Jennifer Garner got daughter Violet her first computer: ‘I am panicked about it’

These are photos of Jennifer Garner holding a cute baby at an event for Huggies, where they were donating diapers to Baby2Baby. She looks very cute in that denim dress. The Today Show recently published what looks like a new interview with Garner, but I’m confused because they include a video with the story from early August when she was promoting the movie Nine Lives. (Here’s a link to that earlier Today interview, which we covered at the time.) She does reference going back to school so this interview must be new. Garner is promoting her charitable partnership with Huggies. She talked to Today about her family, about technology about being present for her children.

On teaching her kids empathy through example
“I don’t think empathy is something you can drill in someone’s head, You have to have faith that while your kids can seem to be selfish and concerned only about the word ‘mine’ sometimes, overall, they are watching you really carefully, and if you care about other people, they will too. I try to be the best version of myself and to have faith that they’re watching me as carefully when I do something right as they do when I roll through a stop sign.”

On getting Violet, 10, her first computer
“We just had back to school night, and I said afterwards, ‘Do they need a computer?’ They need some kind of device or computer to complete their homework. Our daughter doesn’t have any of those things, and she’s, like, the only kid in the class who doesn’t, apparently,” she said. “So I found an old laptop this weekend for her, and I am kind of panicked about it. She’s not on social media yet — her school has a no social media policy until 6th grade — but I know it’s coming soon.”

On spending time with each of her children
“I try to make bedtime sacred, to have some alone time with each kid every night, when it is possible,” she said,”… Except for the nights when it’s not possible. I work, and I have a job that means that sometimes I have to go out at night, and sometimes I need to go out at night just for me.”

[From Today]

Garner has said in the past that her kids don’t have iPads, phones or technology, so it makes sense that she would fret over getting Violet her first computer. My son was online much earlier than that and I think it’s important to use strict parental filters to make sure it’s safe for them on all devices (We use NetNanny), being around while they’re using them and also teaching them the skills and logic to navigate the internet. Oh and no social media.

Also, although Garner talked about Ben in her earlier interview with Today in August, doesn’t she sound like a single mom here? She talked about parenting as if she’s doing it all herself. Ben has said that she does most of the heavy lifting, but he does seem to be a present parent too. This makes it sound more like they’re doing everything separately, which may be the case – apart from school runs.

Jennifer Garner Out For Lunch In Pacific Palisades

Jennifer Garner Out For Lunch In Pacific Palisades

photos credit: Fameflynet and Getty

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  1. tracking says:

    She cleans up nicely, looks super cute and fit in the denim dress and great shoes. I hope we start seeing her move on with her life soon.

  2. Sullivan says:

    “Panicked” seems a bit strong.

    • Jen says:

      I don’t know, I’m not quite there yet and I still definitely worry about what my kids will be exposed to by the time they’re old enough to be online “alone.” My friend was just horrified to find out her young son had been looking at porn long before she thought that would be an issue. It’s not like there’s a desktop in the kitchen your kids can use in front of you anymore, and with Violet being the daughter of two famous people on top of normal parental concerns over the Internet, that’s a lot.

      • WileyKit says:

        My daughter is nine and has one of my old laptops to use for school – we have an absolute ‘no computers in the bedrooms’ policy, and she uses hers in the living room where we can keep an eye on things.

        With that plus a lot of discussions about internet security, and a seriously restricted set of whitelisted websites (some flash games, wikipedia, bulbapedia, things like scarleteen for when she gets curious…), I’m hoping we can keep her safe from the harmful garbage out there for a least a few more years. It’s not easy.

      • merlot says:

        Just discovered that my 8 year old was “recommended” naked girls videos on Youtube… he normally watches Minecraft related videos but somehow he ended up seeing these videos. I confronted him. I was so angry. He denied ever having seen those videos.

        Then I realised I was being stupid and came back to him to apologise for reacting that way. That it is normal to be curious but he was too young and that youtube and internet explorer are blocked on personal devices. He stopped denying it and said “I was just curious and it was recommended.”

        Now he is only allowed Youtube on TV or Imac in living room. Actually that was always my policy but I didn’t strictly enforce it.

