Brad Pitt has been ‘cleared’ in the now-closed DCFS investigation, apparently


Surprise, surprise. Except not really. Brad Pitt made his big return to the red carpet last night, as predicted, for the LA premiere of Allied. Two nights ago, he also attended a private screening for Moonlight, which he produced, but there was no red carpet. There was a lot of back-and-forth about whether Brad would even promote Allied whatsoever, but here he is, looking friendly with Marion Cotillard, gossip be damned. I assume that Marion and Brad felt comfortable posing together on the carpet because they don’t think the “Brad impregnated Marion” story ended up sticking. Here’s hoping. Incidentally, Marion’s dress here is Dior. She looks glowing and beautiful, but the Dior is kind of uneventful. Incidentally, Brad is giving me Ethan Hawke vibes and I don’t know how to feel about that (because I think Hawke is dirty-ratty-hot).

Meanwhile, one of the big reasons why Brad was able to walk this carpet looking like he didn’t have the weight of the world on his shoulders was because… the LA DCFS has apparently cleared him and completed their investigation. Is it suspicious at all that they announced this just hours before Brad’s premiere? HM?

Brad Pitt has been cleared of abuse allegations by the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services, TMZ has learned, and that gives him a huge advantage in his custody war with Angelina Jolie. Law enforcement sources tell us … DCFS concluded Wednesday it would close the investigation involving an incident in Sept. between Brad and Maddox on a private jet. The Dept. reached the decision … Brad did NOT commit child abuse during an argument that ended with physical contact.

The case was exhaustively investigated. Social workers interviewed Brad, Angelina, the kids and witnesses on the plane. Everyone cooperated in the investigation. No further action will be taken.

The conclusion is a repudiation of sorts of allegations made by Angelina, who claimed Brad intentionally and without justification struck the boy. We’re told she also had claimed there was a pattern of misconduct on Brad’s part, something DCFS did not buy. Now that Brad is cleared, he has a big advantage in the custody case. Angelina is asking for sole physical custody and Brad wants joint custody. California judges favor Brad’s position.

[From TMZ]

All this TMZ story proves to me is that Team Brad is good at leaking to TMZ too, just like Team Angelina. If DCFS cleared him, so be it. It probably will help his chance at custody. But the way TMZ is painting it is a complete rewrite of the situation. Whatever happened on the plane was enough to stun Angelina, and she bolted with the kids just after and filed for divorce as quickly as she could. But she didn’t call DCFS, nor did she claim “Brad intentionally and without justification struck the boy.” Her side always said that Brad was drunk and acting crazy and Brad got in Maddox’s face when Maddox was trying to stand up for her. Angelina’s rep has released a statement as well, which I will write about separately.

And as if on cue, People Magazine has a series of glowing stories about how Brad “is willing to do whatever it takes to see his children — even if that means going through a complicated custody battle.” Sources say “the last few weeks have been tough for Brad… He has been very unhappy with the arrangement to see his kids.” His next move is asking for unsupervised visits with the kids.




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  1. Babs says:

    Of course. What ‘stunned’ jolie have nothing to do with That plane.
    Best of Luck to brad and kids.
    Marion is gorgeous.

    • Sunrise says:

      Angelina needs to release the evidence she has against him.

      • Belldog says:

        If she’s got any….

        Also who says she didn’t call the DCFS? I find it odd that no witnesses came forward, or that the ‘anonymous caller’ didn’t contact TMZ for a cheque.

      • Lindsay says:

        Nope. If she has any she needs to go to court. Otherwise both need to grow up, stop allowing their side to leak to the press, and figure out how to co-parent and do whatever it takes to minimize the trauma and give them a safe and stable home.

      • Goats on the Roof says:

        Any evidence to support allegations of child abuse should have been disclosed during the DCFS investigation or to the FBI during their 4-hour interview. Since it was not, I’ll assume she has none.

      • Jerry says:

        No she doesn’t. And if she had any she would have given it to DCFS. A judge is not going to find differently, than DCFS. She’ll get asked if she provided that information to them. And if she didn’t, then why didn’t she if she was so sure that their kids are not safe with him. And that would not end well for her. And her attorney’s would have advised her to provide any and all relevant information, so that DCFS had the information for establishing a pattern of behavior.

        It seems that Brad is still going along with the steps to ensure that he’s going to get joint, physical and legal custody. He’s showing that he’s willing to cooperate fully. If she didn’t provide such evidence/information, she’s showing that she was not willing to do so.

        I don’t believe that she has any evidence because if she did, she would have let DCFS have it and she didn’t.

        CA. judges prefer joint custody and she knows that.

        I call b.s. on that whole story by TMZ.

      • La Blah says:

        If she had any why wouldn’t she give it to the child welfare investigators?

    • SaraR. says:

      She said in the beginning (People) that she didn’t call child services and didn’t ask anyone to call for her. It is sad that she had to defend herself in that manner. This is TMZ stirring the pot. She always, from the beginning , stated that she does not want sole custody to be permanent.

      • LadyT says:

        She SAYS she does not want sole custody but files for sole custody in her court papers which is all that effectively counts. Words are cheap.

      • almondmilk says:


        The implication was less about any ongoing “abuse,” and more that Brad had substance (alcohol) issues that enabled this ‘event.’

        To me it sounded like the proverbial straw, it had to have been a siZeable one to make her bolt with possibly traumatized kids.

        Even still, and here’s the IMPORTANT PART: she only asked for *temporary* sole physical, until he got it together.

        It was done on a tarmac, Pitt was admittedly drunk and in the kid’s face, possibly hitting him- he was acting erratically. There were witnesses.

        Jolie never called anyone. Or tattled on Brad.

        So I’m not clear about what her motives are, if she never called a soul, and is not requesting permanent full custody anyway.

        To portray someone as scheming and evil, you really need to do better. I KNOW she’ll get the treatment anyway, because people have been waiting to punish her for Brad’s first divorce for years. They just can’t get over that he decided to end his first marriage and hook up with ‘Angelina Jolie’ next, so Angelina will always be paying.

        Kinda like racist Trump fans will always make Obama pay for having the audacity to want to be President while black.

        There’s nothing he can do to make the rage dissipate. Ditto Angelina and the minivans.

      • LadyT says:

        Whoa. How is that a response to me?

