Michael Shannon & other celebs sign on to anti-fascism, anti-Trump movement


One of the most painful things about this current Oscar season is that Michael Shannon has barely gotten nominated for anything, and thus, there’s very little reason for him to give more glorious interviews about how elderly Trump voters are ready for the “urn,” and how Donald Trump is “a black hole” and a “soulless, evil piece of sh-t.” Why can’t we have more Michal Shannon this Oscar season??? Why can’t we just put a mic on him and let him talk endlessly about politics? Anyway, Michael is one of many celebrities who have signed on to a… petition? But it’s not really a petition, it’s more like a statement against tyranny and fascism. If President Baby Fists creates a registry for Enemies of Short-Fingered Vulgarians, all of these people will be the first names on the list.

Rosie O’Donnell, Debra Messing, Joe Dante, and Ed Asner are among the celebrities who have signed on to an anti-Donald Trump effort calling his pending presidency “illegitimate” and for a month of resistance to stop what it sees as a move toward fascism.

The group RefuseFacism.org published a full-page ad in the New York Times on Wednesday with the headline, “No! In the Name of Humanity We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America.” The showbiz signatories to the ad also included director Charles Burnett, comedian Margaret Cho, playwright Eve Ensler, musician Wayne Kramer, director John Landis, actor Michael Shannon, musician Michelle Phillips, actor David Strathairn, and director David Zeiger. O’Donnell was not among the names in the print ad, but added her name after its publication, according to Larry Everest, a spokesman for the group.

The group’s initiators include Bill Ayers, jazz musician Ted Sirota, musician Arturo O’Farrill, and Cornel West. In calling Trump’s election illegitimate, it notes that he lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes. Also signing were author Alice Walker and poet Saul Williams.

In the ad, the group calls “on each and every one who opposes what this regime stands for, and what it will do, to take part in and actively build, this resistance and refusal.” The group is calling on protests in the days leading up to the Jan. 20 inaugural, including demonstrations in Washington.

[From Page Six]

I’m here for Michael Shannon, Ed Asner, David Strathairn, Eve Ensler, Alice Walker and Cornel West. I might even be here for Debra Messing too. But what really does this accomplish? Putting your name on a list of people opposed to fascism seems pretty basic, and I mean that in the “basic bitch” sort of “basic.” Shouldn’t everyone be against fascism? Yes, we should. The problem is that when a fascist actually runs for office and promotes his fascist ideals, millions of people think he’s amazing. So what are we going to do about it besides take out full-page ads in the New York Times? Is this some high-level strategy to bait President Baby Fist’s itchy and tiny Twitter fingers? Is our strategy to merely irritate Trump to the point of distraction and resignation?



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  1. Patricia says:

    I do think the goal may be partially high-level irrigation toward Trump. He really wants to be loved, admired, respected, in with the “cool crowd” etc. All the things he has shown he doesn’t deserve. And he rages like a toddler when he is called out.
    So maybe that’s the goal. Maybe the goal is to set an example of using your voice against him. Maybe the goal is to put it in writing that, come what may, these people did NOT support the orange disgrace.

    • redd says:

      I shouldn’t have to ‘figure out’ what any of these people are thinking/doing/meaning etc. I’m not their shrink. Or their mom. It’s called, ‘know your audience’. And SHOULDN’T these actors have THAT down? I (and everyone I know) am/are tired of these people trying to do our thinking for us. Or assuming we want ANYTHING from them but what we are all PAYING them to do. Which is to ACT. Stop with the endless arrogance. Just ACT. Shut the f up and act.

      • Patricia says:

        Oh my goodness Redd, I think a chill pill is in order for you.

      • original kay says:

        Someone certainly did eat their wheaties.

        So much energy! I’m tired just trying to read it.

      • SusanneToo says:

        They’re citizens. They have the right to speech just as much as the rest of us do. Don’t like it, ignore it.

