Megan Fox is the new face/brand ambassador for Frederick’s of Hollywood


When I was younger, I had more interest in cute lingerie. Now I buy Hanes cotton underwear in six-packs and I have no apologies about that. For me, Victoria’s Secret was always the go-to for cute and impractical lingerie, mostly because that was the only lingerie store selling youthful lingerie in my town. I always associated Frederick’s of Hollywood with cheap and tacky stuff, although looking back on it now… Frederick’s and Vicky’s were probably on the same level of quality. I also think Frederick’s has tried to rebrand for better quality and more mid-level lingerie. So this new move should help: Megan Fox is the new brand ambassador for Frederick’s of Hollywood. Not only that, she’s designing a capsule collection and she’s a stakeholder in the company. Damn, Megan. This might actually be a great move.

Megan Fox has found a way to turn her international bombshell status into yet another lucrative money-making opportunity, signing on with lingerie brand Frederick’s of Hollywood as their new brand ambassador, stakeholder, and creative partner.

It was announced on Wednesday that “Earth’s hottest girl,” as Maxim once called her, will be teaming up with the underpinnings purveyor that was purchased back in April for $22.5 million by Authentic Brands Group after filing for bankruptcy. But Fox won’t just be snapping some pretty pictures for the company, she’s also been granted a stake in its ownership, as well as the freedom to exert some creative direction over the brand’s designs.

The actress told WWD, “I’ve been reluctant in the past to work with brands because there’s a lot of politics behind it and it’s a big deal to lend your name and image to something. But by offering me ownership in the company and some creative say, it gives me an opportunity to be passionate about what I’m promoting.”

[From People]

In the past, I’ve actually worried that Megan isn’t really bringing in enough money to support her growing family. Yes, she’s been the centerpiece of two franchises (Transformers and TMNT) but she’s not necessarily bringing in huge paychecks from those roles. Megan has always supplemented her income from modeling work. She’s been the face and body of Armani, Avon and Sharper Image in the past, plus she done some commercial work for Motorola, video games, etc. This new deal with Frederick’s is interesting because it seems like something Jennifer Aniston would do – become a stakeholder, be a profit-sharer and get involved with rebuilding or building a brand. I’ll admit it, I’m kind of interested in seeing what Megan Fox-designed lingerie looks like.


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21 Responses to “Megan Fox is the new face/brand ambassador for Frederick’s of Hollywood”

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  1. QQ says:

    *ETERNAL NEVERENDING CACKLES At This L.A. Face/Please your man/Vat of Insecure/Product Synergy*

    Sorry but everything about this reads sad/low classy/funny/natural progression…wonder how soon Lohan Can get this gig

    • Poisonous Lookalike says:

      My thoughts exactly.

      And unless she’s buying each kid an 18K, diamond-encrusted pacifier and continuing in that vein as they grow up and/or hasn’t been managing her money well, I don’t get the “I’ve actually worried that Megan isn’t really bringing in enough money to support her growing family” bit. But maybe that hits a little too close to home for me, since I’ve been looking for a second job to support my two kids and me.

  2. TrueStory says:

    Good for her! I love when women make sensible business moves and take advantage of opportunities (jessica alba, kim k. and others come to mind). Best of luck to her!

  3. Mean Hannah says:

    She must REALLY need the money. The stakes, creative control, and capsule collections are her and her team’s way of making this deal palatable. Frederick’s can try all they want to revamp, but the reality is that Megan Fox just became the face of cheap, nylon, crotchless underwear. She must really not be getting acting gigs, so they are cashing out while she still has her looks.

  4. Chaine says:

    I didn’t even know this brand was still around. Back when fashion was such that everyone had to wear pantyhose everywhere, they used to sell this awesome thing that was like a garter belt and stockings all in one that was sooooo much more comfortable than regular pantyhose.

  5. Deniz says:

    I used to loooooove Fredricks around 10 years ago. But something happened and the quality completely changed and it’s really cheap and awful. They were known to have amazing padded bras (when I was flat chested) and cute lingerie. Now everything is just tacky and cheaply made. Or maybe my tastes have matured? Lol hmmmmm.

  6. Insomniac says:

    I had no idea they were even still around. Huh.

    • Kate says:

      Lol that is precisely what I was going to say!

    • Janetdr says:

      Me either! I ordered a few things from their catalog probably at least 30 years ago and the reality vs. drawn representation was an eye opener! Actually, I think Megan looks kind of like one of the drawings…..

  7. Bobo says:

    I had a few pairs of their underwear back in the day and they fell apart after the first 3 washes…

  8. nicegirl says:

    This is a smart move on the part of Fredericks, for sure. I might check out some Megan Fox lingerie – does it make you look like Megan when you wear it? If so, I’m THERE. lol

  9. Jusayin says:

    Good for her! Hey after two kids I wish I looked good enough to wear lingerie for the masses (other than for my husband). Why can’t she be an ambassador for the brand? She messed with her face but hopefully she’ll stop and she has an amazing body. Better than her opening her own cafe or writing a parenting book or starting her own goop. I personally like this way better.

  10. boredblond says:

    I might be showing my age, but they will forever be linked with their flash and trash catalogues of the past in my mind, but then, I’m not their target audience, which is probably under 30. pair of jockey elance cotton undies and you’ll never go back to hanes…

  11. Lilacflowers says:

    What? Did Kim Kardarseian lose the contract?

  12. Nicole says:

    Celebitchy you have made my whole week, this is hilarious! Maybe next up she’ll do that Venus swimwear. Does anyone remember those catalogs?

  13. Bread and Circuses says:

    She’s sooooo pretty, so I think she’ll do fine selling lingerie, but…Frederick’s of Hollywood? Yeah, that’s a brand that still needs a lot of rehabilitation. I associate them with sleazy, cheap stuff.

    As an aside, way back when I was a wee young thing, Victoria’s Secret actually made really great underwear. Good fabric, good construction, looked cute as heck. And then the quality went downhill and I literally haven’t bought anything from them in about two decades. :-/

  14. poppy says:

    seems about right.
    meant in the most reductive way possible.

  15. Nibbi says:

    i agree this is a good move for her and i dig the new movement for women to become stakeholders in these businesses, not just the face/a$$ (as the case may be) of the brand. it’s a good move for frederick’s too to try to revamp. i too remember them as being fairly cheap and trashy, tho it must be said that one should be able to get crotchless underwear SOMEwhere ;) i do kinda hope they stay a touch naughtier than victoria’s secret, which totally lost the plot in my book with that dumb Pink line of loungewear, tho i’m sure they make a killing on that cotton puff-painted dormwear stuff.
    also, it must be said that she is still absolutely beautiful. i don’t really agree that she messed up her face. it seems clear that she’s had work done but for once it seems to have been tastefully done ie with a light hand.