Andrew Garfield got high & went to Disneyland for his 29th birthday


W Magazine does an annual “Great Performances” issue every year for the awards season. They do multiple covers, editorials and interviews with some of the year’s hottest talents. This year’s issue is… okay. I enjoyed looking at the photos – you can see everything here – but the interviews are, for the most part, pretty boring and not notable. Except for Andrew Garfield. Garfield is currently promoting Hacksaw Ridge (directed by Mel Gibson) and Silence (directed by Martin Scorsese). What’s weird is that Hacksaw Ridge is getting more love than Silence, but that’s a conversation for another time. Garfield has always struck me as a morose, serious, almost depressive guy. He comes across that way in interviews a lot of the time. But in W Mag, he actually told a really funny story of the time he got super-high at Disneyland for his 29th birthday.

W: What was your favorite birthday?
My 29th birthday, weirdly. It was perfect. It was heaven. I was with my favorite people in the world, eight of my closest friends. And, um, I’m just gonna tell you this straight up. They came out to L.A. to surprise me and we went to Disneyland and we ate pot brownies. And it was literally heaven.

Did you go on the teacups?
How about Space Mountain three times in a row. I freaked out on It’s a Small World. I was like, “it is – it is a f–king small world – it’s a f–king – it’s a really f–king small world guys, is anyone else seeing how small it is?” Amazing. Amazing.

Did the song start to make you feel insane, as well?
Yeah. There was a moment where me and my friends found ourselves walking Fantasy Land, and there was a song that was playing coming out of the trees and we were all doing this dancing through and I think at one point we all started looking around going, “Why are we all doing the same dance, how did this happen?” And we had this girl called Chantelle – God bless you, Chantelle, wherever you are. I think she was that innocent and pure of heart that she had no idea that we were on drugs. She was just like, “You guys are great, I wish all of my guides were like you.” It was wild. It was one of the best days of my life. It really was.

It sounds fabulous. And did you end up crashing at the Disney Hotel or you all went home?
No, we went back to my house and just kind of talked about insane that day was, because we were all having our own experiences, and I think we all came back and were like, “Were you thinking this at…” and then we all realized we were thinking so many of the same things – stoned conversations.

Did everyone freak out on Small World?
I don’t know if everyone did. I definitely did. I think everyone had a different freak out at a different place…. I think I almost bought a Chewbacca backpack, as well, I was that stoned. I thought it was a good idea to get one of those backpacks that are the shape of Chewbacca, so it’s like the back of Chewbacca’s head, and his arms are like over my shoulder and his legs are around my waist. In retrospect, I should have actually just got it. It was a great backpack. It was really cute.

I’m not a big drug user, though, I just want to say that. I use it more for like ritual purposes. I’m not like a recreational [user], I’m responsible with drugs. Any young people watching, don’t hold it lightly, because it can really be a bad thing. It can be very bad. Just respect it, respect yourself. And check in with yourself about it. You know your limits, don’t go crazy on it. I need to say that. Because that’s a fun drug story, and Bill Hicks would be proud of me.

[From W Magazine]

This is a charming story. I would have thought that Garfield would be a paranoid stoner, like he would freak out over everything. But I guess it’s different these days, when you can get high and go to Disneyland and no one blinks an eye. Personally, going to Disneyland high sounds like hell, but I’m not a rollercoaster person (I’m a big ol’ queasy scaredy cat). But going to a water park while high? I would be so into that. I would get a lifetime pass to that.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Ann says:

    I went to Disneyland with my family last October and it would have been a million times better if I was high the whole time. Those long freaking lines. Weed would have made it so much easier.

  2. Lightpurple says:

    I’ve known adults to freak out on Small World without the benefit of drugs. I can freak out my cousin just by humming the song or posting somr of the lyrics on his FB Page.

    Anyone else do the Epcot pub crawl?

    • mia girl says:

      With three kids and living in the 305 we drive to WDW a lot.
      Epcot has become my husband and my place of refuge! We know the pub crawl well – but honestly more often than not hang for longer periods at the Rose & Crown drinking cold Guinness or Bass.
      We also love the Food & Wine festival where there is double the places along the crawl!

