Tom Hiddleston got Priyanka Chopra’s digits at the Emmys Governors Ball


With all of the Emmy campaigning, perceived Emmy campaigning and a summer full of Tiddlebanging, I did expect Tom Hiddleston to be a bigger deal at the Emmys. At the very least, I expected some pointed jokes about Tiddles. But it didn’t happen. Tom seemed to walk the red carpet with Hugh Laurie, Olivia Coleman and Susanne Bier (the director/producer of The Night Manager), and only Bier walked away with an Emmy win. Which was fine with me – TNM was well-directed and smart, and it’s always great to see a woman win for directing. Still, I was genuinely happy that Courtney B. Vance won instead of Hiddles. I also thought it was funny that after all of that campaigning, TNM ended up with the same number of Emmys (one) as Sherlock: The Abominable Bride. The Sherlock people didn’t campaign for anything.

So what did happen with Hiddles-at-the-Emmys? He wore a smart Gucci tuxedo. He looked sort of tired. He co-presented with Priyanka Chopra. There were actually some rumors that Tom and Priyanka were getting “flirty” with each other at the Governor’s Ball:

When The Night Manager star and Priyanka Chopra presented an award Sunday night at the 2016 Emmys, viewers couldn’t help but notice the pair participating in a little twirl as they made their way to the microphone. Perhaps it was just two Hollywood stars trying to make a cute moment at an A-list gathering. Or maybe you’d like to hear what went down at the Governor’s Ball. Multiple eyewitnesses tell E! News that the pair was “openly flirting with each other” at the Emmys after-party in between snapping selfies and mingling with guests.

“Tom had his arm around her and held her close. Afterwards, Tom and Priyanka talked closely and were holding hands at one point for a few moments,” our insider said. “Priyanka fixed Tom’s bow-tie and then the two kissed on both cheeks.”

We’re told Priyanka gave her phone to Tom who then gave his phone to her. They proceeded to put their phone numbers in each other’s phones before embracing in a “long hug” and “several kisses on the cheek.”

“Priyanka and Tom said goodbye and she told him that she will see him later,” our source shared. “They left the event about a minute after each other.”

[From E! News]

Well well. If Tom ends up with an Indian actress, that will be fascinating. My guess is that it won’t really go anywhere, just because I’ve covered many of her interviews over the past year, and she seems to be a workaholic. They just wouldn’t have the time to build a relationship. Still… maybe some hot sex?

Incidentally, People Magazine did ask Tom directly about Taylor Swift. They asked him if he and Taylor are “still friends” and he replied “Yes. Yes, we are.” I’m getting a “terse” vibe, but what do I know?

Priyanka’s dress was Jason Wu. It was an amazing color on her, but I hate the way it’s cut around her bust. Great lipstick too.





Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Cilian says:

    I think they would look great together. I’ve seen priyanka in a couple of Bollywood movies, she’s a great actress. Even though quantico is Mediocre.

    • tasha says:

      agreed. they would look good together.

    • kennedy says:

      I enjoy her in Bollywood films. She doesn’t necessarily have to stretch her acting muscle as much – and she’s obviously much more comfortable speaking Hindi. Her acting on Quantico is so bad – especially the emotional scenes.

      Totally random but I love that she has asymmetrical nostrils. I’m a total nose person – especially since I HATED my nose for years and finally got a rhinoplasty a year ago. I had somewhat asymmetrical nostrils pre surgery but I find it more noticeable now post-op. My nose looks very similar to hers and I just love that she rocks it and oddly enough, it makes me like mine more lol.

  2. Cat87 says:

    I think Tom should be a single man right now. But is it me, or does his pants seem extremely tight?

  3. Marcy says:

    I thought she had an Indian boyfriend?

  4. Marcy says:

    Celebrity events is like Tom’s version of Tinder maybe can call it twirl-a-pr-gf lol.

  5. Rocio says:

    She’s a bombshell but he’s bland. I can’t imagine hot sex, maybe crying sex and some pillow talk about how Tay Tay destroying his reputation. Run, Priyanka!

  6. Spiderpig says:

    Oh my, I met Tom’s mum yesterday.

    Lovely lady. Someone’s Shake it Off ringtone went off and everyone froze then pretended it hadn’t happened.

  7. Sixer says:

    Pfft. He won’t be dating Priyanka. He’s going to retreat straight back into the some things are sacred schtick and hope like crazy that nobody ever susses out the identity of any of his dates ever, ever again.

