Kylie Jenner denies getting nose job, butt implants, breast implants & more


It’s no secret – to me – that Kylie Jenner has had a lot of work done to her face and body. The difference in how she looked in 2011 versus how she looks now cannot be explained away with “she’s just a teenager going through some changes” or “it’s just lip injections.” By my completely unscientific estimation, she’s had multiple nose jobs, lip augmentation, breast augmentation, something with her chin/jawline, possibly some eyelid work and possibly/probably something with her waist, hips and butt. I suspect she gets lipo on her waist and might have butt implants or something, but honestly I’m usually too overcome with horror whenever I see her Sad Doll face to look at much of anything beyond it.

Why are we talking about this? Because Kylie is talking about it. She did a Q&A on her app and she tried to “set the rumors straight.” By lying her fake face off.

No butt implants: “[I haven’t had] ass implants. You know, I used to be 120 [lbs.]. I was really skinny. Now I’m pushing like 136. But it’s alright, I like the chunkiness. I don’t really think I have the fattest ass, but I know my angles.”

No breast implants: “They’re not big. I’ve thought about [getting breast implants], but I’m like, why ruin it? I have really good boobs naturally and they’re a cute little size. I’m not against it, but right now, it’s a no from me.”

No cheek or jaw reconstructive surgery. “People starting saying that [when] I was like 16. You think Kris Jenner, at 16 years old, would let me get cheek and jaw reconstructive surgery? Nah. I always used to love my jaw – I never was self-conscious about my jaw.”

No nose job. “I didn’t get a nose job. I’ve always had a cute nose. I’ve really always liked my nose.”

[From People]

The only thing I believe is that she’s 136 lbs. I don’t even believe that weight qualifies as “chunkiness.” She is in no way chunky and that would be a perfectly healthy weight for her height and frame. She’s lying about everything else though, right? I mean… the nose job is so obvious, why even lie about it? That’s such nonsense. Kylie has the family nose now, in that all of the Kardashian-Jenner women got really similar nose jobs. I don’t even believe Kylie was “never self-conscious” about her jaw. Liar, liar Sad Doll on fire.


Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet and Kylie’s Instagram. Thanks to CB for making the side-by-sides!

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  1. AlleyCat says:

    I think her nose and chin look the same! I don’t know about the rest of her body, and obviously she effed up her lips beyond reason. If she didn’t have so much makeup, she might look closer to her age.

    • Sliceo'pie says:

      Seriously – you look at ALL those pictures and don’t think the nose has changed??
      May I recommend glasses or contacts?

      • Dani says:

        She’s verrry heavily contoured. I follow her on snapchat and when she’s without makeup, if it weren’t for her ridiculous lips, she looks basically the same. The only thing that changed is the way she does her eyebrows, they’re way thicker now and that changes a lot about your face. But I definitely think she had butt filers by the same guy who does her sisters botox, Dr. Ohurian or whatever. He does fat fillers literally everywhere you can think of, so it’s technically not implants.

  2. Runcmc says:

    I believe everything she said- ONLY because they’re really specific denials. I don’t think she got her butt padded either but she DEFINITELY did something to her hips. They are significantly wider and look weird, whatever she got done seems really painful. And ok I’ll buy she didn’t do anything to her jawline but what about her brow line/upper face area, what about her cheeks?

    I’m usually a kardashian surgery apologist but this kid has gotten a TON of work done. She is literally unrecognizable from head to toe.

    • Kitten says:

      BBL without question.

    • Nikki says:

      I don’t think anyone is asking if they have butt implants. I think they are answering that they don’t have butt implants when asked if they’ve had their backsides done.

      whoops answered the wrong person, and I can’t delete. sorry.

      • LAK says:

        Even though you posted to the wrong person, there is truth in your comments to this poster.

        Q: did you have Butt Implants

        A: NO

        Which is true. Yet, everyone knows the K Klan use injections NOT implants therefore whilst she is telling the truth about implants, she wasn’t asked about injections and that is what she had done.