    • swak says:

      My one granddaughter rode It’s a Small world so many times i can’t ever ride it again! So annoying!

  3. QQ says:

    YOOOOO!!! He did it Right!… I went to see Dr. Strange High as a Quite in those reclinable seats and lissssttteeennnn!!! it was a Move!, I was losing my shit pretty much the entire movie

    • detritus says:

      This sounds like a ton of fun, and my bf is constantly trying to convince me to do it, but don’t get you worried that EVERYONE KNOWS and is JUDGING ME.

      No, just me? I have no chill.

      • QQ says:

        Bah Do it home watch you some … Dream Corp LLC from Adult Swim.. You will just LOVE that show Is short and NUTTY but it Looks INCREDIBLE and they get some good Character comedy people to do it, the animation is something else

      • detritus says:

        Dream corp LLC? Looks like my Friday night plans have been settled. Thanks for the recs lovely QQ.

    • mia girl says:

      Love this story.

  4. Lucy says:

    Haha! Funny. I like what he said at the end.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes, very cute. I know most people here don’t agree but I think he’s adorable and this just makes me like him more.

  5. detritus says:

    Well, technically they went to Disneyland and THEN got high.
    Smart, more efficient and less smelly.

    I don’t like the idea of being high in public places, but I think if you know how its going to hit you, go ahead. Don’t be messy, or scary, or mean and keep your nonsense to yourself and most people won’t know at all. Also, don’t drive. It does not make you a better driver, I do not care what you say. That said, Id rather be out with high people than drunk people any day.

  6. Trillion says:

    Never knew I had any interest in this guy at all, but now I like him. I had an epic pot brownie Dland experience about 20 years ago and my friends and STILL talk about it to this day. And the photographic evidence is highlarious.

  7. Caitlin Bruce says:

    Kaiser you need to go on YouTube and watch the unscripted interviews with Andrew, Emma and Jamie Foxx he’s a good laugh. I think your basing the majority of your opinion on the interviews last year that came out where he seemed to be having a hard time. Remember he got fired from his childhood dream of being spider-man and spilt up with his beloved girlfriend of 4 years round about the same time. That would be hard for anybody never mind having to do press for 99 homes (a vastly underrated film) at the same time.

  8. Talie says:

    I’m shocked he told this story….he always seems to have a stick up his butt. Very out of character.

  9. JulP says:

    I always get nauseous when I get high (especially on edibles!) so that sounds horrible to me. I probably would have thrown up on all the rides.

    I thought the W Mag photos were bizarre. What’s up with the picture of Emma Stone on a bed with some random woman’s legs in front of her?? And the pic of Adam Driver holding a random woman’s leg (He looks pretty hot though …)? The pic of a shirtless Casey Affleck in front of a woman who is, erm, lifting up her shirt is disturbing, to say the least ….

  10. mar_time says:

    There are photos of his Disneyland bday and you can see one of his friends freaking out on splash mountain lol I love Andrew and I loved him and Emma Stone together 😢

  11. Nancy says:

    Party on Garth….

  12. MoreSalt says:

    Hell, I have fun at the grocery store when I’m high. I can’t even imagine going to Disney. #bucketlist

  13. Ashley Nate says:

    That’s on my bucket list too :p

  14. Redgrl says:


  15. Elle R. says:

    Oh, Andrew … anyone who grew up in LA or went to college in LA has done something similar. I went to college out here, and while I’ve never gone to Disneyland high, I know plenty of people who have.

    For some reason, this story cracks me up because it so strikes me as the nerd trying to seem cool. Or maybe I’m just super judgmental today.

  16. Erica_V says:

    But the real question is – was Emma high too?

    It’s so cute to see people who think getting high is a big deal.

  17. Moon The Loon says:

    I have the Chewbacca backpack and love it! There isn’t epic space in it, but enough for your essentials on any given day. I also have the hat and am aiming to make myself a Chewwie scarf. Can you tell I’m a fan? Lol

    I also haven’t done Disney stoned yet, despite being the consummate stoner in daily life. I think that’s my birthday goal this year. Do one last trip to Disney while stoned. What can go wrong?