    • Jacques Jolie-Pitt says:

      Yep . ITA, Babs

    • kai says:

      You are exactly correct Babs.

    • Kass says:

      He needs to release the evidence he has against HER.

  2. Nev says:

    No kidding.

  3. Greata says:

    Nothing to see here folks! Hollywood protecting its prince.

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      Oh, hogwash. DCFS investigated Brad for eight weeks. The entire family was interviewed. So were their staff and all persons who were present during the alleged plane incident. Brad underwent drug and alcohol testing (and passed, BTW). If Hollywood were protecting its prince, as you say, DCFS would’ve wrapped this up way back when instead of letting allegations like this damage his image.

    • mini says:

      Brad and his PR team will always come out on top. As for Angelina, I don’t think she was thinking of anything but Maddox and her other children. Wish her well because as usual she will be portrayed as the evil one. Good that BBT has said they are still friends. JLM and she are still friends also. Brad is about Brad which is why he has been so angry over the past year. He knew Angelina wanted out.

  4. A says:

    He looks really good!

    • BeBeA says:

      Yeah he does. That’s all I got cause this whole divorce and abuse case is confusing as all. It sounds like a big deal but he’s been cleared so…… nice hair Brad!

    • doofus says:

      eh, I don’t know if I agree on “good”…let’s say I think he looks better than I expected him to.

      but what struck me was that he looks like he’s lost weight from this. the old “divorce diet”. but for him it was also a “might-lose-custody” diet. ETA: if alcohol was an issue in this mess, and he has quit drinking, that could be it, too. remember all the times people would say he looks bloated?…

      I hope the two of them can work out what is best for those lovely kids they have.

    • nikko says:

      In the pictures he’s fine as f***!!!

    • Babs says:

      Swagger back!

  5. Squiggisbig says:

    I just see no way Jolie ends up with sole custody. First, the presumption is for joint custody. Second, Brad is just as rich and powerful as she is. Her best shot was the child services investigation or playing nice and getting him to somehow agree to visitation.

  6. Louise177 says:

    I don’t think anybody including Angelina believes that Brad is abusive but that he has issues. Although people want to believe that Angelina is a lying, narcissistic, lunatic she’s not stupid. She wouldn’t leave or file for sole custody if there wasn’t something to be concerned about.

    • Jellybean says:

      What about the possibility that she is so convinced of the best way to raise the children that anything else is abusive in her eyes? Full custody for her and only supervised visitation for him him is extreme. She has obviously been insisting the he is abusive and it appears that child services took her at her word when they made recommendations in relation to his initial interaction with the children – or they had no choice whilst he was under investigation. If they have now cleared him completely, they must have got a very different story from the kids, nannies, etc. If this were the case it wouldn’t make her a bad person, or imply that she wasn’t genuinely concerned, but it might mean that she has a very skewed view on what is best for the children.

    • LadyT says:

      She really did imply abuse by scooping up the children, quickly filing for divorce and releasing statements that it was necessary for the safety of her family.

    • siri says:

      How about the possibility HE ended the relationship, telling her he will only stay for the kids. I believe they had problems for a while, mostly serious disagreements about how to raise the children. Something may even have happened during the filming of “By the Sea”, falling out of love …? The moment she realized it’s over, she planned her exit, perhaps using some minor incident on that plane to file for divorce, and leaking rumors about abuse/drinking etc. She officially asked for sole custody, and said she’d divorce for “the health of her family”. You don’t do this if you don’t want to imply anything. And those rumors must come from somewhere, but she seemingly doesn’t have close friends. Brad kept quiet for quite a while, fully cooperating with all the institutions involved, getting drug tested etc. I know this is just my perception, however, I unfortunately get the impression she used her kids to get back at Brad.

  7. Adorable says:

    Wow!looking good Brad circa 2004-2005 Brad….albeit lil older & kinda thin looking…looks are deceiving though,I’d never think this good looking man with “boyish”goodlooks was said to have acted all crazy in a plane…strength to you Angie and those kids…

  8. Tolu says:

    Angie has stated that she has evidence to prove that Brad has abused a child. WTF did she not provide this evidence during the course of the investigation by children’s services?

    I am sorry but just because she bolted after the plane incident does NOT mean anything especially if she was preparing to leave him before hand. Which parent and child have not got into each other’s faces during an argument? Seriously???

    Brad has been cleared. No abuse took place. She cannot now claim that she has evidence, it does not work that way. Either she deliberately withheld evidence or she is lying.

    I am getting Kelly Rutherford and Halle Berry vibes here sorry if people disagree but just my opinion.

    Let us also not forget what happened with Angie’s parents and grandparents.

    • SaraR. says:

      Where did she stated that? That’s TMZ stirring s*it. She said that she was relieved that thing is over and that children can heal.

      • nemera77 says:

        She didn’t.. nor has she. It is amazing how people believe everything reported on sites like TMZ.. they are contradicting themselves over and over again. They are pissed that she released a statement that showed they were lying about her keeping the kids from Brad. They know nothing and neither does anyone else. I highly doubt Angie is leaking things to TMZ that makes her look bad.. Goodness can people not think.

      • nikko says:

        @Aiobhan Targaryen, you say Brad created this situation, but your wrong Brad and Angelina created it by arguing in front of their children.

    • Jesie says:

      I agree. If she actually has evidence of abuse, then she’s been incredibly negligent in safe-guarding her children if she didn’t give everything to DCFS. If she did give it to them and they still chose to publicly clear him of abuse, then we for sure aren’t talking anything more than slight dysfunction, and you don’t get sole custody because one parent made some minor mistakes.

      Either way, it’s not a good look for her.

      • Aiobhan Targaryen says:

        Here’s the thing: she never said that. not in any of her statements has she ever stated that she had actual evidence. If she did, she would certainly have given it to them to DCFS.

        I have to give the credit to whoever writes these articles (not the Celebitchy article of course but the TMZ article) because they are really good at misleading people. The source comment is wrapped around the actual comment her rep made to make it look as if they are really connected when they aren’t. Her rep said one thing and the “source” (which could be anyone and their uncle/aunt) said something else.

        Also, she has never asked for sole custody. It has been reported on several occasions that she wants primary physical custody not sole physical custody of the kids. Primary and sole custody are not the same thing and should not be confused as such. She also wants joint legal custody with him, which is completely against the narrative that she wants him cut off from the kids. She wants him to get his shit together before he is in touch with the kids, which should make sense to a lot of people who believe that it is a parents job to protect their kids. You know where you can find that information? in the actual articles that are being written about this case.