        Most of hollywood tends to deny plastic surgery in the medical definition yet use injectibles which aren’t considered surgery and therefore in the technical sense are telling the truth.

        And so too KJ.

    • Blythe says:

      BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) is a surgical procedure where fat is liposuctioned from the midsection and injected back into the buttox. It instantly creates a smooth guitar figure.

      I follow Dr. Miami on Snapchat.

      • Shark Bait says:

        He kind of creeps me out, I only saw the snaps of the surgeries he did on the Teen mom ladies and that was enough for me!

    • MistyKat says:

      They all have, they forget that there are b4 pics of them assless and then boom. And yes Kris would allowed it, cause she allowed everything else. Khloe saying she’s exercised so hard to lose weight yet she gained an ass, hath is that even possible? Kylie, your still 19 n barely, are u planning g injecting your lips for the rest of your life? Sooner or later, the real lips must deflate.

      • LiterallyaShambles says:

        She said, do you think Kris Jenner would have allowed me to get jaw surgery *at the age of 16*? She’s denying that she had it done at 16. Not that she had it done.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        On Blind Gossip the other day they had pre-BBL and post-BBL photos of Kim and it was AMAZING! Her ass is like the Grinch’s heart, except it has grown 10 times its size instead of 3. That must feel so odd to sit on.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Here’s the before/after photo.

      • Jemi says:

        @ Tiffany- All of their butt/body/face modifications look entirely ridiculous. I think Kourtney and Kendell are they only ones who haven’t destroyed any realistic natural semblance of themselves. However, being someone who has spent their lifetime sitting uncomfortably on their outstandingly flat and bony a@@, I think those girls butts might feel richly comfortable for them to sit upon. Even so, although Id love a little more junk in my trunk and a squishy seat, I would never modify myself the way they have. I think they have entirely lost any perception and objectiveness of their appearance. I think they’ve been finding, obsessing and fixing non-issues on their bodies for so much that they can’t even see what they really look like in the mirror (or a selfie for that matter).

    • khymera says:

      Hes ass has gotten significantly bigger. They have comparison photos on instagram

    • Kathryn says:

      Just like when she said she didn’t get “surgery” on her lips she wasn’t lying, technically that’s not surgery. Read between the lines her. She didn’t get implants either, the Kardashian plastic surgeon is Simon Ourian who does fat transfers to the ass. Her and her bff Stassie got huge butts around the same time. Look at old pictures.

  3. Swak says:

    You don’t just gain weight in certain spots and not other places. Also note that she ssys implants when it comes to her b00bs and butt. She could of had fat transfers and not consider that plastic surgery or implants. Also her look changed too drastically for it to be natural.

  4. Deanna says:

    When I was her age, there was so many things I would have liked to change about my face/body. In retrospect, thank goodness I never had the means to do so, but more importantly, I didn’t have parents who would agree to it. So sad.

    • LAK says:

      This family were open about PMK wanting Khloe to have a nosejob as a tween, if not actual pre-tween, and KJ expects us to believe PMK wouldn’t consent to KJ’s procedures as a 16yr old?!?!

    • Annie says:

      Because it would be nuts to make body altering decisions with the mind of an insecure teenager. We all would’ve changed everything about us too if we had enabling parents and all that money. But sadly Kylie didn’t have a mom who taught her to love herself and see beyond looks. That entire family has issues with themselves. And sorry but if you have to spend all that money to look beautiful, you’re not beautiful. It shouldn’t take that much to like your reflection in the mirror.

      • jwoolman says:

        The big problem with it is that Kylie is still growing. It seems terribly unethical to do such alterations on an adolescent/young adult who hasn’t reached the end of the growth phase, which can be in the early twenties.

    • nikko says:

      I totally agree. I can’t understand how Kris would allow her daughter to have all that work done. She’s a completely different person. She seems to want to look like the women in Love and Hip Hop tv series. And they all look like they had work done too.