    And every time he romanticises this as chivalric gallantry in an interview, we are all going to shout FORGET THE PANTS, YOUR PAPER KNICKERS ARE ON FIRE. Well, I will, cos I’m mean like that.

  8. Bee says:

    He campaigned for a nomination so hard because he uses these events to pick up chicks.

  9. grabbyhands says:

    I’m honestly shocked Taylor didn’t do some dramatic pap stroll or other stunt right before or during the ceremony.

    I have a feeling any Priyanka Chopra romance rumors are just hopeful PR deflection by his team.

    • MI6 says:

      Exactly right, Grabby.
      Maybe there’s some truth to the flirting, but GREAT PR strategy.
      Taylor who?

  10. Leah says:

    I think she has a boyfriend. I bet Hiddleston was just engaging in typical luvvie behaviour. A lot of the tactile behaviour he had with women like Chastain which people misread as something more was just him being a typical London theatre luvvie.

  11. Jess1632 says:

    That twirl she did coming onto the stage w Tom was magical! All eyes were on her and that dress

  12. Naya says:

    She would never. First, she is well out of his league and second, I dont think she is “down to PR”. Taylor was the perfect girl for him but they had to eff it up by being so extra with their obvious publicity whoring. Priyanka was probably just being charitable to his pitiful ass.

    • Luca76 says:

      This all day

    • Size Does Matter says:

      “Down to PR”


    • Bonzo says:

      Yeah, she’s not high enough on the celebrity ladder for Tom to be interested in for more than a casual hookup. She might be willing to give him a sympathy bang.

      I will say that she’s is drop dead gorgeous and definitely makes him look better than TayTay did.

    • Ananya says:

      I am from India and it is well known here that Priyanka has slept her way to Bollywood and to get roles..she will be very much ‘down for whatever’, she will gladly take such PR as he is still a legit Hollywood star with a Marvel contract and she has small role in baywatch remake..he is out of her league if anything.

      • popup says:

        Well, I’ll hold my breath on the “sleeping her way to the top” story line, but I don’t get the “she’s too classy for him” rebuttal. She’s a former pageant queen and Bollywood star who unabashedly twirled on the red carpet and on the Emmys stage. She seems fun and like she was enjoying her moment in the sun — not “too elegant.”

      • Spiderpig says:

        It’s amazing the amount of complete fanfiction that is “well known”…

      • Ananya says:

        @spiderpig: Are you from Mumbai? She has wrecked a lot of couples marriages here right from her paegent days to movie days, gone through a couple of abortions and ofcourse plastic surgery..thats why very few people like her here. US and US-TV is a fresh start for her as she can be the exotic one and twirl…

      • Naya says:

        So to summarise;
        1) she slept with people to get jobs
        2) she homewrecked “a lot” of marriages
        3) had abortions
        4) is not a “natural beauty”.
        So basically every possible tabloid smear reserved for women?

        Even if I were the kind of person to believe such a tall list, she would still be too good for him. How about that.

      • Crox says:

        @ Naya: Ananya’s got a point, tho.

        Everything negative we know about these celebrities is actually from tabloid stories. They can be completely made up, or misinterpretations, but that goes for all of them – Priyanka, Tom, Taylor, whoever.

        Tom – according to some – smeared his reputation because tabloids wrote a bunch of negative stories about him and Taylor. Remember, the claim he called tabloids himself is also a tabloid claim (but not from the source they allegedly called so it’s not conformation). And don’t say “but it’s obvious”, because that’s a standard line in gossip as well.

        And same goes for Priyanka. Tabloids will print bad things about her and the public will hate her. Nobody cares if they’re made-up or contradictory, just like they didn’t care wit Taylor and Tom. So if Priyanka has worse tabloid stories than Tom in her past, she is not in a better position, no matter how many of them come from misogyny and nothing else.

        If she gets more famous in Hollywood, her Bollywood past (or fiction) will catch up with her. And again, the tabloids will not care if it’s even true.

      • Noir says:

        @ananya U seem to b PR of some jealous hindi movie…So much venom in ur posts against PC.

      • mridha says:

        I only know about akshy kumer and shahrukh khan. twinkle forbade akshy to ever work with her. and after all those years we never saw them together onscreen. and she had mysterious 3 am meeting with srk with photo evidence. I don’t know about abortions and don’t care about plastic surgeries.

