Justin Bieber gave away his puppy Todd, who needs an $8,000 hip surgery


There are some people who should just not be allowed to own animals. Paris Hilton is one of those people. Anna Faris is one of those people. And Justin Bieber is one of those people. Justin Bieber famously abandoned his monkey (not a euphemism) in Germany in 2013. Bieber got a lot of justified sh-t for that, and you would have thought that experience would have informed all of his future pet-ownership decisions. Not so much. Last year, Bieber adopted this cute little furball (seen in these photos) named Todd. Todd Bieber was beloved. Todd Bieber was photographed. Todd Bieber had his own Instagram account. And then Todd Bieber was given away to one of Justin’s backup dancers. Now it turns out that Todd needs hip surgery and guess who hasn’t offered up a dime to support his once-beloved dog?

Justin Bieber‘s uneasy relationship with the animal kingdom continues. This time, the singer appears to have palmed off his sick dog on a friend, who’s now trying to scrounge up $8,000 for a lifesaving operation for the puppy. In August last year, Bieber proudly introduced his “new little fluff ball Todd” to his fans on Instagram. Later he posted a video of the preternaturally fluffy animal, wondering adoringly, “How are you real?”

However, the infatuation has passed. It seems that Bieber — who famously adopted and then discarded a monkey, OG Mally, in 2013 — has given the dog to one of his dancers, C.J. Salvador. It gets worse for Todd. Salvador has created a GoFundMe page for the luckless mutt, explaining that the pooch “is a 7-month-old chow chow born with a birth defect called ‘sever hip dysplacia.’ Long story short, by the time he turns 1, he won’t be able to walk, run, let alone play.”

Salvador says that Todd can either be put down or have a “very specialized surgery.”

“So I am humbly asking you to donate anything,” he writes. The fundraising goal of $8,000 has been met, and the count is now up to $8,246.

Forbes estimates that Bieber made $56 million in 2016. The Canadian star has a long history with animals. He has owned a dog named Sammy (deceased), a snake named Johnson (auctioned off for charity), a hamster called Pac (which he gave away to a fan in the front row of a concert, shortly before its untimely death), Tuts the Cat (whereabouts unknown) and a Yorkshire terrier called Ester, which appears still to be in the care of the “Sorry” singer. A rep for Bieber did not immediately return a request for comment.

[From Page Six]

Pity the poor Page Six intern who had to compile that list of long-lost Bieber pets. Honestly though, this is gross. It’s disgusting. It’s childish. If you only want a puppy for a month while the puppy is “cute,” and then you discard the puppy, guess what? You should not be allowed to own a puppy. Justin Bieber just needs to stop purchasing or adopting animals. And he also needs to cut a check to C.J. for Todd’s surgery. This is ridiculous.



Photos courtesy of Instagram, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. What is wrong with him!!??!!

  2. Goats on the Roof says:

    I saw somewhere Justin hasn’t offered anything towards the surgery, but Jaden Smith did. Good on him.

    • Erinn says:

      Good on Jaden. He’s moved up a notch respect-wise with me.

      Justin should just pay for the surgery. If he couldn’t take care of the animal, and one of his dancers was nice enough to take him, it wouldn’t kill him to cover the cost of the surgery. It’s pocket change to him.

      • Goats on the Roof says:

        No kidding! I usually find Jaden insufferable, but apparently he donated around four grand. That’s a generous donation, and my opinion of him just got a little less negative.

        Justin should pay, but he probably won’t.

      • WTW says:

        I just found out my rescue dog, a Rottweiler mix, may have breast cancer and need two lumpectomies. Plus, she needs an abscessed tooth removed. That may cost my husband and me more than $1,000 (thankfully pet insurance will cover some of it). We’re already broke because we both had surgeries ourselves last year, but you best believe we’ll do whatever we can to keep our dog safe and healthy. When you’re as rich as Justin Bieber, there’s no excuse not to pay for a pet’s medical bills or really to give an animal away, when you can pay for people to walk it, feed it, etc. I don’t think I’ve ever commented on a Bieber story here or anywhere, but this is ridiculous.

