she has. She’ been wasting for years now.

  17. chaine says:

    SMH. I don’t think being “misunderstood and judged” is why she doesn’t get roles… She can’t act, she’s not appropriately youthful or conventionally attractive any more for the types of roles she used to play, and her personal life is a hot mess, which probably melts over into her work on set.

    Let’s face it, it’s likely the only reason she even got Sharknado is that the producers of a low-budget, ridiculous monster movie correctly calculated that they would get more viewers if they had a star who was a bad actress but with name recognition than a good actress who was Mary Smith that no one has ever heard of. People tuned in to see the humiliation of her and Ian Ziering as their careers were reduced to battling flying shark CGI.

  18. ava says:

    One time I was walking down the street with a friend of mine, and some guys in a car yelled ” go eat a burger skinny bitches”. My friend was strangely flattered and amused by that, but I have really low self esteem so it was kind of hurtful. I have problems showing my legs ever since!
    Anyway, I know I look unhealthy skinny to other people, but that’s because I have a really thin bone structure. In fact, if you saw me in a bikini you’d see I even have a pudgy belly. So I agree with Tara sometimes that kind of comment is not only really cruel and hurtful, but also very unnecessary!

    • Flowerchild says:

      This is why I don’t comment on people’s bodies celebrities or not. I do believe Tara belly seems to come from alcohol abuse sadly.