        Why are so many people reluctant to believe that Brad is the wrong one in this instance?

      • SaraR. says:


        Thank you for writing this reasonable post. I agree with you 100%.

      • BonnieJean says:

        “Why are so many people reluctant to believe that Brad is the wrong one in this instance? ”

        Because he has been cleared of charges of abuse & DCFS could find no pattern of abuse, that’s why. Just because he was accused of it doesn’t make it true.

      • LAK says:

        She asked for solo custody in her court filings.

        Section 6 of the documents below

        Angelina’s court docs

        Brad’s court docs

        As you can see, Angelina asks for solo physical custody whilst Brad asks for joint physical custody.

        TMZ might be a sensationalist website inclined to exaggerate or lie, but this time it’s in the court papers. Straight from the source.

        It’s misguided to say that ptimary physical custody means something entirely different when in the same section she requests that he receive visitations only.

        Why should he visit his children if he has joint primary custody of them?

      • TheOtherSam says:

        @Aiobhan says “Why are so many people reluctant to believe that Brad is the wrong one in this instance?”

        Because before this single, solo plane incident there are absolutely no prior records of any kind of abusive or even disturbing behavior. None.

        He’s been massively famous and in the public eye for 25 years. Under a laser-beam microscope, daily. In personal relationships – multiple ones – with some of the most famous, quoted and photographed women on the planet. And not a whiff of abuse or violence.

        That’s why.

        If Jolie has goods, LAY THEM out there. Then we’ll believe.

      • Aiobhan Targaryen says:

        @ Lak. Nope what you are saying did not happen, like at all. You need to go back and read the article that you posted under the Angelina court docs cause you are missing a key fact. I even had to zoom in and see what boxes were checked in the court docs and it says the same thing. She wants physical custody of the children and joint legal custody with.. guess who.. Bradley Pitt. It also says she wants him to have visitation. If you go to section 6 and look where it says a) Legal custody of the children, she checked the Joint box. She did not file for sole legal and physical custody of the kids. If she had, then both petitioners boxes would have been checked in that section, not just for physical custody.

        There is no evidence from the links that you have provided that she wants sole physical and legal custody. The Daily Fail and other sites are posting incorrect information because they get more clicks if they try to villainize her than hold him accountable for his behavior. Please provide me with a link to any new court docs that say that she changed her mind and wanted full legal and physical custody of the kids.

        @ Bonnie Jean

        And just because he was cleared does not mean that something bad did not occur. Just because they could not find physical evidence does not mean that it did not happen, it just means they do not have enough evidence to move forward. If the only evidence you have is someone’s word against someone else’s then you do not have a strong case as eye witness accounts can vary depending on your age to where you are standing. That still does not mean that nothing happened and that she is making everything up to make Brad look bad. She, nor I, have ever stated that he has been a tyrant to that family, beating and yelling and carrying on. Some of yall made that up because you only see abuse in one way. As everyone has noted he has looked rough for the past couple of years and has admitted throughout his career that he drinks and smokes to cope. That behavior does not go away when you start a family with someone and go through everything that they have been through together for 12 years. He probably lost his temper and things escalated. How many times has something like this happened, only they will know. But to casually dismiss his behavior and bash her for getting the kids out of the situation and filing for divorce is wrong-headed. Women need to stop thinking that they always need to stand by their man through thick and thin- especially when they exhibit behavior that a kid should not be around.

        He caused this situation (DCFS and FBI investigation) and should be held accountable for his actions and inability to cope. Angelina seems to be the only one willing to hold his feet to the fire for his bs.

      • Aiobhan Targaryen says:

        @The OtherSam

        She never released a statement that says that she has any goods on him. A so called source said that she said that. It was not even a close source to them, but “a source”. She never even hinted at it through her rep. Her rep keeps repeating the same things.

        Honestly, even if she did, people like you would not believe her at all. You all would twist everything she said and did to make it look like it was her fault for pushing a grown man into acting like an ass.

      • LAK says:

        AT: i’m not reading the articles. I’m looking at the court papers embedded in the articles.

        I don’t care what slant the articles take, the court papers are the important bit and that is what i’m looking at, and that is where i draw my conclusions.

        Section 6 shows

        For Angelina
        single box ( aka petitioner) for primary physical custody and joint legal custody ticked. And visitation ( for respondent) ticked.

        For Brad
        Joint primary physical custody and joint legal custody. No visitation ticked.

        To be clear, petitioner in AJ’s filings is AJ whilst Brad is the respondent.

        I ask you again, why should he visit his kids when he has joint physical custody??

      • Aiobhan Targaryen says:

        the only thing that is clear is that you only read the first sentence of my paragraph and nothing else because I wrote the same thing you did.

        “why should he visit his kids when he has joint physical custody??”

        He currently does not have joint physical custody. They are in her care with him having visitation until a certain date, which they both agreed upon while the investigation was going on.The info is from the story on Nov 8.

        “A rep for the actress tells PEOPLE: “We can confirm that childcare professionals have encouraged a legal agreement accepted and signed by both sides over a week ago. In accordance with this agreement, the six children will stay in their mother’s custody, and the children will continue therapeutic visits with their father. This has been determined by childcare professionals to be in the children’s best interest. We are not in a position to discuss the details. We hope now that it is clear that the events which led to the dissolution filing involved minor children and their wellbeing, there will be understanding of the sensitivity of the family situation. We believe that all sides are committed to healing the family and ask for your consideration during this difficult time.”

        His documents are in response to her first set of documents where she asked for what she asked for.

      • Ankhel says:

        According to Angelina’s divorce docs, as linked by LAK above, she’s willing to give Brad joint legal custody – but she wants physical custody, with visitation rights for Brad. Not joint physical custody. Whoop-dee-doo, I’m sure that joint legal custody will comfort him when he’s alone, right?

        BTW, the temporary physical custody arrangement they have now is just that. Temporary. What they ask for in their divorce papers is long term, and different. Brad agreed to visitations only for now, not long term. Angie wants primary physical custody after the divorce too.