      • ol cranky says:

        ugh who the heck adopted a dog to that cretin?!

        @WTW there are organizations that may be able to help you defray costs of treatment and care

        dog & cat cancer fund http://www.dccfund.org/

        magic bullet fund http://themagicbulletfund.org/

        roses’s fund for animals http://www.rosesfund.org/

        IMOM http://www.imom.org/

        the pet fund http://thepetfund.com/

        there are some additional orgs & funds that support people in their local area. you may want to reach out to your local rescue if they can refer you to local orgs/funds

        you can also do fundraisers – if you’re a creative type you could create & sell Tshirts to raise money via bonfire.com (there’s no money put out by you and you don’t have to manage stock, they have short term campaigns )

    • detritus says:

      This further supports my opinion that the Smiths are weird sweet children, not petty entitled tyrants like Biebs.

      • Kitten says:

        Completely agree. I always find myself defending them so selfishly, I feel validated to see them doing the right thing.

    • Nicole says:

      Yea JB should be on some list somewhere about not having pets. He even hired a tiger for his dad’s engagement party. He should not own any animals. And good on jaden but it doesn’t surprise me since he seems like he would be really into animals and their care. JB is a POS

    • Samtha says:

      Aw, good for Jaden. That’s really nice.

      And shame on Bieber. He needs to grow up and take some damn responsibility.

    • Yup, Me says:

      I like hearing that. Good for Jaden.

      We’re in the process of getting a dog for our home and one of the things that I’ve heard is that Chow Chows can be a challenging breed for people who aren’t skilled pet owners. They’re smart and can be stubborn and that can be a lot for someone to manage if they’re already a dumbass. Yorkies, on the other hand, are supposedly much easier dogs in term of maintenance.

      Not that any of this excuses JB, but as we’ve been visiting shelters we’ve been seeing a lot of dogs on those lists that are considered more challenging. It seems a lot of people get dogs because they’re cute as puppies with no idea of what they are agreeing to. It’s terrible.

      • ol cranky says:

        it’s a young pup and Biebs has the money to be able to work with (or have one of his lackeys work with) a trainer to socialize and train the dog well. he also has the money for the surgery and post surgical rehab + staff who could handle taking care of the dog during recovery and rehab.

        If you do get a dog Yup, the key is to get one that fits your family’s lifestyle and expectations. Small breed dogs are, for some reason, harder to house train and a lot of people set small breeds up for failure by just letting them get away with bad behavior nobody would tolerate in a larger dog. The key is finding a good match, having realistic expectations and working with a good certified dog trainer from the get go. You’d be surprise how many people do a puppy socialization class and think they don’t need to do any more training or that the dog will be fine even if they don’t follow through with homework.

        BTW it’s national train your dog month so if you don’t already have a trainer lined up you can find some tips to help choose a trainer at https://apdt.com/pet-owners/choosing-a-trainer/ and search the APDT listings to find certified trainer near you

      • Jellybean says:

        There is no excuse for this. Whilst any dog can be damaged by a poor owners, choosing a suitable breed for life style and experience level can make a positive outcome much more likely. In the UK we are currently riding out a recent trend for owning husky like dogs and it scares me. They are big, challenging dogs and half the the people who bought them as fashion accessories haven’t got a clue how to handle them. Most worrying is how they behave when the are in a group/pack; four of them once squared up against my lab, thank goodness he chose the right course of action because they were ready to go for him and there was nothing the owners could have done to stop it, not whilst they where also juggling numerous children and pushchairs. The most recent trend is for Frenchies and that is a trend I can get behind, as long as they know how to handle their health issues.

  3. greenmonster says:

    What a POS! I could vomit just thinking about the situation. Have to leave work and go home to cuddle my cats!

    • SilverUnicorn says:

      I agree, same here!

      Bieber belongs to the Pratt-Farus school of pet treatment, they should even be banned from owning a caterpillar.

