Psychic predictions for 2017: Prince Charles becomes king, Brad Pitt & Rihanna

The New York Post’s Cindy Adams ran a special end-of-the-year feature with “psychics” predicting what will happen in the year to come. I would have just read this for fun and avoided covering it, except that Adams quotes some predictions from a psychic named John Cohan, who predicted one year ago that 2016 would be the year that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would split. So… maybe it’s spooky, maybe it’s silly, but I’m ready to toss 2016 into the trash bin and we might as well have some fun with what COULD happen gossip-wise in the new year. Here are some of my favorite predictions:

Predictions from Celtic psychic Paula Roberts:
Christine Quinn’s a strong 2018 mayoral contender.
A Broadway theater regains glory after fire damage.
Hillary does not fade from public life. (And, advocating change, wears a skirt?)
Obama. University lecture tour, then Harvard part-time on international law.
Trump. Fewer speeches than predecessor. Loses weight.
USA. No more troops sent abroad.
Hawaii. Volcano eruption. Crops, not lives, lost.
England. Charles finally gets Mama’s job.
Antarctica. International research station cut off for many months.

Predictions from John Cohan, who last year predicted Brad and Angelina wouldn’t last — a huge, enormous, mind-boggling, large, really big, tall, wide, fat stunning blow of a surprise to us all — now presages:
Anderson Cooper marries partner Benjamin Maisani.
Rihanna and Pitt? A decision that’s in the Pitts.
Lady Gaga teams with m’lord Harry Connick.
Billy Bush: depression, medical help.
Oprah goes blond. Like Kim’s husband, Kanye (or Kan’t-ye) Worst.
Kathie Lee Gifford marries a younger guy.
Streisand and husband James Brolin separate. This I don’t believe. I don’t even think Brolin believes. I mean, where’s he going?

Cindy Adams’ predictions:
Madonna enters a monastery with a vow of nudity.
DiCaprio’s pants make the Smithsonian.
Amazon techies arrange it so that you can buy a politician in the privacy of your own home.
Downturn: McDonald’s, from golden arches to fallen arches.

[From Page Six]

I don’t think Trump will lose weight. If anything, he’ll gain weight from stress-eating. And Charles ascends to the throne in 2017? A few months ago, I would have said no dice. But given the strange happenings around the royal Christmas this year… maybe. Maybe. What else? Brad Pitt and Rihanna… that would not surprise me in the least, but is it weird that I think Rihanna would treat him like she treats all of her boyfriends and lovers? Like, Brad Pitt would be her f—kboy. And I could also see James Brolin and Babs separating too. Those are the solid predictions. The rest of the predictions are crap.




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  1. RussianBlueCat says:

    The prediction about Charles becoming King, is rather creepy considering how the Queen has been sick over the holidays. Has there been any more reports on how she is doing?
    Brad and Rihanna would send social media/tabloids into a meltdown

    • Katydid20 says:

      With how 2016 has been, I’ve had an awful feeling that the queen might be the last big death of the year. I hope the psychic is wrong!!!! I can’t imagine England without QE

      • GemslieKnope says:

        I’ve also been thinking QE might die before new year. She’s been low key over Christmas. I hope I’m wrong

    • Ayra. says:

      I’ve been saying that the constant news articles going on about what would happen if she died was weird.. then I starting hearing rumors that they’ve been keeping quiet about her health and possible death.
      I agree with @GemslieKnope, I did believe she’d be the one to end 2016 or even start 2017 with a bang!

    • Sharon Lea says:

      RussianBlueCat – the DM has an article today that says the Queen has stayed indoors (or not spotted outdoors) for 10 days. I hope she is ok.

    • Lari says:

      I’m erring towards Phillip going sometime this year, over QE. He’s not been in the best health at all.

  2. Talie says:

    Pitt always has his finger on the pulse with who he is dating, so it wouldn’t surprise me. Her or Selena Gomez.

  3. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    I agree that the only believable one is Charles becoming king.

    If the Brad and Rihanna one is true I will eat my hat. I just cannot see her getting involved with a man with kids, even if it is just to have sex with him. I guess we will know if it is true if he starts walking around dressed like her with either braids, faux loxs, a good weave or bantu knots.

    Actually, I think I am liking this couple more and more just for the visuals alone.

  4. frisbee says:

    Eeek where’s bluhare?!!!!! – this is getting freaky, we were just posting yesterday about the Queen being ill and if 2016 was saving the BIG ONE to dispatch at the end of the year…. TQ going would just about put the kibosh on everything. Just grateful I don’t believe in Psychics….

    • Christin says:

      My father once observed that very elderly (85+) people (who have seemingly done well healthwise) tend to go downhill very quickly once something happens. I call it the dominoes falling effect. One thing triggers another, because of such advanced age.