      • Naya says:

        @Crox Tom and Taylors PR troubles come down to how mainstream outlets picked up their drama and subsequently legitimized the stories. And many of them didnt just pick it up, they put a comical spin on it. In other words, people who wouldnt be caught dead reading In Touch caught the story on Daily Beast. And people who detest the mean spirited nature of tabloid tales, were able to get past that by excusing this as just good natured ribbing of an extremely privileged white dude who will always score some kind of work, even if it isnt A list material.

        None of this applies to Priyanka. These types of vicious character assassinations rarely take root in the mainstream. And make no mistake, there is no big name actress who hasnt faced some kind of iteration of these type of scarlet letter rumors in tabloids or random blogs. None. (Ok, maybe Priyanka is unique with that abortion thing. Who the hell cares what she does with her uterus and who would even claim to know such a thing much less repeat it). Anyway, these kind of stories almost never cross into the mainstream even when there is blatant proof e.g. Claire Danes. As long as thats the case these allegations will have neglible impact on Priyankas public image.

      • Crox says:

        I used the word tabloid for all possible sites that published the stories, including this one. The point was that none of it is confirmed, only rumours.

        But based on what Ananya said, it’s the same with Priyanka in Bollywood. The “knowledge” of her antics escaped the tabloids into business. I’ve since checked other sites and there are big rumours about her not being allowed to work with another actor, “supported” by the fact that has really never again happened (edit to add: I see somebody above me mentioned this too). I don’t know how much of this is true, I don’t like Bollywood productions at all and don’t know who these people are, but the fact I was so easily able to find it means that stories about her already escaped Bollywood and small tabloids. And these stories are worse than those about Tom. He is a thirsty doofus, she is, according to what I’ve just read, a thirsty homewrecker who’s also unprofessional.

        As I said before: the only reason we don’t know much about this is because she’s really not that famous yet in the West. Nobody is digging. If they start, she’s in a worse position. She literally has worse reputation than him, if you only bother to Google a minute.

        And again, I didn’t say I believe the stories. Only that I was able to find them with extraordinary ease. So no, not just small Bollywood gossip anymore.

      • Kkkkkatie says:

        “…she has small role in baywatch remake…”

        And “only” her own hit TV show.

      • Ananya says:

        @noir – LOL then everyone here providing examples are all PR folks? haha..I am providing an inside view from India on a predominantly western website, do you mind that? I dont think most people here are so close minded to not even here a local opinion (local for Priyanka)
        Mridha has given names of top actors with whom she had affairs..I didnt because I figured most people here may not know who these men are.
        Naya- These are not character assassinations, these are what belong to her past in India..she got blackballed here and moved to US and the idea that in America such things are not mainstream..ofcourse they are – dont people discuss divorces, affairs etc? Only in India divorces are not all that common even today and the people she tried to home wreck (equal fault of the men too, no doubt) stayed married but pushed her out… not so great for her eventually but thats not a good legacy anyway.
        Also check her completely flop reddit AMA, then maybe you will get some idea. She is not an Ideal Indian woman…far from it! Not even a good actress..please google Nandita Das, Vidya Balan etc. for some strong indian acting performances in the mainstream.

      • Crox says:

        I also wanted to add, that the original question was is she too good for him, which some think she is, based on his antics (that were upped by tabloids and gossip sites and escaped into mainstream). Then an Indian woman writes that Priyanka’s tabloids and gossip sites, that also escaped into mainstream AND business, reputation is no better. It’s actually worse.

        So based only on news stories, because that’s what all of these shenanigans are, it’s weird to go down “too good for” route.

        Also, don’t underestimate Bollywood. I don’t like the films but even I know it’s a huge deal. I think it surpassed Hollywood in audience. If it didn’t, it’s close.

      • Naya says:

        @Crox “I used the word tabloid for all possible sites that published the stories, including this one.” You shouldnt. Theres a massive difference between People and In Touch which is why one is considered an entertainment news outlet and the other a tabloid. That difference lies in the level of public credibility they hold as well as the number of readers they attract. In any case the example I used, is neither. Daily Beast is one of the most respected general news sites, it was until last year owned by Newsweek. People dont click that site to read about the latest celebrity couple and yet Hiddleswift made it through, in a bunch of particularly snarky think pieces. If Daily Beast doesnt jazz you then lets substitute it with The Guardian. You will agree that it has a more mainstream reach than In Touch. And yet they devoted space to mock a few Hiddleswift moments. So my question to you is this. Do you think they would ever in a million years save space to repeat these type of smears on Piryanka? Do you see Stephen Colbert and James Corden performing skits for millions of viewers about Piryankas alleged “whoring” as they did for Hiddleswift? Do you see British breakfast show hosts declaring her to be “fake” as hey did Hiddleswift? Do you see a satirical puppet show like Newzoids making a Priyana puppet for the sole intention of exploiting the rumors? If you can answer yes to half of these then the smears may actually penetrate the mainstream. You cant though, because like I said, no serious editor or producer would waste time repeating this type of stuff.