    • Llamas says:

      I had to give my little hedgehog to my boyfriend for winter break. He’s currently baby sitting her. Unfortunately, I live in an area that’s often below zero whereas he lives in a warm area. Hedgies will die in temperatures below 73 F. It was heartbreaking; I cried for days. I’m counting down the days until I see her again (it’s 9 days 20 hours). If I owned a car I could bring her home. She’s my prickly little child. The thought of just discarding her bc Im not in the mood to have her anymore makes me want to cry. I don’t know how people could just abandon their pets. Hedgehogs aren’t really affectionate and there are tons of stories of people selling their hedgies for that reason. Idc if she isn’t affectionate. It makes me so mad that people just give up. F*ck Bieber. Animals are living creatures not toys.

      • Nicole says:

        You have a hedgie?! omg they are so cute

      • greenmonster says:

        That is so sweet! And I totally understand. I have two cats and I would say one of them doesn’t really care about me, but I would never ever give him away. NEVER. Because I adore him and love him to death.

      • Llamas says:

        Yes! Getting her was the best decision I have ever made. I’m obsessed with her. I have over 1000 photos of her. I talk about her all the time. She so cute I can’t stand it. My parents were worried that because I’m only 20 I either would give up on her or make them take care of her. I’m very proud that I’ve made them eat their words :) )

        She has started to bond with me (aka doesn’t hiss all the time) and it’s so rewarding and exciting! Hedgies pick their people so I’m really glad she’s picked me to be her person. I think I piss her off with how much she has to play with me lol

        Even talking about her is making me happy!

      • swak says:

        My daughter had a hedgie also. We took her (found out later it was a her) down to my mom’s when we went on vacation so that she would be taken care of properly. Lo and behold, when we got home, a birth had taken place. She had two babies, one died right away and the other survived. It was great!

      • Brittney Buckley says:

        I lost my hedgehog the night before Thanksgiving, and I miss him so much. He was “re-homed” with me after his previous owner moved, and I still can’t believe she would abandon him.

        Have you gotten a space heater for your hedgie? My Stanley had two, and a digital thermometer in his enclosure so we could keep an eye on the temperature. Only cost about $20 total. We live in Colorado, but he always stayed between 70 and 75.

      • Llamas says:


        I’m so sorry for your loss. :( That breaks my heart. I’m happy he went to a better home with you. He lived a very happy rest of his life. Yes she has a heat lamp! It was transporting her outside and flying her on the plane that posed problems.

  4. swak says:

    Nobody should let him adopt any more pets. But that won’t happen. Honestly, you can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat their pet(s).

    • Mari says:

      Totally agree. How can we start a black list for pet adoption??

    • the_blonde_one says:

      Everyone uses the word ‘adoption’, it’s not an adoption. it’s a PURCHASE from a breeder. there isn’t a rescue or society that would allow this little shit to adopt. I repeat, these are PURCHASES and I really wish articles would specify that.

      • Ange says:

        EXACTLY. And not an ethical breeder i’m sure since they sold to this twat, hence where the dysplasia came in.

  5. Adrien says:

    This guy needs to rest for a long time and stay away from enablers.

  6. Paula says:

    Seriously, how does this guy still have fans? He’s a horrible person.

  7. SusanneToo says:

    What a little sh1t. He’s long overdue for the “whatever happened to …” phase of his career.

  8. MunichGirl says:

    He always treats his animals badly, there should be a list with animal abusers who are not allowed to have animals.

  9. Arlene says:

    Not defending him in any way, but if you read the dancer’s statement, he was given/gifted the dog, and he and his parents discovered the problem AFTER a routine vet check up; he states further JB knew nothing at all about it, and he hasn’t mentioned the dog’s predicament to JB. Frankly, this sounds like a badly bred pup ( why weren’t the sire and dam hip and elbow scored before breeding?) and I’d be looking HARD at the breeder; hope the surgery goes well.

