Kiefer Sutherland on Julia Roberts leaving him at the altar: ‘that took courage’

Kiefer Sutherland seen leaving the ABC studios

Before Brad and Angelina (RIP) and so many other famous pairings, one of Hollywood’s biggest power couples was Kiefer Sutherland and Julia Roberts. The two co-starred in 1990’s Flatliners. After a whirlwind year of dating they were about to have their dream wedding – until Julia channeled her inner runaway bride and flatlined their union, running off to Ireland with Kiefer’s Lost Boys co-star, Jason Patric. It’s a good enough plot for a movie, don’t you think?

Well, after 25 years, Kiefer opened up to People Magazine’s Jess Cagle about the relationship. He feels that Julia did the right thing by leaving him at the altar. The 49-year-old actor, promoting his new ABC series Designated Survivor (and his recent CD release Down in a Hole), gave Jess the lowdown on what appeared to be the wedding of the 90s. The couple had set a date of June 14, 1991 and were going to be married in front of 150 guests on 20th Century Fox’s Soundstage 14, with a tropical-themed wedding. Three days before the wedding, Julia had a friend call Kiefer and tell him it was over. That’s a scumbag move, I don’t care who you are. I’m sure in this day and age, she would have broken up with him via text, because that’s what the kids do now. And adult men who date me, but that’s another post.

Maybe the breakup of Brangelina put Kiefer in a nostalgic mood, but he had a lot to say to Jess about the demise of the relationship – all of it without talking any passive aggressive swipes at his former fiancee. He said he felt Julia did what she did because, “I think she was being realistic for herself. I think that’s much better.” He went on to say that the enormity of the wedding and living a life together was just too much for the young actress, stating:

We were young and we were both very much in love, we had decided that we wanted to get married, but then this other thing kind of took over. She was arguably the most famous woman in the world, and this wedding that was supposed to be something between the two of us became something so big.

And then, in the middle of that, I think she had the courage – it wasn’t what she wanted to do, in the end.

And I think it took a lot of courage, even amongst all of that other stuff, to be able to say, “I can’t do this.”

[From People via Daily Mail]

When he says they were young, they were. He was 24 and Julia was 23. I got married for the first time when I was 24 (in what is now dubbed the “starter marriage”) and I would have told Julia, “Girl, NO.” I still think getting married in your 30s is ideal. Side note: it’s also good to pick a mate who shares your same interests, but that’s also another post. My picker was broken the second time too. And in pretty much every subsequent relationship since, but again, another story. Kiefer alluded that his affinity for the sweet nectar of the dos (that’s booze if you didn’t know) and hints of infidelity with a go-go dancer may have contributed to Julia ending the pairing. It is nice that he’s able to talk about it without coming off like a bitter, scorned guy.

One past relationship Kiefer seems more emotional about was the 8-year run he had on 24. He told Jess that leaving the show was like a breakup, confessing, “We all spent eight years trying to finish this thing and we finally did….I was lost for about a year. It was like the worst breakup I have ever had. It was very bizarre.” Well, it was the longest relationship Kiefer’s seemed to have, isn’t it? I’m really not sure why, after 25 years, Kiefer felt he needed to talk about Julia, but I actually kind of like him a little better after getting his side of the story.

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  1. Sally says:

    Wow. I didn’t know any of this. I was just a kid in the 90s. Can someone give me the scoop ? Did she leave him for his friend Jason ? Did her and Jason date ? Whose side were the tabloids on ? I need to know everything 🙂

    • Little Darling says:

      From what I recall Julia and Jason also did a movie together. Julia was a notorious serial dater often dating costars and overlapping a little. Here’s a good write up.

      It was so scandalous when she just up and went with Jason. Not sure if anyone watches Mistresses but this could definitely be a plot on that show!!

      • Sunny says:

        Julia shouldnt have borne the brunt of that scandal and the fact that Keifer phrases this so ambiguously that less informed readers sympathise with him is just duplicitous. For all her issues, she is easily the more sympathetic of the two as the yahoo article demonstrates or just any search using the words “Julia, Keifer, stripper, wedding”. For the younger reader ;he pulled a Lamar Odom on her – disappeared for a week during which time he binged on whatever with a stripper at a motel. He resurfaced shortly before the wedding, fully expecting his 23 year old girl friend to have no choice but to marry him if she were to avoid scandal. Maybe she would have even, had the stripper not sold her story to the tabloid!! His PR excuse was that he was “researching” a role by the way.