      • polonoscopy says:

        Redd, you don’t pay these people shit. And if you did, it wouldn’t matter, because people are allowed to have lives outside their jobs. All people. For example, does your boss ever yell at you and say “Redd is constantly expressing her opinions about actors. I DON’T PAY HER FOR THAT THEREFORE SHE MUST STOP”

      • Darkladi says:

        Since when is expressing an opinion that people may disagree with “endless arrogance”? I wonder if you feel the same way about Ted Nugent. Somehow I doubt it.

      • Shark Bait says:

        Actors are people too and they are allowed to have political opinions. They may be in a bit of a bubble, but they can still give their political opinion. I (and everyone I know) are tired of every John and Jane off the street giving their political opinions on facebook, but we just deal with it. Or better yet, just ignore it and move on.

      • Jaded says:

        Since when are actors not allowed a political opinion? In fact they’re putting their fame to good use as they have an audience already. Who pissed in your cornflakes this morning anyway?

      • ashipper says:

        I get what Redd is saying. I can find it annoying when celebrities smugly try and tell us how we are supposed to live, but I don’t think that’s the case here. We all need to raise our voices against what is happening now. Celebrities have a “louder” voice and I’m glad they are using it for this cause.

      • KM says:

        So you sound like a janitor or something, so maybe you should shut up and clean a toilet. You get paid to do that not give political opinions. see how that works ;)

      • Mary Mary says:

        Redd & KM: I admire people who take a stand and speak out. If you don’t agree with entertainers who voice their opinions, that is fine also, that is your opinion, but no one needs to be told to shut up.

        Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion :)

    • Dyanna Garza says:

      you’d be better off commenting on Fox News’ website

      • Amity says:

        Nah. Who wants to go to a site where everyone agrees with you? It’s boring. Anyway, you’re not going to overcome your rivals by hiding from them.

        As an aside, Cornel West was a Bernie or bust guy. Once Clinton got the nomination he threw his support behind Jill Stein.

  2. Darkladi says:

    My love for Michael Shannon grows by the day. I’m going to propose soon.

  3. JulP says:

    Agree that signing a petition isn’t necessarily going to accomplish anything in terms of getting Trump removed from office, but it’s important that people make it clear to fellow Americans and the rest of the world that a majority of voters did not support Trump, and do not think he is the legitimate president of the U.S. He (and the Republicans) are still claiming a mandate they do not have, so we need to keep reminding them of that.

    Bernie has already shown one way to combat Trump/the Republicans (by blowing up one of Trump’s tweets and bringing it into Congress yesterday in what was, I think, an attempt to drive a wedge between the Repubs and Trump, and to hold Trump at his word). I also think blue states like CA and NY need to hold strong against any of Trump’s plans. A portion of the “wall” Trump wants to build (with our taxpayer dollars, surprise surprise!) will have to be in CA, and what happens if the CA governor says no? If Repubs try to pass a federal 20 week abortion ban, I am hoping liberal states refuse to comply. We all saw how cooperative Red states were with Obamacare and gay marriage, after all. Dems need to stop cooperating and start resisting everything these assholes try to do.

    OT, but it enrages me that somehow we can’t afford to pay for Social Security or Medicare, and these things just HAVE to be cut, yet we can afford a wall that’s going to cost $30 billion to build and $750 million a year to maintain?! But apparently Americans care more about “illegals” getting something “for free” (which isn’t even true) than they care about having services that could benefit themselves and their families.

    • Kitten says:

      Re: The Wall
      California and other states have limited authority to interfere in federal immigration enforcement efforts. The best they can do is slow down the process and make it as difficult as possible for them but at the end of the day, the federal government has the constitutional authority to build that wall.

      It’s scary because we keep talking about fighting Trump’s policies on a state-level but there are still limitations as to what we can prevent. Scary, scary times for sure.

      • lucy2 says:

        The good thing is he probably has no intentions or capabilities of actually doing the wall. He found his audience and said a lot of garbage to get elected, and has already backtracked on much of it, though there is still a ton of scary stuff looming.
        If one brick of that wall is laid, I’ll be shocked.