    Statement here- http://www.capitalfm.com/artists/justin-bieber/news/todd-dog-surgery-given-away-jaden-smith/

    • swak says:

      Yet there is a Go Fund Me page out there that apparently Jayden Smith has seen and Bieber knows nothing about it. Please, I’m sure he does know about the surgery even if he didn’t know about it when he gave the puppy away. If it were me I would pay for it all if I could, and if not, would at least help out as much as possible. And what makes it okay for Bieber to adopt a pet and within a year give it away? This isn’t the first time and won’t be the last.

    • SusanneToo says:

      So what? The issue for me is that he acquires animals and then discards them after a short time. Still consider him a POS.

      • Arlene says:

        Yeah, like I said I’m not defending him and I’m certainly no JB fan, but the circumstances of this particular case are NOT clearcut. Maybe he will pay for the surgery, maybe he won’t. I’d still be questioning the breeder of this pup and asking what health checks he did before he bred this litter.

      • Nameless says:

        I dumped a friend when I found out she was a serial animal dumper. She saw nothing wrong with it!

    • jwoolman says:

      Bieber should stick with Tamagotchi virtual pets. But it sounds as though the dog’s new pet humans didn’t ask Bieber for help and that Bieber didn’t know about the pup’s congenital problem. Probably the dancer thought it would be too awkward for their professional relationship and preferred to raise the money in other ways.

      Good for Jaden, though. Another option that can be useful for folks with a lot of cash is to promise matching funds. This way the recipient doesn’t become dependent on just one source of financial help.

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      Justin didn’t know about the health issues before he gave the dog away. Great. That’s not the problem. The problem is Justin continues to buy or adopt pets and then throws them out like trash when they no longer amuse him. These are living creatures, and they deserve better.

    • SilverUnicorn says:

      And Bieber had no health checks performed on the puppy before 6 months?????
      Bit unusual, don’t you think so?

      IMHO he is a huge liar, he should be banned from owning a pet.

      • Arlene says:

        Not unusual at all. Hip dysplasia might not have shown up in early puppyhood, it’s likely the poor pup began to limp and then it was discovered on x-ray. I own a breed prone to HD, his parents where screened so he’s fine- but it’s common for HD to show up after 5 months.

      • swak says:

        @Arlene – Bieber gave the dog away at 7 months so it is possible he saw the limp and either found out what the problem was and didn’t want to deal with it or he simply didn’t want a “flawed” dog. Just saying it’s a possibility (not a fact).

    • lucy2 says:

      Bad breeder was my first thought too.
      It’s quite possible he didn’t know of the problem when he gave him the dog, but as soon as he found out he should have covered the medical expenses. The guy was kind enough to adopt his unwanted pet, the least the multi-millionaire could do is help out with a couple thousand bucks for the surgery.

      And he REALLY needs to be stopped from getting anymore pets.

  10. Kris says:

    He did not abandon his monkey, it was taken away. because it is illegal in Germany to own monkeys as pets, and rightfully so. He shouldn’t have been allowed to own this monkey anywhere in the world., let alone travel with it (and being stupid enough to not even assure that he would be allowed to bring the monkey into a country.

    That poor animal should live like a MONKEY and not like a pet which is not being properly taken care off. Wild animals have very special needs, and every wild animal that has to suffer a life as a pet means 10 wild animals less in nature. No matter how “goo2 you take care of them.

    Bieber’s monkey is currently living in Hodenhagen in a zoo, togehter with other monkeys which is’nt as good as living in the wild, but at least pretty close to it (besides, it probably wouldn’t be able to live in the wild anymore.

    I just hope he gets# arrested the next time he enters the country with a wild animal.

    • swak says:

      He did abandon the monkey – he did not go back and get it or have anyone get it when he left Germany. He didn’t care.

      • jwoolman says:

        Yes, that was pretty awful. The poor baby was in limbo thanks to Bieber refusing to deal promptly with the situation, and couldn’t just be taken to be with other monkeys in a zoo at least. The monkey was very young and needed social contact, although I imagine the Germans taking care of the baby did what they could.