    • LoveIsBlynd says:

      The KK’s rep the trend of our nation caught up with the “basic B*tch bug” when everyone was clamoring to have the ideal face/body package including material possessions. I was sucked in too, at one point and is a source o remorse. Perhaps the pendulum will swing the opposite way with more normal people faces/bodies and less material obsession.

  5. Nikki says:

    Fat transfers, not implants are the reason for the Kardashian/Jenner changing backsides. So technically, she and Kim aren’t lying when they “swear they” don’t have butt implants (like Nicki Minaj’s), but they have had their butts worked on.

    • Val says:

      Why do people keep asking about IMPLANTS? Does anyone get implants these days? Brazilian Butt Lifts aren’t implants… it’s all fat transfers.
      It’s like these questions are stuck in 2001

      • nat says:

        It’s because before doing these “honest” interviews. They have to approve the questions asked and if there is a question which they do not approve, they change it so that it suits them.
        Would you imagine anyone asking Kylie or Kim – did you have fat transfer to other parts of you body and them answering yes? 🙂 I don’t think so.

      • Naya says:

        I think the Ks are careful to either ignore or ban the fat transfer questions and answer implant questions.

      • @naya I was thinking the same thing. She specifically says shaved jaw/broken jaw when it was likely implant and possibly injections etc etc.

        Like Cheetopoleon, the semantics are strong with this one.

    • Kitten says:

      Yes exactly to both of you.

      • Nikki says:

        I don’t think anyone is asking if they have butt implants. I think they are answering that they don’t have butt implants when asked if they’ve had their backsides done.

  6. Kori says:

    I’ll say something nice–I’m glad she says she’s 136 because too often celebs say they’re 105 when they’re not. Other than that her appearance makes me sad in the way Courtney Stodden does.

    • Runcmc says:

      Yeah, perfect comparison. They’re both adults now but their childhoods were equally exploited and hyper-sexualized. Neither young woman was given the tools to do anything else with herself.

      • Anilehcim says:

        As far as I’m concerned, if anyone actually believes this girl’s body/face is in anyway natural, I suggest they go back and watch old episodes of their show. Kylie IS sad. They recently celebrated the anniversary of the premiere of their show and in one of the first episodes, Kylie is sliding up and down a stripper pole and posing like she’s trying to be sexy. She was like 9 at the time.

        In somewhat more recent episodes, whenKendall first began modeling, Kylie put together a portfolio of her own pictures and tried to get her mom to book her modeling jobs and got shut down for obvious reasons-she wasn’t that attractive, didn’t have her sister’s model body type, and didn’t have the height. She threw a fit and ran away. When you watch episodes like that and then look at her face and body now, for me, that’s all the proof I need that she’s entirely plastic. She might be more confident now, but it’s only because she has turned herself into a new person. I find her very tragic. Money isn’t everything.

    • G says:

      She really does make me sad. She’s so annoying and has been for what seems like forever now, so I tend to forget how young she is and how much she’s had done in such a short period of time. But every time I see those B&A pics it’s shocking, and I feel so sad for the young person that she was.

  7. MiniMii says:

    I actually believe she didn’t get her jaw reshaped. I think she probably got lipo, and that along with the new nose and lips gives the appearance of a slimmer jawline.

    The rest? Lies, all lies. OK so no actual implants, but no one grows an ass like that with a few pounds of overall body weight.

  8. Loopy says:

    The thing is..WHY LIE???? Just say its no ones business!!!

  9. ell says:

    i think it’s just lips and nose, the rest just looks different because those things change your face a lot. no idea about boobs though, i used to think she got implants but then i saw her braseless in a pap pic and they seemed smaller. maybe it’s the photoshopping of her selfies that make her boobs look bigger.