        If we pretend for a second that “entertainment news” outlets like US or People would run it, you still have to ask yourself how many scarlet letter rumors have sunk into the public consciousness in the last decade? One. Angelina Jolie and that was an extraordinary situation where you had three extremely big stars in their own right and the “dumped” was also star of the worlds biggest sitcom at the time. Also, there was no deniability, no claiming that the relationship was a fiction since Angie actually married the guy.

        If Indian outlets want to cannabilise their own back home thats on them. It will never penetrate Western markets in any meaningful way. At best it will remain in lower tier supermarket tabloids that most of us rolll our eyes at. Its never going mainstream. Ever. So in conclusion, as far as most Americans are concerned Tom is a member of the most mocked celebrity coupling since Tomkat and thats their first introduction to him. Thats an undeniable image problem. Piryanka is a beautiful Indian actress who has managed to cross over and thats about all. Her image is just fine.

      • Crox says:

        @Naya. The reason why I only said “tabloids” was not to be too wordy. No matter how many paragraphs we write about it, it’s still tabloids making a huge deal out of nothing and then serious news letters picking it up. It means rubbish source no matter who prints it.

        Would those you mentioned smear Priyanka for her rumoured Bollywood flaws? If she were more famous here, yes, I bet they would (not the abortions, but stuff like homewrecking definitely). According to our Indian friends, it happened there. She’s relatively unknown here so she wasn’t picked up. Hiddleston wouldn’t be either if Taylor wasn’t so famous. And bare in mind Hiddleston is still much more famous than Priyanka.

        But I wasn’t even talking about that, I was talking about who is out of whose league (something you mentioned in the OP) and how Priyanka, as golden as she appears in the West, actually has more baggage in Bollywood than Hiddleston has here, as explained by Ananya and what I was able to find in a minute of Googling. Which means calling her too good for him (or her out of his league) is comical. Not because of their images, but because of who we believe they are if we apply the same standards of belief/disbelief in the news to both of them.

        That’s all.

        P.S. I agree that she’s beautiful and that her image here is fine. But it appears she’s not such a shining star as we are led to believe. For her own sake, I hope these rumours stay in India.

      • Sammy says:

        I have to agree with Ananya. Chopra has a very bad rep in India and while people may call that gossip, a lot of us also dont like here because:
        1.Her sudden fake accent
        2.Her claim to be au-naturale (really thats hilarous- though her surgeon must be brilliant, she does look great now)
        3.Her person of color related interviews (girl next door can be brown etc etc) when she endorses whiteness/fairness creams back in India
        4.Her running away from India after being blackballed (

      • Crox says:

        Housewives of Bollywood lobby? Are they wives of Bollywood stars? It’s amazing they exist as some sort of (informal?) organisation and that their influence reaches all the way to producers. I like the idea of that, heh.

      • Naya says:

        “Not because of their images, but because of who we believe they are if we apply the same standards of belief/disbelief in the news to both of them”

        But the public will never meet these people, our perception of them is entirely based on their public images. Those images are shaped by different outlets in varying degrees. As I keep trying to explain, mainstream outlets like the Guardian have greater credibility and reach than celebrity news like People and that in turn more credibility and reach than Star. We cant even apply the same standards of belief and disbelief for the fact that none of these allegations about Piryanka afaik have even entered the lowest tier of our outlets. If they ever do, they are unlikely to rise to the second tier for reasons explained. Tom however is presently sitting pretty on that top tier. Ergo he is baggage ridden, she is not. At least not in the West. Case in point, I actually follow gossip and I had never heard any of these whore tales. If as we stand, most Westerners are like me, her image is pristine and she needs to protect it from Toms soiled one (at least for now, obviously Tom will eventually be forgiven)

      • Meg D says:

        I don’t care what she does with her vagina, the vitriol and the fact it seems to be 99% based on slut-shaming Is disgusting.

        Some of the stuff said about her (like her advertising whiteners) is legit, but it’s being lost in the flood of “burn the hoor” type posts.