      • JulP says:

        @lucy2, that’s what I was hoping, but unfortunately a Republican official indicated yesterday that Trump and Ryan and trying to move forward on the wall (with our taxpayer dollars, because of course it would be impossible to force Mexico to pay for it). I’m sure the wall will be a useful distraction as the Republicans gut Medicare/SS, defund PP, and erode the rights of women/minorities/LGBT people.

        @Kitten, I am counting on the Democrats in Congress to hold strong against this. The cost of the wall alone will be enormous and, to the extent that people think illegal immigration is actually a problem (I, for one, am not convinced that it is; many economists believe that illegal immigrants actually help our economy, although they are often getting a raw deal), a wall isn’t going to solve it. Most people who are here illegally arrive via plane and overstay their visas. Apparently a wall will also have an enormous impact on wildlife too (something I had not even thought about before).

      • Kitten says:

        @ Lucy-He will absolutely do something because he HAS to appease his supporters. One possible compromise would be extending the existing wall, which would be a more economically feasible and easier logistical feat than his original proposal.
        But he’s already talking about a $10B project funded by the taxpayers, to be “paid back” by Mexico. *eyeroll*

        @JulP-But the Dems don’t have control of Congress—it’s a GOP majority in a majority rule scenario. Dems are basically powerless. I would love if the Dems just straight-up shut down Congress, but I lack faith in this hugely disappointing, spineless party.

      • lucy2 says:

        Ugh. Well then I’ll pin my hopes on the slow speed of the government. It took about 10-12 years to get the large bridge I use daily to start repairs, let’s just hope Trump gets impeached and the stupid wall project gets shelved. And when it does, Republican politicians will crow about saving the taxpayers $10 billion.

      • Hazel says:

        Well, prior to building that wall they’d have to first comply with federal environmental laws like NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) & the NHPA (National Historic Preservation Act). That may be partly why your bridge took so long to repair. Those would take years to get through the process. I doubt/hope DT would be out of office by then.

    • Aren says:

      I agree, it’s important to speak out, to say that what’s happening is not okay and not normal.

    • Lightpurple says:

      House Republicans Indicated yesterday that they plan to defund Planned Parenthood and use that money for The Wall. Other monies for The Wall will come from funds that were originally intended to cover other provisions of the ACA. They pretty much plan to kill Americans, women in particular, to build their wall. We should consider it an honor; martyrs for The Wall.

      BTW, one of the House leaders on healthcare “reform” is Marsha Blackburn, who recently tweeted how honored she is to be Operation Rescue’s Person of the Year.

      • Rapunzel says:

        lightpurple- did you hear that Blackburn started a twitter poll on whether to keep Obamacare, and asked for ideas to replace it? Lol….the ideas are what you get paid for dummy! Not to mention the poll was only 13% in favor of actually repealing Obamacare. The funniest part? Some Trump supporters suggesting Obamacare should be replaced with– get this– the Affordable Care Act!! Idiots don’t even that IS Obamacare! What maroons!

      • Lightpurple says:

        @Rapunzel, yes, I saw that and she tried to ignore that and is getting a ton of flack for it. She’s the moron responsible for “buy insurance across state lines” proposal that they claim will be so much better than the exchanges. She infuriates me so much, I actually called Operation Rescue yesterday and asked how they could choose someone who wants to kill so many innocent people as Person of the Year; does it work like TIME choosing Bin Laden and Hitler??

      • SusanneToo says:

        Operation Rescue only cares about fetuses. Not actual people.

  4. Sixer says:

    I suppose the aim is to ACTUALLY dominate the conversation rather than be accused of dominating the conversation?

    As a Britisher, to use a Brexit parallel – we’ve been told for years that we’re not allowed to talk about immigration because then we’ll be “unfairly” labelled as racist. But in fact, we’ve done nothing BUT talk about immigration for the last lord knows how long. And vast swathes of the people who talked incessantly about immigration by saying they weren’t allowed to talk about immigration talk about immigration because they bloody well are racist.

    (I think I might have just typed an accidental tongue twister.)

    So the aim is, call it what it is, call it loud and long and ACTUALLY dominate the conversation. Force the other side into becoming the so-called snowflakes?

