Drew Barrymore did joint interviews with her ex’s father and brother-in-law

Drew Barrymore is in New York to promote her Flower Beauty line at Beautycon, a beauty blogger and social media influencer conference. She was also there as part of Adweek, another conference devoted to advertising and promotion. Curiously, she was at Adweek with her ex father-in-law, Arie Kopelman, and her ex brother-in-law, Harry Kargman. Arie is the former president of Chanel and serves on the board at Chanel while Harry runs a mobile advertising firm called Kargo. The three were on a panel together discussing mobile advertising. We’ve heard that Drew remains close with Will’s family after their divorce earlier this year. She even appeared on Will’s sister Jill Kargman’s reality scripted show this summer, and I guess she continues to have a professional relationship with his family. Here’s part of what they said together in an interview at Adweek and you can see the video at FoxBusiness.com. Drew said that she uses Instagram to promote her business instead of traditional advertising, which is smart.

“I will never quit acting, it’s my first love and my first family in so many ways,” Barrymore, founder of Flower Beauty cosmetics tells FOXBusiness.com.

But now, “The Wedding Singer” actress is shifting her focus toward building her brand along with her four businesses; Flower Beauty, Flower Eyewear, Flower Flims, and Barrymore Wines.

“I will always feed the meter and check back in every once in a while, but doing these companies gives me a chance to have the kind of life that is more conducive to be with my children and my family,” she says.

Family is important to Barrymore. That’s one of the reasons she has teamed up with her father-in-law, Arie Kopelman and her brother-in-law Harry Kargman at this year’s Advertising Week to talk about how to successfully build a brand in a mobile centric world. Kopelman is the co-chairman of the iconic brand Chanel, while Kargman is the CEO of Kargo, a mobile ad company.

“She’s so passionate about her companies. I see herself pouring herself into the products,” Kargman tells FOXBusiness.com…

Barrymore says that although she values her brother-in-law’s advice when it comes to how she runs her companies, advertising is one area that she operates completely on her own. She chooses to advertises solely through her Instagram account.

“I really try to do, just like in my businesses, to keep it personal and very heartfelt from the core of who I am and not to use it as just a business channel because people start to smell that immediately,” she says.

And, it’s working too. Flower Beauty, which is currently only sold at Walmart (WMT), is in its fifth, and most successful year yet.

[From Fox Business]

Drew looks great and sounds so knowledgable about her business. I have hope that she’s in a good place after the tabloids were running unflattering pics of her a few weeks ago drinking a big beer during the day. She seems fine though and the giant beer may have been her way of punking the paparazzi who were following her. This makes me wonder what’s going on with her relationship with her children’s father. They went through with the divorce quickly and she’s still doing appearances with his family. She hasn’t been too open about how they’re coparenting but I would bet it’s amicable. Also, we heard in June that Drew might be getting her own talkshow – it was in Variety and everything. What happened with that?

This is what Drew Barrymore’s makeup looks like at Beautycon (below). She has her own makeup line. I don’t get how she’s popularlizing this look. Her style, romantic boho, is decent but that blue eyeshadow is a no. Her makeup at Adweek is pretty though.

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  1. Clare says:

    She is just so incredibly boring. I want to be interested….but…snooze

    • Des says:

      She’s worked incredibly hard to be boring. There was a time when she was the most scandalous person in Hollywood and she wasnt even a teen yet. Good on her for turning things around to the point where ppl think of her as boring.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      My grandmother used to tell me, “never confuse stability with boredom.” I have lived by that rule while watching my older sister become a drama addicted alcoholic. That used to be Drew. Thank god she found some stability and normalcy. Most in that industry, especially child stars – do not. She is the poster child of a truly rehabilitated former addict.

  2. Katie says:

    She knows nothing about make-up or skincare. She goes on these scouting trips for her brand, and she’s amazed by the most basic products and ideas, things that have been around decades. She also has a Youtube account where she posts ‘make-up tips’, and it’s just awful. She did one where the whole video was just her lining her eyes with a small wing, and she couldn’t even do that well, it was all wonky. There’s another where she uses lipstick on her lips but also her cheeks and eyes, and even blends some onto her forehead so it all ‘ties together’.

    It’s almost impressive how little she knows given I think she is actually involved beyond being a face and name. I like her, but boy she really doesn’t instill confidence in the quality of her brand.

    • ell says:

      ‘There’s another where she uses lipstick on her lips but also her cheeks and eyes, and even blends some onto her forehead so it all ‘ties together’.’

      i can’t stop laughing, now i’m gonna have to check this video.

