Angelina Jolie took the youngest kids for ice cream & caramel apples in Colorado


As we discussed yesterday, Angelina Jolie took her six kids out of state for a nice, snowy holiday just after Christmas. Angelina and the kids traveled to Crested Butte, Colorado for New Year’s, and as soon as people learned that Jolie and the kids were there, paparazzi descended. The Daily Mail had some exclusive photos of Angelina getting ice cream with Vivienne (who is so tall!) – go here to see. And now we have these photos of Angelina with Shiloh and Knox.

It looks like Angelina and the kids battle cold weather with ice cream, which is insane to me. When it’s snowy and cold, I go for hot chocolate or steaming hot soup. But not the Jolie-Pitt kids! They go to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for ice cream and specialty caramel apples. Shiloh is getting so tall too, and Knox has an unfortunate haircut that makes him look like Mini Eminem. What else? Angelina’s boots are relatively inexpensive for snow boots – they’re Sorel Cozy Cate boots and they cost $140. In fact, I think Angelina wears snow gear really well. She looks like a real snow bunny.

According to E! News, Angelina and the kids did hit the ski slopes and they had a private ski instructor. I’m sure that poor guy is going to be starring in some tabloid fiction next week, right? Star Magazine will claim that The Leg seduced a ski instructor by the fire. In these photos, it looks like Angelina is being trailed by a bodyguard too.




Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. lightpurple says:

    When I was in high school, we always stopped to get ice cream cones on the way home if it was snowing out.

    • BabyJane says:

      Is Angelina going to Blair-Waldorf that pie or…?

    • Rachel says:

      When I was in law school, I flew home for a weekend to visit my parents. Then a blizzard hit. Four feet of snow. Flights grounded. After my dad and I dug a path down the driveway to the road, so we could walk to my grandfather’s house and check on him, my dad wonders if Dairy Queen is open… in my family, it’s always a good time for ice cream.

  2. Loopy says:

    I just wonder if Shioh really still wants to dress like that or she has simply gotten used to it.

    • Lingling says:

      I’m pretty sure she dresses in what she likes, you know… like the rest of us.

      • Nemera34 says:

        Hard to believe that this silliness is still being discussed. Imagine a little girl of almost 11 knowing what she feels comfortable in and her parents allowing her to do that. Damn what in the world.
        A 2 year old knows what they like to where and don’t. If you don’t believe that; talk to a parent that has had fights with their toddlers about what to put on and how stubborn they are.

        She knows what she likes. And this is what she likes. She looks very happy and well adjusted to me.

        And she’s absolutely gorgeous to boot.

      • tracking says:


      • doofus says:

        gorgeous and TALL! SO VERY VERY TALL! long-limbed, like her mum.

      • Jenny says:

        Personally I think it’s refreshing to see an 11-yearold girl who is not sexualized in the way she dresses. All my friends daughters that age dress like Arianna grande and it’s depressing.

      • Lady D says:

        @doofus, 10 years from now, because of those limbs, they will be calling her anorexic. I’d bet large that the hate directed at Jolie, will also be directed towards her daughters.

      • Susie says:

        I have a 16 year old daughter who is very similar in how she dresses. She started to take the reins of her wardrobe at 6 years old. She hates girly clothes and girl talk etc.. She is not transgender either. Some girls just don’t fit gender stereotypes.

    • Ramona says:

      Whats so unusual about what she is wearing? She looks like a regular kid.

    • NewYearNewShambles says:

      She’s 10 years old and it’s snowing out. She’s probably wearing what’s warm and comfortable. I don’t think she cares that much about fashion.

    • Sixer says:

      This is the one in the grey top?

      She dresses like me!

    • Talie says:

      Whatever it is, I think she is well past this being a “phase”…I used to pooh-pooh it when people jumped to conclusions, but I don’t anymore.

      • Luca76 says:

        But none of us have ever had a real conversation(nor will ever have) with the kid so we don’t know what’s going on. I file it under none of my business not that big of a deal in the scheme of things considering.