        Julia is no saint but nobody that young, placed in such a situation and in such a public way should be blamed for a rash decision. Frankly, I dont think she cared about burning Hollywood bridges, when she left. She probably didn’t expect to be able to come back. And how fun that even today, Jason who couldn’t blame his actions on the overwhelming emotions that your addict fiance disappears for days to hang out with sex workers, walks scott free.

      • Esmom says:

        It was so scandalous. I can so vividly remember standing in my local 7-11 reading the story because I had no extra money for mags or tabloids. I think it’s actually when my gossip fixation started in earnest! 🙂

      • LAK says:

        Esmom: me too.

        ETA: scratch that, i was addicted to reading up on JFK jr and Stephanie and Caroline of Monaco.

        This Roberts/ Sutherland gossip was my first interest in hollywood gossip.

        I think she had a brief fling with Jason before rebounding with that country singer that she married for a hot minute before moving onto an entire array of hollywood leading men.

      • Esmom says:

        LAK, yes, the Jason thing didn’t last and the Lyle Lovett marriage was so bizarre! She really has gotten around.

    • Nicole says:

      Had no idea they were engaged to be married (to be fair I was a small child in the 90s). But yea that’s a scum move to dump someone says before a wedding through a friend. Yikes. That wasn’t brave that’s a cowards move. Brave would’ve been giving him the courtesy to break up in person.

    • Anna says:

      It was actually well known at the time that Julia had a very serious drug habit. Her ‘running off to Ireland’ was rehab. There was this elaborate cover story to protect the career of ‘America’s sweetheart’ and Kiefer covers for her to this day. The scandals about strippers and Jason Patric were for headlines and and Julia took advantage of it. She WAS quite the man-hopper though.

      • Chick b. says:

        This. The story on the whole didn’t make a lot of sense back then (and the stories coming out of the Spielberg movie were really unfavorable towards Roberts). I thought there was a pretty big reveal recently about Sutherland agreeing to taking the photos with the stripper in order to protect Roberts. (For the young ones here: the photos were the least scandalous ever – Kiefer & stripper with coats on, looking like they were walking to the tow yard to get their car.)

        Roberts was Teflon for a really long time; think Jennifer Lawrence x 10 years. Both Sutherland and Patrick took a big hit for this.

      • Bridget says:

        Roberts was NOT teflon. That woman was a scandal magnet and had a pretty big career slump before My Best Friend’s Wedding.

        And you guys are seriously going to say that it’s more likely that Keifer Sutherland perpetrated a big setup, trashing his then best friend’s reputation, out of the goodness of his heart so that Roberts could go to rehab? Really? If she needed to be packed off to rehab, you don’t think they would have found a less elaborate scheme that didn’t involve trashing a bunch of people’s reputations?

      • chick b. says:

        When I say teflon I mean there was a hard line portrayal of her as a very special human being, like Jennifer Lawrence but with Roberts it lasted a lot longer. I don’t mean to say she was immune to knocks in the press, but she held a position for a long time where I think a lot was downplayed. In a nutshell, how many actresses could wear an A Low Vera t-shirt referencing their boyfriend’s wife and not be asked about it for years?

        I don’t believe Sutherland did anything out of the goodness of his heart. If the story is true I think it would be presented to him as beneficial for some reason, like burying some dead hooker story about him. Or for cash. Who knows?

        Yeah, I don’t mean to sound nuts but…HW people live in a very strange world with very strange rules. I mean, we all saw Hiddleswift. It can be difficult to perpetrate a fraud nowadays, but pre-internet & cell phones it was a lot easier.

      • Bridget says:

        Julia Roberts was only treated like a special human being when her movies were successful – mid 90s Julia of the “I Love Trouble” and “Mary Reilly” years was definitely not teflon. She’s a superstar, but for years was a total scandal magnet, so keep that in mind.

        And I’m not saying it would have been impossible for them to cover up drug use and rehab, I’m saying that it makes no sense that Sutherland would fake a HUGE scandal about him hooking up with a stripper and his fiance running off with his best friend. There were far, far easier and less destructive ways to hide a rehab trip, that wouldn’t involve so many people being publicly embarrassed.

