Did Sylvester Stallone tell Casey Affleck to ‘get out of his face’ at the Globes?


While I love a good boy-beef story, I’m disturbed by how many outlets are picking up this Casey Affleck-Sylvester Stallone gossip. Casey and Sylvester might have gotten into some kind of confrontation (or something) at the Golden Globes because of the lack of seating. While it’s a fun story, I can’t help but think that our time might be better spent discussing how Casey Affleck probably should not be the frontrunner for the Best Actor Oscar, as well as discussing why Casey has been allowed to campaign for the Oscar while media outlets turn a blind eye to the detailed allegations of his sexual harassment of two women. But sure, let’s talk about the seating beef. Yesterday, E! News actually reported that Stallone was flat-out rude to Casey when Casey tried to make peace with him backstage.

A source tells E! News Sylvester Stallone was supposed to be seated near Casey Affleck and Matt Damon at the Manchester by the Sea table. However, we’re told when Stallone and his wife Jennifer Flavin arrived while the filmed segment of Jimmy Fallon’s opening number was rolling, there was only one seat available.

“He was understandably upset,” the source explained. Another onlooker told us Affleck and the rest of the stars at his table were shuffling around trying to make more room for additional chairs—which proved to be difficult considering the tightness of the seating arrangements as they were—and they weren’t sure what to do. Thus, Stallone and Flavin decided to retreat to the green room and watch the show from behind-the-scenes. At the commercial break, the stage hands made room for the couple at the table, giving them a prime seat facing the stage. However, Stallone decided to stay in the green room. Our insider said Affleck was backstage later on in the evening ahead of presenting and went up to talk with Stallone, acknowledging that it was an unfortunate situation and attempting to smooth things over, but the 70-year-old wouldn’t have it.

“Casey was nothing but gracious,” the source explained. “Stallone was horrible to him and told him to get out of his face.”

Still, a rep for Stallone tells E! News he enjoyed the special evening. “Sylvester Stallone had a wonderful evening attending and presenting at the Golden Globes and celebrating with his family and friends,” the rep said.

[From E! News]

However, sources tell Us Weekly that Stallone “wasn’t upset” with the people at the table and “This is not an issue between Casey Affleck and Sylvester Stallone. Backstage, Casey went up to Sly and graciously apologized even though he had nothing to do with it. Sly made the choice not to return. No one from Manchester did anything to offend him; it was just a seating snafu and it was fixed immediately.” Which do you believe? I don’t have a dog in this hunt – I think it’s perfectly possible that Stallone told Casey to get out of his face. I think it’s perfectly possible that Casey’s table mean-girl’d Stallone too.


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  1. anniefannie says:

    Unsure of what to think about the allegations against Affleck. Settling a lawsuit doesn’t neccesarliy mean he’s culpable.
    Either way I don’t think it’s the Manchesters groups responsibility to solve a seating snafu and I thinks gracious of him to approach Stallone w/ an apology. I can totally see Stalone rebuffing him

    • Bridget says:

      Considering the climate of pervasive harrassment against women working on sets, the fact that coming forward is a career killer, the stories that came out around the time of I’m Not Here, and the fact that it’s 2 separate complaints, it’s far more likely that the women were telling the truth.

  2. Miss Grace Jones says:

    I hope he did. Every thing about this man makes my skin crawl. I was actually watching the Paranorman behind the scene clips not knowing he was in the movie and my stomach turned seeing him pop up. Like…this creep was in a kid’s film around kids.

  3. AnnE says:

    In my world every one of those gentleman would have and should have immediately offered a lady their seat, period. They would have also gotten up and offered their seat to their senior. It is simple kindness and a sign of respect. These are behaviors that come naturally to most because it was taught to them from the start. These are attributes that both Casey and Matt have demonstrated they do NOT possess. As bad as Ben is, I dare say I think he would have handled it differently and offered up his seat.

  4. molly says:

    I think the affleck brothers are in competion on who is the biggest douche? Matt damon who i thought was a good guy, has also gone down in my opinion with his behavior the last few years. It’s becoming a needle in a haystack to find anyone decent left in this industry.

  5. Kaye says:

    Do Mrs. Stallone and Melania Trump have the same plastic surgeon?

    • Nancy says:

      Dear Lord why did she do to her face. Ugh. She used to sell skin products on QVC. Looks like a different person. She, like Melania, is the third wife, the trophy. He is same age as trump, they have a lot of things in common. Nothing good

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      If they do his muse must be a citizen of Whoville.

    • holly hobby says:

      Yeah I noticed her face. Yesterday’s article had a smaller picture so you can’t really see the damage. Now this picture is zoomed in and makes me go yikes! She used to be so stunning. Like the older daughter. Why did she have to mess with her face. RIP old face.

  6. Mia4S says:

    Ugh! We are going to have to keep seeing Creepy Affleck’s face for a few more weeks aren’t we? 🤢

    I felt bad when Cuba Gooding Jr, Adrien Broady, etc. saw their careers stall after winning an Oscar, but hopefully Creepy will follow that pattern and disappear!!

  7. Jayna says:

    There were a bunch of people from the Manchester momvie sitting there, not just Casey. Stallone and wife came in during the opening going on. What could be done? One chair, two people. There’s tons of personnel running around for someone to go get to help out with that. I think this is being very exaggerated as far as blame on one person . I’m a big fan of Stallone’s (love his movies and seems like a great guy), but I also hate turning this into some story to fit a narrative. Stallone should have sat his wife down and went and found the appropriate person to get them another chair. Stallone chose to go back to t he green room and not come back after the problem was rectified.

    Why is it the Manchester by the Sea group’s responsibility and apparently, in the gossip storyline, Casey Affleck’s fault?

    • Kate says:

      Thank you!

      Seriously, they turned up to the table late once they show had already started, and instead of just waiting a minute for an extra chair, instead threw a fit and sulked all night. How this is being reported favourably is beyond me.

      Stallone has always had a hell of an ego. I’d guess this is more to do with the fact the seating arrangements (both the missing chair and that he was just put with a random table) made it clear he wasn’t a VIP this time around.

  8. nicegirl says:

    Stallone has a house full of girls. Possibly he too is privy to Affleck’s history regarding sexual harassment and, like many of us, did not want that dude’s smarmy mug in his face? Sly may have just told him so . . .

    +1 fan for Sly Stallone

  9. Anare says:

    News flash Rocky. Get there on time, maybe a little early in case there is a problem with your seats. Isn’t that manners 101? Does that not apply to him? 🙄

    • Taxi says:

      Yes! Latecomers disrupt. Was it intentional, hoping for more attention? The Stallones should have spent less time preening on the carpet & shown respect for their (his) peers by arriving on time.
      Those of us who met & remember him “back when” know Sly never had taste, grace or manners.