Ben Affleck has some embarrassing childhood stories about brother Casey

I only have one brother, he’s four years older than me and we get along well enough so I don’t really understand sibling rivalry. Many people (Lainey) are pointing out that Ben Affleck must be annoyed that his little brother, Casey, is poised to be nominated for the best actor Oscar that Ben doesn’t have. Ben already has Oscars for best picture and screenwriting, but it’s unlikely that he’ll ever get a best actor statue, no matter how many starring vehicles he creates for himself. Ben was a guest on his buddy Jimmy Kimmel’s show when Kimmel pointed out that Casey didn’t thank Ben during his Golden Globes acceptance speech, but instead thanked everyone else including Amazon and Matt Damon. Kimmel showed a clip from Ben’s original Oscar acceptance speech with Matt Damon in 1998, where Ben thanked Casey after Matt reminded him. Kimmel pointed out that Ben and Casey would be the first brothers to both win Oscars in separate categories and then Ben told a bunch of embarrassing stories about Casey as a child.

While discussing awards season, Kimmel predicted that Casey, 41, would take home the Academy Award for best actor, and how he believed the Affleck siblings could become the first brothers to win in separate categories, since Ben already has two Oscars to his name.

“It would be historically the first time brothers would win something separately, and not just the brothers winning, but this will be the very first time someone would win an Oscar who didn’t brush his teeth from ages 10-14,” Ben shared.

“It will be the very first time that someone, who wins an Oscar, who pulls his pants all the way down at the urinal, most Oscar winners don’t do that,” the older brother continued. “Well, the first person to win who is scared of butterflies … not only that he would the first to win that used to touch himself watching the Vicky the Robot from Small Wonder.”

And last but not least? “The very first person to win an Academy Award who once asked his brother if Back to the Future was a true story,” he concluded.

What sparked Ben’s roasting may have been the fact that Casey star left his big brother out of his Globes acceptance speech. But that doesn’t mean Ben wasn’t cheering him on during the award show.

[From People]

Again, as someone who is not competitive with my brother this seems kind of harsh. Like those stories were too personal and were meant to be cutting, but I guess a lot of dudes have this kind of relationship where it’s normal to put each other down. Meanwhile, did you guys catch what Casey said in his speech, where he alluded to the fact that people were paying attention to the sexual harassment lawsuits filed against him? He said that his kids help insulate him from the “noise that sometimes surrounds people who live publicly.” That’s what he calls it when he’s sued twice by female colleagues with strikingly similar stories about the horrible treatment, sexual demands, and constant unsafe work environment he created, “noise.” How dare those women speak up. Is this “noise” from his brother, or is this dude-bro talk, like it’s so funny that Ben’s little bro who pees with his pants around his knees might win an Oscar?

Getting back to Ben, here he is at the premiere of Live By Night last night in LA. Is it interesting that Matt Damon came out for him but his brother didn’t? Also, Ben has a sober companion as we saw in recent paparazzi photos. Did he hire her himself or did the studio hire her to keep him in line during his Live By Night press tour? Good for him for taking measures to keep sober whatever the case.


Here’s Ben’s interview on Kimmel:

Here’s Ben at the Manchester By The Sea premiere on November 14.

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  1. Ramona says:

    Oh CB. If you think that was harsh, you would not have lived passed the age of three in my house. Nay, my neighborhood. This is a light roast.

  2. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    I have to keep reminding myself that both these asshats treat women horribly. If I don’t I will start laughing at those nasty stories.

    The stories are disgusting but I don’t think it is coming from terrible place.

  3. Yeses says:

    Oh fun!! I know it didn’t happen when he was a child but Ben, tell us the story about when your brother was accused of sexual harrasment multiple times….so we can have a laugh over what a silly little guy Casey is…….

  4. Caitlin Bruce says:

    Enty Lawyer had a blind that was obviously meant to be Andrew Garfield with a sober coach not just any sober coach but Riley Keuogh (who Andrew was pictured getting out a car with at an after party at the globes) Considering Andrew looked wasted she’s not doing a very good job or more likely Enty Lawyer continues to snoop the Daily Mail and write complete made up stories to fit the pictures.

  5. Hannah says:

    Ben didn’t thanked his wife during his Oscar speach, so…

  6. Jenfan says:

    I think it was typical brother stuff – pretty much the norm. In general he sounds really excited that his brother won (and that he and Matt were able to not let those pesky accusations get in the way)

    On Casey’s acceptance speech – he also thanked his estranged wife, not for parenting his kids, but for being responsible for any good acting idea he ever had (along with an I love you) – seems like she was a partner to him in many ways – sad they couldn’t make it – but it seems obvious why. No girlfriend in sight on Monday night.

  7. M says:

    This attempt to normalize Casey is disgusting. He’s a sexual abuser. Although it’s pretty interesting how Casey hides his CW actress girlfriend while publicly fawning over his estranged wife. If he had actual competition in his category, I’m sure we’d be seeing pap strolls of the family grocery shopping or some such.

    As for Ben’s sober companion, where was she when he was being photographed drinking at a Globes afterparty? Saw that on instagram and laughed. BS, BS, BS.

  8. whyme says:

    Eww, about not brushing his teeth. And Casey Affleck has always skeeved me out for some reason. I feel justified in my radar. LOL

    Is it just me or did anyone consider maybe getting Ben a MALE sober coach??? Maybe? I mean after his history with female strippers and female nannies and I’m sure throw in a female assistant in there, he has a boundary problem with the opposite sex. Wouldn’t it be better to have him walking around in public with I don’t know, say a man!?!!

    • jccw says:

      I thought the same thing when I first saw the nurse. It would have also helped decrease the amount of speculation on just what part she plays in his life. Do they normally have the same sex person for a sober companion? I thought I heard that once.

  9. Kate says:

    Yeah, saw that Instagram too, it looked like he was drinking hard liquor judging from the glass, the detox nurse was probably for show, I don’t know…… Anyway Ben looks happier lately, I predict he’ll be filing for divorce soon, looking forward to the mags tomorrow, I have a feeling there might be some smut on Ben.

  10. lucy2 says:

    Well, ladies, now we know how to avoid being harassed by Casey Affleck. Arm yourself with butterflies.

  11. Kate says:

    I have some embarassing stories about this adulthood, Ben. God, Casey Assfleck is repulsive.

  12. Joni says:

    Eww @ Casey.

    Ben and Sienna Miller kinda looked like a couple at the after party. The pictures with Matt & his wife looked like a double date lol.

  13. A says:

    I can’t believe commentators are now convinced he’s fallen off the wagon already because of a blurry snapchat photo where he was drinking a brown/reddish drink that could have just as easily been diet coke. Why root for people to fail?

    • Diane says:

      Isn’t it only by photo assumption we assume sobriety? The fact that the woman’s profession is detox nurse does not attest to it being applied to BA–only that she was photographed with him out shopping and at a meal. Photos taken later tell their own stories and are interpreted by the same logic. It’s not rooting for failure or success, just stating what appears as interpreted. I have lived with an alcoholic and do very much support his success if and when he commits to it. I have no personal knowledge as to whether he has or not. It doesn’t look that way to me in the photos, that’s all.

  14. moon says:

    The Afflecks and Matt Damon sound like real entitled douche bros.

  15. Dolkite says:

    I laughed my ass off at this, especially the part about “Small Wonder.”

  16. A says:

    His brother Casey was there. There’s a picture of Ben and Casey talking at the afterparty, and The Hollywood Reporter mentioned his presence too.