      • SKF says:

        @Chick B. Nah… don’t believe this, sorry. When Kiefer was in his mid 30s and married he hooked up with my 19 year old friend in Whistler. She was far from the only one. I completely believe he hooked up with that stripper and god knows who else. Maybe Julia had drug issues too, but I don’t believe he set up fake photos with a striped to protect her.

    • LadyMTL says:

      I was a teenager in the 90’s and had a huuuuge crush on Kiefer Sutherland, lol. I remember this scandal like it was yesterday, my friends and I were all shocked that the wedding didn’t happen, and doubly shocked that JR pulled a Runaway Bride move…with his best friend! Gasp! Poor Kiefer and etc etc. Of course, nowadays it’s not quite so cut and dry, but back then we were all feeling sorry for him.

      I think she and Jason Patric did date for a while afterwards, and then she married Lyle Lovett. She had a few tempestuous years, but she was young and sh*t happens.

    • MC2 says:

      Wow- this one brings back memories. The first beginnings of me reading tabloids & caring what famous people did… was SO scandalous. I was a teen and Keifer & Jason were so hot. She got both lost boys! I think her leaving Keifer after he pulled an MIA with a chick & drugs/drink was great for her & for me to see as a teen girl. The story, luckily, was out about what a dog he was and she wasn’t shunned or destroyed for leaving. I am glad. I remember Jason getting more flack for it- like she was hurt as hell and he ‘swooped’ in to grab her on the rebound. She was young, America’s sweetheart & people seemed protective over her…….I wonder how the tabloids would spin the same story now?

    • Caz says:

      There were rumours for years that the Sutherlands got Jason black blanned from the Hollywood scene for running off with Julia, effectively ruining his career. His spin on the situation is very different to Kiefer’s. Family connections, hey!

      The Lost Boys was such a cool movie.

      • holly hobby says:

        Well I don’t know if that was entirely true because Jason was also known as being difficult to work with. He also wasn’t a box office draw.

    • holly hobby says:

      I was actually old enough to remember when Julia hit it big and had a slew of boyfriends. She was also engaged to Dylan McDermott and dated Liam Neeson. Her break up with Sutherland was gossip gold at the time (before the internet).

      Yeah Julia got around when she was younger!

  2. Onerous says:

    I, too, had a starter marriage. I thought it was what I wanted but what I was really craving was stability and normalcy. Guess what!? I got neither. If I’d been more in tune, I definitely would have walked away before I walked down the aisle.

    • elimaeby says:

      I feel this so hard right now, as I am in the process of dissolving my starter marriage to a man who seemed stable, but is, in fact, a narcissistic addict who only cares about himself. I should have listened to my gut, as well. I knew from the get-go something was off.

      • Kitten says:

        Oh no. So sorry to hear that. What a nasty surprise for you 🙁

      • Little Darling says:

        Elimaeby…I am STILL trying to finalize my divorce from my narcissistic asshole husband. Every time I try to finish it up, he literally takes something away from me or makes up some claims that get thrown out in court.

        Actually I’ve had just a crap time with him lately and I’m feeling really down and depressed about it. Very hard to deal with someone who has NPD.

      • jugil1 says:

        @ elimaeby @Little Darling I’m so sorry for what you guys are going through. I’ve been there myself. I finally divorced my moronic narcissistic husband five years ago. It was the worst time of my life. But he’s out of my life now …sweet freedom! It will get better. Hang in there ladies!

      • detritus says:

        This makes me so sad that narcissists are that common.
        Friends, if you are leaving or living with someone with NPD – please be careful. As you stop acting as an ego source for them they can become aggressive and erratic, which I’m sure you already know.

        If you haven’t already, consider putting together a safety plan specific to that type of disorder. Your local women’s shelter should have resources and options for help.

        Good luck and be kind to yourself, best wishes from an internet stranger.

        more resources:

      • cantsay says:

        I am going though this exact thing right now. It is horrible. 20 years and two children and he walked out. He’s a high-functioning alcoholic and i believe he is a narcissist wholeheartedly.
        @detritus – thank you for those resources

    • Little Darling says:

      Well I had a civil ceremony and a church ceremony and I threw up violently each time the night before, yet I still married him both times. First time I was 19, and didn’t tell anyone. Second time I was 22.

      Know I know my intuition was in full force!!

  3. als says:

    He sounds grateful to Julia Roberts for not ending up married to Julia Roberts. And so he should be.

