The Rock celebrates his daughter’s birthday with an adorable song

Just when I start to lose all faith in humanity and think everything is dark and awful, I see something like this and my heart just melts. Dwayne Johnson, or The Rock, as some of you may know him better, showed off the singing chops that he recently showcased in the Disney film Moana to serenade his daughter, Jasmine, on her first birthday. The adorable little girl, whose Mom is Dwayne’s girlfriend Lauren Hashian, clapped along as her pop sang “Happy Birthday.” The Rock shared the sweet moment on Instagram on Friday.

Because I had to know and felt like I should share, “aiga” is Samoan for “family” and “Pua Mana” means “majestic flower” – so says Google. Is that the cutest, or what? Dwayne has even more to celebrate, as he also posted on Instagram that the trailer for his upcoming Baywatch reboot (which I have to admit, doesn’t look as terrible as I thought it was going to be) is the most watched comedy flick trailer of 2016. Congrats? And, it seems the 44-year-old wrestler-actor is also enjoying the singing thing, dressing up like Elvis and entertaining servicemen and women for his Rock the Troops special, which aired on Tuesday on Spike. He may not sound like the King, but he can sure rock that sparkly jumpsuit!

The military is near and dear to Rock’s heart, as he also helped bring a military family together for the holidays on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last Friday (the wife was one of the show’s producers). I defy you not to watch this video and not get just a little choked up. I will admit I got a little something in my eye.

Geez, you can’t not like The Rock, can you? With such a big heart, it’s not hard to see why he was voted Sexiest Man Alive. I think I may have to get an extra gig on his latest project, Jumanji, which is filming here in Atlanta, so I can tell him in person. I’d even let him sing for me.

Dwayne Johnson during an appearance on NBC's 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.'

Central Intelligence Red Carpet Premiere

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  1. juice says:

    i really want to be friends with him.

  2. V4Real says:

    I used to hang with him on and off for over two years and he was so cool, funny and super nice.

  3. AG-UK says:

    Love him he seems like such a nice guy and not bad on the eyes. Love Ballers too.

  4. Spikey says:

    I have his “You’re welcome” on a loop on my phone. He’s no Placido Domingo, but Lin Manuel Miranda did him a solid with this song. Hubby and I love him! We’ve been spending Christmas Eve with Burgers and a Rock Movie for ages now, I can’t wait for Saturday. Did I mention that we really, really love the Rock?

    • It'sJustBlanche says:

      “I know it’s a lot, the hair, the bod!” My nine year old daughter has been running around singing that song for days!

    • margie says:

      That is our family’s favorite song right now! The movie was amazing, and we went home and bought the soundtrack right away. Moana was such a perfect movie for The Rock to be involved in.

  5. swak says:

    I love him too. And the head of hair on that baby!

  6. Megan says:

    He’s my forever boo.

  7. vauvert says:

    Celebs like him (and my forever boo Keanu) are rare. Love him. I even stayed through the entire Central Intelligence, as dumb a movie as I have ever seen, just for him…

  8. Incognito says:

    That Fallon clip has me tearing up.

    I love the Rock.

  9. Snowflake says:

    Did you ever get to check out his package? I’m asking for a friend, lol

  10. Insomniac says:

    His daughter is beautiful. And so is he!

  11. NastyWoman` says:

    I have loved the Rock for long time now, but I was peeved (as a Black woman) when he was asked who he found sexy and they were all white women. I know he’s married and it shouldn’t really matter, but it felt like a rejection when he couldn’t even throw a single black woman into the mix (Beyonce? Old school Tina Turner? Janet Jackson? Anybody???)

    • Crumpet says:

      Oh, man. Yeah, that bugs me too. >:[

    • Chingona says:

      The Rock’s mother is Samoan and his father a Black Nova Scotian with Irish and Native Canadian ancestry. So in reality The Rock is of mixed heritage/ ethnicity yet he is bad or makes you mad because he doesn’t find any black celebrities attractive, OK. He was also married to a Cuban women for many years, so the whole he only likes white women doesn’t make sense now does it. One question or interview does not define him.

