Chelsea Handler took another jab at Angelina Jolie at a charity event


Chelsea Handler has a long history of saying disgusting and disparaging things about Angelina Jolie and the Jolie-Pitt children. It all started when Handler signed on to CAA and became close friends with Jennifer Aniston, and for years now, whenever Handler goes off on Jolie, every media outlet says “Jennifer Aniston’s BFF Cheslea Handler attacks Angelina Jolie.” I’ve always believed that if Aniston wanted Handler to stop, Handler would stop. The fact that Handler doesn’t stop speaks volumes. Just after Angelina filed for divorce from Brad in September, Handler once again had some sh-t to say, calling Angelina a “f—king lunatic” and more. Well, Handler attended the Gala for the Children a few days ago and it was her task to introduce lawyer Laura Wasser at the event. Wasser represented Jolie in the Billy Bob Thornton divorce, and Wasser is currently representing Jolie in the Brad Pitt divorce. Wasser was being honored at the event for her charitable work.

Chelsea Handler, who previously blasted Jolie as a “f–king lunatic” on her talk show, didn’t hold back as she roasted the actress at a charity event honoring celebrity divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, who is representing Jolie in the contentious split.

“She’s very dynamic, she’s very principled, and she’s a very accomplished human being,” Handler said while introducing Wasser at a fundraising dinner for A Place Called Home in Los Angeles on Thursday, November 17. “And she’s such a humanitarian that she’s currently negotiating Brad Pitt’s emancipation, so….speaking of kids that need help, when Laura first visited A Place Called Home, she knew right away that she had to get involved.”

[From HuffPo & Us Weekly]

At this point, I don’t even know what to say about Handler. It reminds me of Donald Trump completely misreading the room at the Al Smith Dinner – she went to an event that was supposed to be friendly and charitable and she turned it into her bitchy-schoolgirl roast. And her consistent crassness in bringing up the Jolie-Pitt children… no. She needs to stop.


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  1. detritus says:

    Chelsea, you are not an autumn in colouring. That was my nice thing.

    Now, f*ck you Chelsea on Bra’d emancipation. Brads a father. He doesn’t just get to jettison his kids because he is divorcing the mom. That is not the way things work, and the fact she thinks abandoning adopted kids is joke fodder is disgusting.

    • jerkface says:

      you made me literally laugh out loud @ you are not an autumn!

      Imagine just randomly yelling that one line at her if you ever saw her in person.

      • detritus says:

        LOL, this is literally what I said to my computer when her photo came up. I feel like it is a Billy Eichner appropriate style thing to yell. In fact, I would pay to see Billy yell this at her amongst other less pleasant things.

        But really Chelsea, just stop. If you can’t be a good person, or funny, at least try to dress to your colouring.

      • asd says:

        I legit lolled as well.

        As for Chelsea, this is getting pathetic. I honestly feel this isn’t even about her friendship with JA anymore, there’s some wound there that she’s trying to heal by hurting AJ. Probably the fact that she was never one of the beautiful girls and hated the ones who looked like Jolie, and now finally has a chance to make herself feel better about it,

    • almondmilk says:



      That’s the most grotesque thing about her attacks, she infers that Brad wants to rid himself not only of his wife (who she slanders) but also because of his brown kids. That he’s so put upon by his wife and partner of 12 years, and his children, that of course, he wants out because the preferable thing is hanging with Clooney and Damon( who she bizarrely forgets are also married with one having 3 kids) rather than his own children. Who by the way shall i mention again all of her inferences that he doesn’t want them because brown/black/orphans. If only the lunatic mom wasn’t doing lunatic things like adopting orphans who aren’t white and American.

      She’s by far the most disgusting misogynist this side of Trump in the public eye.

      Hilarious she tweeted after Hillary’s loss that women didn’t know how to support each other and hated other women.

      I guess she was looking right in a mirror.

