Is Serena Williams now dating Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton?


Since I don’t really care about Formula 1 or Formula 1 drivers, I’ve never really cared about Lewis Hamilton or his dating life. I see his name mentioned a lot in association with famous women though, and I always think, “That guy? Really?” Maybe he’s the hottest thing on two legs and I have no taste in men. But it seems like a big fuss over a pretty average guy. In the past, he’s been associated with/rumored to be dating Rihanna, Nicole Scherzinger, Barbara Palvin and more. And now? Now there’s a rumor that he’s getting flirty with Serena Williams. Stop it! She’s recovering from an injured season!

Serena Williams and Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton took their new romance public this Halloween. On Monday night, the pair were spotted at 1Oak with a spy, who told us, “They were super flirty. They didn’t leave each other’s side the whole night.”

Williams, who was dressed in bright ’80s-style workout gear, and Hamilton, who was done up as Batman’s The Joker, have been spending a lot of time together recently. They were spotted holding hands last week after Hamilton won the Mexican Grand Prix.

[From Page Six]

Can anyone – a Serena-obsessive, please? – tell me what’s up between Serena and Patrick Mouratoglou, her coach? I think I know what it is, but I would love to have someone confirm it. I think that they dated for several years when he first began to coach her, which would have been… circa 2011, I believe. Then at some point they broke up but he still coaches her and they still have a lot of love for each other. But she started dating other people, like Drake. And now Lewis Hamilton? Or are those guys just Serena’s “cover” while she quietly still dates Patrick? Even though I know there was drama at the start of Serena’s relationship with Patrick, I kind of hope they do end up together. Because that man is gorgeous.


This is Lewis Hamilton as the Joker for Halloween. Serena was… an ‘80s gymrat? These pics are from the same party (Heidi Klum’s Halloween party).



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. freebunny says:

    Formula 1 drivers are rich, specially world champions.
    And they’re super well-known outside the US, so there’s nothing weird here.

    • ladysussex says:

      Agreed. Formula One drivers are as hot as rock stars in Europe. Race car drivers are sexy, rich, dangerous….why shouldn’t she date him! He’s quite the catch.

      • senna says:

        I’m married to an F1 nut so I watch pretty much every race (and pre-and-post-race coverage) and I guess after so much race-watching I am pretty much inured to driver’s attractiveness except in a few cases.

        So many of the drivers are completely egocentric. I mean, you have to be to some extent to succeed at F1, but so many of these guys think they are owed the world. last race a three-time world champion driver (Sebastian Vettel) started running his mouth off over the team radio because another driver pulled an asshole move on him and then would not rescind the place he gained because of it. After Vettel placed third he was stripped of his podium place thanks to a time penalty for nearly forcing another driver off the track.

        F1 is at its most entertaining when the drivers are acting like assholes or like old married couples having a public spat. Once two drivers on the same team ended up throwing hats at each other’s heads after the race. Driver 1 tosses a hat to his teammate supposedly in jest. Driver 2 is grumpy and throws it back at his face. It was as ridiculous as it sounds (google “capgate” for a video version). I’ve seen drivers yell team codes at each other while on TV to imply that one of them broke an agreement about race strategy. This can be found by googling “multi-21.” While these incidents fill me with schadenfreude, behaving like spoiled children is not sexy at all.

        That’s not to say all drivers are assholes. Daniel Ricciardo has an amazing personality (or at least he knows how to play for the cameras.) He also has self-control – was nearly run off the track last race and managed to not tear a strip off the other driver. He isn’t super classically handsome but seems like a lovely charming guy. I still love this guy even after he drank champagne out of his boot to celebrate a win, an action which is completely disgusting but somehow I want him to go on to drink many more champagne or red-bull filled boots with or without Gerard Butler (his last co-celebrant).

        Other drivers are exceptionally uptight because they need to be in control to win. See: Nico Rosberg, who completely grates on my nerves every time he opens his mouth.

        Yet other drivers just don’t give a shit about PR or playing nice or playing games (see: Kimi Raikkonen) which is endearing to fans, but I can only imagine how much patience it must take to be a spouse to someone completely blase about almost everything.

