Charlotte Church won’t perform at ‘tyrant’ Trump’s inaugural, insert poop emoji


Donald Trump’s inaugural troubles continue. I’m not going to do a comprehensive rundown of everyone who has said no to Team Trump’s offers to perform, but suffice to say that he literally can’t pay people to show up at his inauguration. The Trump team has gone so far as to invite British singers to perform, hoping perhaps that the British singers won’t care about American politics. Just FYI to the Trump team: they have news channels in the UK. Everybody knows about Baby Fists. So, Trump’s people apparently invited Charlotte Church to perform. This was her response:

I love the poop emojis. If ever there was a perfect moment for a poop emoji, this is it, while tweeting to Donald Trump. After that, she got into it with Piers Morgan, who gets turned on whenever he judges women and tells them to STFU. As for one of the other British singers Team Trump approached, we heard that they went to Rebecca Ferguson, who told them that she would only perform if she could do “Strange Fruit,” a song about lynchings in the South. Rebecca took to her website on Tuesday to explain why she wasn’t even going to do that:

“I wasn’t comfortable with the song choice made on my behalf, and although I’m very blessed to have a gift that gives me amazing opportunities, as a mother and an artist, I had to defend my stance. That is why I made the decision to sing Strange Fruit when I was invited. I requested to sing Strange Fruit, as I felt it was the only song that would not compromise my artistic integrity and also as somebody who has a lot of love for all people, but has a special empathy as well for African American people and the #blacklivesmatter movement, I wanted to create a moment of pause for people to reflect. There are many gray areas about the offer for me to perform that I’m unable to share right now, but I will not be singing.”

[From USA Today]

Props to her for aligning herself with the African-American community and turning down the gig. As for all of these celebrities publicly dissing Trump… as I wrote on Tuesday, they’re actually getting under his (thin) skin. It’s great.


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  1. Alleycat says:

    Well, at least he has Caitlyn Jenner. Top of the line celebrity right there.

  2. Saras says:


  3. Cee says:

    is this a paid gig? Because I would sing my heart out, wearing a #NastyWoman shirt, and then donate the fee to organizations Trump’s administration will defund or try to erase. Like Planned Parenthood.

  4. Pip says:

    I love Charlotte Church – she’s turned into a really strong, thoughtful, interesting woman.

    What the hell were they doing asking her though? A teeny google would show that she REALLY isn’t the tiny-fisted despot’s type.

    God, it’s depressing. I’m going to miss the Obamas so much …. I couldn’t sleep last night so listened to Barack’s Chicago speech live & at the same time the molester was tweeting IN CAPITAL LETTERS, spewing insanity into the ether. What a contrast – a really interesting juxtaposition.

  5. Embee says:

    Trump must be so embarassed. Running out of time to find someone who will perform or attend the presidents inauguration! Mr. Popular

  6. JulP says:

    Since Trump loves Russia so much, maybe he should ask t.A.T.u. to perform

  7. Patricia says:

    Yes woman!! I love when people respond to him with no respect and no fear. He doesn’t deserve respect and it’s best not to fear him.
    I personally DO fear him but I wish I didn’t. I fear what he will do. I’m an American and I don’t recognize my country.
    Thank you for standing up to him Charlotte!

  8. Lucy2 says:

    Can’t he just sing himself? Isn’t he the best at everything?

    • Yup, Me says:

      Everyone else is overrated. Except him. People have under-rated him as a singer and as a celebrity and as a President and he’s going to beat them all! MUAAAHAHAHAHAHA!

      His tweets are like the musings of a children’s cartoon villain.

  9. Pandy says:

    Meatloaf hadn’t done anything since celebrity apprentice and he’s a dick. Get him.

    • tmot says:

      I don’t know why they don’t just ask Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, and Twisted Sister, and get it over with. There’s those religious singing children from the standoff last year. And didn’t one of the duck girls go on DWTS? I bet she’d do it.

      OH AND WHAT ABOUT COSBY! He does standup, right?

      They’re just not trying!

      • Jessiah says:

        So this may be a silly point, but Dee Snyder (the lead singer for Twisted Sister) is a pro-choice Obama supporter that told the Trump campaign to stop using one of their TS songs during rallies.

    • Jayna says:

      Meatloaf’s voice is shot.

  10. Boxy Lady says:

    Am I the only one that thinks it’s weird to ask people from foreign countries to be entertainment for an inauguration? Admittedly, I haven’t paid attention in years past so perhaps this is standard?

  11. ol cranky says:

    ya know, Ivanka (unsuccessfully) tried to help her baby sister Tiffany become a pop star; perhaps cheeto mussolini could give his little girl the gig so that all of his supporters will make her a star worthy of her connections. . .