      • BackstageBitchy says:

        @almondmilk- I feel the need to point out an inconsistency in your comment.
        You are aggressively defending the adoptive kids of the JPs (which I am totally down with), but you say that Matt Damon is a father of 3. Unless I’m totally mistaken, Damon and his wife have FOUR kids. The oldest is not biologically his, but they are a family. what’s the difference? Why the vociferous support of the JP’s adoptive kids but the discounting of Lucy and Matt’s oldest kid from their family?

  2. Shambles says:

    She is an ugly, ugly soul and she has too much filler in her cheeks.

  3. Camille says:

    Who would hire her to honour Wesser? They were asking for trouble. She is so pathetic and over done in every way.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      I think, the better question is, why would Laura Wasser AGREE to be introduced by this creature, when everyone knows about all the disgusting things she has said about AJ and the kids???

      • BonnieJean says:


      • Jenni says:

        Because they are friends. Before you start to judge maybe you should watch the whole thing. People are not obligated to love AJ. I like ChH and I think she is funny.

      • Stella says:

        Jenni, you misunderstand. No one is suggesting Handler is obligated to love or even like AJ. That is NOT the point! The point is, that Handler is OBSESSED with her HATRED of Jolie, and it is not normal. THAT, is the point. Watching the whole thing does NOT IN ANY WAY, CHANGE the outcome. She dragged up Brad to attack Jolie. Yet….AGAIN. There is no two ways that can be taken. There is ONLY ONE judgment that can be made on that. That she is obsessed, mentally unstable, and as funny as a funeral. Anyone who likes her and finds her funny clearly has issues, such as morality and human decency, not to mention a lack of humor.

      • Gwen says:

        @Jenni I think you missed her point. No is obligated to love Angelina. But any decent human being should know it’s uncool to say horrible thing’s about someone’s children. And Chelsea is obsessed with talking about Angelina. Chelsea can’t go a year without publicly taking a jab at Angelina.

      • wolfpup says:

        Wasser has represented Chelsea in the past. She was also on her show a few weeks ago.

      • Jenni says:

        @Stella @Gwen

        Sorry but I don’t think that she is obsessed with AJ or BP. She is a comedian, a talk show host so it’s obvious that she is talking about them. She made some comments about them in the past but it’s not like every time she opens her mouth it’s all about AJ and her mess. There is always a context. Come on. She is far away from being obsessed. There are just not so many people who publicly disapprove of AJ’s behaviour.

      • Gwen says:

        She’s a comedian and a talk show host that has talked about Angelina at least twenty times in the last five years and at times it wasn’t on her talk show. What other celebrity has she talked about this much? I can’t think of one.

        Her racist comments about the Jolie Pitt kids are inexcusable. Calling a child a monkey, an Eskimo , or lesbian is just too much. But since she’s a comedian and dislikes Jolie she should be excused. Alrighty then!

      • Maya says:

        @ Jenni: so you are okay with Chelsea attacking children with racist slurs???

        Says a lot about you and what kind of person you are. Do you also support Trump then?

  4. HeidiM says:

    Aniston has to be sanctioning this sh!t at this point right? This disappoints me in Jen as much as Handler.

    • BonnieJean says:

      I don’t think Aniston is sanctioning anything…she ain’t got time for that. That said, Chelsea has never been funny to me however, the emancipation comment did make me chuckle, for once.

      • L says:

        I see nothing to chuckle about. Smdh.

      • SilverUnicorn says:


      • MrsBPitt says:

        @Bonnijean….Of course, Jennifer has time for that! What else is she doing in that fabulous career of her’s? Oh, right, her Eyelove commericial! lol

      • almondmilk says:

        It’s just more misogyny and vague racist inferences. Slaves are emancipated. So this more on her theme of woman hating. A woman can’t get tired of a man’s sh* (she conveniently forgets Jolie filed to divorce Brad, that Wasser is extricating her, and that Pitt is saddened and wrecked allegedly) – it is Pitt who has to be the “slave” who Wasser is freeing from beautiful movie star Jolie and the brown and black kids.

        In handler’s world it’s always the man who wants out evidently. So her so called attacks (and let’s stop pretending – usually there is no these are not jokes, it’s just her saying Jolie is a demon who isn’t to be trusted and she gets a vibe about her)are always that women and children are less than and that it’s only about what the man wants.