    • Sixer says:

      British Twatter last night had #mediablackout trending for hours and hours and the conspiracy theory was that ER had died but it wouldn’t be announced until 8am this morning. Nothing more than crowd hysteria, of course, but I suppose we are going to have more and more of this.

      Whatever that cold was/is, it must have been quite bad for any information to have been released.

      • Bonzo says:

        It would be just like 2016 to have ER pass before tomorrow night. I hope not, but it would certainly be consistent with the “theme” of the year.

        ETA: Thanks for the recons, I’ll try and watch those before they disappear.

        Hope you ring in the New Year in grand Sixer style. Drunken Darts or is there another activity for the occasion?

      • Sixer says:

        I’ve also just wept buckets at Ethel & Ernest, an animated version of Raymond Briggs’s biography of his parents. It’s so beautiful and ordinary. iPlayer.

        We are going to the village pub, which is having a shindig. What about you?

        Whatever you’re doing, Happy New Year my darling.

      • Bonzo says:

        The village pub sounds wonderful. I have one place I like to go — they actually call it as a “meeting house” instead of a bar or pub — they have live music and occasional sing-a-longs. However, since the kiddos need a sitter/minder, we may end up at a friends house for game and face-stuffing. So, more low-key this year methinks.

        Happy New Year and look forward to chatting more in 2017!

      • Sixer says:

        The wee ones are allowed in ours as it’s technically a social club and not a pub. They play skittles and the non-drinkers keep an eye on them!

        I like quiet New Year celebrations though. Never forced.

    • frisbee says:

      @ Sixer oh good grief, I am not a fan of conspiracy theories, it always flummoxes me that a huge number of people know about all these secret societies for a start! That said this is giving me a funny feeling. If TQ’s cold’s turned into Pneumonia she really could be in trouble. Would they keep this quiet until all the machinery that is no doubt already in place has done it’s work? Yeah I reckon the grey men would. We don’t need this, we don’t need a whole load of argy bargy about succession and William throwing his wobblers about. If he is going to give up his place in the succession I think he would wait until TQ passes. Then that will be a whole load of Argy Bargy as well as Brexit coming up. The only answer to this is a bottle of Bailey’s…

      • Sixer says:

        I think they would keep it quiet too.

        I’ve got posh wine!

      • frisbee says:

        I hope you enjoy your posh wine, I’m not a drinker but I can cope with Bailey’s it doesn’t taste of alcohol at all!

      • Lady D says:

        My local liquor store was selling salted caramel Baileys last week.

      • Sixer says:

        Not a regular drinker either. Low tolerance and I get drunk too quickly to make it worth it. I do like a glass of nice wine, though.

        There’s another one like Bailey’s that I prefer, but can’t remember the name. Bottle split into two – dark and light liqueurs that you pour together and mix. Toothgrindingly sweet, just as I like sweet things!

  5. Nacelle says:

    Rihanna doesn’t seem into old white men like Brad Pitt.

  6. Rocio says:

    I couldn’t understand the one about McDonalds. Most of them sound BS to me. Not a horoscope girl!

    • Hazel says:

      I’m not sure what she meant about McDonald’s either, but that one came from Cindy Adams, who is a gossip columnist, not a psychic. She was trying for something funny, I think.

      • me says:

        McDonald’s isn’t doing very well. They are not making nearly as much money as they used to. I don’t see McDonald’s closing but they will have to make drastic changes.

  7. ell says:

    ‘Trump. Fewer speeches than predecessor. Loses weight.’

    the important things, then.

  8. Dolphin7 says:

    Please let the queen be okay. I keep hearing rumors of pneumonia which isn’t good in someone over 90. I admire her work ethic and I feel like we need good role models instead of what we have coming up in the next four years in the US. I’ve always thought Rihanna is one of the most beautiful celebrities in the world, she and Brad would be interesting, but I can’t see her dealing with six kids. But stranger things have happened.

  9. Jade says:

    Hmm…not sure about the Queen. But I’ve always thought that when Phillip passes, she may not hang on for long. That thought came up again when Debbie passed after Carrie…

  10. boredblond says:

    Yeah, I’ll only buy it if Brolin leaves Streisand for blond Oprah..hehehe

  11. jinni says:

    And if Pitt got with Rihanna I doubt everyone will drag him the way they drag any other older actor that got with a woman young enough to be his daughter. I’m not just talking about the serial May-Dec daters either. Any actor that even once gets with a woman that is much younger than him is called all kinds of perv and not mature enough to get with a woman his own age. While the younger woman is accused of having dad issues and of being taken advantage of.

    Nope Pitt will not get the same treatment just like how he is being giving all of these excuses and the benefit of the doubt in regards to his current family situation that other actor in the same mess would never get. Nothing will tarnish the veneer of the Golden Boy.