        It’s flat out vile that someone would use abortion rumours to smear someone. If she was in a position where she needed an abortion, that is sad for her that she had to undergo such an unpleasant experience. But it’s private, unless she chooses to share it with the world (some famous women have chosen to go public with the fact they have had abortions and they are very brave).

      • Sammy says:

        @Crox: Housewives of bollywood is not a group lol, but a group of close knit friends 2 of whose husbands happen to be the biggest male actors here. SO they have , one can say, clout.

        @Meg D: I agree we should not care about Priyanka personal life but her penchant for married men is disturbing. And she was a hit actor who overnight lost roles because of powerful banning by the actors wives..surely there must be some fire to create all that smoke..In India alot of media now says that Priyanka is better suited for the West as the people there have loose morals :O BUt most educated folks here dont have such close minded views…surely home wrecking is bad in US too (as also seen by the hate on Leann rimes on this site)

        @Naya: Well I think you are stuck on ‘respectable’ outlets where Crox has highlighted it better that it really is dependent on the level of fame… Priyanaka is simply not that known in the west for magazines or any outlet to dig into her so for now its superficial ‘wow exotic beauty’ type articles…And I dont know about LA but its fairly easy to cross paths with actors in Mumbai and to know some inside news..its just that very few times does the media actually print damaging reports about actors , so the fact that Priyanka’s antics got so much reporting is also due to her making a lot of people angry and choosing the top most actors to cheat with…else it was always an open secret here but the media coverage and her blackballing made her leave

    • anon says:


      let’s see:

      Taylor writes revenge songs vs priyanka sleeps for jobs.

      Taylor lies about kenye and priyanka is a homewrcker.

      both are PR hungry.

      look at the backlash Tom got for getting together with Taylor and now look at the above comparison. Taylor looks like saint against priyanka.

      Anyways I will be happy if Priyanka thinks she is too high for Tom and leaves him alone.

      • Ananya says:

        @Anon: good comparison.. Taylor for all her faults atleast only used her parents money to suceed and works hard to sustain that success. Though her fake relationships and victim-mode are pathetic.

        Priyanka too used her family money, but being a miss India she had no reason to sleep to the top but she did anyway and is now whitewashing her image for the American audience who probably dont know much about her.
        @Naya- in Priyanka’s case it is not tabloid smear , its simply that perhaps being in the US you all dont know all the major news about her. She was practically blacklisted from the Bollywood industry for homewrecking and off she went to the US..she has a great PR team there though one has to admit. But her new persona is laugable especially her being natural, since she endorsed ‘fairness’ creams here in India (even if we forget the tons of surgery she underwent as most actors do it, endorsement of fairness creams is pathetic). I personally can stand a bad actor (which she is) but not a woman who uses horizontal charms to get to the top …

        Tom for all his fame -hunger is way too good for her

      • mridha says:

        @Ananya well I can’t blame her about the fairness cream adds where she totally looked like well fair skinned cause much as I hate to admit it but it is true that in Asia , people are obsessed about fair skin. there is even a ridiculous add in china – a total black (african) man turned chinese white man after using the so called fairness cream.(I know it sound weird but it is an add) . There are many dark skinned bollywood actresses had done those fairness cream adds just to stay on the race of competition.

      • Ananya says:

        Mridha- but you have to say the ads are hilarious – fairness cream ads :P

    • Spidey says:

      She obviously wasn’t the perfect girl for him. The perfect partner is more than looks, fame level, and finance.

  13. Mia4S says:

    I was mystified when people interpreted that PR release as him presenting the last award. In the end he was exactly in a spot that fits his level of fame: medium. No win, no mention in any jokes, presenting a tech award. Medium. Anything more than that would have been an offshoot of being Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend and not a good impression to make. He needs to get back to work, leave the famewhoring to Scott Eastwood.

    • LinaLamont says:

      Director isn’t a tech award.

    • Spidey says:

      I think it was because he was the final presenter to be announced. And people misinterpreted that.

    • Dara says:

      Mystified me too, tbh. I was especially disappointed that a few news outlets ran with it, which confused things even more.

      Directing isn’t a technical award, but if we’re being brutally honest, whoever won was going to be someone most people had never heard of so I thought it was a smart move on the part of the producers to have two attractive and glamorous people present the award. A little eye candy to keep those at home engaged. That Tom got to present the award to Susanne just made it that much better.

      Tom’s appearance, and the level of attention he received was exactly appropriate to his own status in the industry – I didn’t get the sense at all that the Academy or the media threw him any bones just because of his association with TS. As it should be.