        So scary all this technology. The worst boys could get their hands on was their brother’s Playboy magazine. The stuff now…yikes.

    • SusanneToo says:

      Given what’s printed about her and her marriage, I’m not surprised she’s panicked.

    • tracking says:

      As a parent I do think it’s scary. She starred as a mom who monitored her teen daughter’s online activities in a recent film. It was disturbing.

    • perplexed says:

      I’m not a parent or a parent of Violet, and I’m panicked for all kids.

    • Original T.C. says:

      “Panicked” makes sense for two parents who have been selling their children a fantasy marriage and reality. With one click their daughter can learn all about Daddy’s misbehavior and Mom’s fake mother of all mothers act.

      She would have to give her daughter a computer from 1990 to “protect” her from reality.

  3. Sabrine says:

    My son told me the smart kids can easily bypass the parental filters and that’s why he was watching p0rn when he was 11. It’s basically a joke among the kids. He said after a while he got bored with it since it’s everywhere.

  4. Moose says:

    What an ugly ensemble. No one should wear that denim dress, or those hideous shoes.

    Tuition at her kids’ school is $25k. Oh, but Violet is using an “old” laptop. Yeah I’m so sure. She is either dumb or thinks that we are. Fake, fake, fake.

    • Babyswans says:

      That’s a lot of judgment. Where we live, private high schools cost that much in tuition. Most of us wore used uniforms & had used textbooks that were sold at a sale held every summer. Laptops were necessary and the majority of my friends had their parents’ old work laptop. I get the stereotype of private school kids, but in my experience, it depends on the family and how you were raised.

      • Moose says:

        I think we can safely assume that a kid who lives in a $45 mil home and has access to several extremely posh vacation homes, private jets, etc does not need to use an “old” computer. My point is that this is more spin from I’m-just-so-normal-and-down-to-Earth Garner.

    • NAT says:

      My thoughts exactly. It was and “old” computer from an “old” box with an “old” rotten apple on it 😀

      • Babyswans says:

        Not arguing. You can assume what you’d like. My experience was different-the kids’ (the people who were my friends) whose families were super wealthy kind of went out of their way to not give their children everything and to let them know that it wasn’t their money, it was their parents’ and all of these privileges like private school were because their parents wanted to give it to them, not because they deserved it. It seemed to have worked. All of them grew up to be normal and most have jobs in fields that help communities (teachers, social workers, non profit jobs, etc.). However there was one girl who got whatever she wanted. She had an entire room that was her “closet” of clothes to give away since she only wore things once. Yeah. We weren’t friends.

      • Lol says:

        Ben arranged for Violet to go backstage at the HP play. I think it’s fairly obvious that the kids are spoiled and have all the best despite public statements about used laptops. It’s part of the schtick.

    • Granger says:

      I think it’s entirely possible she gave her daughter a used laptop. We have three older laptops in the house that neither I nor my husband can use for work anymore, and we intend to set my daughter up on one of them this fall. I bet Jen herself gets a new laptop every couple of years, so why not let the kids use the “old” ones?

      However, I also agree that mentioning the “old laptop” was a purposeful addition to Jen’s carefully crafted schtick — and that it’s just as possible she bought her daughter a brand new computer, too.

  5. Juluho says:

    I understand the parenting philosophy behind it, but technology for children has been wildly demonized. The reality is that most schools are going paperless. My 2nd and 4th grader take most of their quizzes and tests on computers or tablets. The state testing is done online. So while many parents feel like they are saving their children from the evils of technology they are setting them up to be at a disadvantage in the classroom.
    I’m not thrilled about it either but it is just the reality of education.

  6. Kathy says:

    Sounds like she’s worried about Violet googling Daddy. And you know what? She should be.

  7. Don't kill me I'm French says:

    Totally OT : that made several times that her breast looks bigger .Boob job? Push up bra?

  8. Don't kill me I'm French says:

    My soon 4 years old daughter knows to use my cellphone or IPad better than me .

