Duchess Kate repeated the red Jenny Packham gown for palace reception


Well, well. The Duchess of Cambridge finally stepped out for an event last night. Kate must have made conditions for her appearance: no public speaking, no interacting with children, and she must be allowed to borrow some jewelry closely associated with Princess Diana. The Queen might have had her own preconditions too: no flashing, wear an appropriate gown, wear your hair back and no manic smiling. Once everyone agreed, Kate showed up to the white-tie reception at Buckingham Palace for some-odd one thousand assembled diplomats. This is one of the biggest events of the year for Buckingham Palace, and I believe this is only the second time William and Kate have ever attended.

The above photo, which was released by Buckingham Palace to the press, is the first-ever formal photograph of these six royals posed together at this event. As the Daily Mail noted, “It is the first time a photographer has been allowed to photograph the Royal Family at an event normally shrouded in secrecy, for reasons that no-one in the royal household can quite remember.” LOL. It’s super-secret but no one knows why. Look at the gentlemen in their fancy britches! So that’s what white-tie-gala-wear looks like for the royals.

As for Kate’s white-tie-wear, she decided to NOT wear white, the color chosen by the Duchess of Cornwall and the Queen. Kate chose to re-wear the same red Jenny Packham gown which she wore to the Buckingham Palace reception for the Chinese president in 2015. That sort of pisses me off, because when I first saw last night’s photos, I thought people were just republishing the Chinese reception photos. Why repeat such a memorable gown to another reception at Buckingham Palace? And it’s not like Kate doesn’t have other (less memorable) gowns to repeat too. Plus, she shops so much, you know she’s got gowns in her closet which she’s never even worn. Why this particular repeat for this particular event?

As for the jewelry, Kate got to borrow the Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara, which was given to Diana (by the Queen) as a wedding present in 1981. This is not the first time Kate has worn this particular tiara – she got to wear at last year’s diplomatic reception too. Kate also wore some loopy diamond earrings which look borrowed to me. The Queen wore her sapphire and diamond suite (with matching tiara), and Camilla wore her Boucheron tiara and one of her favorite pieces, a pearl choker. Something else to note about the header photo: Kate is the only one without any orders, medals or honors to wear. Just goes to show you: the Queen isn’t going to give her an honor for doing the bare minimum.


Photos courtesy of Press Association/Royal Family, Fame/Flynet and @royalfocus1 Twitter.

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  1. Amelia says:

    Wow. There’s been a hell of a lot of ‘refreshing’ on that face.
    Guess we know why she’s been AWOL recently (besides the usual combo of shopping, laziness and ‘easing into’ Royal Life.)

    • LAK says:

      She’s also tanned. Fake tan or holiday tan?

      • Digital Unicorn (aKa Betti) says:

        Fake, her hands are paler than her arms.

      • prayforye says:

        Good For Her, I love Kate!! And I do love how she is a constant offender of these normal peasant day people things. I truly like to believe her and prince william are as humble as two royals can be. Absolutely ADORE her.

      • NatalieS says:

        That’s so true. Most royals would move their tennis court *and* their swimming pool if they didn’t like the view. Will and Kate chose only one


      • Tina says:

        Well played, NatalieS!

    • Poppy says:

      Usual lazy comments aside, I think she looks stunning especially in the photo on the front page where she’s smiling out of the car. Her face is fuller, she looks happy instead of strained and relaxed! Not sure about the tiara, too many associations, Kate needs to find a tiara of her own rather than go through the constant comparisons!

      • LAK says:

        All the royal family tiaras have been worn by someone else in the family and in a few cases very strong associations with previous owners eg all of Camilla’s royal family tiaras were worn by the Queen Mother through to the last few white tie events the QM attended. Camilla wears those tiaras like they were made for her.

        Every single tiara Kate has worn is wearing her. Looking through archive photos of past royals wearing these tiaras shows them looking fabulous in them.

        Cartier Halo looks fabulous on the QM, Margaret, Anne.


        The papyrus tiara looks fabulous on Margaret and Serene Linley.


        The CLK tiara looks fabulous on Queen Mary, the Queen and Diana.


        They all look wrong on Kate because she wears them wrong and looks uncomfortable in so much bling.

        And the DM saying that the CLK tiara was Diana’s favourite tiara is not true. She disliked the thing and often complained of the headaches it gave her. This is why she resorted to borrowing her family tiara all the time.