        She’s a sexist misogynist pig with problems.

      • Amanda says:

        Lol agreed,but everything is jen’s fault.
        Sent you know?
        Chelsea is her own damn person and does what she wants?
        Ridiculous to put this on jen?
        I don’t even think they are close anymore?
        Seems like she is distancing herself from Chelsea.
        Chelsea is much closer with Reese and Sandra.
        She is a celeb social climber.

    • Maya says:

      Jennifer difinetely is sanctioning these attacks. She is notoriously known act the nice woman in public by saying nothing but instead let her showbusiness friends do the actual attacks.

      That way she can claim to be innocent.

      But I have seen the comments on some sites who are now questioning how Jennifer can continue to let Chelsea attack Angelina and the children. Seems to me that people are finally seeing through Jennifer’s PR games and true personality.

      • Stella says:

        Yep, I don’t think there is any doubt any longer. She has NO problems continuing to talk about Brad, the speculation on her womb, etc. Are we supposed to believe this same woman who references her ex constantly and references the media speculation on her having children, and just recently, too, is too weak to tell her friend to stop? Really? Her and Handler are very close. NO bestie would continue to attack your ex and even his children, for no reason, especially when asked to stop. It just would not happen. Aniston had no problems walking on stage grinning, on two separate occasions when Handler introed her by slamming Jolie and the children. Handler also had no problems ceasing her attacks on Aniston when they became besties, and instead ramping up on her attacks on Jolie. So Handler is not unable to change her approach. She has done it many times before.

        “Seems to me that people are finally seeing through Jennifer’s PR games and true personality.”
        Thank goodness for that! Though I’d say only the most staunchest of Aniston fans are still at this point in denial. I think most people are now fully aware by now that Aniston and Handler colaborate on these attacks. It stick out like dogs proverbials.

      • Amanda says:

        Omg get a grip.
        It will be ten years from now and you will still be blaming aniston for everything.
        Its tedious as hell lol
        Michael on dlisted called it.

    • Stella says:

      Aniston is MOST DEFINITELY involved with Handler’s attacks. I don’t think there is now any doubt. And it takes no time at all, so its not like a woman who only works 3 months or so a year and is besties with Handler would have no time to chat with her bestie.

      • SilverUnicorn says:

        I don’t know why Handler is supposedly a person with no agency.
        She’s a disgusting, vile, racist, misogynist, sexism human being, the female version of Donald Trump minus the billions and the power. It wouldn’t even make sense if Aniston told her to shut up.

  5. Aang says:

    I’ve only ever seen her on Bill Maher. She seemed ok. Smart and funny. I don’t know why she would lower herself to this. The joke seems inappropriate for the occasion.

  6. Sera says:

    She is a total loser trying to gain attention at the expense of Angelina and her children. Why is she even relevant.

  7. Jess says:

    Oh lord, I’m not even a fan of Angelina and I think this is insanely stupid, Chelsea needs to grow up and get over it. All this bashing is only making her look like a fkng lunatic. I don’t know if Jennifer has tried to stop this or not, but Chelsea strikes me as the type who does whatever she wants for attention and wouldn’t stop regardless.

    • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

      The problem is that Chelsea only started these “jokes” (read: personal attacks) on Angelina after she and Jennifer became friends. So to me–Chelsea can say whatever she wants. But why would you want to be friends with someone who constantly brings up your divorce, in a way that clearly makes it tabloid fodder? Especially with her anti-tabs stand that she’s (Jennifer) has been speaking out against. Especially for a new friend.

      IMO, to me it’s obvious that Jennifer doesn’t care that her “friend” is talking shit, or that she finds it hilarious. But I find Jennifer hypocritical on the tabloid issue to begin with. She wrote an op ed after the tabloids called her fat/pregnant in a bikini (after said pics, she made sure to get pap’d in NYC in tight workout clothes for almost a week straight), but didn’t have shit to say when she brought up another woman’s dead husband as her “true love”, and the tabloids went over that woman’s life, her dead husband’s life and cause of death for at DAYS.