        And then there’s the favourites who come across as lovely either because they are great, or because they haven’t had enough press time to spoil my impression of them because they haven’t won enough. (see: Nico Hulkenberg).

        TL;DR: your mileage may vary with F1 drivers. (ha, ha, ha….I’m leaving that pun right there.)

      • squee says:

        Haha senna so nice to see someone else who is on the periphery of F1 obsession! My family has always been obsessed, I used to get taken to Silverstone grand prix as a kid, my sister was an F1 race engineer for many years etc, I have even partied with Eddie Jordan!

        But yes all the ego politics and team bitchiness is the best part!

        Also, Kimi raikonnen used to be my crush, and jaques villeneuve when I was a young girl. So cute.

      • squee says:

        Also, Lewis Hamilton is worth $200million at the age of 31and is in highly glamorous social circles, so yeah not a strange match for an international tennis star!

      • Shutterbug99 says:

        @senna I’ve watched F1 since the days of the great Senna (my all time fave!) and while it doesn’t hold my interest like it used to, I did happen to catch the Mexican GP last weekend. Watching Vettel throw all his toys out of the pram all at once (so to speak!) gave me the best laugh I’ve had in a while.

        I totally agree with you on Rosberg – can’t stand the guy – while Ricciardo seems like a nice guy as F1 drivers go. He also has a great smile!

      • senna says:

        @squee: OMG!! Eddie Jordan can dish it out like no one else. I do miss him since I switched over to watching Sky several years ago! How fun that you got to drink with him! And how amazing that your sis was a race engineer! (can you say which team she worked for?)

        I’m Canadian so I have a huge soft spot for Villeneuve. I spend a fair bit of time in Montreal but haven’t been able to afford to attend the GP every year because of the cost. I’m a runner and for a time had a running route which took me to the park where the circuit is located. (one of the most stunning locations for a race on the calendar, IMHO!) It was awe-inspiring to be on that track all alone!

      • senna says:

        @shutterbug99: So, because we are in north america, my husband and I watch the race on PVR. As Vettel was giving his podium speech, my husband was surfing the F1 gossip and telling me about the 10 second penalty, and I felt exhilarated at knowing what was coming to that f-ing guy. I’m sorry – I really don’t like Seb at all!

        Every German friend I have who watches F1 just loves Seb and swears he comes across completely differently in German. Which I believe, but is he like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde then, and which is the real Seb? I haven’t liked him since he was throwing Webber under the bus back in the day. He’s a chronic complainer!

      • senna says:

        @shutterbug99: oh, and Senna is my fave, too, in case you hadn’t guessed!

        What’s funny is that I grew up watching F1 in the late 80s/early 90s with my Dad who was a HUGE Mansell fan and hated Senna. (I still love Nigel, though!) It’s more in retrospect, with some distance from watching as a young kid, that I realized what an amazing racer and person he was – also deeply polarizing (like Lewis, I suppose), with a huge messiah complex, but an utterly fascinating person with incredible talent who wore his heart on his sleeve and was so very handsome and charming. Sigh!

      • Jai says:

        I started watching F1 at the end of Mark Webber’s reign, I miss him. Vettle is going to get soap and cheese thrown at him if he keeps it up. I like Lewis, but Snapgate did put me off a bit. Daniel, his smile, and his shoey has me rooting for him big time though. I may switch teams to RBR next year, especially if/when Nico gets the title this year. And then there’s Max….well he does keep things exciting doesn’t he.

      • senna says:

        @Jai I have such mixed feelings over Max! I lived in Holland for a couple of years so it’s fun that the Dutch have a competitive driver again. But he acts SO entitled to every ounce of respect immediately without having to have proven himself, and is so dirty with his blocking drivers while braking that he’s pissed off a majority of the other drivers with his antics. He’s evidently been groomed from a young age to have the mentality of a champion in the mold of Michael Shumaker and coming from a teenager, it seems like he’s faking it till he makes it.