        I suspect the CLK tiara is Kate’s life loaner ( as long as she remains married) because she is very literal and loves themes therefore CLK tiara to go with the Cambridge title. I’m sure she’ll showcase the Cambridge emeralds at some point soon.

      • bluhare says:

        I agree that Kate ought to try being her own person rather than constantly in the shadow of Diana. I liked the Papyrus tiara she wore at the Chinese dinner better than this one on her.

      • Poppy says:

        According to an article in a well known royal magazine, there are nearly 50 crowns, tiaras and necklaces that can also be worn as tiaras in the royal collection. Surely there is enough choice there for even Kate to find her own special tiara! Sophie Wessex has worn several different little known tiaras over the years, so there are obviously others that have not been worn regularly recently. Perhaps a smaller, more refined tiara would suit Kate, who knows maybe the Cambridge tiara is giving Kate a headache too!

      • LAK says:

        Poppy, i agree. For some reason, only Sophie is getting a smorgasbord of choice whilst the Queen recycles the same few tiaras for herself and for Kate.

        That said, there are many tiaras that have left the family because of marriage eg Victoria’s oriental circlet which went with Princess Mary when she married the Earl of Harewood, others are thought to be too fragile to wear eg the Strathmore Rose and others are redesigned into different tiaras and others are simply disliked and will sit in the vault until someone takes a shine to them.

        Prince Albert, Queens Mary and Alexandra and to a certain extent the Queen Mother REALLY loved jewellery and were not stingy about purchasing it. And they had a good eye for design.

        Also, can you imagine the Jewellery pron if Wallis Simpson had been Queen consory?

      • Poppy says:

        Didn’t Diana ask for some of Wallis’s jewels when the duchess passed and was denied? Whatever happened to the tiara that was made for Sarah Ferguson when she married? I doubt she would be allowed to keep it after what happened & the York girls have never been seen wearing it.

      • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

        @LAK – I think it was David who had the eye for jewellery, he commissioned a lot of the bling Wallis wore but yes she would have brought the bling bling to the bling bling table.

      • LAK says:

        I don’t know if Diana wanted Wallis’s jewellery. I know Charles was rumoured to have purchased a few pieces from that auction.

        Fergie retains her tiara. It was purchased for her outright rather than being a loaner. The reason you haven’t seen it recently on her or the girls is because they haven’t attended any white tie tiara events. I suspect the girls will wear it at their weddings.

        Betti: yep. I drool every time a new piece comes up for auction.

        Sidebar fun fact: Calvin Klein purchased Wallis’s eternity ring for his wife Kellyand found ‘eternity’ inscribed inside, the name he gave his perfume.

      • Poppy says:

        LAK, you commented bout Kate possibly getting the emeralds, remember the new emerald earrings she debuted in New York in 2014. The main part was a square emerald surrounded by diamonds. They remind me of the emerald studd earrings Diana wore during her welsh tour in 1981, but reworked! Perhaps Kate already has them.

      • Poppy says:

        She wanted a leopard brooch & a bracelet. Perhaps Charles bought them for her on the q.t! Some of the jewels from the days of Princess Elizabeth need to start & be worn, both Elizabeth & Margaret had some stunning pieces.

      • LAK says:

        Her children sold most of Margaret’s jewels. They keep popping up in random auctions for resale.

        Also, i was surprised to see the papyrus tiara on Kate because that was thought to be Margaret’s personal property, but i suppose it was a loaner, bequeathed to the Queen or bought from the children before rest were auctioned off.

        I wonder who bought the porltimore tiara, and shall we see it in public again?! Le sigh.

        I remember Kate’s NYC emeralds. I don’t think they were the same. The cambridge emeralds are a dark green colour even in bright light whilst the NYC emeralds were a light green emerald colour.

      • Poppy says:

        Apparently it was bought by someone from Asia. You’re probably more likely to see it worn as the necklace & brooches rather than tiara. It really is sad when pieces of history such as this get sold off.

      • jetlagged says:

        I vaguely remember the auction for Wallis’ jewelry – I might be mis-remembering but I could have sworn Charles had to go head to head with other bidders for all the lots and kept getting outbid. I think he really, really wanted the Prince of Wales feather brooch, but lost out to Elizabeth Taylor! At the time it made me irrationally happy that he got outspent by La Liz.

      • Poppy says:

        He definitely wouldn’t like not getting his own way, and especially loosing out to Elizabeth. According to reports Liz & Diana became friends after they met in 1982 – bet he was starting to think he was being got at all ways…..bless!

    • mandy says:

      I wouldn’t want pictures out either if I had to wear a silly get up like the guys do- I bet Prince Phillip is behind the photo embargo.