  10. Ayra. says:

    You know what else she denied? Her lips. What’s funny is that she’s saying this almost as though we don’t have pictures from a year ago with her having a different body type and face..
    Girl, why lie?

    • Aoife says:

      Exactly – she has a track record of lying about having “work” done. It’s laughable that she’s lying so boldly when the before and after shots almost look like pictures of two different people at this point. She has also gone very markedly from happy/cute before to sad/vacant after.

  11. Ivy says:

    Lol she hasn’t had a nose job. It’s all contouring. And she hasn’t had a boob job. It’s all tape and bombshell bras and extreme contouring. However I absolutely agree that she’s had selective lipo around her waist and thighs and kept the “weight gain” to her hips to make it all curvier.

    Regardless, I think Kylie looks gorgeous and not “sad Barbie doll” at all.

    • amilu says:

      I see Big Ang; you see gorgeous. Perception is a funny thing.

      • Whatwhatnot says:

        Yep! In filtered and photshopped pics, she looks good. But when you see her in motion, she looks like Big Ang. Her face looks aged and swollen. Not cute at all.

      • Shark Bait says:

        Even big Ang didn’t start the procedures that young! Makeup and contouring can do wonders but Kylie has completely altered her looks so that she doesn’t even look human anymore.

    • BTownGirl says:

      What matters to me here isn’t how well the work that was done turned out, but whether she was at an appropriate age and level of maturity to have that amount of work done. If you look at her upbringing and the values (or lack thereof) she was raised with, obviously there are issues here. I really don’t think contouring or angles can account for how different she looks. I have absolutely no problem with plastic surgery (hey, I had a nose job and my boyfriend is a plastic surgeon), but she’s just way too young to basically change her entire body/face.

  12. atorontogal says:

    She looks so vacant. What purpose does she have in life, other than cosmetic alterations, and selfies? Such a sad looking girl too. What will happen to her when the K’s are no longer a thing?

    • ElleBee says:

      I agree we would need a picture of her now without makeup to determine what work she had on her fave. Makeup can change a face shape for sure. I don’t think she had a boob job either. I used to watch the show and she always had a significantly fuller bosom than Kendall.

      From the waist dow though…definitely had work done

  13. grabbyhands says:

    “People starting saying that [when] I was like 16. You think Kris Jenner, at 16 years old, would let me get cheek and jaw reconstructive surgery?”

    HAHAHAHAAAA!!! Of all the bald faced lies in this interview, this is one of the most ridiculous. PMK has made it painfully obvious she views her offspring as valuable commodities and little else. She and Caitlyn have done a horrible job parenting and no one has come off worse than Kylie. No obvious benefit from her “homeschooling”, encouraged to surgically enhance and change her face and body even before it has stopped growing and changing, allowing her to be groomed by her pedo boyfriend and saying nothing about it. Not to mention, didn’t PMK encourage Khloe to get a nose job when she was NINE?

    I think PMK found her Kim 2.0 and is pushing full steam ahead. Unfortunately, her face looks like a barbie doll face now, and not in a good way.

    • Red32 says:

      Interesting how she says “You think Kris Jenner” instead of “You think my mom” or “You think my parents”.

      • grabbyhands says:

        Yeah, I caught that too. Like she understands on some level that her mother has behaved as manager more than a parent, which is really sad.

    • Saks says:

      LOL! exactly!
      To the “you think Kris Jenner, at 16 years old, would let me get cheek and jaw reconstructive surgery?” I was like, “ummm yes”.

  14. OriginallyBlue says:

    Sure Kylie. This family is all about semantics, so they aren’t “technically” lying but they are still lying liars who lie.

  15. Nancy says:

    Don’t believe what you see, believe what I say. Trimmed down nose and so obvious the chin and eyes. She looks like she could be on a shelf at Walmart as the Kim K Krismas doll. My sister is my identical twin, thank goodness, I don’t have to have myself cut up like Frankenstein to look like her. Bless her poor little lying heart….

