Justin Bieber & Sofia Richie celebrate Sofia’s 18th birthday in Mexico


Neither a big blowout with Selena Gomez nor a rumored relationship with Bronte Blampied did anything to diminish the romance between Justin Bieber and girlfriend du jour, Sofia Richie. Sofia turned eighteen last Wednesday and to celebrate, Bieber whisked her away for a “Getaway” at the luxury resort Las Ventanas al Paraíso. While there, they indulged in the beautiful surrounding with a whole bunch of PDA. Sofia’s Snapchat and the paparazzi caught a passionate make-out session and Bieber’s bum when his shorts somehow dropped low enough to expose it – happens to all of us, right?

The “Let Me Love You” singer, 22, and the model — who turned 18 on Wednesday, August 24 — departed on a private jet together from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas on Friday, August 26.

Richie documented the flight with a series of Snapchat posts. In one pic, she sipped on what appears to be a glass of soda. “Getaway,” she captioned the shot. She also shared a video of Bieber running back and forth on the jet in an attempt to make his new lady laugh.

A source tells Us that the new couple are spending the weekend at Las Ventanas al Paraíso, a luxury Rosewood resort.

Shortly after arriving in Cabo, Richie (who is the daughter of Lionel Richie and the younger sister of Nicole Richie) gushed about the first night of the pair’s lovey-dovey vacation on Snapchat. She uploaded a picture of a table decorated with red roses and candles (displayed in the shape of a heart, of course).

The next day, the duo enjoyed some rest and relaxation while basking in the sunlight. “Happy,” the teen beauty captioned a Snapchat photo of a lounge chair and towels outside of the luxury resort.

[From US Weekly]

I once worked for a rival Cabo San Lucas luxury property. Granted it was years ago but Las Ventanas was quite haughty about the fact that they refused to cater to celebrities. They never announced who vacationed with them, refused to comp a stay for anyone and actively policed for journalists and paparazzi. The former competitor in me is kind of relishing in what looks like a plug gone wrong.

Why we were treated to Bieber’s backside is up for debate. Either he forgot how pants work again or something much steamier was going on. Claims of a leaked sex tape plagued Twitter under the hashtag #justinsextapeleakedparty on Sunday. Rumors say the two young lovers were caught in the act when the pics were taken. So far, mercifully, it remains a rumor and no tape has surfaced yet. I hope Sofia got all the memories she wanted from her birthday excursion because according to The Daily Mail, that is all she and Bieber will be soon: a memory. The relationship, which evolved from running “in the same circles for years,” is just a dalliance for Bieber who simply does not have room in his schedule for a lasting relationship. I hope Sofia knows this. Whatever the case, it doesn’t sound like we should bother ourselves coming up with a portmanteau for these two.

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Photo credit: WENN and Fame/Flynet Photos and Instagram

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  1. Gadel says:

    Where are her parents?

    • Qjoi says:

      I was thinking the same thing, Gadel. When I was 18, it didn’t mean that in my household I was considered an adult and could do whatever I wanted. Though that’s how I was raised so I guess to each his own. But geez I can’t help but think how my parents would have snatched me from that plane so fast…and probably by the hair.

      • SKF says:

        Huh? In most countries she’s a legal adult now, that’s a bit overboard! I mean, if she’s still at high school that’s a different matter; but otherwise, why shouldn’t she go on a weekend trip away with her boyfriend? I mean, this trip is safer than most weekend trips are at that age! I personally question her taste in men but we all make bad decisions in love when we’re young, it’s part of the learning process!

      • Ange says:

        Hahaha whaaaat? I think when your kid is old enough to move away for college or enlist in the army they’re old enough to go away for the weekend. At my 18th I don’t think I made it home that weekend at all (granted I could drink but still!).

    • Zip says:

      Looking at the white diaper she is wearing they must be with her on that trip.

    • Lama Bean says:

      My first question was exactly that. Lionel, come get your kid.

  2. thaliasghost says:

    The only thought I had with this nepotism thing is that at least I’m thankful for somebody like Bieber bringing fresh meat in? In 30 years we’ll have, in addition to “Richtie children”, the offspring of Bieber being written about. Half of showbiz and the writing about it is already made up out of children, siblings, nieces of people successful in the industry.

  3. Mia4S says:

    I only clicked to say that I thought the cover photo for this story was Adam Sandler! So over stories about this little loser.

  4. Bishg says:

    A couple of years ago Sofia guest-starred on a few episodes of Candidly Nicole (a silly reality show inspired by Nicole Richie’s tweets, it was my guilty pleasure!). I remember thinking that she sounded every bit like a spoiled little brat who had grown up in entitlement and privilege.
    Lionel made a couple of appearances on the show too and he came off like a responsible parent who was truly concerned about his kids’well-being and had been really burnt by Nicole’s turbulent past. I guess he is not after all.
    Rumour has Sofia has become a yacht girl and is already into d***s. Hard not to believe those rumours when you see her jetting around the world with Justin the douche-bag.

    • Original T.C. says:

      Seriously ladies enough about this Yatch girl business. She was an under age girl not an adult woman who signs up to be an escort. You should be shaming the Yatch men if they had anything to do with an underage teenager.

      • Bishg says:

        I am not shaming her at all. I don’t even know how you could read that into my comment.
        I am expressing my (personal) concern and discomfort at an underage girl spending time travelling abroad, with no supervision by any family member/trusted adult whatsoever, canoodling with a popstar who’s been repeatedly in trouble with the law.

      • Ellie66 says:

        Whats a “yacht girl” is there “yacht boys” as well? Hookers? 😂

    • La Ti Da says:

      What the heck is a “yacht girl”? And “d***s” has too many letters left out, is that drugs, d*cks, d*kes, etc. If its drugs, why not write “drugs”? The other two options are perfectly normal for a 18 yr old with a healthy sex drive, drugs however are a problem, but don’t need to be censored. I’m seriously perplexed by this comment!

  5. antipodean says:

    Pearls before swine! When the apocalypse arrives, and if these displays are anything to go by, these wastes of skin will be among the first to be attended to to by the horsemen! It can’t come too soon for these entitled brats.