Beyonce & Jay-Z did a huge event in Ohio for Hillary Clinton, they’re #WithHer

Beyonce and Jay-Z were totally in couple-love with Barack and Michelle Obama. I don’t think Beyonce had really cared much about politics (at least not publicly) before the Obama era, although to be fair, Jay was always pretty politically active. While I didn’t doubt that the Carters were supporting Hillary Clinton, I wondered if they were going to end up doing any events on behalf of HRC. Well, on Friday, the Carters came out in a HUGE way. Hillary Clinton basically built an event around Bey and Jay in Ohio, complete with a concert and personal, on-stage endorsements from both Jay and Bey, who introduced Hillary onto the stage.

First of all, this is really, really needed in Ohio. Ohio voted for Obama twice, but in the past month, Ohio has been trending more heavily Republican. I kind of wondered if the Clinton campaign was going to write off Ohio completely, but no. There was this event with the Carters, and HRC is doing an event with LeBron James in Cleveland today. So, they’re pouring resources into Ohio, hoping that it pays off at the last minute. Fingers crossed.

Second of all, how cute is this whole video? Jay saying “Miss Hillary Clinton” like she’s a debutante made my day, as did Jay calling Trump “not an evolved soul.” I also love the full-throated endorsement by Beyonce. Bey is telling us to get in formation behind Ms. Pantsuit, and I am on board. POLKA-DOTTED PANTSUIT FTW. In an interview several months ago, Hillary talked about the first time she saw Beyonce perform live, which happened to be at the White House. HRC called Bey a “phenomenon.” And Hillary also carries hot sauce in her bag, swag. So basically, Bey and Hillz are new BFFs.

Of course, the Orange One was irritated by Hillary’s Carter Show event. Trump had harsh words for Hillary because… Jay-Z sings the rap music! And Jay swears! OMG. Clutch your pearls.

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  1. Melly says:

    Who needs Beyoncé and JayZ when you have freakin Scott Baio?

    • SusanneToo says:

      And Jon Voigt, woo woo.

    • mia girl says:

      Those two are good but Trump’s best is yet to come. After blasting HRC for all her celebrity events, and The Carters for their “demeaning lyrics” Trump will close out his campaign with an event featuring Ted Nugent.

      Yup he will campaign with a gun-crazed, racist, anti-immigrant, sexist, homophobe who couldn’t marry an underage girl so he adopted a girl in order to live with her, never met a right-wing conspiracy he didn’t love AND (let me catch my breath) has called for the assasination of both President Obama and Hilary Clinton!!

      That is a real Trump celebrity right there. Totally fitting for his campaign

      • SusanneToo says:

        With David Duke, all in white(sheets).

      • Tate says:

        Good strategy, Don. That should really win over some of the independent vote. 🙄

      • Jayna says:

        Ted Nugent is disgusting and vile and certifiably insane. I truly believe that.

        I can believe Trump has Ted at a rally. It dovetails with the kind of campaign he has run.

    • Tate says:

      Don’t forget about that underwear model from the ’90’s!

    • Nancy says:

      Melly: Lol……Joanie doesn’t even love Chachi anymore. When was he relevant…….that’s right for about ten minutes forty years ago to a crowd of tweens. That’s about the correct definition of Trump lovers, out of touch.

      • annetommy says:

        Scott was Dr Jack Stewart in Diagnosis Murder, with the ever-wonderful Dick Van Dyke. He was barely tolerable in that. Not a huge Beyoncé or Jay Z fan but good for them. Give me an H, give me an I, give me an LL, give me an A, give me an R, give me a Y, what have we got; POTUS!

      • Janetdr says:

        @annetommy *LOVE*

    • Katenotkatie says:

      Oops, don’t forget Antonio Sabato, Jr.!

  2. LiterallyaShambles says:

    I think this is huge and it made me feel better when I saw it. The BeyHive is a force of nature and has the power to make a difference in this election. Yes. We. Can.

    This is why I do think it’s important that high profile celebrities share who they’re voting for, at least in an election as close an important as this. Imagine if Taylor Swift announced she was With Her? The election would be in the bag. Her fan base is huge and scarily loyal. But she’s too afraid to alienate people and doesn’t have the balls to come out an endorse someone like this, and I resent that. Also, I’m not entirely sure that Taylor and her lily-white, terrible-haired feminism would be With Her.

    • OTHER RENEE says:

      Tay Tay’s fan base won’t be eligible to vote for another few years.