    • pwal says:

      Angelina never said that. Bloggers like Lainey implied that she may have because Brad’s initial response to the divorce announcement /FBI/DCFS was vague and noncommittal. Lainey was very vocal in her belief that Angelina would produce ‘receipts’. When she didn’t, she and her ilk mistook the DCFS’s expansion of the investigation to include verbal abuse as Angelina’s ‘receipts’, which it wasn’t. It’s called crossing your Ts and dotting your Is.

  9. BonnieJean says:

    Marion is so beautiful. I love her dress. Brad looks really good. Starting to look like his old self again. Glad for the kids that the case has been officially closed. Hopefully, AJ will cooperate with Brads’ wishes for joint custody & everyone can move forward. No more Shenanigans!!!

  10. jinni says:

    Well if he did not abuse them then that’s great, but why were dcfs called if it was nothing at all? I don’t know who to believe, but I do think something wen t down on the plane and that there has at least been some violence. Maybe not government agency defined abuse but maybe some cursing and yelling.

    I guess now we wait to see if things are going to get really ugly or they’ll just work things out nicely.

    • nemera77 says:

      I worked in schools and with families.. People call DCFS all the time sadly. Neighbors, strangers, family members and people with an agenda.. Take your pick. They didn’t find anything and with any family it has to take a lot out of you when this kind of agency is investigating your family. They could take the kids away. And trust me that happens a lot more than some people may think. There are some really Horror stories out there. Some lasting for many years.

      I’m glad he was cleared. No one wants to be accused of abusing their children and no parent wants to be accused of sitting back and allowing it to happen. I read so many comments here calling him an abuser without any facts.. or calling Angie an enabler. Maybe wait for the evidence before you tar and feather someone

      Sad that there are people out there hoping and praying for some nasty drama. That they are waiting to be entertained by a family breaking apart. That is just Sick.. and yes I saw comments saying how boring the divorce had gotten and some were hoping for more dirt. WOW..

      • Lindsay says:

        “They could take the kids away. And trust me that happens a lot more than some people may think. There are some really Horror stories out there. Some lasting for many years.”

        It happens less than people think and it wouldn’t really matter if it hasn’t been shown to dissuade people, even doctors – who are mandatory reporters, the average seems to be less than 5% at most. 2/3 of those are due to neglect, parents who are unable or unwilling to ensure their kids have the most basic of necessities or are being adequately supervised by a responsible, trustworthy older guardian (I would consider that abuse, however they make a distinction for reasons). The rest are due to abuse, usually sexual or physical.

        They make mistakes and like many well meaning people in the public sector they can sometimes have their hands tied by bureaucratic red tape. They are also stretched extremely thin. The number of active cases agreed upon by the state of California and numerous professional associations as ideal is 14. The branch conducting this investigation, LA DCFS average is anywhere between 24 and 30. There are other counties across the country who have an average of 70 open cases. Parenting and anger management classes can have a long wait list. For families whose financial situation doesn’t allow them to visit family therapist in private practice have to wait a long time before their is an opening with a therapist that provides free or reduced services through a contract with the state.

        Removing children from their home is a big deal. Child service caseworkers can only do that on an emergency basis for 72 hours. They have to go before a family court judge, testify, submit evidence and their findings and the judge has to sign off for the children to remain in state custody. The minor’s court appointed lawyer and the parents and their representation can attend and testify to challenge the state taking guardianship of their kids. For a lot of reasons every state and their DCFS equivalent goal is to keep families together and even reunification if at all possible. No family court judge takes their responsibility lightly and is well aware of the flaws in the foster system.

        Case workers when it comes to removing the child(ren) from the home face some very high stakes decisions. First, the only reason to take this job is because you love children and want to make sure they are safe and able to enjoy their childhood. The pay is lousy for the educational requirements, there isn’t the same level of public appreciatation as say police, firefighters, and military members, it is dangerous (for cops the most dangerous calls the respond to statistically is domestic disturbance and a woman is in the most danger from their partner killing them when they are pregnant and when they end the relationship. Domestic issues are emotional, volatile, and the people involved often have anger management and/or substance abuse issues), and it is emotionally taxing, numerous people leave with PTSD, there are kids you will empathize with but can’t help because of red tape or the situation isn’t “bad enough” to warrant more allocated resources. It is a hard, thankless job.

        So if while doing this hard, thankless job you encounter a situation that may require children being removed from their parents, they understand how high the stakes are for both themselves and the children. If you overreact then you split up a family, inflict a great deal of trauma and upheaval on kids that are already suffering and put them in a system that you know first hand the kids that leave happy, healthy, productive members of society are a rare exception, about 2 in 10. Also, parents have been known to stalk, intimidate, attack, and even murder their caseworker. However, if you don’t act children could have to endure more suffering and in the worst cases die at the hands of their parents. That fact alone is awful and heartbreaking, beyond the unimaginable tragedy of a child dying in a horrific way because of their parents, compounded by the fact you spent time with them, got to know them, and were supposed to keep them safe. The caseworker will feel like a failure, question their judgement, replaying everything, torturing themselves even though there is no way to predict which parent’s abuse will turn deadly. Psychopaths can be charming and hide it well. Addicts can accidentally leave stuff out and their child ingests it. People can snap. There is no crystal ball that allows them to know with 100% certainty something won’t happen. So they have to live with that guilt. On top of that, unlike police they aren’t protected by the legal system, written laws, and a strong union. If something happens the case worker will be immediately thrown under the bus with no consideration for the reality of the incident. To appease the outraged public they will not only lose their job but they are often prosecuted and sent to prison for not knowing the unknowable.

        If nothing else I hope this case makes it clear that there are large holes in our safety net for children and that the caseworkers and people in this line of work are absolute heroes.

      • Lady D says:

        “Sad that there are people out there hoping and praying for some nasty drama. ”
        Or looking forward to tell-alls from shattered children, a few years down the road.
        It disturbs me the amount of people gleefully rubbing their hands in anticipation of a Gosselin tell-all.

    • Jesie says:

      DCFS have to investigate if they get a call.

      When I was 12 my parents got a knock on the door from someone from child services because the local busybody neighbor (the kind who monitors everyone’s activities and calls the cops 5 times a week to report crap like someone putting a garbage bag in their bin) had called and told them that they’d heard my father screaming at me and me crying out like I was being beaten. My mother had been watching some rubbish Lifetime-ish movie about an abuser who tormented his kids the night before, that was what the neighbour had heard. My parents and I still had to be interviewed, and my school was notified, I guess to keep an eye out. The person we talked to pretty clearly believed nothing had happened, but they still checked in for a few weeks before dropping it.