  4. blue banana says:

    posted twice by accident

  5. blue banana says:

    my god he looks old now. 🙁 and i guess i don’t understand why everyone gets so upset about the idea of being broken up with over text. I’d prefer it, myself. Should you really need to see someone’s face? Is it so you can feel guilt over something you really shouldn’t? Does the person being broken up with really want someone to see THEIR face and reaction to it? On top of it all, if the decision has been made, there’s nothing to talk about.

    • Onerous says:

      I would prefer it, too, actually. I have been broken up with in person too much for my own taste. And then you’re sitting there stunned (and maybe crying) and the other person is just sitting there looking at you. It’s no good.

      • Bex says:

        Ditto. I know people have strong opinions on this, but I prefer being able to process it alone. I can keep some measure of dignity that way!

    • original kay says:


      I had a guy dump me right before we went out for the night, and while I was gathering my stuff and dealing, he watched. When I asked him why he was staring he said he was “admiring my bravado”.

      **insert many many swear words*** Then he went on to have an affair with a married woman, who was also my “friend” and I met my now husband.

      Still rankles though. Bravado my ass.

    • Cookiejar says:

      Breakup by text is horrible, still there are worse things, like being ghosted. Imagine thinking you are in a relationship only to find out you, all of a sudden, are unable to contact the person you’re supposed to be in a relationship with. Of course, it can only work at early stages, since more than that, unless one moves elsewhere in the “dead of night” with no forwarding address…, you actually end up knowing where your scumbag ex lives.

    • Locke Lamora says:

      Yeah, me too. You get to cry or scream or act emotional when you’re alone. And I’m not the type of person to do that infront of someone who just dumped me.

    • QQ says:

      Found My People… Same for me, I’m one of those “well if we had no Offspring together I ASSURE YOU we will never see each other ever again” so text is Perfect for me

    • LAK says:

      I prefer person.

      You do it in person and you see the BS which gives you closure.

    • Chick b. says:

      Thank you for this…I thought I was alone in my beliefs! Nothing resonated more for me on Sex and the City than when Miranda said “we didn’t work out, you need to not exist”.

    • Sasha says:

      ” I guess i don’t understand why everyone gets so upset about the idea of being broken up with over text. I’d prefer it, myself. Should you really need to see someone’s face?”

      I would much prefer being broken up with remotely than face-to-face. This way you can scream. cry/ show your emptions, instead of trying to act all civilized about it and not be embarrassing.,

    • steph says:

      My ex of 8 years broke up with me in person, and although he was crying while he was doing it, i sat there stunned. it wasn’t until i was gathering our things together for him to take that I started violently shaking and crying. although i hated having it done in person, i prefer it. just rip the band-aid off.

  6. Betti says:

    I have always always crushed on him, even now but he is known for being a cheating douche who’s wild partying ways was legendary in the 80s/90s. His voice just kills me every. single. time.

    He’s being kind, it was pretty obvs that she was hooking up with Patric behind his back – all 3 had reps for cheating. The brat pack of the 80s/90s were known for sleeping with each other.

  7. Frannydays says:

    Statistically a marriage has a greater chance if the couple is 25 or older. I learned that in a gender psychology class and it’s been in my brain that I won’t get married until 25. I’m getting married next year and I will have just turned 25 🙂 I think it just depends on where you are at and your emotional age. My former boss was in her 40s divorced and posted all these quotes like a teenager about true love and romance. She said her first marriage died because there was no romance. Romance to me is when my fiancé brings me coffee in bed. Sorry for the ramble but I feel like some people no matter what age just shouldn’t get married at all.

    • original kay says:

      People often confuse love with infatuation. They think love is that initial high, and seek it out and think it’s the lasing love.

      Love, to me, is the slow burn, the memories and the commitment. The rush fades but is replaced with security. I hope this makes sense 😛

    • Colleen says:

      Hah, agreed! Or when I leave my office to take care of some leftover household chores I hadn’t yet gotten to, only to find my that husband has taken care of everything. THAT is romantic… Sexy as hell!

      I married at 24, and though we’re good now, it was still rough going.

      My daughter is almost 21 and where we live, all her friends and peers seem to marry young. Attended 2 weddings over the summer with 19 year old brides! My daughter just ended a relationship because her boyfriend was pressuring her to get married NOW and didn’t respect the fact that she doesn’t ever want kids. Oh, the relief!! She’s not even finished with college yet! That insane desire to play house can have disastrous consequences.