      • MellyMel says:

        Uh no. Taylor’s main fan base are in their twenties right now. They’re the girls (and guys) that have been following her since middle & high school when she first came out. They can & will vote this election.

      • Kassie says:

        The majority of her fan base are around her age-early twenties.

      • attackofthekb says:

        I happen to be a Swift fan and I happen to be voting. Specifically for HRC. I agree that it’s nice when a celeb gets out there and takes a stand but it’s not owed to us as a nation no matter the election circumstances.

    • CeeBee says:

      I think it’s crazy scary that people will blindly vote for a candidate just because their favorite celebrity is voting for them.

      • Jean Gray says:

        Yep. I said the same thing downthread. If someone needs a celebrity to sway their vote or make a decision, I question and judge the ish out of them. It’s scary that anyone can influence your life like that. Too many sheep in this world.

      • LinaLamont says:

        I agree (and, I don’t think too many Democrats are swayed by celebrities), but, good for Beyonce and Jay-Z. Any help is appreciated.

      • Melly says:

        The point of having a celebrity concert for Hillary isn’t to necessarily sway voters, it’s for taking people at the concert to register & maybe take them to the polls after. I do some organizing and volunteering for the HRC campaign, and you can bet that there were organizers there making sure everyone knew when and where they could vote. It’s part of the ground game.

      • oce says:

        I think people will vote who they want to vote for. If I could vote for BEY I would, but she is not on the ballot. But in all seriousness, I am voting for HRC. And while I respect HRC, I have to tell you most people started leaving the concert as soon as HRC came on stage to speak. Pretty amazing to witness that. But the smart ones (my Mom and I) who stayed to watch HRC speak, we got an encore from Jay-Z singing “it’s a hard knock life”. Mom and I had the ultimate girls night out, FOR FREE (Dad picked us up and droppped us off since the venue was crawling with secret service 🙂

      • LinaLamont says:

        Good point.

    • Nicole says:

      I agree. What I will say is if it gets people to research and look into politics and candidates I’m all for it. Esp since the youth base is VERY apathetic to HRC (their campaign didn’t help themselves there) while in 08 and 12 they came out HUGE. If Bey and Jay get them to see past the noise I’m for it. But I would never vote for a candidate based on a celeb endorsement.

      Also did everyone see how Obama protected the trump supporter at his rally? That’s how a real president protects the first amendment not but having his supporters beat you up. Gonna miss him

    • oce says:

      I am from Cleveland Ohio and was lucky to be back home this weekend and attend the concert. It was a FREE concert, and to see so many great music acts was such a great uplifitng feeling after losing the World Series this week. Many people Beyonce, Jay-Z, J-Cole, Chance the Rapper, Big Sean. The energy was ELECTRIFYING when Bey came out – it was like we all had seen the Holy Spirit, I kid you not. I got chills when I recognized the 1st chord of “Formation”. I popped in the air, and everyone looked at me and I started screaming “she’s HERE, she CAME. BEY is in the house”. I wish I could post all the pictures and vidoes I took. This kind of free event means a LOT to the average folks in Cleveland – most people can’t afford Beyonce concert tour tickets.

      I think people will vote who they want to vote for. If I could vote for BEY I would, but she is not on the ballot. But in all seriousness, I am voting for HRC. And while I respect HRC, I have to tell you most people started leaving the concert as soon as HRC came on stage to speak. Pretty amazing to witness that. But the smart ones (my Mom and I) who stayed to watch HRC speak, we got an encore from Jay-Z singing “it’s a hard knock life”. Mom and I had the ultimate girls night out, FOR FREE (Dad picked us up and droppped us off since the venue was crawling with secret service 🙂

      • Jayna says:

        I hope it wasn’t “most” leaving before Hillary spoke. That is a slap in the face to Bey and Jay-Z, actually. They aren’t there for kicks, giving a free concert. They are there for a reason, to show support for Hillary and and inspire and drive home the importance of getting out to vote. At least, stay and listen to Hillary.

        For the voters that show apathy and Trump gets in, there’s no going back once he’s in. No do-over where now you vote. There will be at least, four years of him. Everything Trump stands for and has shown through his divisive, hateful, racist, misogynistic rhetoric should cause a passion and desire to vote — to keep him out of office. Hillary’s policies are for the good of the country.