      • Shambles says:

        Whether Shiloh a tomboy, doesn’t care, or identifies as transgender, it is absolutely none of our business and affects us in zero ways.

      • Carmen says:

        File this one under “So what?”

      • Tris says:

        Shilo is so gorgeous and soooo tall! I don’t understand the “dressing like this” comments. She’s wearing snowpants and a sweatshirt. Are we suggesting that because she is not in a princess tutu there is something up with that? Gawd, when I was a kid in the 70s everyone in the playground dressed the same – cords or jeans and a shirt. The segregating of the genders that is going on now is very distressing and seems like a weird backlash.

      • Jess says:

        What phase? What conclusions? My ten year old used to love princess stuff and hello kitty. Now she wears her brothers hand me downs and loves Rey and Jyn (and One Direction). It’s 2017 – why do we need to enforce any kind of gender norms or expectations on these kids?

    • Crumpet says:

      I’m sure she dresses as she likes. I did think she was one of the boys at first glance, until I got a look at her face, but that is just because her hair is short. She dresses a lot like my daughter, the only difference being my daughter is obsessed with growing her hair as long as possible.

    • Honey says:

      I think I get what you mean. It’s like Kim K. dressing North in all black and combat boots, etc. Will that becomes North’s preference because she likes it or will she gravitate towards stuff like that because that’s what she’s used to and/or has been socialized into wearing? If Shiloh ever moves away from a boyish and/or gender neutral look and toward a more traditional feminine look, I’m thinking that might be very awkward for her. Who knows with middle-schoolers? You get what you get.

      • almondmilk says:


        Nah, I still don’t get what she means even after your ‘stretch’ explanation of it. I find it insulting. Always did. On many levels.

        The least of which is the inference that only Angelina influences Shiloh’s mode of dress despite her having a father, who’s on record as taking his daughters shopping for clothes and discussing it in an interview to boot.

        No, it’s not like dressing your kid in all black from an infant or toddler.

        Shiloh wore feminine clothes and dresses a lot before the age of 3 or 4, and wore her hair long like Vivienne. All one needs is a Google search engine. So the inference that Brad and Angie always had her in boys polo shirts from an infant is wrong.

        Shiloh started exhibiting her taste and preference in clothes when most kids do…around 3 or 4.

        Her parents let her have the freedom to decide what she wanted to wear.

      • Mathilde says:

        My sister used to dress exactly like that when she was about the same age. It was her own choice, she wore her hair short and hated dresses or any overly feminine or constricting clothing. She was perfectly normal, still is, her interests are just not very traditionally girly. She went through a nanosecond of playing around with her sexuality at around age 16, wearing low cut and clingy clothes etc, before returning to her normal self. She can wear a dress on occasion, talk about makeup or other such things, but these are not her main interests. She is studying to become an engineer, owns a house, has a boyfriend and some dogs. I don’t think anyone ever thought of her as a tomboy. She is just being herself.

      • Lady D says:

        I saw Angelina in an interview shortly after she had cut Shiloh’s hair. She said Shiloh had come to them in tears, begging to have her hair cut short. She really hated her long hair. They said, “what were we supposed to do, ignore what’s making her so unhappy, so people will think she’s a girl?” Brad was sitting there, nodding in agreement.
        (I’m sorry, I don’t remember who was interviewing them at the time, for those who require the receipts)

    • almondmilk says:

      Are you serious @Loopy or just trolling?

      Because…wow, I haven’t heard bigoted, ignorant, misogynist and hateful inferences that ‘demon Mom Angelina is forcing her daughter to be a boy,’ in a good 3-4 years.

      Maybe the greatest hits are coming back….do we need to stand by for ‘she hates her adopted kids,’ or that she ‘hates her bio kids?’

      • Pawra says:

        Wow, you’re dramatic.

      • Zut alors! says:

        So what if almond milk is being “dramatic” as you put it? She’s not hurling insults or hurting anyone. Leave her be. Just skip her posts if you don’t like them.