    • Bitchy says:

      What kind of “refreshing” did her face receive? Whenever I see her cheekbones I start to believe she knows a very good plastic surgeon or somebody who is very good with fillers. Because sometimes her cheeks are hanging down and dragging down the corners of her mouth and then again they seemed to be lifted by big cheekbones.

      And what about the eyebows? She has an interesting arch in one of them.

      So I suppose W K are supposed to display their high-society political gravitas by getting papped on this “secret” Buck Palace event?

      • Nic919 says:

        She needs someone to fix her eyebrows because the left one is always jacked up and it seems to be plucked that way and not just a reaction to Botox. Her face looks even more asymmetrical with her brows this way. She has the money to fix this I don’t understand why she doesn’t see how weird she looks.

      • wolfpup says:

        Amazing, wouldn’t it be , for a plastic artist to fix each of our visible flaws? The problem with the duchess is that we cannot see her inner beauty – only the dreams of her mother- what are dreams, and belong to Us only?

        Kate is happy in her luxury, and cares not a whit for anyone other than her familial climb. Good for her – those are her choices, and we have ours..

  2. lightpurple says:

    Kate should have been wearing gloves.

    That Camilla really knows how to wear the bling.

    • original kay says:

      yes, white tie should mean gloves for her, like lady mary. I love downton.

      she looks so out of place.

      • Llamas says:

        Can someone help me understand this: I know you’re typically not supposed to wear the same color as the queen but the queen and Camilla are both wearing white where as Kate isn’t. Why would Kate not wear white like everyone else? Does she want to stand out?

        Would really appreciate some answers! Thank you!!

        On another note, Kate looks like she doesn’t belong; she just doesn’t fit in with the royals. They all have a certain air about them, I can’t put a finger on what it is exactly, but she and will just don’t have that sense of royalty to them.

      • LAK says:

        Llamas: the monarch sets the tone. This reception called for a light coloured dress because that’s what the Queen has decided is protocol, but as usual Kate simply ignored the brief. She wore an ice blue dress at her previous reception which was fine.

        When she wore this dress to the Chinese State banquet it was a nice nod to the chinese, but perhaps Kate wasn’t as thoughtful as the dress colour implied and she just wanted to gave a different dress to wear to these things.

        Tiara aside, she looks like she’s attending a different, less casual affair. The lack of orders is not helping.

      • Bitchy says:

        @ Llamas

        Kate doesn’t wear gloves and that makes her look somewhat provincial.
        Also Kate doesn’t wear any sparklers around her neck.

        light colours can look very sophisticated on such an event.

      • bluhare says:

        I find it interesting they allowed a photo last night when they never have, and it shows five people dressed essentially the same, blending together, and one fire engine red dress and no sash.

      • wolfpup says:

        bluhare – fire engine red, and no shash. Totally ‘s ridiculous. The Cambridges fall out of line with tradition – they believe that they are celebrities, because oF Diana,
        They do not recognize that we are TIRED OF THE BULLHIT OF BLUE BLOOD. Of course, they want any transfusion that our biology can supply.

    • Nic919 says:

      I think white tie generally means gloves for the ladies, but why would Kate follow protocol. She looks tacky compared to the other two in this setting. And she is wearing the tiara like a hairband. She needs a stylist who understands this stuff.

    • Megan says:

      Yes, Camilla definitely knows how to wear the bling. I love the beading on her dress.

    • Bitchy says:

      Yep, white tie means gloves. But I suppose colour-matchy gloves would look too suggestive in an un-royal way? Jesus, why did she have to wear bright red?

  3. Splinter says:

    The DM first went with some pictures where Kate looked sad/tired. Then they changed their tune.

  4. Lainey says:

    Still no orders for Kate. Queen knows better. Surprised how little attention it got from the media. Kate in Diana’s tiara and yet it was only on the cover of one newspaper. And they choose a pic where she was giving off a very sour look. Without the kids they don’t seem to be selling anymore.

  5. aquarius64 says:

    Kate not wearing the sash and orders is the biggest standout to me. Despite the hype and the kids the queen is still not acknowledging her.

    • LAK says:

      Yep. And the Middletons can’t PR the lack of family orders.

    • Digital Unicorn (aKa Betti) says:

      She has to earn the orders, they are only given for service to the Monarch and country. Kate hasn’t done enough for both to merit any. The message is clear to her if u want an order, u will have to up your game.