  3. Nancy says:

    I don’t know if Jay necessarily wants Hillary, I think he like a lot of us can’t tolerate the injustices that will be put upon us by her opponent. They were awesome together, but if Elvis came back from the dead, Trump’s posse wouldn’t be phased and still would be with him and for the life of me I will never understand why. All we can hope for is the Dems will vote, because I truly believe if they don’t, we’re in big trouble.

  4. Catherine says:

    Listen!!! I need that t-shirt in the WORST way! The Beyoncé hat with “I’m with her” underneath it!! Help me find it!! Loved how they all performed in pantsuits, back up dancers too! Amaze.

    But I’m dying for that shirt!!! Help me!!

  5. Flan says:

    Really good to see this. I am scared of what would happen if Trump gets the reigns. Too many hateful concepts (anti-women, anti-gay, anti-minorities, anti-people with disabilities), would be validated.

  6. Babs says:

    I’m with Bey 🙂
    Thoughts to all the good American people in That nightmare of an élection.

    • Nancy says:

      Babs where are you from? I’m curious to know how people from other countries feel and if they are aware of what an asshat Trump is.

      • SilverUnicorn says:

        Here in UK many far-right Brexiteers are also supporting Trump, basically they share the same bigoted prejudices and same approach to anti-immigration policies. They also hope to see a Trump presidency (fascists on both sides of the pond and all that).
        Where I come from (Italy) anyone supporting Trump is considered an ignorant idiot so not sure that’s a valuable endorsement.

      • Babs says:

        Hi Nancy, I’m from France. We also have good “chances” of having a far right candidate at our 2017 presidential election, unfortunately. We are very aware of what Trump is and just like silverunicorn said, some people here hope for a Trump presidency to show people that it’s possible for that kind of candidate to rule (I’m in southeast France which is a very racist place). It’s really scary. Even if those candidates end up not being elected, which I hope, some cans of worms will be very hard to close.

      • Nancy says:

        Thanks ladies. What is happening to our World. I read this morning the similarities between Hitler in the beginning when he duped his people with his anti-government, for the people theories, much like Trump is doing. I’m not trying to suggest all Trump’s supporters are lead easily to the well and would drink the kool-aide, but he has some very radical supporters. I pray for not only the US but countries all over the globe who have been inundated with this new brand of tyrant, in my eyes anyway. Everyone I know has a sick feeling over what the future holds. Babs, on a bright note, my mom had an aunt from France that I remember as a child. She always wore Chanel No. 5 and had glorious blonde hair….we called her Auntie Blondie although her name was Irene! Thanks for a happy memory on this stressful Sunday morning!

      • naughtycorner says:

        Im from the Caribbean , years gone by we had our own volatile/corrupt elections with ballots stolen and even people killed, , some years it was so bad that schools had to be closed. Thankfully that is behind us now as for several elections things have been peaceful, elections fair and transition seamless. Throughout all of that , America was always the beacon of hope and model that countries like ours looked to as the ideal democracy that knows how to have civilized elections and peaceful transitions of power
        For Me this election cycle is almost like watching the Great Roman Empire in its decline, regardless of who wins Trump has already helped take down the image of America into the gutter…Its mind boggling

      • annetommy says:

        I think the evidence is that Trump is pretty much loathed in the UK, apart from among the ranks of the Nigel Farage supporting UKIP-ers. Obama is widely respected among UK voters. I saw some figures the other day and will post if I can find them.

      • Sonishka says:

        Hello Nancy, I am from Slovakia and l do not know a person over here who doesnt think that Trump is an a$$hat. It is pretty unbelievable to watch this Horror show of the Orange one unfold but l have faith in human decency and in American people. I wish the whole world could have a vote to elect a leader of the free world because the ultimate result will have impact on the rest of the world. Im counting on all of the nasty women to kick his orange rear end come Nov 8. There s more women then men so he should start digging into the ground. He should be in Gyna by midnight to quote Rory Gilmore.

      • Rina says:

        @Nancy: I have family in other countries. The media in South-Asia reported that the masses are fearful that Trump’s win will negatively impact political relations between countries and economic downfall. No one wants Trump to win.

      • Lady D says:

        I’m Canadian Nancy, and we are well aware of Trump. Our 13-year-old girls can discuss Trump with disgust. It makes me proud of our youth.
        OT: I’m proud of the American CB community, too. A savvy, compassionate bunch.