    • aang says:

      When I was little my mom made me wear dresses all the time, I hated it and never got used to it. By the time I was Shilo’s age I wore flannel shirts and a baseball hat everyday, because it was how I felt comfortable. At that age kids usually insist on picking their own clothes. She looks warm and happy.

    • Louise177 says:

      It’s really baffling how people think that Angelina(never Brad) forces Shiloh to wear boy clothes. Up until she was 3 or 4 Shiloh wore dresses a lot. Infants know what they like so why can’t a 3 or 10 year old? Besides why would she force Shiloh into dressing like a boy/gender neutral but not the other kids? Nobody ever explained this.

      • almondmilk says:


        Great points. No hater ever explains why she’d keep Zahara and Viv in feminine clothes.

        But to me it’s not baffling at all why they only point to Angie. It’s predictable. They’re hateful women hating on women. Nothing new under the sun, sadly.

      • Lindsey says:

        I don’t disagree except infancy is not when you start to form a personal style or have a large amount of influence in what you wear. That is more toddler age appropriate.

      • CL says:

        Don’t you remember? Angie “stole” Brad from “America’s Sweetheart” Jennifer! I know someone who knows someone who read on a Malaysian webpage that A actually wore a catsuit and used those suction cup thingies to climb up the side of Jen’s house and threw Brad into a sack before absconding with him to her hidden lair.
        She then drugged him and flew him to Namibia, where he came to on the beach. He was then informed that he was Angie’s property, and he had no say in the matter.
        From this tale we must all understand that A is an Evil Husband Stealer™ and must be blamed for everything in her Sphere of Influence.

    • zinjojo says:

      Mom? Mom, what are you doing here on Celebitchy?

      (Because sadly, my mom is the southern church lady…)

    • sensible says:

      My 10yr old daughter has a style all her own, don’t touch the hair except to brush the knots out, simple skater style clothes….demin shorty overalls, tshirts with cool graphics and absolutely no frou frou whatsoever. I would’nt mind a little disco tizz every now and again on her, but what can you do? They are who they are and I want her above all, to be proud of who she is.

  3. freebunny says:

    Who eat ice-cream when it’s freezing?

  4. Jane says:

    I once read that Angelina allows the kids to eat whatever they want and rarely do they eat healthy food. I wonder if that is true…..

    • Nemera34 says:


    • IlsaLund says:

      Starting early I see…..Don’t feed the trolls.

    • almondmilk says:


      Probably true.

      You can tell by how overweight they all are, like many Americans and their kids.

      How Shiloh and Zahara waddle around the soccer field, i have no idea.


    • doofus says:

      yeah, that’s why they’re all morbidly obese and can barely walk due to malnutrition.


    • Rhea says:

      *gasp* But Brad is a wonderful dad! He is the disciplinarian that gave the family a structure, healthy, normal life they need up untill their separation. So it can’t be true that they rarely eat healthy food. I’m sure Brad wouldn’t let Jolie allows the kids to eat whatever they want and rarely eat healthy food! 😏🙄

    • Carmen says:

      And you read it in a tabloid so it must be true, right?

    • Jan says:

      Meh, my kids rarely eat healthy food and they’re all thin and….HEALTHY! They mainly eat junky carbs and chocolate protein bars because that’s what they serve themselves. I do cook and serve a healthy (normal whole food healthy, not quinoa and kale) dinner every night and give them sugar coated gummy vitamins. I hope they will survive until adulthood! I have four of them, so I figure at least two of them won’t die from not eating their greens.

  5. Pix says:

    Angelina looks fantastic. It must break Brad’s heart to have to look at these photos of his family enjoying the holidays without him.

    • Maya says:

      Well then he should get his business together, stop smearing the mother and also throwing his oldest sons to the wolves because he thinks his image is more important.

      • Alleycat says:

        It’s a good thing we have Maya here to let us know what’s going on in the inner circle of Brangelina. I’m team no one, because nobody but them know what’s actually going. All we can do is speculate, and I really don’t think either side is perfect.

      • Maya says:

        It is also good that we live in a free world and you can just skip/ignore my posts.

        No one is forcing you to read and comment on my posts.

    • Shambles says:

      Yes, she looks amazing.