    • Sasha says:

      Practically speaking, if a woman wants to have a family, marrying after 30 could present serious issues with fertility.

      There is no right age, but the goals of marriage should be taken into consideration.
      Is it for legal benefits, having kids, tradition, stability?
      And strictly speaking marriage is not even required for most of these.

    • Rainblows says:

      I started dating my husband when I was 15. I got married at 19, we had our son at 20 and I’m turning 41 in a few weeks. I don’t think its age, I think it’s finding someone who is your best friend. It’s not all sunshine and lollipops and I hate his guts on many occasions, but throughout it all, I know that I can tell him anything and be myself and not have to be a plastic person.

  8. Cannibell says:

    “My picker was broken the second time too. And in pretty much every subsequent relationship since, but again, another story.”

    There’s a bottle of whatever you drink with your name on it over here for the “broken picker horror story” party I’d love to host for Corey and any CB’er who shows up. (Maybe we can make it a potluck!?)

    • Skyblue says:

      May I join the broken picker club? Age and wisdom has not fixed my picker at all. I’ll bring a bottle of wine and a nice selection of cheese.

  9. Neo says:

    I guess a few decades take the sting out of the embarrassment… Well, enough to use the story for some self promotion at least.

  10. Jayna says:

    He was caught with a stripper, humiliating her, and he is an alcoholic, a very heavy binger at times. It’s the smartest thing she ever did, not going through with that wedding. And Julia naturally turned to the next guy available as a jump-off, because that was always her MO.

    • Granger says:

      Exactly. She dated pretty much every leading man she made movies with in her early years. She was so young, and clearly someone who got emotionally invested in the character to the point where she couldn’t separate the actor from the person he was playing, and she believed that if her character wanted to be with the guy, then surely SHE wanted to be with the guy too. Sad, when you think about it.

      Anyway, I agree with all the posters bringing up Kiefer’s shady past. He was a mess. I’ve never been a big Julia fan, but she made the right call when she dumped him.

  11. Lucy2 says:

    Is it really “leaving him at the altar” if she broke up with him a few days before the wedding?
    They were very young and it was the right decision to not get married, but having a friend call him to end it and then running off with his best friend was a pretty jerk move.

    • manta says:

      Or after being cheated on with strippers and go-go dancers, she decided she didn’t owe him the classy version of a break-up.
      Since the girls he bedded were no names and she got with Patric, people tend to only remember HER infedility. But I’m pretty sure he didn’t collapsed in shock when he received this phone call. His ego might have been bruised though.

      • Green Girl says:

        Yeah, I kind of can’t blame her for having a friend call him. I would want nothing to do with him, either, and I think having a third party makes it more business-like and finite.

        @Lucy2: Haha, I have heard the “leaving at the altar” phrase to refer to someone breaking up even a few weeks before the wedding, and I think that’s stretching it. I guess it sounds more dramatic that way than “We broke up six weeks before the wedding.”

      • lucy2 says:

        Oh I fully agree the break up was justified, but I think it should come from the person in the relationship (unless there is a safety issue), not put a friend in the middle of that.

  12. DazLondon says:

    Kiefer you poor guy

  13. holly2905 says:

    he sure is looking more and more like his dad as he gets older!

  14. Gal says:

    He dodged a bullet. He’s clearly the winner here.

  15. dana says:

    … I guess Kiefer didn’t go into detail about how he’d been having an affair with a stripper that was serious enough for him to have formed a relationship with her kid & the stripper went public with it 2 weeks before the wedding?

    And that it was splashed all over the tabloids, including pretty rude quotes about Julia that the stripper claimed came straight from Kiefer’s mouth?

    I can’t say I’m a big fan of Julia Roberts, but in a situation like that, with a man who has publicly humiliated you that way, I don’t think having a friend call him to say it’s over is a “scumbag move”.

    • Sullivan says:


    • Anon33 says:

      ^^^this. Why are we not talking about his very significant role in the breakup?! I would have had somebody call him for me too-so I wouldn’t reach through the line and wring his damn cheating neck…

  16. Colleen says:

    I’m not sure how true it is, but I remember reading on one of the Blind Item websites that at the time Julia was dabbling in heroin and spiraling out of control. Kiefer felt the only way to really help her was to get her to rehab without ruining her career. He made up the whole stripper story and allowed her to “leave him at the altar” . He enlisted his good friend Jason to wisk her away to Europe for rehab, pretending to be in a relationship with her. They both took the fall – and both of their careers took a big hit – to help her get her life back together. Might explain why he’s still friends with Jason – I wouldn’t be so forgiving. Again, not sure how true it is but it makes a lot of sense with what is being said now.