    • hmmm says:

      Perfect. It’s time to take back the narrative. It pisses Trumpistas off that the rest of us are not falling into goose step, so they whine about how mean we are to them when not hurling abuse at us. “Snowflakes”, indeed.

      • Sixer says:

        Exactly. If that IS the aim, I like it. The identities of these people are incredibly fragile. It won’t be hard to pierce them.

      • Shark Bait says:

        I saw a funny meme that said something like “watch out, because when snowflakes join together they become an avalanche.” The Trumpsters HATE when you turn around and say stuff like snowflakes are beautiful and snowflakes are unique. Then they start babbling about safe spaces and coloring books and play dough. They are truly sad, thin skinned individuals.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Haha… The snowflakes and safe spaces insults are fast becoming hypocritical, given Trump himself whines when the media is “rough” on him and uses unattractive photos.

        HRC got so much crap thrown at her and never once whined for the media to stop. Sad that the woman in that election apparently had the balls, while the man is the whining bitch.

    • Betsy says:

      My whole thing about immigration (in the US; I know nothing about Britain) is this: people wouldn’t come if they weren’t coming for jobs. Go after businesses that rely on undocumented workers. Stop going after people searching for a better existence.

      • tmot says:

        Better have someone lined up to replace those workers before you do. Most of the jobs immigrants take are those that Americans don’t want.

        I’m going to see if they are looking for more signatures for this. Sign me up! I’m glad to go on record now as not supporting anything the republicans and their demented puppet overlord are planning.

        Although I do wholeheartedly agree with whoever said that “Obamacare” should be replaced by the Affordable Care Act. Sounds great! Let’s get going on that!

      • Sixer says:

        In the UK and regarding Brexit, the immigration debate was, on its surface, about freedom of movement to live and work between EU states. The narrative was that people from poorer EU countries were coming here, stealing our jobs and undercutting our wages, or claiming our more generous welfare benefits.

        Fact-free argument as you can imagine. EU immigrants are net contributors and wages would be undercut with or without them.

  5. robyn says:

    Yes … there always needs to be that thorn in Trump’s side that says this man/election is not normal and does not truly represent American values but rather Russian values. It’s not even about issues, it’s about how he got to the highest office. It takes guts to put your name to anything and to stand up against fascism, effective or not. I applaud these people.

    • Miranda says:

      Yes! Trump needs to be reminded EVERY F***ING DAY that he did NOT win this election, and we need to remind everyone that Americans did NOT give him a mandate. It’s up to Democrats and liberals to speak out loudly and often, and show the rest of the world that we’re committed to getting these people out of office in 2018/2020, and maybe cooler heads can prevail for the next few years.

      • Robin says:

        Apparently you’ve never heard of the Electoral College, Miranda.

      • Jaded says:

        @Robin – HRC did win the popular vote by 3 million votes. The ludicrousy of the Electoral College won Trump the election. No need to be snarky.

      • Miranda says:

        Thanks, Jaded. Maybe I should’ve said he didn’t win FAIRLY. The fact that HRC still won the popular vote in spite of rampant voter suppression and probable Russian meddling speaks volumes.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Not just in Trump’s side but Ryan’s. Ryan is the one running around screaming he has a mandate and, unlike Trump, Ryan knows how to pass laws. In just three days, he and his cronies have announced or filed several horrific pieces of legislation. He needs to be badgered, hounded, called out at every step. Shut the House switchboard down; jam the phone lines in his district office; crash the House servers with emails and tweets. Daily

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        It’s almost impossible to get thru to Ryan’s office but we bug our Red (gerrymandered purple) state Representative almost every day.

        Yesterday they may have passed the REINS act to allow regulations to die even after they are passed into law. Because what does the EPA know about clean air and water.

        No headlines on that one.

      • Sixer says:

        Proud of you two!

      • Lightpurple says:

        Use snail mail too. They have to log it and store it and it becomes public record. Just receiving it makes them have to work.

      • hogtowngooner says:

        Yes! I’m an American living in Canada, and am part of the Democrats Abroad chapter here, and they are encouraging everyone to call his office and to keep trying if it’s busy.