    • almondmilk says:

      @pix That’s how you know you’re beautiful. When you can let two inches of your face peep out from a parka and people still think you’re stunning. Lol She really is.

    • Azie says:

      I don’t think she looks fantastic– she is so thin she looks unhealthy; to me she appears to have an eating disorder.

      • norah says:

        the same conversation that has been going on for years abt her weight etc – and yet she is still around doing her own thing – making movies/walking with her kids etc –

  6. Adorable says:

    Saw pic’s of her & the kids smiling & laughing that’s always great to see,Marianne pearl was also photographed with Angie there..always great to see the Fam

  7. Maya says:

    So good to see Angelina and the children looking healthy and happy.

    The fact that the children are smiling/laughing will make Angelina haters crazy because it doesn’t go with their narrative that Angelina is forcing the children away from Brad.

    Plus she is there with one of her closest friends Marianne Pearl plus her stunt man Scott and his children.

    There goes the narrative that Angelina and her children have no friends.

    Hoping that Brad gets his priorities straight, sets the public straight and the family heals.

    • Kate says:

      Sorry if it is a stupid question but what is a stunt man ? English is not my first language.

      • Maya says:

        Some who does the dangerous action stunts instead of the actors.

        Scott Workman was one of Angelina’s friends and he passed away few years ago.

        His children can be seen on the video with Angelina and her children.

    • Louise177 says:

      These pictures won’t change a thing. No matter what people will still claim that kids are miserable and friendless. Photos are always dismissed as Angelina coaching her kids to smile while in public or the friends are paid for – children of servants or for publicity(Gwen Stefani).

  8. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    The daily fail could not help themselves with that headline, could they? Constantly trying to reinforce the narrative that Bradley is the victim in all this. Can’t Angie and the kids have some fun during this time without the story being made about Brad’s man pain? I wonder what verbiage they would have used if there were photos of Bradley when he went on vacation a few weeks ago.

    Anyway, the kids and Angelina look content. I cannot eat or drink anything cold when it is below fifty degrees outside because my hands start to hurt. Candy apples suck. Separately caramel and apples are delicious, together the result is an unwieldy mess.

  9. Esmom says:

    It’s cool they are skiing and have an instructor, I wonder if Angelina also skis or if she’s the type to stay at the lodge like me.

    As for her looking happy, why wouldn’t she? She’s with her kids on vacation. I can’t imagine her looking any other way, no matter how upset she must feel inside. It’s part of keeping it together for the kids.

  10. mkyarwood says:

    Hey, good one, Super Creep! I bet they’re ‘stashed’ at home with books or video games or other things that aren’t ski related, because not everyone wants to ski.

  11. Sushi says:

    I have never seen photos of Angelina looking happy and content for a long time. The children are adorable.

  12. Miss V says:

    Pictures tell a thousand words. Those kids always look happy when they are with their mom. I hope everything works out for the family.

  13. smcollins says:

    I’m sure it was nice to get away. Vivienne is too cute for words (Knox, too!), and Shiloh is quickly catching up to her Mom in the height department. They’re growing so fast!

  14. Luca76 says:

    Well I have no idea if the Mail is just fabricating or if Brad is leaking but I’ll tell you one thing I’m friends with a couple that’s going through a divorce after a long marriage. The husband went into a huge spiral of drug and alcohol addiction in the last year and it became impossible to be around him. His personality changed and his wife had no choice but to leave for her own sanity and safety. Thankfully in her case their daughter was grown so there weren’t young children involved. I’m bringing all that up to say if you were to have a conversation with him about his divorce it would be pretty much word for word what’s in that Daily Mail article.

  15. roses says:

    Guess the US reporter was right she said the paps would track Jolie down in her back and forth tweets with the guy who posted the twitter pic from the other day since he wouldn’t give her any info. Then the reporter had the nerve to say Jolie deserved her privacy. These tabs/paps are a mess.

  16. Sage says:

    When will Zahara get her pap stroll?