      You don’t control what your friends say–but you do control who you hang out with and who your name is associated with. Every time Chelsea says shit like this–Jennifer’s name is brought up. It’s the same thing as Donald Trump. His supporters are saying and doing terrible shit in his name, in his defense….but because he didn’t personally say or do it…he’s not partially responsible for it? NO.

      • Josephina says:

        Bravo. Well spoken.

        Chandler, plainly spoken,… is just a trifling, common, petty bi*ch… as well as a rebel without a cause.

    • Amanda says:

      They haven’t been seen together in months.
      I think they have parted ways
      Chelsea’s new bff is Sandra bullock now

  8. OhDear says:

    What is with her obsession with Jolie? It’s not as if they know each other personally, no?

  9. Suzanne says:

    Just Handler trying to stay relevant. She’s lost her momentum…and her only way to make the headlines…is to attack somebody more relevant than her.

  10. L says:

    Loser and piece of human waste. Nothing funny at all was said.

  11. Maya says:

    Hey loser Chelsea – time to stop with your obsession with the JPs.

    You are an ugly person inside and out and your friends like Sandra Bullock and Charlize Theron needs to be judged for maintaining a friendship with despite that they have adopted children and you say racist slurs.

    • Kate says:

      I side eyed charliee and sandra WAY more than JA to be honest. Like they are raising black kids with this pièce of shit around. Shameful

  12. Incognita says:

    What do people expect inviting her to talk at events, honestly? She gets off on being offensive for the sake of attention.

    Regarding the Jolie hang-up, it’s clear the girl has some serious self-worth issues. Like hey, why lower yourself to being kind, humble and charitable when you can be an immature a-hole instead…

  13. Kate says:

    I don’t think JA has the power to stop Handler now. This famehoe realizes that talking shit about Jolie is her best way to stay in the news. But it says volume about JA and her character that she stays friends with her. And You Can ne damn sure that all the goddess circle – charlize, Sandra, Jennifer – consider themselves feminists. I guess it dors not concern nonwhite girls. White feminism at its finest those women

    • Stella says:

      Wait….are you saying you think Chelsea Handler of all people, is more powerful than the JENNIFER ANISTON?!??? They both have the same agent. Aniston carries so much more clout and power and could destroy Handler’s career (what little she has left) in a heartbeat. Trust this; if Aniston and/or her agent wanted Handler to stop talking about Jolie and herself, it would be done. In a second. End of story.

    • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

      That is my point. Jennifer doesn’t have to make her stop doing anything. But she’s still friends with her. Which means she either doesn’t care or approves. But then she goes on and on about how the tabloids are BS and she doesn’t allow that kind of negativity in her life. But Chelsea is bringing that negativity into her life. And Chelsea started doing this from the moment they became friends. Not before. After.

      So why would she tolerate a new friend saying this crap, when her friends who were with her before and after she got divorced say nothing?

      And seriously, this is some Donald Trump shit. No, he didn’t personally say or do what his followers are doing (technically), but he bears responsibility. So does Jennifer. You can’t claim to be all about karma and inner happiness and love…..and then be friends with someone like Chelsea who can’t even stop herself at attacking CHILDREN. It’d be one thing if she just attacked Angelina. But she’s also attacked the kids, AND is a misogynist bc. she seems to think that Angelina clubbed Brad over the back of the head and dragged him off. Brad is a non entity for her. And people wonder why the tabloids are bending overbackwards to be make Angelina the bad guy.

      Look how this female comedian “jokes”.

  14. Elia says:

    Now she IS a nasty woman.

  15. ShinyGrenade says:

    Seirously, that is getting old. What is it with that women and her obsession with trahsing Angelina Jolie? GET OVER IT and find something interesting to say. Doubt she can manage that tho.

  16. kodakay says:

    I actually like her dress.

    See mom, I remembered what you taught me. I said something nice.

  17. Fa says:

    Who is the f-king lunatic now?

  18. Pinar Okur says:

    Dont get who finds her “comedy” funny???!!
    Bitchy nasty tweaked and totally jealous of aj

  19. Britta says:

    At this point I just want to know whether she wants to bang Angelina or be Angelina?