      I think Kate and Carole thought than once they were in they could coast along living the life of a celebrity. I don’t think any of them had a realistic idea of what Royal life is actually about. It’s not an episode of Downtown Abbey.

      • LAK says:

        Further to your last paragraph, it’s wierd that Kate loves Downton Abbey – a fictionalised version of her real life which she struggles to live/deal.

      • LizLemonGotMarried says:

        Apparently it took Sophie ten years of hard work to earn orders.

        What’s the over/under that Megan Markle pulls it off before Kate?

      • LAK says:

        It took 7, but to be fair, Sophie didn’t truly start working for the family for several years. She continued her working life for a few years whilst fitting royal duties around that.

        Then she had 2 very bad pregnancies/births that nearly killed her. She was in hospital for several weeks after the birth of her first baby, both on the critical list.

        When she finally started working for the family, she got that order pretty quickly.

      • LizLemonGotMarried says:

        She actually got her first order in 2004 (5 years of marriage, they got married in 2009) according to Wikipedia. She did get an order in 2010, but it was her 3rd.
        *shrug* too many conflicting sources of info today. Sorry about that.

      • Bitchy says:

        Well, W K got married 2011 and that is a good 5 years ago. So Sophie got her first order 5 years after marrying, working for her company and royal duties, giving birth to her children and then doing royal duties only.
        It would be time for Kate’s first order if …
        I suppose Kate still didn’t get one because she did hardly do any royal duties compared to Sophie?

      • Nic919 says:

        Sophie also had a really bad childbirth with Louise and almost died, so she actually had medical reasons to have less appearances… and still she did better than Kate during a comparable time period.

        The Queen is old school. She believes in duty and is not going to hand out orders just because. She already commented when Will was dating Kate that she didn’t do much of anything. Post marriage Kate has only done the bare minimum and the Queen is not going to diminish her family order and give her one for appearances sake.

      • Lady D says:

        Part of the Order is the brooch with the Queen’s picture on it, yes? When she passes, does the picture on the brooch change to Charles’s?

      • LAK says:

        Lady D: yes.

    • Alix says:

      Despite what Kate might think, merely procreating doesn’t qualify as service to one’s country.

      I think Diana was awarded a royal order within two years of marriage, because girlfriend was already hustling! At this rate, I truly hope Kate never gets one from the queen. (Chuck will no doubt oblige, to soothe Wills’ ragey feelings.)

    • Shirleygail says:

      Kates inappropriate posture (slouched, hands in front) and dress colour were the standouts for me…

  6. Digital Unicorn (aKa Betti) says:

    I don’t mind that it’s a repeat but it clashes with the carpet. In some of those photos it looks like a different person, what has she had done?

    Cams knows how to rock the bling, she wears the heck out of that tiara. Love the funny britches the guys r wearing, so very Downtown.

  7. RussianBlueCat says:

    I think Kate will be doing more public appearances and “royal work” in the new year. As the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death approaches, there will be more pressure on her and William to be seen fulfilling royal duties. The Queen is at the “IDGAF” point in her life and will not put up with any excuses this time.

  8. Broa says:


    • Yolanda says:

      And fillers! Lots of fillers in those cheeks.

      • imqrious2 says:

        I think she’s just gained some weight, and is possibly pregnant already (there is a curve of her belly just above the clutch purse). If she’s not preggers already, I think she will be soon (and be pregnant for Pip’s wedding). JMO….

      • Yolanda says:

        That’s just her bad posture. She wouldn’t have had botox injections if she was pregnant, or planning on becoming pregnant.

  9. frisbee says:

    Oh dear, Katie can wear red to stand out and still achieves ‘charisma free zone’ for all her ‘efforts’. Camilla looks lovely (this bit is not sarcastic she really does…)

    • Ankhel says:

      I know! She’s coming into her own as a royal, no doubt about it. Never thought, back in the 90′s, I’d end up rather liking her.

      • frisbee says:

        Yup, and apparently she is a comparatively down to earth, very funny woman irl, Diana as we know had some complex ‘issues’ plus the BRF to deal with, Camilla must have been something of a relief – at least to Charles.

      • Bitchy says:

        A lot of Diana’s issues were caused by the Royal Family.
        And then Camilla is much older and much more experienced in life that Diana. Basically Camilla has had a life: she has children and grandchildren even. Whatever comes next is just part of the topping.