      • Jai says:

        @senna I have mixed feelings about Max in that, I enjoy his youthful, ballsy style of driving. Yet at the same time I, being much older than he, enjoy it when the little whipper snapper gets a newspaper to the nose treatment, like he did in MEX, for said ballsy driving. He’s the youngest winner of an F1 race and will likely keep that record for a very long time. That’s going to make just about anybody a bit entitled. I’m hoping Daniel Riccardo will continue to act like a big brother to him and help him grow up a bit. Time will tell.

      • ls_boston says:

        Gosh, with a handle like “senna”, I rather tend to smirk that it is your plus-1 and not yourself that is the F-1 nut! :-) Still, as an F-1 nut myself, i entirely agree.
        Lewis is quite simply my favourite driver at the minute although that stupid stunt he pulled in … Malaysia was it? – had me wavering a bit. Can’t stand Rosberg, either, whiny brat; love Kimi and Hulkenberg and definitely Ricciardo; Max gets old very quickly, especially don’t like his anything goes style of driving although he has tended to add spice. Thought Seb’s habit of throwing his toys out the pram anytime things don’t go his way was tiresome but in small doses – like his blaspheming poor Charlie Whiting – he is highly entertaining. Wish these guys would tear into the old antiquarian (Ecclestone) who would deserve it, rather than poor old Whiting. Still, Seb’s taking on ol’ Maximus and then his subsequent meltdown for the last 7 laps was exciting beyond measure. First time ever, I’ve had any love for Seb.

        Anyhow, I digress. SW will do jolly well with LH except that, like most of these F1 drivers, he’s a whippet and probably about a 1/10 of the scale of SW. He couldn’t possibly come up to her chin, i would think.
        And I hope NR has car trouble – finally! – and LH wins his fourth.

        BTW, @senna, SV is a four-time F1WC, not a thrice winner. LH is currently a thrice WC.

      • senna says:

        @ls_boston: Your comment is everything! Mea culpa about Seb’s 4 championships :) . Sorry, Seb! While I did kind of delight in Seb’s verbal takedown of Max and the race organizers, I did feel it was a bit much, even at the time. Since the thing that has irritated me the most about Mr. Multi-21 has been his selfishness and his complaining, I felt like it was strokes of the old Seb we were seeing. I guess, overall, I agree that a small dose of Seb is great entertainment value though I will never love him. (I also love the extremely apt “throwing the toys out of the pram” metaphor.)

        Snapgate was not something I found tremendously disrespectful on Lewis’s part, but I HATED that he cast aspersions on his team by mentioning reliability issues. Yes, he’s had shit luck this year. To think that someone in his team is sabotaging him, even by mentioning that it seems like more than bad luck, is just really shitty behaviour. Lewis fan-dom is like this for me – he does something I love, and then something I think is crappy, so I run hot and cold on the guy. I’d rather see him tie Seb for 4 championships though than have Rosberg win.

        On my F1 fandom – my husband points out that I have actually been watching F1 longer than he has so I’m just as much a legitimate fan, whatever that means. I watched in the late 80s-early 90s as a young kid, and started again in the mid -2000s once my husband and I started dating. When I say he’s the F1 nut and I’m the secondary nut, it’s because he’s the one constantly scoping out news and gossip and watching videos on every performance change they’ve had from KERS to the F-Duct to DRS before the new season. I am not interested in the technical issues (I mean Ted Kravitz can do as many presentations on racing engines as he wants and I will listen, enraptured, because I love Ted and his presentations and occasionally I will even recall what I’ve learned,) but overall I’m a fan for the human drama.

      • squee says:

        @senna: Haha thanks for being the first person to ever be even remotely impressed by my Eddie jordan story (or knowing who he is). It was SO fun! I was in Melbourne at the time (studying abroad in Sydney, visiting sis at race in Melbourne). My sister had been working at the race (she was working for Jordan’s team at the time) and the whole team were going out to eat after, and she invited me along. Eddie was there along with everyone else, and once everyone else had finished up and left, it was just me, my sis and Eddie left. They were good friends as they’d worked together for years, so he was like ‘do you guys fancy a night out? i’m off to meet my mate Brian, come with me’. We jumped in a cab, jumped he queue, went straight into VIP where we discovered his ‘mate’ Brian was brian McFadden from Westlife!? (if you’re not uk/irish this is probably equally underwhelming as eddie) Many drinks ensued, Eddie got wasted and danced around, and then even undid my bra at one point (was too young and naive to tell him that wasn’t cool). Aside from that, he was extremely nice and fun! Was a very bizarre evening.

