Maya Rudolph & Paul Thomas Anderson expecting second child

There are few artists I love more than director Paul Thomas Anderson. He’s the wunderkind auteur director of Magnolia, Boogie Nights and There Will Be Blood, and I wish I could marry him. I’m totally serious, too. If Paul Thomas Anderson and Gerard Butler were in front of me, both of them on bended knee with blinged-out engagement rings, I would choose P.T. Anderson every time. But I can’t have him! Because P.T. is with one of the funniest Saturday Night Live cast members of all time, Maya Rudolph. They have a daughter together, a three-and-half year-old named Pearl Minnie Anderson, and Maya just announced that she’s pregnant again!

In the upcoming summer film, Away We Go, Maya Rudolph’s character is pregnant. Well, off-screen, the actress is pregnant too!

The Saturday Night Live star, 36, is expecting her second child with her partner, director Paul Thomas Anderson, she reveals in an interview slated to air Monday on ET Canada.

“I wasn’t planning on sharing it, but yes I am pregnant!” she tells the show. In a nod to the irony of playing pregnant, followed by actually being pregnant, she says, “I know it’s really weird timing.”

Already mom to daughter Pearl, 3, Rudolph says her current pregnancy is “totally different” than her first one. “The first time you are like wide-eyed: ‘What are we doing?, Who’s coming?, How do we take care of them?’ But this time, I’m like I have to sit down, I’m pregnant.’ ”

She adds, “When you have a three-and-a-half-year-old, you don’t have time to rest and nap and do all the those sweet pampering type things you did for yourself the first time. You are like, ‘I got to get to bed!'”

As for adding to her family, Rudolph says she’s psyched. “I feel like everyone who has had more then one [child], says you should do it. It’s nice to have this experience.”

[From People Magazine]

Paul Thomas Anderson famously dated Fiona Apple for years and years, and then suddenly, they were broken up and he was with Maya Rudolph. I’ve never heard what happened between P.T. and Fiona, but I would love to know, if any commenters have some insight. Fiona and P.T. were the cutest little indie couple, but I really like that he and Maya are together. They make a lovely couple, and I’m sure they’re both thrilled with the new pregnancy. Congratulations!

Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson are shown at the BAFTA Awards on 2/10/08. Credit:

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  1. Codzilla says:

    Paul and Fiona broke up because, despite his undeniable talent, he’s supposedly a self-righteous prick. Hopefully, Maya and fatherhood have softened him up a bit, though.

  2. Trillion says:

    I’m impressed with his taste in women.

  3. Holly says:

    Gerard Butler is the sexiest man on EARTH!

    This guy, not so much!

  4. C-DUB says:

    Me too Trillion!

  5. Kaiser says:

    Self-righteous pr*ck? Oh no!

    I always thought that one or both had cheated. Fiona’s lyrics post-break-up didn’t give me much insight other than “boys suck”.

  6. Ally says:

    Remember that episode of SATC when Miranda’s Catholic playwright boyfriend had hang-ups that involved rushing into the shower after the act? The character’s name was Thomas John Anderson.

    I always thought maybe one of the SATC writers had dated or heard this about Paul Thomas Anderson and was taking revenge. Wonder if it’s true…

  7. cara says:

    I heard that Apple may of had a little problem w/ceba (heroin). That could be cause for anyone to break up.

    BUT I am very happy for these three. Maya is funny as hell.

  8. Codzilla says:

    cara: I wouldn’t be surprised. She definitely had that deathly pale, emaciated look about her. Which, of course, was all the rage in the 90s, so she fit right in.

  9. cara says:

    @codzilla….and she came back after an absence with a much fuller and healthier body/energy/outlook on life.

  10. Marty says:

    Her post break up album Extraordinary Machine is one of my all time favorites. Of course we SHOULDN’T assume anything from song lyrics….. but it’s too much fun not to.

    “Oh Sailor why’d you do it?”

    “What you did to me made me see myself something different…won’t you go away/turn yourself in/you’re no good at confession… What you did to me made me see myself something awful/a voice once centaurion is now again meek and muffled…It took me such a long time to get back up the first time you did it/spent all I had to get back/and now it seems I’ve been outfitted… What wasted unconditional love on somebody who doesn’t believe in the stuff”

    “It’s dangerous work/trying to get to you too/and I think if I didn’t have to kill kill kill kill kill myself doing it/maybe I wouldn’t think so much of you.”

    And probably the most damning declaration:
    “I had to break the window/it just had to be/better that I break the window/than him or her or me”

    AMAZING album, pick it up if you don’t have it!!

  11. Amiee says:

    Actually, Fiona spoke of this at her concert. The song “Oh well” was based on the experience. PTA cheated on her with Maya. She reclaims that the only good thing Maya had ever done was be the inspiration for that song.

  12. daj says:

    no, PTA cheated on her with Estella Warren who,at the time, was all around place with her promotion of planet of the apes. she’s considered a starlet nowadays (which fiona pointed out 3 years ago) unlike maya.