    • Crumpet says:

      Yes, I missed seeing a pic of her all dressed up for snow! Perhaps she has that nasty cold that is sweeping the western states. My whole family had it and most of the people at my work.

      • BJ says:

        Daily Mail had pics of AJ,Zahara,Vivienne and Knox on the slopes,yesterday.

      • Carmen says:

        Zimbio-dot-com has photos of Pax and Maddox taken yesterday when they returned from their ski trip. Maddox is cute but Pax is unbelievably handsome. He’s only 13 and already he’s got cheekbones. I think Z is going to be a knockout when she gets around 17 or so.

    • BJ says:

      When Brad stops sobbing.

    • almondmilk says:



      How does this work again?

      It’s a pap stroll when Angelina is out with her kids on holiday? Or when she’s at the grocery store..or at toysRus…or at a bookstore…or in a drive thru..or at a soccer match…or in Missouri in a diner…or in Cambodia…or Alberta…or a mall…or at an airport,

      Inference being, when you do NOT have to see her *white children with Brad Pitt* (because that really annoys you) she’s being a good mom?

      Help me understand.

      Is it that Angelina would be a better mom if she considered your feelings and chained her children in a dungeon so you wouldn’t have to look at their really great combined DNA walking around and breathing. Is it that you’d feel better and more at peace if Angelina would just stop taunting you with her progeny??

      • AB says:

        By now we all know that we have pictures of this family when Angelin wants it like in all celebrities’ cases.

      • almondmilk says:

        So @AB, it’s your contention that Angelina can *always insure* that YOU personally never have to be bummed out and embittered by seeing photographs of her children?

        According to you she can either do this by a) keeping them home 24/7/365 where you don’t have to see them. Or b) making a conscious subversive effort to avoid them getting lapped (disguises, having them go places w/people who are not the most famous movie stars in the world, in the dark of night, in cars with tinted windows, etc.)

        Excuse me, but this makes no sense. What if Angelina (I’d include Brad, but it’s clear you believe Angelina has been the sole decision maker for 12 years and is much like a single parent) doesn’t want to do A) or B)?

        What if she wants to go to an art store in NYC with her kids while her husband promotes a movie or to central park when no one is promoting anything, or to McDonald’s because her kids are screaming for fries?

        Don’t you think it bizarre, that you live in a world where papz and media clamor for papz pics of D-listers kids like Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, Mario Lopez, or Tv stars like Ellen Pompeio, the Kardashians, Hilaria Baldwin and makes Jen Garner and Hallie Berry cry to congressional committees…yet oddly enough you think *Angelina Jolie, one of the most famous women in the world* can twitch her nose and call them off?

        Let’s be real.

        Her picture is taken. Her kids pictures are taken. She doesn’t have to DO anything but leave the house for that to happen. Sometimes she doesn’t care, sometimes she does. When she does care, she makes an effort for it NOT to happen.

        I think the real issue is that you want her to make that effort all the time to appease you and make you feel better.

        What makes you feel better is not seeing pictures of her kids.


      • AB says:

        I don’t care about her, Brad and their kids and their careers at all. But it isn’t difficult to notice that she is capable to avoid places where the possibility of taking the photos is higher if she had wanted. These photos are mostly for Brad – look, how happy we are without you, it’s general consensus on Daily Mail. Sometimes it isn’t easy to admit that your idol (yes, I admire your knowledge about Angelina) uses media and photographers for her own gain.

      • almondmilk says:


        Yea okay, you do know your bias, misogyny and personal beef w/Angelina is tres obvious when you bizarrely make Angelina a single parent with sole decision making responsibilties for the last 12 years?

        When Brad takes his kids to the races, or zip lining is he a Dad enjoying events and excursions with his kids, just living life… OR is he “using the media and photographers for his own gain?”

        Also, explain to me how when you’re an actor, taking your kids on a ski trip for NYE or to a Formula 1 race in Spain, makes you a more accomplished actor and bigger star?

        You seem to be conflicted. Saying she goes places with her kids for media attention for the last 12 years, yet saying these particular snaps were for Brad ‘to show him how happy they are without him.’ So the hundreds of thousands of other times she’s been snapped living her life with her kids – what was that for? Angering YOU?