        Wow what an incredible jogging route! Yeah it is extremely pricey to go to the races unfortunately, I’ve never been since childhood. yeah you’re lucky to have Montreal as your ‘local’ circuit – beautiful.The last one I went to was when Schumacher broke his leg in 99 and everyone cheered when he crashed!?

        One last F1 related tidbit: my family cats were called Damon and Murray after Damon Hill and Murray Walker. My friends thought we were weird.

  2. Meg says:

    Isn’t she dating the Reddit guy?

    And Serena and Patrick have been done for a while, they’re still close but both moved on. Patrick just had a baby with his gf.

  3. als says:

    Oh, God, now I get why Bernie Ecclestone roots for Hamilton to win again, there is so much coverage with this guy. The other drivers seem happy with just being rich but Hamilton wants to be a mega-star.
    Actually, I think Serena was paid to be in Mexico, just like I think her sister, Venus, was paid to be at the Austin GP the week before. She celebrated at the end with Lewis, soaked in champagne.
    In every Formula 1 weekend there are some famous faces appearing from nowhere. Bieber was in Monaco, I think Christophe Waltz was in Austin as well. Tom Brady showed up in Canada. Most of them don’t seem like they have ever heard of F1. Venus looked bored in some of the footage, just like Serena. And Hamilton is aiming for a career in music after driving so he loves to network.

    Also, the F1 bosses are trying to get more Americans into F1. So, with this kind of coverage, you are their target, people like you, Kaiser, that know nothing of F1, you are the target. They want you to come to F1 and make them richer than they already are.

    • senna says:

      The “Venus and Serena were paid to be there” thing makes sense logically – but in that case, I wonder why Venus snubbed Martin Brundle (the Sky sports interviewer/presenter) and refused to talk to him on the grid in Austin? I’d think if she were paid to be there, there would be an understanding that she’d talk to the press. Based on that, I think it’s likely she was there as Lewis’s guest instead?

      • Midnightatthemuseum says:

        I was surprised that Martin Brundle got the cold-shoulder too. The new owners of F1 are certainly trying to raise the profile in the US, so perhaps she was a private guest. Whoever thinks Lewis is a tool obviously hasn’t seen the great love between him and his disabled brother, who Lewis is clearly very close to and helped with his own motor sport ambition.
        By the way it’s DRS’s at dawn between me and you over Nico Hulkenberg senna – I’ve had my eye on him for a VERY long time!

      • senna says:

        @Midnightatthemuseum: DRS’s at dawn! I’m dead!!

        The first time I ever noticed Nico H was when he placed P5 in qualifying in 2010 and I was like, “who is this rookie?” I’ve been a fan ever since. I hope next year at Renault goes well for him – though I’d hoped he’d be in a top 3 team by this time!

        quick story time: I’ve met Lewis once, back in 2014. In Toronto. At a Chipotle restaurant (!) where he was ordering takeout food for a crowd. Afterward he hopped into a friend’s Honda Civic and sped away; he was super low-key and very friendly.

    • als says:

      If they had agreed on an interview, it would have happened, but that was not the deal. I don’t think anyone’s deal includes interviews, it just depends if they are willing. Tom Brady talked to Rachel.
      I haven’t seen or heard Lewis hanging out with Venus and Serena before so even if they were his guests, there was probably also a deal with F1. I don’t think they would have flown there exclusively for him and in separate weekends no less. If they wanted to be bored watching F1 it would have been easier to do it together.

  4. Amelia says:

    Lewis Hamilton is such a d*ck.
    Serena can do way, way, *way* better than this knob.

    • als says:

      I liked him with Nicole Scherzinger but seeing his behavior after the split, how he loves to be in the company of all these celebrities and displays his friendships with them, I really think he was using her to some degree.
      Nicole may not be a huge hit, but she is well liked and she knows everyone in the industry. She introduced him to Hollywood and the celebrity culture and he loved it. Still does.