  16. Anilehcim says:

    It’s so funny to me that she says Kris Jenner would never let her have major reconstructive surgery because Kris Jenner literally sells her children and many believe she is the one who released Kim’s sex tape, and Khloe has been very vocal that her poor body imagine began when she overheard Kris telling a friend that Khloe needed a nose job when she was only 9-years-old.

    Her butt and her hips are 100% FAKE. I’ll say she probably put on about 10 lb. total and none of it went to her ass because she was just never built for the kind of body she has bought for herself. Her ass literally appeared overnight not long ago, and when she was running around in a thong on the beach with Tyga for her birthday it was obvious that she had more fat transfers and I swear there were some reddish spots on her hips and sides of her butt that looked like healing injection marks.

    Also-her hips are a tragedy. I have never seen perfectly ROUND hips in real life before. It looks like her doctor used a Barbie doll as inspiration. She looks ridiculous. Even more so when she tries to claim those are real.

    Nothing new here. She comes from a family of liars and has become a liar herself. I can’t imagine why anyone would believe her to be the one anomaly in her family and admit her ass is fake.

  17. Macheath says:

    Such a strange thing to lie about when we can all see the changes in that family.

    She may not have had implants but she has certainly had a significant amount of fat transfers, fillers, Botox and non-invasive surgery, in my opinion.

    • Nancy says:

      Every one of the sisters from both fathers have had their noses altered from Kourtney down to Kylie. The only one I am not certain of is Kendall. When you look at early pictures of Kim, it’s like looking at the pics of Kylie, totally different. Khloe had a broad wide nose. It’s ridiculous to deny it when the proof is in front of your eyes. Silly woman.

      • Whatwhatnot says:

        Nah. Kourtney has her original nose. The only work she had done was her breasts which she has admitted to. Kourtney looks exactly the same now as she did as a child.

      • Nancy says:

        She absolutely had a nose job. Go on sites to see the before and after pics. It was subtle, but she had some sculpting done. Kim had the bump removed and then started going all Michael Jackson as did their mother. Shoot even Caitlyn had hers done decades ago after the Olympics. Said her nose looked like Bob Hope but at least she was honest about it. I keep up with the Kardashians so I know….lol

      • Macheath says:

        Totally agree Nancy. Even Kendall had eye work done at the very least.
        They must think everyone is foolish.

  18. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    It’s difficult to believe that’s even the same person. Crazy

    • Agreed. I work nights and sometimes on my down time I can really parachute down rabbit holes “researching” things online. Last week the deep dive was Kylie and I was just flabbergasted at this seemingly new person.

      For me, beyond the lips the most drastic change I see are her eyes. Her eyebrows have definitely been lifted. The arch in them wasn’t there before and she can’t contour that come hither eyebrow like that.

      • Becky says:

        The first thing I noticed, particularly from the lower before/after pic, is the change in her eyes even with the make-up. It also looks like her cheeks are more pronounced. As well as the exaggerated lips.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        The change in her eyes is so drastic. Her lids are completely different. I wonder how they did that!

    • SMD says:

      Exactly! If you didn’t tell me they were the same person I would have never guessed! Very young to have all that work done and it’s a shame as she was beautiful before!

      • Tiffany :) says:

        My brain still has a hard time accepting they are the same person. It is like a brain teaser. It does not seem true.

    • FuefinaWG says:

      I think she went into the PS office and said, “I’ll have exactly what Kim had.”

  19. Chetta B. says:

    Atta girl, Kylie, keep up the Kardashian way – lying to the point of hilarity about everything you’ve had done! Atta girl! Your whole face and body has been altered. No nose job? No chin reduction? *bahahahahahahah*

  20. paolanqar says:

    Yes but we all have eyes so..

  21. lightpurple says:

    It just all looks so painful.

  22. Crox says:

    I wouldn’t even guess these two are the same woman. I’d say she had everything done.