        You’re actually accusing her of taunting Brad (who I’m sure knew about the ski trip) and of using her kids for the last 12 years – because Hollywood is the place you go to get fame through motherhood (massive eyeroll)…and yet, you claim neutrality about her and say you “don’t care.”

        Riiiight. Lol

        See you next thread

      • Paige says:

        @AB More like the paps invading their privacy because the word got around they were at this location. A person took a pic of Angelina and Vivienne shopping and a reporter from US magazine was stalking his page for a story.

        “These photos are mostly for Brad – look, how happy we are without you, it’s general consensus on Daily Mail”. Daily Mail is a cesspool with misogynistic and hateful comments. Donald Trump supporters hang out there.

    • jwoolman says:

      Sage- they’ve been going on ski trips at this time for years. It’s pretty normal for them. It would actually be abnormal for them to stay home. You can’t live your life to avoid the photographers in such a situation. The kids seem ok with it.

    • Agapanthus says:

      Blimey. I think it is a perfectly reasonable point about why she is getting papped now. Did you see the Lainey post today?

      Lainey quote: These are the first good quality paparazzi images of Angelina since she and Brad Pitt broke up. And it’s not like the paps hang out regularly in Crested Butte, Colorado. At least 3 different agencies were able to get photos of Angelina with her children though. Which, as we know, with Angelina, there’s more often than not a plan behind the picture. I wonder if it’s kind of a f-ck you…”

      • Paige says:

        Agapanthus : And it’s not like the paps hang out regularly in Crested Butte, Colorado

        I think it’s reasonable to mention that fact that people were tweeting about Angelina in Crusted Butte a few days ago. The photos of Angelina are from the 1st and 2nd.

        So yesterday, me and @TylerBarber6 saw Angelina Jolie in Crested Butte
        — austin barber (@abarber33) December 31, 2016
        !!!!!! OMG OMG I JUST SAW ANGELINA JOLIE !!!!!!!!!!
        1:51 PM · Dec 30, 2016

        Yesterday, people on here mentioned a guy’s page being stalked by US weekly reporter.

  17. Lucy says:

    I love those boots! Would wear them in a heartbeat.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Sorels are great snow boots. Only drawback, I wish their boot liners were more universal. Best to buy a spare pair of custom Sorels liners that fit your boots at the time you buy the boots. Five years from now, the liners that fit those boots might not be made anymore.

      • crazydaisy says:

        Good tip, @notsugarhere – that’s what I did! Got my Sorels on sale – saved a bunch of $$ but they are half size too small, so usually I wear with bare feet (no socks) and they are STILL totally the warmest thing ever.

  18. ravensdaughter says:

    Mini Eminem-that’s hilarious. I think Knox has more of a bad bowl cut; regardless, it’s not flattering.
    Saw the pics of Viv. Except for the blonde hair, she looks like her mom. She’s going to be a looker.

    • doofus says:

      I thought the same thing, she really resembles Jolie. but didn’t Jolie also have blond hair when she was younger?

  19. Fiona says:

    Awesome to see Angelina and the kids.

    Angelina is definitely one the most interesting woman in Hollywood. In personality & looks.

    Brad Pitt to me is as interesting as the woman his with, personality wise, but good looking man though.

  20. Eleonore says:

    On the pictures in the daily mail I am quite sure we can see that her friend Mariane Pearl was with them during this outing.

  21. Dizzy says:

    I agree with Tris, growing up in the 70s I always dressed like Shiloh. In particular when I was between the ages of 10 and 15. I had short hair, always wore jeans and a baggy shirt, the same as my brothers. It wasn’t considered “tomboy” or unusual at all.

    • crazydaisy says:

      Me, too. Bell bottom jeans and the same baggy T-shirt (or plaid flannel) for days in a row. Literally.

  22. Joannie says:

    Looks like theyre being taught how to snow plow. Angie’s legs look scarily thin…no muscle. She’s beautiful and creepy to me at the same time. I could care less about the divorce. It was only a matter of time before the Brand exploded, so no surprise.

