Gwyneth Paltrow ‘genuinely loves’ her wrinkles & gray hair: ‘This is who I am’


Despite my extreme dislike of her hair, I do think Gwyneth Paltrow is ageing gracefully and naturally. There was a time, several years back, when I think she fooled around with Botox briefly, but these days I think Gwyneth is keeping it natural. As in, she probably pays thousands of dollars a month on facials and non-medical skin treatments, not to mention paying for the best makeup and maintenance. Add to that the fact that she has (sigh…) great bone structure, yet another thing for Gwyneth to be smug about. So yeah, I don’t see why a rich white woman in her 40s with access to the best of everything would complain about ageing. Thankfully, Gwyneth isn’t complaining. She told People Magazine that she actually “genuinely” loves her wrinkles and gray hair. Um-hm.

She isn’t fazed by ageing: “Of course I have wrinkles [and] gray hair. But I genuinely love it. This is who I am. I have been through incredible ups and downs and I feel so blessed that I have the wrinkles to tell the story.”

Being a grown woman: For the actress, who declared herself “a mess” in her 20s, being a “grown woman” has never felt better. “I feel good about [it]. I think it’s incredibly sexy. … And I wouldn’t want to erase years off my face or to travel back in time for anything.” Her secret to self-confidence? She says, “part of that is just accepting where you are in time and space.”

Being 5’9” tall is one of her insecurities: “I am kind of a gangly girl, but it was a lot worst when I was a teenager.”

She worries about motherhood: “I mean, the other night I was in the bath and I texted my best mom friend: ‘Am I f***ing this up?’” Her friend wrote back, “No! Breathe. We all feel this way, take a step back. Your kids are great.”

Parenting Moses & Apple: “It’s like going through childhood again, but standing next to the people that you love more than anybody in the world and helping them bear their heartaches and mistakes and triumphs.”

[From The Daily Mail & People]

I’m younger than Goop but I’ve noticed the small wrinkles around my eyes and… yeah, I don’t think I would say that I “genuinely love it.” The wrinkles don’t send me into a panic, nor am I super-bothered by my grey hair (which I’ve had since my early 20s). I like where I am with my age, but anyone who tells you that they “genuinely love” those wrinkles or grey streaks is just trying to sell you something. Same with Goop: she’s shilling her new book, Goop Clean Beauty. You too can love your wrinkles if you buy Goop’s book and her Juice Beauty products and spend tens of thousands of dollars on her Goop-branded clothes every season.


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  1. Louise says:

    Did she have jaw surgery (compared to pics when she was with Brad). Her jaw seemed different.

    • Eva says:

      I think it was her short hair back then that made the jaw look stronger. Also your jaw can change size due to bruxism. My jaw is huge compared to a few years back when I wasn’t clenching my jaw at night :(

    • LAK says:

      Her face filled out.

    • Snowflake says:

      I think she got some filler and it softened up her face.

      • Kloops says:

        Yep. Restrained use of fillers and Botox is imperceptible in the right hands. It softens the aging process, not freeze it. I also think she’s had several laser treatments. She’s an example of good cosmetic work and a healthy diet.

      • Anesthetizes says:

        Yes. She’s had filler & botox.

  2. Samab says:

    Oh god they feel the need to say that at one point. Every actress does. It makes them feel more real actors…. And then the most of all do everything possible to get younger both males and females.

    • Alix says:

      So true. She’s over-selling it. If she said she was fine/accepting of her wrinkles, I’d buy it. But loving them? “Blessed”? Oh please. We’re all “blessed” with them after a certain age, but we don’t get all, ahem, “goopy” about it.

      • Jenny says:

        Ha! So true, Alix. Laughed at “but we don’t get all, ahem, goopy about it”. I have a very hard time believing any woman in this culture loves her wrinkles – her age and where she’s at in life, sure, but wouldn’t it be fabulous to have the experience and soul of a forty-something and look 20 again? ;-)

      • LoveIsBlynd says:

        Considering actresses in their late 20′s play the role of mothers to grown actors, she’s practically an elder in hollyweird terms, so yeah. Get with it.

    • tback says:

      Right. My thought as I was reading this was, “B-tch please!” She’s (very) white & Caucasian skin does not age well….plus all of her tropical vacations & time in the sun cause massive skin damage. She’s getting work done, trust. This “I’m so accepting of myself!” shtick is all branding to sell her books & products.