  9. J says:

    Jen has said for years (and Ben has concurred) that she is the lead parent, takes care of all their school stuff etc. her comments about about internet usage for kids are in line with concerns she expressed years ago when she was promoting “men, women and children”. I believe she has said that she is not on social media with the exception of a public Facebook page. The fact that she only speaks from her perspective is entirely appropriate (single or not). Though I am curious what Ben’s take on this is (maybe he will get asked on the promo tour for the accountant coming soon), He has publicly said that he follows her parenting lead. And let’s face it until last week – he had not really been home for months (w/ the exception of quick visits) – so married or separated she is a single parent.

    • Lol says:

      Seems like as far as Jen is concerned, Ben is another kid who has to be told where to go and what to do.

      • J says:

        LOL!!! And there are a lot of men like that😀

      • Lol says:

        *shrug* That’s probably at least part of the reason he cheats on her constantly. He seems like someone who has to feel like a Man in some area of life since it’s not at home.

      • Diane says:

        LOL, really? And maybe some men just want to be kids at home and not take on responsibilities of parenting, etc.? Then, when they get called out on it, they rebel like the children they want to be and act out to get back at their spouse? Yeah, I’ve known some of those.
        Ben had talked about his lack of participation and hasn’t seemed to be troubled by it.

      • Wendy says:

        If he doesn’t seem troubled by his lack of participation, then that’s just sad. No wonder their marriage failed. He never bothered with stuff and didn’t care, she nagged and resented him, he resented her for nagging and then retaliated in his own way… yeah. That’s honestly how it probably went.

  10. Ana says:

    Did she really have a boob job? Some pictures taken at JFK airport yesterday showed her with bigger boobs.

    Her denim outfit and shoes are cute.

  11. Wendy says:

    Another terrible outfit. When your skin is bulging out of the sleeves like that you either need to go up a size or realize that you can’t do sleeveless stuff anymore.

    • J says:

      Who goes walking through jfk in stilettos? I’m curious where she was coming from dressed like that? Obviously had no time to change before the flight.

  12. JoJo says:

    Cute story, but kind of don’t believe at all that they had to get an “old” laptop. Nah.

    I did have the same thought as CB when I read the article. It does sound a lot more like she’s talking as a single parent than usual. There’s another article this week too where she talked about being with her family (parents/sisters) this year at xmas, etc., and it also sounded a lot more “solo” than usual. I get it that she has always taken the parenting lead, but she has also always been one to very obviously take care to work in the “we” and “my husband ” and “Ben and I” into almost every discussion, so I guess when she doesn’t do it, it stands out. If they are moving towards finalizing, it makes sense. You just can’t live in that limbo forever.

    As for plastic surgery, she’s definitely had a boob job – just compare her now to her Alias days. She also obviously gets regular Botox and fillers now (and I guess … who doesn’t in HW?) I think she still manages to look natural, but there have been days when her browline has looked like Jack Nicholson’s.) 🙂

    • Ana says:

      When you have had three kids, the boobs get bigger, hips get wider and tummy a little bit more curvy. Her new boobs are way bigger than say a year ago. That is too bad, I like what she had before. More natural and more like her. But hey, it is HW, everyone is very insecure have some sort of mental issues. They are all created by them. 😂😌

      • Gi says:

        Her implants were such a mistake. They make her look top-heavy and bulky, which makes her look bigger than she is. She is also broad-shouldered — she looked better with smaller boobs.

  13. JoJo says:

    On a semi-related note, Ben and Matt’s video with Tom Brady is pretty funny. Not sure why that didn’t make it to CB today.

  14. J. says:

    Meh, if I were famous and had my bad choices plastered all over the media I would probably be strict w/ my kids about the internet, too. My 10 year old has 100% access to the internet. I check his history and chat logs occasionally and have never found anything distressing. He’s well known in his elementary school for being technologically advanced, can code, and is the go-to IT student in his classes. I see this as an advantage, personally. I was raised in an ultra-Christian bubble, so I probably swing closer to the other extreme of being open and progressive about sex and porn and the “dangers” of the internet. I’ve also been an active internetter since the early ’90s (when I was my son’s age!) so I’m not really scared of it.