  12. Onika says:

    “a huge, enormous, mind-boggling, large, really big, tall, wide, fat stunning blow of a surprise to us all ”

    Not really.

  13. Stella says:

    I believe the one about Streisand and Brolin, I remember reading a year or so back that they had separated. So I wonder what happened there, if they did they must have gotten back together.

  14. huh says:

    All these predictions are bogus.

    • Hazel says:

      Except for the volcanic eruption in Hawaii. That happens frequently on the Big Island & is an easy call.

  15. Sara says:

    Trump will gain weight and age drastically. His approval rating will go down even more and there will be a bad economic shift and businesses will be in trouble. There will be American troop deployments. They were preparing even before the election and Trumps win assured this. Isn’t Pitt dating Kate Hudson? 2017 to me is scarier than 2016.

    • OTHER RENEE says:

      No re Kate Hudson. I think that was just her own PR BS to get her in the news. It’s not like she ever does anything real to merit being in the news. Except produce a line of gym wear that people complain about.

      • Sage says:

        Aw, Kate made an innocent comment and the tabloids blew it up into something it wasn’t.

        She said Brad is hot and now the tabs have her pregnant with his baby. Lol

    • Mary mary says:

      The economy going south under Trump is an easy prediction. Trump is only the President elect and he is already having an impact on American stocks. Trump twittered negatively about Boeing and Lockheed and both stocks fell, impacting the price with company and short- term investment loss. There were accompanying internet rumors that ( President-elect Trump’s inner circle knew that Trump was planning negative twitter comments to help drive down temporarily those two stocks while there was accompanying insider trader information to shorting stocks for short term profit. This has not be proven as fact; however.

      Easy Prediction: The flat stock market since Trump was elected, will not gain again like it did during the Obama years.

  16. Eric says:

    I’m afraid an acting giant (Nicholson or Hackman) will perish in 2017, along with some beloved people such as Betty White, Dick Van Dyke, and Mary Tyler Moore.

    It’s still incredible that Watts, Jagger, and Richards are still here and that 3/4 of the original LZ members are here (and Page looks terrific every time I see him), as well as Daltry and Townsend from the Who. Predictions?

  17. BJ says:

    LMAO Psychics have predicted Brad and Angelina would split EVERY year since 2006.

  18. Sage says:

    Brad and Rihanna? I can see it🙂

    Brad and his next lady will be hot though..

    I predict Charles will become king in 2017 too.

  19. Jade says:

    I predict the In Memoriam for the 2017 Grammys and Oscars to be agonizing.

  20. Joni says:

    Brad and Rih? He wishes. I don’t see Brad dating for a loooong time. He has kids now.
    I think the queen will outlive Charles.

    • Sage says:

      Nah, Brad will have a new girl soon if he doesn’t already have one on call. He does. It stay single for long. If he can get this divorce over by spring 2017 he will probably have a lady by fall/winter. In the interim, a Brad and Rihanna fling would be hot.

  21. minx says:

    I see the Queen living for a few more years and Charles ascending the throne when he is in his 70s. After he dies, all bets are off as to the future of the monarchy.

  22. ValArieee says:

    Where the hell is everyone getting this Brad Pitt and Rihanna mess from? Brad is far from her type. All her boyfriends have been black, young and childless. If she dated Brad I would honestly say Rihanna is unpredictable. But to keep his image clean, esp. with the whole FBI thing William will not be dating. I could see Rih doing a 360 & dating a actor or business man 😉

  23. Ashley says:

    I want rihanna to date a low-key business man,or tech guy who’s mature,hot,faithful,love her and respect her. Brad would be hot,but he has too much baggage.

  24. Miss M says:

    It is quite possible that Trump will lose weight I have thyroid dysfunction and the only time I lose a bit of weight is when I am under stress because I lose my appetite completely.

  25. Sequinedheart says:

    Can Rihanna date Jude Law please? Good lawd! That would be hot.

  26. Racer says:

    I’m patiently waiting for Rhianna and Leo! Def think Charles will be king by YE 2017.

  27. MFM008 says:

    Trump will be lucky to see 2018.

  28. zenkitty says:

    Add me to the list of those with a bad feeling about the Queen. Ever since hearing about her cold and with her missing church etc at Christmas, I’ve felt she might be the last big one to go out this year. I really, really hope not though – I’ve had all the celeb deaths I can take …

    Anyone else feel like they’re on tenderhooks waiting for this year to end?

  29. A says:

    Marvel predictions: Chris Evans will cheat on Jenny Slate and knock up one of his co-stars. I’m tipsy.

  30. Bethany says:

    Prediction – Brad will hook up briefly with old flame Gwyneth.