    • wolfpup says:

      Kate rejects the royal family. She appears complicant – yet she is a willing and cooperative participant of William’s rebellion. William follows his mother’s rejection of the royals – that’s why Kate tries so often to copy her mother-in-law, Diana. William’s rebellion know no bounds. (Good! – because that is how we will lose the royal family). William has big problems with his royal family (duh.). Kate should have taken the long view, and copied the women around her in an admiring way – she is obviously an arriviste!

  10. Amber says:

    Well that’s explains the absence. I went to DM to see more pics and she definitely looks well rested! You can always tell when she’s freshly ‘toxed…her smile gets very crooked. Look at pics from last public event. She looks tweaked but very well done!

  11. LAK says:

    Small irritation, but she’s wearing that tiara like a headband which makes it disappear which is amazing considering the size of the thing.

    • Digital Unicorn (aKa Betti) says:

      That lovely tiara is being hidden/dwarfed by the mop , it would have looked better if the top of her hair was flattened a bit so we could actually see it. She always gets the bling wrong. Bling is meant to be seen.

      She needs a new hairdresser and has done for some time. Her hair looked so much better when that guy was doing it, u know the one she sacked after he blabbed to the press about her wiglets.

    • Scal says:

      Call me confused, but to me from the picture comparing her wearing it to others who wore it in the past-it looks like she’s wearing it the same way? Not like a headband. I think QM has it with the added pearls up top-how does it look worse on Kate from the way it’s on her head?

      • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

        I think it was the bouffant do at the back that did it, too high as it almost dwarfs that height of the tiara itself. if you look at the side angle in this article you can see its not up straight, it been set as a slight backward angle which gives it the appearance of looking lost within her hair. It looks like it was set to sit on her hair instead of her head, which could help not to give her a headache.

      • Joannie says:

        It doesnt look worse. She looks absolutely beautiful and it pisses people off. She’s wearing it the way its supposed to be worn. Doesnt matter what she does she’s damned by celebitches. Theyre perfect dont ha know?

      • Deedee says:

        It’s angled backward. In the photo you’ve posted, count the top diamonds. You can’t even see some of them in the photo of Kate. She needs to hire a hair dresser that knows what to do with a tiara.

      • Llamas says:

        Personality affects someone’s physical appearance in many people’s eyes. I know for me a guy could be drop dead gorgeous but if he’s a crappy person he suddenly doesn’t look as good. I think many people here see Kate’s lack of work ethic and commitment to her charities and the British people and lose respect for her thus not thinking she’s as pretty. No one here is claiming to be perfect. They have a right to criticize someone who uses public money and doesn’t care enough to give back to said public.

      • LAK says:

        If she was wearing it correctly, the pearls would be swinging forward.

        Instead, if you look at the side of her head in the picture of her in the car, the pearls are swinging downwards, towards her ears. That can only happen if the body of the tiara is lying flat-ish on her head like a headband.

        That’s a glaring sign that she’s wearing it wrong.

        Further, the diamond knots should be pointing skyward so you can clearly see the solitaire diamond on top of each knot ( the points that held the pearls in the Queen Mary pick before the pearls were removed) – see the Queen and Diana in the picture you’ve posted.

        Instead they are pointing behind her such that you can’t see them or the knots which indicates that she’s wearing the tiara slanted backwards like a head band.

      • Scal says:

        I’m sorry guys, but I’m not seeing it. Even comparing other pictures from the article with the pearls it looks like she’s wearing it the exact same way Diana did. (based on the angle of the base towards the ears and even the way the pearls are sticking out at the bottom) It just doesn’t look like a headband to me.

        Basically this:

        vs. this (which looks virtually same to my eyes) Ultimately I don’t think it’s that big a deal when the whole look is kinda boring and it’s the crotch clutching, lack of orders, lack of gloves, and repeat dress that bug me more.

      • artistsnow says:

        THIS is HOw to wear that Tiara.
        It looked GORGEOUS on Diana.
        She sat it right up on her head, pearls swinging.
        Kate is wearing it like a bloody headband.Pathetic.


        And this:


      • Bitchy says:

        Thank you for all those pics. It really helps to compare Kate’s tacky style with the Royal’s glamorous style.

        Kate kind of makes the Tiara disappear. With Queen Mary, the Queen and Diana it looked absolutely fabulous and quite a crowning glory. On Kate’s head it looks like some piece of fancy hair jewelry. Kate has put the tiara “into” her hair instead of “on” the hair. Kate’s tiara “sinks” and is hidden in her hair. Whereas Diana did clearly display the tiara royally.
        I think that Kate should have gone for bigger hair in order to off-set and set-on the tiara against / on it.