      In this case there was some sort of heated argument, and it’s a super high profile case. They had to be sure they weren’t missing anything before dropping it, and I’d imagine having to interview 6 kids and maybe some staff takes a bit more time than talking to the average family.

      • Jellybean says:

        My mum was investigated because of the number of cuts and bruises my sisters and I had. We were just more active and daring than most girls.

      • swak says:

        @jellybean – I hear ya! I always worried when I had dr’s appointments for my kiddos because they always had bruises on their legs from all the playing outside and bumping into things!

      • Kori says:

        We were investigated by the county AND military because another one of those ‘helpful’ neighbors (who really aren’t acting out of concern–more power to those who actually do call because they really do see/hear actual abuse and/or neglect–no criticism of them) called base Family Advocacy. My 5 year old ran around barefoot during the summer with her friends and would get grimy and sweaty. We lived in an enclosed area where the back of the houses ringed an open grassy area separate from cars so usually they were out there with older siblings. She would invite my daughter, who played with her daughter, over for dinner frequently and we would agree. She then reported to FA that we a) never fed her, thus she had to and b) when we did feed her, we fed her dog food. Apparently my daughter thought that was funny to say. They interviewed my daughter AND my 2 older children at school before we were even notified–I got a call at work, my husband got summoned to his commander’s office. Then we got a house visit. The county cleared it almost immediately because it was obvious the kids were happy, well fed, clean, dressed and the house was clean if cluttered. The military dragged it out since they had the ability to see the medical records without release because of Tricare rules. So we had to go over every stitch, every visit, every illness for all 3 and then my husband had to go before a board. It was a freaking nightmare. Flash forward: that neighbor, a year or so later, had the police summoned because she was chasing her husband around the backyard, in front of her kids, screaming at him and swinging a bat at him.

    • swak says:

      My neighbor called DCFS on me when my 2 year old grandson got bit by her dog and my daughter reported the biting to Animal Control. My roommate had DCFS called on her when a neighbor, in the next apartment, heard her children crying – normal childhood crying. Doesn’t matter what is said to DCFS, if they are called they have to investigate.

      • Kori says:

        It makes you wonder how aggravated they get with worthless calls when they’re understaffed and underfunded and trying to deal with actual neglect and abuse cases.

      • swak says:

        @Kori – yep! The thing about the report on me was the neighbor stated that I paid more attention to the 3 & 4 year olds (I have 10 grandchildren and at the time had ages 12, 9, 7, 7, 6, 4, 3, 3, & 2 – one on the way) than the 6 & 7 year olds. I just shook my head. This is the same neighbor who called the cops when the cable guy came to bury the cable to my house (some of it in her yard) in spite of her husband complaining to me and the cable company that it wasn’t buried. I can’t with some people!

    • JaneFr says:

      And for each of those happy story of stupid/too curious neighbors, there’s ten stories of people who looked the other way when actual abuse was going on. Not wanting to get involve, thinking that it’s not their problem, or too dangerous.

      @kori, jellybeans and jesie
      Be thankful someone cared enough about you to call for help when they thought you might have been in some kind of danger.

  11. Ana says:

    Not surprised he was cleared. If it was just an isolate incidente there was no reason to charge him with that. Why he made an agreement where is only gets therapeutic visitations is what strikes me. If he did nothing serious why did he acept that agreement?

    • . says:

      Because he wants joint custody. If he had said “I don’t want that” DCFS would have thought he had to hide something.

      • Goats on the Roof says:

        Exactly. He was agreeable to DCFS recommendations until allegations of abuse could be properly investigated, which was smart IMO. Now that he’s cleared, he’s going for joint custody.

      • Ana says:

        The agreement was purposed by the DCFS and he accepted because the children aren’t ready to be alone with him. Why?

      • Goats on the Roof says:


        “He accepted because the children aren’t ready to be alone with him.”

        Neither Brad nor Angelina EVER said that. That is an invention by people who have chalked Brad up to a child abusing monster with drug and alcohol addiction. Brad and Angelina’s TEMPORARY custody agreement was to allow the children to stay with mom only until DCFS could determine if Brad had done anything wrong/abusive. DCFS investigated, and Brad was cleared. He also passed drug/alcohol screenings. The custody issue will now go to the courts, and Brad’s almost certainly going to get the joint custody he asked for.

      • lucy2 says:

        Yes – I have to imagine that he was doing whatever they requested to move things along and play nice.

      • pwal says:

        Plus, cooperating with DFCS would afford him an opportunity to put how he interacts with and disciplines the children on the record, along with the children’s true feelings about it. If it turned out his methods of discipline are reasonable, Angelina can’t come at him later just because she disagrees with it. Plus, if the DFCS tells her same, that neutralizes any future attempt to interrupt custody/visitations.

    • nemera77 says:

      Maybe he was concerned by his behavior and wanted to make sure his children were OK.. Maybe taking responsibility that he had some issues to take care of..

      • Yepisaidit says:

        The new agreement was signed a week ago when DCFS was wrapping up. I don’t get why it’s so hard for people to beleive an official statement from Angelina’s lawyer but they beleive any and every unofficial source from Brad. Brad signed that agreement so I don’t think he was actually cleared — that’s spin from his side as he has not released an official statement.

        Brad pr team is not denying the new agreement but only saying it’s temporary while Angelina’s lawyer worded it different but basically said the same thing.

        Also something definitely did happen on that plane because Brad sources admitted to it in people magazine .

    • Jesie says:

      Because fighting it prolongs things and adds a whole ‘nother level of drama to it, which is awful for the kids.

      You only fight these temporary arrangements if you’re an abuser, an idiot, or you think the children are in danger with the other parent.

    • swak says:

      He was smart in accepting that agreement because it made all his visitations above board and free from controversy. Also, DCFS is NOT going to give custody to the parent when allegations of abuse are made against that parent.

    • The Original G says:

      IMO, he did that so that he would documentation from an expert that he was fully cooperative and no threat to his children at all. He didn’t fight scrutiny, he welcomed it.