      A lot of people say what a catch he was for Nicole because he was rich but I think he considered Nicole a catch because she was famous. He would definitely love to date a mega-celebrity like Serena.

    • milla says:


      He dates everybody, there is talk that he is not even straight, i call BS. at least i hope so, she deserves better.

    • Pip says:

      That’s exactly what I came here to say. She’s FAR too good for him: he’s a petulant, thin-skinned, immature, charmless baby (god, there are a lot of them around at the moment, aren’t there).

      Big fan of Serena & I’ll be proper underwhelmed if she ends up with him.

  5. Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

    Depends on if she wants to play beard – he’s out within the sport just not publicly.

    • Snowflake says:

      What? Are you saying he’s more into men?

    • Shutterbug99 says:

      So, Nicole played beard for 8+ years? I somehow doubt it!

      • Radley says:

        Some people actually marry their beards you know. So it’s not unheard of.

      • Shutterbug99 says:

        @Radley True. Not unheard of. But this is the first I have heard of any such rumors regarding Lewis Hamilton.

      • senna says:

        I must admit I don’t read a ton of F1 gossip, but I’ve never heard gay rumors about Lewis either. I’d like to think that we’re in an era where one’s orientation wouldn’t matter, but I guess I could see why one might want to keep one’s private life secret when a driver’s public image is very important. Enough people are bigoted that it could hurt his popularity. A quick google search turned up nothing in terms of incidents, stories or evidence that would indicate he’s gay. My hunch is that this is straight-up homophobia where people claim this as a way of harming his reputation because they’re bigoted themselves. It could be that there is evidence and I’m not in the know – I certainly don’t know all the gossip, just the mainstream reporting mostly. However, outing people against their wishes isn’t cool.

      • ls_boston says:

        Don’t believe it either. For someone supposedly gay, he certainly plays the field with the latest flavour of the month an awful lot. Since Nicole Sherzinger, he’s been seen faffing about with every singer and model of dubious Hollywood connections that I can think of … someone from the Kardi family, one of the Hadid sisters, Rita Ora, now Williams. And that’s what I’ve got from the F1-gossip page on the BBC! There must be a tonne more in the tabloids!
        Anyhow, don’t believe it for a minute.

    • Jai says:

      NooooOOooooo! I refuse to believe it…though him hanging with Justin Freaking Bieber and sharing his celebratory champagne with him did give me pause. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but no, just no…

  6. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    He went in white-face!!! I’m joking. God the joker is creepy.

  7. lexx says:

    I’m still holding out hope that Serena and Common are going to get back together.

  8. Squiggisbig says:

    Elaborate plot to get back at their exes? Nicole and some tennis dude Serena allegedly hooked up with are dating now

    Any other explanation makes no sense to me as Lewis seems like such a tool

  9. laur says:

    Venus was also at another recent grand prix, so doubt they’re anything more than friends….

  10. Shelley says:

    Lewis Hamilton is one of the best looking F1 drivers. Fernando Alonso being the best *swoon*.
    I really hope this isn’t true. He was best suited with Nicole Scherzinger.

    • senna says:

      After what Lewis put Nicole through, I think she’s done with his nonsense? They were so on-and-off-again seemingly at Lewis’s beck and call, which must have sucked.

      I think the thing I like about a potential Serena-Lewis pairing is that she would not put up with one second of BS from him.

      I can’t get into Lewis because he vaguely resembles my little brother. It’s funny that Lewis is such a polarizing figure in and out of the sport. I’ve had people say to me, “how can you possibly like him?” and others who think he’s basically a god. I really see the reasons for both opinions but my impression is that i respect his savvy and skill but am not a passionate fan of his.

      I agree that Alonso is pretty fine and for many years he was absolutely the best-looking driver IMHO, but my main F1 driver crushes of the moment are Nico Hulkenberg and Stoffel Vandoorne.

      • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

        I can’t with Alonso and that ‘bouffant’ do he sports. There are really no dishy blokes in F1 anymore since Mark Webber left – well for me at least.