      • TotallyBiased says:

        I agree, Dara. The producer of the Emmys (Don Mischer) tweeted for Tom to present MORE awards –complete with heart-eyed emoji! :)
        “Hey @twhiddleston, can you present a few more awards? 😍 ”
        Plus a nice big pic of Tom in the audience. A well-placed use of eye/mind candy was exactly what the production had in mind, and entirely on their own merits.

  14. Marcy says:

    I don’t think Taylor wants another ex whether PR or legit to dislike her. He is played along no reason for him to be mad at her he still received benefit bad press is better than no press. They just over played their hands and it backfired.

    • Erinn says:

      I kind of doubt he is mad, either way. If he sounded ‘terse’ it’s probably because he’s being asked about his ex instead of himself/his projects. Though really – he had no problem inviting the attention while dating, so some of that does need to lie on his shoulders.

  15. CornyBlue says:

    Dont do it PC !!!!!!!!!!!

  16. tasha says:

    ok color of tom’s eyes confuses me. is it blue, green or mixed?

  17. browniecakes says:

    TH will be interviewed thoroughly in late Feb early March for Skull Island. Allot more time will have passed and he’ll wordsalad on authenticity and hindsight and the phenomena of celebrity, possibly work in some Billy Shakes quotes, who knows what else. In other monkey business, Jordan Vogt Roberts deleted his twitter and IG accounts. For now.

  18. seesittellsit says:

    Nothing like a new set of rumors to shove the old set under the rug. Although she’d be a vast improvement over the psycho bunny boiler as a deflector shield.

  19. serena says:

    Surely they’d be interesting (and hot!!) together, so I ship that!

  20. Sheila says:

    I’m still waiting in my swan shoes, pink heart tshirt, champagne glass gripped tight for a build-a-bear extravaganza..we WERE ROBBED!

  21. QQ says:

    Sure Jan, Another Budding Showmance

    • OhDear says:

      Oh look, two people who both work for Disney (Marvel/ABC) who oh so happen to be caught *cough* canoodling *cough*

  22. tasha says:

    looks like DM and the commenters are starting to like Tom again. good for him.

    • Spidey says:

      Ridiculous isn’t it? Love/hate/love/hate.

      • delorb says:

        Yeah, because when he was dating (real or fake, I think it was fake), he was the worse thing since sliced Hitler. But now that he’s free, he’s back to being the same adorable doofus. Fans. All he had to do is lose 110lbs (give or take).

  23. Miss Melissa says:

    Magically, he has lost all his hotness to me.

    I guess I find famewhoring classless and unmanly.

    She is far too elegant for him.

    Funny how I would not have thought that a year ago.

    • Timbuktu says:

      I know, right? I mean, he’s a single man, flirt away, dude. But hand holding and arm around her 5 minutes after you met? Did Taylor not really teach you ANYTHING?

  24. anon says:

    keep your hands off Tom you man-eater. There is a rumor that she is secretly married to shahrukh Khan, as in his second secret wife after having affairs with multiple married man. I wish Tom would at least choose a woman with moral compass. Loose this social ladder climbing manipulative predator.

    • mridha says:

      don’t think she is married to srk but they did had an affair. and gori would kick his ass out of the house if he did that again.

    • Leah says:

      Hes not married so why would it be a problem? Either way I don’t see them together, to be a bit shallow, she is out of his league.

      • anon says:

        if you think she is out of his league you haven’t seen many Indian actresses. she looks exotic to West becaus her coloring and features are new to your eyes. you can search deepika padukone she is outstandingly good-looking. plenty others Indian actresses who look better than her, act better than her and are not as pretentious. a few words for you to Google and treat your eyes if you like: chitrangada Singh, bipasha basu, kajol, Rani mukherjee and her smokey eyes makeup. It’s always about what look is new to a certqin culture.. for west it’s darker skin and dark eyes and different features and for East it’s lighter eyes and pale skin… because people get desensitized to looking at the same things again and again.

      • Spiderpig says:

        The regularity with which any attractive woman in the public eye is attacked for her perceived/rumoured sexual morality is incredibly depressing.

        I don’t care who this lady has or has not slept with but even if she was a virgin, dollars to donuts people would still be calling her a slut.

      • Leah says:

        I live in London, huge indian community here, her looks aren’t exotic to me. She’s an attractive woman, regardless of her race. I also don’t care to judge her on the back of random unproven rumours about whom she supposedly got involved with. And besides he got the digits of his last girlfriend when she was still with her then boyfriend so i doubt he looses too much sleep over that sort of thing.