        Many of those tiaras have a thin metal “ring” that runs underneath the whole tiara for the purpose of lifting it above the hair. Apparently that didn’t work on Kate’s head or she and her stylist screwed it.
        Some tiaras have such a “ring” fastened underneath after purchase because it so helps to make the tiara look really good.

    • Llamas says:

      She’s also the only one crotch clutching. Interesting how anytime she’s with another royal all her mistakes become so much more obvious.

      • SophieB9 says:

        Kate gives a whole new meaning to the accessory, the “clutch”. It is impossible to find an official photograph of her where she does not clutch the clutch in a double-handed, prayerful grasp before her pelvis. It seems somewhat defensive; is this a sign of nervousness?
        Also, why is there a need to carry a baggie of ANY kind to some of these events? Look at the Queen, Camilla and Kate with their totes in the photo. What’s in those bags that’s so vital? Palace keys? Vex money for the taxi home? Mobile for selfies with celebs? For goodness’ sake leave the bag/clutch in the nearby limo, or with the nearest lackey, or on a hidden chair! Give the lipstick to the gents to put in their breeches’ pockets!

  12. Nico says:

    I honestly think she looks good, I just wish her hair was bigger or styled differently so that the tiara doesn’t look like it was slipping off. From far off, it looks like it’s at the back of her head. Otherwise, I don’t mind the outfit or the no gloves. Although it would be nice if someone would photoshop some gloves on her so I can see what it would look like if she decided to wear them. I’m having a terrible time with my imagination right now.

  13. COSquared says:

    I’m surprised she doesn’t have a RFO, even though she hasn’t earned it yet. I thought she’d get it for appearance’s sake, you know?

    I think it’s safe to assume no new tiaras will be debuted. I guess there’s sort of a ring to saying that the Duchess of Cambridge is wearing the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara. Actually, I’ve always expected she’d wear it at some point. She also needs a tiara tutorial ‘coz that CLK is sitting like an Alice band.

  14. Rocío says:

    She looks beautiful. IMO red suits her better than blue.

  15. Emily says:

    I think she looks lovely. And the fact that I can look at the photos and not feel immediately concerned for her health makes me wonder if she’s pregnant again.

  16. IMO says:

    Kate has dead eyes.

  17. obviously says:

    She had another Botox session.

    • Olenna says:

      Yes, she looks pretty but tweaked.

    • Bitchy says:

      I didn’t know that Botox “tweaked” your facial features? I thought it just relaxed certain muscles?

      • Olenna says:

        Botox can lift (eyebrows, nose) as well as relax. It can tighten the jawline, too. I know this because I’m considering “correcting” my marionette lines. :-) The term tweaking is often used for a spectrum of procedures, including fillers, Botox and surgery.

  18. ;) says:

    The men look ridiculous.

  19. justsaying says:

    QE II looks good for her age – but then on the other hand she never really had to work.

    • Vesta says:

      Also Prince Philip, in the picture he kind of looks more energetic than Charles & William combined, and isn’t he 95…?

    • Ankhel says:


      Apart from the fact that she worked as an ambulance driver during WWII, she reads up to several dozen files full of government papers every week, and spends hours most days on ceremonies, meetings and charity work. And she’s over 90 years old.

      • Kori says:

        Yes she works as hard as anyone with an office or managerial job. Physical labor doesn’t define work. She only takes 2 days off from the red boxes a year. And as you mention, she’s 90.

  20. CharlieWaffles says:

    Wills looks like he has lost more hair?

  21. Wren33 says:

    I think she looks great.

  22. Odette says:

    Charles and Phillip can pull off those outfits; William can’t.

    • Nic919 says:

      That’s because his breeches are properly tailored. All you need to do is watch a British costume drama and the taller guys pull off the breeches the best… William’s just don’t fit well.

      • TyrantDestroyed says:

        William is unable to find a pair of properly tailored pants. We’ve seen so many faux pas recently to confirm that (Mom Jeans, over revealing khakis).

      • Bitchy says:

        Maybe Kate helps William fashion-wise. Then I could understand it.

  23. Meow says:

    Well someone’s been crying to their surgeon and hairdresser!

    Good job both, ya made Katie look 12.

  24. doit says:

    Just shave your head, Prince William.

  25. Coconut says:

    Amazed that she was allowed to do the crotch-clutch in a formal portrait!

    • Coconut says:

      If you scroll though photos of royal ladies wearing tiaras, they’ve got them at various positions on their heads…I have plenty of gripes re Kate but how she wears a tiara is not one of them.

