MTO founder: Kim Kardashian is human, ‘she was a victim of a violent crime’


It’s only been two weeks since Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in what she thought was a secure elite hotel/apartment building. Since the robbery, Kim has been shaken to her core. She returned to New York immediately following the robbery, then she flew back to LA last week. Kanye West postponed some of his tour dates but he was back on the road last week, and then he returned to LA over the weekend to spend time with Kim. She has not been pap-strolling or looking for attention, and she reportedly has a huge new phalanx of elite security personnel. No one knows when Kim will return to the public eye or if this is her new normal.

One notable thing Kim did do was push back on Media Takeout for a series of stories they did about how she “faked” the robbery. Kim actually filed a libel lawsuit against MTO and the site reportedly took down the stories in the wake of the lawsuit. MTO founder Fred Mwangaguhunga spoke to CNN about the situation:

“Our number one goal is to produce the most accurate information as quickly as possible and we did that,” Fred Mwangaguhunga said. “But now, looking back at it, you have a chance often times to look back and reflect on what it is that happened. It’s now clear that she was robbed. It’s clear that the reporting that we did hurt her, and we certainly don’t want that to be what we do.”

“It’s a bigger issue than just someone telling you to take it down. Sometimes you take it down because there’s something on there that’s not right and your readers are being misled by the information on it.”

Mwangaguhunga said he believes the lawsuit will be “resolved very soon.” He also told CNNMoney that Kardashian did not “deserve” to be at the center of this speculation.

“Kim Kardashian is not just a celebrity, she is a human being. She is a mother, she is a wife and she was a victim of a violent crime. She definitely did not deserve it and she deserved to be believed.”

[From CNN Money]

I’m glad that he came out and said this, because I’ve been really uncomfortable with the presumption of guilt lodged at Kim over this entire situation, as if so many people are just looking for some kind of angle in which to blame Kim for what happened. She was robbed. She was held at gunpoint. She was traumatized. Believe that it happened to her. You can think that she was a superficial narcissist AND a traumatized victim. It’s not either/or.


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  1. LiterallyaShambles says:

    Props for the fact that his first description of Kim was that “she’s a human being.”
    She’s not just someone’s wife, mother, or daughter. Just as all the women who are coming out about being sexually assualted are not just wives, mothers, and daughters. We’re human beings.

    • detritus says:

      Yes! Our value does not hinge on our relationship to men or children.
      She isn’t valuable because she’s married to Ye, or had North, she matters because she’s a human being.

  2. Hannah says:

    Blaming Kim for this crime tells more about the blamers than about Kim.

  3. Nicole says:

    I’m not going to lie, when the story first broke out about the robbery, I really did question if this was another publicity attempt. However, the following days after, and how radio silent she has become, its obvious she is deeply deeply traumatized. This woman is not someone that just goes radio silent on social media. She has taken every opportunity to make a buck by posting her life. For someone to just STOP that suddenly in the aftermath of this, shows just now profoundly affected she is. I actually feel for her,

    • Lolo86lf says:

      Would’nt it be a crime to fabricate a publicity stunt like that? Look at what happened to Ryan Lochte when he lied about being robbed in Brazil. I really hope she overcomes the emotional trauma she suffers. In any case, if her brand is to continue on she has to get back to social media, that’s how she stays relevant.
      Please amuse me: how do you pronounce the name Mwangaguhunga?

  4. Izzy says:

    Glad she sued them. I hope she gets a large settlement, and donates it. Maybe to a program for ethical journalism or one that helps victims of violent crimes.

  5. Crox says:

    I still think it’s a publicity stunt (and not because of the video) and I believed that long before the media came out with it. I also wouldn’t take this guy’s word for it – many people have stepped in her defence and their statements are genuine, which is nice for her. But this dude – no, it only looks like he’s back-paddling because of the lawsuit.

    I also find it nasty that the word “allegedly” removes the guilt from the publication. It only serves legal purposes while people seldom pay attention to it. Even with the word allegedly, many will believe the rumour, so the damage is done.

    • Nancy says:

      I don’t think so but she will milk it dry. In the long run, maybe it will teach her not to be such a diva and put herself on a pedestal thinking she is not like us commoners who are victims of crimes. She is more of a target since she parades her wealth in front of our eyes. Now if her family follows suit, maybe they will leave this reality tv world, give us a break and she may get to know her kids. A happy ending for all. As for you Kylie, liar liar pants on fire…..seriously look at the before and after pics, who does she think she’s fooling.

  6. Naya says:

    Of all the despicable places on the internet, his is among the worst. MTO outs people as gay, outs people as HIV positive, questions childrens paternity etc so please forgive me for not believing this fake ass. A lawsuit is a scary thing since the Gawker takedown. If Kim pulled a Hogan on MTO she would rise ten notches in my estimation.

    • detritus says:

      I dunno if Thiel backs ladies, or just other rich white dudes. Which my autocorrect has as rich shite dudes. I think both apply.

      That’s awful though, people’s health status, sexual preferences, those are private for only them to share. You don’t own a person because they are famous.

  7. Eleonor says:

    As I have stated before: the perfect victim does not exist. I hope she will be ok.

  8. lisa says:

    i still believe it is a publicity stunt

    but what is more interesting is how she now looks like voldemort

  9. jwoolman says:

    It really wasn’t unreasonable to doubt the story initially because of Kim’s history of extensive lying and setting up fake situations both on her show and in general. I think it became clear rather fast that it was real, though, so I don’t know how they got a whole series of articles on that theme. But MTO isn’t a real news site, they go rather wild routinely and I wouldn’t trust anything I read there just from the way they write. I would have suggested just ignoring them. The facts were reported everywhere else.