  12. Jess says:

    He’s just so damn awesome all around! That video with his daughter is just the cutest:) If I’m remembering correctly he’s been with his girlfriend a long time, and has a great relationship with his ex wife and older daughter, which makes me think he’s even more awesome than we know. The Rock for president!

  13. HeyThere! says:

    Oh my gosh, just when you think The Rock can’t get any better?! He outdoes himself each time. I started crying as soon as her husband walked in the room behind her! He will always be one of my favorites.

  14. JH82DC says:

    That’s what I’ve been saying—Dwayne Johnson 2020!

    • Betsy says:

      No. no no no no no. Wonderful man though he may be, let’s leave politics for the people who are interested in politics now, shall we? I think we’re all going to be stewing in Cheeto vomit for a while.

      • Chingona says:

        He has shown interest in politics and he may not have experience but after trump that certainly doesn’t count for much to some. I’d rather have an inexperienced nice guy than another four years with Cheeto as you call him.

      • JH82DC says:

        Betsy, your comment, “Let’s leave politics for people who are interested in politics”: Well, if he’s interested, and he qualifies according to our constitution, he has a right to run for office too. Actually, there is no rule that says any future or present commander-in-chief needs to be a doctor/lawyer/former military/fancy-pants-political-office-holder, etc… It’s just all part of the same “politics as usual” that everyone is used to, so we assume anyone running needs to be an inbred of the political scene. (Note, I am not promoting or dissing current, past, or future anythings.) Now, my comment was mostly in jest, I didn’t think anyone was going to take it seriously, but I do think he is very smart and savvy. HOWEVER, now that my comment has been taken seriously, I need to defend my overall point.
        If The Donald can get elected, anyone can get elected. If George Bush could get elected, anyone can get elected. If Barack Obama could get elected, anyone can get elected. George Bush, despite all the controversy and his lack of being a genius-in-hiding, made it twice. Barack Obama was a senator for 2 years, and his entire career before becoming president wasn’t anything close to what he has had to do as president. (Michelle Obama had more experience in executive management and leadership than he did. I still think the wrong Obama ran for office.) But he got elected, twice.
        In the history of the US, 4 presidents had never held any political/public office before becoming President. And now Trump makes 5. Maybe that’s not a high ratio, but it exists. Why did they all make it? And why did ANY of our past presidents make it? Because they didn’t NOT qualify. If you qualify, you can run. Once you’re running, no matter the experience of ANY candidate, everyone is on the same playing field, and if you win, you win. Like it or not.
        Personally, I have been sick and tired of politicians this past 2 decades (I’m in my 30’s, can’t complain about the years when I was too young to notice). People get elected into some type of public office, because it means a lifelong income, and the ability to take advantage of fundraising and making deals to line their pockets. They become career politicians, with a slightly-above-0 productivity rating—citizens see little to no return on our money being spent on these official moochers.
        Side note – I would LOVE it if congress would have the balls to draw up a new rule that says, “If you’re not a currently serving senator/congress/public office holder, no more salary and health insurance paid for by hardworking tax payers—get a job or go back to your careers.” I would LOVE if there were term limits, EVERYWHERE actually. No one needs the same person representing them for 50 years, consecutively or not. In order for new ideas and solutions to develop, you need fresh blood, period.
        I’m aware that no one here is going to like my reasoning for supporting the idea that ANYONE who qualifies according to the rules in our constitution can be president, but it’s the truth. And to change the rules to make them specific– (to avoid having a Trump-like person in office again, for example)–well, by making your circle of eligible people smaller, you have less to choose from, and a greater chance for corruption on a larger scale and for longer periods of time. (That’s a whole new discussion anyway—who gets to decide the qualifications? I don’t trust any of our politicians and people in office on the left or right, in all our government branches, because we don’t have unbiased leaders who are willing to take the middle road that would be fair to everyone.) So yeah, I vote to stick to the qualifications in our constitution… Unpopular, I know, I know.. And no, I am not endorsing the future Commander-of-Chips! And now I really do want some chips… mid-afternoon snack cravings..

  15. Jenn4037 says:

    I wonder if they modeled Baby Moana after his Jasmine. Such a cutie.

  16. emma says:


  17. what's inside says:

    That baby is absolutely adorable.