    • Chetta B. says:

      She has, including a brow lift and eye surgery, and of course all the rest. She’s had about as much as Kim has.

      • Crox says:

        But funny thing is, Kim has lost all her ethnic features and looks like standardised plastic now, but I can still see a bit of her old self in her face now. With Kyle this is the first time I see her before photo and I’m shocked. Everything’s different. No way I’d ever guess it’s the same woman. Does that sort of thing create a problem with identity with such a young person?

        And BTW, I think she was pretty before and she’s pretty now. But whoa.

  23. Tiffany27 says:

    I cannot fathom how someone that young has had so much work done and everyone around her is like, “Yep, no big deal”. She’s still a teenager. Girl is gonna look like blue cheese by the time she’s 30.

  24. Lana Banana says:

    She obviously had something done. After seeing the brazillian butt lift procedure on a plastic surgery show, i am convinced that is what the Kardashians do in order to maintain “no implants” as a truth.

    Kylie makes me sad though….that girl is lost and has never had any guidance to be anything other than a pop culture meme.

    • But she’s really good at it. Let’s give her that. She took the shadow of Kim and lit up a glow stick and forged her own tiny little pebble path, where she cobbled together a substantial and seemingly influential career. It’s interesting time from that standalone. She literally created a new person and then took that new person and made her a fashion icon and a makeup genius.

      It’s fascinating to me, in a very sad tragic way. But I’d rather see this ANY DAY than someone like Lohan.

      • Lightpurple says:

        But I can see her going the way of Lohan.

      • I get the impression that the family is fairly clean. I think they draw the line at messy. All the plastic surgery in the world is fine but they draw the line when something might actually damage their brand. (;

        I also think there are too many of them for one to veer off track.

      • Shark Bait says:

        I think Kylie might get taken for a ride from some scrub who siphons all her money. Exhibit A: Tyga.

  25. Lisatorner says:

    This is my timeline of her changing look:
    she had the first nose job at 16 when she cut her hair, then started the lip injections.
    At 17 she had the butt injections after Halloween (where her and Tyga went as Chuckie and bride of chuckie -she had just turned 17 which is creepy) but before Xmas. (The pictures where her and Tyga giving gifts to sick children she has had her butt done at that point) so it happened fall of when she was just 17.
    But she doesn’t show it off until coachella that spring where she posts close ups of her butt.

    Then after coachella she go veneers and had breast implants put in briefly but then removed them(you can see them in the terry Richardson shoot that summer) .
    She then got another nose job before her 18th birthday. If you look at pictures from Kanyes wedding or when she had blue hair her profile is totally different.

    After that every couple months or so she increased the fillers in her face, at first it was just the lips, then cheeks and now all around her mouth.

    I think before her 19 birthday she had another round of butt injections and I think this time she also injected her breasts.

    She hasn’t had jaw reconstruction or anything it’s just all fillers so she can deny “surgery” because it is all injections however she did get at least one nose job. And she is all fake.

  26. minx says:

    A liar, just like the rest of her family. Ugh.

  27. Wellsie says:

    Poor girl. Teenage years are hard enough without f*%ckery from the adults that surround you. I hope she can pull through her 20s all right.

  28. NOLA says:

    It enrages me that she says 136 is chunky. God help us, but the Ks are role models to young tweens. This is not the type of body image attitude I want my daughter to think is normal or acceptable

  29. meh says:

    Did Khloe get a nose job? I don’t think Kourtney or Kendall did.

  30. Wren33 says:

    I feel weird looking at all those pictures to scrutinize her, but…her boobs don’t look bigger now. And I don’t notice anything drastically different about her jaw or nose either. I think you just need to photoshop her new hair, makeup and lips onto her old face.

  31. cindyp says:

    So sad;, she was a cute girl & now looks like a plastic freak. Why would a mother allow this & what reputable plastic surgeon would perform extensive surgery like this on a child? Kris Jenner is just despicable, she’ll do anything for a buck. Kaitlin isn’t without blame either. Ugh.