      • senna says:

        @Digital Unicorn: I think we have no overlap in our taste! I have an irrational and unfair dislike of the completely normal, objectively good-looking Webber. He is just too blokey for me! Have at it :) . I’ll be over here trying not to verbalize what I’d like to do to Stoffel VanDoorne.

      • squee says:

        My Mum was all about Mark Webber! Alonso is kinda hot. VanDoorne kinda looks like a wee boy who would be terrified by a vagine to me, but each to their own.

      • als says:

        Alonso is a sassy bitch. I love him!
        Hulkenberg is the definition of cool.
        Sergio Perez seems cool too but I have a feeling his family is aiming to be some sort of Kardashians reloaded. I really felt sorry for Sergio this weekend with all the pressure of Mexican GP.

      • senna says:

        @squee: I really like pretty boys! Though I lol’d at your characterization – did you see the segment with him and Paul di Resta at the taco stand in Austin? The man cannot assert authority over a pet dog. I was like, “no Stoffel, do not let that poor dog eat your taco!” (Stoffel gives the dog the taco…) It was adorable if you’re me and probably not if you’re someone else.

      • squee says:

        @senna: To be fair pretty boys did used to be my type for quite some time, and he is conventionally very good-looking. Oh my god I have not seen that segment but I absolutely must! I was loling having not even seen the clip. A man who gives up his taco for a little dog is alright in my books!

  11. Anna says:

    He was with Nicole for like 7 years, so it was more than just “rumoured or apparently dating” lol

  12. Lainey says:

    Can’t stand Lewis. The fawning over him by the media doesn’t help. Nah if you gonna date a F1 driver I’d go with Ricciardo, Alonso or Sainz (he’s so pretty). Maybe Hulkenberg but the way he dresses in his downtime is sooo bad.

  13. Shutterbug99 says:

    I don’t know if these dating rumors are true, but I find it interesting that Lewis’s ex Nicole is currently dating Serena’s ex, Grigor Dimitrov – or at least she was last time I checked.

    Meanwhile, Lewis has been linked to everyone from Kendall Jenner to, well, Serena Williams.

  14. senna says:

    oh, you know what I WISH was the headline for this F1 post? Toto and Susie Wolff are having a baby!!

    I just adore both Toto and Susie. Toto is the best team boss I have ever sen and he can’t open his mouth to speak to the media without me gushing about what a PR genius he is and how well he manages Mercedes. Susie was a test driver for Williams for years and has presented on Sky a bit. She’s devoted to the cause of encouraging women’s participation in motorsport. I hope they have a baby girl who turns out to be a racing prodigy because it seems like their destiny.

  15. Jai says:

    Don’t forget Rita Ora, Lewis was photographed with her too, so they must have dated too right.

  16. JH82DC says:

    Is everyone dating Lewis Hamilton?! Not you Serena! He’s such a man-whore. She can do better!!!

  17. Marlene says:

    “Can anyone – a Serena-obsessive, please? – tell me what’s up between Serena and Patrick Mouratoglou, her coach? ”

    That was over years ago.

  18. Nanaa says:

    You are joking right? That guy must be blind or something,

  19. Saks says:

    I don’t care for him and I don’t like her (after her rape comments), in my opinion Serena doesn’t seem his type… but I also think he would date anyone who gives him more exposure

  20. Kaykay says:

    She is dating the Reddit co founder, Alexis Ohanian.

  21. Tanakasan says:

    All the money she has, and her costume looks like I threw something together for a 7th grade costume day. Let’s not speak of the fit.

  22. Jessica says:

    I’ve been watching F1 since 1989 and even if I am a die hard fan of Lewis Hamilton I think F1 pilots tend to be a bunch of prima donnas. Most of the time it’s pettiness and kindergarten level but it’s entertaining so. I also tend to believe that race engineers are true heroes not only do they do an amazing job but they also have to endure their drivers shitty behavior most of the time. Some of them do a great job ( Lewis’ engineers seems to be a gem of a guy) I just feel sorry for Vettel engineers at Ferrari, Alonso is always mean to his engineer.

    I think Serena and Lewis are just friends though, Lewis is a social butterfly and he’s mostly committed to F1.