  20. Lis says:

    I can’t stand her, with all her, “you’ve got to be a girls girl” bullshit. She reminds me of the bully from some high school clique, picking on the ‘different’, artsy girl. She just can’t shut her mouth and let it go. If this is what it’s like to be a “girls girl” I don’t want anything to do with it, thanks. I’ll just sit over here being the black sheep. Cheers, Angelina!

  21. Keaton says:

    Chelsea and Trump are cut from the same cloth. They’re trolls that get a thrill from shocking and offending people. Both are truly repulsive.

    FWIW I thought the story was that Chelsea used to mock BOTH Jen and Angelina But when she became friends with Jen she quit attacking her but kept up the AJ hate. So I don’t think Chelsea started attacking AJ because of Aniston. Could Aniston get her to stop? Maybe. I’m inclined to think she doesn’t care.

    • BonnieJean says:

      You are correct. I remember reading about CH bashing Jen & Angie in equal proportions & then I think CH signed on to the same agency as Jen (CAA) Reese W & Sandra B are also members of that agency. I suspect they were all told to play nice & support each other. AJ was not in there camp, therefore, she was fair game. Just a hunch.

    • almondmilk says:

      A clarification. It was never “hate” before she signed with Aniston’s longtime power PR flack. She actually did semi-funny skits (namely because she had other improv type people doing them, like Heather McDonald).

      As has been said many many times. Her jokes about Aniston were worse. She literally would portray her as a desperate manless sad sack whom no one wanted.

      I’m positive this constant dragging of Aniston was the impetus to Aniston’s PR flack reaching out and signing Handler, just to shut her down. What she was saying about Aniston was humiliating. It’s his M.O. He tried it with Perez Hilton – offering him walk on parts In TV shows so he’d stop calling her ‘Maniston.’

      After Handler signs in 2008 her Aniston disses cease and she literally started a straight attack of Angelina that she did every few months.

  22. SM says:

    I f–kimg hate this woman. Why is she even at the event that is about children. Doesn’ t she hate those little brats and is so very happy she doesn’ t have any because in her mind that is like being anti feminist or something. To me she belongs with Amy Schumer. They both are overated self absorbed out of touch white women

  23. molly says:

    She is obsessed with this girl’s girl statement. No! angelina is not a girl’s girl, because she is not in high school. She is however a woman’s woman. She advocates for womens rights, builds schools, so young women can have an education. Spoken about women’s health & has very intelligent women friends who she has strong loyal ties to. Marianne pearl, holly goline, chloe dalton, arminka helic, jillian armenente, eunice hutheart, toni g, all these women have an authentic friendship with angelina & not some phony pr friendhip made by a publicist like c handlers “friends”.

    • Maya says:

      Just to add that she has also been friends with Queen Rania, Loung Ung & Jane Goodall for more than a decade.

      I have always said the same thing – Chelsea and her girls girls only say mean things about others, attacks children and claim to support other women.

      Angelina is a women’s woman who actually helps women and girls around would and has been for decades. Not have I ever seen her attack any women in public.

  24. Scout says:

    She is so petty, it’s incredible. I’d get a TRO if I were Angie, Chelsea is clearly obsessed with her.

  25. new_kay says:

    She is a vile, disgusting, racist human being and I don’t know why people like her so much. We need to stop tolerating these social-racist.

  26. Truxiepixie says:

    Chandler is SICK. She is using AJ to become famous…

  27. Gigi says:

    Stop blaming Anniston for Handler’s comments because it is asinine to say things like you feel Anniston could put a stop to these comments if she really wanted to. What kind of hold do you thing Anniston has over Handler anyway? Is she her conscience, her mommy, a respected older sibling? Was Beyonce blamed for Kanye’s rude behaviour and could she have been expected to put a stop to it? You are making a lot of assumptions about the friendship between Handler and Anniston. Are they hanging out on a daily basis and braiding each other’s hair and endless sleepovers?