      • anon says:

        spider pig,

        not all beautiful women are called sluts. example aishwarya rai, Iman, care blanchette.. just a few that I like.

        it’s the behavior that gives people such tag beauty not with standing.

      • Annetommy says:

        As I have said before, the “out of his / her league” strikes me as very juvenile. Are we at high school? Do the quarterback and the cheerleader have to hook up? There aren’t leagues. I think they are both very attractive people. But when Lyle Lovett and Julia Roberts got married, that was fine too,though it didn’t last. Maybe she found him smart and funny and kind and minor stuff like that. Maybe she found him sexy. Enough with the imaginary leagues.

      • delorb says:


        I want to hear the gossip, but I don’t want people to be all judgy. And I also want to hear about all the MEN who have slept their way to the middle (because she’s in the middle). Bring on the man-whores!

  25. brincalhona says:

    Both come across as too pay-attention-to-me in interviews, on chat shows, etc. I’m exhausted just having seen them in the same post together.

  26. Dominique says:

    I’m not really a Taylor fan, or not a fan, per sey, buttttttt I was pleased Tom didn’t win an emmy after all this hooplah. He now just comes off smarmy to me.

  27. Marcy says:

    Instead of come on lines he just twirls for the lurve twirl on Tom twirl on. The thirst is still strong in Tom but I doubt she would entertain him her tastes in men are clear cut Tom probably was friend zoned but it would ante her market up and it helped him get de-TayTayed so maybe win win for him. As Taylor secretly writes her next song “He did it for the twirl pay!” And other great hits ” Low-Ki Fame Game” featuring vocals with Kanye produced by Calvin Harris see them live on next years Emmys!

  28. Sheila says:

    I work with several guys who are huge Marvel fans. I asked them about the split, every single one was glad the Tiddleswift breakup happened. Pressing for details.. heard things like she’s a serial dater, maneater, only dates to write songs about the breakup, etc. Basically they want her and her girl squad far, far away from their beloved Loki. Too funny!

  29. Elle says:

    For some reason this made my morning: “We’re told Priyanka gave her phone to Tom who then gave his phone to her. They proceeded to put their phone numbers in each other’s phones…”

    It’s written with such precision! I just imagine some spy surreptitiously hovering near them, and later the debates at HQ, “They could have been watching cat videos, Larry. Are you sure they exchanged numbers? Are you 100% sure? This is going to press!”

  30. Hannah says:

    Chopra looks stunning. Hiddleston looks extremly haggard.

  31. Spidey says:

    Single male presenter acts in gallant way towards pretty female co-presenter. STOP THE PRESSES. Have any of these “reporters” thought of writing a Mills & Boon?

    Quick lilacflowers. 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

    Hey how did those turn red?

  32. perplexed says:

    He doesn’t seem like her type. I have no evidence to prove my assertion however.

  33. Betti says:

    If Priyanka has any sense she will shut these stories down otherwise she’ll find herself being called a ho in Taylor Swift’s next album. Just ask Camilla Belle and Katy Perry about what its like to date (or be associated in the press) with Snake’s ex’s.

  34. Sheila says:

    Luke, we are toasting you today!@@🍾🍸🍷🍹 Some nice, harmless but flattering PR for your man! Keep nannying on! Recovery in progress.

  35. Dara says:

    I was super-stoked to see that Tom headed over the HBO after-party too, he had a lot of friends and colleagues in that room to catch up with. Sometimes I forget just how many impressive people he’s worked with in the course of his career and they all seem have remained friendly. Now that they are all at the top of their game they find themselves hanging out at some of the biggest events together. I hope they all had a good time and toasted their success.

  36. Tee says:

    Pretty sure Priyanka is still with SRK. Bollywood fans will know what I mean… :)

  37. Jenjen says:

    Tom seems like a nice person even though he’s a bit embarrassing. But can I just say hes incredibly old looking for a 35 year old. British genes dont even explain how quickly he’s ageing. That man needs to take a look at his lifestyle, eating habits etc if he wants to be a leading man. I am guessing he’s a smoker?

    • Annetommy says:

      I don’t think that British genes explain it either. What are they? British people – English, Scots, Welsh – are combinations of all sorts of different genes. And I know of no evidence that shows they age any more quickly than one else. It seems to be a term coined by those used to looking at plasticised Americans.

  38. FW says:

    eh so TH didn’t present the final award? I had thought the PRomance over summer paid off

    besides TH looks shockingly old in these pic. Should I be worried about Thor3?