  12. smcollins says:

    I haven’t made any comments in regards to Brad and Angelina’s split, or the DCPS investigation. And all I’m going to say about it now is that I’m glad he was cleared, and I hope they are now able to move forward and continue the healing process. I wish them well.
    On a superficial note, Brad looks really good. A bit worn, but healthy. The soft spot I have for him hasn’t changed. ❤️

    p.s. I still love Angelina, too!

  13. pwal says:

    Well Hello Stranger.

    Glad to see Brad out and about. And as for the ‘suspicious timing’ of the Brad being cleared announcement, shouldn’t we have guessed that based on the terse, seemingly out of nowhere statement from Angelina’s ‘side’. It makes me think that it was known for a few days and dude opted to step out into the spotlight before the news got out, which IMO, was pretty smart.

    Seriously, that ‘get his $h*t together’ jab is giving me serious side-eye, and I sincerely hope that Angelina wasn’t behind it and it was just someone who is back in her circle who is getting a little too comfortable being back in the fold (read:Geyer).

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      I think it’s possible Brad knew he had been cleared when he submitted his filing for joint custody. His and Angelina’s temporary custody agreement was that she would keep the children until the DCFS was complete, so it makes sense.

  14. molly says:

    Why are people blaming angelina based on tmz story. Tmz are being very spiteful about angelina & writing stories for hits. They are pro brad.

    • guest says:

      That’s because Jolie is a snake. Hopefully Pitt will get his balls back and move on. As if that guy would absuse his kids. Give me a break……

    • swak says:

      Why are people saying Brad has alcohol and drug issues? Are they with him everyday? Don’t think so. Does Brad drink and smoke weed – yes, he admits to that. But that does not mean he abuses it and has issues. Neither are angels in all this.

  15. respect says:

    I believe DCFS. I will not demonize a man who committed no crime.

    • Menlisa says:

      Same here.

    • Kori says:

      I’ve taken the tack from the start of not judging Brad OR Angelina given the few facts that were actually out there. People act like both are constantly ‘leaking’ as opposed to tabs making **** up for headlines. The consensus for all these years is that they have things on ‘lock down’ but now they’re suddenly leaking to everyone under the sun. These are two of the most famous people in the world and have been front page together for over a decade. The tabs never run out of stories and ‘sources’. I think we actually know a kernel of truth and the rest is supposition.

  16. Jesie says:

    I think he was cleared just before he filed. Given he went along with everything while being investigated it’s odd that he would have suddenly pushed for joint custody in the last days of their temporary agreement, much more likely it was dropped and he sprung into action.

    He probably asked DCFS if they could clear him publicly in anticipation of having to do press, which I don’t think is unfair. He was publicly accused so if they found nothing he should be publicly cleared.

    • BonnieJean says:

      Yes, Jesie — very well said.

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree – he’s been publicly called a child abuser/substance abuser for what, almost 2 months now, I can’t blame him for wanting the “all clear” announcement to be made public. This has been damaging to his reputation and possibly his career, any logical person with that much to lose would want it put to rest ASAP.

      That all said, I do believe something happened on the plane, and he likely has issues of some kind he needs to work on, and I’m glad DCFS investigated if there was cause for concern. I hope he does, because his kids deserve to have a safe and healthy relationship with both parents.

      • pwal says:

        I believe that something happened too. Dude lost his temper, probably on a scale he never lost it before, because his marriage was ending. Maybe the fact that Angelina appeared to be ‘too okay’ with a fact that he saw as heartbreaking in front of the kids, probably did it . No, she wouldn’t have been wrong to do that, but I suspect that she may sought refuge in the children’s comfort and not nearly showed the same amount of attention and sensitivity towards him for a long time. And no, he’s not a baby, but anyone would be abgry at the ex who acted likeit’s business as usual.

      • JaneFr says:

        He ‘s cleared of abuse. Maybe he’s totally innocent. Or maybe , not enough evidence was found. But does she have to be in the wrong because he’s cleared ?

        He may not be an abuser. He probably is not an abuser. But whatever happened on that plane (and he did say that something did happened) may have been the first sign of what could have gone wrong later.
        I work with victims of abuse, and hearing them talk about the “beginning of the end”, there’s often a “how could I have not seen it that time”. A point in their history where they see, now, they should have said it’s enough.
        Maybe AJ saw that point, and thankfully for her, thankfully for the kids AND thankfully for Brad, she took the right decision and did say enough, before the worst began.
        Maybe, just thanks to her taking the kids and going away, he did not have the time, the opportunity to become an abuser.

  17. prissa says:

    I’m glad he was cleared. I think he should have and should be given the same benefit of the doubt that Angelina was/is given- especially since he’s been cleared now. People believed her wholeheartedly- fine. But now that Brad’s been cleared, can he get that same belief/support?

    But I wonder how many will still hold on to the “Brad was an abusive, drugged out, alcoholic rage hound” even though DCFS has stated otherwise.

    • Malak says:

      Fact is that he likes to drink, and when people have had too much to drink, they CAN do/say abusive things, and then regret it when they’re sober again.

  18. Inas alsadi says:

    I do sense the main problem in Brad & angie divorce is the kids parenting style. That’s explain the unhealthy and verbal abuse and control issues accusation.

    In last few years every one knows that Brad made many films and was busy with his movies . Most of times he was away from kids while they are growing up fast with their personalities. Angie wants her kids to be raised the way her mom did and Brad is the dad who come home after few months to nitpick on kids behavior. He difently love them but maybe he wants more.

    I might be projecting but I do believe men who are mostly absent with strong views of how their kids must be are the ones create the unhealthy environment. Despite their love to their kids but they always want more and not satisfied with how their mother is raising them. And this creats continues clash despite love.

  19. Candies says:

    Both look good. People just like him or the idea of him lol gift I guess. Glad all sound OK.

  20. Foreing girl says:

    Amazing the perfect timing between the premiere and the “leak” about dcfs close investigation. IMPRESSIVE.

    He was cleared by DCFS. They dont found any standar of abuse that would bring charges but he signed a legal agreement recommended by childcare professional,to allow Angie to keep sole physical custody FOR THE PRESENT and him visit supervised at the recommendation of the therapists. why? Is it the confirmation that he has some kind of issues that need to be heal? Hope he does it for his kids.
    I think Brad knows he put his ex wife and children through hell.

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      I think the statements made by Angelina’s rep are confusing people. Brad signed a temporary custody agreement way back at the start of the DCFS investigation, and then he and Angie agreed to extend it so DCFS could investigate further. That agreement was to last only until the close of the investigation.