        The time of mourning is over. It’s time to fight back.

  6. Kitten says:

    YAY Dr. Cornell West! Love him.

    The petition probably doesn’t accomplish much, but I won’t discourage any public figure from aligning themselves against Trump.

    • Kori says:

      I’ve always liked him but he went full on anti Hillary so I side eye this a bit. Charging that they were basically the same corporate candidate and now being upset at who we are stuck with? Depressing the vote and third party protests cost the U.S. A lot. It was just tens of thousands of votes across a couple key states that made the difference I on the electoral college.

  7. lizzie says:

    i think it is kind of a symbolic throwback to mccarthyism era. in a truly fascist state, putting your name on a list against it is extremely dangerous.

  8. LA says:

    I read a really interesting article on Stalin, and how the way to combat fascism is to treat them like any politician: really rail on them for their policy failures. That’s what ultimately brought his support down.

    In this case I think it makes sense too- clearly Trumps supporters don’t care that he’s an awful person (or they don’t think he is one) who would be a dictator if he could. What they *will* care about, though, is his failure to enact his campaign promises.

    This approach is concrete and not up for debate: he will or will not build a wall and have Mexico pay for it. He will or will not prosecute HRC. He will or will not have a Muslim registry.

    That is what I will be focusing on in my conversations with Trump supporters

    While I appreciate this petition(?) I think it’s useless and further, Trump supporters get off on being “anti-Hollywood elite” so this isn’t helping

    • Aren says:

      That’s a really interesting point.
      But at the same time, people think it’s okay the government uses their taxes to bribe big corporations to “stay” in the USA. In the end, we know a big company is not going to use that money to help the people, or to change their business plans, but it’s going to take a few years for that to be seen.

    • SusanneToo says:

      Re trump’s supporters: yesterday I read a tweet from one of his acolytes saying trump wasn’t racist because he’d never been found guilty. I responded that one doesn’t have to be convicted to be racist and included a link to a Fortune Magazine article detailing all of their housing discrimination and their settlement with the feds. He responded that trump wasn’t jailed. I asked the tweeter if he’d read the link I posted. His response – “No.” Also included “lying msm.” So there you go. His cultists just want more and more kool-aid to fill their glass.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Susannetoo- Trump’s supporters are just drinking the Kool Aid; they’ve got IV drips inserted in both arms. They refuse to admit they voted for a liar. Even the Mexico wall thing- I’ve read his supporters saying things like “oh he’ll make them pay; he’s just keeping it a surprise cause that’s smart” or “Mexico will pay via the ‘numerous jobs’ he’s taking away from them”

        So deluded I want to vomit.

      • Shark Bait says:

        They won’t read anything that doesn’t come from an extreme far right place. Apparently all media is mainstream, liberal lying media except for Brietbart, InfoWars and Fox News. And those fake news sites you always see them link to on facebook. Oh and also snopes is “a far left rag” so you can’t use that anymore. And yet people keeping saying liberals are snobs who don’t want to sit down and understand these people. Yeah, I don’t really want to understand the brain of someone like that.

      • Kitten says:

        But don’t you dare call them “idiots” or they will throw a shit fit

        *cue the “This is why Trump won” crowd*

        Seriously, Bourdain, Stewart and the others can eat shit. How else would you describe irrational people completely devoid of critical thinking, intelligence, or cogent thought?
        I think “dumb”, “idiots” or “dumb idiots” suffices quite nicely.

      • Rapunzel says:

        @kitten- Don’t you know? Trump supporters aren’t racist or stupid. Trump won cause the fragile egos of Michigan and Wisconsin voters couldn’t handle HRC not visiting their states. Cause apparently our Presidential elections are now high school popularity contests.

        It sickens me when I hear all this “Let’s understand Trump supporters so we can reach them” crap. I understand them: They are the voters that didn’t do their homework. Or did it, and chose to ignore it. It’s not the left that let working class down. It’s the working class itself that didn’t do it’s job as voters to figure out what was actually best for them. They let themselves get conned.