    • jwoolman says:

      Monkeys are inherently social and so it’s especially hard for them to be kept isolated from other monkeys. Not really good pet material.

      Dogs are social but seem to be able to easily adopt humans as their pack (and even accept feline roommates as their alphas). Cats are usually solitary hunters who can take or leave socializing with other cats (and consider humans as just cuddly but clueless kittens…). So although I think both dogs and cats benefit from having other dogs and cats around, they are very adaptable to human living conditions. Those two species have at least thousands of years experience living with humans, and cats in particular seem to have initiated the mutually beneficial contract since they like chasing rodents and actually do it better on a full stomach kindly provided by their adoring pet humans. Have very little experience with dogs, but they seem to enjoy working for a living so they are happy to be assigned jobs by their pet humans. Unlike cats, dogs seem to need to feel useful. Dogs really are very much like humans in many ways, while cats remain a more alien species that likes to hang around us regardless.

  11. RussianBlueCat says:

    Was Sammy the bulldog? I do remember Justin owning a bulldog at one time

  12. Eric says:

    This clown is following in the steps of the Kartrashians who had many dogs “disappear” from sight (probably because they are self-absorbed asshats).

  13. Karen says:

    Well, the silver lining here is that Todd will not have to grow up with that pathetic piece of shit for his family. I hope he has a long, happy, Bieber free life. My first dog was a chow, she was the sweetest and lived to be 16.

    • Arlene says:

      Probably better suited to a family too: my neighbour in BCN had a chow, he was SO good with their children, a real sweetheart.

  14. Psyren says:

    Is it just me or does he look older than his age here? It looks like time may not be kind to him. And I’m not just saying that because he’s an immature twit.

  15. cindy says:

    Is this story real? It almost sounds made up, just because it’s so awful. Bieber is a sh*t, but obviously he could pay for the surgery…. Animal cruelty is not good for his reputation, and if only for that reason it’s hard to believe he would do this. It’s just too Cruella de Ville, even for Bieber. yikes.

  16. detritus says:

    So do Anna, Justin and Chad Pratt all hang together? Maybe with the younger Kardashians and Paris?

  17. Harryg says:

    Bieber you are a big turd and your music is the crappiest crap.

  18. Moochiemom says:

    part of me want a to recount the death of our dog recently, where he would need multiple surgeries, and be in pain for months after a hernia burst. The doctor said it would be over a year before he would run. He loved to run so I let him go vs spend $10k plus. This little,piece of crap needs to never have a pet because he can’t even take care of himself. God I hope he is sterile.

  19. pinetree13 says:

    UGH why on earth wouldn’t he contact the dancer and offer to pay for the surgery! HE IS MEGA RICH $8,000 is NOTHING to him!!!!!!!! UGH! Instead go-fund-me aka regular peasants like us, have to foot the bill. Disgusting. Also why on earth get a dog if you travel all the time and know you’re not going to make time for it? He clearly doesn’t give ANY consideration whatsoever to the emotional needs of the dog. They aren’t freakin robots that don’t develop emotional attachment.

  20. Maria_ says:

    Stupid Bratty

  21. trollontheloose says:

    there should be a national animal abuser registry. Especially with these youngsters that seek attention and “hey look plebes, I have a puppy”.. because some are just some kids: they demand toys only to throw them away when they are bored.

  22. Greentea says:

    What an a$$. Pure bred dogs are much more likely to have all sorts of serious conditions. I’m pretty sure labs are also likely to have hip and elbow dysplasia. It’s very painful. We shouldn’t be breeding them. And people like Bieber should be banned from buying pets.

  23. JulieJ says:

    Get the dog the surgery he needs, and put Bieber down.

  24. Harleyb says:

    OMG!! He has a yorkie?? *shivers*

  25. Christina says:

    $8,000 dollars for a hip surgery? Buy a plane ticket to a European country, stay in a OK hotel for a week, have the surgery for the dog and go back home and you’d still have some money left.