      • Katie says:


        All Drew’s video’s are worth a watch. Even when the make-up’s not a complete disaster(rare), listening to her narrate is pure gold. My favourite:

        “Anything that extends your lashes and kinda makes them brush up against the glass, maybe it’s like a little way of like knocking at the person like, looking at you.”

    • Starkiller says:

      Uh, I work in the beauty industry and I know plenty of makeup artists who occasionally use lipstick as blush. It’s really not weird or uncommon.

      • Katie says:

        No, it’s not. But using it for everything (lips, cheeks, eyeshadow, bronzer) outside of purely editorial looks is extremely uncommon, and Drew’s channel isn’t about arty or edgy make-up, it’s about simple tips for average women. The end result looked weird and sickly, and she couldn’t get her crappy lipstick to blend properly so it was messy too.

  3. Astrid says:

    Her face looks greasy and shiny and the blue eye shadow is no. I’m not rushing out to purchase her products

  4. Chaine says:

    I don’t think the makeup looks so good on her. Her hair looks gorgeous and healthy but I wish she styled it differently. Somehow it makes her face look weighed down.

  5. Dominique says:

    I like the lipstick from afar in the second picture, but not up close in the top picture.

  6. Jess1632 says:

    Is there something wrong w having a beer in the daytime? Unflattering photos or not, I’m confused. If so Wednesdays after class must be horrid for myself and friends

    • India Rose says:

      If you were in rehab when you were 12…

    • Canadian Becks says:

      You had to see the context: she was walking around pushing a shopping cart loaded up with packages and perched on top was an oversized beer can from which she would occasionally sip. Also, she was dressed quite strangely. She’s known for being very casual but even within that casual style, it was a look that looked unkempt.

  7. Birdie says:

    She really clings on to that family.

    • HappyMom says:

      Considering what her own family was like (basically non-existent) it makes sense. Plus, I’m sure for her girls she loves having the extended family around.

    • Lila says:

      I think the kopelmans are old money from NYC – so I am guessing lots of connections to the ‘right’ people and the ‘right’ schools for her daughters motivates her.

      I actually see her ex as a better match for Gwyneth Paltrow than Drew, he seems very finicky and snobby.

      they had their house on architectural digest months before they announced their divorce, just like Liev and Naomi, and her husband’s design aesthetic is so particular! Read the article and could not see Drew and will together at all.

  8. Mar says:

    I’m over most celebs and she’s one of them

  9. ell says:

    i can’t believe she’s only 41, why do these super rich celeb not use sun protection is beyond me.

    • tealily says:

      Really? I think her skin looks great! I’d believe she was 35.

      • ell says:

        nooo, she has lots of sun damage and looks far older. i mean, natalie portman is 35, she really doesn’t seem the same age as portman.

      • tealily says:

        Okay. Well, she’s not.

      • Van says:

        I agree, she looks her age or a little younger. Her skin looks fine to me.

        Regarding her make up, I tried one of her eyeshadows a while ago and was impressed with it. I didn’t expect much being from Walmart and drugstore priced, but it was way more pigmented than other drugstore brands I’ve tried and I liked it a lot. Plus the colors in that particular set were perfect for me and they’re not tested on animals so it’s a-ok with me!

  10. eggy weggs says:

    Her beauty advice is like, “Go to bed with mascara on. Wake up and try to pass off displaced mascara as eyeliner.” We are living in the era of the YOUTUBE MAKEUP SUPERSTAR. Who is this kind of low-rent makeup advice supposed to impress?

  11. Annie says:

    Point of reference: Jill Kargman’s show, while semi-autobiographical, is a scripted comedy costarring Abby Elliott and that pleasant-looking 40-something actor who is in a lot of things… Michael’s boss from The Office, for example?

  12. BearcatLawyer says:

    She has always grated on me. And it is mindboggling to me that she believes that she can capably run four very different businesses.

  13. dandan38 says:

    I guess it’s been successful(I don’t have much of a point of reference for this), but I think a makeup line is a weird direction for her earthy, whimsical “brand.” I’ve actually always liked Drew’s goofy, sunny disposition, but she always seems like a little girl playing dress-up with her looks, not someone I could look to for serious beauty products.

  14. JenniferJustice says:

    I will always have a place in my heart for Drew but she is not one I’d look to for advise regarding anything beauty or fashion. She is a bit of a 60s throw-back hence all the “flower” references, but she’s never looked well put-together to me – not her clothing choices, her make-up, her perpetually dark rooted hair, etc. She’s cute and I wish her well, but I’m sticking with Ulta!

  15. serena says:

    I like that look, blue eyeshadow (used more like a liner) and all, but I would probably hate it on myself or someone else. It’s better than her ‘undone eyes’ look, imo.

  16. rays kirt says:

    I just like really like her. She is very good people imo. I enjoy good people.