      • Lightpurple says:

        Uh, being racist is not actually a crime for which one can be convicted. There has to be criminal acts committed

      • Kitten says:

        Every. Single. Thing you said, Rapunzel.

    • hmmm says:

      Great talking points. Thanks.

    • Sixer says:

      Yes. Here in the UK, where we are having austerity measures, I sincerely believe that the left has got nowhere at all by highlighting how awful the consequences are for the needy and poor and vulnerable in society. Those supporting it just don’t give a toss. The argument that could win is the one which highlights that, in many instances, austerity policies fail because the consequences of them cost more money than they save. Spending a dollar to save a penny making you 99 cents down? That can cut through.

      Same for Trump’s ideas.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Sixer- Trump supporters don’t listen to reason. Seriously. Pointing out facts doesn’t work. They just scream “lying media!”

        Example – I pointed out to a Trump supporter that repealing Obamacare is fiscally unsound cause it cost more to start over than fix something. Logical, no? Her response? “I don’t care, I want it gone.”

        Try explaining how deporting Mexicans will hurt the farm industry, especially in CA? They don’t believe it. Explain that Trump’s trade ideas about China will soon make it impossible for farmers to export their harvests? They refuse to understand that this will result in disaster for American farmers. And, in fact, many CA farmers I know support Trump and think he’s great for farmers. I live in Merced, in the central valley of CA, and our local Sheriff’s Posse is going to ride in the inauguration parade. This group is entirely made of farmers. Stupid farmers who don’t realize Trump’s policies will destroy them.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        I don’t know what would work, but it seems as if Trump (Brexit) supporters think in absolutist terms, as Rapunzel points out. There’s also a lot of cognitive dissonance. It’s very hard to break through.

        With Trump, money and status are his drugs, and I do think ultimately – short of illness, accident or assassination – money and status will be his downfall.

      • Sixer says:

        Yeah. IKWYM.

        Perhaps I’m more thinking of persuading the non-aligned and the non-voters? Because I agree that the die-harders are operating in a post-fact environment. But there are a great many people who just go with the flow and bend to the prevailing wind. I’m thinking that self-interest and fact-based arguments work better than morality ones for those people? Honestly? I don’t even know. But I do know that we can’t let Brexit and Trumpism be the received wisdom so we do have to do a lot of shouting.

        Rapunzel – I’m in a rural area and the farmers here hate the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy and voted Brexit. They are now realising that the CAP might well have been a frying pan but Brexit is the biggest fire they’ve ever seen. Some panic but a lot of outright denial, as you describe. Turkeys voting for Christmas.

      • Kitten says:

        A decent slab of the non-voters are Bernie supporters and another sizable portion is made up of people who never vote because they’re simply uninterested or turned off by our divisive political climate.

        Talking to die-hard Bernie-supporters isn’t too dissimilar than conversing with Trump-supporters. There’s no gray area, no room for objectivity, and not a huge understanding of our political system. It’s hard to try to talk about the intricacies of our complex electoral process with people who lack an even basic understanding of how things work. I’m not saying that’s all of them, but from my experience, it’s a great many of them.

        I think the only thing that will get through to these people is a significant event that directly affects them like an economic collapse, a war with a resulting draft, something of that nature. So until that happens……..

    • LoveIsBlynde says:

      @LA. Thanks for stating logic and reason. What Bernie is doing makes the most sense – quoting the orange thing in the Senate with a giant copy of Donny’s own tweet. Let the policy failure and lies speak For themselves. Cornell West joined the Russians in the anti Hillary hate propaganda train and I’m not signing anything that man espouses. I’m a middle of the road democratic capitalist and not extreme- let’s just all get to work behind Bernie and Elizabeth Warren.

  9. MellyMel says:

    The petition won’t do much good, but it’ll annoy President Snow and be another example that he is not loved by everyone and we are not going stand by quietly the next four (?) years.

  10. QQ says:

    It Gets under the Molester In Chief’s Skin, and that is why basic as though this is It matters, it’s on his Beloved Home turf and is the people that he perceives as “his true Peers” and everyone keeps treating him like he has Lice on that Tardy ass fluffy wig of his

  11. lucy2 says:

    I say do anything and everything possible. If they want to do this to stand up to him, awesome.