    • Zut alors! says:

      You must have extraordinary powers of observation if you can tell she lacks leg muscles THROUGH ski pants.

      • Joannie says:

        It’s pretty damn obvious! Look at the photos on DM.

      • Zut alors! says:

        Calm down chica.

      • Joannie says:


      • almondmilk says:

        Thank you @Zut. +1 lol

        Angie’s legs are all over Google, have been since she was a teen. Yea, they’re extremely long and slender. Since she skis, runs really well and does her own stunts, I’m guessing she has to have some muscle tone. And as you say her snow pants aren’t even form fitting. So yah.. this was a weird comment from @Joannie, I agree.

        But it’s not like Joannie is a fan or even objective about Angelina Jolie. Anyone that uses the term ‘Brand,’ in relation to them is a die hard ridiculous hater stuck in the bitter throes of 2005. Lol

      • Joannie says:

        Objective? @alomondmilk that’s a little rich coming from you. No I’m not a fan or a hater. I just see her differently than you. You dont know her any more than I do which is …not at all. I have an opinion just as you do. Stop attacking everyone who doesnt agree with your narrative of a complete stranger. Geez!

      • Carmen says:

        “See her differently” is putting it mildly. If you’ve ever posted a single positive comment about Angie on this forum, I’ve yet to read it.

    • Dolphin7 says:

      @a certain poster
      Settle down James Haven!!! Shouldn’t you be skiing with the kids???

  23. Anna says:

    I am reading comments here and it seems to be the job of a couple posters to sarcastically call out other posters who have differing opinions in an extremely negative way. Also, bandying the use of the word ‘misogyny’, calling people misogynistic when you have never met them seems to me a projection. It’s hypocritical and unfair. I’d rather be called an ass$&@! Than something like misogynist by a stranger. It’s very unkind and uncalled for. Just my 2 cents. You can attack me too if you like, but your opinion holds no credibility for me now.

    • Dolphin7 says:

      Thank you for saying this!!!!

    • Joannie says:


      • MichLynn says:

        +10000. Why can’t people just let others comment and move on if they don’t agree. FFS everybody has their own opinion. Reading the comments here on certain subjects is getting f’n ponderous.

    • astana says:

      Anna, don’t try to reason or talk sense with some of these super fans. They are scarily involved in these people’s perceived lives and it’s really disturbing. Just thank your lucky stars that you aren’t that way. Imagine being obsessed over people you don’t know, will never meet, aren’t your friends or family, and have no clue (nor do they care) that you’re their biggest defenders on the internet. I just wonder why and how people become this way. It’s fascinating in a scary way.

      • almondmilk says:


        This was a “scary” and hypocritical response from you.

        You bypass posts that body shame and accuses a woman of being a bad mother feeding her kids only junk food and forcing them into “boys clothing” to turn them transgender or gay —

        …to attack me, a person who calls said claims ridiculous, hateful and misogynistic?


        So if that makes me a superfan, you must be a superhater. Congrats.

      • Anna says:

        I was concerned by the rather insulting way people are being addressed. Misogyny is a deep-rooted/ingrained belief system/behavior. Calling someone an ‘ignorant’ ‘misogynist’ outright does not adhere to the commenting guidelines. The key word in the guidelines is ‘lighthearted’ and that’s a good guideline.

      • astana says:

        Because I’m not really concerned with those things and I don’t think everything is misogyny. If you do, ok but that’s you and not everyone else. Again, my issue is the obsession over people you don’t know and the fierce and vicious defense of them. They don’t know or care that you even exist. I am not attacking you at all, just stating that I find such vociferous defense of these people to be sad and kind of scary. Again, not an attack but just my opinion. I am curious as to why anyone would do this and why anyone would have such strong feelings for people they don’t know outside of a carefully managed public facade. If you want to think I’m a super hater, go for it. But I have no interest in these people any more than just a few minutes diversion and don’t have strong feelings about them. I just like to come to these threads because the over the top fandom is so scarily entertaining. What motivates you and the other super fans? I’m really curious.

