Leah Remini’s Scientology documentary series is coming to A&E in 2017

The news came out about three months ago that Leah Remini was working on a TV documentary about the inner workings of the Scientology cult, from which she defected in 2013. The show was said to be focused on Scientology’s effect on families, particularly their disconnection practice, where a person who questions or wants to leave the cult is cut off from all of their family and friends who are still Scientologists. (Scientologists used to deny they did this, then they half-admitted it and we recently heard from Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who said that Kirstie Alley sent a friend of his a note stating that he was disconnected for befriending Leah Remini.) The good news is that it wasn’t just a rumor, the show was in the works, and The Hollywood Reporter has confirmation that it’s been picked up by A&E for 2017.

Leah Remini has landed a series at A&E. And unlike her past reality projects, this one is tackling her Church of Scientology past head on.

Though a network representative declined to comment, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Remini has been filming the series over the course of the summer with a launch anticipated in early 2017. Details on the series are slim — not exactly surprising considering its focus on the secretive and wildly controversial church — but it will detail Remini’s experience with Scientology and her 2013 departure as well as focus on the families of other church members.

The project is being produced by Remini and reality TV veteran/All3Media America alum Eli Holzman and partner Aaron Saidman under their young IPC (The Intellectual Property Corporation) shingle.

[From The Hollywood Reporter via Jezebel]

I checked journalist Tony Ortega’s site, he’s the one who broke the news on the project and he always gets insider stories on Scientology. He didn’t have any additional details on Remini’s show but I did get lost in the rabbit hole of his blog and found this incredible drone footage of the Scientology headquarters in Hemet, California, where Tom Cruise spends a lot of time. The place is absolutely huge at 500 acres with a golf course, multiple mansions, apartment buildings, manmade ponds, you name it. Scientology has money made off the backs of the people it enslaves and brainwashes and Leah is doing her part to show how it tears families apart. I hope her show is good, the fact that A&E picked it up means it’s at least promising, and that it gets widespread attention.

Oh and Ortega also has more on Jason Lee’s defection and whether his good friend, Giovanni Ribisi may be out of the cult as well. You can read that here.



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  1. Onerous says:

    Yes! I am here for this!

    I didn’t know about Jason Lee – now I can be in love with him again. Scientology is so dangerous and scary. I cannot believe they got that federal church designation. Disgusting.

  2. SunnyD says:

    I would buy a cable package just for this show if it’s not going to stream on hulu. I like that she’s used her fame to bring light to this.

  3. Beer&Crumpets says:

    I’m always happy to hear when someone bails out of that weird ass cult. I can like Jason Lee again, too… will someone PLEASE grab the Masterson, Laura Prepon, Beck, and damn Juliette Lewis, too? (Becks one of em, yeah? If not… sorry Beck.)

    The rest can be fed to L. Ron for all I care.

    • Shutterbug99 says:

      It seems like more and more of their stars are defecting. I’m guessing that Jason Lee won’t be the last. But they’ll always have Tom Cruise.

      Pretty sure Beck is a Scientologist – Erika Christensen from Parenthood and Elizabeth Moss too. Is Priscilla Presley still in the cult?

  4. QQ says:

    Yoooo Leah Remini is President of the NMF (Not Many F*cks) Charter of My Soul! She just wont be silenced and they will deal!

    • ElleBee says:

      The field in which she grows her f**ks has been barren for years. No water, threats nor fertilizer can revive it.

      I too am a Leah and I hope to one day be as f***less as my namesake.

    • antipodean says:

      Ha, ha, QQ, love your zingers, especially this early in the morning. Your NMF Charter sounds like just the thing I would love to join, but would they want me? Sometimes I just don’t have any spare F’s to give. Count me in if I qualify, please.
      When they remove this “church’s” tax free status it will crumble to dust, as it should. It is more than time that the lunatic legacy of a hack SciFi writer is allowed to wither and expire.

      • QQ says:

        Join Me Shawty! this is a Tax Free Organization as well! Tax and F*cks free

      • antipodean says:

        I’m in then! And thank you for calling me Shawty, can I now consider myself hip, too? (In a good way, I hope, and am I showing my age calling myself hip, or is there another go to word I can claim and pretend I am being up to date, and down with the kids?) I rely on you QQ to let this old biddy know what the score is!

  5. adastraperaspera says:

    Hopefully this will lead to reconciliation of some families. And more investigation into the many “mysterious” suicides of members, such as Nancy Cartwright’s fiance Stephen Brackett.

  6. OG MJ says:

    I cannot wait for the trashy A&E style version of her story, in detail. This is gonna make them so mad.

  7. kodakay says:

    They’re going to kill her!

  8. OTHER RENEE says:

    I love Leah and I will find a way to watch this show somehow. I don’t have network or cable tv hooked up and live off Netflix… Even though I’m still fuming over their removal of Everybody Loves Raymond right in the middle of my binge watch. Idiots.

  9. Choo says:

    Scientology is DISGUSTING and evil to the core. What they’re doing to Jim Carrey at the moment is just horrifying.

  10. Sparkly says:

    I’m glad! Not just so even more people learn about their ruthlessness and craziness, but also because Leah deserves to keep the work coming. A great sign for others who want to leave but believe they can’t because of their careers. She will always be one of my heroes for how very vocal she was and for pushing the issue by filing the missing person report on Shelly (which I still believe wasn’t properly investigated, like they tried to pretend).

  11. DSA says:

    I can’t wait to see this. I was cleaning my room the other day and going through some stuff from my trip to San Francisco and I found a postcard/brochure for a Scientology meet-up in the Bay Area. I don’t even remember how it got there (I do know how they managed to send a ‘starter kit’ to me containing a booklet and DVD, though—and now I regret giving them that kind of access to me).