    Side note, Michael Shannon was AMAZING in Nocturnal Animals. I hope he gets some recognition for that.

  12. original kay says:

    Did anyone else see Trump’s tweet, where he said that some people just don’t understand the “Movement”?

    I really am out of words for how much this scares me :(

    • Lightpurple says:

      He has tweeted that several times now. He is still whining about Hillary this morning. And yesterday showing his complete ignorance of the ability of our intelligence agencies to trace hacks. Because he is too stupid to do it means nobody else can. His defense of Putin is frightening

    • Shark Bait says:

      The wording of that scares me. My best friend’s dad lives in Tampa and went to two Trump rallies and his victory tour. He sent her all these videos and it was terrifying. Soooooo many over fifty white people. So many chants of lock her up. My friend cannot even deal with her dad, she went to visit him over the holidays and he had all this Trump paraphernalia in his house and played Fox News all day and called her naive for being liberal. That is the movement. Oh and the dude bros. Have you guys heard of Stephen Crowder? Ugh what a loser. I just found that gem yesterday after the BLM kidnapping hashtag stuff. I imagine a lot of Trump supporters are like that.
      Oh and now Trump is going on about the New Celebrity Apprentice’s low rating and saying nothing can compete with the ratings machine of DJT but whatever, Arnold was a Kasich/Hillary supporter. HOLY CRAP!!!! This is the president elect.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        Those over-50 white people who are the most vulnerable to full-time job loss, the repeal of Obamacare, holding pre-existing conditions, and would have to pay their parents’ nursing-home bills without Medicaid?

        As an over-50 white person who voted for the other team, I still wish the Democrats had done a better job of connecting these dots. We need a massive counter-propaganda/education campaign on these issues and they haven’t stepped up. Even if it means trying to reach people who are hard to reach – they’re not impossible to reach, as was demonstrated in the campaign, but they require simplicity. At least give them fact-based simplicity.

    • LoveIsBlynde says:

      Cult leader 101 – “they” just “don’t understand”.

  13. cindy says:

    Is it ridiculous of me to hope for impeachment? I am glad when anyone mobilizes anything in protest of Trump, but really I just don’t want him to be president. Like Kitten said above, we can’t, as states, take away his authority to build the wall. As long as he is president, we are in deep trouble. It’s like being held hostage because getting under his skin is scary too, because he can act out, throw a fit and do God knows what in retaliation. I just want him out, before he wreaks this country. I wish we could fast forward four years and end this nightmere.

    • NeoCleo says:

      Unfortunately, the line of ascension behind Trump contains people as awful as he is and probably more dangerous. Pence, Ryan and McConnell are equal opportunity when it comes to screwing with women’s rights to their own bodies and all three are positively salivating over the chance to begin dismantling Social Security and Medicare.

      • Lightpurple says:

        As bad as they are, none of them are likely to start a war accidentally with a tweet

      • cindy says:

        yeah, I know….. :(

      • Kitten says:

        What LightPurple said.
        I would EASILY choose evil over evil AND stupid.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        What Lightpurple and Kitten said.
        Trump relies on the cult of personality; Pence and Ryan have none.

      • cindy says:

        This is what is giving me nightmares- the possibility that Trump will start a war. Its his temperament that concerns me most. The emotional outbursts and lashing out, which he seems to have no control over. I am liberal, but at least Pence etc would make terrible things happen that are fixable down the line with hard work. Starting a war and people dying, thats what is messing with my head. I actually believe that Trump is deeply insane. His reality is constructed to fit what he WANTS it to be, not what is. On Rachel Maddow last night and I think Chris hayes, etc. they were covering Trump’s disparagement of intelligence agencies. Basically, the information they gather isn’t what he wants it to be, so he is saying its wrong. Trump makes up his own reality.

      • Amity says:

        No country, not even China, would start a war with the U.S and Russia over a tweet. I understand that you don’t like Trump but you damage your credibility when you resort to hyperbolic fear mongering.