  32. mellie says:

    I cannot believe how completely different this girl looks, you know people talk about that Stephanie chick from The Hills, well, this is so much worse, in my opinion. She looks like a big piece of plastic, a mannequin, completely lifeless.

  33. Twinkle says:

    Significant work. She’s tragic.

  34. OTHER RENEE says:

    The saddest thing is the millions of young girls who look up to her as their role model and cling to her every word, follow her in instagram etc. They’re out there trying to emulate this plastic doll, probably tearing themselves down in the process. Makes me sad.

    • Happy21 says:

      It’s TERRIBLE! If I had a daughter I’d be trying SO hard for her to have better role models to look up to. It makes me so sad to think that this is the norm. It’s not the norm, she’s a liar. She doesn’t just look like that.

  35. Margo S. says:

    Look at her choice of words. “No butt implants” Which isn’t a lie, because she has butt fillers, not implants. Implants means they put a foreign (usually silicone or type of plastic)peice in your body. Fillers, they use fat from different parts of your body or a filler like what they’d put in your lips. Same with her nose. She hasn’t gotten necessarily a nose job, it’s reconstructive surgery. There are no foreign plastic bits in there. They just use her skin as is. Same with her boobs. No Implants, just reshaping. It’s her choice of wording. OBVIOUSLY SHE’S HAD WORK DONE! Like duh!

  36. Bess says:

    The sad thing is that there was nothing wrong with Kylie’s original face. So what that she couldn’t be a model like Kendall? There are other careers in the entertainment industry besides modeling. It’s sad that Kris & Bruce/Caitlyn reinforced that Kylie’s worth as a human being depends on her looks.

    BTW, in the top right photo, Kylie does not even look human.

  37. me says:

    Ok she gained weight but managed to ONLY gain it in her ass and hips. How is that possible? I think she’s had fat injections like the rest of her family.

  38. marc kile says:

    The way pictures are photo shopped today its hard to tell anything really just my

  39. paranormalgirl says:

    I don’t think she did anything to her jawline, it looks the same and any minute change is probably due to contouring. But her nose looks re-shaped (the bridge is narrower and more refined). But that could also be careful cosmetic contouring, though I doubt it.

  40. hey-ya says:

    …she was about to get left in the shadow of her much prettier sister…so being competitive she did what her mom maybe suggested & is probably richer than Kylie…no need to be so nasty to a 19 yo….10 years time she may regret it herself or she may have 5 kids & be happy…….imo…

  41. Lolo says:

    It’s called Brazillian butt lift and yes, it’s not an implant. But it’s surely a cosmetic surgery. Why are Kardashians acting like no one knows about this surgery? it’s so popular, it’s not even expensive anymore.

  42. Stephanie says:

    She’s had hip injections. Basically the same as booty injections but done on the outside of the pelvis to give more curves.

  43. tw says:

    Goto Instagram – kyliejennersoldface
    It’s convincing!

  44. HK9 says:

    This girl has redesigned everything about herself except her low self esteem. She had the means to do plastic surgery at a young age and for better or worse it’s been done. Just admit it. If you’re so comfortable with your decision be honest. Young girls are looking at her thinking she’s basically herself but it’s all the work or surgeons/dermatologists and fillers. I don’t care if she’s had work done, just say, yes I’ve had work done and leave it at that.

  45. prettylights says:

    I think she’s had a nose job, jaw shaved down, a brow lift or something with her eyes, obviously lots of lip injections, either a Brazilian butt lift or butt injections, and possibly something with her chest although I do think she oftens wears the ‘cutlets’ and wonder bras to make them look bigger. Also with how small her waist is now compared to when she was younger and thinner I wouldn’t doubt she had some lipo/resculpting there or even a few ribs removed. She had a much boxier shape just a few years ago and suddenly she’s got a crazy hourglass shape with a bigger booty. Yes, part of that is puberty but seriously your body doesn’t change THAT MUCH in just a year or two. She had more of an athletic build like Bruce Jenner growing up and now her hips are almost comically round and her waist is much smaller.