  26. vava says:

    William looks smug.

    Kate has had obvious botox. Like LAK said above, she is not wearing that tiara properly. Considering her position, it seems to me as if she should be dressed in cream or white like the other prominent royal women. I know gloves are optional, but she should be wearing them with a cream/white dress.

  27. seesittellsit says:

    Kate looks very traditional and very nice. No surprises except for selecting such a contrasting color to the senior royal ladies, but whatevah. But it’s an appropriate look for the occasion. Re the tiara, Diana often wore it set behind her fluffed up front hair. God knows it’s big enough to be seen anyway.

    Is it premature to begin wondering what Markle will wear when she’s included in the diplomatic reception photos? Heh heh. I take it everyone saw the BI on cdan a week or so again about Kate really hating Markle and not being quiet about it?

    Heh heh. Heh heh.

  28. bettyrose says:

    She looks very princess-y here. You gotta give her that.

  29. Sage says:

    She always has a grinch look to her when she’s been botoxed.

    William looks embarrassed. Phillip looks like he is about to scream taking the effing picture!

  30. Ankhel says:

    Does any history buffs know who the handsome couple in the oval frames are?

  31. OTHER RENEE says:

    I think Kate looks beautiful. End of sentence.

  32. Cerys says:

    I usually find it hard to say anything positive about Kate but I think she looks good here. Nice dress, hair up and no flashing. Camilla looks good too. She really suits all the bling that comes with being Royal. The men look ridiculous wearing the breeches and all the unearned medals. To be fair, though, Phillip actually merited some of his as he served in WW2. The rest are awarded for being Royal rather than for active service in a war zone.

    • Tina says:

      To be fair to Charles and William (can’t believe I’m saying the latter), they don’t let the direct heirs to the throne get too close to war zones. Philip was of course the consort rather than the monarch. Andrew and Harry both saw active service in conflict.

  33. Kitty says:

    I think it’s really sad she still hasn’t received a sash or a Royal order yet. I’m happy The Queen hasn’t given her one yet.

  34. Theresa says:

    The hair looks nice. The angle of the tiara is off. It needs to be more upright so the pearls hang properly. The eye makeup is too severe/dark. And I like the earrings, but pearl drops would have been better

  35. Tourmaline says:

    I’m mildly annoyed she wore the exact same dress she wore to a past Buckingham Palace evening event. She goes to so few, you think she could whip out one of the other slew of evening dresses she has.

    Maybe she’s trying to impress the Queen by being “frugal” but we know better.

  36. Kitty says:

    If you read the DM comments it’s so weird. One minute they bash her for her lack of work then the next she is a great asset to the monarchy and people need to stop being mean. I have a feeling the palace PR have something to do with that. Here is an example of the comments:
    “UK Girl, Somewhere in the UK, United Kingdom, about 2 hours ago
    People seriously need to stop with the mean comments about Kate. Can you imagine if everyone you knew compared you to your mother-in-law? That your mother-in-law was far prettier? That people say your husband’s mother is nicer and prettier than you’ll ever be. Just sit back and imagine what that would do to your confidence. Kate and Diana are two different people so stop comparing. No one compares William to Kate’s dad so why compare the women?”

  37. Yolanda says:

    Definitely botox and lots of fillers. I guess the pregnancy rumours can be laid to rest now. No more babies (yet) for the Cambridges.

  38. Dlo says:

    Question for all the knowledgeable CBers. Why do Camilla and the Queen stoop over? Stoop shouldered is what my grandma called it when she would fuss at us to stand up straight. I can see the Queen maybe because of age? But Camilla knocks it out of the park and would look even more regal IMO if she was standing more straight.

  39. Neo says:

    Straight up: Ewwww. Eww ew ew ew. And ew. When it comes right down to it, they’re all the embodiment of that fictionalized line from Anne Bolyne, “let them eat cake”. And crowns are the symbol of that.

    • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

      Actually that quote is related to Marie Antoinette.

      • Neo says:

        Damn it, you’re right.

      • frisbee says:

        There’s some doubt whether or not even Marie Antoinette said it..The “Let them eat cake” story had been floating around for years before 1789. It was first told in a slightly different form about Marie-Thérèse, the Spanish princess who married King Louis XIV in 1660. She allegedly suggested that the French people eat “la croûte de pâté” (or the crust of the pâté). Over the next century, several other 18th-century royals were also blamed for the remark, including two aunts of Louis XVI. Most famously, the philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau included the pâté story in his “Confessions” in 1766, attributing the words to “a great princess” (probably Marie-Thérèse). Whoever uttered those unforgettable words, it was almost certainly not Marie-Antoinette although as you say, it has always been associated with her.