      Brad has not signed a new custody agreement. He has been cleared of wrongdoing and is now requesting joint physical custody through the courts. So no, I don’t think this is any kind of confirmation that he has issues. The contrary, actually.

      • Ana says:

        So he never drinks either LOL

      • swak says:

        @Ana, so Angelina never drinks? And if she drinks does she have issues? Really poor argument on your part because GOTR never said he didn’t drink. Just because he drinks doesn’t mean he has issues. My dad came home from work every day and had a shot of whiskey after dinner. He didn’t have issues with drinking.

      • Yepisaidit says:

        No, Angelina’s lawyers statement said the agreement for sole custody and therapeutic visits for brad Pitt was signed last week .

        Brad Pr team does not deny that but say it’s temporary which Angelina’s side agreed with.

        Angelina has continued through lawyers to say she wants her family to heal and be safe. She is not in the wrong here but people want to beleive the worst about her and alway have because Brad was supposed to be with an American sweetheart type to match his fake America sweetheart image. Now hopefully you guys will get that from him and

        Angelina and her kids will be mostly free of him even if he gets joint custody. He has proven that he doesn’t really want to be a parent by traveling and working so much .angelina and nannies were left with the care and I’m sure it will be the same going forward

      • Agapanthus says:

        @ana-IF his drinking was a problem that would have been investigated by DCFS as well, hence the drug testing. And if they had concerns about this, they wouldn’t have closed the case.

        It seems to me what they were concerned about was the family dynamics and the damage this ‘rift’ has done to the kids. Hence, the suggestion that the whole family have therapy to heal. These are the safeguards mentioned, I think.

      • Eyesight says:

        What does working have anything to do with “proving” someone doesn’t want to be a parent? So parents who work don’t care about their children?

        Angelina has made it clear that acting is something she has very little interest in anymore. OK fine. But somebody has to. Listen, do not be fooled, these people live an extremely indulgent lifestyle. Angelina enjoys the perks of that lifestyle which only come with being an actor. The UNHCR is not paying her and the family money like that. Brad Has to work. How the hell else would they afford to have private teachers, nannys, mansions and penthouses all over the world, private jets to wherever they want, the upkeep of those houses when they’re gone, private security, and on and on. They make a lot of money but by all means they probably spend quite a bit too. So if Brad has to work then so be it! Angelina would never be able to make those flop films of hers if she didn’t have both her and Brads fortune in her corner. Since acting is the only thing that pays for their lifestsyle it’s best they either keep doing it or sit down somewhere and live a normal life.

    • Jesie says:

      That is how DCFS prefers all investigations to play out if the parent not being accused has moved out/lives separately. The kids live with that parent while the investigation is underway. Nothing about this was unusual, these are standard recommendations and most people aren’t stupid enough to pick a fight with an authority whose job is to protect children over a month or two of unfavorable custody arrangements.

      Any lawyer Brad spoke to would have told him to go along with whatever they want.

      • swak says:

        Thank you!!! Some people want to believe that the parent without custody somehow is automatically “bad”.

  21. Rocio says:

    Marion is a vision. That’s all I got.

  22. Shayla says:

    Her brother called child services. Brad’s been cleared. So I guess the chants of he is an abuser will have to go now.
    There is a family problem. They will solve it. Divorce, custody battles are all nasty . I feel bad for the kids. They get to do this publically every week on the tabloids.

    One last note. Just because you picked/ended up with/were with an abusive shit as a partner for a greater part of your adult life, does not make every single man an abusive prick. Sometimes, just sometimes, there REALLY IS more to the story.

  23. Tallia says:

    “Leaked” that the case is closed? Or do “news organizations” call every day to get a comment and finally they were told that the case has been closed, etc.?

    • Yepisaidit says:

      DCFS does not confirm or deny investigations. So this leak is from his “sources” that very well could be lying as Angelina’s official statement does not say he was cleared but that DCFS is happy with the safegaurds in place for her kids.

  24. lizzie says:

    i think he looks kind of terrible…

    • QWERTYUIOP says:

      Lens crafters is open until 9 tonight.

    • Yepisaidit says:

      He looked better when I was on my phone but now I’m on a computer with a large screen. He looks bad – not sure what others are seeing. Funny how fans are claiming he is so skinny now and it must be from this sad situation but Angelina has been skinny for years and every one thought she was so happy with Brad lol

    • minx says:

      I really see no difference between pre- and post-breakup. To me he looks like an almost-53 years old guy who is fortunate to have good genes; he has generally kept his weight down and looks good.
      I appreciate that, if he did have “work” done, it is subtle and he doesn’t look freakish.

  25. Stephanie says:

    I have a close friend who is a social worker with CPS here in the “great state” of Texas. The department is underfunded — shout out to Republicans — and under much scrutiny at the moment. She informed me yesterday they have been told that if a daddy beats a mommy but the kid is in the other room, that’s okay. So to earlier points — a clean investigation means very little. The bar is very low. Something is wrong in the J-P household, but not enough for social workers to remove children from their homes even to remand them to custody of their wealthy grandparents.

    • QWERTYUIOP says:

      Either your “close friend” lied or you’re lying.

      • JaneFr says:

        Two days ago, a young woman came to see us (community center) with big bruises on her face. Her on parole husband, once again hit her. When she tried to call police/ social services they said that they could not help her getting him out of her house since there was no witnesses and it was a she said/he said situation.
        Right this morning her three years old son came, very agitated. My colleague found bruises on his body and we decided to make a child at risk report. Since we are considered social workers, ours reports are taken very seriously and she now may loose custody of her children.

        so dear @QWERTYUIOP, yes things like that do happen. Often.

  26. QWERTYUIOP says:

    Of course he was cleared because the accusations were based on lies.

    • Yepisaidit says:

      His pr team told people magazine that he put hands on Maddox because the confrontation was nose to nose and losing control. So no, according to his own side it was not based on lies.

      • QWERTYUIOP says:

        Can I interest you in a fire extinguisher? Your pants are on fire.

      • Yepisaidit says:

        You must have missed that because it’s not a lie. I would post the link but you can find it on Lainey gossip archives…even Lainey is questioning whether or not he was really cleared or if it was a Publicity stunt for his premiere.