      • Snowflake says:

        Yes, she had filler, botox, and i think shes had a microdermabrasian or peel done. Her skin doesnt look sun damaged anymore

      • Trip Garden says:

        I get that you are generalizing (I think) but Caucasian skin can age beautifully. My beloved mother passed at age 70 and still had the best complexion. She was often mistaken for someone ten to fifteen years younger. I was not blessed with her skin but I wish I had been. Of note, she didn’t smoke or drink.
        I miss her porcelain, pore less, face with those two soulful giant brown eyes more than I can ever express. I did get the eyes.

      • tback says:

        @Trip Garden yes I suppose I shouldn’t generalize. My (white) maternal grandmother had gorgeous skin as well but she didn’t frequently expose it to sun. I live in Palm Springs & people are really good about wearing sunscreen/visors/hats but the sun still takes its toll…more so on Caucasian skin in my experience.

  3. ichsi says:

    5’9” isn’t tall…

    • Onerous says:

      The average height for women in the US is 5’4″ so 5’9″ is generally considered tall – although I live in an area of high Dutch concentration and at 5’7″, I’m regularly the shortest person around, lol!

    • Rocio says:

      I’m 5’3″ so I’m probably a hobbit, right?

      • ichsi says:

        @Rocio Yes. ;D
        @Onerous I know it’s above US average but I’m 6′ and I’ve been 6′ since I was 13/14, so to hear her talk about feeling gangly at 5’9” sounds silly to me. I dunno. It rubs me the wrong way a little.

      • AnnaKist says:

        No, Rocio – that would be me, at 4′ 11″…..

      • tealily says:

        @ichsi, it sounds like you are tall too, then.

    • Lingling says:

      I’m only 4′ 10″ so my butt gets tickled by grass when I run, but even from my biased perspective down here I’m pretty sure 5’9″ on a woman is considered tall. If I’m not mistaken that is close to the average height of a man. I could be making that up as I checked no facts.

    • Patricia says:

      I’m 5’9″ and I got my full height by the time I was 14 which was honestly really hard. I was taller than all the girls and most of the boys around me. School dances were a source of anxiety becuase I felt so weird being taller than my dancing partner. It honestly messed with my self esteem.

      As a grown woman I love my height and I am indeed taller than most women from day to day. Not drastically so, but when I woman is taller than me it’s not an everyday occurance (I do like it though, I like seeing tall women now that I have confidence in myself). I married a man theee inches shorter than me and I love it.

      But when you are a 5’9″ teenage girl it seems especially tall.

      • Jenny says:

        Here in Sweden 5,9 isn’t uncommonly tall for a woman (it’s about 175 cm). I’m 174 cm tall so almost Gwyneth’s height, and have been since I was 13-14 and I never felt that tall here at home but spending a year in a highschool in the U.S at 16 I felt so self-conscious about my height. And I would get a lot of “How’s the weather up there?” from tiny American teenage boys. They made me feel like a giant next to them. Naturally I chose a real Viking instead to marry – he’s 2 metres tall and makes me feel tiny and very feminine next to him. ;-) So it’s all about the context…

      • Coco says:

        5’9″ here and I too get a little weirded out when another woman is taller than me because I’m just not used to it!

      • Tinkerbell says:

        I’m also 5’9″. When I was younger, my best friend was super cute at about 4’10″. It was hard to be taller than all the guys; especially standing next to her. My parents told me to wait and I’ll like my height when I was older. I believed them and do like being tall now. I rarely look up very much to other women height wise, so I think I’m on the taller side.

    • perplexed says:

      To me that’s tall! (And I wish I could be so — congrats to all you tall people! I envy you! albeit in a good way. I admire your height! Being tall is what I’ve always wanted. But my genetics were against me).

      • KB says:

        Same here. And no one near 5′ looks good during pregnancy. I haven’t had a child, but I’m already so jealous of these tall, long torsoed women 8 months pregnant and glowing. Women my height just hear “you’re about to pop!” Or are described as “heavily pregnant.” Oh well, life’s not fair.

  4. Lingling says:

    I think it depends, I’ve embraced my gray hair, because gray hair on young faces is trendy right now and I actually get asked a lot who dyed it to look salt and pepper. So I lucked out there. The wrinkles seemed to pop up one day. I was recently brushing my kids teeth and was caught in the mirror suddenly seeing my age. I think we all have that “yup it’s started” moment, but it’s all about how you handle it.

    Also I look younger without make up now. So that was nice.

    • swak says:

      I would love to let my hair natural but the color (other than the gray) is HORRIBLE! I will eventually stop coloring it if it actually becomes all gray – or my hairdresser retires! She can’t say she is embracing her gray hair totally as she highlights (or completely colors) it. Wrinkles – don’t bother me at all!