    • Neo says:

      Ya. Common knowledge. That’s why I said it was a “fictionalized line”.

  40. Starlight says:

    It won’t belong before she is wearing that choker around her forehead – Diana ring Diana tiara and no gloves – I thought she looked lovely as for Wills is he wasting away look at those skinny ankles and his shadow semi-unshaven look – watch out from the ettiquette guru he will be saying he looks like an esttae agent again!

  41. Kitty says:

    Does anyone know why Harry did not attend? Or does he have to have a wife first? Also what was the meu?

  42. Tough Cookie says:

    I rock a store-bought bridal tiara from Hobby Lobby (retail $40) better than Waity could ever imagine. She makes everything look cheap.
    I still think the crotch grabbing is to better show off The Claw adorned with The Ring Of Doom. If her hands were at her sides it might be hidden.

  43. Rina says:

    Do taxpayers fund the BRF’s jewelry too?

    • spidey says:

      Most of it has been in the RF for absolute ages.

    • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

      No, many of the jewels are family heirlooms bought with their own private funds or were personal gifts. Not sure about the Crown Jewels thou- i believe they belong to the nation.

    • Kori says:

      The Queen’s and Camilla’s (the latter a bequest to the Queen Mum) were gifts from way back. Kate’s was commissioned by Queen Mary and partly made from preexisting jewels.

  44. Yolanda says:

    The Cambridge tiara is gorgeous and I’m glad to see it being used again, even if it’s by Duchess Dolittle.

  45. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    Am fascinated by all the bits & baubles they’re wearing – especially Prince Philip.

    Kaiser, do you ever post anything any more regarding the Swedish Royals?

  46. Zardi123 says:

    At this type of reception Waity should of been in white or cream long dress with long gloves as its a diplomats reception.. why oh why can she never get it right.. bare arms are a definite no no ..
    waity is always out of her depth.. a coat peg mannequin she will slways be empty headed…no culture to her at all…..

    • shopgirl says:

      I can’t believe that she doesn’t have to someone to tell her these things? Does she ignore protocol on purpose, or isn’t she told how to dress properly for these events?

    • A says:

      I think the dress code for the reception is simply “evening dress” maybe “white tie.” I don’t think there is really any stipulation as to sleeve lengths on this occasion. I get the distaste for Waity, but let’s be reasonable here. Otherwise, from the looks of it, the RF would be drowning in rules about protocol and little else.

      I DO think it’s remarkable that she manages to stick out like a sore thumb without even trying though.

      • LAK says:

        Court dress for Palace receptions is white/cream long dress for the ladies + long gloves. Last year Kate wore a dress that was very subtly ice blue, but in the glare of the light looked white. She didn’t wear gloves.

  47. A says:

    The jewels are the only reason I follow royals, period. With that being said, I was pleasantly surprised by the repeat gown. I liked it when I first saw it for the Chinese reception, and I particularly liked it with the Lotus tiara. This combo isn’t too bad. No qualms from me about the repeat either. I liked the gown a lot, and I like seeing it again, and I don’t think anyone at the diplomatic reception truly keeps track of these things. And if they do, well, they probably wouldn’t bring it up.

    Camilla was born to wear bling. The Greville is magnificent, and she wears that as well as the other large tiara she’s got so well. I don’t know who’s in charge of portioning out the bling, but whoever it was, good for them for giving these two to Camilla. Any of the smaller tiaras that the Queen favours would be overshadowed and not shown to their full effect, whereas these humongous tiaras have the opposite effect on other people.

    The Queen is in a bunch of repeats as well. She’s worn those sapphires twice already, once for the Colombian state banquet, and the other for the Chinese state banquet (same as the one Kate attended). I know for a fact that Angela Kelly is the person in charge of dressing her and co-ordinating her outfits, so she’s probably the one who chose the jewels. And I think her dress is a repeat from the Chinese state banquet as well, but I can’t tell for sure.

    I don’t have an issue with Kate wearing the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tbh. I think the association with Diana needs some distance. I also don’t think she’s smart enough to know the true weight of that, that this is a calculated move to focus attention on herself on her part. It caused a furor the first time she did it, at last year’s diplomatic banquet. But today? Not so much. I bet Willy told her something about it, and since she’s boring as all out, she slapped it on her head and called it a day.