      • Hannah says:

        I think if that wasn’t true someone from Angelina’s camp would have surely said so by now.

  27. Minxx says:

    Marion looks wonderful, so classy. Was her partner there?
    I’m glad Brad was cleared, it must have been hell for him to have to go through this and you can see it etched on his face. He also looks like he lost ca. 10 pounds or more.

    • QWERTYUIOP says:

      yep he’s looking so much better since he lost that 90 pounds of silicone, botox, fillers and bones

      • minx says:

        Well, he chose to have children with AND marry that “90 pounds of silicone, Botox, fillers and bones.” No one forced him. And they are tied forever because of their children.

  28. geneva says:

    Brad Pitt looks does not have the face, eyes or look of a heavy drinker. just sayin’

  29. Penelope says:

    Brad’s looking very handsome.

  30. spidey says:

    Put hands on covers a multitude of possibilities!

    Wow, this post didn’t disappear.

  31. Pandy says:

    Whew! I didn’t believe he’s an abusive guy. Glad that’s put to rest. I think AJ wanted out and tried the scorched earth way …. Nasty. I thought better of her than that.

  32. KateBush says:

    This is the best he’s looked in a long time I thought he’d lost his looks but nope maybe he’s lost weight? Stress obv does that to you but I have to say I’m glad to see him back

  33. L says:

    He kind of looks like Jeremy Renner here..meh.

  34. Neil says:

    Sad about the state of things with him, Angie and the family. If there is a silver lining to this story perhaps it will be that the very beautiful “Moonlight” will get some attention above and beyond what small films like this normally get. Everyone who has seen it raves about it. —- Plan B—-; congratulations Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, Brad Pitt. As always, you guys are the best.

  35. Rhea says:

    Hhhmmmm…for some reason this kinda reminds me with the time when LAPD said they did not find any evidence of abuse on Amber Heard and Depp’s case. 🤔🤔🤔

  36. Velvet Elvis says:

    Despite the reports coming out and other people jumping on the Team Angelina train, I never for one second believed that Brad Pitt was physically abusive to Maddox or anyone else. “Getting physical” with your child does not automatically equate child abuse. For all we know Maddox got in Brad’s face and Brad just sat him down. We honestly just don’t know because we have heard no specifics from anyone who was there. It’s all just very sad because this was a seemingly loving family.

  37. jane says:

    I imagine Angelina Jolie is even more motivated to move to London since the election, but her problem remains the same: without sole custody, sharing the kids equally in homes separated by the Atlantic is going to be more than a little tricky.
    AJ apparently wants to put the kids in school (for the first time they’re not to be homeschooled) which just creates more trouble for shared custody between the two.
    It looks as though AJ will have to abandon her London/UN plans as I can’t imagine a judge oking shared custody between parents thousands of miles (and several time zones) apart.
    What next?

    • pwal says:

      The bit about the schooling was inaccurate. The kids were in the Lycee Francaise and attended the schools whenever they travelled. I remember them, specifically Maddox and Zahara, attending in NYC and Prague. I think the homeschooling came into play when Pax was adopted because he didn’t speak English and had to learn that before learning French.

      As for her plans to teach overseas, she still can do that. Obviously, the have to decide and agree to who will have the kids during this period.

      • jane says:

        I was talking about a permanent school – where the children could settle in and make longterm friends – a natural desire for most kids to experience and for their parents to provide.
        And it’s not just the teaching, it’s the role with the UN.
        As both an actress and a director her films aren’t exactly doing spectacularly well, so her interest in pursuing a role with the UN (and the kudos she’s received for her work) and the desire to put distance between herself and Brad would seem to make staying in the US a not entirely fulfilling proposition.
        But what do we know? Only what we read… with a little logic and commonsense applied.

    • Malak says:

      Brad works in London sometimes. He could go back and forth.

      • pwal says:

        Given that Angelina is a visiting professor, there’s no need for Brad and the kids to pull up stakes at all. She and her collegues can prepare the lecture curriculum anywhere. She’s the one who will have to go back and forth, since I doubt Brad will demonstrate the same level of receptiveness and flexibility to her ambitions.

  38. Escaped Convent says:

    I never thought Brad Pitt was abusive to his kids. I think Jolie blows hot and cold, and she went cold on Brad.

  39. Deeanna says:

    If Brad was raised in a conventional, structured or even perhaps a strict manner by his own parents he very well may bring those ingrained methods into his own parenting style. And if Angelina is implementing a more relaxed and tolerant parenting style, there is bound to eventually be conflict. Such conflict often becomes more pronounced as children enter the teenage years when the kids really start to test the boundaries.

    Perhaps Maddox was just not blessed in life with a pleasant countenance, but I remember every photo I have ever seen of him, and I am including from when he was still very small, he had a frown on his face. It struck me back then to the extent that I wondered if the child had behavioral problems. By the latest photos of him it appears this has not changed much.

    Sometimes the personality of the child enters into the equation when there is parent/child conflict. I do not say this to imply that anything is a child’s “fault” – it is definitely up to the parent to maintain their cool and be a parent, even when the child is snarling and spewing. But there are plenty of parents who are not child abusers who can lose their cool at times when a child is pushing the envelope.

    Yes, “something” did happen on that plane. But we will likely never know exactly what.

    I am glad to learn that Brad has been cleared of the abuse accusations. And I sure hope this couple can proceed through their divorce in a much more dignified and private manner than we have seen up to now.

    • Sage says:

      Oh no, this is sad thinking.

      I have read comments on other sites where Maddox is being demonized because he supported his evil mother. So, there must be something wrong with him, it’s all in the eyes they say.

      • lissanne says:

        It really is sad thinking. People need to leave Maddox alone. He is still a kid, and is not one of the responsible parties here.

  40. QWERTYUIOP says:

    Someone has some ‘splainin’ to do.

    Dynamite recordings could dent her bid to get primary custody of her six children during bitter divorce per the Daily Mail

  41. molly says:

    As a brit, i can tell you that the sun & daily mail newspaper wouldn’t know the truth if it punched them in the face. There are no recordings, just them fabricating stories so they also can cash in on this painful divorce. Saddest of all is that people believe everything they read. Wish angelina would come out & defend herself against all these lies.

    • Malak says:

      I guess Angelina doesn’t much care about what people say. She is busy with her kids and her projects, and people can think what they want.