  5. Miss M says:

    She looks fantastic, but I do not buy she is aging 100% naturally…

  6. Amanda says:

    Hmm I don’t see any gray hair or wrinkles

    • Redgrl says:

      Yep – her forehead doesn’t move, so she’s full of it! (Less than many of her ilk, but not natural…)

      • tracking says:

        I know, such BS. She loves them so much, that she can’t move her forehead amd runs to the hair colorist the minute a gray sprouts.

  7. Jayna says:

    There’s lots of photos of Gwyneth out and about no makeup and with lines. I do think she is very comfortable with looking like that and not new big apple cheeks and lips and botoxed to death. Whatever she might do as she ages. It will just be to freshen up, small things.

    • teacakes says:

      Yes, she admitted to botox years ago (in saying she stopped it ) but she was wise not to mess with her lips or go otherwise overboard.

  8. Maika says:

    Pretty sure she has fillers in her cheeks and maybe even some botox around the eyes. She does look good though, not that over botoxed look

  9. Danielle says:

    She was in the bath texting her friend…as one does. For some reason that cracked me up.

    • Kay dee says:

      I’m in the bath commenting…..hoping that my iPad doesn’t take an unexpected swim, but I’m sure Gwyneth has some office/bath hybrid. What a wonderful new thing to capitalize on! Can’t you just see the water-resistant desk blotter with a fountain pen holder and stationary station? Don’t forget the personalized wax stamps for sealing envelopes…sure to be on goop’s must-have gift list in 2017!

  10. Katherine says:

    She looks great

  11. Miss Jupitero says:

    What wrinkles?

  12. Bex says:

    I actually quite like the lines around my eyes, I think they make me look more friendly in a way.

    • Esmom says:

      I don’t mind my lines around my eyes, either. I feel like I look ok for my age, almost 50, but I have hated the way my neck is starting to sag for a while now. Now I’m happy when the cold weather comes because it gives me an excuse to keep my scarf on!

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        Esmom, get a NuFace Trinity. Pricey but worth it, if you use it faithfully.

      • Esmom says:

        NSSB, thanks for the tip!

      • Jupiter says:

        I agree! The NuFace is fantastic if you use it a few times per week or more and are consistent. I go to a salon, which offers microcurrent facials, and they are fantastic but costly. Now that I have NuFace, I only do them periodically. The NuFace rocks!

  13. teacakes says:

    I actually do like my white hairs, I’m starting to get a few on my right side that almost look like a streak so I actually want more of them to grow in (my hair is black btw)

    The smile lines though, those I am less than thrilled with. Still, I’ll live, and I don’t want to filler them out of existence or anything.

  14. Tiny Martian says:

    It’s easy to love your grey hair and wrinkles when you only have a few of each, so I hear this a lot from women in their early 40′s. The thing is, they are still young! I wonder if she’ll still like it 10 years from now when her face truly begins to sag, and the grey hairs are poking vertically out of her eyebrows, because that is when the real aging begins!

    • Alix says:

      This! When I noticed my first few crow’s feet, I was rather intrigued. Not so much anymore!

    • Esmom says:

      I hear you. My mom has noticed on me, too, I think because she keeps giving me anti-wrinkle creams and saying “it might be too late for me but it’s not too late for you to do something.” I just laugh. But I actually have started using this one cream from Origins that I think might be helping my sagging neck a little bit. Or maybe it’s my imagination, hard to say.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      I don’t really have wrinkles yet at 50, but the white eyebrow hairs give me fits. My brows are blond, and the white hairs look like tiny bald patches. Funny, not funny.

      • Janet R says:

        I’m blond (well blondish w/o help) but have dark eyebrows and those white grandpa hairs are giving me fits too! I use gels (like a mascara) in a dark blond to cover them up. Even when I’m home by myself… And I have to trim them or they will grow to be I-am-never-going-to-find-out how long.

    • HappyMom says:

      Seriously. I just turned 50 and I feel the same way. I loved how I looked in my early-mid 40s. But the grey eyebrow hair and super wrinkley eyes that just started within the last year: ugh.

    • mee says:

      Yes. Easy to embrace a little aging in the early 40s – gives a little character. But now that I’m nearing 50, I’m not blasé about the aging – it feels real and um, permanent!

  15. Green Is Good says:

    If Goop is talking, she’s schilling something.

  16. mrspanda says:

    She’s schilling of course but her mum (Blythe Danner) is a stunning woman and Goop will have good advice and a referral to an artful surgeon (rare in Hollywood!). Blythe has had a lot of work but it’s well done and I think Goop will be the same way as she ages (including the blonde/grey fusion hair that Blythe has rocked for many years).

