Tara Reid was ‘exhausted’ in an airport bar, missed her flight


Tara Reid is having a rough couple of months, not that that’s any departure for the way she normally lives her life. She got into an unnecessary beef with Jenny McCarthy forcing many of us to utter for the first time, “I agree with Jenny McCarthy.” She’s been catching a lot of flack for her very thin appearance and admitted to faking a relationship just so she could appear on a second-rate reality show. Most recently, she trolled us with a poorly executed Instagram post for her latest movie, the schlock-horror-posing-as-a-moral-tale film, Worthless. Apparently, filming for a New York minute wiped her out. So much so that she remained planted in an airport bar as her plane took off for LA without her. Never fear, though, her people assure us that exhaustion was to blame. Uh-huh. And did her “exhaustion” come in a shot glass or over ice?

Tara Reid missed a flight to LA on Saturday because she was too busy hanging at an airport bar, a source said.

Reid was seen at Jack Duggan’s Pub inside Philadelphia International Airport.

A witness told us, “Tara was beyond tipsy” and was “sharing an egg sandwich with an air traveler.”

The “Sharknado” actress, 40, was in Philly to film “Worthless.”

A rep for Reid said: “She was exhausted from filming. Missed her flight and got on the next one. She wasn’t tipsy but extremely tired from filming.”

[From Page Six]

I love the egg sandwich detail. I get that the witness wasn’t privy to all the details but this gives me the mental image of Tara “exhaustedly” stumbling over to some poor unsuspecting traveller, sticking her finger into his/her sandwich while “tiredly” slurring, “were you going to eat that?”

Tara blew what small chance Sharknado afforded her to get back in the game. Granted everyone was pretty stunned that a tornado of sharks could turn into a four+ film franchise, but Tara could have maybe found a kitsch niche ala Bruce Campbell and stayed relevant for a little longer. But she didn’t. She fell right back into her “exhausted” ways, picking fights and stumbling through appearances. Fine, that’s her prerogative but don’t try to tell us she’s just really pooped. When I was her age, I was still planning meetings and conventions. Even after six weeks of three different cities (in different states) a week with 5AM call times following late night flights, I never missed a plane. And I was pretty f–king exhausted.

Although, I do like a good sandwich. Maybe the shared egg sammie was just worth missing a cross-country flight for?



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  1. Ked says:

    In regards to the egg sandwich comment-An egg sandwich is also what you call a cocktail that you are drinking first thing in the morning. I wonder what kind of egg sandwich the waitress was referring to. Oh Tara. #blessherheart

  2. Bichon says:

    She’s a sad case.

  3. Darkladi says:

    Yeah, girl. I’ve been exhausted at the bar too🍸🍹🍷🍻💤

  4. Embee says:

    Poor thing. I feel sad for her.

  5. MrsBPitt says:

    I’ve been so thrown by the surprise breakup and stories regarding Brad and Angie, it’s nice to know that somethings never change! lol Cheers, Tara!!

  6. I use to feel a bit sorry for her, now I wonder why I bothered as she clearly doesn’t.

  7. molee says:

    These photos make me sad like photos of neglected & abused animals make me sad. I’m sending her some good vibes. I wish her well.

  8. Mia4S says:

    I hope she saved that Sharknado money. At 40 she’s not going to get the pay she used to get at her profession. And by “profession” I mean actress of course….what did you think I meant? 😒

  9. Margo S. says:

    She’s just drunk and high all the time. So sad. She doesn’t love herself.

  10. Snowflake says:

    Are her parents in her life? She is such a mess. I watched the marriage boot camp show she in. She was constantly upset, picking fights, poor me. Then she thought her friend who passed as her boyfriend taking the attention from her so she got mad at him?? It was just crazy, she needs some serious help?

  11. GingerCrunch says:

    Egg-cellent reporting! I like to think maybe she was sharing a sammich with her soulmate that she just met, however far-fetched that may seem. Sigh.

  12. Alix says:

    It boggles my mind that anyone still uses the “exhausted” excuse. Celebrities aren’t exactly dawn-to-dusk farmhands or anything.

    • Pandy says:

      Right? Please say she was having a drink and texting on her phone and not paying attention to the time or SOMETHING other than awake in the bar but too exhausted to stagger over to the gate to, you know, nap on the plane …

  13. JenniferJustice says:

    She is her own worst enemy like most addicts. It’s hard to feel sorry for somebody who won’t help themselves. She’s had many opportunities and has been afforded avenues most of us would not be and she still continues with her drinking, drugging, and antics.

    *Someone please tell her to stop baring her pot belly. It is unnerving.

  14. KittenTime says:

    Who is this person? Surely that is not Tara Reid….

    • MC2 says:

      I know and there is an odd ball up in sky emitting light everywhere too! Crazy day today!

      I do hope she gets helps someday & cleans up her act. She looks (and acts) like a cat that just got out of being throw in a swimming pool. Unfortunately I did see this as a kid and it looks like TR the past few years- soaked and skinny, pride so hurt that you can see it but trying to act like everything is just fine, totally meant to do that and f- off now thank.you.very.much.

  15. grabbyhands says:

    I once had an egg sandwich in the Prague airport that I still think about occasionally, so maybe that’s what is going on with her.

    Honestly, she and Lindsay Lohan could co-host a reality show called “Exhausted “. It could be a weekly challenge to see who could pass out in the most places after doing next to nothing all day. Extra points for who was able to get the most clicks for a planted story about how someone had done them wrong.

    • MC2 says:

      Grabbyhands says- “I once had an egg sandwich in the Prague airport that I still think about occasionally, so maybe that’s what is going on with her.”

      I laughed out loud!

  16. nicegirl says:

    Poor thing. She is obviously struggling. I hope she gets well.

  17. NeoCleo says:

    “When I was her age, I was still planning meetings and conventions. ”

    Me too!! I planned logistics for meetings, conferences and conventions for a team of scientists doing research on Alzheimer’s disease for almost 10 years. It was exhausting but so rewarding.

  18. arock says:

    Is that what the kids are calling it these days? well in that case i spent most of my 20s exhausted in a bar. if these damn kids, house and life would take care of themselves id be exhausted in a bar right now.

  19. Nighthawk says:

    Just once I want to see a celeb say “Exhausted? Hell, no! I was drunk and missed my flight! I figured what the hell, I was in no rush anyway, might as well tie one on!”

  20. Marianne says:

    I feel kind of bad for her. She got into alcohol and drugs from all the partying she did at a young age and so obviously she deals with addiction issues. But I also feel like she doesn’t try to get a hold of it because she’s depressed over how her career turned out. I don’t think many of the celebs expect that they’re going to be doing D-List TV movies just to stay relevant/get a paycheque.