    • Chick b. says:

      I posted above about the handling of this story before I saw your comment. It also reminds me of The Year of Roberts when she won the Oscar. Benjamin Bratt looked strained on the red carpet and he was gone after the campaign to marry Talisa Soto, with whom I think he had already fallen in love. I believe he & Roberts had been over for some time.

      It’s weird how now that there is so much coverage to exactly how the sausage is made in Hollywood, PR people still try to push all these different narratives. And clearly I still lap up every bit of gossip.

    • Bridget says:

      seriously, you think its more likely that they concocted an elaborate scheme that trashed everyone’s reputation involved, and that if Roberts needed to be packed off to rehab that they couldn’t have found a better way to cover it up?

  17. Nancy says:

    Steven Spielberg called her Stinkerbell on the set of Hook, from what I gather she was no picnic to work with. She ran off with Jason Patrick…..married Lyle Lovett and then broke up her current husband’s marriage with Vera in an ugly and public way. She may be America’s aunt next door now, but back then I think she was a train wreck.

    • kai says:

      Remember when she called Nick Nolte ‘completely disgusting’ and he replied ‘She’s not a nice person. Everyone knows that.’

    • Betti says:

      She has her brother to thank for getting her into HW and once she got famous she turned her back on him – i don’t think they have spoken in years.

      • Granger says:

        I don’t know all the details but from what I understand, her brother, Eric Roberts, has struggled with addiction for many years, and was violent on at least a few different occasions. Whether that’s grounds for his sister to never speak with him again… I don’t know. I guess it depends what he did while under the influence (abuse her? abuse their mother?), and whether or not he’s ever apologized. If she simply felt his reputation would pull her down, and therefore decided to be done with him — well, then, she is definitely not a nice person.

  18. Jen43 says:

    He’s still upset about 24? Me, too! I keep hoping he will come back to that show. I did t realize that it is never going to happen. I’m not going to tell my kids. They are still hopeful.

  19. Tris says:

    Always loved him. Love him still. What a lovely way to revisit that terrible breakup – he sounds really really nice. And gay, of course. I wish he was my gay best friend.

  20. AnotherJen says:

    Funny he doesn’t mention that he cheated on her with a stripper.

  21. Dani says:

    I don’t know if I agree with getting married in your 30s. I got married at 21, my husband was 25. I’m 26 now and going on our second kid. It hasn’t been blissed out matrimony (no marriage is) but we’re happy and I couldn’t dream of my life without him. Trust me I try to and I feel like I rather die than have to find someone else. Statistics don’t apply to everyone. If you love someone and they love you, too, and you want to be together, you can make it work.

    • says:

      Statistics by nature do apply to every one. You just happened to a) be in the happy minority or b) not have been married long enough yet to consider divorce.

      Not to rain on your parade, but I met my ex at 17. A 20 year old law student at the time, he waited a week after my eighteen birthday to put The Move on me. We were happy for 10-15 years and still separated in our forties.

  22. QQ says:

    While Julia was like the Amanda Seyfried of her Time, I always heard that He was just an awful person to her and a mean drunk too and that subsequently that whole Julia Situation sorta sent him Full tilt Boogie into just a bad bender and just generally treating women badly because to him Julia was the one that got away

  23. perplexed says:

    Wasn’t he involved with strippers? I would have gotten a friend to make the phone call too.

    She’s done other annoying stuff, but I don’t think this was one of them.

  24. Bridget says:

    Or how about we just not make arbitrary rules about when people should be able to have a successful marriage? If you have a “broken picker” it doesn’t matter if you’re 24, 34, or 44.

    Married at 24 here, to the best man I know. 11 years later still happy

    • Jessie says:

      I agree Bridget! I got married at 21 (while we were both in college) and 10 years later we’re still very happily married! It isn’t always about age.

  25. NeoCleo says:

    “My picker was broken the second time too. And in pretty much every subsequent relationship since, but again, another story. ”

    My “picker” has been broken my entire life. Five long-term relationships with two of them being marriages and NONE of them has worked out for me. I ‘m still married but we maintain separate households at this point. I can’t and won’t leave him because he has Parkinson’s disease so I live across the street from him to provide limited care. I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to do when he becomes totally disabled but we CANNOT live together without fighting every single day. Some of my closest long-time friends are men so maybe that’s the most I can expect from any of them: friendship.