    • TotallyBiased says:

      FW–There are tens if not hundreds of pics out there from this weekend–he was a popular subject, even if he didn’t linger on the red carpet for interviews. It’s easy to flense out a selection that makes him look any particular way one chooses. I could give you five that make him look maniacally cheerful, five a total stud, five half asleep. And who knows how many hundreds of frames were actually shot!

  39. Gatita says:

    This just seems like a giant middle finger to Tay Tay. Tom’s people leak that he met an uber hot girl, exchanged digits, which means he isn’t crying into this I Heart T.S. t-shirt. Whatever actually happened, it means he isn’t going along with Tay Tay’s PR script. I like that!

  40. Grace says:

    On a note of the unrelated, the combination of fleety red dress and solid painted-on matte red mouth seems a little on the overkill side though.

  41. Spidey says:

    Is it more or are the Hollywood female stars either pancakes or melons?

  42. Caterina says:

    I can’t wait for the ‘I Heart P.C.’ t-shirt.

  43. MI6 says:

    Judging by the way this story is eveywhere tonight, I’d say Mr. Hiddleston’s team has made its point.
    Masterfully done, actually. To quote Loki, I’m impressed.

  44. Meg D says:

    I hope all the married male actors Priyanka allegedly slept with were also blacklisted and are having their sexual morals dragged over and publicly castigated, seeing as how technically they were the ones who committed adultery, not her.

  45. wheneight says:

    I’m reading this as just another PR move by the Hiddleston team – don’t think this “flirtation” is real. The twirl was just too much. I also can’t believe not a single Hiddleston/Swift joke at the Emmy’s. He’s not as famous as he thinks he is.

    • Spidey says:

      Well I honestly doubt that his PR chose her to co-present or that they ordered her to do the twirl – I’m sure that was probably all about her. As for your last sentence, I’m sure he was more than happy there weren’t any jokes.

      • LambOfLoom says:

        When Priyanka was alone in the red carpet, and did the same twirl, it was all orders from the Hiddles camp, too. They are powerful like that, and yet, “he’s not as famous as he thinks he is”…

        Also, people are scandalized about a twirl, and chastise it as an extreme call for attention? Really? Twirls? At an award ceremony? Well I never-

        A twirl?

      • lilacflowers says:

        Priyanka was twirling all over the place before the show even started. And Rami Malek campaigned very hard for his Emmy.

  46. Bookworm says:

    I followed the glorious Tiddlesbanging throughout the summer, and was disappointed they didn’t deliver a red carpet extravaganza. I thought Taylor was actually quite restrained in that she didn’t make a gym appearance yesterday, have a squad/girl power night out or show up at the Emmy’s. Lainey provided an interesting perspective in the attached article. Taylor’s media machine is Machiavellian, and yet I agree with Lainey that Tom has a thirst all his own.

    • Spidey says:

      One point from that article – it said Tom was hustling for the Emmy, but apart from promoting TNM in the Spring before it aired on AMC in the States, he has been in OZ filming for weeks so has he been hustling? Or do they class “the romance of the century” in itself as hustling?

      I’m genuinely missing something here.

      • MI6 says:

        Perhaps the more important point of this LA trip was the SAG screening last night of ISTL. Sony Classics is pushing him for awards consideration.
        Good on them.
        And Lainey is becoming less credible by the day.

      • Bookworm says:

        Tom came back to the US to campaign for the Emmys mid August. I watched his interviews and I really enjoyed them. My favorite was the SAG-AFTRA where he did lots of impressions.

      • Spidey says:

        Right, thanks Bookworm, I missed that.

  47. AlmostThere says:

    Actually Kaiser TNM won at least TWO Emmys (first was awarded days before – cinematography ? I think). And the reason the Sherlock: Abominable Bride won best tv movie must have been that the other nominations in that category must have sucked even worse than AB. Seems to be recognition for Moffet/BBC for previous seasons’ achievements of popular BBC shows. Imo there’s always some awards that win out of loyalty or compensation to artist/director/writer for being overlooked in past as opposed to the current nominated piece being the best. Which is why you see a lot of same actors and shows repeatedly win every year. I think it’s called the Meryl Streep effect.

    • Spidey says:

      Wasn’t the other emmy for “Outstanding Music Composition for a Limited Series, Movie or a Special (Original Dramatic Score)”

  48. Beach girl says:

    Tom caught the 11:20 pm flight last night to Oz.

    And in other news Angelina filed for divorce from Brad sighting different parenting styles.