  17. S says:

    She clearly still uses SOME Botox and/or fillers, as her forehead is preternaturally smooth and shiny, and the line of her lips is definitely altered. She smoked for a long time, perhaps still does, so those cat butt mouth lines can’t be totally destroyed, but she’s done some shaping to mask them. She also colors her hair, so I guess she cares some about the grays. I mean, heck, so do I, and I’m a bit younger than her without a tenth of her wealth and genetic good fortune and only the occasional gray hair.

    The thing most celebs could, but won’t, do to make their faces age better, ACTUALLY naturally, versus, claiming to do so, is gain 5-10 pounds as they age. Keeping yourself exceptionally thin is always gonna make your face look haggard. I could stand to lose some right now, but I definitely adjusted my “goal” weight after I turned 35, because when I actually hit the place I’d looked great at when I was 25, I suddenly looked like an old hag in the face. Gaining just a smidge back took years off my face, even if I had to go up a size in my jeans as well … A trade-off few stars are willing, or perhaps more accurately culturally able, to make, hence the fillers, Botox, nips and tucks to try to fend off father time.

    Honestly, Goop looks great, and I wouldn’t be nitpicking if she didn’t claim to “not care” and “do everything 100% naturally.” I think she’s kept what she’s done to her face at a minimum, so far. Genetics is a huge factor, so to look at her mom, Blythe Danner, who has obviously also had some work done … But it’s good work and she has allowed herself to age gently (vs, say Goldie Hawn who is chasing her 30-something self so hard), so I suspect Gwyneth will follow in those elegant footsteps, and I never expect to see her looking like The Cat Lady. Still, that doesn’t mean she does nothing, or “doesn’t care.” (Nothing wrong with that; Most of us do, to some extent.)

  18. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    “This is who I am.” Sure, post nose job, colored contact lenses and bleached hair. I guess she didn’t realize this image was out there:

  19. lucy2 says:

    Sure, she’s says that now…until she’s shilling some $1000/ounce wrinkle cream or some ridiculous hair dye.
    Gwenyth has a long history of saying what she thinks people want her to, or whatever coincides with whatever book or product she’s pushing that month.

  20. Eric says:

    But what exactly is Goop schilling? She is not “an actress” any more, just an actor who shows up recently in terrible movies. Iron Man *gack!*

    At 5’9″ she’s above average for female height in the US, but is Lilliputian in Sweden or central Africa.

  21. kimber says:

    “..I think she fooled around with Botox briefly, but these days I think Gwyneth is keeping it natural.” Ha! You don’t get that line-free forehead without big help. And I would be surprised if other areas aren’t being addressed, too.

  22. Fiona says:

    Please these ppl don’t know anything natural

  23. perplexed says:

    About her height : she seems to mention that being gangly was her insecurity, not actually being 5’9″ or tall (at least in what’s excerpted). I don’t find her description wrong: she is kind of gangly looking. Someone like Cindy Crawford is tall too like Gwyneth, but she isn’t really gangly looking. So I think debating whether she would be tall or not in other parts of the world doesn’t necessarily apply to what she actually said.

    I don’t even like Gwyneth, so I don’t know why I’m parsing her words.

    She has acted opposite Tom Cruise, so I can see why she would perceive herself as tall (which I think she genuinely is anyway). In her world of Hollywood people, she really is taller than people like Dustin Hoffmann and Ben Stiller.

    • minx says:

      I think you make a good point about her being gangly. She’s not that tall but she doesn’t seem comfortable–she doesn’t stand up straight, she slouches and her posture is awkward. I’m 5′ 11” and my daughter is 5′ 10″. My daughter is just naturally graceful, she always has been. She somehow always holds herself well. Goopy doesn’t.

  24. sheigh says:

    Wrinkles if she wants but gray hair? Seriously? Jokes!

  25. HK9 says:

    Goop lives for one thing and one thing only-for her to look better than you. I don’t believe a word of it.

  26. sage says:

    She looks great. Healthy and vibrant.

  27. LurkingWeirdo says:

    Someone mentioned this on another Goop thread and now my radar is going off. She tends to say “a friend told me … (that I’m superior in some way)” and now here she’s done it with her parenting. If she’s so self-assured, why does it seem her perception of herself comes thru the eyes of others? Why can’t she say “I just feel like a F up as a mom sometimes” without the “but let me assure you I’m not. My friends say it’s so.”

    Just admit that you’re as (if not more) insecure than us peasants, eh?

  28. Bella bella says:

    There’s no gray if you color your hair! Look at her roots!

  29. alexc says:

    She’s been using fillers for years. Also, it’s easy to say you’re ok with ‘aging’ in your 40′s when filler and botox can still help you look great. Wait until post-menopause when everything starts to actually sag and fall then get back to us, lol.

  30. L84Tea says:

    She’s so full of organic bullshit.