    • Lightpurple says:

      He will commit an impeachable offense on January 20 the second someone at that DC hotel pays a bill, checks in, or takes something out of the minibar, whichever happens first. He will be in violation of the Emoluments clause. He has been told this; Ryan know this. Ryan will hide behind Trump as he rips our country apart, letting Trump be the focus and as soon as he gets all his horrible new laws passed, once Trump causes him problems, he’ll impeach for violations of the emoluments clause

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        Yeah, could be. Trump gives him political cover.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Lightpurple- Trump has famously read Hitler’s speeches, but he clearly hasn’t read Machiavelli. Ryan and Pence are just saving the dirt for the right moment. They are just keeping their enemy closer than their friends.

      • steerpike says:

        Lightpurple – that’s pretty much what I’m expecting.

      • Lightpurple says:

        And when it best suits him, Putin will release the hacked Trump and GOP emails.

  14. Eric says:

    Most of these actors live in Calif and in Calif they have on retainer, for $25000 a month, Eric Holder’s law firm to combat Emperor Zero’s plans. That’s being proactive, not reactive. These actors are part of a growing resistance to Orange Julius Caesar’s upcoming policies and they should be commended with medals of freedom for putting themselves out there.

    By the way Redd, no one pays Ed Asner anymore.

  15. Eric says:

    LOL @ LP and sharkbait

  16. EMAu says:

    I love this actor. Everything from his acting skills and take no prisoners attitude. An underrated actor.

  17. Lilly says:

    Given the trajectory of fascism and baby-fisted twitter fingers own words and threats, experience has shown us that having the courage to resist and sign a petition is courageous. Especially given the outcry from trolling to death threats received by people speaking out in any manner. #notmypresident Thanks to all the signatories.

  18. mark wilson says:

    I wonder if anyone signing on to this list also signed on to the one supporting Roman Polanski?

  19. SusanneToo says:

    Intelligence briefings today, but he still has time to tweet mock Schwarzenegger for lower Apprentice ratings. What a petty little sh1t.

    • Amity says:

      How much time do you need to send out a tweet? It takes about twenty seconds, eh?

      • SusanneToo says:

        One would expect an incoming peotus to have more pressing concerns than a tv ratings competition, but it’s apparently impossible for trump or his toadies to meet even the lowest of expectations.

      • Amity says:

        Meh; no more frivolous than Obama’s appearances on Jimmy Kimmel or Cars Getting Coffee.

      • SusanneToo says:

        @Amity. Hahahaha LMAO. Enjoy the dictatorship of a pathological narcissist and keep on making excuses while the ship’s going down.
        BTW Barack Obama wasn’t mock tweeting two weeks out from his inauguration. By the time he went on Kimmel and Cars he’d saved the US auto industry, reduced unemployment and kept the USA from plunging into a republican caused depression. He’d earned a little levity.

    • LoveIsBlynde says:

      I can’t believe that was a real tweet from trump. That actually wasn’t fake? The orange thing set his enemy Arny
      - up to fail and get mocked? It’s like orange thing jr high school mean girling! only it’s a cruel dictator move. Edi ah- super mean.

  20. Vigilant says:

    Kaiser, we all have a duty to resist if we believe the rise of fascism currently facing us merita resistance. There are endless ways this can and must happen. Criticizing others’ legitimate forms of resistance may be one of the only futile activities. They signed their names to what could become dangerous ideas in the new regime. They supported an institution (NYT, free press) Trump would love to see silenced permanently. And they spoke openly. None of these people said this was sufficient or they would do nothing else. Most of them are and have for a long time. Be generous and have faith in multiple acts.

  21. buzz says:

    Read George Lakoff for perspective. He is a cognitive scientist and has written on this very topic extensively.

  22. Senora says:

    Hello to all commenters,
    I am very thankful to have read your comments on this post. Troubled by the election results, I’ve shielded myself from readers’ comments on all articles read since Election Day. Today, I’m reading your comments and sending you a giant fiber optic high-five for your righteousness.
    We Shall Overcome!