    I feel sad that she didn’t think she was pretty enough to begin with.

  46. Grant says:

    She must think that we are exceptionally stupid/blind.

    • LeAnn Stinks says:

      Yes, do these Kardoucheians not realize that Google images exist? All one has to do is look at all their older photos to see what work they have done to their faces and bodies.

      I cannot stand that whole family, but is seems like one who has had the least amount of work is Kendall.

  47. Amelie says:

    I don’t think her jaw or her nose look significantly different. The only thing which she has changed are the lips which we all know about. That and her eyebrows look different. They seem more defined since the trend is to have thick full eyebrows which drives me insane. Eyebrows are not meant to look that perfect. But anyways eyebrows do frame the face so those along with the lips drastically changed her facial appearance. You don’t need a ton of work done to look different as Jennifer Grey proved to us with her nose job. She was virtually unrecognizable.

    As for the rest of her body I don’t know. Her cup size seems the same. As for her waist–Kylie was 14 in 2011 so possible her waist line wasn’t quite defined yet. But again I don’t pay attention to her body that much since it’s her face that underwent the most radical transformation. I believe she’s probably had work done she hasn’t admitted to, I just don’t think it’s as extensive as some people think.

  48. Littlestar says:

    Kardashians want us to believe that they all gained enormous circumference on their behinds (and breasts) through exercise or weight gain. Please tell me how one gains sixteen pounds exclusively on the butt and breasts while not only NOT gaining weight anywhere else but with a smaller waist? Oh please! And then Khloe wants us to believe her new comically enormous backside is exercise, I’ve worked in gyms with trainers and no it’s not; there’s no way to exclusively spot train a muscle with zero engagement other the surrounding muscles. You can do exercises that help isolate the glute but your still going to find engagement of the quads, hamstrings, calves. Plus cmon, that butt is obviously not a muscle LOL. These girls have zero muscle tone and want to say they rebuilt their bodies with exercise.

  49. Debutante says:

    WOW !

    I never saw that first picture of her from 2011 . If it wasn’t labeled, I honestly did not know who it was. I knew she had extensive work, but not THAT extensive.

    Those 2 pictures side by side show the huge differences— in her face anyway — perfectly !

  50. JRenee says:

    You guys are great with identitying how they sidestep complete truth.

  51. LeAnn Stinks says:

    Sorry, I don’t buy it all. She lied for a very long time about her lips, too.

    People’s noses do not naturally thin like that, and the tip is completely different, too. Her boobs are fake as well. While, I cannot speak for her tush, that whole family are a bunch of plastic lairs. So her credibility is on par with horse dung, buzzing flies included.

  52. Talia says:

    Side by side those pictures look like 2 different people.

  53. Amanda DG says:

    The nose and lips are obviously done, but the rest I chalk up to having a good figure and contorting her body into the right angles to make her ass look big in pictures.

  54. AuntSass says:

    Definitely lips and chest but I don’t know about the rest.

  55. Joanie says:

    Those two photos don’t even look like sisters, much less the same person.

  56. SnarkAtLarge says:

    It’s painful to feel she has nothing to contribute other than purchased physicality.

  57. MizzM says:

    I bet she didn’t have jaw surgery, per se, but instead had botox in her masseters to reshape her jawline:

    Honestly, it’s a really depressing procedure–I get why people want to reshape big/crooked noses, extremely thin lips, etc., but a strong jaw line is really pretty and distinctive.

  58. nana says:

    she used to be really pretty.. she would have blossomed into a naturally beautiful young woman. now she just looks like a wax doll.

  59. Gerri says:

    I believe she has proven herself to be a liar more than once. She is manipulative.