  26. SpecialK says:

    Too bad it took him over 10 years to get over her! I dated him 2 years after they broke up. He was a mess. I stayed friends with his stunt double from The Cowboy Way for years after we broke up and the last we spoke which was 17 years ago, he was still not over her. lol

    • Pansy says:

      You dated him?! Is the gossip true?? Was it rehab? Did he cheat?? America needs to know!!!!!

      • SpecialK says:

        He never said anything about her going to rehab. I didn’t ask if he cheated because I had never heard of those rumors. I was only 19 (he thought I was 21).

        He drank. A LOT. But he was one of the nicest guys ever. Polite, sweet and a gentleman. Just a simple guy who likes the simple things.
        But he loves the Jack Daniels. Even drunk he’s a sweetheart. Crazy and impulsive as well. lol
        He really loved her. She broke his heart from the way he talked about it. He didn’t talk about it much, but his friends did.
        We didn’t date long. He was a mess and was busy touring with the USA Roping Team. After he filmed The Cowboy Way he got really into roping. He wasn’t very good but donated a ton of money to the organization and he was good for their PR.

    • Jen43 says:

      What?! You lucky girl. It doesn’t sound like you have fond memories, but FWIW I’m insanely jealous. Sheesh. What is it about JR? In that book written by Janice Dickenson, she mentions that Liam Neeson was completely crushed when she left him, too. He traveled with her monogrammed towel.

      • SpecialK says:

        They aren’t bad memories, I was really young. He was a super sweet guy and I really liked him… a person not just the actor. But he has his demons and was definitely not over JR. It’s frustrating to watch him destroy himself like that. He drank from morning till he passed out. Unlike his Hollywood friends, his cowboys friends really cared about him and kept him somewhat sober when he was hanging out with them. He blew me off a few times and they always came to his defense when I’d get pissed. lol

    • Mrs. Darcy says:

      Wow, poor guy! And bad timing for you, sorry 🙁

  27. LAK says:

    Does anyone remember that he hosted SNL soon afterwards and showed up in his wedding tuxedo (or pretended it was his wedding tux) and proceeded to take the piss out of entire mishap?

  28. Colette says:

    Did he go to rehab? When I think of him, all I think of is pics of him drunk on sidewalks.

  29. kri says:

    Oh god another one of my baby crushes..and still (onscreen)

  30. Mrs. Darcy says:

    Even if he is absolving himself a bit here too, he isn’t mentioning that she got with his friend right away/there was probably overlap, so he is being pretty decent about that. It reads like he is just acknowledging the marriage probably would have been a disaster given their youth and fame situation and has put it behind him long ago. I find it hard to remember now but there was a moment in time, post Lost Boys, where Kiefer was the hottest thing in the world. He hasn’t has a smooth path but he does seem like he is trying. He kind of reminds me of the Stephen Dorff (who has always reminded me of him anyway) character in Somewhere, he seems kind of lost sometimes and I can’t help but root for him even though he’s messy.

  31. kibbles says:

    Everyone who gets married before 25 and isn’t divorced (yet) says age doesn’t matter, but it does for a lot of people. Most people today aren’t mature enough or know what they want before 25. Especially those who are ambitious, want to travel, obtain a graduate or professional degree, and have a successful career. There is no perfect age and everyone is different – sure if you are lucky maybe you can meet the right person at 22 – but it’s always good to enter into a lifelong commitment with no regrets. Do what you’ve always wanted then get married and have kids. Doing so in your 30s is not the end of the world and most women can still have kids at that stage in life. I’ve seen more women ruin their lives by getting married and having children at a very young age more than women who have waited a few more years and gotten married in their late 20s to mid 30s. They were more mature, independent, well traveled and financially secure to enter into a serious relationship and have a family. Nothing wrong with that.

  32. katlaps says:

    Why is it a topic still

  33. RandomChatter says:

    I read “Crazy Days and Nights” website, where Enty has all kinds of blind items. He also will reveal them from time to time, especially when enough time has passed. He told the story of what really happened to Julia Roberts and Keifer Sutherland. It’s really sad all the way around, but I liked him more after reading this. He really fell on his sword in order to get her help. and he knew he wasn’t the one who could do it.