    • Josephina says:

      They HAVE had sleepovers… in Mexico. They have vacationed together. Chandler has been her guest at Thanksgiving, and they hang out as friends Chandler (along with Theroux and her PR agent) was there for Aniston when she cemented her hands in the walk of Fame sidewalk. Moreover, Chandler and Aniston claim each other as good friends.

      Now…what CLOSE FRIEND of yours is allowed to blast and insult any of your ex’s girlfriend/wife WITHOUT your consent … unless you agree with the statements????? Keep in mind that Chandler has admitted that she had never met Angelina yet cannot keep her name out of her mouth.

  28. AL says:

    Chelse handler is so petty… what a turnoff. This isn’t even about Angelina Jolie… Love her or hate her, who cares. This is about Chelsea handler running her mouth about someone and their kids who all have nothing personal to do with her. I get that she’s a comedian and it might be funny to take a jab at someone ONCE, but to run her mouth over and over again is just not funny anymore. It’s just lame and petty… especially that she’s bringing in minor children into her jokes. She’s not close to brad or Angie, so she needs to calm the f down.

  29. Candies says:

    She’s being talked about it must worth it I guess.

  30. JustME says:

    It says a lot about forever Brad Pitt’s ex-wife Rachel Green that she is friends with someone like Handler.

  31. Nemera77 says:

    She is like the loser in the corner.. jumping up and down… Hey.. look at me.. look at me. I guess she is doing this for attention. Funny thing is she has never gotten it. She wants so bad for Angie to respond or acknowledge her. She never has. That is the rub. Chelsea’s Talk show is doing badly. No one is talking about her. OR her guests. She spent a year going topless on horses and such to get attention.. Nobody cared. Now she is trying to coattail on a marriage ending. And again other than saying some shit about Angelina nobody cares about this pathetic woman. I don’t put Jennifer in this; and I don’t like her either. Handler is a needy troll that wants so bad to be around the beautiful people. You would think Angelina had done something personally to her. If that had happened ok. But she has never met her nor talked to her. Handler has some mental problem. And most people see how pathetic she is.

    • GoOnGirl says:

      Which reminds me, when is she getting married? Wasn’t that what she said right after Angie filed for divorce? I’m sure there is some fool out there who would take her.

  32. Greentea says:

    Don’t know why BP is getting all the sympathy here. AJ could have kept it more private but they’re both far from perfect in the way they’ve acted, by all accounts. BP is going to bounce it all off like teflon yet again, leaving his ex-wife with all the criticism yet again.

    • sage says:

      So true. Brad IS teflon, slicker than an oil spill….I love it. lol

      Dude ducked out of his first marriage and everybody blamed the two women. Now he’s out of this one and everyone is blaming the woman and some are blaming the child…!

    • GoOnGirl says:

      I agree Greentea. Where is the sympathy for Angelina? How could she have kept it quiet when DCFS became involved? Brad is thanking everyone for their support, where is his support of his wife? And yessiree Bob, that’s our Brad. Teflon!

  33. Bunbun says:

    Chealsea acts like a 53%er. Never thought she was funny. And her pedophile incle jokes were gross.

  34. YepIsaidit says:

    And of course Angelina is supposed to be a good little woman and sit back and take the abuse like she did during her entire relationship with the creep…

    That’s one reason I am so happy she hired lawyers and a spokesperson to at least defend herself against Brad Pitts pr teams attacks.

    • GoOnGirl says:

      So far YepIsaidit, seems to me Angie’s lawyers have done nothing at all. She’s still being slandered (is that the correct word?)

      • YepIsaidit says:

        I agree but at least she gets her side out there instead of just sitting back and taking all blame for the creep. Even Lainey gossip (one of Brad’s biggest supporters through the years) admits that his sources have been talking to people mag And tmz. His delusional fans don’t want to believe it…

  35. Otaku Fairy says:

    Stay pathetic, Chelsea.

  36. sage says:

    Chelsea has some deep deep rooted hatred for Angelina.

    She was foaming at the mouth, nostrils flaring when she called her a lunatic on her show.

    Pure rage.

    There is something very wrong with Chelsea.