  7. Rhiley says:


  8. Jean Gray says:

    I side-eye ANYBODY who votes on a candidate because a celeb endorses them. Who cares? You can’t make your own informed choices? I always found that bizarre when people buy something or make decisions just because a famous person is telling them to. It’s really scary, actually.
    But I’ll take anything for more Hillary votes. The Orange One must not be allowed to win.
    Loved the dancers in pantsuits lol

    • Nancy says:

      This is the first year I actually appreciated the celebrity endorsements. Jay Z and Beyoncé can help reach a large audience, so I applaud them. IMO only those who literally know nothing about the candidates can be swayed by a celeb, but this year is different. Trump voters will VOTE. Every time I question that Hillary could lose, I question my sanity and that of people who want him to be President.

    • Betsy says:

      Who actually changes their mind based on a celebrity endorsement? I think it’s more that people who were supportive but waffling about the act of voting end up voting because of the endorsement. No mind changing.

  9. Fiorella says:

    I wonder who mark wahlberg is voting for? Any celebs voting for trump?

  10. Anilehcim says:

    Jay Z will forever remain the scum of the earth to me after he made a diss track aimed at Harry Belafonte and called him “BOY.” It’s not even like this was something he did years ago and can be blamed on him being young and stupid.. it was only 3 years ago. I will never respect him or what he has to say again. He owes Harry Belafonte and MLK and every other black man who fought and gave their lives for him to have the civil liberties he has today. I get angry just thinking about that.

    Getting anxious for Tuesday!! What a crazy ride it’s been.

    • Jean Gray says:

      I remember that. A lot of his stuff seems to get buried. Many people have no clue that he literally stabbed his boy in the chest because he heard the guy was leaking and bootlegging his music, but somehow got off on the charges. And that whole Harry Belafonte issue happened because Harry called him out on still selling his line at Barney’s after many were saying they were being racially profiled by the store and called for a boycott to which Jay responded by keeping his merchandise on their shelves, as well as the time he tried to capitalize off of Occupy Wall St by taking the name and selling tee shirts on his website for his own financial gain and was called out for it. He has had great control over his image.

    • annetommy says:

      I did not know that. Harry Belafonte is a god. Brilliant documentary about him, Hear My Song. I was so pleased when I found out that Scary Spice’s husband was no relation!

      • Anilehcim says:

        I’m glad you mentioned that documentary because I’m definitely going to check it out now. I still can’t believe how disrespectful Jay Z is. I mean, does he really not know history and how much he owes to Harry and the men he marched with, or is it that he just doesn’t care?! I have no respect for him.

      • Annetommy says:

        Do check out the film, though I just realised it’s actually called Sing Your Song.

  11. Who ARE these people? says:

    This may be less about telling people how to vote and more about getting them energized and organized enough TO vote. Celebrities still have to make a case for the candidates they support.

    • Flan says:

      This. Hardcore Trump supporters will not be swayed to vote Hillary because of this.

      Trump is against too many people (well over 50% of the American population), so the only way he can win is if those people do not vote.

  12. MellyMel says:

    I don’t think you should vote for a candidate solely because your favorite artist is voting for them and telling you too as well, but I do think Bey, Katy Perry, etc are hopefully getting my generation excited to vote period. When I first started voting the whole “Vote or Die” campaign was going on and I was already planning to vote but it made me more active and excited for the whole process. So hopefully these concerts have the same effect on people a little younger than me.

    • Chaine says:

      I’m so old there were no campaigns to get young people to vote that I can recall… I registered to vote because a hot guy I had a crush on was standing outside the student union with registration forms and a sign, and I wanted to make a good impression on him, so I filled out a form, and I also knew he was very liberal, so I registered that I was a Democrat, even though until that moment I was not one! LOL, good times…

  13. dotdotdot says:

    That is not a polkadotted pantsuit, it´s pyjamas! And I´m 100% in support of it!

  14. Betsy says:

    I do not like bad language in music, but I am enjoying the Republican freak out over Jay-Z’s language, as though their own CANDIDATE’S hate speech on the trail isn’t worse.

  15. me says:

    Sorry Hilary the world does not see you as a”progressive” country anymore…especially since so many got Trump to where he is right now. That should have NEVER happened in a real progressive country !

  16. alexis says:

    I wonder how much money Beyoncé and jay were paid to do this, courteously of Qatar or Saudi Arabia donations?

  17. Misty says:

    I’m not with either one, but for the 62 million dollars she paid them, I’d be with her too.

    • Liam says:

      Trying to find some sort of verification for that 62 million number that many questionable right wing sites are claiming.. Not one of them has shown anything to support that number. As far as I am concerned it’s BS