      • Ennie says:

        I am even more puzzled abou súper haters that form comunities where they attack for year and years. When they were called
        Out, they retorted the same diatribe. Weird. Much worse than fans, IMO. I have followed the Jolie Pitts since 2006, and what made me follow them was the hate towards them. It was disproportionate, as is the “criticism” towards AJ now. She is far from
        Perfect, but people really show their ugliest side with these tired criticism over her looks, or other things that almondmilk mentioned.

    • Dolphin7 says:

      I’m curious if there are calls of misogyny when posters comment about Duchess Kate’s weight loss since marrying William. Or LeAnn Rimes since getting with Eddie. I’ve never seen any. Why the double standard here for different celebrities?

      • astana says:

        No, never. The hatred for them is a ok.

      • YepIsaidit says:

        The Leann rimes threads are tough because 99% of the comments are very negative even after all of these years. no one ever blames Eddie even though he cheated on Brandi Glanville with a lot of women. The hate for LeeAnn is sad because she was the only one in that mess with any talent but Eddie is getting love for his new show so.

        Also think Eddie is creepy looking but everyone thinks he’s so hot. Ewww!!!

        I don’t read the duchess Kaye threads but I will say the ginger prince is not as hot as people say and he is balding just like his brother.

        If you think it’s wrong you should speak up instead of questioning why a popular woman has fans standing up against misogyny. Lol do it.

      • Dolphin7 says:

        Don’t like LeAnn and also find Eddie creepy and gross. Agree she did have a nice voice at one point. All I’m saying is there’s a double standard for well liked celebrities vs ones people like to pick on. Personally I don’t think pointing out an obvious weight loss is misogynist. That’s different than shading people for wearing skimpy clothes, etc which I do find misogynist.

  24. Bread and Circuses says:

    Oh, but those Rocky Mountain caramel apples… Those are worth stopping for, even on a chilly day.

  25. YepIsaidit says:

    I think Knox Jolie Pitt looks just like Angelina did when her hair was that length LoL

    It’s great to see the family so happy after the hell brad Pitt put them through in 2016. First with the “isolated incident” , then with the planted stories about their beloved mother and more when his lawyer tossed Maddox and pax under the bus. As if he continues the abuse. Hopefully his team stops it and realizes the damage is not only causing harm for his family but his precious career and image as well…

    Angelina was trending world wide on Twitter because of these new photos.

    His movie continues to flounder and hasn’t even got to 40million domestic. I thought it would at the least get to 45. The Tourist made 65 domestic and 278 ww. His movie will be nowhere close to that and will be lucky to get to 120ww and that’s generous. Time for a new strategy. Perhaps that’s why he okayed the vacation (if he did)… Maybe she had to fight for it with her lawyer.

    In other photos it looks like Shiloh is making Angelina crack up…

    As for the paparazzi photos …seems like Angelina can always hide out when she’s in LOS ANGELES…anywhere else it’s pretty hard and as others have pointed out Us weekly tracked them down after harassing tweeters 🙄

  26. crazydaisy says:

    Hunky bodyguard! (Just saying.)

  27. Nikki says:

    This is the way 12 year olds dress in 2017, if you want to see little girls in poke dot dresses watch “Little house on parries ” episodes.

  28. Hazel says:

    I wish I looked as chic as Angie in ski clothes. Le sigh.

  29. Candies says:

    No she put them in hell as a means of getting her way ( she has been shapping things this way before the divorce file) he wasn’t smart. He should have sat her and told her he wants out.He wouldve saved himself from all this. He wasn’t bright and has been played and still being played.
    I think she is not very normal IMO.selfish entitled and not real means to connect with people so like Octo mom once said – kids are her only way for real contact with people that is why she wanted kids or something similar and in angie cas its for her only means of sanity along side “humaniterialsim ” IMO.
    This is obvious PR for her to say oh kids are happy with me look at us better without. Blah blah… Lols
    He shouldn’t let her to do things and gain things for her favour while his name still attached IMO unless he is benifited too. Any other actor wouldnt do it.